Best Electric Airsoft Gun Metal

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1. Game Face GFR37 Powered Mil Style

Game Face GFR37 Powered Mil Style

The product is not allowed into the state of New York. Smooth bore barrel, synthetic stock. 400 round magazine has a high capacity. The rail is mounted on the Picatinny. Fixed blade front sight.

Brand: Game Face

👤There is a secret pouch in the butt stock and it is partly made of metal. There are mounts. 10/10

👤I don't have a lot of experience with Airsoft, but these things seem pretty accurate and have a really good range for a novice. It had a lot of fun and hasn't had any issues yet. It is plastic, but it is pretty well made, and it is hard to use when you are in the dark. It's not the best. It is highly recommendable other than that one issue.

👤I don't like that rifle. I have to cock it every time but the battery powered version is $150 more accurate than the one I have to use. Great buy!

👤This gun is what I wanted. It's medium weight, has metal gears, and has a little storage in the butt stock. The buttstock did fall off once, but it was an easy fix. One setting makes it go farther and another makes it go less far. It's best to have 6mm. It has a scope that you can adjust in the front or back. The buttstock is adjusting. It can carry 20BB's each load and 500 in the magazine. It's not hard to cock, it's not battery powered, but it's pretty good. It hasn't jammed yet. It's pretty much what I wanted, but I suggest using it for Airsoft battles.

👤Good buy and good quality.

👤Two of these were bought for training. I was able to fix it quickly after taking it apart and seeing the problem. The plastic is quality and not creaky, but where the buffer tube is attached to the gun it is not very stable so it wiggles a bit. You can call gameface and order magazines if you want to look at the answered questions. All of it. They work well for practicing handling a rifle and they're fun to hang out with.

👤Always have an adult with your child.

👤I gave this to my friend. It was still accurate even with some wind.

👤Excellent rifle for beginners. My son and I are having hours of fun, with a few small modifications, and we look and shoot like the real deal. So far, so good.

👤The rifle was bought to cause a response from the squirrels. When they jump on the feeders, notion is to shoot them and they will associate the sting with the feeders. The rifle doesn't have enough power to surprise the squirrels at a range of 15 feet. Need more oomph, but not so much as to hurt them. The gun shoots a little higher than the sights, but it's manageable.

👤It was a little gift. It works well for the price. It looks and feels like a child's toy. The end is bright orange. We made it black. Does not have a special scope. This would make the sight line better. All in all works. It's price line didn't make me think of high tech or sophisticated. Not suitable for young children. Quick delivery. For immediate use, the pellets were arrived.

2. Game Face Ripcord M4 Black

Game Face Ripcord M4 Black

It is easy to shoulder for most users. The magazine has 300 rounds of airsoft. DeLIVERS can go up to 450 frames per second. The mounting rail is made of PICATINNY. For all of your accessories.

Brand: Game Face

👤Anyone know what to do with my gun.

👤I love the gun and want to buy a few more for the kids.

👤The gun is amazing. The quality of the outer construction is good. The stock is sturdy and good for the amount of time it has been in the box. ThePicatinny rail is big enough to mount all the optics you want, but the mag that comes with it is pretty bad. I tightened the stock with a screw and haven't had any issues since. This is a great entry level. Would buy again.

👤I received a slightly different rifle, but I'm quite happy with the purchase. The rifle is made out of hard plastic. It shoots well. It's accurate. The 2nd generation all metal gearbox has a quality hop-up. It has a metal outer barrel. All in all, a high quality piece.

👤The gun looked very good. I had to turn the gun upside down to load and shoot them. The stock fell off as I was shooting. The screw came out of the stock and was holding on by a wire. Do not recommend it to return.

👤The gun is great. I was a bit worried that it was going to be cheap, but it was better than a lot of the guns I've played with. Most mags have a bad fit. It was called gameface customer support. They might start selling them soon. It is a great beginner to intermediate level gun. Highly recommended.

👤My son has had it for 3 days. The gun stock completely came off the rifle. I was able to re- connect the nut with some special tools, but I'm not sure if this will happen again. You can't easily reach the nut. If we have the same issue again, we will look to return.

👤The first gun fired well, but the screws vibrated loose. The second gun is working better than the first.

3. CrosmanCFAR1X Rifle Action Capability Sight

CrosmanCFAR1X Rifle Action Capability Sight

The frame is durable. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The speeds can be up to 430 fps, but the co2 is not included. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5 millimeter steel. The accessory rail mounted red dot sight keeps you on target. The gun is easy to handle and shoulder.

