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1. Adjustable Sweetnight Bluetooth Customise Upholstered

Adjustable Sweetnight Bluetooth Customise Upholstered

The bed frame has a wireless remote for easy control. The steel frame supports up to 705 lbs. The premium motor is reliable, quiet, and responsive. The base has twoUSB ports on each side, which makes it easy to charge your devices. The mattress bars keep the mattress in place and the side pocket has storage for the remote control. The light with motion sensors is designed to be placed under the full size bed frame, so it is easy to navigate in the dark. Rise bright, sleep tight. Sweetnight electric beds support a healthy lifestyle. You can improve your sleep quality by adjusting elevation positions for pressure relief, snoring and a zero gravity experience. Plug it in and you're good to go, no tool required for assembly, just screw on the legs. The warranty time for other parts is different than for the bed base.

Brand: Sweetnight

👤It works and is easy to put together, so I give it 2.5 stars. I will never buy anything from Sweetnight again because of how they treat their customers. I bought this base for the under bed motion lighting and app control. The app doesn't find the base to connect my phone to. Sweetnight only contacted me via email for support. They tried to blame it on my phone, but I didn't have one, so they sent me a new controller box, which still didn't work, and they still blamed it. They dragged it out so long they made me miss my window to return it for a base that does as advertised, but the lady I spoke with on the phone told me it wouldn't be a problem. I was told to use the remote. I had to tell them that I was unhappy with the product and that they could offer me a partial refund. The lady didn't know the base could be controlled. I know why it doesn't work. I'm stuck with it because they won't take it back even though they are the ones who caused the process to take so long. It will work with the regular wireless remote, but not with the app. I would have given this more stars if that wasn't my reason for buying it. Products should always do what you advertise them to do.

👤The bed frame is very user-friendly. The lower body can be adjusted so that the person who uses it can always find an angle that suits them, avoiding an embarrassing situation of not getting up and down. It is suitable for elderly people. I can give a set to the elderly in the future, which is a great gift. There are two motion sensors at the bottom of the bed that are very sensitive and have a large range. The light will turn on when the hand is late. No need to turn on the lights in the bathroom at night. The plug-in board is right next to the twousb ports under the bed, which makes it very convenient to charge mobile phones and other devices without connecting to it. I am very happy to be able to purchase a comprehensive bed frame at this price.

👤I use it with the standard purple mattress, which is already very comfortable, and is perfect for the contortions this bed puts the mattress through. The fabric on the sides is very high end and stylish. The positions and choices are numerous, and the motors are quiet as opposed to some I've heard. It's easy to read in bed with your feet up. When going to the bathroom, the LEDs are very useful. I think this bed is a good bargain and I wish I would have bought it sooner. Good manual and instructions. I am very happy with the product and seller. Highly recommended!

👤I already own one for myself and it is very sturdy and good quality. My son is very big. Tall and heavy. I needed something that accommodated his build. You can charge your phone on the controller. The box weighs over 100 lbs and is difficult to get into your bedroom. It's a very heavy product but we did it. It takes 5 minutes to assemble and also easy to assemble. The pros are 1. It is easy to assemble 2. Lifting up and down makes less noise. Just keep in mind not to go over 700 lbs combined weight, can easily lift up to 14Inch matter. 4. The PIR sensor for the light is really cool. Cons 1. I wish they could stay in the anti-snoring mode for longer. The default timer might be around a few minutes, and then it goes back to being flat. 2. They should have app control in case you lose the remote. 3. It would have been easier to move around if they had wheels. P. S. I have added more videos and images.

2. IDealBed Adjustable Nightlight Zero Gravity Anti Snore

IDealBed Adjustable Nightlight Zero Gravity Anti Snore

The ability to adjust the head and foot up to 75 and 48 gives you the ability to adjust to virtually any position or angle. There are 3 pre-set positions, Zero-Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat Button, as well as 19 buttons. The OKIN Power Motor with 850 Lbs Capacity Per Unit is made to fit inside the Existing Bed Frame. A 10 to 30-minute timer option is available for the full body massage. A 10 to 30-minute timer option is available for the full body massage.

