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1. GAFres Cordless Rechargeable Efficient Compressed

GAFres Cordless Rechargeable Efficient Compressed

The manual mode is for precise spot cleaning and the auto mode is for continuous cleaning. GAFres electric air duster can be used for cleaning computers, keyboards, medical equipment, instruments, camera, collectibles, and other items that a traditional wiper can't clean. It's great for cleaning items around home and office, including sofa gap, blinds, toy organizers, fan, air conditioners, drawers and also your car interiors. Dust is removed from hard-to-reach areas. Their dust blower has a powerful thrust of air at 70m/s, it is the best in the market. Their air duster can provide high-pressure air to guarantee a deep cleaning. The electric duster is only 33000rpm. GAFres air duster is the best for cleaning your home, office, and car. The air duster has a large capacity 15000mAh batteries that allow it to run for a long time. It can run at low and high speeds for 60 and 40 minutes, respectively. It comes with a fast charging cable, a fully charged cable, and a port for charging via the internet. It is comfortable to hold and space-saving because of the handy design and simple operation. The round nozzle for blowing dust and the brush nozzle for more thorough cleaning are the different nozzles on the air duster. The new air duster has a light that is easy to point to the clean area. The air duster allows more than 5,000 times of use. They can save gas, water and the environment now that they're the primary responsibility. You can save money by not buying compressed air cans again. The warranty is from the purchase date. If you are not satisfied with anything, please contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Gafres

👤I repair photocopiers for a living. You need a special vacuum cleaner and an air blower. Why? It's better to use a blast of air at a target than to use a vacuum because the vacuum will pick up a lot of developer and toner. Is it proof? Have you ever tried to blow out candles on a cake? I bought a lesser model about a year ago and it worked well until the On/Off switch broke. I had repaired it and it lasted for a few more months until it slid off of a copier and landed on the floor. I was in a police station in the call center where people were on the phone trying to answer emergency calls and route police to the scene. I had to silence the unit. I needed another unit. I decided on this one after searching. It was more expensive, but I am always willing to spend the extra money for function and quality. There is a It is more powerful than I was using. It is great for getting rid of paper dust in crevices and hard to reach places. A can of compressed air will give a better blast of air. There are two areas in which this unit does well. 1) The can gets very cold when you use it, and this reduces the air flow, whereas the unit provides consistent air flow. There are two more If you tilt a can of air in any position other than upright, you risk blowing up the area with freezing liquid instead of compressed air. Not so with this unit. I would purchase it again if I could. There are improvements. The light is not very bright or useful. There is a I would like to see a handle that is more comfortable for the human hand. There is a The indicator lights are small. The On/Off and light switches are cheap. It takes about 5 seconds to get up to speed and sounds like a miniature jet engine, which is cool. Take care, God!

👤I gave away the brand I bought. It was too powerful. The air was blasted more than twenty feet away. This one is correct. It blows dust from my scroll saw and scatters the debris on the floor. The attachment with the soft brush is great for cleaning the keyboard and any other surface that needs a gentle touch. There are two buttons. The other is a powerful light. The power button will surprise you. Press it and nothing happens. The mechanism seems to be warming up because within a few seconds the powerful blast of air explodes and continues to generate enough power to clean any nearby surface you point to. I was like a kid with a new toy. I sprayed the entire area in order to find the power of it. One point. You need to find a port that is compatible with the device. I haven't had to refill the battery.

👤You do need a 2.4 adapter or higher to charge it, it did not say how long it would take. The blower is useful for most jobs, not as strong as canned air, it's a cool air blower, and it's easy to hold, so it's safe for electronic devices. If you use a face mask, it will be a very good item.

2. Cordless Computer Keyboard Rechargeable Compressed

Cordless Computer Keyboard Rechargeable Compressed

There are a wide range of applications. The powerful air thrust can be used for any electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards, medical equipment, cameras or car cleaning. Dust can be cleaned up in hard to reach areas. Speed and air volume control can be adjusted. The new electric air duster can control the air volume by rotating the button, it is convenient and energy-saving. 3 hours long working time. The wireless air duster can work for up to 3 hours after fully charged. The Type-C cable 2A fast charging is eco-friendly and does not require the purchase of canned air. It's easy to cure a light air stethoscope. The handheld air duster is small and light so you can carry it wherever you need to. The dust removal design doesn't contain any chemical agents and won't cause damage to your body. The air in most canned air is not considered air. Too many of these vapors can cause negative health effects.

