Best Electric Airsoft Gun Charger

Gun 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Battery Charger 400 700mA Charging Converter

Battery Charger 400 700mA Charging Converter

The brands are comparable at a low cost. NiCd battery packs can be charged with the 12V 400mA-700mA NiMH battery charger. Also, note: Do not charge LiPo batteries, this is only for NiMH/NiCd batteries. The RC car battery pack can be charged from 2.4v to 12v. Plug, mini Tamiya battery plug, JST battery plug, SM 2P battery plug, Futaba/JR/Hitec Transmitter Receiver Plug, Frsky X9D X9D. Plus. The barrel plug can connect to the x9d transmitter. The FrSky Taranis X9DP/X9E transmitter battery and other device can be charged with an AC to Dc power adapter. The battery charging status is shown by the simple LEDs. Green light for charging and red light for processing. There are built-in safety protections against reverse polarity, short circuit, and over-current protection. The universal 100-240V AC input allows this to be used anywhere. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Hobbymate

👤The current it sends to the battery is below 1 Amp. It's best suited for battery packs under 1,000 mAh. Slow current charging is what I prefer. I was able to charge the 6cell 4500 mAh NiMH battery with it. The above battery has an EC3 connection, but I have a Tamyia style plug. The NiMH battery has a per-cell charge of between 1.5 and 1.44 volts. The pack was charged to 8.66V. The cell's power consumption is 1.44v per cell. The lower side is slightly better for longevity. It will take a couple of hours to charge the big battery because the current from the charger is on the long side. When the NiMH battery is full, a smart charger must stop charging it and leave it connected to the battery for a couple of days. I want to see if the battery stayed cool. That was the case. The trickle chargers that were first designed for NiCd batteries could easily over charge NiMH batteries. I wanted to make sure the NiCd program was not applied to the NiMh battery. It passed the test. The NiCD chemistry batteries get slightly worm when the end charge is done, this is correct for NiCd batteries. The plugs are connected to the charger via a standard 12V barrel plug. It is possible to take the connectors off and use them for other applications outside of the charging station. There are no exposed leads in the plugs. I have a variety of different plugs for my batteries, with the exception of the Turnigy/HXT 4mm plug on our Redcat TR10 car. I would recommend that there be an optional switch to allow for slightly higher Amps, a moderate beep to indicate when the NiMh is done, and a slightly longer cord. I got this thing as a gift, and now use it to charge off batteries without removing them from the cars. There is a I just move around where the car is, rather than bring the car to the charging station because it's small and portable. I didn't expect that, but it's good to have.

👤The NiMh battery that I use for my R/C transmitter is simple to charge. I had to swap out one of the plugs, but now I just have to plug it in and wait for the green light to come on. Before I had to remember settings, I had to tie up a hobby battery charge. The pack should last the longest because the battery is charged at my preferred 400mA. The battery display shows the transmitter at a rate of 1.45v per cell, which is what my hobby charges would be.

👤The plug is wired backwards. I'm pretty sure this is the reason the battery no longer charges. My battery was fried. It doesn't charge my other batteries with different plugs. The red light came on when I plugged in my battery. The morning light was green. The RC Car battery no longer worked after being plugged in. Green light comes on when the battery is plugged in. I noticed that the wires were not in line with how they should be. I'm buying a new bat. It would have worked if the wires were in the correct location.

2. Tenergy Balance Charger Airsoft Connector

Tenergy Balance Charger Airsoft Connector

The stick shape butterfly battery can fit most airsoft guns and is made from 1/3A NiMH battery cells. There is a mini Tamiya connector for batteries. A 12-month warranty is included in the charge. The charge 1S - 4S Li-Ion/Li-Po/LiFePO4 battery packs are balanced by the TN 267 charging bag. The current is 1.0A. You can know the status of your battery with the indicator. The external AC adapter has a voltage of 100V-240V. The LiPo/Li-ion 3.7V-14.8V or LiFePO4 3.2V-12.8V batteries are compatible with this battery pack balance charger. 12 month warranty is included.

