Best Electric Airsoft Gun Full Metal

Gun 26 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Powerful Precision Spring Airsoft Sniper

Powerful Precision Spring Airsoft Sniper

Bipod and Scope were included. 450+FPS with.20gBB. The package includes a Scope, Bipod, and Speed Loader. Super accurate and realistic. The product is not allowed into the state of New York. The department is called Airsoft. Scope and Bipod were included. The material is aluminum. Sport type.

Brand: Bbtac

👤I love this thing. I bought it for my son, but he was pretty sure I bought it for myself. I shoot it around the yard. I allow him to shoot it occasionally. He was set up at the shooting range by me. The.32 gram pellets are much more accurate than the.20 gram pellets that I have. The product is called "B0085PMPEQ" and it is available on the store.

👤I received the package on time. There was no sling in the packaging. The hop up was set to one direction and after 60 feet it dropped into the dirt. After pulling the gun apart, I found that the hop up was screwed in so tightly that it wasn't reachable with the tool provided until I twisted it back out. I was able to adjust it from inside the stock. It's fairly accurate with.20gBBs but would suggest a spring upgrade and use.40gBBs for longer distances. All in all a good gun and a good scope. The stock is very loose and a bit of a hassle. Not a bad starter. Better mounting of the stock would have netted a 5 star. I had the stock come off already, but the screw in the stock that was loose on arrival wouldn't hold the stock on until I tightened it up.

👤Within the first ten minutes, I bought this for the event, and I didn't even shoot at it yet. The stock is starting to get wobbly. I think I can deal with it. When I am about to take a shot, it gets even more wobbly to the point where it isn't accurate, so I'm thinking if I can even use it. I couldn't because after another try at shooting the whole stock comes off and now it's a sniper pistol. Luckily my dad was there and he said I could use his rifle because he was more of a spectator. I am trying to return it for my money, but it is not letting me. What a terrible gun.

👤The gun was a good starter rifle. I started firing the gun and it didn't fly very well because it didn't come with a sling. You had to tighten it up with an Allen wrench after the power was turned down. I haven't had any other problems yet. This is a great gun. Also subscribe to MasonM 24.

👤My son loves it and I gave it to him for Christmas. He put the scope on and saw it. He said he could probably shoot the birds from the neighbors yard if I would let him.

👤A tripod and gun were good.

👤It is built to survive abuse, but it is not accurate at all. At 25 yards, you should expect your shots to land in a 12 in circle of where you're aiming.

👤The trash unit fell apart after 5 shots because of poor craftmanship. The company gives refunds and exchanges for poor products.

2. Crosman GameFace ASGM47 Spring Powered Single Shot

Crosman GameFace ASGM47 Spring Powered Single Shot

It's ideal for target practice, with realistic weight, blowback action and functions. Holds 250 air soft guns. The front and rear sight are hooded.

Brand: Game Face

👤This product is not what they say it is. They claim that it comes with a clip for 18 bbs. They claim that they operate on electric full auto or single shot manual cocking mode. There are no sites on this toy. My son thinks it looks cool and I gave it two stars.

👤I bought this to help me control a flock of chickens that were starting to nest in a tree outside my bedroom window. It worked well. Wanted something that would scare the birds. Did not want to hurt or kill them. TheBB's sting a little at distances over 15 ft. It is possible that the bb could break the skin. The slam fire action is great for spraying an area. The loud sound it makes when you cock it is something I like. The chickens ran whenever they heard it. Great for controlling varmints.

👤Everything that is said about this gun is different except for the first person shooter, which I can't test. It only holds 18 shots, has no sights, and is not electric.

👤I plan to use it for short-medium range sniping. I like this rifle because it has a hop up for added shot distance and I can add a scope for accuracy. I found a small modification that works with the gun.

👤This is good at what it does. It's worth pointing out that it's capable of firing in full- auto with a battery or manual pump-action, but it would appear to not have any electric capability. I've taken this gun apart and reassembled it a few times, but there's no motor or battery spots, so that's not really accurate. A high rate of fire can be obtained by "slam-firing", which is to say, holding thetrigger and continually pumping, with each pump causing a shot. The construction is solid, though the sling attachment points are a little weak, and the pump handle is not locked in the forward position, meaning you can load multipleBBs, but it's not meant to do that. I'm not going to count any points against my case because it's possible I sustained damage during stocking or shipping. The magazine is fuzzy because it only holds nineteen rounds, and you have to manually load another nineteen pellets before you can fire again. I strongly recommend buying some sort of equipment for it, as it doesn't have iron sights and using the tactical rail as a "sight" doesn't work very well. It's a good gun for the price range, and it's quite accurate once you get a feel for it, though I recommend heavierBBs due to the higher velocity of the gun. Good frame construction, slam-fire, feels comfortable. Weak plastic sling mounts, slow reload, and finding spare magazines is difficult. I recommend this one for backyard fun and casual matches because I am a seasoned airsoft player with a wide variety of guns.