Brand: Koonie

👤Cans of compressed air are expensive. If you purchase cans of compressed air on a regular basis it will pay for itself if the price seems high. If you use the recommended charging method, it charges quickly. It's not an issue. It is recommended. There is an update. I gave this a 5 star review as it met my needs. After a few days, it stopped working. I wouldn't charge using the recommended charger. The unit didn't run after hours on a charge. The unit was perfect for my needs and there were many positive reviews. I would consider purchasing another similar type if I returned it.

👤This blower does well in the category of honest specifications. Do not just go by the motor RPM. The unit gave me a maximum air flow of 40m/s and a pressure of 2.2 ounces. A higher air flow is deceptive. The unit that I purchased and then returned was not close to the 85m/s claimed. The continuously variable speed control is what I like the most in this unit. A maximum air flow of 40m/s is ideal for blowing out a dusty computer with. This unit is a good one after watching a lot of reviews on the internet.

👤I stumbled upon this unit while trying to get my usual brand of air duster. It makes sense to buy one of these. I don't throw a bunch of cans into my local landfill because it will pay for itself before long. It works well, cheaper in the long run, and has an environmental bonus to boot, but for those of you 30 and under, it's a bit dated. It's an expression from another era. "As well; additionally; besides". What is the bottom line? It does its job well, even though it may not pack the full punch a good can of air does.

👤I blasted my keyboard after I charged it up. It feels sturdy and has a nice heft. Speed control works well. The sound level was not too bad, and I was very pleased with the performance. There is no regular batteries to buy or dispose of. I'll give it a try, but I'll be careful not to overprice the item. I was never impressed with them, even though they had a short life. The device seems more versatile with no solid waste. Hopefully, it proves to be a good investment. So far, so good!

👤When testing smoke detectors, we use an artificial smoke which will make the detector work, but after the third or fourth detector, the can of air is cold and we don't have the pressure to remove the smoke, so we use a can of air. It was worth its weight in time and material.

👤I'm always running out of air, the can gets cold, and you lose the staw. I was leery of operating an air duster. I read some reviews that said it was pretty good. I put the nozzle in the duster after getting it the next day. We have a computer in one of my offices that gets very dirty and needs to be cleaned every 3 months. I did not get a before picture but did get a after picture. Dirt and dirt all over the place caked in the GPUs andCPU fas. The reason I don't have a picture is that I blew all the dirt with no effort and didn't need the brush. Been looking for something else to clean. Many buyers complain about the noise. It's probably not that bad if you don't want to use in the late hours. I'm very happy with the product. It is worth the money. I don't think canned air is going away but wont be using as much.

3. Compressed Electric Computer Replaces Electronics

Compressed Electric Computer Replaces Electronics

The alternative to compressed air is something else. The Rechargeable Air Blower can be charged and reused. Electric air duster are more cost effective than buying canned air. If you have a problem, please contact them. KACNON electric air blower can blow at 20m/s and 67.5MPH and continuously provide high-pressure air, which is perfect to remove dust, debris, hairs, crumbs and scraps from any electronic device and household cleaning. The rotating speed can reach 35000PRM. The dust removal is easy to use and lightweight, which makes it a good choice for people who don't like to use a lot of compressed air. You can maneuver around easily with the extra-long 10ft cord and handheld design. The package design is high quality and is a good gift for friends or family. In order to meet your different dust removal needs, they thoughtfully equipped this electric duster with 3 different nozzles. KACNON compressed air duster is a great choice for cleaning electronics, car interiors, dry wet surface and hard to reach places. Such as computer, keyboard, laptop, medical equipment, printer, floor, windowsill, fan, sofa, etc. Adopting the physical dust removal design, doesn't contain any chemical agents, their air duster electric just blow the air and won't cause any damage. You can save money, gas, water, and the environment. You will never need to buy canned air again because this is a onetime investment. The pc cleaning kit is built in high quality steel fan blades and thick all- copper heat sink, which greatly improves the heat dissipation and prolongs the lifespan. Double guarantee for the power duster will be provided by the motor overheating protection system. The motor can be protected from dust and debris if the filter at the bottom of the air inlet is cleaned. They strive for perfectness and improve for three years. All electronics duster will go through a six-sided drop test and the technical inspection of the quality inspection department before they are sent out, so as not to let customers feel disappointed. If there is an issue with the duster blower, please don't hesitate to contact them, their service team will give you a satisfying solution.