Brand: Tenergy

👤I received an rc car with a 220-240V charging port and needed to charge the 2S LiPo battery. I have only used the balance charger for one charge cycle and hope it lasts. It took about 80 minutes to fully charge my battery. The chargingLED worked with red and green. The battery was charged up to 8.31 V and I measured the hottest spot on the underside. Without a built-in fan, this device relies on cooling through the air. To avoid overheating components and possibly causing malfunction or failure, I suggest making sure there is plenty of air around the device when charging and keeping the charger upright. I noticed that the device stopped charging after the charging was done. Very happy with the safety feature. It is a handy and inexpensive device.

👤This is a great device. Works well and is very versatile. It charges all my drones from xk k 120 (2s 300mah), xk k 120 (1s 450mah), and xk k 120 (3s 450mah). You don't need any other charger. I'm not a big fan of the power brick style of wall adapter, so I only charge one battery at a time. I would rather have a normal wall plug. I confirm that it did work for my 4s battery as well, and that it was just an awesome charger.

👤This is an easy to use battery. I check the 4 cells with a multimeter and they are always the same. It doesn't have an error Beep or light flashing. It doesn't make any noise. When balancing and charging the red light changes to green. The balance plug that has the two little ribs on one side is all you need. The light weight of the charger makes it warm. I let it hang off the furniture.

👤This is a great balancing battery accessory. It works well and is a good price. Small and light are pro's. 3 different battery chemistries are charged. External Power Supply can use a car-lighter cable. Does not get hot. It's slower than some other chargers. There are no lights to tell how far along it is. Only charging and finished. You can have 2 or more running to get your batteries charged. You can charge your batteries from a car battery. The device is compact and practical.

👤I've used it to charge a 4s and a 2s battery at the same time. It's slow to charge, but it's the safest for the battery. There was a wall charge. When I re-wired the battery, I put one of the lines in the wrong spot, but the reverse polarity protection worked well and flashed green/red until I broke out a voltmeter to check. It works well for the price and gets slightly warm with use.

👤The Syma X8C and Syma X8W drones have Li-Po batteries. It takes about an hour and 30 minutes to charge. The charger charges and balances cells. If you have spare batteries for your drones, I suggest you buy a single charging point for them. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and can recommend this product to anyone who needs cheap and reliable Li-Po batteries.

3. GFR37PKT Warrior Protection Spring Powered Single Shot

GFR37PKT Warrior Protection Spring Powered Single Shot

Recover the holster compatible with the HC11 The single shot air rifle has a 400 round capacity and speeds up to 350 mph. A single shot that is spring-powered. The air soft pistol has a 14-round clip and speeds up to 200 frames per second. All-WeATHER SYNTHETIC DESIGN. There is a 1,000-count 6mm Air SoftBBs. You can take both guns onto the field of play.

Brand: Game Face

👤This is a good product for beginners. The pistol does its job and the rifle is accurate. This is a good set for beginners.

👤The rifle is made of plastic. It is a good quality gun with fast firing speeds and plenty of power. The quality of the stock is excellent. The speed loader system makes loading the mag much easier. The front sight is adjusted. The gun has a nice finish and the holster is cool. I give it 4 stars because of a few small issues. The path of the bb is generally consistent, but there are times when it will hop up or down. You will have to dry fire the gun and recock it to put a gun in the chamber after it is cocked. When the mag is partially full, 2 or 3 bbs will leave the well. I know this can't be solved with some mags, but it's kind of annoying. I don't think this is a bad gun because these may be issues with my unit. This is a good investment and I would recommend it to anyone who collects guns.

👤The rifle is very accurate and powerful, the handgun is accurate at small distances and comes with a holster. It has a small back of bbs which is nice. The gun went off, but I contacted crosman and they sent me a brand new gun. It is the best kit for the price.

👤The rifle was a good rifle for beginners. For the price, accuracy and consistency isn't there. The pistol is light and cheap, but it didn't shoot straight out of the box, as I expected. Trigger had no tension, so I think it's either broken or disconnected. We sent it back. It is not bad if both work.

👤I bought this for my brother's 15th birthday and he loves playing video games. I thought this would be a way to get him outside. Sometimes the rifle does not fire when we are shooting it. It doesn't cycle a round, but it doesn't jam either. It was a great toy for him to play with and he loves it. 4/5

👤The "shake to load" technic does not work well and the pistoltrigger broke immediately. The poor loading method makes rifle not worth the effort.

