Best Chef S Counter Electric Vertical Skewer Grill Cc-1122ss

Grill 27 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. YOOYIST Electric Vertical Broiler Shawarma

YOOYIST Electric Vertical Broiler Shawarma

Manual and remote control have two operational modes. A separate tray to prevent oil from touching the base and an over-temperature alarm will be unique. It is easy to use, just put the meat on the pan, turn on the switch and adjust the temperature, you will get a delicious barbecue. Electric heating uses electricity to heat meat, not gas. It's convenient and safe. It can cook up to 13 pounds of meat and is ideal for family gatherings. Providing high quality products and excellent service has always been their top priority. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Yooyist

👤He is still dancing around like a party animal.

👤It can put off enough heat to cook food. The temperature control/sensors seem to be a little off between the two sides. The spit makes it hard to carve.

👤The purchase was the best I've made in a while. It's perfect for anyone who wants to make Dner.

👤I made a really good chicken dish. I recommend.

2. Cave Tools Barbecue Skewers Set

Cave Tools Barbecue Skewers Set

The 6 skewers and the rack can be put in the free canvas storage pouch with the Velcro slots for easy storage at home and on the road. There is another barbecue Skewer here. Flat skewers for kabobs keep food in place when rotating on the grill or smoker. Food can be removed from kebabs when they are finished grilling by using the ring to slide it off the skewer. BBQ tools are dishwasher safe. The hanging loops allow easy utensil storage and the design of the STAINLESS STEEL makes it easy to clean. Cave Tools has a kebab rack that you can combine with the full Cave Tools aesthetic. The kebab rack and metal skewers grill set is free with all Cave Tools products.

Brand: Cave Tools

👤I feel a little deceived, since I have seen reviews and questions from other customers asking where they were made, and there were two customers in 2016 who said they were made in the USA. I was deceived into thinking that the skewers were made in China. I don't buy anything from China, especially anything that I cook with or ingest. Total disappointment for me.

👤I have used wooden skewers for years to cook. Food would spin around on the round skewers when I rotated them. Not anymore with these skewers. These skewers are strong and sturdy, and they keep the food in place. I needed 9 full skewers of chicken to make a double recipe of Chicken Tikki Masala. I used a large pan that I could rest the skewer across. I slowly broiled the skewers. It was a great experience. The skewers can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. I want to see if the special racks will work for me before I buy them, but I wanted to try them first. I will never use wooden skewers again. I can't figure out what to do with the two large packets. The storage bag is an excellent bonus, but I have an issue with it. The stitching at the bottom of my bag was not sown correctly, and the hole in it allows skewer tips to poke through. I am sure the company will make it right. The bag is an excellent way to store them. It hangs so that I can keep the skewers in my pantry.

👤I bought the skewers and the rack to maximize the benefits. The kabobs were amazing. The food stays in place instead of being moved. The food is kept off the grill so it doesn't burn. The skewers can be used to cook all sides of food. The food slides off the skewer after it's cooked. Cleanup was easy because food doesn't adhere to the grill. I like this system so much that I'm going to order more sets to give as gifts to other BBQ aficionados.

👤These are great. I used them for 2 days in a row, and they are very well made, so I know they will be around for a long time. The case is made to hold these skewers. This set was not cheaply crafted. I have a large chrome shelving unit where I store all my small kitchen appliances, and I added a hook to hang this set so it won't take up drawer space. To clean them, I use hot soapy water and a dish towel. I will always hand wash my dishwasher detergent because it is very strong. These were what I wanted. The Weber Q gas grill is perfect for the size of the skewer, even with the lid closed. Thanks for a great product!

👤I loved these skewers. Talk about it easy. I added the shrimp and grill last week. The skewers are not round so the meat doesn't move when you cook it on the other side. To remove the shrimp, you have to push the clip at the end of the skewer. Everything is cooked and turned over. Absolutely perfect. I have some for my house and RV. It is always grilling time.