Brand: Idealbed

👤Wow, the first base. Where have you been? I bought this as the top new mattress from consumer report was a fraction of the price of my grand. I began researching the different types of beds after the new Sleep on Latex was $5 grand less. Legget and Platt were the "Cadillac" of the beds. I jumped on the iDealBed because I have a terrible back and a large savings on a mattress that is not ranked by consumers. The setup guide, owners manual, and warrantee are all from Leggett and Platt. This bed is at a huge discount. The setup booklet is the same as the pictures of the more expensive bed. L&P has a help telephone line. There is a What is different? The iDealBed is not on the remote. That's it, wireless! The bed is strong. The massaging choices are very relaxing. The massage can last up to 30 minutes. The button works with one touch. Back lighting of all buttons is nice. All around the bed, under bed lighting illuminates for animal safety. There are preset positions and a couple of memory choices. The button to lock the bed is nice. It was easy to setup. 2 minutes after screw on legs, unpack and press cotton pins back on. Plug in surge protectors when you flip the bed over. Surge protection is not included. Purchase a piece of fabric to know where your remote is. The mattress should be on the bed. You have a 10 year motorized warranty. I slept on the decision to buy and the price of IDealBed went up. The price increased by almost $100 when I wrote the review. There is a tax on a possible medical device. Will call the doctor to discuss the tax return. Is the bed price going up? I hope not. I love this bed base. It was perfect in my bed. Just Heaven! I felt as though I dropped half way to the floor when I saw the Sleep On Latex. The people at Sleep On Latex were wonderful. It made the difference. I was able to sleep with my bedding intact because the pressure point on my hip was gone. My massage unit operates in 3 different areas, although the rolling massage flows up and down the whole body. I only use the 2 lower power settings if I want a shiatsu experience. Maybe the perfect mattress for a motorized bed is latex? Fantastic find for many months. August 1, 2020 is an update. I have a worsening spine, and so much of my day is spent on my bed. I am very happy with my bed. Consumer Reports ranked my mattress in a 3 way tie for first place of all mattresses, and I was thrilled. The other two are also latex. The 10 year period of superior bedding should be exceeded by latex products. I'm testing the limits. Continue to be positive. If I didn't give an update to my bed, I would be very foolish. My original purchase was a month after the I deal 4 launch. I am qualified to give an opinion because I am spending twice as much time as the average person. Someone who's job requires them to visit the nation weekly. I weigh 190 lbs. and my body is 6' 4, or 3&3/4" I had to put down one of my cats at the age of 22. I can't awaken unless they stand on me, because there is very little motion transfer. Cats and other nocturnal animals are up to all sorts of shenanigans in the dark. When I return home from a doctor's appointment or lengthy shopping trip, the massage unit is always used, and the motorized features are used frequently. Over time, the use of the iDeal4 mechanical power bed frame has increased. This product purchase has been a great experience for me. I am very happy with my purchase. There were no comments to read and research was nil. I have made enough mistakes to know that I need to dive deep into credible sources before I buy a product that I know little to nothing about. I have never considered a frame like this. When I purchased my grand bed, I was not aware of the cost. I was surprised to learn that my mother's widowed friend was married to the man who was the principal inventor of the material that became Tempur-pedic. I purchased my bed for over a decade. Consumers didn't have enough to fully evaluate the bed in its first year. When I bought my latex mattress, it was no longer a good investment. I don't know if the company changed hands. All Consumers concluded that the beds were not the greatest deals in the day. My geastimation that iDeal was L&P was correct. My iDeal4 is amazing. It has never disappointed me in any way. I can see that improvements have been made. The prices have not been inflated because of the ideas that I conceived. I am so happy that I took a chance on an unknown product, and with my endless usage, I am as happy as the day it first entered my life. How many great creations can you say the same thing? The battery backup is something I like. My bed immediately becomes a flat surface, which could be dangerous for an animal. The remote is no longer white, which is important to those of us who are enjoying those golden years. Right! The snore button is new. There are options in elevation. I am surprised at the different options available with the trial balloon. The company realized that a less expensive value version was more than just a trial balloon. A new luxury item was brought to the people at the right time and place, that they could not imagine living without. Many will graduate up to the top tier, and more will purchase a new necessity. I like the iDeal4 bed. I can't imagine resting without one. I have lived in my bedroom for many years. I can't imagine life without this. There are many happy dreams. I am very happy with my bed, it has been perfect. I'm happy to return and keep you updated on my journey. I will help anyone with questions. Without compensation, I will answer questions and give advice. I have time to help. If you are reading my thoughts, you will be on your way to a better nights sleep or afternoon snooze. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I wish you the best. I completed a new update in June of 2021. I will be brief. I am disabled and spend more time in this bed than the average person. I spent $600+ tax on this wonderful L&P bed, which is close to the nearly $2 grand bed the company was running as a new option. The maker is not listed, but the 4i is not where to find it. The bed is 1/3rd the cost. It is as good as it was the first day. I have not changed the battery. The feel for a 6'4 man is the same as it was on day 1. Covid may have something to do with L&P raising the price close to $150. I have not followed the price, but I spend more time in bed than the average person. I will return to therapy and the gym as covid's grip decreases. I wanted to let people know that this new idea by one of the best makers in the world has been a great investment. I have never had a problem with this frame, and I saved a lot of money. The massage unit has been perfect, I think it will be the first to go. I was lucky to walk into a new concept by a high-end company that kept it's new option a secret. The high dollar has about every toy here. Maybe all. I believe in this product. I am fortunate that I have a mess of a spine. Leggit and Platt is a great company, but no one paid me to keep you up to date on this dream machine. Rest in peace.

