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1. Fender Malibu Player Acoustic Guitar

Fender Malibu Player Acoustic Guitar

The Malibu body shape is exclusive. The painted solid spruce top has a painted back and sides. The fishman has a pickup/preamp system. The neck has a slim-taper "C"-shaped profile. Matching painted headstock. Hand orientation. Right.

Brand: Fender

👤I've played Taylor's for 30 years. I own 5 different models. Yamaha and Blue Ridge are among the acoustics I own. My point in listing some of my guitars is that I own a lot of them. I play a lot. The Newporter is gorgeous to look at. You can play through an amplifier or just sit and play. The neck is very smooth and fast. There is no buzz in the air. It sounds great. The setup was perfect. It only took half a step to get it tuning up. It really holds its own, compared to some of the guitars I mentioned. Unless you are comparing it to a Taylor GS, the 100 or 200 series guitar, this guitar is its own. It's easier to play and sounds better. This is by far the best deal. The Taylor 314 Grand Concert is about the size of the guitar. The GA is larger in size. The guitar shines. The onboard electronics allow you to change the sound. The onboard tuner is very accurate. I would recommend this guitar to anyone. A person is a beginner or pro. I don't like the way the inline tuners are used on older or cheaper guitars. They work well and keep the guitar in tune. I've found that the Left Handed only come in black or red for left handers. They are worth every penny. Get a good case if you spend another 100 bucks. Well done. These guitars are not part of the California Series. Don't let that scare you off. A great guitar. I would like to thank Amazon for carrying these left handed as well. It was a great job to get it here. There was a lot of packed and overpacked.

👤I got a factory fresh guitar out of the box, and out of the box came a beautiful red D shell, all I had to do was set the action and I was on stage. The acoustic sound of this guitar is as good as a lot of upper grade guitars I've played, and it comes out of the box with a blue on. The other review I saw was not correct for the guitars I have, but I found the see through red guitar to be great, it has a hole for the strings to slide into, and it does not have a slot for the strings.

👤I think when you buy a Fender you expect to receive something with some type of quality control, and this wasn't meant to be top of the line. There were a few scratches, paint along edges, and oil on the edges. I was so unimpressed that I wondered if it was a knock off. We put it in a box and returned it the same day.

👤This is the second time I have returned to Amazon because of this issue. There is a lot of fret buzz when the rod is adjusted. There is a I like these guitars, but they didn't pay attention to this important part. There is a The electric guitar feel, playability, and extra tall frets are rare, if not impossible to find on other acoustic guitars.

2. Squier Fender Stratocaster Beginner Electric

Squier Fender Stratocaster Beginner Electric

100% designed by Fender. The body is thin and lightweight. There are three single-coil pickups. The machines are sealed. Also available in the left hand.

Brand: Fender

👤It looks and sounds great out of the box, but needs some serious tweaking before it would play in the first position. It's a joy to hold and play after having made other adjustments such as filing off fret ends, adjusting string height, and dialing in the intonation. Many younger players might not realize that they need to make changes to the instrument, and they may feel discouraged that it sounds bad. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can take it to your local guy and get it done. I changed my strings to a set of "elevens", and with the lower tension of the guitar's short scale they stay in tune very well. If you're alert, this is a great buy.

👤You should expect to get a kids guitar with warnings about cancer and reproductive harm. Birthday gift for a 7 yard boy. The teacher was surprised by the brand he suggested.

👤I bought this for my little girl who has been playing guitar for a year. I bought the guitar separately from the amplifier and cord to make it easier to return one item if it doesn't work. The pink guitar is included. I've been playing guitar for two decades and I always prefer acoustic. I put her guitar together to see if it was good before giving it to her. It worked well and it wasn't a toy guitar. I wanted to get my own electric. This guitar is very good. It's perfect for beginners and kids who have had lessons. It is quality. I am very happy with our purchase.

