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Gun 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Umarex Beretta Blowback Full Auto Caliber

Umarex Beretta Blowback Full Auto Caliber

To stay on target is the purpose of the relocated pop-up sight and adjusted rear sight. A realistic blowback action with a.177 caliber air pistol. The CO2 not included is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 310 frames per second. All metal construction is durable and realistic. Features fixed front and rear tactical sights.

Brand: Umarex

👤Don't buy any other air guns and get this one now. You will not be disappointed. I have been in love since I opened the box. It shoots very accurately. The accuracy of the laser sight improved to near perfect after I purchased it. Need I say more? It does shoot full auto, doesn't jam, and sounds amazing. The blow back is realistic. It's a huge help to learn how to hold, breathe, etc. When shooting. If you want, you can shoot in your bedroom with this air gun. The only thing I would recommend is buying this piece. If you're out in public or around people, be very careful. The air gun is realistic and so far, not one person I've shown it to has been able to tell it's not a real Beretta. The purchase of an air gun has made me start collecting more. I have found a new hobby. Excellent product, Umarex!

👤I was able to use the gun for 24 hours. After the third mag, the safety wouldn't engage consistently. The right side of the safety blew off of the gun while it was being fired. The safety fell out when I cleared the chamber. The gun does not fire now. It is being returned. I can't trust another gun of the same model if it happened again, as many other reviews have reported.

👤The gun is very good, it was fun to shoot it, but the only thing that made me come back was the safety switch. The slide wouldn't come off when trying to disassemble it, and the safety wouldn't work. I recommend that you tighten the screw every so often or that you use a thread locker to seal it.

👤This is definitely the gun for you if it's a very exact replica. It is a heavy piece of machinery, a gun that feels authentic in your hand, and a great feature set. It doesn't shoot accurately. It is the most inaccurate gun I have ever owned. I have seen a lot of reports about its inaccuracy, but I wrote them off as outliers that were not representative of the true quality of the gun. I was wrong. It spraysBBs everywhere but where you aim. Never seen anything like it before. So disappointing. The 3 stars are for the real thing. I wonder if I can get it back. Any advice would be appreciated.

👤It's fun! I wanted this gun when I was a teenager. Blow back, slide lock on last round. The strips are the same as the real one. The weight is the same as the real one. You can see the ejection port through the mag well. Not much different from the real thing. It is full metal. The slide pull is very heavy for a gun. Most of the internals seem to be made of metal. I use this as a weapon for my kids. When they are not around, I'm going to blow through multiple mags on full auto, because doing it with a real firearm is too expensive. The air gun will earn your respect even if you are a firearm guy.

2. Elite Desert Pistol Licensed Umarex

Elite Desert Pistol Licensed Umarex

Features an accessory rail, 3-dot sights, and ambidextrous safety. The competitor's choice for fast, accurate action. The CO2 not included is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Shoots 6mm plastic guns at up to 330 frames per second. 16 round mag capacity. The accessory rail is integrated.

Brand: Elite Force

👤The gun broke after only 300 shots and testing. I have to push the gun forward after every shot to reset it. I use this as a secondary to my sniper rifle when I play in medium intensity skirmishes. This is not a good option for more serious scenarios and I would recommend it to anyone who does backyard battles with friends. The range is very poor and will only reach about 50 to 75 feet with.20 gram bb's. Some bb's flying way off target for no apparent reason is not accurate. The reason why the gun failed is probably due to the fact that thetrigger pull is so hard. I think it's a 20 lbs Trigger Pull since it's a single action pistol. Accuracy is even more difficult as you are fighting to keep the gun on target. The magazines only hold 16 rounds, and the spare mags that you can find are extremely prone to failing in the seal. The first spare I got was ruined after the first co2 and I had to put a new one in. I could still hear hiss of escaping pressure as soon as I put in a new cartridge, even though the follow up replacement that I received was a little better. The magazine that comes with the gun seems to be of better quality than I have seen before, as I have had no issues with it. The magazine accounts for over 50% of the gun weight, and this is very noticeable, as the gun feels very different when using the mag it comes with versus the cheap plastic spare. If you are starting out with a few friends in the backyard, then go for it. If you are going to any big events, you should invest in a more solid sidearm. The heavy guillotine pistol looks good, but it's cheap, and it's not very durable, and it has a poor spare magazine construction.

