Best Electric Acoustic Guitar Strings 6 String Set

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1. DAddario Bronze Acoustic Strings EJ10 3D

DAddario Bronze Acoustic Strings EJ10 3D

Extra light for playing. A bright tone mixed with a deep and projecting bottom end. The packaging for strings is always fresh. For the highest quality and performance. Plain steel string gauge. 012,. The Bronze wound is 014. 023,. 030,. . 047

Brand: D'addario

👤3 star strings are medium. Went mellow too soon. Light is 5 stars. Light ones should be on my new Yamaha. The sound is bright and long lasting. The video was recorded without an amplifier.

👤They are falling apart because they are only playing for two months. The G string has tiny burrs at some fret contact points. The lower strings have a nice sound, but the high E is very bright to the point of almost sounding sharp even when perfectly tuning. I like D'Addarios. I put the extra-lights on for ease of bending, but I got a bad set. If you're buying a D'Addario gauge, take the reviews with a grain of salt, unless they list the specific gauge you're buying.

👤I've been buying D'Addario strings for 15 years. They were my go-tos for my first acoustic when I had my electrics set up. I have never had a sound or string break in the box. They usually play for at least 4 months. These have been the same. I took them off to try another set from a different brand, rolled them up in a new wrapper, and then put them back on and they sounded just as good. Good quality, economy strings. They are great for the price point, but they could be better. They don't sing or sustain indefinitely like the other more expensive strings, which is my only complaint. It's more of a case of being spoiled by the other strings than it is of the bad strings. I would always want to keep a set of these on hand. The rewards program, helpful ball end colors, and anti-corrosion packaging are all things you can't go wrong with.

👤I have been using D'addario strings for 25 years and always recommend them to my students. Maybe I never strung up a pair of the 80/20 Bronze because I would have seen it. D'addario should remove these from their catalog. My wife said something to the effect of "that is really hard to listen to" with the first few bars after stringing em up. D'addario was requested to send me a pack of the bronze and remove it from their product line.

👤The bass has the right amount of brightness in it. The gauge makes it easy to get the right tension. Istrum with a pick and play both fingerstyle and strum with a pick. After 4 months, they're maintaining their tone well and holding the tuning well, unlike other strings which are stretched or stiffened in a month. When I put on new strings, this will be my second set.

👤INRDeals In a concert. Fourteen years ago, when I first started playing, strings were just strings. I learned a lot about the things that happen. If you play daily, you should change the strings every month to two months. Either give or take. This was the information I was given. I would go for a year and a half during busy times. I like to try different strings every month because it has been on a daily basis. I had a bluegrass mix last time. I may have to have a few of these packs. I like these with my cedar top.

2. DR Strings NMCE 10 Electric Multi Color

DR Strings NMCE 10 Electric Multi Color

Medium 10-46 neon multi-color colored electric guitar strings are hi-def. It's designed to give your stage presence a little extra pop. The strings have a neon colored K3 coating that delivers longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones and enhanced clarity. It's a great tool for learning and teaching guitar. 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46

Brand: Dr Strings

👤My son and I are learning to play the guitar. He is 7 years old and is very exited about these helping him. I thought about getting myself some but have grown out of looking at the strings. The finish is strong. The small amounts came off when bent. I expect it to wear like the package states. It doesn't seem to be coming off anymore. They sound good. They are made in the USA and are a little pricey, but they fit the purpose. If you want your guitar to look like a pride banner, I would recommend them. They are wearing well. The tuning is still good. The finish is coming off the high E, B and G. The strings are not wound. I mean a little. There are a few spots that wear the pick hits. He has been playing more often than taking lessons. His teacher finds them useful as well. It's easy to tell an eight year old to put their fingers on the strings. Instead of a lengthy discussion, he should have his fingers in the right spot.