👤The barrel is not straight. Is this the reasonBBs don't shoot accurately? The mine has 20g. They should have more weight, which will make them more accurate. The small magazine only holds 18BBs, not 250BBs. This description should be fixed.

3. Electric Airsoft Collapsible Fps 250 Airsoft

Electric Airsoft Collapsible Fps 250 Airsoft

.68 Caliber milsim styled scenario paintball marker The M4 rifle is a replica of the US Army's M4 rifle Electric powered (AEG) Velocity.

Brand: Velocity Airsoft

👤It's ok for beginners, but it's very inaccurate and the scope isn't very good. You can't call that. My kids toy guns have better sights. You can't see through it and it holds the bbs. There is a reason this one is so cheap.

👤Don't buy this product. After my son opened this on Christmas and was very disappointed, I felt compelled to write a product review. It is made of cheap plastic. You have to put the bullets in through the hole that the scope goes through. We only had a few bullets in it. The battery is not a lithium battery, but a different type of battery, which is shown in the instructions. Unless it's from a legit company, don't buy an airsoft gun online.

👤I would not recommend this for new players if they were really into airsoft.

👤Not accurate at all. The scope is only for pieces of plastic. The gun discharges through the scope and into the magazine. I couldn't find any extra magazines online.

👤The gun is a single shot. If the rear grip wasn't broken, it would have been nice.

👤The gun is good for the money, but needs more distance. My guns shoot further.

👤I hit it on my garage door and the stock broke, but it's pretty accurate.

4. Umarex Beretta Blowback Full Auto Caliber

Umarex Beretta Blowback Full Auto Caliber

To stay on target is the purpose of the relocated pop-up sight and adjusted rear sight. A realistic blowback action with a.177 caliber air pistol. The CO2 not included is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 310 frames per second. All metal construction is durable and realistic. Features fixed front and rear tactical sights.

Brand: Umarex

👤Don't buy any other air guns and get this one now. You will not be disappointed. I have been in love since I opened the box. It shoots very accurately. The accuracy of the laser sight improved to near perfect after I purchased it. Need I say more? It does shoot full auto, doesn't jam, and sounds amazing. The blow back is realistic. It's a huge help to learn how to hold, breathe, etc. When shooting. If you want, you can shoot in your bedroom with this air gun. The only thing I would recommend is buying this piece. If you're out in public or around people, be very careful. The air gun is realistic and so far, not one person I've shown it to has been able to tell it's not a real Beretta. The purchase of an air gun has made me start collecting more. I have found a new hobby. Excellent product, Umarex!

👤I was able to use the gun for 24 hours. After the third mag, the safety wouldn't engage consistently. The right side of the safety blew off of the gun while it was being fired. The safety fell out when I cleared the chamber. The gun does not fire now. It is being returned. I can't trust another gun of the same model if it happened again, as many other reviews have reported.

👤The gun is very good, it was fun to shoot it, but the only thing that made me come back was the safety switch. The slide wouldn't come off when trying to disassemble it, and the safety wouldn't work. I recommend that you tighten the screw every so often or that you use a thread locker to seal it.

👤This is definitely the gun for you if it's a very exact replica. It is a heavy piece of machinery, a gun that feels authentic in your hand, and a great feature set. It doesn't shoot accurately. It is the most inaccurate gun I have ever owned. I have seen a lot of reports about its inaccuracy, but I wrote them off as outliers that were not representative of the true quality of the gun. I was wrong. It spraysBBs everywhere but where you aim. Never seen anything like it before. So disappointing. The 3 stars are for the real thing. I wonder if I can get it back. Any advice would be appreciated.