👤The mini Squier Bass and mini Squier Guitar were bought by me. My hand was tight and my joints were hurting while I was stretching to make cord shapes, which made the guitar particularly hard to play. This thing is playing like a dream. The strings on this guitar are less harsh than those on my full size Squier guitar. The frets are easy to play and comfortable in their relative distance. It seems that the guitar's volume is much louder than the rest, which might make people think something is wrong. I would have to play at 10 to get certain types of sounds. I find that 4-5 is more than enough on this mini. I noted in a few replies to other reviews that this comes with 2 layers of protective film over the white part. After taking off the first one, I was horrified to see a huge 3.5- 4.5" scratch on the white area above the pickups. I found a second layer of film. I pulled it off and it was perfect. This is my primary guitar. I use my soundboard/amp for acoustic practice because it has settings for acoustic sound. If the world wasn't shut down right now, this would be the one I'd travel with.

👤I bought this for my daughter. The review might be updated after a string change. There is a buzzing at the bridge that is annoying. The important info is only in Spanish and not English. There are pictures of a bridge, but it is not a fixed bridge.

3. Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The body has a gloss finish. Two players play the Series humbucking Bridge pickup and one player plays the Series single-coil Stratocaster middle and neck pickup. The neck profile is modern C. The Fingerboard is 9. The bridge has bent-steel saddles.

Brand: Fender

👤I've been playing the American made fender player for 40 years but decided to try the new Pau ferro Fingerboard. What a wonderful surprise! It was perfect out of the box, string, pickup height and intonation were perfect. Four hours later, I put my amplifier down. The Pau ferro Fingerboard is easy to play and smooth. I have played on elite Statocasters and I can honestly say that this stra will stay with them. Why are "4 stars"? The 5 position switch had some noise in it. I don't know. I will figure it out. It is worth every penny.

👤The box was packaged in the original box. The tone was great out of the box. I am not the best judge of one. The price is great and I was able to purchase it online. I can't imagine how much better an American made guitar could be. The entire transaction was very nice. I was a bit nervous but not a problem. Great guitar!

👤I already own an American vintage guitar and wasn't expecting the same quality from a Mexican made one. The player stra was set up right out of the box. The American made series is half the price of the flame top finish. The new Player series is better than the Mexican Standard series because of the upgraded vintage style Alnico5 pickups. They have a lot of bite. The affordable Player Series Strats were designed by Fender.

👤It is very nice. Electronics are acceptable for this level of instrument. The $750 dollar guitar sounds and feels solid, even though it was never expected to be a custom shop quality guitar. There are no sharp or sprouted frets. Well done on that. The neck feels like a modern C to me, which is fine. The back of the neck has a finish that is very nice. She plays beautifully now that she has changed out the strings and locked down the tremolo. It's a great instrument for worship and would record with it. It was worth the investment.

👤I have been a player since I was 15. I was hesitant about buying a MIM one, but it was the same quality and sound as the Made In USA one. Even when I mess with the tremolo, the thing stays in tune. I replaced the string tree with a TUSQ and added a second one for the 3rd and 4th strings. This is a great instrument to play.

👤This is the spot where guitars are the sweetest. You won't fail if you spend enough that the guitar is good quality. It's not like losing a custom shop or a vintage guitar, but having them stolen from a gig. This is the perfect tier for fender to offer.

👤I have bought guitars from the internet before. I was surprised that there was no packing material in the box. There was no damage during shipping. There is a small blackened area on the head stock that was finished over. I assume it happened during manufacturing. Not good quality control. I love the guitar, it's played right out of the box, and the pick ups.

4. Fender CD 60SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar Dreadnought

Fender CD 60SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar Dreadnought

A single-cut dreadnought body style. The Fishman Classic Design pickup/preamp is a pickup. The top has "X"-bracing. The back and sides of a large body of water. The neck is easy to play with. Hand orientation. Right.

