Best Electric Air Blower for Yard

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1. Leaf Blower Cordless Battery Charger

Leaf Blower Cordless Battery Charger

Your investment is protected by a 4-year tool and 2-year battery warranty. The power of the leaf blower is up to 23000 r/min strong power, keep running at top speed for 15 minutes, with max air flow 100CFM to support various small jobs. It is designed for sweeping hard surfaces such as patio, driveway, deck, garage, sidewalk, and garage. Control andVersatility are provided by the 2-speed variable speed switch. The vacuum and blower are put into one. It is not recommended to vacuum leaves. The Trigger Lock-on reduces end user fatigue. The Azollin leaf blower with battery and charger can support you to work for up to 25 minutes at different speeds. The Tube Compact Design is lightweight and has a battery included, so it is comfortable with one-handed operation. It is possible to use in space restricted areas. The double- length design of the leaf blower helps to blow without bending down.

Brand: Azollin

👤I love the wooded location but giant oaks make a mess on the patio and steps every year. Some leaves are bunched up on the gutter. I wanted a blower that I could use for small jobs and not have to use my corded blower for larger jobs, since I was 51 years old and recovering from an accident. The blower is perfect for the job. It's easy to use and it's light. There won't be any hurting shoulders or eardrums. I didn't buy it for that reason, it's not strong enough to handle the amount of leaves I'll have in the fall. The blower is fun to use and great for cleaning. I'm happy.

👤I would probably give this 3.5 stars, but it is not an option, so 4 will do! The rubber tube has a strong smell similar to an auto parts store. After a few days, it dissipated. - The tube doesn't seem to fit very well and it fell off a few times. The battery doesn't make a clicking noise when you put it in the charger. It is difficult to determine if the person is seated correctly. The battery has 4 lights. A nice feature. I found it to be unpredictable. The charge level indicated 2/4 if I used the blower for 5 minutes. I let it sit overnight and use it again the next day. I don't know what to think of that. In a world where every vendor has their own batteries and chargers, this product offers another. It would be great to see compatibility with other brands. I don't like having another battery to keep track of. - The vacuum option works. It makes it difficult to work at an awkward angle where the tube is attached to the side. My main purpose in using this product was to blow some leaves off my patio and blow the sawdust out of my garage. It worked well for those purposes. You are not going to run a landscaping business with a blower. It will probably be fine for the price if you understand its restrictions.

👤I ordered this yesterday. Thank you seller and Amazon for the fast delivery. It was packaged well and had an instruction manual. A charge indicator light is on the battery. It was between 0-15% when it arrived. It was fully charged and ready to go. The light weight feel of this tool makes it easy to use. cords and heavy blower are no longer needed. I cleared the patio of leaves. The battery still indicated a full charge once I finished. Wow! It will be easy to tidy up the outside living area in the future. I used the vacuum function on some sawdust in the garage on Day 2. The battery is still at full bars and the clean up was easy.

👤This is a very strong blower and it has a 24volt battery. I keep it in my truck because I don't want to push it off with a brush tool when we get a dusting of snow. I haven't had to charge the battery in the cold. It has three sections for great storage. It is very easy to use. The battery has a meter that will tell you how much power is left. The review and photos were helpful to me.

2. Cordless Lightweight Variable Speed Handheld Electric

Cordless Lightweight Variable Speed Handheld Electric

LBXR20 20V is included with the LSW221 20V Max I Lithiumon sweeper. The Max battery has a Blow Tube. A battery operated leaf blower will make your cleaning tasks easier and faster, without the headaches of maintenance and area restrictions of corded blowers. It takes 60 minutes for a full charge. The power indicator shows the battery level at any time. If you don't want to have to rake up the leaves all the time, buy a strong blower. Keep running at top speed for 20 minutes with the help of the all- copper motors. Get your work done quickly. You can collect light yard debris, such as leaves and twigs, in the included bag, if you turn the tube around. They are useful all year for spring garage clean-up, gathering grass clippings in the summer, and clearing snow off the car and walkway in the winter. This small blower can be used in many different ways. The loud noise that comes from a gas-powered engine can make it hard to perform lawn care work. Your neighbours and ears will appreciate you. As you press harder, the wind speed will increase. You can switch between cleaning tasks at any time. Quick assembly. The handheld leaf blower is lightweight and can be used in 3 seconds. People of all heights can find a comfortable use of the upgraded extension tube. It's convenient to take anywhere, it's only 1.76 lbs. If you want to give a great gift, you can give a battery-powered leaf blower to your family or friends. KIMO is always with you!