3. Sven Son Essential Adjustable Articulation

Sven Son Essential Adjustable Articulation

Twin XL adjusted bed base with head 0-65 foot articulation 0-45 and two independent heavy-duty motors. The 10 year warranty on the base is easy. Two pre-set memory buttons, one touch flat button, and head and foot articulation are included. The gravity is zero. It's designed to work with all mattress types, and is ideal for use with latex and air mattresses. Easy Self Assembly is a feature of the storage bed locker. At Sleep Geekz, they offer the best customer service. At Sleep Geekz, they offer the best customer service.

Brand: Sven & Son

👤I love this bed. We have been using it for almost two weeks and I have no complaints. It works well, and it was delivered much quicker than I anticipated. I got a call from the sellers the next day after I placed the order late at night. The woman I spoke with was very nice and explained the process of delivery. They said they would call me the day before the bed was delivered and give me an hours notice the next day. I got a call from the delivery company asking if the next day was good. The truck driver got the crate with the bed right next to my porch after I got a warning an hour before delivery. I was amazed. I was able to get the boxes in with the help of a boy. I'm a 35 year old female who isn't very strong. I got the beds out of the boxes and set them up. It's probably best to have two people lift it onto the legs since the middle bends. The bed works. The remotes are very easy to use. For an inexpensive version that I completely recommend. Being able to sit and watch TV is amazing. My husband loves it too. Good mattresses are recommended by me. I found twins. The 13inch thick hybrid mattresses are awesome. We have an awesome set up for $1300 and we hope to have it last year. If I had to pick one issue, it would be that the mattresses tend to move around a bit, and the twin xl we bought doesn't quite make it to the end of the bed, so I'd pay attention to the length of the mattresses you buy vs the length of Thanks for reading my review, I am a happy customer.

👤I waited two weeks to write my review. If you've been looking for a bed that has an adjustment, you will not be disappointed. I bought a split king with 14in mattress for my husband and I love it. Delivery arrives at your door and you take boxes into your home. It's easy to assemble. You might need help carrying boxes to your room. Adding legs to the open base and adding a mattress to the bed is all you have to do. Turn on the fan to let the mattress expand to 14in. I was not sure what to expect when I bought this huge purchase. I don't regret reading all of the previous reviews, it helped me take a chance. My husband and I are sleeping on the clouds. My sleep is important to me because I have a toddler at home. I am a happy camper. No other store can match the price of these beds. Highly recommended! Happy holidays!