Brand: Crosman

👤The crossman dpms seemed like a good gun until I realized that the second c02 would not cross over and I would have to use the first one. I have researched this and crossman is aware of it, but I have yet to get a response from them, because a bb got caught in the spring and ruined the spring, and both of the clips failed.

👤The rifle is almost entirely plastic, but it isn't terrible. The only way to line up your shots is with the holo sight that comes included, but for $200+ you would think they'd throw in the battery to make the sight operational. The magazine that came with it broke. I didn't have a problem with leaks or wasting the second CO2 cartridge. The screw that holds the spring in place must have snapped clean off, so the spring shot out. I have to fork over another $50 and wait a few more days to use the $200+BB gun. I was hoping to use this and open it. It was very fun. Unless you are ready to face those same issues, I would steer clear.

👤The gun is cool but it has plastic parts on it and my magazine doesn't work and I can't return it because of the lack of description. Don't waste your money on it.

👤One over the gas cylinders works at a time.

👤Have only had it for a few hours but have already used 6 co2 carts. I'm still smiling. The R1 feels solid. The cheap red dot sight is to blame for the accuracy being ok. The sporting goods store has red dot sights that are much better. You have to provide your own battery for it, and you think they could give you a $200 gun. I would have liked to see a popup sight like on the DPMS SBR. I replaced the stock with one that came off my real DPM, it fit great. I wanted to do some backyard plink'n. It has not disappointed.

👤It's a great toy and training aid for reflexive fire and it's slightly longer than my 8" 300BLK. The "red dot" should be an apology since it sits too low on the receiver. It should have come with a spare mag.

👤Christmas present for my son, no issues so far. I think it's a good idea.

👤The fun factor is off the charts, even though I only shot it enough to use 4 Co2 cylinders. It's not a target rifle, but for plinking and full auto fun. It's great. The red dot works. I can refill the magazine at least 3 times. The Crosman R1 is an air rifle and if you didn't know it was an air rifle you would think it was a real rifle. It's not light weight and feels solid, the charging handle works just like a real AR, the safety/selector switch works just like one on a real select fire, and the magazine release and ejection port function just like a real AR. The buffer tube is not the same as a real one and the stock is realistic. The take down pins are the same as on a real AR, except the front one can be pushed all the way out. The forward assist button is not functional. There are a few tips. Put a drop of pellgun oil on the seals of the cylinders. Don't tighten the screws after you break the seals. When you're not shooting the rifle, don't leave cylinders in the magazine. Remove them when you're done shooting. It will shred aluminum pop cans, but don't expect to shoot Aspirin sized targets at 30'. If you want the loader to function better, you might want to lubricate it with spray lube. It is a lot of fun without the hassle of a BATF check, the huge expense of a weapon, and the outrageous cost of bullets. The cost of Co2 is small, but the fun is huge. I have added a picatinny mounted front sling and a tactical sling. I had a flashlight left over from my days as a LEO.

4. Benjamin Powered Multi Shot Hunting Interface

Benjamin Powered Multi Shot Hunting Interface

It is compliant with California requirements. PCP-POWERED. The 22-CALIBER AIR GUN is great for target shooting. Right and left-handed sportsmen can benefit from the resurrection bollard-action. Quiet and versatile with on-board air pressure gauge. The 10-roundROTARY CLIP MAGAZINE is multi-shot capable and can deliver speeds up to 1000 frames per second. Add your favorite accessories with a machine receiver and 5-inch rail.

Brand: Benjamin

👤My armada doesn't work, but this gives me 10 shots just by actioning the bolt, can shoot 40 times before she needs another breath, and I can hit squirrels at 93 yards. There were no complaints.

👤The gun is very high quality. This is the first time I have had a PCP. I only have one thing that I feel takes away from the overall purchase, and that is why no 5 Star rating. The hand guard is offset by the barrel. It is a known issue for this model gun and is present in almost every gun of this model they ship according to my research. You can fix the problem by filming it and uploading it to a you-tube video. I don't know how to take it apart. Over time, I will. When I called the manufacturer of the gun, they told me to shoot it a bunch to see if it corrects itself, and when I asked if it would be covered under the warranty, they said it wouldn't be. I have shot a lot of pellets. There is a picture after the 750 shots. Obviously still offset! They told him the same thing as they told me, except they told him to send the gun to them if he didn't fix it, and then they would give him the money to do it. He received a Armada with the problem from the manufacturer. I wonder why they let so many people go with the problem because there are a lot of confirmations on the problem on the web. If you don't have really bad OCD and don't mount the rail with the hand guard, you won't see anything weird. It will always be off center if you use a long scope with a part mounted to the hand guard. I have taken some major tweeks to get this gun inline because it is offset so much to one side. The gun is a lot of fun if you avoid those things. I don't know a lot about PCPs but this thing really feels substantial in my hands and packs a lot of punch. Good luck to Ground hogs and Squirrels. If you have bought an armada or are going to buy one, I would like to know how many more are out there.