Brand: K I M O.

👤This leaf blower is perfect for me. I was looking for a small, lightweight blow off device to blow off my small patio and yard. When I opened the package, I was surprised to see how small the blower was. I was pleasantly surprised and I love using this! It is lightweight and does a great job. I've used this to blow off my parents drive. The power it puts out is amazing, given its small size and design. I plan on using that option for my car very soon, but I have not had the chance to use it as a vacuum. The tube falls off frequently during blowing tasks. I will try to find a solution. The customer service from KIMO is an added bonus. I had to pay an extra shipping charge to get it by a certain date because it was not eligible for standard prime 2 day shipping. The date came and went without a package being delivered. Two days past the expected arrival date, I sent an email to the seller asking for a shipping update and explaining the situation of paying an extra shipping charge. They apologized, updated their tracking and gave a refund of the extra shipping charge. Excellent customer service. Thank you KIMO! I've been trying to submit an update for over a month. I've had the pleasure of using my little blower for many different projects and it's performed perfectly every time! After the company read my review and saw my issue with the nozzle falling off, they immediately messaged me with a solution. The issue was solved by sending a new part that went on without much fuss. I am very impressed with this company, their products, and their excellent customer service. It's rare to find a company that has both quality products and integrity. We have communicated on many occasions and each time they have exceeded my expectations with their prompt, kind, and respectful communication with me. Great product! The company is great. All around! There are a few pictures of my girl. She is perfect for my apartment, yard and patio.

👤I like this blower/vacuum. It is so light that your arm doesn't get tired. It does a great job of blowing off the grass on my driveway and blowing the dust out of my garage because of the power it has. You will be happy buying this blower.

👤I wanted a small leaf blower to clean my patio. This is a great size, lightweight and easy to hold. When I saw the box it was my leaf blower, I couldn't believe it. It was. Comes with a carry case. I was able to use it out of the box after taking it outside. Freshly mown grass was under one of my chairs after the rain. The KIMO blew it off the patio. I don't like the "vacuum" function. The bags are hard to connect and I ended up with a big clot of debris on the intake. That's okay. I didn't use it for that purpose.

3. CACOOP Cordless Variable Extendable Lightweight

CACOOP Cordless Variable Extendable Lightweight

The lightweight and ergonomics design allow for easy control and arm movement. You can easily take a leaf blower to multiple places for different cleaning tasks with 6 lbs super lightweight. They have also provided gloves. No need to plug in an outlet or take a cord, the CACOOP is a battery powered leaf blower that lets you and your family enjoy the process. Your yard won't have leaves or snow because of the high speed all copper motor that delivers powerful wind speeds up to 190 km/h. It takes one hour to fill up. The air outlet tube of the CACOOP patio leaf blower is connected by clips. It is a small mini blower and a long blower that can blow away leaves on the floor. When you only install one tube, it becomes a lightweight lawn blower that can blow away dust or pet hair. It is possible to save space by detaching into three parts. Simpler operation to enhance your work efficiency. The leaf blower's opening and high speed/low speed switch are integrated inside a switch, all you have to do is push it with your thumb. The low speed mode is ideal for dust or light leaves, and the high speed mode is ideal for wet leaves or snow. The wireless leaf blower weighs only 3.5lb, which is 30% less weight than other leaf blowers. It's ideal for one hand operation or you can give it to your child in company so that he can enjoy the fun of cleaning the yard. The design has been added to reduce the noise in the limited space so that the max noise is only 92 decibels. All power tools come with a 2-year warranty and are strict about the quality. If you need more power to complete big projects, it's a good choice to buy their other power tools, because their batteries are shared.

Brand: Cacoop

👤The battery charge lasts 15 minutes. Not powerful enough to get the leaves out of azalea. It works well for dirt on dry surfaces.

👤It is good for small projects. The motor is good for my small needs. It is very light. The battery life is not great but it charges quickly. I enjoy it for my needs. I don't have many needs for it. My patio. There are garden beds and sidewalks.