Brand: Kacnon

👤Light weight but durable, powerful with long cord. I try to clean the tower fan in two minutes. So happy to have it.

👤I purchased this product thinking how much it costs to buy the compressed air cans, the damage to the environment not only of the reactive that pressurizes the air, but the can disposal and found that within 4 months this product will pay for itself, and that is not considering all the It can run hot if used for more than ten minutes. The benefits are more important than the minor issues.

👤I put the smallest attachment on my keyboard and it blew everything off my desk. I am afraid of using my computer in case something happens. The puppy is powerful. I give it a high rating because it would be fine for someone who needs this type of equipment for their hardware components. Or? I will use it to clean out my chimney and get rid of high shelves.

👤The air blower has a few different tips for shaping the air, similar to a vacuum cleaner, and it uses a powerful small motor. The best point tip is the one that cleans the keyboard or sewing machine. The air blower is used for several minutes at a time. The power switch has a switch at the top of it. The product would be better if it had a variabletrigger switch in the handle that would allow the operator to easily control the power and amount of air used.

👤This thing is better than disposable compressed air cans and will save you a lot of money. I used to buy a lot of cans because my computer overheated a lot, but now I can use this device instead, and have already saved $80 a month on compressed air cans. I highly recommend it. I use it as a massive duster around the house, it has a double use for computers, and it's a great investment.

👤I researched these before buying this one and I think I hit on an ace. It works well, is lightweight and has a long cord that can be used in a lot of different ways. I've only had it for a short time, but have been very pleased with the results. Great product!

👤My brother got this. I could clean out our PCs without buying compressed air. It's pretty powerful and can get a bit warm, so be careful not to hold it too close to any electronics you use it to clean with. Solid product so far, great price.

👤It beats the spray cans. It is a little heavy, but packs a lot of air. It should pay for itself in cost savings over time. I am using it more and more with the nozzles. Gets hard to reach places.

4. Compressed Cordless Computer Cleaning Adjustment

Compressed Cordless Computer Cleaning Adjustment

The mini duster collector can be used more than 5000 times, it is easy to take care of dust such as keyboards, computers, circuit boards, medical equipment, cameras, shoe cabinets, sofas, air conditioners, etc. Two-step air speed adjustment. The air speed can be adjusted in two steps. You can use it in places where there is no power supply. The operating time of air dusters is shorter. It takes 80 minutes at low speed and 60 minutes at high speed. It's perfect for long hours of work. There are two types of nozzles. Dust and dirt can be found even in the dark with the help of the light. The regular nozzle is long and slender, which makes it easy to spray in tight spaces. Dust and debris can be found in small areas. The nozzle can be taken out of use. The nozzle can be removed and stored when not in use, and it can also be used upside down, so you can spray at any angle. It's easy to use and lightweight, so it's a good choice for a long time. The air duster can be carried around in the car or in high places. The air speed can be adjusted at the push of a button, and the lights are located on separate buttons for independent control. It is a cost-effective product that can be used over and over again anywhere without repeated purchases, disposal of empty cans, gas smell, and fire hazard compared to regular air dusters. There are a wide range of applications.

Brand: Potulosoce

👤I received the item today and so far it's good. Don't expect the air flow to be as strong as a can of air. I like the built in light so I can see in the dark. The size of the product is larger than other electric dusters that I have had, which makes it easier to spot.

👤Lots of power being blown. It was louder than expected. Does the job.