Brand: Fender

👤I play guitar because I enjoy it, not because I am good at it. I started playing stringed instruments at the tender age of 63 and have been playing ever since. I had been playing twelves at local shops but I wasn't ready to pay $500 for an instrument. I saw that this fender was only $210 and it was reduced from its usual $299. I hit the button after a few hours of thought. I like the acoustics of the Fenders as they are good for the price and look cool. It was in its original box when it arrived two days later. I saw that it was in great shape when I opened it. I removed the plastic and it sounded terrible. I was told by the web that there are twelve strings that are detuned before shipping, especially if there is air travel involved. It took a while, but I realized how to tune it. The next two strings should be tune to a normal tune. The strings are thin. Keep tuning up until you hit the next E, A, D, and G, if you don't know. It sounded good once it was in tune. Since then, it has held a tune. By good. It sounds good for a $300 guitar, but it won't hit the sounds of a top end twelve, but it is good enough for me. The Hotel California sounds amazing. The sound is a bit high pitched, but it can be solved with different strings. The acoustic sound was retained even though it was plugged in. I would buy this guitar again. It is an entry level twelve and will probably satisfy my needs for a while. It looks great hanging on that wall. The battery that came with it died in a day and was easy to replace. Update. The more I play this instrument, the more I like it. My son in law ordered one because he liked it so much. The price will go up again if you don't grab one.

👤I wanted a Taylor, but it is not in the budget. I took a chance with this one because I wanted a string that wasn't junk. Love it. It has been fun to play and sounds great. Cheap strings sound great because of the chorus effect and extra volume. It has held up well so far, but I haven't had a chance to speak about it. I thought it would be a lot of work, but the tuning pegs are not shabby. They are accurate. I would recommend this guitar to people who want to branch out. It will ruin you for 6 string guitars once you hear it. They sit back to listen to the sound a 12 makes. It takes some muscle memory to play well, even though it is the same as a 6. The extra strings make it more difficult to pick notes and play up the neck. It's worth it.

👤This is a great guitar for $300. They had bucks. It was set up perfectly in the box. It didn't need an adjustment at all. I had to do nothing about it because it was played very nicely. I know they never touched it because it was sold and shipped from Amazon. The way it came from the factory was similar. Nice! I put on new strings and decals to dress it up. I like this guitar.

5. Fender Stratocaster Beginner Fingerboard Sunburst

Fender Stratocaster Beginner Fingerboard Sunburst

The neck profile is comfortable. Three single-coil guitars. A vintage-style bridge. Includes a padded gig bag, instrument cable, and picks. There is a choice of black or brown Sunburst.

Brand: Fender

👤I was surprised that the neck and frets are not rough on my neck. I don't use to play heavy strings in acoustic because they are light and bend easy. It was a nice change. The sound is better than expected, especially when I use headphones. The only issue was that some of the screws were not tightened all the way for the guard and trem covers. I have short fingers and fat thumb meat, so I'm very comfortable in the hand. I love the sound and the first time I played it, it sent me to another place. It's a nice feature to mess with. I would buy this again to have two. My first upgrade might be thicker strings to make my memory work better. There is a I will keep this thing for the rest of my life. The fender bag is appreciated. I hope yours will be just as sweet as mine, it's a real shame. P.s. The photo has smudges because the paint was perfect until I touched it.

👤I couldn't go into the local music shop to pick up my copy of COVID because I was playing over it. The guitar was already packaged for shipping. Not a moderate level guitar that was thrown in was damaged in transit. It is boxed in a separate box. Each item is put in a shelf box. If you sent it as a gift, it probably wouldn't do any better as everything came out in good shape. The kit comes with everything a beginner could need to start, but they don't know what to do with it. If you register the guitar online with Fender you can get free videos to learn by. The guitar was out of tune. You can use the free tuning app. I compared that to my clip on the same program and both had the same readings. There are many videos on the internet that show how to upgrade the stock with better parts. This works well with Rocksmith.