👤I bought the strings to help me learn to play the guitar in the video game. The game uses colors that match the strings. I think that it helps in the beginning to orientate the user to the correct string, but I can already see that the benefit of the string color will diminish as I get better at playing guitar. I hope to be able to play on my own. The game should be set to invert the string presentation in the options menu as this will help later on. I wish they had set it that way.

👤I thought it would be cool to pair these with the game Rocksmith, so I picked them up. It was a great idea. If you're new to guitar or have trouble with your finger tips after a short time playing, give these babys a try. The coating makes it easier to play. As you play the strings with your pick, it will slowly wear where the strings meet the frets, and sometimes it will also wear where the strings meet the frets. This doesn't bother me at all. I know that this can bother some, but just be aware that the string color can wear off, especially if you like shredding. Happy jamming.

👤I play my guitar daily with these strings. There is a The packaging states that the coloring is not designed to stay on indefinitely, and the general idea is that you would put these on before a live show. Even after months of use, my strings retain 80% of their color. The picking area has worn off more than the fretting area, so I can still easily identify my strings when fretting, and a quick glance at any area of the strings accomplishes the purpose of being colored. Each string has a small dot of natural color at the bar that I couldn't care less about. I felt the description of the color was unclear, so I knocked off a star. It has been permanent enough to accomplish what I needed during my learning phase. The strings are just as good as the factory strings.

3. Ernie Ball Classic Nickel Regular

Ernie Ball Classic Nickel Regular

The electric guitar strings of the '50s and '60s were made with pure nickel. Regular Slinky's 10-to-46 gauge has become the industry standard. The Slinky feel is signature. Made in California, USA, with the finest and freshest materials.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I've tried many pure nickel wrap strings, but these are the best and last longest. The low end of these is different from the others and seems to set them apart. They're not boomy or bassy, there's just a muscular and resonant character to them. They must have nailed the core/wrap size. They have the rich/warm vibe that pure nickel wrap is known for, a bit less output than plated steel wrap, and tried and true EB plain strings to top things off. The lows are a bit duller, and the pure-nickel "speed-bump" thing tends to get going pretty quickly after some use, but I like the Gibson strings almost as much. To me, the sound and feel of DR and GHS is terrible. These are cool.

👤I have used the Earnie Ball strings for a long time. I like them because they are reliable, sound good, and feature a small thing that means a lot to me: Each string is in it's own package. Many companies sell two string per bag. I don't mind the extra cost of using 6 envelopes instead of 3. It is easier to store my old strings in the proper size package in case of an emergency. It's easier to do a string change with each string in its own pack. I need all the help I can get. I try to experiment with different brands, but most of the time I am disappointed. I am trying a brand I have never tried before, I am sure these are not the best strings out there. I rate these strings 5 stars because I don't like surprises, and there are none with this brand. Premature strings have never broken or gone dead. I find this brand easy to work with. It is recommended.

👤Light strings on electric guitars are what I like. It's usually 09's or.10's. I saw an add for Rev. Willy's.07's, but it was all back ordered. I found these balls. I like Slinky. I ordered them. I've only put them on my house. I have the Les Paul on my Tele's. I was surprised at how well they played. They have the same power and punch as my strings. I was worried about them cutting into the fingers being so thin. The index finger is sliding up and down the neck. These are like butter. It was easy on the hands and fingers. I feel stupid for not trying these before. It's easy to bend in either direction. They won't cut the tips of your fingers if you're a new player. I love them. I will keep them in my string box from now on. I'll try the.07's as well. You can't go wrong with these strings for $5. I finally got my order of Reverend Willy's. Also made by the same company. These are also great strings. These.08's are the absolute best. They will change your life if you haven't tried them.

👤Don't stop making these strings. I like them. I settled on these after 15 years of trying different ones. I've been using them on my primary guitar ever since I got them from a Brooklyn mom n' pop store clerk. I play rhythm and lead. I bend harshly. I rarely break a string. I change them every few months after they start to get deadish. I wash my hands before I play, unlike most guitar players who would rather ignore advice from Allmans. They sound great on my hollowbody. It adds to the sound of british rock very well. The highs are nicely rounded. I've been playing guitar for almost 30 years and have never found a better one. 3 Julie Bee used her sisters account.