👤A gun was good for a month. The valve leaked and blew out my co2 when I put in a new one. I repeated to make sure it wasn't a mistake to place the cartridge at an angle. I have tried it 4 times and each time it has failed. I am out $50 because it is too late to return the item.

👤I just got a gun today after buying it a while ago. I'm really happy. You get exactly what you ordered, and it's very high quality. It's weight is similar to real firearms and for the price you can't beat it. I've put at least 150 rounds through it today and it's working great. I think the weight is a little more heavy than a real gun, so your arm will get sore after a while, and it's just the limit of 16 rounds per clip, I don't mind it at all. Some people don't like it. I got this gun as a training weapon for my family members who want to learn about guns, and it is a perfect starting pistol. It can be anywhere from 300 to 355 frames per second. It's a great gun for the price, especially for new beginners and people trying to get a quality pistol, but no spend a lot of money like me. It would definitely recommend to family and friends.

3. Crosman Rifle Caliber Synthetic DSBRFDE

Crosman Rifle Caliber Synthetic DSBRFDE

The Yex-BUR 18v battery charger is safe and reliable. There are advanced technical supports to protect against over-charge, short-circuit, over-heat, over-load and low-voltage. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The 12-GRAM CO2 Cartridges is fueled by two 12-GRAM CO2 canisters. The rifle is easy to handle and shoulder with the adjusted stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5mm steelBBs. To stay on target is the purpose of the relocated pop-up sight and adjusted rear sight. IDEAL FOR TARGET PRACTICE - realistic weight, blowback action and functions, great for skill development, training and fun.

Brand: Dpms

👤The gun is fun to shoot. The shooter and spectators laugh at each other in full auto mode. The real thing has weight and balance. The forward assist is not functional, but the charging handle is. Did I say it's fun to shoot this thing? Surprisingly accurate. The photo is from my first 100 shots. The clusters are from three auto bursts. I tried to use the flip-up sights, but the others were from the semi- auto file. The flip-up sights aren't much use for my eyes. I found that the smooth inside surface of the cylindrical rear sight was too reflective, causing enough glare to block out the front post sight entirely. If neighbors are close, it's too loud to be back yard friendly. The loading tool is unreliable. It feels like it will break at any moment. I only had one load the full 25BBs without failure when it was functioning properly. If you want to own this gun, buy it now. You will wonder why you waited when you fire it. Ignore the tool that loads. You can buy yourBBs with the little spout. The manual says "lock it back", but you should just hold the follower back with your thumb. If the slot is full, pour theBBs into the feeding hole at the top end. The follower should be released. Don't worry, you'll be spilling a lot more real soon. Order more magazines! The 25 rds go so fast that you'll be happy to spend $50 a piece to keep shooting. If you want to shoot better at targets, mount a red dot laser.

👤I bought a gun and put a scope on it, because I thought it would be useful for sparrows in the barn, without harming the barn like a pellet gun would do. I took the scope back to the bench, and the next shot would be low, not even on the target. Daisy and Copper Head failed to match grade. I am returning this turd, but no returns are allowed because the product contains explosives. I said that CO2 isn't dangerous and that I removed the cartridges. The first gun that Amazon is sending is faulty. I appreciate the effort of Amazon. The second gun is worse than the first. The magazine will not seat without great effort, and there is a click half way through the pull. Performance is as inconsistent as the first gun. The speed loader is terrible. I now have two paper weights, CO2 cartridges, and bb's that I bought. The plague is something to avoid.