👤It's fun! I wanted this gun when I was a teenager. Blow back, slide lock on last round. The strips are the same as the real one. The weight is the same as the real one. You can see the ejection port through the mag well. Not much different from the real thing. It is full metal. The slide pull is very heavy for a gun. Most of the internals seem to be made of metal. I use this as a weapon for my kids. When they are not around, I'm going to blow through multiple mags on full auto, because doing it with a real firearm is too expensive. The air gun will earn your respect even if you are a firearm guy.

5. Walther Airsoft Pistol Spring Earth

Walther Airsoft Pistol Spring Earth

It's ideal for skills training. It was made from a high strength material. Shoots 6mm plastic guns at up to 300 frames per second. There are 2 magazines and 400 plastic airsoft guns. The magazines have been built with 85-round guns. The authentic Walther replica is authentic. A built-in hop-up system.

Brand: Elite Force

👤Listen. The gun is amazing. The only way for others to break their gun was if they fired it when it was locked back. This is helpful.

👤3 were bought for learning gun safety with boys. Plastic guns have a decent accuracy and power. Not automatic. The plastic construction is decent for the price. The slide mechanism didn't work after one of the guns had a rivet come loose. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new one. There were no problems with the replacement. My boys like them.

👤The accuracy and speed are very good. Every shot has a sight that is spot on. It has a working last round hold open. You get two magazines, so really nothing else I could ask for. If you want to practice with a real gun, be careful if you get for kids because there is no physical safety other than the loaded chamber indicator. $10 is a very good value. There is a small dial that rotates between "s" and "f" on the right side. I tested it and it works. Update 21 Jan-21. Something happened to it on the inside where it has dropped the bbs out of the barrel. It was worth it but sad.

👤If you're looking for a toy gun to play with, this is a great buy. It's still very dangerous. It's very enjoyable. It holds 15 in a clip and has an amazing range. It was fun and I taught my kids how to shoot it. I would highly recommend it for beginners. Great job guys.

👤Thanks to Amazon, I received this yesterday. After 2 shots, I broke the gun. I have a return/replacement order that I don't need because I fixed the problem, but there's no way to cancel it. I'm not entirely displeased with the idea of getting two of these. It comes with two magazines, which is a good value. I can't measure the speed. There were dents in the cardboard box it came in. I would recommend it. Not for kids. The firing mechanism has the ability to pinch fingers, but you need to have care when using it. I didn't bother to read the instructions. The gun is a typical spring cock-and-fire type pistol with two limiting features, which is the first cliche with it. The weapon is made of metal and has a safety catch built into it. It will hold the pistol in an open chamber or primed position until you click the latch, which is when you hear a satisfying click as the chamber closes. The gun broke apart when I failed to close the top part using the latch. If you try to fire the slide forward while the chamber is still open, the gun will start eating the bbs and you'll have to stop. To fix this, you will need to take something heavy and slim, and pull the latch back into it's proper position. I spat out the bbs and it started working well. Don't do a refund until you have read the instructions and worked on the gun yourself. Unless you know how everything works. The gun can be used as a prop. The cocking mechanism is very realistic. If you can spray paint the plastic inside the chamber a brass color, it will look like a real bullet is in the chamber. Excellent theatric quality. If people are far enough away, you may need to add a few extra details to make the plastic look realistic. This was used in a fight between my brother and me. There are two small problems with this weapon. I just want to say that my return order was successfully canceled, so I don't have to worry about that. If the price is still under $20, I'll probably buy another one. I did not know how the primed chamber mechanism worked in my previous paragraph. If you are on your last bullet or the chamber is empty, the slide will move into a primed position. The pistol will let you know if you are dry or on your last bullet. The pistol will be ready for firing once you load it in a new mag. Lifting up the primed chamber mechanism will allow you to keep the slide back at any time you want. It can be useful for unjamming your gun, display, and just feeling cool when you hear a click. The magazine springs are too strong, and if you don't take care, you can fire your entire magazine when reloading, because the spring will launch them all before you get it into your pistol. Try to load slowly, I'm sure everyone knows to load slowly in a firefight. Try to limit the number of rounds per reload until you are comfortable with loading. There is a bright red plastic bit on the top slide that sticks out when the pistol is not primed, which is a good feature of this weapon. It's not intrusive and it lets you know if you need to re-cock the slide or if it's already loaded. The open area on the slide is a potential problem with the pistol I found. The design of this is not good and it is a potential pinching hazard. If you shake too much when reloading, the chamber will start feeding more bbs into the slide, which will limit your magazine capacity and make it very inefficient as your excess bbs start rattling inside your weapon. You can't access them until you shake the gun and get rid of the magazine. I haven't found a way around this yet, other than to not tilt the weapon when re-cocking it, and to limit shaking the weapon when reloading. A small knob can turn the weapon from fire to safety mode. It is hard to turn at first, but after breaking it in, it will be much easier and the weapon will not be used by other people. It is harder to reload the mag if you have too many guns in the pistol dump. The magazine can theoretically hold 14 rounds in the mag chamber, but that amount can be easily kicked out by the powerful spring in the magazine, which could be used as an impromptu machine gun on victims? Maybe that's why they give you two mags. You can only hold 6-7 rounds in the magazine chamber if you have lacing torsos. If you try more, you will have loading troubles. If you want to use more than 6 rounds of.12 gBBs, you should try breaking in the spring by keeping it coiled up or by heating it, otherwise, you cannot expect to use more than that. Everyone has been silently complaining about this gun. Most of the negative comments on this gun are probably the result of that. It's not an intuitive gun to use, and it's not for beginners. I see a lot of potential for this weapon. The open area on the slide is cool, but it isn't useful in real fights and is best for cosplay. If the gun kept all of its features but removed the open area on the slide, I would be more interested in it. The pinching hazard is hard to avoid in firefights. It is a good pistol to use, it is very satisfying to use. I wouldn't recommend it for kids under 12 years old, or anyone new to airsoft, because of how unreliable and unwieldy the slide mechanism is. It's a great second pistol to get, and it beats most cosplay because of its realistic look and feel.