4. Elixir Strings Electric POLYWEB 010 046

Elixir Strings Electric POLYWEB 010 046

Electric guitar strings are made of nickel-plated steel. It was played for a warm tone. The strings are kept from getting in the way of playing with the soft, slick feel of Original POLYWEB coating. Their patented coating technology protects against common rust, which is why it is more effective than any other brand's coated strings. The light gauge is.

Brand: Elixir

👤I put a set of Polyweb lights on my ES-335 Pro and the D string almost immediately began to shed its coating between the bridge and stop bar. Within a few hours of play, the coating was gone between the 5th and 7th frets. Why did the five star review come up? I contacted the support team and they replaced me with a new set. They didn't claim it was normal and they didn't quiz me about my passing habits, but they corrected the problem. The difference between success and failure is how you handle issues.

👤I would hear the phrase'buy the cheapest strings you like and change often'. I did the nickel plated standards based on the advice of the guitar shop guy. I was stupid to not try these sooner. Many people shopping for strings have 1000's invested in guitars, Amps, pedals, and much like the idea of putting go kart tires on a Ferrari to save a little money, are skimping in the LAST place you should... the strings are the ones that let you feel the road The strings are still changing often. If you need the extra 5 bucks to buy these over the standard $6-8 strings, you should cut some coupons for the grocery store. If the car doesn't handle that well, you won't have fun driving so was it worth it to save money? The answer is no. The box says it is warm, slick and fast. That is correct. I feel that my playing feels cleaner because of the'slick'. You can have a marketing idea for free.

👤I've been playing guitar for 36 years and I've never had an issue with Floyd Rose Tremolos. I have used D'Addario strings 9-46 gauge for most of my time playing, but I never thought I would use another type of string. I wanted to know if the strings were smooth and fast after I came across them. I think D'Addario is better than my guitar after stringing it up with the Elixir strings. I tried to get the B string to stay locked into the bridge by using the 9-42 gauge, but it kept sliding out if the block was used. I finally got it to the point where I could actually tune the string, but one bend and it would fall out of tune. The B and the high E strings both fell out of the bridge and I couldn't get them to stay locked in. I went online and found some forums where other people with Floyds had the same problem, only in those instances they had people telling them it was their fault, but I know better, and it's not me or the bridge. Looks like it's back to D'Addario's. It's a waste of time and money.

👤I use nearly every string out there for my electric, and these Polywebs are what I'll stick with. They last for a while. It was ev. Er. Since I use a metal pick, I am hard on the strum ends. I don't use metal picks, but I go a couple years without needing a change. The neck parts of the strings are not slippery and only need a quick wipe. I don't like these on my acoustics, they're too bright for me on acoustic guitars, but for electrics, you'd be hard pressed to find anything with the longevity of these bad boys.

5. Ernie Ball Nickel Electric Strings

Ernie Ball Nickel Electric Strings

Super Slinky is one of the most popular electric guitar strings. The tone was bright and balanced. The finest and freshest materials are in California. Jimmy Page, Iron Maiden, and many other guitarists around the globe have used the Super Slinky electric guitar strings. The electric guitar strings are manufactured to the highest standards and are of the highest quality. Super Slinky wound strings are made from steel wire wrapped around a steel core wire. The plain strings are made of high-carbon steel and have a bright and balanced tone. The Super Slinky gauge is. 3 sets.