3. BNDHKR Homemade Shawarma Countertop Rotisserie

BNDHKR Homemade Shawarma Countertop Rotisserie

The standard motor is included. The back of the grill is where the motor is located. The motor was designed to last. The homemade chicken swarma kebab broiler is more convenient and safe to use. The kebab is rotating on a motor. The shwarma vertical machine is cost-effective and has high efficiency. The Skewer is easy to remove. The drawer tray is convenient to clean. The drawer tray is convenient to clean.

Brand: Bndhkr

4. Zz Pro Electric Temperature Adjustment

Zz Pro Electric Temperature Adjustment

The stick and base of the al pastor skewer are easy to install and disassemble. Electric heating uses electricity to heat meat, not gas. It's convenient and safe. It is easy to use, just put the meat on the pan, turn on the switch and adjust the temperature, you will get the delicious barbecue. A separate tray to prevent oil from touching the base and an over-temperature alarm will be unique. It can cook up to 13 pounds of meat and is ideal for family gatherings. Their top priority has always been providing high quality products and excellent service. If you have a question, please contact them. Their top priority has always been providing high quality products and excellent service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Zz Pro

👤I bought this for my son. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but it was worth it in the end. I can't think of a gift that he's enjoyed more in his life. He was bought in the 80s by Nintendo 64.

👤First time using it. The product is good so far. Everything works well. Excellent value for money. It is small for ten pounds of meat, but we are big eaters. The heat can be turned up or down. Make sure the meat is shaped like a cone with the thinner end at the bottom. The unit is safe because it does not get too hot. We are happy that we bought it and hope it continues to work. The amount of chicken in the picture took over an hour to cook. The meat is being shaved down.

👤The product works well, but requires a special circuit because it draws a lot of power. It kept tripping our breakers.

👤I only used it once and it cooked my meat evenly. I will be cooking other meats.

👤It works like it should, cooked a 10lb gyro log and fed 20 people.

👤Meat is getting hard due to the temperature adjustment and the electricity being adjusted. It takes too long to cook.

👤This electric Broiler cooks very well.

👤Work hard for our son's graduation party. The 10lb gyro cones were used.

5. ADJ Products VF VOLCANO 3 Watt

ADJ Products VF VOLCANO 3 Watt

A high performance pump for optimum output is what the professional vertical Fog Machine has. The special heating element design uses an oil type transmission system to minimize the chance of clogging. Manual and remote control have two operational modes.

Brand: Adj Products

👤I spent a lot of time trying to learn about the best fog machines and haze machines. I chose the "Volcano" as I read some reviews suggesting a water-based haze fluid could be used with this machine. Some reviewers say yes, some say no, some say use only the fluid recommended by the manufacturer, some say it is all a pretty similar use ingredients. I was glad I took the chance with the haze fluid. I wanted to have a haze effect to enjoy the light beams indoors. The machine used the professional haze fluid "Froggys Fog Beam Splitter" did the trick nicely. It produces a volcanic blast effect with a huge burst of steam going up to the ceiling and filling the room. The smoke alarms didn't go off. The light haze effect was perfect after 6 or 7 blasts and lasted a good 15 or 20 minutes with the air-conditioning running. The smoke effect is achieved by lots of color choices for the wireless remote. Within a few minutes the room has a lot of haze. This is a great amount of fun and I could imagine a bigger version for larger arenas.

👤When I ordered it, I was very excited. I wish I would have returned it. I bought it for Halloween to make my decorations stand out. It seems like it needs more power. The recycle time is not very good. I would understand the recycle time if it was giving tall big plums of smoke. It doesn't. I wish the remote was labeled with the colors. The pull out antenna needs to be removed. I am waiting for it to break. Depending on the application you are going to use it for, it might be a good one. The kids were impressed by it.

👤The ADJ VF Volcano fog machines work well for what I wanted. I have high ceilings in the room, and the fog looks great, it lights up in bright colors, and is a cool effect, I am using them with a home DJ setup. Both the remote control and the TV turn on at the same time. Froggys Fog Techno Fog will fill the room with dense haze in a matter of minutes. I tried Froggys Fog Quickblast in these machines, but it dissipated very quickly, so I switched to the Techno Fog. If you use the Volcano effect a lot and don't want to fill the room with haze, I would recommend the Quickblast.