👤This thing is very large. The gun has a quick fire rate and is realistic. Most of the controls are functioning in their proper places. The gun is very versatile. It looks more tactical because I have fitted it with a lot of my own things. The primary build material is plastic, but it is highly durable. I think this is a good deal.

👤I like this gun. The full auto is cool. It seems weak for using 2 co2 at the same time. If I didn't like the gun, it would be less than the 3 stars I gave it. The speed loader is used to load the bbs. The speed loader seems to be malfunctioning so I contacted the seller. I would have to return the whole gun, instead of just replacing the speed loader. They did respons quickly, but their solution was retarded, so they wouldn't have to do anything. There is a The gun is awesome. They are gone in 2 seconds. You will spend 5 minutes reloading it.

4. GunSkins AR 15 Rifle Skin Non Reflective

GunSkins AR 15 Rifle Skin Non Reflective

500 plastic airsoftBBs are included. It is designed to fit any tactical, military, or airsoft rifle. The kit includes pre-cut pieces for the receiver, dust cover, pistol grip, and one set of mag skins. Additional material for the forend, buttstock, and other accessories are included. It's easy to install vinylwrap, it's up to you. They have precut templates and installation videos to help you choose how much or how little to wrap. To fit the vinyl, use a hobby knife and a heat gun. You can install in a few hours. Immediate use is not ready for cure time. GunSkins are made from premium vinyl. The automotive grade vinyl is non-porous and waterproof. This is a great place to hunt ducks when you are knee deep in the reeds. No rain, no rust, no worries! This non-permanent finish will not affect the resell value of your gun. Simply add heat and remove it. The surface will be the same. It's easy to switch patterns for different hunting seasons. The GunSkins product has a lifetime warranty which covers normal use by the initial user. The GunSkins product will be free of fading for the duration of the warranty period if the initial user has the product installed correctly on a firearm, firearm accessory or other GunSkins approved application.

Brand: Gunskins

👤It took about 2 hours to install. I took my time to avoid problems. It sticks good if you use a torch or hair dryer. Will see how it holds up in the field.

5. Game Face GF76 Airsoft Electric

Game Face GF76 Airsoft Electric

Fixed blade front sight. Up to 700 rounds per minute are possible with a full size and dual action synthetic design. The electric-powered vehicle can deliver speeds of up to 350 mph. The rifle should be adjusted to make it easy to handle. 6mm airsoftBBs are not included in the magazine. There is a battery charge and a redemption charge.

Brand: Game Face

👤An excellent rifle. I've been into airsoft for over two years, and I've seen a lot of different guns. This was my first AK, and I have always run an M4 platform. The looks of the gun and the weight are very realistic. If you know how to push a button, the folding stock is both practical and sturdy. The gun can be folded to a small smg size that is good for close quarters and storage. Practical accuracy is about 40 yards. The gun is ideal for both close and mid range engagements. The gun has a high rate of fire. 700 rounds per minute is advertised by the box, and it lives up to that.

👤This thing shoots a lot and has a scroll wheel to reload. I love this gun and I can use it as a sniper. The stock folds under 5 stars.

👤It's not worth it as much as I wanted it to. The plastic that held the battery in place was broken when I received my first gun. My son wanted to keep it, but the loader messed up, making the gun non functional. We tried another gun. The gun was used 3 times. Something jams in there when you wind it and the gun won't fire. It's very frustrating to stay away from this gun. The design is not good.

👤I've seen complaints here. I think a lower priced product may have flaws. Not a single issue with my gun. Everything works right out of the box. I gave the battery a 5 hour charge. Highly recommend this. The gun gave a good shot for the plastic gearbox. This is a mid price starter gun that feels like it could compete with a high quality gun. It's a great gun for Close quarters. I plan on using mine in indoor ops until the box and motor are upgraded. I like the look and feel of the gun. The poorly mounted rail was the only thing that was missing. Plastic seems very sturdy and feels good in the grip, but it is mostly metal.