Brand: Ernie Ball

👤I haven't been playing guitar for a long time, but I have never heard of it happening to someone else. Ever. The high E string does not want to cooperate as I attempt to tune up. It goes flat when I get close. I thought I had a bad tuning peg. I didn't wonder anymore. The strings have only a few hours of light playing on them, but that nasty E string just let go. The little brass anchor was unwound. I salvaged an E string from another guitar I don't play as often as I would like, and also strung it with strings from the new pink 3 pack. It snapped as I loosened it. The strings are the same as what I replaced. I think so. There are two E strings in about 2 minutes. That is quick for me. I found a makeshift anchor for the original string. The string. She broke again. What is the poor musician supposed to do? I'm ashamed to admit how long the last strings were there. Maybe I'm incompetent. The last set I bought was fine, and before the E string went all to hell, they sounded pretty good. I think Jimmy Page doesn't have these problems.

👤Don't be afraid to try different brands. It's possible that your style of playing doesn't fit me. I've tried a lot of brands. I've stayed with him because he never let you down. Ignore the paper plane and shark on the Marshall head. Changes to your setup will not make a difference without strings. I would do a setup with the current strings for your action and then install your new strings. You may need to adjust your pickups to achieve the sound you want. If you are buying your strings online you will probably want to pay someone else to do it for you. Don't be afraid.

👤My entire guitar collection is made of the Super-Slinky's. I used D'addario's for many years in the 80's and 90's, but they would lose their sound very quickly and break very easily, so I tried these back in the 90's after a friend recommended them to me. They stretch nicely in a short amount of time when you first string them, as opposed to some brands that will stretch and never stay in tune. They bend notes nice without breaking or distortion and stay in tune better than I used to, as many other brands out there are these days, as they aren't too expensive. I use sets of Super Slinky's for all of my hollow and semi hollow guitars. There is a It's time to try out Ernie's Super Slinky's, if you haven't used them before. I have a guitar with a Pro-Rok-R floating tremelo that has popped D'addario's at least 2000 times, but it is only used for studio use, and has never popped an Ernie Ball. Some guitars that I play daily and the strings last a few weeks before sounding "dead", and some that I rarely play have sets on them that are 2 to 6 years old and still sounds great. I didn't get longevity like that from any other brand that I've used before. When I used D'addario's, I had to change sets after every show, but now I get a few gig before needing a change. They are great for me, my playing style and my needs. I play metal and shredding and each note is bright and full without the "tinny" sound that some brands gave me in the past. Since 1982, when I started playing and touring with many brands of guitars, I refuse to use anything else. m/ metal

6. HAVENDI Guitar Strings Electric Guitar

HAVENDI Guitar Strings Electric Guitar

Thanks to their unique Havendi master craftsmanship and high quality standards, you get outstanding guitar strings that make every gentle melody and powerful chord sound harmonious. The strings are rust-proof and stable thanks to their finishing. The smoothFORCE strings are easy to play and can be played as smooth as butter. They guarantee that newcomers with sensitive fingertips will be more successful. Matching the strings, you will receive 3 picks in different gauge, as well as instructions on how to change the strings on YouTube and in paper form in your language. It is recommended that you use the recommendation of experienced music teachers and guitar players. Havendi guitar strings are great for playing into the hearts of your audience. If you are not completely satisfied with the strings, you can get a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Havendi

👤The E string snapped from the bottom when I put it on. The other strings are okay. I want an e string replacement.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter. I haven't heard them play but there are guitar strings.

👤There were only 5 strings in this set.

👤It seems like quality. Working well so far.

👤The strings are strong.

👤It sounds good on my guitar.

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7. Elixir Strings Electric 010 046 19052

Elixir Strings Electric 010 046 19052

Electric guitar strings are made of nickel-plated steel. It was the same crisp tone as an uncoated string. The OPTWEBI coating gives a feeling of being in nature. Their coating technology protects against the common causes of rust and decay, extending tone life longer than any other brand. Anti-Rusting on steel strings prolongs tone life.