👤This is my first guitar, and I bought it because of the convenience of the guitar +amp in 1 package. I would recommend the amplifier. The pick guard on my guitar was scratched on the right side. The cable doesn't fit in the guitar on either end, it's not the best. I had to buy a new one. The Frontman 15G is the one pictured, but the Frontman 10G is what this comes with.

👤I've always wanted to learn the guitar but never got around to it. This was the year that I decided to take it up. I was happy to find this set, I needed it. The guitar I picked up is very nice looking and has a black pickguard. The packaging is very well done and the boxes fit together like pieces of a puzzle to keep everything from moving during shipping. They use an empty guitar-sized box in the package to keep the actual guitar from moving around during shipping, which is nice because it avoids excessive use of Styrofoam. There is a protective film on the pickguard and humbucker pickup to prevent scratching, and the guitar is wrapped well to prevent damage. I had an issue getting the film out from under the volume and tone knobs. The guitar in my kit was made in Indonesia in March of 2020 based on the inspection tag that comes with the headpiece. It seems like everything was put together. The neck is straight and I'm not getting any fret buzz from the strings. Most of the strings were close to where they needed to be, even though it needed a tuning. The Frontman 15 Amp is a decent beginner piece of equipment, but it is smaller than I thought, and my mind had scaled it larger based on the pictures. Everything is in place and there are no problems. The guitar sounds good. It's very clean when the amplifier is using the clean channel, but there is a slight hum when using either of the single coil pickups individually. The neck/middle or middle/bridge position helps eliminate this. The humbucker is nice, but I prefer the best sound so far. I like having the various options with the switch so I can change the sound of the song I'm playing. The clean channel of the amplifier works well with the guitar. When using the humbucker, the overdrive is nice. The other accessories in the kit are decent. The guitar strap is black with the Fender logo, and the gig bag is basic, but the front pocket is a good place to keep the tremolo bar and Allen wrench. I like the fact that the package included a 3-month subscription to Fender Play. It's enough time to take several lessons and figure out if it's worth the monthly subscription. I would recommend this for someone who wants a decent guitar but doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

6. Fender String Solid Body Electric 0310602506

Fender String Solid Body Electric 0310602506

The neck profile is Slim and comfortable. The guitar has a trio of Squier single-coil Strat pickups. Vintage-style bridge for string-bending effects. There are machines for smooth, accurate tuning.

Brand: Fender

👤I bought this thinking it was a base for modding. I was surprised by the quality of the guitar. I also have an American stand to compare. The neck maple on the fender is a better quality than the one on the squier, but the one on the squier had a good hefty feel to it. I think I got lucky because the frets were perfectly leveled. I thought about changing my neck. I'll swap the nut since the slots seem to have an angle. They are not straight. The tuners seem to be far from being stable. I'm still using locking tuners for added stability and ease of use, even though Hipshot has a nice set which doesn't require drilling for 50 bucks. The burst finish is a 3 piece ash body, which is thinner than the Am std, and I can still feel the whole body vibrate nicely when hitting the strings. The guitar has a weak link. I'm changing these for vintage noiseless pups. If you compare the guitar to a stock MIM, it will come with its upgrades at less than 350, which is a real bang for the buck.

👤I decided to take up the guitar because I wanted to do something in the winter. I did some research and decided on this one. So far, so good. I bought a small fender and am very pleased with both. Even if it is a lower end product, the guitar is built to last. The finish and sound are good. There were no ragged fret ends or scratches on it. It is ideal for a beginner like me. Would definitely recommend it.

👤I received a guitar today. It was unboxed and inspected. It is a very well made guitar. I plugged it into my marshal amplifier after tuning it up. The neck feels smooth and the pickups sound good so far. This guitar is really nice. I will update this review after I play with it a bit. I've had a guitar for a while. Put new strings on it. The pickup height was fine. The tone is good but will be put on by alnico 5 in the future. It plays great, looks great, and is a nice guitar to play. I'm very pleased with this guitar, the maple fretboard is a lot better than the rosewood one. In a minute, I would buy another one.