5. Compressed Generation Electronics Rechargeable Destroyer

Compressed Generation Electronics Rechargeable Destroyer

You can use it wherever you please. You don't have to find a plug every time, simply hold the bottom and the high pressure air could wipe away most of small stuff. Ready to forget the cans. Their new generation duster has a 6000mAh battery and a 10W fast charge that makes it last 30 minutes. It is easier to clean corners with a long nozzle. The nozzle can be removed for better space utilization. It's perfect for keyboards, computer cases, car seats, and even your le go toys. Scientific ergonomics make it easy to use and you won't have to hold a cold can when blowing things away. It's more comfortable than buying canned air. The device has two modes that can be used: manual mode for precise spot cleaning and auto mode that allows the duster to continuously work to make a thorough cleaning.

Brand: Unknown

👤I bought this to stop buying canned air. The reviews were positive. This thing is not worth much. $80 was wasted. It doesn't have enough power to dust anything. I took a while to use this after I received it. Hopefully this review will stop someone else from draining their money.

👤You could use more force. It's a joke to try to use this in place of air. The lightest layer of dust will be taken off. Most of the dust is left there.

👤It was bought to save money on compressed air cans. What a mistake! It's cheap and overpriced. It's a $20 item. It blows air at full charge, but the nozzle is too open, which makes it weak, especially for this price. Not worth it. I wouldn't recommend or use compressed air cans.

👤Don't waste your time with this product. It doesn't even turn on anymore after a few hours of charging.

👤I was very excited about this product. It worked great the first time I used it. The battery doesn't fully charge after I had to replenish it. It wants to be regenerated after 30 seconds. I don't think it's worth $80 for a tool that only works once. I am really disappointed.

👤It has less pressure than a disposable can air duster. It's perfect for my needs with wood working where an extended period of high pressure DRY air is needed. It is more powerful to blow the sawdust off of my wood working projects. I have used the battery for at least 30 minutes without needing to replenish it. It's not quiet. It's not that loud in the shop and around the house.

👤I received the Air Duster this morning and have been using it a lot. The first thing I did was blow off all of my woodworking tools, as a bit of sawdust had accumulated around the machines. The air duster was able to get all the sawdust out. I went to project number two where I am working on a loung chair that had been sitting outside. I thought I had already cleaned the chair. I used the air gun to blow the debris out of the crevices. I used it to blow the dust off the artificial flowers. I ran the air compressor for several minutes continuously and it worked great. It blows enough air to get the results you want. I would say that the air power is the same as the can version. The can version uses a very thin straw to blow the air through. The air looks like it is blowing harder because of the straw. The can version only works if you use them in short burst before the can gets ice cold and it stops blowing. The little air duster runs for as long as you need it. I am happy I made the purchase.

👤The description of the tool was what I liked most. The power was not really good, that's what I disliked. I can understand that it is small and a blower fan can not be very large. It takes a while to be fully charged and use that full charge in a matter of minutes and then quits, until fully charged again. There is a small hand held air blower that can be used. This is not it.

6. SIN SHINE Compressed Electric AD01 Black

SIN SHINE Compressed Electric AD01 Black

For more thorough cleaning, brush the nozzle. The dust has two brush nozzles for blower mode and one for vacuum mode. You can use the two brush nozzles to clean the computer and accessories more quickly and efficiently. The SIN SHINE electric air blower can be used for many electronic devices, such as your computer keyboard, laptop, copy machine, medical equipment, camera, model vehicles, and blinds. You can save money, gas, water and the environment with the alternative to compressed air. You can own a SINSHINE Electric Air Duster, which is a onetime investment, so you won't need to buy canned air again. Their dust blower can blow at 27m/s and 67.5MPH immediately and provide high-pressure air to remove dust from any electronic equipment in the home or office. It is easy to point to the clean area because of the strong light irradiation. A 10-foot cord and a weight of 1.9 pounds make it a handy design and simple operation. When the button is released, it automatically turns off. Buying on Amazon is easy, and you can do it without worry of the product quality or after-sales services. They will replace or refunds anything that you don't like.