Brand: Elixir

👤I will be the first person to write a public review of the new strings. I don't really follow guitar media anymore, but the fact that an Elixir-only player was unaware of these coming out made me more interested in them. They showed up while I was trying to order my usual strings, the Medium (.11 -.49), and at first I was confused, since when were there coated strings? What is the difference? Can they really improve their king of the "$10+" strings given their monopoly on it? The answer is yes, by quite a bit. I'll concede the following points before I get into a review of the product. I've been playing the Elixir strings for about 2 years now, after using D'Addarios and the occasional Ernie Ball for a decade. 2. From my observations, the product is a love/hate product with few people posting that they're just whatever. If you fall in to the hate/dislike camp for any reason, these aren't going to sway you. 3. I wanted to like them so I waited to review them to make sure I didn't get confirmation bias. Opitweb is a pretty big improvement in two ways, and I think I'll continue using them over Nanowebs unless their longevity turns out to be dramatically shorter. After restringing my primary guitar, I noticed that these didn't require any major post setup stretching or adjusting. 3 rounds of tuning, stretching, and re-adjusting is what D'addarios usually require. Sometimes the nanowebs need a 3rd round after a bit of playing. They've been remarkably steady in holding their tune after a single round of post thread stretching. I have to wonder if it's not the strings. They have a much brighter and sharper sound to it, and it's very noticeable when unplugged. I'm not sure about the composition of them and in general I'm not very familiar with what metal or construction technique is involved in what brand, but whatever flack coated strings usually get for being muddy isn't applicable with these. The difference in high-end frequencies is easy to hear when tracking through the everyman setup. The product is very similar to the existing product from Elixir, but with a slightly improved sound and feel, and definitely smoother feeling action when sliding around the fretboard. You will almost certainly like these if you like them now. If you don't, you won't get along with these. If you love the sound of a fresh set of D'Addarios or Slinkys, then you should give these a try.

👤I bought a 10 pack and have already broken the high E string 3 times in 4 days, right at the bridge where it is locked to my Floyd Rose. I had to replace the high E string 3 times in 4 days. I practice for about 6 hours a day. They seem to last longer but recently, they have begun to break like crazy. I tried these out because my hands are very bad. I love the sound of them. I have to change back to regular strings. I will go broke if I keep replacing these.

8. Elixir Strings Electric NANOWEB 011 049

Elixir Strings Electric NANOWEB 011 049

Considered the pioneer in coated string technology, Elixir® Strings are available in a full range of gauge for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin. Purchase fewer sets of strings. Change strings less often. It sounds great, any time.

Brand: Elixir

👤I had my guitar set up on the strings of the Elixir set, then switched to the Les Paul set. I cut them off because they are not usable. The 3rd string in the set is wound. There is nothing on the packaging that says this is a wound string. The guitar needs to be adjusted for a wound 3rd string. Every other string manufacturer specifies 'wound 3rd' in their sets, not doing so is just stupidity. My guitar buzzes and hums so loudly that the tone is ruined. I can hear the hum on the guitar. The ground path of the strings is interfered with by the string coating. Yuck. They sounded nice and bright, but I could not hear them. I wanted these to work out.

👤After a long session with a standard set of non-coated strings, those strings are discolored and dirty, and have lost their brightness. These strings come in. They stay fresh much longer than your standard non-coated string, which means you save money over buying several packages of non-coated strings. If you want strings that will sound good for a long time, then you should get these. People who say that your tone is dark must have great hearing. I think most of the people on the radio could not tell the difference between these and a fresh set of strings. It's a no-brainer for me. I switched and never looked back.

👤I had to restring the old Les Paul and these seemed like a good option. These are excellent for the price. These are great, regardless of the price. This isn't as good as strings costing three times. The high E made me angry. It is slippery. The over-over-under rule is needed to get the string tail at the machine head to wind. It worked well once I remembered to do that. I noticed they were very different. You can tune them by hearing how they make the other strings vibrate. Pull one string and move the tuning knob until the other strings start vibrating. They are that good. You need to make sure your first E is on. It is easy to tune the others after that. This resonance ability allows for a much colder, smoother tone. That leads to metal distortion tones. The strings are medium to light in weight, which makes them bright on a different guitar. The Les Paul can get into some light. I have a guitar that has a wide range of tone with these strings. They seem to stay in tune for a long time.