👤This is the second burst. I returned it for a replacement because I barely pulled the wrap off and said they sent the black instead of burst. The second one thought they made the same mistake. It's just a darker coloring than I expected, based on the pics and experience with other bursts. It feels like a fool to return the first. Sorry Amazon. The guitar was purchased for a project. It's got a full thickness body so better bridges will fit. It's not certain if the wood is either alder or poplar. It's a project guitar and electronics are cheap. fret sprout is the main complaint. This one was not good. After watching various videos on the subject, I had to dress the frets properly. The guitars are hit or miss with the fret action because of the way they are made. The neck was perfect when I purchased it earlier in the year. Hit or miss. For someone just starting out, a guitar is a good choice and would be good for a backup. The rating had to be changed due to neck issues. Unless you like getting cut, the sharp edges on the frets need to be filed down. The nut popped out during the filing. Wasn't following it. Was going to replace it, but the fact that it was placed in a slot is shoddy workmanship. The fret sprout takes it down a few stars. I have been unable to play it because of my neck. The previous stray purchase was good.

7. Fender FE610 Multi Fit Electric Guitar

Fender FE610 Multi Fit Electric Guitar

10mm of padding is needed to keep your investment safe. The reverse water resistant zipper is a custom design. The lining is soft touch. The backpack straps have a ladder lock buckles. There is a pocket for extra strings, a fixed mesh tool pouch, and a business card window.

Brand: Fender

👤Excellent protection for my guitars. Quality Zippers and Pockets to carry the strings, picks, and cleaning cloths. The 610 fender case is holding up well. Due to the large price increase, I have to share it with two other people. Hopefully they will be on sale. The product was very good.

👤Don't buy this for a normal guitar. It's too small. I own about 10 guitars and the only one that would fit is the "Ibanez Mikro" which is a micro guitar. I had to return them. It would be cool if you owned a mini guitar. It won't fit a ibanez, astradam,

👤The dimensions are so small that I can't leave my strap attached to the Stratocaster. There isn't much room for the strap. The bag is too small. The old gig bags were better for me. It's much better. Take note, Fender!

👤I bought this for my trone, and it fits it perfectly. It has good padding, but not thick. This works well for carrying your guitar around, but I wouldn't put it in the back of a vehicle. It's a good deal. I'm not sure what other people do with the dangling straps when they're not carrying the case like a backpack. I tied them in a bow and hope I can find a better solution in the future.

👤Quality is good. I've seen gig bags that are half the price, but the thickness is less. This is a better choice for the Fender brand. I wouldn't trust putting a Squier in there, even though I'm a cheapskate. It is like a gig-cloth. I think the Squier would be protected from the falling hanger. If I needed better protection, I would get an off-brand gig bag and not go up on the Fender chain. You should just get a hard case at that price point.

👤I have an Acoustasonic Tele in a case similar to this but it is a bit smaller and not as padded. The Telesonic is not a large guitar. The regular case is more than double the price, but it is only suitable for smaller electric guitars like melody maker, mustang etc.

👤The bag holds a musical instrument. She can fit some music in the front pocket, but not much. My 11 year old is carrying her guitar to lessons. I want her to be gentle with the guitar case as I am not sure if the case would protect it from a significant drop or bang. I hope to not find out.

👤It's a snug fit on your car. If you don't trim the string ends on the tuning pegs, they will poke through the case. The front pocket of the bag is red. Nice padding. The front pocket on the guitar should be put in the right way.

👤Needed a new case for someone. It fits. Make sure you measure up before you buy, it might be a bit snug for other bigger bodies electrics. The general build quality is good, the padding is thick enough to protect the instrument but not so thick that the case becomes unwieldy and squishy. The compartment and pockets make things a bit more organised than previous soft cases I have owned. Time will tell if the handles and straps wear out from regular use. I think this is a good case for the price, and I like the reassurance of having Fenders name on it. I couldn't justify the high price for the Gator cases. This is a good purchase.