👤I only bought this for rat control because I am not a hunter or rifle enthusiast. It was easier for a novice to find a matching scope with the included mounting rails than it was for me to find one. I am using a sandbag on a bench and the rifle is heavy, but fine for that. After a couple of days, I can't see any leaks. I am not sure what rifle I am, but the noise seems accurate. The first couple of shots might be a little wild, but it settles in for the next 30 or so. Guessing I get about 40 shots before 2000 psi, but haven't tracked it very well. The finish of the "touch" surfaces -trigger, bolt, pistol grip - seems a little rough for the price point, but it feels good. The stock on my gun is pretty loose and rattley. I am using out of the box and it seems ok to me, but I have little comparison. There is a I would buy again. There is a Why is it three star? The magazines seem to have different quality. It took a few returns of defects to get to this point, as I currently have four, three feed fine, on is OK till shot 5 or 6, then does not advance. The reason that the last one is not exchanged is that Amazon could not send a replacement at the right time. This is a magazine issue, so why reflect in the rifle rating when I sent a detailed e-mail to Crosman about it. After trying to call, I was placed in a call queue and hung up. I have to keep returning to Amazon until I get all the good ones. Customer service is average, gun is 5 star, and average is 3 star. This is an important part of your job.

5. Wellfire Modular Action Sniper Airsoft

Wellfire Modular Action Sniper Airsoft

Consistency is what makes a consistent rifle. The rifles shoot at a high power 500 feet per second with 0.2g pellet. The Simple Bolt Action Single Shot System is easy to operate. The system uses aremovable clip holding 27 rounds. Ready to play is a package with a hunting rifle scope and a foldable Bipod.

Brand: Bbtac

👤I bought this for my son. It is accurate. I wish the scope was more clear, but I am very impressed. I had better things than this. The scope works great if I set it for 10 yards. I have also said it for 40 yards and it is very accurate. You just have to adjust the scope. This is a great product. I am not a paid spokes person. I don't have a stake in the company. I want people to know that this is a good rifle.

👤Excellent! The rifle is awesome for the price. I was able to order upgrades with a little internet searching. It's around.25 bbs now. It's as good or better than a rifle. The butt stock is cheap, but any M4 or AR-15 stock will fit.

👤The gun works well if you use 0.20g bbs. I was able to tighten the stock up after it started to wobble. Great scope as well!

👤This is not a good one. The scope is amazing. The gun is heavy duty. We love it.

👤My son liked the gun and I liked the price. It feels very sturdy and shoots well compared to others we own.

👤It breaks more than just occasional use. My son replaced 2 of these. No more.

👤A nice rifle. You can switch it to left handed.

👤The ability to switch the bolt from right to left is a quality that makes this a very good airsoft sniper. It's full metal.

6. PuddingStation AdjustableSteel Protection Paintball Transparent

PuddingStation AdjustableSteel Protection Paintball Transparent

The pistol is powered by a spring and has no battery or gas required. The package includes a face mask and goggles. The mask is made of steel mesh. The bridge of the nose to the jaw is about 15CM taller than the sides. Goggles are 6.9 x 3. It is light and comfortable to wear. The mask mesh is low-carbon steel and the goggles are made of a frame and a lens. The fit is comfortable. The goggles can be bent to fit your face better. The metal half face mask with the elastic strap fit different head sizes. The mask is small for a child but works. Impact resistance can be used. The mask has a half face. The PC ballistic lens can provide enough protection to protect a person from being hit by a bullet. It's perfect for outdoor sport and activities. Any other outdoors activities.

Brand: Puddingstation

👤It's so uncomfortable and the goggles fog up that I wouldn't waste your money.

👤I should have read the rating before buying this. It only has a rated speed of 310 frames per second at 10 feet. Most indoor fields have a limit of 350 frames per second. These goggles won't protect you well. I shot the lens with my pistol and it cracked. The mesh mask is not malfunctioning.