👤I did not like Elixer strings and tried other strings. I thought I would give them another chance since I've been trying so many string brands recently. I don't like that they don't have as much zing as other strings. The string seems to have a coating on it. I like using a lubricant string with normal strings to cut down on string talk and save the strings from my acid fingers. Elixer strings don't need lubricant. The strings are naturally slick due to the coating, which means less talk string. The coating on Elixers isn't as bad as some other coated strings. The coating doesn't start peeling off on you and is very durable. Elixers find a balance of long life and good tone. You won't have to change them every week because they won't be as rich. I've decided to leave my main "practice guitar" strung up with Elixers, while the other ones will use a more "alive" string for recordings and performances. This is the best coated string on the market.

9. DAddario EXL110 3D Electric Strings Regular

DAddario EXL110 3D Electric Strings Regular

The D'Addario's bestselling electric guitar set is called the XL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings. Your extra string sets are kept fresh by the packaging and the distinctive bright tone of the XL's. For the ultimate performance, D'Addario nickel wound strings are wound with nickel-plated steel onto a hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. These are the best electric guitar strings for a wide range of guitars and musical styles. Many professionals across many genres choose the XL. Plain steel is included in the electric string set's gauges. 012,. 012,. The nickel wound is. . 036,. 048 D'Addario uses centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long- lasting guitar strings. Only D'Addario strings are sealed inside and out.

Brand: D'addario

👤It is extremely difficult to objectively review guitar strings. Any new set of strings will play better than the old ones. Changing strings, tuning them, and breaking them in can take a long time, so it's hard to get an exact comparison of the brands in real-time. You need two guitars with the same wood, setup, electronics, fret age, etc, and you need to fit them both with new strings of the exact same gauge and type but different brands, in order to really assess the differences between two brands objectively. Which is close to impossible. I own four electric guitars and the studio I work in has about a dozen more. Over the past 15 years as a musician, sound engineer, and stage hand, I have almost certainly played or recorded over 100 times. I can say a few things, but I can't say I did a scientific head-to-head double-blind test. I've tried a lot of different string, from the store brand to the mail-order brand. I prefer other brands over D'Addario for bass. The D'Addario nickel wounds are great. They have a high-quality sound for a new guitar string, straight down the middle of how a roundwound nickel string should sound. Longevity is a story that is often not understood. Here are the things that compromise metal guitar strings. There is metal fatigue. When bending and vibrating a piece of metal, it becomes brittle and can develop tiny cracks. It's because of tension, stretching, and deformation that coated strings that are never played become dull and dead sounding after a couple months of sitting on a guitar. If you just leave them sitting on your guitar, the strings will wear out faster. D'Addario strings are among the best in terms of staying supple, soft, and flexible in the mainstream guitar strings. 2. The surface oxidizes. This is where we can help. The corroding effect on metal strings is caused by exposure to air, sweat, and skin oils. The black, coppery-smelling stripes that you get on your fretting hand are the result of a chemical breakdown in the alloy your strings are made from. The marketing materials for coated- strings often exaggerate these effects, but they are not close to the first thing that kills a set of strings. People think that if they keep their strings shiny, they will sound and play like new, but it's not true. Not true. The problem of surface corrosion is a real one, but it is a minor one for most players who keep their guitars in conditioned spaces and who play with clean hands. Even coated strings need to be changed even if they have never been played or taken out of the case after a couple weeks of being installed at tension. 3. The final and most unavoidable symptom is physical deformation. Unless your frets are made of softer metal than your strings, playing your guitar inevitably creates "flat spots" on the strings, where they contact the frets. The bridge and nut are similar. These become physical deformities in the string's resonance characteristics, as well as increasing metal fatigue and compromising surface integrity at those points, affecting both of the above. If you want soft, supple nickel strings that won't chew up your frets, I think these are your best overall choice. If you have serious problems related to surface corrosion, due to bodilyPH imbalances or outdoor gig, you might benefit from coated strings. The strings are going to wear out from metal fatigue, and that will affect the sound and playability.