👤I've only used regular smoke machines before, but this is a fun twist. We use it in a game as a volcano burst. You can control the duration of the blast and the light colors. It hasn't been used in a while but it seems perfect.

👤The item is not on the chain. I tried different smoke liquids. It handled both well.

👤I forgot to return the product before the return date because I was busy. It is very frustrating that now out of $200. wouldn't recommend buying from this user...

6. Stainless Steel Barbecue Grilling Skewers

Stainless Steel Barbecue Grilling Skewers

Mountain Grillers has been a trusted brand by pit masters around the globe for years, whether you are competing in a competition like Memphis in May or cooking at home. All of their products are made from the highest quality materials that are safe and easy to use, so you can focus on the delicious flavor and char that you crave. A set of kebab skewers that make it easy to grill seafood, chicken, meat, beef, pork, peppers, fruits and vegetables, shrimp, and other types of food! The kebab/kabob skewer is the most reliable and disposable grill accessory for any outdoor barbecue, picnic, cooking kitchen, restaurant, and home dinner. The easiest grilling accessories to use. You will not have to worry about grilling at the next tailgate, birthday party, or outdoor lunch now that you have barbecue skewers. The kebab/kabob skewers grill tools are dishwasher safe and made of 18/8 commercial grade steel. A must have for your grill accessories and grill tools is a simple and easy clean up. A set of commercial quality metal skewers can be used in many places. Whether you are a professional chef working in a huge commercial kitchen or a chef at home, you will find many uses for these bbq utensils. A pack of 12 kebab/kabob skewers are in a package. Just enough to keep your barbecue and outdoor picnic grilling for everyone to get some meat.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤The review has been updated to 1 star. I washed and dried them after using them the second time. The rust extended down the ring to the shaft where the food is. These are great. The tip can be used to pierce meat for kabobs. The metal was easy to clean in the dishwasher, and I have not had any issues with rust yet. They are long enough to fit in my grill and have enough room to close the stop. They could be a bit wider, when the meat is cooking and shrinks open around the metal, it can still spin around.

👤They haven't used them yet but wouldn't be surprised if they rust or even discolor. It was made in China.

👤I don't know why they changed color to black when I put them in the oven. They don't really do well in high heat.

👤It was sharp enough to stab the food. Enough to not stab yourself. It was a perfect balance of stabbiness. Don't put bamboo skewers on fire. We soaked the bamboo ones.

👤These work well. The flat style makes it easier to turn food. The metal does get hot on the grill, but this isn't a big deal to us. It cools down quickly.

👤Work well. The skewer shape makes veggies spin around. You should wash in the dishwasher. It was what I wanted.

👤I was planning on running two skewers per kebab to keep bits from rotating freely, but this has not been necessary in practice.

👤A quality product. It was well made. Works are described.

7. NutriChef AZPKRT97 ROTISSERIE Inches Black

NutriChef AZPKRT97 ROTISSERIE Inches Black

Innovative style and design. The heat resistant glass door is ideal for any home or establishment. TILE MEAL PREPARATIVE: Baking, roasting, Broil, and Rotisserie are some of the functions of the oven. Safe placement on any kitchen table or countertop is one of the features. What is included? The kebab rack is easy to clean and can be used for tasty results. There is a warranty. The Nutrichef Vertical Rotisserie Oven comes with a worry free 1 year warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤This product is not a rotisserie. There is no way toROTATE the turning wheel.

👤Never used. I could only imagine how hot the unit was when it kept falling forward. I read similar reviews but didn't think it would be as bad. It is.

👤If someone tried to catch it, they would get terrible burns from it, because it was front heavy and had no protective cover for the top. I wasn't going to risk putting a roaster in the oven and getting burned if I went to the hospital, because the front glass door fell over. Not worth the hassle.

👤The family will be visiting over the weekend. The kebabs I made were amazing, but the drip pan sockets completely eliminated the rotisserie feature. It looks like they forgot to put the sockets on the pan.