👤Buy a cheap pair of sunglasses instead of the goggles for the mouth guard.

👤Excellent! My son is playing a game.

👤I mached my face well, but it could have been better.

👤I expected this product to work just like it did. I have a smaller face because it wouldn't fit on someone else. This product is still recommended.

👤The straps are difficult to adjust and the mask graphics are not like the picture. You pay for what you get, but I was expecting more quality.

7. Beretta Air Pistol Sb199 2280070

Beretta Air Pistol Sb199 2280070

China is the country of origin. The pistol is spring powered. The mag capacity is 12 rounds. Shoots 6mm plasticBBs at up to 260 frames per second. 500 plastic airsoftBBs are included.

Brand: Umarex

👤I only buy these for feel and features. I don't play the game. I wish the safety/decocker switch worked. Sight is decent and the hammer feels good. The pistol feels good, my hands are comfortable. I wish the slide release, safety/decocker switch, and other features on this pistol were functional.

👤It was fun! The kids will shoot other.

👤It doesn't work right and there are no instructions for it.

👤I knew what I was getting, like everything but the orange. May paint it.

👤If you're not close to the target, theBB will go to the left or right. The money was wasted.

👤A son was bought to practice target shooting. He was happy with it.

👤If you are looking for a beretta 92 model, it will do. It is a little larger and a lot less heavy than my real beretta 92 compact. The red jacket 1911 is the best option for plinking, it has about 100 more fps for a couple more bucks. It is still enjoyable for plinking, and I have been shot with it point blank, and it drew blood, so it is not too weak.

8. Outgeek Airsoft Steel Goggles Halloween

Outgeek Airsoft Steel Goggles Halloween

Ready to play is a package with a hunting rifle scope and a foldable Bipod. The package includes a steel mesh mask and goggles. The military mask can be used for Halloween and cosplay. A perfect gift for family and friends. Half face masks are made of low-carbon steel and goggles are made of plastic. There are two elastic straps with a metal half face mask that fit different head sizes. The mesh mask can be bent to fit your face better, and it's air-ventilated to prevent fogging. The PC ballistic lens can provide enough protection to protect against the effects of the sun. It's perfect for paintball, hunting, shooting, and any other outdoor activities.

Brand: Outgeek

👤It was a 4 hour game yesterday. Both items held up well. It isn't pleasant to get shot in the neck with a mesh mask, so I would recommend a bigger one. I don't see any damage to the goggles from the direct hits. They never fogged up. It's worth buying.

👤The mask was a two piece. I bought it for my son to use in the war. He loves this thing. Even though it is a two piece, it gives great full coverage. He said it was very comfortable and he walked around the house for two days after he received it. The black and white skull pattern looks better on than it does in the picture of the model wearing it, and he loves it. The lower face mesh portion is flexible enough to fit closer to the face for a more tailored fit. The quality of the product and the price were great. I haven't heard a complaint from my son yet. I haven't found any cons yet. Great product!

👤The goggles protect your eyes against the second pellet. It works and holds up after being shot many times. It will fog up in indoor play. Spit anti-fog spray works. I drilled holes on top of the goggles to help vent the heat in them. It fogs up when my child wears it. If you wear glasses, the fit is going to be bad. You have glasses. The mesh face mask will protect you against pellet guns. The cheek side of the mesh makes it difficult to mount a rifle, as it makes it hard to get a sight picture of the rifle's stock. I ended up getting it. The OneTigris works well. The setup may be good for someone who does not wear glasses. I recommend the OneTigris mesh mask for serious rifle play.

👤I did not get this item for free or paid to write a review. You can expect an honest response. It was easy to mold the mask how I wanted it to be. I like the strap system they have. Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality, but I wish it had covered my lower cheek. I was surprised to see that I really like the goggles. I feel very safe using them and I have a great view of my surroundings.

👤In the past I have been very pleased with what I have purchased from this platform, but I have never written a review on it. I am "one with the fog" because I play paintball and also play it. I bought this mask to protect me from my friend who was also wearing a camo mask. I got hit under the eye in the first 20 minutes. This mask and goggles are un-protective and they fog up every 60 seconds. My friend also needs a wipe and I had to call timeout many times. I had slowed my breathing and even put my hand above my mouth, but it still fogged. Don't be cheap like me and buy a real helmet or full face mask that is fog proof.