👤This is the blower that I need. Senior citizen who needed quick and easy way to keep patio area clean of leaves battery charging is equally easy. There is a minimal amount of storage space required.

👤I was trying to find a blower that I could hold up and use for a long time and I was having a hard time finding one. I bought it because a friend suggested it. I'm very happy with it, it's so light that my arm doesn't get tired. It does a good job. It's what I needed because I learned to replenish it.

👤I was looking for a battery operated leaf blower. This one is perfect. It is easy to operate, powerful and lightweight even with the battery in it. Remove the battery and plug it in. Next time you need it, it is ready to go!

👤This blower is lightweight. Being a 64 year old woman it's easy to use. It blows off my patio. The battery life and power are not meant for blowing leaves off the grass or doing huge jobs. It's perfect for medium sized jobs.

👤The high speed works well on smooth surfaces if there is not too much weight. This is not the right choice if you want to blow leaves off your yard.

👤There was no battery life. There was no blowing power. Poor performance.

4. Greenworks 24012 Single Electric Blower

Greenworks 24012 Single Electric Blower

Product 2 is a headpiece. A seal for a solid, consistent flow of air is formed by the cinch-tight drawstring. 160 MPH wind speeds help remove debris and dust from hard surfaces. The design is lightweight for better handling. When compared to gas blowers, there was virtually no noise. Convenient cord lock to prevent accidental unnplugging. The extension cord is not included. Refer to the owner's manual for proper extension cord selection.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The first one I bought worked for five minutes and then died, leaving a smell similar to burned carbon bushings. It was easy to return the item at no cost on Amazon. The piece was taken back by the man who stopped by with the shipping label. I just had to print out a packing slip and put it in the box and seal it with tape. A new one arrived three days later. Why did the original fail? Infant mortality and burn-in. They can't afford to run these for an hour to make sure they don't fail due to infant mortality in the EE world. The return policy is so painless that it is not a big deal. I liked the unit so I gave it a second try and didn't ask for a refund. It is light and powerful. It's quiet, too. It's perfect for blowing leaves off roofs and sidewalks. It won't blow leaves off your lawn like my neighbor's leaf blower does, which also blows away the topsoil at the same time. I don't know why people want to blow leaves off the grass when a lawnmower can just eat them. This is perfect for a homeowner who wants to clear leaves and pine needles from their walkways. It is cheap and powerful. If you are starting a yard service or using this for industrial purposes, this isn't for you. It is a consumer device. If you buy one, make sure to run it for at least half an hour. If it goes bad, don't try to fix it or whine about the cost of postage as you can return it for free to Amazon and they will send you another one within a week. This is my second greenworks product and I am happy with both. Who gives a darn if the product is green or not? The product is nice and I expect it to cost under $30. There is an update. The owner's manual makes it clear that a correct-sized power cord and not an excessively long power cord are acceptable. The power switch went bad after four years of use. When you plugged it in, I jumpered it so that it would continue to work. I was correct. Yesterday it was working well, and it has a lot of power for its size. It started to slow down. The contact brushes are where the sparks flew. I think it is toast. I am sad to see it go, but I guess for 25 bucks, this is all you can get. It is similar to the electric drills. You can buy an 18-volt drill at Tractor Supply for less than a dollar. It seems that they only last a couple of years. If you are a contractor, you should pay hundreds for the really nice ones. Maybe not so much as a homeowner. It is so much easier to not have to deal with cords when you have a corded leaf blower, and I am thinking of getting one this time around. My neighbor has a lawn mower and I have a vacuum. You can get a corded blower for less than a corded one.

5. Leaf Blower Cordless Electric Lightweight

Leaf Blower Cordless Electric Lightweight

The tool and battery were sold separately. You never run out of power if you share batteries across your 20V Power Share WORX tools. The copper motor and turbine tech are powerful. This leaf blower has a copper motor which has a longer lasting life and lower energy consumption than ordinary motors, and it also uses a technology called "Turbocharging" to increase the air intake of the machine, and you will get a greater wind experience. The body of the leaf blower is light and easy to use, and you can easily lift it with one hand. The grip is made of flexible rubber, which is non-slip and comfortable. This electric leaf blower is equipped with the fast charge technology and has a battery and a fast charge. The high-speed mode has an average no-load speed of 130mph, which is suitable for outdoor yard care, and the low-speed mode has an average no. Fast Assembly is all tailored for you. The best Thanksgiving gifts and Christmas gifts for friends and family can be found in the category of tools. First, the products are delivered with the batteries fully charged, please turn on the machine for 30 seconds before the first time charging, second, leave the battery fully charged while not using the tool to maximize your battery life and lifespan, and third, it will not affect your lifespan.