8. Fender Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele

Fender Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele

The ukulele has a dark walnut finish. Fishman Kula system. Gold hardware and construction. A floral sound hole label.

Brand: Fender

👤My daughter had to get a uke. She likes the different sounds and sizes of the two she already has. This one made her list. I read all the questions before buying it. It wasn't a concert size because the fender doesn't make one that big, but they do! I didn't know it was electric when I bought it, but it is! It looks as good as it sounds. The listing info has been updated. No app for it? Go nuts and pay $35 at Kala for a year of giving joy. It's pretty sweet and we've already tried it with an amplifier. We are going to find a small fender later today to match the uke with. The Grace VanderWall name isn't the only thing that makes this instrument amazing.

👤I have purchased both the Grace VanderWaal Concert ukulele and the Soprano version. I kept the concert and sent the Soprano back. The concert version has a glossy finish and sounds good. It's a great starter ukulele. The built in tuner is very helpful. The quality of the Soprano version drops a lot. The sound is not bright or loud, and it can be hard to stay in tune. The two ukuleles use different tuning gears, I'm assuming the cheaper one is the one. The paint on the car was chippy and the finish is not as nice as it could be. I've tried two brands of ukuleles, both of which were in the $180 range, but they were much nicer sounding. The concert size is recommended by me.

👤Two years ago, I started playing the ukulele. I've had the concert ukulele for a year and I think it's a great instrument. The tuning pegs are of good quality, the finish of the instrument is very nice, and the gold inlay looks like stone. My 9 year old loves Grace and wanted to get a ukulele. It feels cheap today. The body is made of wood and feels plastic. The concert size is glossy and my daughter wanted a glossy finish on the moonlight version, which is why the finish is flat. The tuning pegs are garbage. I worry that they're going to break and that they're junky. The gold inlay on the walnuts looks like a real stone, but the gold sticker on the uke is not even shiny. I'm trying to convince my 9 year old to send this back so we can get a better quality uke for her, but she's in love with Grace V and the looks of it. We have to power through owning it. We own two ukuleles from a flea market in Hawaii. The lonahu uke is better than this model, which is a shame. On the concert size, Fender did a great job but dropped the ball on the Soprano.

👤I've owned a lot of ukuleles over the years, but this is the best one I've ever owned. The style is cool, the sound is beautiful, and the craftsmanship is amazing. The body is larger than a typical ukulele, which makes it a little louder and gives it a richer sound. It's what one should expect from a Fender instrument, that's high. It's extremely unique. You can't see a ukulele with this type of head, gold hardware, or paint color, and it works well. The paint has a mat finish, so you won't get much shine off of it. It is a remarkable instrument. It's expensive. I don't recommend this to anyone who isn't in love with the looks, because you can get the same quality sound and construction from any other ukulele.

9. Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Hand orientation Right-handed.

Brand: Fender

👤The player was stuck in a big snow backup for a long time. When I opened the box, I was overwhelmed. You guys did a great job with the guitar, but you also included a full case of goodies like strap, cable, tuner, capo, strings and picks. Wow! More than I thought. I had to double-check my order, and it was confirmed that you included tons of extras. This is called a prop for creating happy customers. If I ever need any gear, I will be buying it from Austin Bautista. It feels like the best deal on the best guitar ever when I have all of this good will with it. Thank you so much! Graying GuitarMan is in Redmond, Washington.