👤I would recommend this to anyone trying to buy a full automatic gun, it will do 800 rounds a minute. I upgraded to a Lipo battery because it can do at least 3,000 single fired rounds, but I wouldn't recommend keeping the stock battery because it won't last forever. People won't expect it to be 100$. It's worth it. I fell in love with this 1 because I didn't like ak47s before. I recommend using a 20g bullet because it will shoot straight for at least 10 car lengths. If you want to play with more people, you should get more batteries to keep on hand. I use this gun a lot and give it a hard time, and haven't had a single problem, even though it might have some spots where it could have been built better. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a starter gun.

👤Iron sights can't be adjusted. I returned the first but the second was not better. The rail is mounted to the battery lid so that it doesn't work, but you could add a red dot to fix that. I modified this a lot. The collapsible stock was removed since it's wobbly and I never used it. It shoots 315 frames per second with 0.2g bbs stock, which is perfect for the local indoor center limit. Unless you're willing to fix it's flaws, you're probably better off buying a used gun.

6. CC3HG Recover CC3H System Phantom

CC3HG Recover CC3H System Phantom

The PC ballistic lens can provide enough protection to protect against the effects of the sun. It's perfect for paintball, hunting, shooting, and any other outdoor activities. It's the easiest way to add a rail. No gunsmith or permanent modifications are required for easy installation. It is made from high-grade reinforced Polymer and will not break or damage your gun. ReCover Tactical is compatible. It's a universal fit for most Standard sized 1911 pistols.

Brand: Recover Tactical

👤I liked the grip and rail system. The comfort was perfect for me. I returned it because I want to have my gun concealed when I carry it. Unless you have the time and money to have it completely custom made, there is no holster for that. The rail system is larger and sits lower than the holsters made "with rail". If I ever stop carrying it. I will be buying this again, along with the attachment, if I can use it just from range.

👤I have a standard run of the mill with no rail system. I wanted to get a light attached to it, and found this. It seemed like a no-brainer to add a rail system and a light/laser. There was a fitment issue that had been stated in other reviews. Lining up the screw holes was difficult because the top of the grip system bind against the slide. It made it hard to work the slide. I took a Dremel and a small sanding drum and sanded the top of the grip down, which took about 5 minutes. The grip fit perfectly after being sanded down. The bolts on the rail area do stick out a little, but I don't think this is an issue. I added blue Loctite to help keep things together.

👤I was wavering between the two mounts. The pink color was available for less than the price range I was put off by. I pulled the Trigger on a scratch and Dent one for $20 with plans to paint it black with flat black paint I had on hand. This item is made of plastic. I had to dry fit this to my pistol because it didn't close completely around the lower 2 inches of my pistol's grip. The gap was about 1mm. I tried to close the gap with a dremel but realized that I would have to take too much off to make it fit. I gave it several coats of black paint and cured it onto my gun. I was satisfied with the results after a few minutes. I will add a few strips of grip tape eventually. I still believe that this item is over priced for what is basically two halves of plastic. I like the concept but would prefer to purchase the version with theremovable grip panels at a lower price point. If I had a reset button, I would have used the NCSTAR MAD 1911.

👤I ordered the pink set cause of the reviews because it doesn't fit Rock armory or compact 1911s, so I could modify it without spending a lot of money. They feel good. I had a wilson combat mag well installed and the handle had a lot of space due to the factory bottom grip hole being higher. Everything went together better than expected after the grip hole and mag well were removed. The mag had to be removed by Sucks. Well. I'll modify this grip to allow use of the mag well. I paid $8 for it and would buy it again at full price, but for a full size 1911, it is very nice. I hope I get to go to the range soon to see how it holds up.

7. Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

There are adult safety glasses and 200 AirsoftBBs included. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The speeds can be up to 430 fps, but the co2 is not included. The rifle is easy to handle with the 6 different positions of the stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5 millimeter steel. The accessory rail mounted red dot sight keeps you on target. It's ideal for target practice, with realistic weight, blowback action and functions.