Brand: Snapfresh

👤When I first opened the blower, I didn't think it would work. I was amazed when I got it up and running, it's so much better than my plug-in blower. It's lightweight and has great power in two speeds, and I can get around my flowers without a cord. I will not be using a corded blower except to vacuum leaves that I've blown into a pile with my SnapFresh blower. This is ideal for an older woman. This was the best purchase I've made in a long time. The bright color of the battery makes it easy to find if I set the blower down. The battery will last a long time.

👤I spent a lot of money on my last blower. It is serviced every year and only to have it start when it wants to. I found an electric that had good specifications and I liked the weight the most. It was easy to see that this one was made well. A good piece of equipment, that felt great in my hand, and even easier to blow the leaves off the drive in record time without straining to keep the blower up and going. I. I love how this one weighs 1/3 of what my gas powered one did and blows just as well. The battery is a top grade battery that has a battery indicator on it where I know exactly how much juice is left in that battery. After a week of use, the indicator is on, and when red, it means red as well. The slide in type is high end and has its own indicators when charging and when charged. The battery lasts after being charged, and I'm glad the manufacturer spent the money on adding these features because it means everything to me. I would not be happy if I had to go across the back yard to blow the leaves off and then find out it was dead. I am very happy with the purchase and no problems with this one.

👤I've wanted a leaf blower for a long time. I am happy that this one is what I wanted. We are fighting with pine needles and pinecones all the time. The leaf blower blew all the leaves, pine needles, and anything else off of the carpet. It is light and works with a button. I like that it has two speeds. I used it to blow off the debris on the camper. We needed to winterize the camper. The blower has 2 pieces that are downward. Depending on what you are doing, you can remove the end part. It has a battery and a charging point. The battery clips into the end of the blower head when it's in the charger. The handle is in my hand. The battery lasted longer than I anticipated. I used it between high and low for about 30 minutes before it stopped working. This is one of my favorite purchases. If you're looking for a lightweight leaf blower, I'm sure you'll find it in mine.

6. Sun Joe SBJ597E All Purpose Electric

Sun Joe SBJ597E All Purpose Electric

A package with multiple nozzles and a 100% return policy. There are additional adapters for basketball, balls, short cone/long cone, and inflatable kayak. They will give you a money back/replacement warranty for a year. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, they will give you a 100% return&refund in one year. Text Sun Joe to ask questions. It'sTILE: Cleaning the patio, driveway, decks and garage. The 6-amp motor can create up to 155 mph air speed. 14 gauge extension cord is required. Load speed is 12,000/13,500rpm. Light weight is only 3.8 lbs.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤I was shopping for a broom to clean the back deck of my house. The cost of an outdoor broom is between 15 and 18 dollars. I have a cheap indoor broom, but it wasn't cutting on the back deck. Amazon suggested this leaf blower in my search results. I thought I couldn't afford a leaf blower. And then Amazon said it was $18. That is cheaper than my broom. Hell. Yes. I want a leaf blower. I am looking for a way to do manual labor and Amazon gives me a leaf blower for $18. No one has ever trusted me with a leaf blower before. I like what I am doing. It took me 5 minutes to clean the back deck with my new leaf blower after I ordered it. I took longer to write this review. Thanks to Amazon.

👤I own a condo with a patio, garden area and a garage. This was perfect for both as it is cheap and powerful. The leaves were cleared from the bushes and the dirt was removed from the patio. I decided to buy it because I wanted to put my plants in for the summer and not have to wait for the landscapers. It cleans the patio in two minutes. It cleared my garage floor in a matter of minutes. I told my wife she could use it for a hair dryer, but she didn't think it was funny.