👤The most recent update! They refuse to acknowledge my complaint. They don't reply to the BBB. I was suggested to take it up with my attorney. Which I have. I hope the fight is over. There is a Again. Don't buyENDER! They are flipping SUCK Update 2 Messages between myself and Fender. Refer people to your websites. There is a A tech spoke to me. There is a I am going to explain the same thing that I have sent before. I was told to take it to my local Sam ash. Sam Ash was the one who purchased the Strat. Not this store. I took the guitar there and was told that the warranty claim was through Fender, but I was outside the 45 day replacement date. I bought the guitar 12/28/ 2020. It was delivered on May 1. I am caught in a blaming cycle because no one wants to take responsibility. There is a The guitar is new. I have played it a dozen times. Always stored secure, never dropped and never left! The tech at Guitar center stated that a crack that grows over time with heat is a polymer crack. There is a I never saw it on initial inspection. It was not noticed by the human eye. Sam Ash is telling me that it is not our fault. How do I know if a hair line crack is present when I first deliver it? Do you require your customers to inspect all of the guitars? Maybe a scanned model and a scanned model should be reproduced? C'mon dude! This is ridiculous. I paid for it. I am tired of this run around and condescending emails from out of state Sam Ash who sold me a flawed guitar. I was told by Guitar Center Jacksonville FL that they would replace the guitar if I purchased it through them. I will never do business with Sam Ash again. They should be dropped as a distributor. The original review item has a small crack that grew over the course of 2 months. The defect was hidden during the initial delivery inspection. Unnoticeable. The buyer is left to take care of an obvious manufacturer defect when the seller refuses to replace the item. I followed the steps that were given to me by Fender. The manager of the Guitar Center was appalled by your communication with me. He stated that the crack is a poly crack that grew with heat and that any decent tech would have recognized the flaw and immediately start the replacement process. He told me to go to my local Sam Ash store. I did. The staff at the Sam Ash was very nice. They were able to resolve my issue after they called Fender Techs. Sam Ash employees were able to trace what store the broken Strat was shipped from. The good part comes here. Sam Ash will be the place to get my guitar replaced. There are good people there. I know where my car was shipped. There is a The store is called Sam Ash. I will give my local store a glowing recommendation. I will review your store and customer service. You should call the store manager before I post. The employees of guitar center and Sam Ash were appalled by your attitude. I will not do business with Sam Ash again. The manufacturer defect would be fixed immediately. My local Sam Ash is the same. There are issues at your store. These issues will be forwarded to Sam Ash superiors. Stephen Johnson was more than angry and frustrated. Stephen Johnson.

10. Fender CC 60S Beginner Concert Strings

Fender CC 60S Beginner Concert Strings

The top has a "X"-bracing on the back and sides. The neck has a 20-fret walnut fingerboard. The bridge has a saddle. Hand orientation. Right.

Brand: Fender

👤I like the guitar, but it did not come with picks, strap, and spare strings as advertised, so I deducted two stars. I contacted the Amazon support desk about the error, but they didn't resolve it.

👤I've been trying many acoustics in the past few months. The Yamaha FG830, Epiphone DR 100, Orangewood Oliver Mahogany, and Spruce are honorable mentions, but this Fender is my favorite. It's the perfect balance between sound and volume. It sustains forever, is nice and bright, but not as bright as the Yamaha. Not a single flaw in the construction. It's hard to believe that you could have gotten one of these for as little as $129 nine months ago. 199 is a good deal. I was looking for a sound like a keeper, and this one has it.

👤The guitar is a beginner's guitar. It is durable and sounds great. I thought buying a guitar online was difficult, but this guitar has proved to be very nice.

👤It used to save money. It's really nice for a beginner guitar, looks really good, the fretboard needs to be polished/oiled soon, but it plays really nice. It's a small body, but it's not too big.

👤I was worried when the guitar arrived because the box had a large hole. People received guitars that were broken. I was lucky that the whole thing was intact and there were no missing parts. It was a big hit after all was said and done.

👤I love this guitar. I bought a second one for my boyfriend because I loved it so much. The quality is excellent.

👤We'll package the guitar. It came with three months of guitar lessons.

👤I'm new to this world, but it's perfect. It's a great beginning guitar if you add the extras needed to tune it.

👤A great guitar. I'm a beginner and I found a guitar belt and four picks in a course. A set of new strings.

👤The guitar is great, but the black cover bag is a problem.