👤We found the bed and frame online. We were a little worried about purchasing sight unseen, but our worries were put to rest. I will recommend this product to everyone.

👤The only thing needed to set it up is a pair of scissors, I am disabled with arthritis and the zero gravity position lets me relax, so I have slept on it for a few weeks now.

4. Yaasa Adjustable Adjustment Anti Snore Programmable

Yaasa Adjustable Adjustment Anti Snore Programmable

The most productive place on the planet is the bed. At the touch of a button, their beds improve your sleep and resting positions. Raise your legs to promote circulation and ease back pain, or elevate your upper body to read, work or watch TV. Their bed frame is designed to support you to stretch, to comfort you, and to relieve all those pains in the morning. Their bed base has an infinite number of positions to fit your needs, whether you're suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain, swollen extremities, or acid reflux. By raising your head slightly with the Yaasa ONE, you can reduce snoring. The elevated adjustment can help reduce the pressure on your throat muscles. The remote for their bed frame is easy to use. Their remote has preset anti-snore and zero-gravity settings. The bed frame can remember any settings you choose, and how you lay is completely different. A child lock, a one-touch lay-flat button, and clear up and down buttons are included in the buttons. They chose a minimal, modern design to fit a variety of room designs and styles. The frame is the same size as the mattress and will fit in your room. They extend a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty because they are so confident in the quality of their product. They will take back your base if it isn't working out for you. They chose a minimal, modern design to fit a variety of room designs and styles. The frame is the same size as the mattress and will fit in your room. They extend a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty because they are so confident in the quality of their product. They will take back your base if it isn't working out for you.

Brand: Yaasa

👤I love this bed. It looks modern and strong. It hopes more than most. It worked in my bed frame. The company called and email me after I had questions. I found the directions on one of the frame boards and put it together myself. I also found them online. My husband was able to carry it to the room we sat it in. Controls are easy to use. I am singing, "happy, happy, happy!"

👤I bought a queen size bed. The package was easy to bring up my stairs, and you don't need any tools to put this together. It took 15 minutes to set it up. The lounge position is really comfortable, and I like having an adjusted base. This works well with my mattress. The bed is very sturdy and has a nice remote that will only light up when you touch it.

👤I have two boys who are home from school all the time. They're spending a lot of time in their bedroom. I was looking for a bed that would allow my 12 year old to play his console from bed, so I decided to look for a bed that could be adjusted to fit him. I got more than I anticipated. My 8-year-old wants a bed of his own, because he loves this one. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. The bed is adjusted with preset on the remote control. It was just brilliant. I need to get one for myself. Yaasa has a king size bed.

👤After just two weeks, I became wobbly. Still trying to get it back. They gave the wrong return. Not happy at all. Time and money are wasted. Go to a mattress store if you spend a little more. This place is not real.

👤I bought a Yassa bed in March of 2020. I have a messaging option. I thought it might be delayed. It arrived in two days. I was very happy. I put the bed together on my own. Instructions were well written and clear. The bed is also included. It was early! I didn't know I would spend so much time on TV or have a back surgery. My mom tried mine and pre knee replacement surgery, and she loves hers. Laura.

5. TEMPUR Ergo Premier Grey Adjustable Base Full

TEMPUR Ergo Premier Grey Adjustable Base Full

Raise your head up to 70 and feet up to 37 for perfect support while sleeping or relaxing. There are 4 individual massage programs. Store up to four preset memory positions. You can control your base with either a remote or a phone. The legs come with a base. Your new mattress might feel more firm than you thought. Give the mattress time to break-in. At first, you may smell a new product. This is normal and will go away in a couple weeks.