👤I wanted to make doner kebab. Works as intended. It has a turntable. A doorstop in the front helps to be more secure. Make sure the door is locked before you do anything. I have made many delicious chickens.

👤I had a rotessetie, but it had no temp control. This one does well. I can let it cook for hours if I want. It was sturdy, Came quick as always. Only turned it on to make sure it worked. I will see a slow cooking chicken soon. Update used it first time, who ever posted this doesn't rotate on it's own is lying. It was so tender that the kids loved it. It's easy to clean and set up a breeze.

👤I bought a Rotisserie Oven. I like it very much. I am making a comprehensive positive review. If you're like me, you'll appreciate the thoroughness of my review to help you decide if you want to purchase. It came very quickly. It was delivered Tuesday afternoon after I ordered it late Sunday night. The quality of the construction and the size of the oven made me very impressed. The construction was thought to be sub standard. I don't agree with the reviewers. I found it to be sturdy. I like the way the door stays open when you open it all the way, and shuts when you put it in any other position besides fully open. It was assembled right out of the box. If you want to remove grease from the factory, you should wash the inside of the oven and the rack, skewers, bowls and pans. I washed all the things because I didn't think there was any. The oven comes with everything you need to make kabobs, use the rotisserie, and even bake. I did a 20 minute burn in to make sure that the fumes or smoke from the initial use did not ruin my food. The smoke lasted a few seconds when I turned it on. I like the fact that you can change the temperature. I like the option to set the timer to stay on for slow cooking. To get to the "Stay On" position, turn the timer knob clockwise. Don't try to force the dial to stay on for longer. The timer is accurate. There was room to spare, as you can see from the photo, I cooked a medium sized chicken. I wanted to attach a picture of how neatly it is stored in my cupboard, but I couldn't seem to attach more than one photo, so you'll have to take my word for it. This thing is huge, so I have big cupboards. My chicken was cooked perfectly. It was tender and juicy. The motor worked. I only cooked one chicken so far, but I tested the heating elements in both configurations and they worked fine. I've seen a picture where one element was horizontal and the other was vertical. The ability to manipulate the heating elements is interesting. That is useful. Some people thought the model oven was heavy. If you have a small child or a cat, it may be easy to tip it over. I believe it's safe if acted upon by an outside force. I wouldn't pass up this great deal because of the high center of gravity. To make sure my cat doesn't knock the oven over, I made a small wedge out of a strip of cardboard and put it under the oven. The high center of gravity can be neutralized by looking close at the photo I attached. The ease of cleaning is one more thing that deserves attention. It can be wiped down with a damp paper towel. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a versatile space saving appliance that makes a great addition to your kitchen. It could be used to replace other appliances. It's fun to use, and I think it's worth the money.

8. Zz Pro Shawarma Machine Vertical

Zz Pro Shawarma Machine Vertical

WIDELY used. The grilling rack is perfect for roasting steak, sausages, pork, turkey, whole chickens, whole fish, large meat and much more. It's more convenient and safe to use a manual ignition. The ceramic burner is cost-effective and has high efficiency. The kebab is rotating on a motor. The Skewer is easy to remove. The drawer tray is convenient to clean. The drawer tray is convenient to clean.

Brand: Zz Pro

👤It's well built for the money. It does not heat evenly. The attached picture shows how hot both the top and bottom of the heaters are. The top burns while the bottom is still raw. Same behavior when it's low or high heat.

👤The producto es bueno, por el precio aunque cocina un poco ms lento de lo. Al pastor.

👤I would like to thank the seller. The person delivering the package didn't take care of my items after I received the product. I was able to contact the seller and they were kind and immediately sent me another parcel. The product works. I've been able to cook both chicken and beef using my homemade spices. It's worth buying.

👤The problem was that the gas connection in the back was not tight and the heat was not evenly distributed. You will have an even heat if you tight the gas connection. The product is dishwasher safe and my kids love the taste of the food cooked this way.