Brand: Sin Shine

👤The little guy is about the same size as a hot pot. It's loud, but it's a precision nozzle, and it's powerful. The air flow is three times stronger than compressed air cans, and it can be used for longer than a compressed air can. It's always available. If you have a power outlet, you can use the light to show where the beam of air is going. There are three tips, three brushes, three filter pads, and a bag of goop. Not sure if the goop will ever be needed, as this little guy is powerful enough to get the keyboard snacks out from under your keys. However, there is one significant downside. The hotter it gets, both to hold and for the air, the more you use it. It's a good idea to turn the electronics on immediately after using it. The air can easily cause an already hot computer to get too hot. I recommend this over the cans. If you need to blast dirt and dust out of electronics, it's better for the environment, more powerful, and cheaper in the long run. It's not a leafblower or snowblower, but it's close to those kinds of ranges. It will do you well.

👤This is a small leaf blower. I got it because we use a lot of compressed air to clean electronics that get dusty or get bugs in them, and this thing is so powerful it turned a hour plus cleaning job into a few minutes. It comes with brushes and electronics cleaning equipment. It isn't hard to make your own precision attachment to add on to this because it is a genuinely impressive and powerful alternative to canned air.

👤You need this if you're still using canned air. The air is blown over your devices and the blower is very powerful. I used it on two computers. The older of the two computers had a lot of dust on it. I bought a blower because I couldn't get the dust off with canned air. The fan in the graphics card, the heat sinks, and the cooling radiator were cleaned. The computer is running much cooler. You should use a strap from your arm to the machine. If you don't have one, buy one and it will save your electronics from static electrical charges. Peace is out.

👤I bought this to stop buying cans of compressed air. This will do the job well. I was blowing stuff off my table the first time I used it. It was easy to clean my keyboard. It has an light at the end. You can see the area you are cleaning with this idea. The noise level is loud. I think it is as loud as my shop vac. You probably won't need to run it very long as it blasts out a lot of air with a good amount of pressure. The product description should be changed. It says it's a vacuum cleaner. It's a blower. It doesn't do the job of a vacuum cleaner. The pack of Super Clean was also present. It's a material that can pick up small particles. It works well for detailing items like my keyboard. I used it on some speaker grills and it got most of the stuff in the mesh. Within 6 months, this device will pay for itself.

7. Compressed MECO High Pressure Computer Keyboard

Compressed MECO High Pressure Computer Keyboard

This air duster has three different nozzles, one for blower mode, one for vacuum mode and another for food seal mode. If you have a computer, sewing machines, or other accessory that contains dust, you can clean it by using a keyboard vacuum. MECO compressed air blows high-pressure air to clean dust and dirt from electronic devices in your home or office. The power supply needs to be connected when used. It is an easily maneuverable versatile device with 8 extra nozzle attachment. It can be used for a lot of expensive electronic devices, such as your computer, keyboard, laptop, copy machine, medical equipment, camera, etc. The high and low speeds can be adjusted with two gears. The electric computer has a powerful blower motor. The MECO Air Duster has an extra-long 10-foot cord and is light and easy to use. It's easy to use and you can maneuver around easily. Don't put it on the table to block the air inlet, otherwise it will cause serious heating or stop working. An alternative to compressed air gas. Their computer cleaner is safe for the environment and for the price of 12 cans of air cans, you can own a MECO Air Blower.

Brand: Meco

👤I bought this to remove dust from my PC's. I bought this blower on sale and tried it out, and I was blown away. The power of this blower was too much for my PC. I bought a smaller handheld battery charged vacuum/duster but it became a paperweight very quickly. I stumbled upon this one and could not be happy. My computer is clean at last. The best results can be obtained by using the fine tip nozzle. It would have been better to take a video to show this ability.

👤I like this duster. I will be using it instead of compressed air. It does warm up, but I don't like it. The handle warms up, but doesn't get to a point where I feel it would burn me. The air can get warm, but I wouldn't worry about vlowing it on anything I'm dusting. I'm not worried about warm air because PC components run hotter. I recommend.

👤I used this for the first time on my PC after buying it a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed. The different attachment help to reach all the places on my PC. The skinniest one makes it great. It took off a sticker on my computer. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The item is easy to work with, but not as strong as compressed air cans, due to the lack of a really narrow tip. I will probably make something for that. It sounds like a full size vacuum cleaner and is a bit louder than I expected. If you clean a lot of electronics, this is more convenient than canned air since you don't have to worry about running out on a job site. The carry bag is too small for the blower and tips, and the narrow tip for tight locations is not available. This blower draws high power and can cause surge orUPS units to trip over their rated power draw, so try to plug this directly into a wall.