Brand: Tempur-pedic

👤Don't buy. There is a non-functional internet. If you threaten to return under the terms of the contract, Tempur-pedic will not honor the warranty. The technician will be scheduled to come out and fix the unit. TP customer service does not know that the serial number is in manual or that the base comes with a WiFi module, but they are quick to point out that it is not returnable even if not provided with the unit. They don't know that the warranty includes a technician visit for the replacement. The agent that I spoke to today gave me an "authorization" to send out a technician as a "one time courtesy" to fix my WiFi module. The unit was delivered 3 days ago.

👤It does what it says. It works well. The "massage" feature is not worth much to me. Maybe some people will like it. The one thing that is positive is that it is heavy. I mean, really heavy! It's going to be a challenge if I ever need to move. The quality of the materials used and the build quality are what matters the most. I haven't tried any of the cheaper options. I can only say that it is a quality product.

👤Been using for a while. The frame is very heavy and adds to the strength. The vibrations are nice. The bed frame is very strong. Quality seems to be good. This is a good investment if you suffer from gout.

👤The bed is very nice. The delivery was terrible, it took three tries to get a damage free bed, the first two beds were scratched. It was a process that Amazon made it right in the end.

👤This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I had a nice tempurpedic mattress, but I will never sleep on it again. Better sleep and less back pain when arising.

👤This is a great product. I've only had it for a few weeks, but I love it. It doesn't fit with the existing bed frame. A gap is created when it is raised. Otherwise, it's great!

👤It was as described. Great product.

6. LEGGET PLATT Performance S Cape King

LEGGET PLATT Performance S Cape King

700 pound head and foot. The wall hugger has two position buttons. There is an emergency power-down feature. The motor flat button is ultra- quiet. The king is made in the USA with a 25 year warranty. H is 13 The king is made in the USA with a 25 year warranty. H is 13

Brand: Legget And Platt

👤Simple instructions, good packaging. There were no brackets to hold the beds in the box. I'll have to buy them. Some people said they have the beds, but mine didn't have anything in the box. It's nice to have a remote. Stand on the nightstand. The massage feature and the nice lighting under the beds are nice. It's great for finding stuff we store under there, or just to light up the area where we are about to put our feet in to make sure there's not a golden retriever laying there already. The massage feature can be noisy, but it's not annoying. You can fall asleep with it and not have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off. I've learned that fitted sheets won't stay in place all the time and will need to be adjusted regardless of how deep the pockets are. The center of the sheet is in the middle. I need to buy some elastic fitted sheet grippers to keep it in place. If you've never owned one before, this is information to pass along. I am very happy with the purchase, especially since I paid double the price in a brick and mortar store.

👤10 months ago, we purchased this bed. Have enjoyed it. We use the raised features on a daily basis. I and my son-in-law put the units in the garage and took them to the bedroom. Each assembly took about an hour to assemble. The company sent us a set of attachment which hold both units together. There is a suggestion to those who have a bed frame. After the units are in place, disassemble the frame and reassemble it around the units. The units don't have to be lifted over the bed frame parts. This part of the assembly is easy to do. There is a The raise/lower mechanism is silent. I can't hear it. The low purring sound that puts me to sleep is the vibration mechanism. If I go to sleep, the mechanism cuts off after 20 minutes. Great!

👤It's easy to get together. The piece held the two sides together. The adjustment factor is easy to use and comfortable. Everything worked as it was supposed to. The center piece slides apart when put in the brake position, and the rolling casters don't hold well when put in the brake position. The anti-skid cups we got at Home Depot held the beds in place without us having to remove the caster wheels. - It is difficult to put sheets on the bed until we found a way to put the bed in the head up position and use the bottom twin sheets on one side at a time. The sheets will look messy until you put the bed in a flat position and stretch the sheet so it is tight. There is a large space between the head of the bed and the wall that I have to stuff a pillow in to keep my pillow from going over the end of the bed. We can't see how that will fit with the bed we're buying because it won't work with a regular headboard and we're not sure what to make of the pieces that are sold to get the bed to fit with the headboard. We love this bed frame and are very happy to have it. We ordered it online through Amazon. We are using it with mattresses. When the head of the bed is upright, the top of the bed goes back down.