Brand: Bushmaster

👤I bought this for lack of a better description, but the seller has a no return policy on all guns. That's on me. They got me again. They will never get me again if you mark it down. The airgun has a maximum speed of about 286 mph. A pitcher can throw a baseball at 98 mph. He can throw a baseball. The fully automatic action and the product videos made me take in. Again, completely on me. I should have done more research. A handy speed loader is shown in the video. It's supposed to make it easy to load. It jams right away. I am using a steel. I've never been able to loadBB's with the "Handy" speed loader. It doesn't work. The magazine has 25BB's which will empty in about ten seconds. You have to reload and stop. An extra mag costs about 40 dollars. The instructions state that the follower locks back so you can load theBB's easily. It doesn't lock back! It's difficult to hold the follower back with one hand, holding the mag in one hand and pouring theBB's into the tiny hole to refill the mag. I used a hook on one end to open the paint can. There is a short piece of dowel on the shaft. You can grab the follower with the hook and pull it back, but the dowel will slip over the end of the mag and you will have to let go of it. Both hands are free to load. I bought a.97 cent Ketchup squirt bottle after chucking the junky speedloader. I cut the tip off so I can pour them in the mag. The whole mag and speedloader design is terrible. I have been able to get about 4 loads of the mag through the gun before it becomes weak and needs new Co2 cartridges. I would like to see a bigger capacity magazine and Co2 system. It's a fun little gun, not worth the cost, problematic and time consuming to load, and grossly short on Co2 capacity. I wouldn't buy it again from this seller.

👤This thing is great for ripping cans. People laugh in pure glee when I show it off in full auto. It's cool! Magazine works better than a real rifle. It's great for training your muscle memory because the gun shoots great and functions like a real AR. My only complaint is 1. Garbage is what speed loader is. I broke mine on the fifth try. Get a plastic bowl and pour the magazine over it. For later, collect the strays. 2. Extra mags are too expensive and you will want extras.

👤Wow! I own several ar15's and the realism of this air rifle is amazing. It has a picatinny quad rail and ar15 stock. It breaks down like an ar15. It's easy to load with the speed loader and the fully automatic mode is exciting. The only complaint I have is that the lense on my RMR is cracked. The air rifle is great because you can make it your own. Highly recommended!

8. Game Face Ripcord M4 Black

Game Face Ripcord M4 Black

It is easy to shoulder for most users. The magazine has 300 rounds of airsoft. DeLIVERS can go up to 450 frames per second. The mounting rail is made of PICATINNY. For all of your accessories.

Brand: Game Face

👤Anyone know what to do with my gun.

👤I love the gun and want to buy a few more for the kids.

👤The gun is amazing. The quality of the outer construction is good. The stock is sturdy and good for the amount of time it has been in the box. ThePicatinny rail is big enough to mount all the optics you want, but the mag that comes with it is pretty bad. I tightened the stock with a screw and haven't had any issues since. This is a great entry level. Would buy again.

👤I received a slightly different rifle, but I'm quite happy with the purchase. The rifle is made out of hard plastic. It shoots well. It's accurate. The 2nd generation all metal gearbox has a quality hop-up. It has a metal outer barrel. All in all, a high quality piece.

👤The gun looked very good. I had to turn the gun upside down to load and shoot them. The stock fell off as I was shooting. The screw came out of the stock and was holding on by a wire. Do not recommend it to return.

👤The gun is great. I was a bit worried that it was going to be cheap, but it was better than a lot of the guns I've played with. Most mags have a bad fit. It was called gameface customer support. They might start selling them soon. It is a great beginner to intermediate level gun. Highly recommended.

👤My son has had it for 3 days. The gun stock completely came off the rifle. I was able to re- connect the nut with some special tools, but I'm not sure if this will happen again. You can't easily reach the nut. If we have the same issue again, we will look to return.