9. Valken ASL Airsoft Rifle AEG

Valken ASL Airsoft Rifle AEG

The body is made of nylon Fiber and has a 9-inch Quad Rail. The muzzle velocity was measured with.20gBBs. Ships with 300 Round hi-cap M4 magazine. The split style battery is recommended. The package includes a gun, magazine, and cleaning/ anti-Jamming rod.

Brand: Valken

👤I bought this for my son for Christmas, and he loved it. They should have made it clear that it does not have a battery. He couldn't use it for days while we waited for a battery to arrive, because they don't sell them in any stores around us. Please make that clear to potential buyers.

👤I gave it a try last night at my local place. This is the best starter gun I have seen and it comes with the best price I have seen. It goes up to about 400s if you put some high quality bbs through it.

👤The gun doesn't feel like cheap plastic. The quality is very good and heavy. The stock and magazines seem to wobble a bit but other than that, its an amazing gun.

👤The gun was good but wouldn't buy it again. The cost should have come with batteries.

👤Didn't work. We have tried two and neither worked.

👤The gun feels like it was made to last a long time. I enjoy everything from the charging handle to the fire mode selector. Great RPS with full auto at 2.2 - 2.5.

10. GameFace Electric Semi Auto Tactical Style Carbine

GameFace Electric Semi Auto Tactical Style Carbine

There are 7 total 30rd 6mm shotgun shells. The package is 8.509 cm long. The package is 25.603 cm in width. The package is 52705 cm. Product type is sporting goods

Brand: Game Face

👤After one use, it stopped working. Update! For the same reason, return the second gun. It took over a month to get a refund. I messaged them again so hopefully they will return the favor.

11. Crosman GameFace ASGM47 Spring Powered Single Shot

Crosman GameFace ASGM47 Spring Powered Single Shot

It's ideal for target practice, with realistic weight, blowback action and functions. Holds 250 air soft guns. The front and rear sight are hooded.

Brand: Game Face

👤This product is not what they say it is. They claim that it comes with a clip for 18 bbs. They claim that they operate on electric full auto or single shot manual cocking mode. There are no sites on this toy. My son thinks it looks cool and I gave it two stars.

👤I bought this to help me control a flock of chickens that were starting to nest in a tree outside my bedroom window. It worked well. Wanted something that would scare the birds. Did not want to hurt or kill them. TheBB's sting a little at distances over 15 ft. It is possible that the bb could break the skin. The slam fire action is great for spraying an area. The loud sound it makes when you cock it is something I like. The chickens ran whenever they heard it. Great for controlling varmints.

👤Everything that is said about this gun is different except for the first person shooter, which I can't test. It only holds 18 shots, has no sights, and is not electric.

👤I plan to use it for short-medium range sniping. I like this rifle because it has a hop up for added shot distance and I can add a scope for accuracy. I found a small modification that works with the gun.

👤This is good at what it does. It's worth pointing out that it's capable of firing in full- auto with a battery or manual pump-action, but it would appear to not have any electric capability. I've taken this gun apart and reassembled it a few times, but there's no motor or battery spots, so that's not really accurate. A high rate of fire can be obtained by "slam-firing", which is to say, holding thetrigger and continually pumping, with each pump causing a shot. The construction is solid, though the sling attachment points are a little weak, and the pump handle is not locked in the forward position, meaning you can load multipleBBs, but it's not meant to do that. I'm not going to count any points against my case because it's possible I sustained damage during stocking or shipping. The magazine is fuzzy because it only holds nineteen rounds, and you have to manually load another nineteen pellets before you can fire again. I strongly recommend buying some sort of equipment for it, as it doesn't have iron sights and using the tactical rail as a "sight" doesn't work very well. It's a good gun for the price range, and it's quite accurate once you get a feel for it, though I recommend heavierBBs due to the higher velocity of the gun. Good frame construction, slam-fire, feels comfortable. Weak plastic sling mounts, slow reload, and finding spare magazines is difficult. I recommend this one for backyard fun and casual matches because I am a seasoned airsoft player with a wide variety of guns.

👤The barrel is not straight. Is this the reasonBBs don't shoot accurately? The mine has 20g. They should have more weight, which will make them more accurate. The small magazine only holds 18BBs, not 250BBs. This description should be fixed.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun metal?

Electric airsoft gun metal products from Game Face. In this article about electric airsoft gun metal you can see why people choose the product. Crosman and Benjamin are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun metal.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun metal?

Game Face, Crosman and Benjamin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun metal. Find the detail in this article. Bbtac, Puddingstation and Umarex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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