7. Reverie Adjustable Power Foundation King

Reverie Adjustable Power Foundation King

Curbside Shipping to 48 States Ships common carrier freight for 3-4 weeks. Maxiumum lifting weight is 850 lbs and has heavy duty 3-in-1 legs. A wireless backlit remote with zero gravity, massage, head tilt, anti-snore and two memory positions are included. The under bed lighting has retainer bars that keep the mattress in perfect position. King 76”x80” weighs in at over 300 lbs. Stays close to the wall. King 76”x80” weighs in at over 300 lbs. Stays close to the wall.

Brand: Reverie

👤I just completed the install and have some notes to share. No problem for the bed itself. We have a king mattress and dual foundations. Anti-snore and TV watching comfort are the reasons we bought this. We ordered it on 12/2 and it was delivered on 12/22. The delivery experience was not good. Delivery service only brings it in the door, we were on our own to install it. - The instructions are hard to understand and not well illustrated, which makes us wish we had that option. - Here are a few tips if you have to install. -- It took us three hours to finish. Two strong individuals are needed to carry and install. The shipping boxes should be thrown away. Don't try to move the cartons. -- There is a lot of heavy duty cardboard in the shipping boxes. -- There are three boxes inside the frame. The frames can be carried by themselves if the boxes are removed. The legs, steel frame pieces and bolts are in one of the boxes. -- Plug in the wireless remotes first. -- The user manual is confusing, so follow the instructions in the folded card. Before you turn it over, install the supplied 9v batteries. After positioning them, I found that our bed frame fits around the two foundations with room to spare. We had to remove the foundation framing because it was not clear in the instructions. I had to remove the sides of the bed frame to make it fit after the bed was put together, you don't want to do that after the bed is put together as I did! Only one remote was functional when we syncd the two foundations. The foot raise/lower glitched the app. The app causes more problems and we will be using the remote. There is a warning in the instructions not to run the motor for more than 2 minutes. The implication is that the motor can be burned out. Loud and disruptive is what vibrate mode is for. We would not have bought it and likely wouldn't use it. You can hear and feel the rumble of the room that I am in. The vibrate mode is very loud when you are in the bed. The under-bed lighting is nice. We are using our existing mattress, which I checked ahead and as best I could determine was compatible. The middle of the mattress raises when no one is in the bed. The mattress rails are only available on the footer of the bed, not the main body. This is not true. The fabric of the folding top layer is completely wrapped around the sides. There is not a border like the picture. - We have not tested the remotes yet because they are not charge-able. They are charged from a single cable. There is a 9v battery backup in the control compartment. The left frame will require you to slide underneath the bed frame while the right frame will allow you to look at the bed from the footer compartment. This may be difficult if you have carpeting. I will keep you updated as we get more experience with the product.

8. Reverie 5D Adjustable Wireless Massage

Reverie 5D Adjustable Wireless Massage

King 76”x80” weighs in at over 300 lbs. Stays close to the wall. Made in the USA or imported. Adjusting in virtually any position requires full head and foot articulation. There are 3 pre-set positions and 2 memory buttons on the back lit remote. The massage has a wave and 10 intensity. The whisper quiet motor has 850 lbs lift capacity. The buttons are Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat position.

Brand: Reverie

👤The bed we chose was made by a higher quality company and was cheaper than alternatives on Amazon. We made a mistake. The shipping company here, PSO, was AWFUL. We waited all day for them to get there, because we had a specific window of time. I missed a call the day before, so I called them back and they said that the time slot wasn't available and that they didn't deliver to my area. They only dropped off one of the split king pieces. They argued with us and said that both were in that one box. Nope! She told me that it was the previous shipping company's fault. I asked if it was one piece from a 2-carton shipment and you signed off on it. She told me that the second piece would be on its way and that she wasn't happy about that. We were not contacted by any other shipping companies. We took it out to see what we thought of it after we waited a week before Amazon could pick it up. We were very worried about our cats getting stuck on the mechanisms because they are exposed to the point. - It is not a wall hugging model. As the head is raised, wall hugging models scoot back towards the head so that you can more easily access your nightstand, etc. This didn't move in that direction. The photos on the manual did not match the actual bed. Some of the reviews said that people received a different model than the 5D they purchased. The manual didn't have a model number. - It's missing some features that cheaper companies have. - It was too low to the ground and shorter than the replacement we ordered. The return process and experience of Amazon was great, but the quality of the product and the shipping company left this still a sour experience. I can't find the photos on my husband's phone. We recommend the replacement we ordered instead.