👤I bought this for my son. The rifle is working. The pistol jammed and broke the second time it was used and is not a very accurate shot. The rifle is worth buying, but not at the price of the pistol.

👤The pistol broke after one shot. You have to pull back on the slide to shoot the gun.

4. MetalTac Airsoft Bio Degradable Perfect Precision

MetalTac Airsoft Bio Degradable Perfect Precision

The NiMh battery pack has superior quality and safety certifications. The quality of theBBs is high. There are 5,000 rounds per bag. TheBBs are 0.20g and 52.95mm. It is possible to use perfectBBs on expensive AEGs. The brands are comparable at a low cost.

Brand: Metaltac

👤Most bio bbs take decades to break down while plastic ones take thousands of years.

👤What is it that is Biodegradable? Maybe in a lifetime. After weeks, the sprinklers run every day.

👤I got these because they were cheap. They work the same as the non-biodegradable ones I had before. I have not had any jamming issues. I tested them and they are the same strength as the non-biodegradable type. It surprised me. I will buy more when I run out. I ran out. I did a subscription. I received two Cyma Cm028As. I will be using a lot. They still perform well. These things are guzzled by those Cyma. There have been no complaints so far. I will update if I have any.

👤Consistent and polished. It doesn't mean ten days or even ten weeks. It might take a decade or more for a plastic to break down. Conventional plastics take thousands of years to be improved by this TREMENDOUS improvement. Always buy non-toxic products.

👤The 6mm pellet set-up works perfectly with the 7mm inner diameter titanium straw as a pea shooter set-up. It's fun. TiTo Titanium straw supper with a cleaning brush. The product is 7mm X 0.4mm.

👤I was going to put the bag on the shelf, but it fell out in the kitchen. The bag doesn't reseal even when you press the portion of the bag that is open hard. A mess! You need to get a better bag. Not happy.

👤I like that it's made from renewable resources. We don't have to pick them up when we are outside. My son and I use them in various rifles, from the cheapo's to our semi pro M4 AEGs, and not one has broken in side or caused a malfunction. They don't sell them in the 10,000 count package because we go through a lot. When Amazon ran out of elite forces, I got a bottle of it for less than it costs now. If you have to load a bunch of mags, the bag is not an ideal package.

👤These came up when I was searcjed. The package makes them look like they are glowing in the dark, but they are not. I should have read the description more carefully.

👤I use those for grenades. Great food. Not recommended for long range weapons.

👤There were multiple jams in hopup. I've used many other bbs. These were the only jams that I had. Would not buy again.

👤I found these to be the best. Good job, perfect balance.

👤A gift was purchased. The receiver liked them.

👤It works well in my son's guns. I like that they are not harmful to the environment.

5. Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

The sights are fixed and licensed. A heavy-weight, full-metal body. The speeds can be up to 400 and 500 with.177 caliber pellets. The COMPATIBLE WITH.177-CALIBER PELLETS OR.TREDITIONAL STEEL BBs are not included. Proper and safe handling is the goal. To stay on target, there is a fixed blade front sight and adjusted rear sight. It's ideal for skills training.

Brand: Crosman

👤I love it. It scares my squirrel out of the bird feeders. I ring the cow bell and they hate it. They should be kept out and eaten their own feed. I don't share for squirrels, but I feed them all.

👤The pellet pistol has a hammer but is not noticeable. Not the most accurate. The price was very heavy. It's got some weight to it if you shoot the person in the face a few times and club them with it.

👤The air pistol works well. It was a present for my dad and he loves it. When it comes to loading and unloading a pistol, the bullets work like they are real. The bees are inside the bullets. Highly recommended.

👤The air gun is heavy. I have not seen a real one. I think they might be a little smaller. It seems to be more accurate with pellets. I hit a target at 35 feet. It seemed to shoot a little high and to the left, with only one bullseye, but that may have been my aim. I found the Colt revolver casings fit the air rifle I had purchased, and they are interchangeable. The slide safety/cylinder release is my only complaint. When I took the gun out of the plastic confinement, I couldn't move the slide from safety because I couldn't open the cylinder. I used a rubber mallet to force it to lose. I have to repeat the process of getting it free when I put it on safety. The support I received from Crosman was helpful, but they are aware of the problem, which will make it difficult to use the safety. The problem will be fixed in the future. Quality control would have caught the problem before it was sold. The screw holding the safety button should be removed first, then the slider should be used to remove the burr. They suggested that I use a rubber mallet to hit the slider so that I wouldn't scratch the finish. For the price, I would recommend the gun. I want you to know that I fired 42 shots and had plenty of air left, so you can get from 80 to 100 shots from a single CO2 cylinder.