👤I was skeptical of this blower due to its low price. The negative reviews turned me off but the positive reviews outnumbered them. I said to myself, "I just need to buy it for less than 20 bucks." I received it today and I am very impressed. I use it in my auto detailing business to blow out debris in the interior of my cars. I was going to test it out on my car. It has big wheels. I turned on the blower after washing the rim. The wheel was dried in less than 20 seconds. I was surprised. This little thing has a lot of power and it is almost nothing. I am sure there are more powerful blowers out there, but they come at a price. I can see this one competing with $100 machines, it is UNBEATABLE for the price. You will love this thing if you give it a try.

👤The value is amazing. It did what I needed it to do. mulch around trees The leaves were taken care of around the house. This works well to clean ride-on lawn mower. There were some leaves at the bottom of the pile that I had to take care of. You won't be disappointed if you work with a $16 leaf blower and you're not a landscaper. The leaf blower is easy to use.

👤This was $12.50 on an Amazon Warehouse deal. The world can make, ship, and then ship to a customer for this price, it's amazing. It feels like it is comparable to the Black and Decker unit being sold at a home improvement store. I don't use it for grass. It works well as a car and bike blow dryer. I'm not sure how it compares to other leaf blowers that are more expensive. It is cheap and feels well-made. It's a win-WIN-WIN, as Michael Scott would say, and it's a good value and fit/finish are what you'd expect when purchasing this type of product. I'd change a few things, 2 Stars: Barely works but can be made useful if you try, and 1 Star: Useless, does not perform it's intended function, and is generally a waste of money.

7. WORX WG505 Blower Mulcher Vacuum

WORX WG505 Blower Mulcher Vacuum

It's ideal for clearing driveway, sidewalks, decks, garage, and lawns of leaves and grass clippings. Change functions with just a flip of the switch, no need to stop and change out a tube, you can use a vacuum that sucks up dry leaves. The metal impeller chops 16 bags of leaves into one and it is built to last so the TRIVAC will be around to clear your lawn for years to come. There is a one-handed operation. In vacuum mode, you only need one hand to handle all that power. Air flow speed can be adjusted. The blower can be brought down to 80 mph if you slow it down to clean out corners or small spaces. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. Get under the deck. The clever tube design can get under the patio or lawn furniture to blow or vacuum up leaves. The quick-release button allows for quick cleaning, and the collection bag allows for easy emptying. 350cfm 12A Trivac, 1.2 Bushel Collection Bag.

Brand: Worx

👤I'm not compensated to write reviews. I don't have any free products. I was sitting on the couch not looking forward to a huge leaf raking job that I needed to do when this infomercial came on the TV. I thought. It might make my life easier. I bought this Trivac. I have been a mechanical engineer for 20 years and I'm not a pro tool reviewer. It's a good purchase. Not great, but okay. It does everything it's suppose to do. It arrived today. I put it to work. I took 2 minutes to assemble. I was ready to leave. Here's what I found. The leaf blower works the same. Average, not stronger. When the blower power is adjusted, check the power setting. It arrives at the lowest setting. The people who claim the blower is terrible probably didn't switch it from low power to full power. It works well. 2. The vacuum setting works better than I expected. Again, average, not great. It can pick up leaves both dry and wet. There is no problem with small twigs. There were piles of leaves along the fence that were a bit damp. Picked them up without a problem. It took some time, but picked them up. It takes a lot of back and forth motion to keep the vacuum clean. It will log perIODICALLY. There is no way to get past this. The function of mulch is almost non-existent. The leaves are in a bag. The look of the infomercial is finely mulched. 3. This thing is difficult. I did not. No. The leaves were to be vacuumed out of the flower bed. I'm talking a lot of mulch that caused the motor to smoke a few times, and a lot of jam that caused the blade to jam several times. I was able to turn off the motor after a few seconds, but from the time it jammed to the time I did, it took about 3 seconds. There is enough smoke to come out of the vent. A piece of mulch was stuck between the wall and blade. It took a screwdriver to loosen it. It kept cranking back up. I don't recommend vacuuming over mulch, but it fought through decent size twigs and piece of mulch with a few jams. The sound of a leaf jam and a propeller jam is different. A leaf jam creates a higher pitch sound and a propeller jam is a hard motor jam. Don't panic. Remove the jam by turning it off. There are potties. Everyone is saying that the leaf jam is annoying and that they have to disassemble the Trivac to clear it. I found that if I got a leaf jam, I switched from vacuum to blower and back to vacuum and it cleared the jam 9 times out of 10. If you try this first, you can clear a leaf jam. Only this method can be used for leaf jams. Turn the vehicle off and then try to clear. The blower is okay, but I need to work on getting stronger blow force. The positive air flow coming out of the bag port was 5 times stronger than the blower port after I removed the bag. I used that method to blow my leaves up. It was like a champ. It worked well, but not intended. If you have a mulching mower and a leaf blower, you don't need this item. It's not as efficient as a mower. It works well and will make the chore of raking and picking up leaves a bit easier. It's not the best in it's category. It's worth it for the price.