👤I don't write a negative review if the product is bad. This is about false advertising on the part of Amazon. I ordered the Reverie 5D Split King bed base. The room of choice delivery was very good and highly recommended. The 5D that I received is not the one described by Amazon or the one on the Reverie website. There is no model information for the product. The wall hugging capability is missing from this product. The product has a massage. This is a strange ball configuration. Unfortunately, we would have to disassemble the entire bed and have nothing to sleep on because of the situation that Amazon was unable to resolve. Amazon dropped the price by almost $200 the day the unit was delivered. Be careful with this one.

👤The bed frame is 30% less expensive than other retailers on Amazon. The reviewer mentioned model discrepancies on what he received. The Reverie 4M was sent by Amazon, not the 5D. The same features, accessories, and warranty are available for all of them. We took the discount because the final cost is more important than the gambling for 5D replacement. Not to mention the turn around time. The price is still a steal despite the model discrepancy. We were excited about wall hugging, but it wasn't worth as much if we went with a different seller. We spoke to Reverie support before and after the purchase and they were great. The call center in Michigan is friendly and helpful.

9. Reverie Adjustable Wireless Massage Snuggler

Reverie Adjustable Wireless Massage Snuggler

Zero clearance design, head and foot articulation, whisper quiet lift system, wallsnuggler design. 850 lbs. The retainer bar is designed to keep the mattress in place. There is a wireless back-lit remote. 3 in 1 leg height kit is used for a better massage with ten intensity levels. Back up battery power-down features. Back up battery power-down features.

Brand: Reverie

👤I love it! Will never have a slab bed again. Years ago, the local mattress store told us that this Reverie was matched with their high end beds. The remote is easy to use. New Englanders want the best value. One teen helped us around the corner landing on stairs. It's easy to assemble, just make sure to put the batteries in the bed first and then flip them in the air. We moved carefully into the bed frame. Before making the whole bed, you have to check the settings with the remote. Amazingly quiet. I'm not sure if anti-snore works. 5 years after purchase, reaping the benefits of this bed. It's nice to sleep on tilt and not have neck pains. As we age, it's been a fantastic purchase. We use gravity for tired legs. Also like the low profile bed. The sheets fit better. We have a locally-made bed mattress. Don't walk for this bed. I am looking forward to the newer model after this one.

👤This isn't a "wall hugger". The seller told me to contact the manufacturer and that it was out of their hands. They said I was sent the correct model, so I wanted to know if I was sent a different model. I was told to contact the manufacturer to find out why they advertised it as a wall hugger when it wasn't. Everyone in my family thinks the leg lift is perfect, but it doesn't come forward enough. The motor is not whisper quiet. The wave is very nice, you can create a number wave combinations, but it's a tad bit noisy. If I knew that this model was not a wall hugger, I wouldn't have bought it. The unit is heavy and requires two people to assemble. I'm giving this item 2 stars. I took the star off because it is not a wall hugger. I took a star off for poor customer service. I took one star off for it not being whisper quiet and for the sound of the wave.