👤It came new in a box, but there were missing parts, so you have to buy things separately to use the pellet gun. I wanted a stress free purchase and to get what I ordered, not a reject piece, is a burden. The vendor's 800 number is not in working order. Customer service and integrity have been affected. Totally disappointed.

👤The plastic grip doesn't want to stay on the handle. The pellet gun is of the highest quality. Everything is metal. Good weight to it. Solid power.

👤Be careful, it looks real.

👤Abierto, el blister viene. Artculo procedente de una devolucin? Parece, el estado es correcto. La empuadura is a demasiado. Algunos compradores. El acabado es bueno. No repetir vendedor, el asunto del blister is suficiente. No tiene un producto no Amazon.

6. Tenergy Nunchuck Connector Butterfly 8 4V 9 6V

Tenergy Nunchuck Connector Butterfly 8 4V 9 6V

The universal 100-240V AC input allows this to be used anywhere. The compact battery charger is compliant with the high standard set forth by the certification. M4A1, M4A2, M4A1, M4A2, M4A1, M4A2, M4A1, M4A2, M4A1, M4A2, M4A1, M4 They recommend measuring the gun compartment for the best fit. Tenergy 9.6V NiMH battery pack has a high capacity rating of 1600mAh that provides more playtime for your rifles. The smart battery charger has protection against short circuit and reverse polarity. Do not charge for LiPO batteries if you use this charger for NiMH batteries. The Tenergy intelligent battery charger has a standard to mini Tamiya connection and is great for most popular RC hobbies batteries. It works for any NiMH battery pack that uses a standard or mini Tamiya connection. The stick shape butterfly battery can fit most airsoft guns and is made from 1/3A NiMH battery cells. There is a mini Tamiya connector for batteries. A 12-month warranty is included in the charge.

Brand: Tenergy

👤My son charged the battery from the box. The battery was charged to 11.06v instead of 9.6v, which is false. We only tested the battery's voltage after we put the battery in the rifle and tried to dry fire. I guess I will from now on. The rifle stopped working after a high pitched whine. We don't know what is wrong with the rifle. We will have to get a new battery to find out. The $30 battery may turn into a much more expensive situation. The fuse is in working order.

👤I own a colt. The stock battery was a little slower than this one. I need to replenish it before I use it again. I shoot single shots for target practice so it lasts forever for me. When I first got full auto, I used it to see how long it would last, but my session ended before the battery ran out. I would buy it again, it seems like a good product.

👤The battery is good. The dwell time is very short and it runs fast on full auto and semi shots. The battery and the charger are both good. It can charge other packs as well, and has a larger tamiya connection. You could use it to charge a variety of different NiMh packs. The new battery took 4-5 hours to charge. Slow charging is easier on the batteries than fast charging. If you need to have power, you should get a second battery. The simplicity of red, green, and complete can't be beat.

👤I had used this battery before but it came with defects and I only used it once. I had great enthusiasm with this battery. Tenergy Corporation solved the issue for me and I'm very happy with the way they dealt with me as a customer. I think it's a great idea. Tenergy Corporation, thank you.

👤The battery on my gun is a little short. The stock does not close all the way because I have a M4. I have a longer wire for the old battery. I didn't have this issue. I'm a newb at this so I'm not sure if this is me or the unit. Everything works well.

👤The battery takes a long time to charge. The product works well, and I have not had any problems with it. This battery is compatible with air soft mp5 or mp5.

👤It worked for about 100 rounds when I used the battery on the charger for my new rifle. I had to borrow a spare battery from a friend. I put it back on the charge and it is reading like it is fully charged. I played for 4 hours on the borrowed battery, and I know it was not the weapon. Next weekend is the last chance to try this one.

👤I bought a black ops M4 and a tenergy battery from Amazon and it almost caught fire, but I have other pictures, so be careful with these two products together, as the stock was so hot it could've burned you.