👤We use this thing to clean everything from corners to computers. It has a lot of things that come in handy.

👤I would go through air canisters on a regular basis. Decided to try it out. The two speeds worked for me. I have never been able to clean an Alienware Aurora A7 with air cans, but it was better than ever. This will save you money.

👤The initial cost is more than compressed air. The system does everything compressed air does. It sounds like a jet engine, but it works like a beast. I would like to have bought it sooner.

8. Electric Rechargeable Compressed Replacement Destroyer

Electric Rechargeable Compressed Replacement Destroyer

An alternative to compressed air gas. Their computer cleaner is safe for the environment and for the price of 12 cans of air cans, you can own a MECO Air Blower. Powerful deep cleaning. The wind power of the Cordless air duster can reach 33000rpm. It is a substitute for compressed air and can be used a lot. It is more energy efficient than buying canned air. Cleaning computers, camera lens, Sofas, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc. Double pressing the power button to work continuously until you press the power button again is a dual smart start mode. The indicator light is on. The air duster has a full-palm gripping design that makes it easy to grip. The corded air duster is easy to carry. The electric air duster needs two nozzles. The brush nozzle can be used for rugged surface dusting like electronic keyboards, and the slender nozzle can be used for cleaning corners or places beyond the reach of hands. The electric air duster can be charged in three hours and can run for 30 minutes. The use time can be determined by the blowing force. You can charge it with a car or laptop power source. The compressed air duster allows more than 5,000 times of use, and you can save money by not buying the compressed air cans again. If you are unhappy with the purchase, please contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Atengeus

👤It's easy to use and keep running. It's not as powerful as the cans, but it still does a lot.

👤The battery dusters that I tried in this price range produced up to 38g of blowing force, which is more than any other battery dusters I've tried. It is very noisy on max, but quieter on lower speeds and spins up quickly. You don't have to hold the power button for it to work continuously. A nice duster.

👤This is one of the best gadgets I have ever bought. I use it to dust everything from my black glass TV stand, which is the main reason I wanted this, to dusting small collectibles, husband's car trophys, inside of our cars, mini blinds, inside of drawers and probably more. This is the product for people who are very picky about dust. The air flow can be adjusted from low to high, and it's easy to charge the device using the enclosedusb cord. You will not be disappointed.

👤The little guy was a buy. I own a roomba vac and a dyson, they need to be cleaned often. The blower makes my vacuums perform like new. It's great for the little filters and my sheer shades. I've been walking around my house and found many uses for this guy. I would go through a can of compressed air every two weeks. The dude paid for it. I'm in a month. Highly recommended.

👤It is hard to clean items like dried flowers and blinds.

👤This item does exactly what it is supposed to do. The duster has a powerful fan, so it is a great alternative to disposable cans of compressed air. The air flow can be adjusted and there is a charging light. Since this duster stays on until the button is pressed again, be careful where you point this. The first time I used it, I sent some papers off my desk.

👤It works. The air compressor sounds like a miniature scram jet engine from the F35 Raptor fighter jet if you get used to the noise.

👤The only thing that made me crazy was the noise it made. Everything else was awesome! You can leave this thing on the desk and it will fly off the desk because of the power it has.

9. XPOWER Multi Purpose Electric Duster Vacuum

XPOWER Multi Purpose Electric Duster Vacuum

The electronic air duster is easy to carry and is wide. The air duster can be used for many electronic devices. It's suitable for deep cleaning of homes, offices and car interiors. A multi purpose powered air compressor. It's ideal for general home cleaning. The plastic housing has a 2 HP motor with 2 speed settings. It's double as a mini vacuum, so it's ideal for dusting and vacuuming around your home, office and car. Features a 5 ft air hose, 7 nozzle attachment and a washable filters. The design is portable. This powered air duster has a grab-n-go handle for convenient transportation from site to site.