👤The first gun fired well, but the screws vibrated loose. The second gun is working better than the first.

9. FN 200707 Scar L Spring Rifle

FN 200707 Scar L Spring Rifle

Impact resistance can be used. The mask has a half face. The PC ballistic lens can provide enough protection to protect a person from being hit by a bullet. It's perfect for outdoor sport and activities. Any other outdoors activities. The powerFUL SPRING has 400 FPS with 6mm bullets. Ready to play. Shoots 6mm in a single shot. The REPLICA is made with high strength ABS. The weight is 32.95 lbs. Magazine can hold 350 rounds. Features: Stock and flip-up front and rear sights are collapsible.

Brand: Fn

👤It jams a lot. My son does as well. It could be how it is. It is light and looks cool, as he is a kid and the weight doesn't bother him. It is a nice item.

👤It's very accurate when it's not broken. It only lasted a couple weeks after I bought it a month ago. It was pretty accurate once I had it set in, but a small piece broke inside and prevented it from shooting the next shot. I'd consider returning for a refund and looking for something different, but I decided to exchange for a new one.

👤The gun has been in use for over a year. The bolt handle has broken off and disappeared, and it is broken less than a month later. I would return the item in a second if the box had already been thrown away. I could put a nut and bolt through it myself. I didn't think it would need to be repaired in less than a month.

👤The first pellet gun was purchased for a boy. We didn't want to spend a lot for a first gun. He was very excited about this but was disappointed. The clip is difficult to load and pull down. When you cock it, the pellets jam in the chamber. The pellets we purchased don't seem to work together. When a pellet doesn't come out when fired, there are jams. When you remove the clip, the jammed pellets fall over the place. It was very frustrating and wouldn't recommend.

👤My son took this out of the box on his birthday and the box was destroyed because he was so excited to receive. This gun was very disappointing. I would give it zero stars if I could.

👤If you spend more money you can get an electric one.

10. Magpul Backpacker Stock Ruger Takedown

Magpul Backpacker Stock Ruger Takedown

It's ideal for skills training. The drop-in design of the X-22 is compatible with all factory-made 10/22 takedowns. It's a simple solution for the hunter who wants to transport their rifle in an efficient, convenient package without compromising shooting performance. The barrel assembly can be attached to the stock body with a unique locking interface. The hand guard is made of reinforced polymer. The stock has a storage compartment that can hold up to 3 spare 10Rd magazines. Stock Max width is 1.625 inches.

Brand: Magpul

👤It works perfectly with my Take Down Target model. The Magpul mount was added and a Sig Sauer red dot sight was also added. It shoots 1 inch groups at 50 yards and 2 inch groups at 100 yards. I have a Tactical Solutions compensator.

👤The stock of Ruger is ok, but it is an improvement. The main pocket in the carry case is very light and feels comfortable. There is a The "optic height" stock riser is a good choice for a small scope because it leaves more room in the storage compartment for magazines and a boresnake. The complaint is that the snap-in sockets aren't included. It would cost pennies to include the sockets in the manufacturing. The cost is higher because of a separate purchase.

👤Everyone complains about the gap on other websites. I took it out of ruger stock. There was a gap there as well. So not worried. The original ruger stock had some sloppy movement between handgaurd/barrel to receiver and this stock is a tighter fit. This is tighter than before but still has movement. There is a gap for handgaurd to barrel. Extra clearance for a barrel is something I like. The handgaurd is short. I found that works better for me. I pull the rifle into the shoulder with my index finger. I can pull from one side to the other. It helps me pull back. Every shooter is different. This is a great stock for me and I like the extra compartment in buttstock. It clips together to carry something. I will be building a sweet bench rifle and buying a magpul stock. For this rifle to be used for hiking, camping, or in a truck for the dirt roads. It's perfect for my purpose.