6. Umarex USA Glock Pistols Rounds

Umarex USA Glock Pistols Rounds

The tactical lower face mask can be used for paintball, tactical game,CS game, air gun, survival game, hunting, and any other outdoor activities. The GLOCK 19 is a smaller version of the GLOCK 17 and is easy to carry. The original has the same ergonomics, function, and handling as the new one. The familiar ergonomics, take-down procedure, metal slide, and drop-free mag will be appreciated by the shooter. Shoots 6mm plastic guns at up to 350 frames per second. The design is non blowback. Great for use in shooting sports.

Brand: Elite Force

👤I joined the tactical team as a law enforcement officer. I bought the pistol to practice weapons handling, marksmanship, and CQB at home. I use it as a training aid, I don't play the game. It has met my expectations. The pistol feels like my duty pistol. This allows me to practice my grip with my service weapon. The double-action revolver Trigger is more similar to a Glock than a Glock. It breaks further back than a gun and must be released to reset. I dry fire my actual weapon as well, so it is not a huge issue, even though I would prefer a Trigger like a Glock. One has to focus on the control of the longtrigger. The gun is accurate. Thearc to the bbs is a bit different when they are fired, but it is still accurate for training marksmanship. I use it in my basement to protect it from the wind. The gun won't fit in any of my holsters, unless they are built to accommodate a pistol light. I use a WML on duty so it fits my holsters. It doesn't blow back, which is fine. I get about 10 magazines before the CO2 needs to be changed. For the price, I am happy with my purchase. I would suggest the company tighten up the dimensions for a universal holster fit and work on getting the gun closer to a real Glock.

👤I'm wondering why the quality on this gun feels good. I looked at an elite gun, but it wasn't as good as the look would suggest. The gun looks great. The real one was different. I'll be using it for training. 2/25 update If you buy a holster, buy the g21 since the g21 is a 10mm. It works like a charm.

👤The overall rating is low. The gun is too small. It doesn't fit actual holsters. -- The Trigger is awful, a little painful to use, and over travels into the frame. -- There is a useless safety in addition to the Glock-like safety. It is a fram safety behind thetrigger and it is activated to the left, which is opposite of what it should be for a right handed shooter.

👤The design on the CO2 location is poor and can easily fall off. It seems to be fixed for very low weightBBs. There may be no hopup at all. Even for a fake gun, accuracy is terrible. There are random directions whereBBs hook past 20 feet. Safety design is terrible. They should have left it there. It's barely worth $30 and less than $80.

👤It should fit in the holsters. The pull is a mile long. The button safety is similar to a shotgun/bolt action rifle. The tip of the Suppressor does not change. The aim is to get a Derringer 22lr. When I get a chance, I'll update the game.

👤The product was right out of the box. I want to test it out today. The price point is very realistic. Fast delivery. 4 hours early.

7. Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

The sights are fixed and licensed. A heavy-weight, full-metal body. The speeds can be up to 400 and 500 with.177 caliber pellets. The COMPATIBLE WITH.177-CALIBER PELLETS OR.TREDITIONAL STEEL BBs are not included. Proper and safe handling is the goal. To stay on target, there is a fixed blade front sight and adjusted rear sight. It's ideal for skills training.

Brand: Crosman

👤I love it. It scares my squirrel out of the bird feeders. I ring the cow bell and they hate it. They should be kept out and eaten their own feed. I don't share for squirrels, but I feed them all.

👤The pellet pistol has a hammer but is not noticeable. Not the most accurate. The price was very heavy. It's got some weight to it if you shoot the person in the face a few times and club them with it.

👤The air pistol works well. It was a present for my dad and he loves it. When it comes to loading and unloading a pistol, the bullets work like they are real. The bees are inside the bullets. Highly recommended.

👤The air gun is heavy. I have not seen a real one. I think they might be a little smaller. It seems to be more accurate with pellets. I hit a target at 35 feet. It seemed to shoot a little high and to the left, with only one bullseye, but that may have been my aim. I found the Colt revolver casings fit the air rifle I had purchased, and they are interchangeable. The slide safety/cylinder release is my only complaint. When I took the gun out of the plastic confinement, I couldn't move the slide from safety because I couldn't open the cylinder. I used a rubber mallet to force it to lose. I have to repeat the process of getting it free when I put it on safety. The support I received from Crosman was helpful, but they are aware of the problem, which will make it difficult to use the safety. The problem will be fixed in the future. Quality control would have caught the problem before it was sold. The screw holding the safety button should be removed first, then the slider should be used to remove the burr. They suggested that I use a rubber mallet to hit the slider so that I wouldn't scratch the finish. For the price, I would recommend the gun. I want you to know that I fired 42 shots and had plenty of air left, so you can get from 80 to 100 shots from a single CO2 cylinder.

👤It came new in a box, but there were missing parts, so you have to buy things separately to use the pellet gun. I wanted a stress free purchase and to get what I ordered, not a reject piece, is a burden. The vendor's 800 number is not in working order. Customer service and integrity have been affected. Totally disappointed.

👤The plastic grip doesn't want to stay on the handle. The pellet gun is of the highest quality. Everything is metal. Good weight to it. Solid power.

👤Be careful, it looks real.

👤Abierto, el blister viene. Artculo procedente de una devolucin? Parece, el estado es correcto. La empuadura is a demasiado. Algunos compradores. El acabado es bueno. No repetir vendedor, el asunto del blister is suficiente. No tiene un producto no Amazon.

8. GFR37PKT Warrior Protection Spring Powered Single Shot

GFR37PKT Warrior Protection Spring Powered Single Shot

Recover the holster compatible with the HC11 The single shot air rifle has a 400 round capacity and speeds up to 350 mph. A single shot that is spring-powered. The air soft pistol has a 14-round clip and speeds up to 200 frames per second. All-WeATHER SYNTHETIC DESIGN. There is a 1,000-count 6mm Air SoftBBs. You can take both guns onto the field of play.

Brand: Game Face

👤This is a good product for beginners. The pistol does its job and the rifle is accurate. This is a good set for beginners.

👤The rifle is made of plastic. It is a good quality gun with fast firing speeds and plenty of power. The quality of the stock is excellent. The speed loader system makes loading the mag much easier. The front sight is adjusted. The gun has a nice finish and the holster is cool. I give it 4 stars because of a few small issues. The path of the bb is generally consistent, but there are times when it will hop up or down. You will have to dry fire the gun and recock it to put a gun in the chamber after it is cocked. When the mag is partially full, 2 or 3 bbs will leave the well. I know this can't be solved with some mags, but it's kind of annoying. I don't think this is a bad gun because these may be issues with my unit. This is a good investment and I would recommend it to anyone who collects guns.

👤The rifle is very accurate and powerful, the handgun is accurate at small distances and comes with a holster. It has a small back of bbs which is nice. The gun went off, but I contacted crosman and they sent me a brand new gun. It is the best kit for the price.

👤The rifle was a good rifle for beginners. For the price, accuracy and consistency isn't there. The pistol is light and cheap, but it didn't shoot straight out of the box, as I expected. Trigger had no tension, so I think it's either broken or disconnected. We sent it back. It is not bad if both work.