8. BLACK DECKER Electric Blower LB700

BLACK DECKER Electric Blower LB700

Light weight is only 3.8 lbs. The 7 Amp motor has a powerful blowing performance. Move up to 180Mph for fast and easy clean up of leaves and debris. It's ideal for clearing debris from lawns, driveways, sidewalks, and decks. The built in cord retention prevents frustrating interruptions. The lightest person is at only 4.4 pounds. The LB700 7 Amp blower and Blow tube are included. The item does not have a cord.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The leaf blower is very good. It has a lot of power to blow leaf away. It is easy to handle. It makes the leaf job a lot easier.

👤I bought this leaf blower because I was looking for a leaf blower that was easy to use. Although it arrived a week ago, I have not been able to use it yet. Why are you asking? The arrogance of Amazon. I ordered the cord that was often bought together, because the blower that arrived has no cord. The cord is three pronged on both ends. The cord offered with the product doesn't fit the product, and the blower is an older model because where do you see two-pronged connections anymore. I bought a three-prong accessory to connect the blower to the cord. The invasion of Normandy took less time to solve problems.

👤I bought this item on and am impressed with the build quality, but not so much with the power. The blower is perfect for blowing dust and grass clippings. Its light weight, built well and affordable. I would recommend buying a different model if you find yourself cleaning up a bigger area. This is a light use model. This is the second blower I have owned. I got a 25 year old one from my dad. I would be happy if I could get that much use out of this one.

👤I didn't expect that powerful a blower. I needed a powerful but lightweight blower for my large yard and this one was beyond my expectations. The product is great and the price is great.

👤I have used it a couple of times and it worked well for me. I'm 71 years old. arthritis and a torn rotator cuff are some of the things that have been reported. It's lightweight and powerful enough for the leaves I've been gathering. A big guy would want more power. I don't have to lift up to use this one. At normal arm level, can use.

👤I liked this blower. So light. It did the job for my yard. It lasted less than a month. It is branded as Black + Decker, not Black & Decker, so beware.

👤You don't know how easy a job is until you change it. I wanted something lighter and smaller, and this fit that bill perfectly. My gas powered blower blows less than this one. It's easy to handle. I would use this for any job where I use a corded blower. I use my gas blower when I have to blow in a bigger area. The tone it creates is not high, which can cause problems on the ears. This is not quiet, but the tone makes all the difference. It's a lower tone. You can't go wrong for the money.

👤I wanted a Green Works blower because I already had a Green Works mower and could interchange the batteries, but I couldn't find one powerful enough at a reasonable price. I finally picked This Black and Decker. I have many other Black and Decker appliances, but only one that requires a cord. The LB700 model is light but powerful enough to blast stuck-on leaves from the driveway and is quiet. It works for me.

9. Greenworks Variable Cordless Included 24322

Greenworks Variable Cordless Included 24322

Bag collapses to 3-inches for easy reuse. Up to 21 minutes run-time on high. The brushless motor provides more power, performance, and longevity. There are 6 speed selections with the variable speed dial. A tool-less blower is used to convert a vacuum. Excellent Muchling Performance. There is a cushion overmold grip. 40V 4Ah is included. The battery has a charge time of 120 minutes. Your investment is protected by a 4-year tool and 2-year battery warranty.