Brand: Xpower

👤I unboxed it this morning to get the review written. In order of importance to this gal, here's the short version of the Pros: High air pressure Compact lightweight portable Numerous attachment for vacuuming and blowing Parts are simple and easy to insert and remove Extra filters of each type. The short cord is hot. The longer version of the instructions is difficult to store because they have to be changed for vacuuming or blowing. The instructions for the vacuum are thorough. The instructions for the blower are not included in the general instructions. Not a deal breaker, but having a different section for the vacuum and blower made me want to change the booklet. A simple change from "Operation" to "Air Blower Operation" would fix that. It is best to remove and add things while the unit is unplugged. It's good if you read the instructions in reverse. There is a diagram of the unit with labels for each piece and part as well as a set of cleaning instructions with diagrams of each filter. I only doubt my set up because the air is so warm, because it was easy to decipher the air blowing instructions with those diagrams. The air coming out is similar to a hair dryer. It's not a good thing for computer parts, which should be kept at a low temperature. An extension cord may be needed for the power cord to be longer. We need an extension because we take our computers outside for cleaning. The hose has a connection that stays in place while the hose is being screwed in, which is an excellent feature. It would have been nice to include a tie in the package to keep it together. It's separate from the machine because you have to attach it to the front for blowing and the back for vacuuming. It doesn't coil up, which is helpful for the purpose of vacuuming or blowing, but a problem when it comes to storage. I'm not sure if the bag is meant to hold the unit or the hose. The booklet states that the black bag is used to pack the nozzles. There are a few mistakes in the booklet. I'm not sure if it was meant to say Including. The bag is large for nozzles. The nozzles are very good. The nastiness came right on out when I got into the nooks and crannies that have been collecting dust for a long time. I can't wait to tackle my car. Even with my arthritis, it is easy to remove and put back in. The cord wraps around the carrying handle. The only awkward thing about it is the hose. It was exciting to find an additional set of filters. While one set is drying, the work can continue. If you have users who will be sharing this who never clean the filters, you can have "Mine" and " Theirs" filters. All the cons are minor annoyances, save for the cord. The cord is something that sticks to me. It's going to be difficult to get the extension cord each time I need to use this, but I understand it should be short to keep the unit's bulk to a minimum. It's not worth it to have to pay for another freezing can of air that's lost pressure.

10. XPOWER Airrow Multi Use Electric Computer

XPOWER Airrow Multi Use Electric Computer

A portable battery can provide you with an extra battery backup for your phone. Over-charging, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection are supported. Dust and clean computers, laptops, car interiors, cameras, medical equipment, model vehicles, and blinds are all used in a multi-use manner. Hard-to-reach places and dry wet surface. There are inflatables and floats. The power is efficient and light. The HP motor only weighs 2.3 pounds. The housing is made of plastic and has a long 10' cord, thermal protection, and a limited Continental US warranty. A built-in 2-speed control, easy to change washable filter, and 10 feet durable cord make this a convenient unit. Saving money and the environment are inexpensive. The XPOWER A-2 Airrow PRO doesn't contain any dangerous inhalants or propellants. You will never need to buy canned air again because this is a onetime investment.

Brand: Xpower

👤Two blower strengths, no more canned air, and loud. Very loud. - The attachments won't stay on. The air intake is easy to block. The lack of attachment mechanicisms is my main issue with this. When the motor and strong hair cause the attachment to come off, it uses tension to hold the attachment on. They will shoot out due to the powerful blower. If you are dusting, keep your hands on the attachment.

👤If you want to give a proper cleaning to a PC's internals and power supply, this won't work. The air pressure is good but not focused enough to get the kind of dust that builds up in a computer. It will get the surface layer fine, but the dust that has been there longer will remain and you will have to use a can of air to get it off. The air coming out of this unit gets very hot very quickly, which is not what I'm looking for in a computer/electronics duster product. Our home vacuum cleaner is louder than the unit. The vendor that stuck me with even though it didn't say anything about that on the purchase or checkout pages is an insult to the customer. I might buy an air mattress so I can use it.

👤This is a poor replacement for can air, even on low setting the airflow is too strong. I tried to return the item but it didn't work out and I was told there wasn't a return on the item. Not happy at all. This was an Amazon Choice item and it was disappointing.