👤I bought this for my brother's 15th birthday and he loves playing video games. I thought this would be a way to get him outside. Sometimes the rifle does not fire when we are shooting it. It doesn't cycle a round, but it doesn't jam either. It was a great toy for him to play with and he loves it. 4/5

👤The "shake to load" technic does not work well and the pistoltrigger broke immediately. The poor loading method makes rifle not worth the effort.

👤I bought this for my son. The rifle is working. The pistol jammed and broke the second time it was used and is not a very accurate shot. The rifle is worth buying, but not at the price of the pistol.

👤The pistol broke after one shot. You have to pull back on the slide to shoot the gun.

9. Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

There are adult safety glasses and 200 AirsoftBBs included. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The speeds can be up to 430 fps, but the co2 is not included. The rifle is easy to handle with the 6 different positions of the stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5 millimeter steel. The accessory rail mounted red dot sight keeps you on target. It's ideal for target practice, with realistic weight, blowback action and functions.

Brand: Bushmaster

👤I bought this for lack of a better description, but the seller has a no return policy on all guns. That's on me. They got me again. They will never get me again if you mark it down. The airgun has a maximum speed of about 286 mph. A pitcher can throw a baseball at 98 mph. He can throw a baseball. The fully automatic action and the product videos made me take in. Again, completely on me. I should have done more research. A handy speed loader is shown in the video. It's supposed to make it easy to load. It jams right away. I am using a steel. I've never been able to loadBB's with the "Handy" speed loader. It doesn't work. The magazine has 25BB's which will empty in about ten seconds. You have to reload and stop. An extra mag costs about 40 dollars. The instructions state that the follower locks back so you can load theBB's easily. It doesn't lock back! It's difficult to hold the follower back with one hand, holding the mag in one hand and pouring theBB's into the tiny hole to refill the mag. I used a hook on one end to open the paint can. There is a short piece of dowel on the shaft. You can grab the follower with the hook and pull it back, but the dowel will slip over the end of the mag and you will have to let go of it. Both hands are free to load. I bought a.97 cent Ketchup squirt bottle after chucking the junky speedloader. I cut the tip off so I can pour them in the mag. The whole mag and speedloader design is terrible. I have been able to get about 4 loads of the mag through the gun before it becomes weak and needs new Co2 cartridges. I would like to see a bigger capacity magazine and Co2 system. It's a fun little gun, not worth the cost, problematic and time consuming to load, and grossly short on Co2 capacity. I wouldn't buy it again from this seller.

👤This thing is great for ripping cans. People laugh in pure glee when I show it off in full auto. It's cool! Magazine works better than a real rifle. It's great for training your muscle memory because the gun shoots great and functions like a real AR. My only complaint is 1. Garbage is what speed loader is. I broke mine on the fifth try. Get a plastic bowl and pour the magazine over it. For later, collect the strays. 2. Extra mags are too expensive and you will want extras.

👤Wow! I own several ar15's and the realism of this air rifle is amazing. It has a picatinny quad rail and ar15 stock. It breaks down like an ar15. It's easy to load with the speed loader and the fully automatic mode is exciting. The only complaint I have is that the lense on my RMR is cracked. The air rifle is great because you can make it your own. Highly recommended!

10. Benjamin Bulldog Sportsmans Pack Rifle

Benjamin Bulldog Sportsmans Pack Rifle

The front and rear sights have been changed. Big game power. The lead pellet has a high speed. The air storage capacity is 3000 psi. FPE 200. A short 36 inch overall length bullpup configuration. There are 26 inches of rail. Big bore sound suppression with aaffle-less sound trap shroud. The bolt is for left hand guns.

Brand: Benjamin

👤The bulldog has a lot of power and can take down a big animal. I have killed over 100 hogs without any issues with my 2 bulldogs.