👤It works better than expected. I was disappointed with the size. The heat is consistent. I would have liked to have the option of sliding meat in or out. I would say yes for those looking for a small unit, it might be a little high for what it does. I'm holding on to it to try it out again, but I'm looking for a bigger unit.

👤It worked perfectly for the first time after being received on time. I would recommend this product.

👤It was great to use it for a pork shoulder.

9. Hamilton Beach 25361 Removable Stainless

Hamilton Beach 25361 Removable Stainless

Are you unhappy with your new grill mats? No problem! If you have a question, just tell them and they will give you a solution. If you want to grill at lower heat, use a temperature dial or sear at 450 degrees. This indoor grill with hood has a high heat that locks in juices and flavors, and the lid closes to give you signature grill marks. The grilling surface is 118 square-inch. Keep an eye on your food, because this indoor grill with hood has a window in lid that lets you watch food cook inside. The grill hood, plate, and extra-large tray are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Extra-large tray catches juices so they don't spill on your counter. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. While using your electric grill, power and preheat lights. Cooks more than burgers and steaks. Chicken, fish, pizza, vegetables, fruit and more can be eaten outside. It's also great for the Paleo and Keto diet.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I can't find anything wrong with this grill. It is the perfect size and clean up is easy. 52 weeks a year, I grill out at least 4-5 times a week. I have been without a place to cook since my grill was on its last legs and the weather has delayed the construction of my deck. I bought this grill based on its positive reviews and I could not be happier, but the difference is so inconsequential that it is not worth mentioning. My wife can't tell where I cooked it. I don't believe I will fire up my outdoor grill unless I'm cooking for large groups to cook on this. When I finish cooking, I rinse the grill bed, and then I rinse and eat again. I have had a grill for a little over two years. It is still up and running. It is easy to clean the grill surface and hood. I use this grill at least twice a week and it has to be one of my best purchases.

👤I bought the same grill off Target website and wanted to review it here. My biggest concern was if it would set off our smoke alarm, but it doesn't. I have used it many times and it sits on my counter. I leave the oven overhead fan on low and there is no smoke in the room. I don't know if it would leave your home without the smokey lid on. I can fit 3-4 steaks or chicken breasts on this grill. The pain from the drips catches everything. Grease cannot fall elsewhere. I can throw the broken parts into the dishwasher because it breaks down for easy clean up. I'm not sure what size dishwasher they show the parts here in but the lid doesn't fit into my dishwasher. The other parts are easy to fit. The temperature can be set from 200 to 400. I made a mistake and here's a warning for you - preheat before putting food on there. I forgot to preheat and set all the food on, so I thought about taking everything off. I decided to let it go through preheat with the food. The food on the grill was pretty fast. I'm not sure why I only had it on 350, but don't make a mistake. It turned out okay. Just a heads up. Allow it to preheat as instructed. The preheat takes less than a minute. It gets hot fast. I give this grill 5 stars because I don't find any flaws. I debated 4 or 5 stars for this simple reason. The cord is very short. This is not an issue for me because I have a plug in that's easy to access in the spot I need it, but for those of you who don't, it's a flaw. The cord is 25 inches long. If you have a question that I did not answer, please leave a comment or email me, I will be glad to answer it. Thank you so much!

10. Keep Turning Automatic Rotating Rotisserie

Keep Turning Automatic Rotating Rotisserie

There is a factory solution and after-sale warranty. If you have any questions about Their Vertical Skewer Set, please contact them as soon as possible. They are online 24 hours a day and they can give you a solution. Up to 10 skewers can be used at the same time. It's perfect for grilling steak, chicken, fish, vegetables, pork, Kabob, Kebab, and Shish. The automatic rotisserie skewer set opens a new world of grilling. It is made from high-quality steel. While the skewers spin on their own, you sit relaxed with your guests and enjoy a cold beer without any worries that your food will burn. There is a depth of 10 and a width of 23. Maintenance is free. It was made out of steel. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and it will be dishwasher safe. The standard motor is included. The back of the grill is where the motor is located. The motor was designed to last.