Brand: Greenworks

👤The unit is more powerful and easier to use than my old gas powered one. I'm comparing this item with a TroyBilt 205 MPH 2 cycle gas powered blower/vac that was purchased in 2004. The TroyBilt gave up the ghost after 14 seasons. What to do? I started converting from gas power tools to electric. A few years ago, I bought a Greenworks electric chain saw. It was enough for my needs. I used the battery from the chain saw to power the Greenworks light duty line trimmer. It was light weight and powerful enough to do light trimming. Most of the lawn cutting is done with a garden tractor. I need a push mower to mow the beds. The gas powered mower stopped working. The EGO self propelled mower with 7.5 Amp 56V battery from Home Depot was a great price. Now back to the vac. I was considering a very light duty Greenworks blower for $30 that could use my 2 Amp hour battery, but that model was either unavailable or had spotty reviews. Even though it may not be the best, the Greenworks unit had good reviews on multiple sites. It was ordered from Amazon and received in 2 days. Assembly was easy. The controls are not described in the manual in a way that is understandable. Play with it. You can figure it out! The unit has more power than I expected. It seems to have more power than the 205 MPH TroyBilt. Maybe the TroyBilt's impeller had deteriorated? It works well for blowing away grass clippings. The push button start is better than the pull start. The lighter weight makes it easier to use. I have used it for a long time on the highest setting and have not had to refill the battery. It's easier to assemble than the TroyBilt. It is a bit awkward to use it as a vac. It seemed to work well. The unit got the leaves out of the crevice very quickly. I didn't expect it to mulch big piles of leaves in the fall. It works well as a vacuum. I was surprised. Installation of 15 yards of mulch was one of the professional gardening work done over the summer. I wanted to remove most of the leaves this fall. I had read that the machine didn't work well as a vac. I was pleasantly surprised after giving it a try. It was easier to use for long periods of time because it was a lot lighter. The vacuuming and mulch was very effective. It was easy to set the speed so that it picked up the leaves and left the mulch in place. I didn't fill up as many bags or waste cans because the leaves and sticks were mulched. I did not have any issues with the machine. I force fed it a lot of leaves. It was running on medium speed and ran long enough for me to do most of our 2000 sq. foot ranch. If it's not expected to do heavy duty mulching, I would recommend this item to anyone.

10. BLACK DECKER LSW221 Lithium Cordless

BLACK DECKER LSW221 Lithium Cordless

The lightweight design makes it easier to control the unit. It's easy to clear debris from hard surfaces. The air speed is up to 130 miles per hour. The 20V Max 1.5 Ampere hour Lithium Ion battery can hold its charge for up to 18 months. The noise rating is 61. A low noise design makes it lightweight. The maximum initial battery voltage can be measured without a workload. 18 is the nominal voltage. Part of the max system. LBXR20 20V is included with the LSW221 20V Max I Lithiumon sweeper. The Max battery has a Blow Tube.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I needed to replace my old battery with a new one. I didn't want to buy batteries anymore. I ordered this for the money and what I needed for it was great. The blower is used to blow dust and debris out of your garage, off decks, porches, sidewalks or other hard surfaces. I use it to get the grass off the driveway, street, and sidewalks after mowing. If I didn't hurry up, my old one would start wearing down. I used it for at least 15 minutes with no problems. I like the way it is curved at the end. The angle is right so it's not necessary to lean down to get the debris to blow up. It is small enough for an old lady to manage. There is an on off switch. It's simple to operate. It was easy to put it together as the tube just slides on and snaps in place. The battery said it takes 4 hours to charge, but mine was done in less than 2. It might have come partially charged. There is a light that is on when it is charging and on when it is not. The system is great. I highly recommend sweeping light debris because I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks for reading my review.

👤If you understand what this sweeper is capable of, you can use it. For a reason, it's called a sweeper. Think of it as a battery operated broom that you will use for outdoor clean ups that you would normally use a broom on. It will not replace an electric or gas blower. If you only want to blow dry grass clippings, leaves, dirt, and light debris from hard surfaces, you will be satisfied. This is perfect for light clean ups. It's an alternative to my electric blower when I only need to light blow after mowing the lawn or moving debris from the garage. It's a good idea to use a gas blower to save time when dealing with the extension cord or mixing gas and oil. It's small and light weight makes it useful if you want to blow some debris or spider webs overhead. If you only need to do light tasks, but need to blow debris on grass or heavier, you'll need an electric or gas blower. If your clean up will take longer than 15 minutes, you'll need a spare battery. The sweeper is meant for smaller jobs. You'll probably like it if you have the right expectations.