10. DAddario ECG23 Chromes Electric Strings

DAddario ECG23 Chromes Electric Strings

The world's most popular flatwound strings, D'Addario XL Chromes electric guitar strings, are loved WORLDWIDE. They have a perfect balance of smooth feel and warm, mellow, fat tone. Your strings are always fresh because of the resistant packaging. For the ultimate performance, D'Addario strings areribbon wound onto a complex series of interlocking under-windings and polished for an ultra-smooth feel with virtually no finger noise. The ideal strings for jazz and more are the XL Chromes, they deliver a round, full low end without losing punch. The electric string set includes Plain steel.020,.028,.038, and.048. D'Addario uses centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long- lasting guitar strings. Only D'Addario strings are sealed inside and out.

Brand: D'addario

👤I have been playing this guitar for 20 years. There were many sets of strings. I used to have light strings that gave me a "Fenderish" accent. My taste in sound mellowed as time went on. I wanted to get strings that were jazz-inspired. These strings were what I was looking for. They offer a wide range of tones and can achieve a very mellow sound that is most attractive to me. I don't want to have excessive bright tones. When my grandson comes over for a jam, my guitar is not bright enough. I can fit in without being harassed because I am an old man. I show him some of the more conservative licks. He asked what strings I was using. It sounds like he is mellowing. Score one for the old man. Score one for D'Addario.

👤These strings changed my mind about a lot of things. Until last year, I never played a flat wound string. I'm watching a local finger style blues player fly across the stage, and it occurs to me that he must be using flats. He says he is. I play the guitar. Can I play in flats? I bend every note. I am in the studio working on a song in open G that has a lot of busy work and I am scratching the strings every second. I purchase a set of chromes. Put them on. They feel a lot different. I play with them a few days. I get to know them. I can still change everything. There's no string noise anymore, I can still do everything I did. I had a lot of concerns about the transition but now all of my guitars have flats on them. I don't remember what I was worried about. The strings have lasted longer than any I have owned. I have been buying singles to account for the fact that the E and B are just normal strings. I have played the same set on my main guitar at least 30 times. I know this sounds crazy but it is the truth. These are the best strings I have ever played.

👤I was worried when I strung up my guitar. The strings have more tension. The tremolo/vibrato was lifted too far forward. I thought I made a mistake, but I was going to give it a try anyways. It plays like a dream after I set it up. I want to slide up and down the strings for fun. I believe that Hendrix's style makes a lot more sense when he uses flats. They might feel like they have an unnatural stickiness to them, but after a little playing that disappears. You would think that they would be harder to bend as they are a little heavier, but that is not the case. The left hand is more natural and they bend very easily. The TONES are gorgeous and have improved in play-ability. You'll notice the improvement in the quality before you plug in. It's easier to sound with Harmonics. If you've never tried them before, give it a try. You will not regret it. You will need to set your guitar up again. Follow the instructions and you will be fine. 1. The saddle height should be lowered at the bridge. The amount of lift on your bridge will be lessened. The strings are higher in the saddle. 2. If you are replacing strings that are heavier than the ones you are replacing, you will have more pressure on the neck, so you will need a 4.5mm wrench to tighten the rod. I'm not responsible for the damage to your rod. If you feel like you have to force it, proceed with caution. 3. Unless you're using a hard tail, you'll need to tighten the springs on your bridge's tremolo. When you get your normal 15 degree lift on the bridge, you should check the saddle height again and season to taste.