👤If you can't figure out how to connect the long straw attachment to the included nozzles, read this. Attach the attachment from the inner part of the nozzle. No punching, no shuffling, no cleaning! It's a right fit. That is how the pieces should be assembled. If you're like me, one can air bottle is just a tease. It is not possible for me to complete a cleaning task to my satisfaction. This thing is going to change your life. A lifetime supply of canned air would change it. More pressure than canned air. There is more flexibility with the included attachments. This thing makes me happy. I'm waiting to get off work so I can finish cleaning the rest of my house. I can't wait to use this thing to dry my motorcycle after it's washed. You will not regret this investment. HeAPS of utility.

👤I can conclude that this unit is better than the DataVac duster. The housing of the DataVac is made of metal which gets extremely hot and the housing is made of two pieces and is joined together near the center of the unit. The design flaw causes air to blow through the housing while the unit is running, reducing the effective blowing power of the unit. Some units are worse than others. The Airrow duster has the same problem as the DataVac, but it's housing is made out of high quality plastic and is slightly more powerful, even without taking into account the fixed design flaw. Fine dusting of computer components, such as deep embedded dust in heatsinks, is done with a blower. I don't think compressed air will be as good as anything else. It will do a good job of cleaning up loose dust in your computer case and fans. If you're considering the DataVac ED500, get this one.

11. Computer Powerful Electronic Environmentally Friendly

Computer Powerful Electronic Environmentally Friendly

Saving money and the environment are inexpensive. The XPOWER A-2 Airrow PRO doesn't contain any dangerous inhalants or propellants. You will never need to buy canned air again because this is a onetime investment. Sturdy construction. This item is not a vaccuum. The kit includes an air pin-pointer, air concentrator nozzle, air -flare nozzle, and a micro-cleaning tool kit. More effective than canned air. The motor has a.75 HP and 4.5 Amps.

Brand: Metro Vacuum

👤I bought this to clean the inside of my PC. It's quite the monster and does its job very well, far better than any canned air spray I've used. The whole thing can be done quickly, and it doesn't have to be used in 2 second increment, which means it can be done quickly. It has an on/off button that is easy to use, and you don't have to worry about charging or changing a battery. If yours does, you should probably seek a replacement because it has to be on for a while to start getting hot, and you'll probably be finished by then.

👤I cleaned out my computer and keyboard today, and it did the job in about a minute. It was very easy to use. Plug it in and press the button. I had some difficulty getting the nozzle on, but now that it is on, I won't have to remove it again. I tried the keyboard cleaning attachment, but it restricted the air flow too much, so I won't be using the other attachements. I think I have a defect, though it might be difficult to describe. While the duster is powered on, you can feel the air circulating through the vent on the underside of the device. No one thinks this is what I am talking about when I describe it. While the device is on, there is some air leaking from the seams of the upper body of the device, which is above the label and above the screws. I can feel the air hitting my hand while using this device. I'm not sure if this is normal for the operation of a duster, but it still works just fine. Most of the reviews stated that the devices get to hot if used for longer than a minute or two, so I would have gotten a less expensive duster. I could feel warmth coming from the duster, it was always a comfortable temperature, and it did not get hot while I was using it. It has some heft, but it's not crippled.

👤The device is great. It is very powerful. You won't need an air can again. My computer is breathing. Negative reviews are silly. People are complaining that it isn't as powerful as an industrial air compressor. If your computer is filthy, you need to clean it more. When dirt is caked up, you will want to use brushes on fan blades and heat fins. They say they didn't bother to return the faulty unit because they didn't want to bother with a new one.

👤It was very disappointing. I was excited when I opened the box because it appeared to be well-made, with nice thick metal, good coating, and a strong motor. More air came out of the seam than out of the nozzle. I wanted to return it immediately. I needed to clean some electronics. I used duct tape inside to make a gasket, and then I duct taped the outside. The air blew through the duct tape after that. It's useless now. I guess it's back to compressed air in a can.


What is the best product for electric air duster xpower?

Electric air duster xpower products from Gafres. In this article about electric air duster xpower you can see why people choose the product. Koonie and Kacnon are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric air duster xpower.

What are the best brands for electric air duster xpower?

Gafres, Koonie and Kacnon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric air duster xpower. Find the detail in this article. Potulosoce, Unknown and Sin Shine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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