7. SplatRball Certified Compatible SRB1200 SRB400 SUB

SplatRball Certified Compatible SRB1200 SRB400 SUB

There are built-in safety protections against reverse polarity, short circuit, and over-current protection. The universal 100-240V AC input allows this to be used anywhere. Buy with confidence. In 4 hours, the ball exploded. The fragment on impact is from the ball. It can be rehydrated. It won't stain the surfaces. R Ball has a 7.5mm gun.

Brand: Splatrball

👤People who buy a splatrball blaster for the first time should get 50% off. The product is the only one that can be used so you have to buy it. They work in the blaster. It was halfway through them with the neighborhood kids.

👤The beads grow well. The only problem is that on the back of the bottle, it states that there are 2,500 pieces of ammo grown to 7.5mm, which is not true. I bought a gun that comes with orbeez packets and they say it grows 1,200 pieces of ammo. There were more beads in the 1,200 count packet than there were in the supposedly 2,500 count beads out of the bottle. The packets or the bottle are wrong. I don't think it's possible to get my money back due to me already using the product. It is a great product. It says that the amount of beads should grow but doesn't actually amount to what it says is not acceptable.

👤The bullets worked well on the gun. My kids and husband had a great time.

👤I put the 3 star because of the taxes and shipping but I found the same thing for 9 dollars.

👤My son's spladerballgun grows much faster than expected.

👤My son liked this product a lot.

👤It was very cheap to get here in a day.

8. Game Face GFR37 Powered Mil Style

Game Face GFR37 Powered Mil Style

The product is not allowed into the state of New York. Smooth bore barrel, synthetic stock. 400 round magazine has a high capacity. The rail is mounted on the Picatinny. Fixed blade front sight.

Brand: Game Face

👤There is a secret pouch in the butt stock and it is partly made of metal. There are mounts. 10/10

👤I don't have a lot of experience with Airsoft, but these things seem pretty accurate and have a really good range for a novice. It had a lot of fun and hasn't had any issues yet. It is plastic, but it is pretty well made, and it is hard to use when you are in the dark. It's not the best. It is highly recommendable other than that one issue.

👤I don't like that rifle. I have to cock it every time but the battery powered version is $150 more accurate than the one I have to use. Great buy!

👤This gun is what I wanted. It's medium weight, has metal gears, and has a little storage in the butt stock. The buttstock did fall off once, but it was an easy fix. One setting makes it go farther and another makes it go less far. It's best to have 6mm. It has a scope that you can adjust in the front or back. The buttstock is adjusting. It can carry 20BB's each load and 500 in the magazine. It's not hard to cock, it's not battery powered, but it's pretty good. It hasn't jammed yet. It's pretty much what I wanted, but I suggest using it for Airsoft battles.

👤Good buy and good quality.

👤Two of these were bought for training. I was able to fix it quickly after taking it apart and seeing the problem. The plastic is quality and not creaky, but where the buffer tube is attached to the gun it is not very stable so it wiggles a bit. You can call gameface and order magazines if you want to look at the answered questions. All of it. They work well for practicing handling a rifle and they're fun to hang out with.

👤Always have an adult with your child.

👤I gave this to my friend. It was still accurate even with some wind.

👤Excellent rifle for beginners. My son and I are having hours of fun, with a few small modifications, and we look and shoot like the real deal. So far, so good.

👤The rifle was bought to cause a response from the squirrels. When they jump on the feeders, notion is to shoot them and they will associate the sting with the feeders. The rifle doesn't have enough power to surprise the squirrels at a range of 15 feet. Need more oomph, but not so much as to hurt them. The gun shoots a little higher than the sights, but it's manageable.

👤It was a little gift. It works well for the price. It looks and feels like a child's toy. The end is bright orange. We made it black. Does not have a special scope. This would make the sight line better. All in all works. It's price line didn't make me think of high tech or sophisticated. Not suitable for young children. Quick delivery. For immediate use, the pellets were arrived.