11. Martin Strings Acoustic Guitar 41Y18MA175

Martin Strings Acoustic Guitar 41Y18MA175

Excellent tuning stability and bright tones are provided by Martin Authentic acoustic strings. This professional-grade guitar string pack will show you your guitar's true voice. There are super IOR stakes. The strings are designed to thrive during practice and performance. The silk and steel folk strings have their highest quality core wire and wrap wire. There areTILE STRING SOUNDS. These guitar strings are designed to bring out a consistent and true tone from your guitar. These strings can be used in any genre. There are custom-light-gauge arcs. These are high-quality acoustic guitar strings that give your guitar a natural tone, and can be measured from a 0.011" high E string to a 0.052" low E string. They have a tension of 153.7. You get a set of strings designed for performance with Martin Authentic Acoustic. The choice for musicians around the world is still Martin guitars and accessories.

Brand: Martin

👤I've had these on the Breedlove Stage Concert acoustic for a while now. I mostly use D'Addarrio, but 13's and 12's are tough to play on. I use 9.5's on my electrics, so I wondered if there was an 11.5 gauge for acoustic... These were the only ones I have found so far. I couldn't find an answer before they arrived, but I wanted to share that they are steel strings, so the silk part is either at the ball end or inside the wound strings. I think the gentleman that posted the video doesn't know that his high E and G may have sounded too low in the clip. I think the warm tone is nice. I've tried a lot of brands andgauges, and this one is quite loose. I can do a full step bend on acoustic when tuning to standard pitch. I sanded about an inch off my saddle when I changed to these, so I'm not entirely sure how much of the change was doing that. It's not much though. These strings may be my new acoustic choice. If something goes wrong later, I'll update the review.

👤The strings are made by Martin. When you open the package and use one set, the other two sets are exposed to air, so you took off one star. It would be great to know that before buying.

👤I like dreadnought guitars because of their rich bottom end. I still want bright and ringing. It can be difficult to balance that out. I used to string the big boys with 2 sets of strings. Martin has extra light gauge and custom light gauge strings. I've tried different strings on several guitars. I use either the extra light or the custom light for my dreadnoughts. They're a very long lasting string if you keep them clean.

👤The silk and steel strings were bought to take the stress off of my guitar. They work perfectly on the old Martin and are a bit lighter gauge than regular bronze light gauge steel strings. It's great for strumming with a warm tone after the strings have settled in. I had to loosen the rod to make up for the lighter strings. Highly recommended for new or vintage instruments.

👤I wanted a set of strings to serve as bluegrass strings. I think they're an honest pack of strings. Staying in tune is one claim of theirs. I think they are excellent. The strings seem to have an amazing relation to one another, and they tune up very nicely. The octaves sound good together. I thought they were dull compared to other strings, but I preferred that they weren't loud or piercing. Sometimes other strings sound too bright, such that you want to break them in or get them dirty. These sound balanced out. At least it is not too much for them. It sounds like they ebb on the smooth side. I think they would be very good for bluegrass rhythm strings or the general strummer. Their mellow, even tone gives a sort of natural compression to the strings which makes each string very smooth. Everything is very clear and unified. The high strings aren't loud and this makes for a nice tone. Since guitar is a rhythm instrument in bluegrass, they would be very appropriate strings for the style they claim to cater to. Martin claims that the strings are great. They are easy to depress on the fret. They feel good. There was no weird coating. I don't think they're the best for single-note, blues style guitar, since they're intended as bluegrass strings. The acoustic blues player would probably benefit from D'Addarios. If you want to play single note styles outside of bluegrass flatpicking, they come up a little short because they don't have enough focus and volume. They bend quite well. The tone is a tad weak for single note blues. They shine when they play a song. Not all is lost on single note stuff. The strings are well suited for flatpicking and bouncing around the fret board, and the bluegrass guitar has incorporated lead breaks for over 50 years. They have a flexibility that makes it easy to fret. The strings sound good in the bluegrass style. The tone for fingerstyle grew on me. I thought it was weak at first. I like bright volume for my finger picking. These were not the same in that regard. It seemed like it was even again. The lows weren't out of place or separate from the rest of the strings, and no higher strings popped too loud. We will see how long they last. These are the first things that come to mind.


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