Brand: Keep On Turning

👤It makes great tasting skewers. I call it the "set it and forget it" bbq gadgets. The motor is in the back so you have to use a grill that is open in the rear and room is needed for the skewer ends on both sides. I use a portable propane grill without a cover and it works well with this device. Allow for additional cooking time because the cooking process is kind of slow. I use mine at least once a week. A good way to prepare is to use a good marinade. olive oil, lemon, Greek seasoning and extra garlic are my favorites.

👤I used the rotating skewer for the first time yesterday. Just as expected, it worked. Check out the video. Perfect performance!

👤Excellent quality. This product is thick and heavy. It has a good amount of weight. The motor is sturdy and nice. I have never seen anything like that before. Product arrived in record time after being shipped directly from Germany. Highly recommended.

11. Li Bai Commercial Stainless Restaurant

Li Bai Commercial Stainless Restaurant

Not satisfied? Don't worry! If you have a grill grate issue, contact them on Amazon and they will send you a replacement. The Li Bai shawarma machine has 2 high-efficiency infrared burners. Make your cooking quick. The barbecue needs half hours to be cooked, with an automatic rotating Spit. It's great for making chicken, roast turkey,tacos meat and chicken roast. The al pastor rotating grill has a size of 12.4 x 20 x 13.75'' and is easy to carry. The skewer can fix more than 13 lbs of meat at once, and can be rotating to make cooking more evenly and easy. The oil pan should be at the bottom to prevent oil splash and leak. The parts are dishwasher safe. The whole shaa machine is made of premium material, which is very resistant to dirt, easy to wipe and solid shell, and there is a sink on the top for heat dissipation. All product has a 6 months warranty. If you have a quality issue. Contact them if you need assistance.

Brand: Li Bai

👤We picked this up for a family member who loves cooking out and had an all electric machine that broke. It was packed well and there was no damage. We would have liked to have had a longer gas hose. The unit was plugged in to an outlet. I had to adjust the pineapple on the top of the spindle. I raised the nail on my finger to trip the GFI. The finger was sore. I was shocked when I tried to put the grill lid down a second time, because I had learned the hard way that it passed the charge to it. If you get shocked, you must wear rubber sole shoes. I recommend the rubber to ground yourself and prevent shocks. Next time, we will put shoes on a rubber mat.

👤I like the machine, but the meat dripping in this tray leaks onto the motor. And burned it. I used it for the second time after only 3 weeks. Where can I get a replacement? I did not expect this. I am happy that I received a replacement motor. The top half of the burner is hotter than the bottom half. That's the way the gas flows.

👤Instructions came with it, but they figured it out. The unit is small. The rotisserie action works well. The unit is hot. I would recommend this product. We had a lot of fun using it. The price is fair.

👤I bought this for my son's birthday but it was a couple months after the purchase before we decided to use it. We tried everything, but the burners on the product wouldn't light up. The seller told me to make sure the gas line was attached and to light it with a barbeque lighter, when I inquired about how to make a warranty claim. The product doesn't work for me. I don't know how to make a warranty claim.

👤The little guy was working like a machine. I am very pleased with this product. I put 5 pounds of flank steak and 5 pounds of rib eye steak with veggies in between the meats and the flavor was out of this world. The meat was very tender and juicy on the inside. The 4th of July party was a hit.

👤I returned it because it wasn't working.

👤If lines are blocked, flame won't stay on idk.


What is the best product for chef s counter electric vertical skewer grill cc-1122ss?

Chef s counter electric vertical skewer grill cc-1122ss products from Yooyist. In this article about chef s counter electric vertical skewer grill cc-1122ss you can see why people choose the product. Cave Tools and Bndhkr are also good brands to look for when you are finding chef s counter electric vertical skewer grill cc-1122ss.

What are the best brands for chef s counter electric vertical skewer grill cc-1122ss?

Yooyist, Cave Tools and Bndhkr are some of the best brands that chosen by people for chef s counter electric vertical skewer grill cc-1122ss. Find the detail in this article. Zz Pro, Adj Products and Super Z Outlet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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