9. SplatRball SRB1200 Rechargeable Splatter Electric

SplatRball SRB1200 Rechargeable Splatter Electric

50,000 bullets were included in the 5 Pack of 10,000 ball bullets. 11 rounds per second is the full auto water gel blaster action. The battery sends the gun downrange. 1,200 water gel rounds, zero re-loads. Shoot 1,200 water bead rounds with your mag. The complete water gel blaster kit includes: water bead gel blaster, 1,200 round water gel drum magazine, 6,000 water ball Splat R ball, safety glasses, and a rechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery with charging cable. Splatter Ball Gun. The water ball bead can be seen on impact. They are non-toxic and can be rehydrated. It was easy to clean up. 5000 shots per battery charge is powered by a 7.4V rechargable battery. The high performance water ball blaster has a splat ball that can be used to hit up to 11 balls per second. The SRB1200 is a water bead blaster. Up to 200 feet per second! The water gel ball blaster has a blue light up bar on both sides. It has a futuristic look to it. Normally only seen in high end water blasters. The full size splatter ball gun has a high quality synthetic design.

Brand: Splatrball

👤I recommend it for sure.

👤I used the lower level one that my nephew got from Walmart and it was amazing, so I decided to get this one. I ordered it from Amazon because it was sold out at both Walmart and the website. I only used it once and it is malfunctioning. Huge disappointment.

👤This thing is hard enough to get my friend running for cover from a good distance, and it shoots for 2 minutes without stopping. You can't turn off the leds when you want since their motion activated.

👤The gun worked for about 3 minutes and then they made a noise. I won't be able to change it for another.

👤Excellent quality! The packaging was attractive. The seller was very nice. I wish all sellers were like this.

👤I have a gun that is more powerful than this one, but it is not as fast.

👤This is the best gun. It is a lot of fun playing with other people. It was worth every penny. If you are playing against friends, make sure to wear protective glasses.

👤There was still a lot of bullets in the toy, even though it was fun to shoot.

10. Tenergy Universal Batteries Compatible Connectors

Tenergy Universal Batteries Compatible Connectors

The NiCd/NiMH battery pack charger provides 1Amp or 2Amp options. 1Amp is recommended for 1000-1800mAh packs, and 2Amp is recommended for any pack over 2000mAh. The universal smart charger charges battery packs based on automatic voltage detection. You can charge your NiCd battery packs that are 6V, 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V, 10.8V and 12V. Easy to use, a great RC car battery charger with simple indicators for charging status. The green and red light are used for charging. You can power all your hobbies with a hobby battery charger. NiMh/NiCd battery packs can be used for RC Cars and remote controlled toys. There is a standard to mini Tamiya adapter and a standard to Alligator Clips adapter. Tenergy's chargers are tested and certified to meet American standards. The temperature sensor is included in the charging device. A 12-month warranty is included in the charge.

Brand: Tenergy

👤The Tenergy Universal RC Battery Charger was purchased by me. When the packs are fully charged, it won't shut off because it will charge them to too high of a voltage and cause the packs to swell. I use the 1 Amp setting and these are 6.8 Amp packs so I'm charging at a C/7 rate. I put a meter on my other packs after experiencing this. I stopped charging manually when I saw that they were going into over-charge conditions. It doesn't detect when the pack is fully charged or the nominal voltage of the pack. I would expect it to detect that I'm charging packs that aren't fully run down. I will test to see if discharging the packs down to near depletion will result in a proper charge. If that is the case, I will give a higher rating and update my review.

👤Do not buy because they say all safety for over charging or overheating is not true. My battery caught fire and almost burned down my house. The awning and boat radio were burned up.

👤We have had this for about a year and a half. My son's rifle has a butterfly battery. The temperature sensor will shut the charger off if the batteries start to get hot. Before you use it, read all of the information. Someone had a battery blow up on them while they were using it. It was not a manufacturer defect. He rigged it to try to charge something that wasn't designed to charge instead of returning it and buying the right one. He didn't use the temp sensor. He was lucky that it didn't burn his house down.

👤This little thing is the best for batteries. Plug the battery in and walk away. The charging style for the specific battery is changed by it. The light on the charger turns green when the battery is full. That's it! It has a switch that tells the charger whether to charge at 1 Amp or 2 Amp. If I'm in a hurry, I can switch over to 2amp if I need it. You can rubber-band the battery with the temperature probe. If the battery gets too warm, it will shut itself off.