👤I use it most days to blow off 1500 ft of stamped concrete. I use it for a short time each time I clean. It's great for that, the fact that it has less force that our corded leaf blower, so it's great for blowing off the concrete next to the mulch, without disrupting the mulch and making an even bigger mess. I only used it once, when the motor slowed and needed a charge. I used it for about 20 minutes. It takes several hours to replenish after a few minutes. B&D batteries are so expensive that they are the only real negative. There are knock-off replacements for the LBXR20 battery. The blower died today and took out 2 batteries, as they won't charge now. I was unhappy with the life and the batteries. Will purchase something else as a replacement.

11. Greenworks Variable Cordless Included 24252

Greenworks Variable Cordless Included 24252

The LB700 7 Amp blower and Blow tube are included. The item does not have a cord. The new GMAX 40-volt 2.0 Amp hour battery has more power and runs longer. The motor has a max speed of 150 MPH. Extension tube increases reach and blower efficiency. The lightweight design makes it easier to control the unit.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I've been using blowers for 40 years and have found the high-end gas blowers to be the best for moving leaves, debris, etc. Electric blowers for their price are the most cost effective, but having to drag a power cord for any distance is annoying and trying to quickly coil a long extension cord is frustrating because of their tendency to twist when coiled. The Greenworks is a light-duty blower. It's very light and has a flat nozzle that concentrates the air flow where it's needed. It has a high speed rating, but its cfm rating is low. It won't move a lot of leaves. It does a good job of cleaning a porch, deck, or leaves from a piece of equipment. I bought this blower to blow grass and twigs from the deck and other areas of a large commercial front-deck mower and also to clean the metal screen in front of the liquid- cooled engine. If the engine doesn't fire quickly or start, this is a good blower for older people. The battery life per charge is variable, but it's adequate for most small household tasks. I would purchase it again at its low retail price. I have grown tired of dealing with cords that are longer than 25 feet.

👤I bought this blower in July of 2016 along with an extra battery and it seemed to be working well and did the work. I was expecting it to do. I plugged the battery in to charge and left it plugged in for the night. The next day, I was told that my workshop was on fire. The blasé was caused by the battery and charger exploding, according to the fire department and Fire Marshall. The blasé was extinguished by the fire department. My workshop and power tools were damaged by heat and water, and the Greenworks Blower, charger and batteries were melted beyond recognition. They were in close proximity to my equipment. The water used to extinguish the fire damaged what didn't get damaged. If the fire had not been caught in time, the damage to the shop would have been much worse. Most of the battery tools that I have use safety devices that will prevent the charger from working if something is wrong with the battery, so this should have never happened. If you own a unit, please be aware that it could happen to you.

👤Affordability, the lightweight nature, and cordless are all advantages, but the lack of quality andDurability makes this a "do not buy" After using the Greenworks leaf blower for lightweight duty projects for two dozen times, we realized that it was a subpar product. Very disappointing. I have pictures of our findings. The machine was taken apart to see what was wrong. The Greenworks leaf blower is made with cheap parts and poor manufacturing practices. Attached are photos.

👤I loved this product when it worked. I used the small blower many times on my small deck after buying it a year ago. I don't use my left hand well, so using a broom is hard. I own several Greenworks lawn care items. I can cut my own grass with one arm, thanks to the lawn mower. There is a I bought the snow thrower this past winter, and I think it was because it didn't snow here. I have high hopes for this snow thrower as well. Simple chores around the yard are not possible. Back to the blower. The first one I bought, it started rattling inside. I think the impeller broke. I tried to contact Greenworks to submit for a warranty but never received a reply. When I asked about the snow thrower, the company came on Amazon and had a conversation with me. I bought the snow thrower because of the awesome customer service. I already own multiple batteries and chargers, so I didn't want to change brands. I bought a second blower because I was still not happy with the first one. Greenworks cared about their customers and that's what I thought. They only care about the sale. This is the second bad review I have ever left on Amazon, and I really dislike negative reviews. It is a take your chance kind of item. It's great when they do work. Don't look to the company for help after the sale.


What is the best product for electric air blower for yard?

Electric air blower for yard products from Azollin. In this article about electric air blower for yard you can see why people choose the product. K I M O. and Cacoop are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric air blower for yard.

What are the best brands for electric air blower for yard?

Azollin, K I M O. and Cacoop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric air blower for yard. Find the detail in this article. Greenworks, Snapfresh and Sun Joe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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