👤Unfortunately, the guitar was too small for my son, so I had to return. A quick response and collection was arranged.

👤The stap and bag are not very good.

👤My daughter loves it. Looks great.

11. Squier Fender Mustang Beginner Electric

Squier Fender Mustang Beginner Electric

The design was designed by Fender. There are two humbucking pickups. The body is thin and lightweight. The bridge has strings through it. Hand orientation. Right handed.

Brand: Fender

👤The guitar is large. I play a wide range of music from rock to jazz. The guitar I used was a $2,500 solid body. After two years of use, some of the plastic has peeled off and is in the repair shop. I don't know if I will ever see it again. I don't think so. Let's break this guitar down for beginners. The work and the tuners are all I care about. The neck is strong. If you know anything about fender or squires, you know that by paying a higher price for a guitar you get a nicer neck with a finish on the back. I would pay more for this neck because it feels natural and I will never go back to a finished neck. The body is solid and finished nicely. The pickup were good. I replaced these with higher end pickups and this guitar sounds amazing. It's not the guitar, it's you, if you can't play balls to the wallz music with it. Hope this helps mon freres.

👤I would recommend this guitar if you want to tinker with guitars. This is where I show you a good deal for the price. That's true. Everything works, but it lacks the finishing touches you would expect from a more expensive instrument. Some people have gotten real gems in the mustang. It was so-so. It's easy to play a first electric guitar. It has a shorter scale than most guitars. It looks and feels like a full-size adult guitar, because it is. It's much easier to bend the strings with a 1 or so inch difference in string tension. It's easy to bend the strings or press too hard on them, which can make the notes go sharp. The thicker strings will fix that. You need to take care of the frets for more experienced players. The tops were a little rough on the edges, and the film on them made them really soft. You may have to put some Torque on them because the tuners were loose. The humbuckers on the budget guitars are bright, which was a pleasant surprise. The neck was pretty smooth, but a bit dusty. I used 0000 steel wool and a couple coats of carnuba. It feels better now, and has a glossy sheen. The tuners do their job, but not much else. The blue finish is flawless. You can't coil-tap these humbuckers. The open style of switches in guitars and Epiphones are not the same as the blade type switches found in Telecasters and Strats. The pots are Alpha branded and work well. The wiring job was well done. Sometimes you can find a cheap guitar. This isn't one of them, but it is a nice guitar. Thank you for reading!

👤The guitar I bought has the Rosewood fretboard setup. I've been playing acoustic for a long time and finally tried out an electric. I did a lot of research to find out which one to buy, and I was torn between the two. I chose the squier because of the price. Shipping was fast and well packaged. It had foam packs in the front and rear. I was surprised by the quality of the guitar packs, I was expecting sharp fret ends or craftsmanship flaws, but I couldn't find any of that. The tuning pegs on the guitar are terrible, and I immediately went to tune it. It was a different sound than my acoustic. I didn't knock down a star for that because I know that you don't buy a prius and expect it to have lexus performance. It held the tune well once they were in tune. I'm sure it will get better once it's broken. I will be replacing them once I add new strings. I adjusted the guitar's action from the bridge and the truss rod because it was too low for my liking. This is where I give the points. The action is easy to set up. You only need 1.5mm and 4mm keys. The 4mm and 1.5mm are used to adjust the bridge. I got rid of the excess buzzing in a few minutes without having to file anything down. You can have a guitar shop adjust it for you, but there is nothing like learning and doing it yourself. It's on something easy. It's hard to review the sound of an amplifier once it's plugged in, but even with a cheap one, it sounds decent. Tone knobs do not do much when you mess with them. You can tell the difference with a good quality amplifier, but I couldn't. There is a If you know what to expect from it, I think this is a great guitar. All of the electric guitars my friends and I have played have some sort of flaw or imperfection, so this is no different. I think this is great because you are just going to mess around with the house and learn with it. I would recommend this to anyone that is starting out or just looking for a cheap guitar to travel with.


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