👤I bought a NiMH battery pack and this was the recommended charging point. It charges at 1 or 2 Amps and auto senses the pack voltage up to 12V. It doesn't say that it goes into trickle mode at full charge, but it does say that the pack cools to room temp once the green "full charge" light goes on. I soldered alligator clips to the leads of the cable I removed. The other cable is for RC cars. If you need a NiMH charge for a variety of packs that need 1 or 2amps, this should be the one for you.

👤The price of the Fisher Price Spike the Dinosaur was charged. The original charge was lost. It's not a perfect fit so you have to work the prongs a tad to get it in, some reviewers said it could catch fire, but I've had no problems at all. I place it on a plate in case we need to throw it outside. When the green light goes off, I don't leave it unattended. The first couple times the light goes off. It didn't last for more than 15 minutes. When the green light goes on, I plug it in again and again, and then I turn it on again. This seems to be trying to get more juice. playtime is never more than 30 minutes. He's looking for a charge for Big Foot. This won't work because the plug needs a square and triangle.

11. Tenergy Battery 6 0V 9 6V Standard Connector

Tenergy Battery 6 0V 9 6V Standard Connector

Tenergy's chargers are tested and certified to meet American standards. The temperature sensor is included in the charging device. A 12-month warranty is included in the charge. Stay charged up. The NiMH battery packs can be charged with the 12V 400mA NiMH battery charger. Also, note: The only batteries that can be charged are NiMH/NiCd batteries. The NiMH/NiCd 9.6V (8S) battery pack is a hobby battery pack that can be used for RC cars and remote controlled toys. A standard/large Tamiya connection is included. They recommend that you find the voltage and connector for the best fit. The easy-to-use indicators on the 9.6V battery charger quickly know your battery charging status. The green and red light are used for charging. There are features against reverse polarity, short circuit, and over-current protection in this 9.6V RC battery charger. The universal 100-240V AC input allows this to be used anywhere. The compact battery charger is compliant with the high standard set forth by the certification.

Brand: Tenergy

👤The FisherPrice "Spike the ultra dinosaur" is not an exact replacement for the one in the picture.

👤The charge indicator will never turn green if the battery is 9.6v. I tried to charge a 7.2v but it stayed red the whole time. It would take about 4 hours to charge a 2000mA battery with this charger. Don't wait for the green light to go on and you will have a hot battery.

👤The original battery that comes with the spike the ultra dinosaur will work with the charger, but it won't fit in the battery housing. I had to widen the housing to make it fit into the original battery. I let the dinosaur sit for 6 hours and it worked perfectly.

👤Don't waste your money. It takes 14-16 hours to charge a battery. You have to be there for the whole 14-16 hours. You can get a nice rapid charger for $10 more. Don't bother.

👤It's horrible. When I finished charging my rc, the light didn't say when it was done. I purchase this one. The battery was on the charge for 3 days. Light never turned green. I go to check it out. The battery is very hot. The counter's paint melted. I think I would have waited longer. I would have been in the house. The battery is dead after I put it back in rc. I got a brand new rc for Christmas and need a new battery. To finish it off. I have to return it quickly. I don't get charged. Purchase a new battery.

👤The tamaya style plug is a basic wall charger. There are charges at 300 mah. Not a quick charge. It takes about 6 hours to charge my rc battery. Not bad for the price. The red light isCharging. A faulty battery. There is a The green light is fully charged. The second use of the charger stopped working and it took over 12 hours to fully charge my battery.

👤If you gently adjust the connectors to fit, Spike dinosaur will be charged. I was charged for 8 hours. The light on the charger was not blinking at first, but it became red later. It was never green. It worked at a very low price. I unplugged the battery from the light. The big spike dinosaur is working again after a decade. Grand kids and dogs don't know what to think I think that's correct.

👤My son's model of a gun uses this charger. It did not fit his gun. It has the wrong end. I think it was a female end and needs to be a male end. The customer support number rang when I tried to contact them. I couldn't resolve the issue. It was a disappointment.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun charger?

Electric airsoft gun charger products from Hobbymate. In this article about electric airsoft gun charger you can see why people choose the product. Tenergy and Game Face are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun charger.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun charger?

Hobbymate, Tenergy and Game Face are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun charger. Find the detail in this article. Metaltac, Crosman and Splatrball are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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