👤I spent about 5 hours with this gun. I own a few air guns. There are two springs and a pistol. This is not the same animal. I am amazed by the power. I used a bipod, Bugbuster scope, and a tactial light to set it up. It was spotted with the help of JB Kings. I have not tried the Nosler Bullets. The Noslers are exactly what I said. 358 bullets, not pellets. The JB Kings are amazing. I own a hand pump. I will get a good workout every day. Maybe someday a compressor, but you should be talking $1,000 or better. The classic one liner about these type guns has grown on me. "Phased Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, Arnold of course, as the T-Rex." That is what this gun reminds me of. I was surprised at the weight. Not bad, well balanced on the shoulder for me. It feels good, looks great, and has power. I recommend you invest in a real weapon and stop messing withBB guns. I am happy that I did. I have fired a few rounds through this rifle. It is more powerful than I thought. It makes a huge dent, and the slug completely mushrooms to the size of a quarter, amazing. The weapon will destroy the groundhogs that we have here. It would be "WOW" if I had to write a one-word review. This rifle has both power and accuracy. This rifle is very good. I am clumsy, I dropped the rifle, knocked it off the back of the cart, and it hit the scope, but it still shoots. I think that's good for the scope rep. A true hunters scope. The rifle is amazing. I don't suffer from buyers remorse, but I do suffer from extreme guilt on this purchase. October 15th is an update. I have two big bore air rifles, the Sam Yang Recluse and the Bulldog. The Recluse wipes the floor. More power, more shots per fill, and more accurate. I would rather have two of these dogs than the Recluse. Completely satisfied with the gun. There are more pictures of Jackolantern "carving" from 52 yards.

👤Excellent rifle for hunting. It's not going to be boring. It was well made. This was bought for hunting. A single loader is destroyed. The 5 round repeater is perfect. Animals do not scare. It is accurate and powerful enough to kill large bucks. I like to run through the rifle with 115 grain hollows. What else do you want? I use 9mm because it's cheaper. I'm getting 1000 frames per second using 9mm 115 grain hollow. I pay 20 dollars for a box. Every third box is free if you get a lot of air. Cheap weapons. I've shot 1000 rounds with my gun. I use a hand pump. I put negative reviews on things quickly. I'm not very happy. This made me very happy. I can't believe the quality. I dropped this on concrete and it didn't damage the rifle. I had this for two years. I haven't had an issue. When I first bought it, it held air. I have kept it fully pumped for months at a time. After 4 weeks, he has lost 100 psi. Its not getting old. Just need to clean up the paint. Awesome price now. I paid 1000 for it when it first came out, and I don't regret it at all. Its heavy. The barrel is heavy. The plastic takes a beating. No cracks! Still using a lot. You are going to miss out on cheap fun. I would be spending a lot of money if I were buying rounds for a gun. I don't buy $20 for 100 pellets, but I buy three and get one free. Still happy.

11. FN 200707 Scar L Spring Rifle

FN 200707 Scar L Spring Rifle

Impact resistance can be used. The mask has a half face. The PC ballistic lens can provide enough protection to protect a person from being hit by a bullet. It's perfect for outdoor sport and activities. Any other outdoors activities. The powerFUL SPRING has 400 FPS with 6mm bullets. Ready to play. Shoots 6mm in a single shot. The REPLICA is made with high strength ABS. The weight is 32.95 lbs. Magazine can hold 350 rounds. Features: Stock and flip-up front and rear sights are collapsible.

Brand: Fn

👤It jams a lot. My son does as well. It could be how it is. It is light and looks cool, as he is a kid and the weight doesn't bother him. It is a nice item.

👤It's very accurate when it's not broken. It only lasted a couple weeks after I bought it a month ago. It was pretty accurate once I had it set in, but a small piece broke inside and prevented it from shooting the next shot. I'd consider returning for a refund and looking for something different, but I decided to exchange for a new one.

👤The gun has been in use for over a year. The bolt handle has broken off and disappeared, and it is broken less than a month later. I would return the item in a second if the box had already been thrown away. I could put a nut and bolt through it myself. I didn't think it would need to be repaired in less than a month.

👤The first pellet gun was purchased for a boy. We didn't want to spend a lot for a first gun. He was very excited about this but was disappointed. The clip is difficult to load and pull down. When you cock it, the pellets jam in the chamber. The pellets we purchased don't seem to work together. When a pellet doesn't come out when fired, there are jams. When you remove the clip, the jammed pellets fall over the place. It was very frustrating and wouldn't recommend.

👤My son took this out of the box on his birthday and the box was destroyed because he was so excited to receive. This gun was very disappointing. I would give it zero stars if I could.

👤If you spend more money you can get an electric one.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun full metal?

Electric airsoft gun full metal products from Bbtac. In this article about electric airsoft gun full metal you can see why people choose the product. Game Face and Velocity Airsoft are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun full metal.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun full metal?

Bbtac, Game Face and Velocity Airsoft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun full metal. Find the detail in this article. Umarex, Elite Force and Crosman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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