👤I love it! I'm a small lady with little feet, and I love this stock for my gun. I've tried many after market stocks and this one is the best for me. It's light and easy to change out. The length of pull is less than standard rifles, which I need to get adjusted to. Magpul sells an accessory butt pad that can be used to increase the length of pull. It has an extra high cheek pad, which I'm using. Yes. The gap is less than other after market stocks. The stock has extra 10 round magazines in it, or one 10 round magazine and a box of bullets. There's also storage for cleaning batteries in the grip area. It's very clever. The scope is still very lightweight, and I have it mounted on my car. It's missing sling mounts and an extra take down screw, which would be nice to include. It's amazing if there is anything else. Lots of fun. If you want to encourage your wives, girlfriends or daughters to shoot, try this stock. I have multiple firearms, but this stock for my 10/22 is one of my favorites.

👤Quality? I would hope for a better price. I am running a standard barrel and it is snug and tight. The main reason to buy it is that it makes your takedown into one package. The hinged cheekrest was difficult to open. I put the slightly larger one that I intended to use with the ones that were easier to open. I think the standard one I got was a little tight, but it was a minor gripe. You should buy this if you have a 10/22TD. The OD green is pretty dark in real life and if you were hoping for an older worn OD look this is not it. Happy shooting!

11. UTG Sling Pack Multi Firearm Electric

UTG Sling Pack Multi Firearm Electric

There are two front pockets for storing magazines and other shooting gear. There are three Wraparound Carry Handles for Horizontal or Vertical Carry. The Padded Center Divider protects firearms when transporting them together. The front top pocket has backing for the pistol holster.

Brand: Utg

👤It's possible to hold 2 ARs with the extra upper. The top pocket holds my pistols. The middle pocket holds 3 30th mags. I thought the pictured item was too bright a blue. It's comfortable to carry it on your back, but the middle carrying handle can lead to balancing issues when carrying it, which is not a big deal to me. I was looking for a covert bag to carry a pistol and an extra upper that wasn't going to break the bank. I ordered the 30" pack as I was looking for a compact package to carry an ar pistol and an extra upper, but didn't want something that yelled tactical with MOLLE on every square inch of the bag. The pack does an excellent job of keeping everything secure. The extra upper is separate and safe from my AR. I don't need the quick pull feature to draw my gun, but if I do it's nice to know I have it. The front 3 pockets are large enough to hold everything I need to take to the range. The top pocket has a universal pistol holster that can be attached to the pocket with a loop. It is optional to the user and holds my HK VP9 w/comp and a Glock 43 w/TLR6. The middle pocket holds 3 magazines, but could hold more if you needed it. The bottom pocket is the perfect place to keep extra magazines, tools or pistols. If I need another bag, I would recommend this one. The only complaint I have is if the middle handle to carry the bag is only attached to the back of the bag which can lead to balancing issues. For the price and what you get this is a steal, I'm not going to hold that to this product.

👤It is very comfortable to carry. You can carry it in a variety of ways. It can be used to carry two long guns and one handgun. I only use it for my vehicle. The Meprolight Reflex Sight and 30 round mag can fit in the 18th century tsar. Each of the two large pockets has enough room for two 30 round mags. The handgun pocket is used for the IWI cleaning kit. The muzzle cannot seat all the way into the muzzle pocket because of the cocking handle. It's not designed for fast access but is more of a carry bag with no attention. 5 starts are not a big deal to me.

👤I received the UTG ABC Sling pack today, but I have no idea how it will hold up. This looks pretty good at half the price of my 511 Covrt. It is the same length but slightly heavier because it can hold two rifles. I like that it has more carry handles. I wanted another Covrt but found this for less. It can hold 2 rifles and a pistol. I will use it and see how it fits two rifles. I will add a few pictures.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun ar?

Electric airsoft gun ar products from Umarex. In this article about electric airsoft gun ar you can see why people choose the product. Elite Force and Dpms are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun ar.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun ar?

Umarex, Elite Force and Dpms are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun ar. Find the detail in this article. Gunskins, Game Face and Recover Tactical are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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