👤It's been about six months. I had a pinched nerve in my back. Physical therapy helped. My back would ache at night if I set my bed to the zero gravity position. My back was able to recover from it. It helps relieve edema by elevating my legs while I watch TV or read, and it has no more sleep apnea. The bed is still very much in love with it. I love this bed! It is very sturdy and well made. The massage feature is similar to the "magic fingers" beds of the past. It's nice if you need to sleep like a baby. Shuts off after 20 minutes. The motor is quiet. You can make it as comfortable as you want. I bought a 10-inch memory foam mattress on Amazon for under $300 three years ago. It works well with this base. It comes in a big box. There was a hole in the box and there were only two straps and some tape to hold it together. I was concerned because there was no packing material to absorb bumps. I realized that the bed didn't need packing material once we laid it down. The bed is heavy. Two strong people are needed for this project. The assembly is happening The manual doesn't tell you that you need to put 9-volt batteries in the motor box. You have to crawl around on the floor to reach the box after you flip the base over. Assembly is easy. Attach the legs, cut away a few strips of zip tie that hold the power cord, and then the bed is ready to flip right side up. This is where it gets difficult. You need two people to flip the base. The metal bolts could be snapped if you tried to lean it over on its side. It was a challenge for me and my daughter. You just need to attach the corner brackets to hold the mattress in place. I think they don't tell you that the bed also comes with the attachment kit, which was a nice surprise. I slept for 3 nights. I bought it because of my sleep problems. I would slide off the wedge type pillows during the night. With this bed, I am able to lift my head up so that I can sleep without interruption, and I wake up feeling like I have a good night's rest. No more headaches. I like being able to elevate my legs while I watch TV or read. I used an income tax return to purchase a bed. It's the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.

10. Signature Design Ashley M9X732 Model Good

Signature Design Ashley M9X732 Model Good

You're only one touch of a button away from elevated sleep with this power base. You deserve it, because you can breathe and rest better. It is healthy to sleep. Raising your upper body on the all steel frame can help those who snore or have acid reflux, and raising your legs can increase blood circulation. You'll love how easy it is to elevate your sleep with the foldable design. The power ports are handy. The queen size is 59" W x 79" D x 15" H. It is compatible with all memory foam, wrapped coil and hybrid mattresses. A simple set up includes a box with a wireless remote control and instructions. There is a 3 year non prorated warranty.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤I should have bought this a long time ago.

11. AmazonBasics Adjustable Bed Base Massage

AmazonBasics Adjustable Bed Base Massage

The Twin XL bed base can be adjusted to change comfort positions. Adjustment of head and foot elevation with included remote control. It's ideal for sleeping, watching tv or reading. Designed for use with air mattresses. Hardware included; easy assembly. Hardware included; easy assembly.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The bed is easy to put together, but the remote control is missing. When I called Amazon, she said to send me a new bed and a box of groceries, but I had to open the box to get the package. I will call back. I will see if I can get a different response tomorrow. My second bed arrived quickly. The old bed was sent back because the remote didn't work. Amazon took care of everything.

👤The bed won't slide down if the company doesn't send the bar at the end.

👤The power cord was lost about 5 months after purchase. Amazon doesn't know how to buy a new one. Was on hold most of the day. Good luck if you need to replace something.

👤The beds are great and the remote works fine after going through the laundry. Amazon does not offer additional remote controls. The remote worked after it was dried out, so I should add half a star. We only had our beds for a month, but so far we recommend them.

👤The heavy product was delivered and pre-installed with 6 legs that screw into place. The remote worked after it was sync'd.

👤When we received the bed frame, my daughter was very excited, until she realized that the motor electronics were broken and not attached properly. I couldn't fix it. We would love to redo the review if the motor was not broken. It seemed like a nice bed frame without a motor. My daughter said that she could have paid half and gotten a normal bed.

👤I am very pleased with the quality of the bed frame. The welds look good and the frame does not feel flimsy. The actuators are quiet. I had to disassemble the frame to get it to the second floor.

👤This thing has changed my life. Absolutely amazing and quick to assemble. It took me less than five minutes to set it up. Do not think twice about buying this bed. You will love it!


What is the best product for electric adjustable beds twin?

Electric adjustable beds twin products from Sweetnight. In this article about electric adjustable beds twin you can see why people choose the product. Idealbed and Sven & Son are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric adjustable beds twin.

What are the best brands for electric adjustable beds twin?

Sweetnight, Idealbed and Sven & Son are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric adjustable beds twin. Find the detail in this article. Yaasa, Tempur-pedic and Legget And Platt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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