Best Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle

Gun 26 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Rifle

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Rifle

The speed is 1100.00 ft/sec. There is a limited warranty. The Pneumatic Repeater has been charged.

Brand: Benjamin

👤I have shot about 300 pellets with my Marauder. I like it. Here are a few things you should know if you buy one. The rifle is heavy, but if you're going to be carrying it around, you should get a sling. You will need an air tank and a yoke to get air into the gun. The "Scuba Yoke Adaptor For Benjamin/Crosman PCP Airguns" is something I would suggest. I tried to use the hand pump. I'm only 150 lbs, but it's a lot of work. It's difficult to pump over 2000psi. After you fill the gun with air, you should be able to get about 30-40 shots from it. The pressure gets below 1500-1750 and it shoots very accurately. I have filled the gun at least a dozen times from the scuba tank, and it has barely made a difference in the pressure of the scuba tank. It should last a long time once you fill it. I don't have experience with any others, this is my only rifle. I did a lot of research and found that most PCP rifles are twice the cost. I don't see why I would want to spend more money than this. I have tried many different things in it. The H&N Sport Baracuda is the one that I have the most success with. 10 shots at 10 yards, and they all go into the same hole you made with the first shot. There is a squirrel problem in my neighborhood. At any time of the day, you can walk up and down my street and you will see at least a dozen squirrel. I have spent hundreds of dollars on my lawn, and the squirrels dig holes and attempt to bury their nuts. Now, I take a shot. Close the window, then sneak out and take him. My neighbors have no idea I'm shooting a rifle. Break barrel rifles are louder than regular rifles. If you're looking for a break barrel rifle, I would suggest the "Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT" or the "RWS.22 pellet Model 34 combo rifle". Both rifles and a scuba tank are not needed. People complain about the crappy scope on their rifles, but they are good enough to do the job. The Marauder is not a toy. It will go through the pine board with a heavy pellet. I enjoy target shooting in the basement, however it is getting a little boring because it is so accurate. Instead of hitting a circle target, I use a GRID target. I have the "UTG 1-Inch 3-9X40 AO True Hunter IE Scope" on it. I hope this review helped you.

👤Benjamin has a nice pellet rifle. I found the quality and workmanship to be top of the line, and it was sturdy, built well, and accurate. I have enjoyed every shot I've taken with this rifle, and since I added a very nice Barra 3-9x32AO scope, it's true accuracy potential is now being achieved. I put the pellets in the same hole over and over. I was shooting at an empty dog food can with this gun and it was sending.25 caliber pellets right through it, I filled up the can with dirt and held it in place with the gun. It's a great toy for kids and has some serious power. It feels like I'm shooting a rimfire. It's an air rifle with the same power and capability. It's a great gun, you will not be disappointed by it, I can tell you that this thing has really impressed me and I can't seem to put it down even after several weeks of ownership. It's a sweet shooter and I enjoy shooting it often. I need an air tank because I've done it several times already, but this shooting has highlighted my need, because hand pumping this gun is doable.

2. Crosman GFASM14B Powered Infantry Carbine

Crosman GFASM14B Powered Infantry Carbine

The gun is easy to handle and shoulder. Bolt action infantry. Includes mounts for the sling. The package weight is 5.1 lbs.

Brand: Game Face

👤It feels great in your hands, but it is hard to cock the gun. It looks real and it shoots. Alright. I thought it was bigger than it was, and it was great for a 40$ gun.

👤The first 50 rounds were fired. For an adult male, the Spring action shouldn't be a problem. My arm was getting tired after 50 rounds. The magazine is very easy to use and it reminds me of a large capacity pistol mag that has a back. 32 rounds were hit the mark on the gun's accuracy at 50' away. There is no hop up with the sights. The rails are sturdy and can't be removed. Spring was having problems after 40 rounds so be sure to oil it and keep it well oiled. The sling is cheap, but you really can't beat it as a starting rifle, for $35.

👤I got this gun in September of last year and it still runs great after 4 months. I've used it in snow and mud over 5000 rounds and it shows no signs of slowing down. I think it's a great first gun for anyone who's just starting out. The farthest shot you'll be able to hit is around 35-40 meters. You won't be able to hit consistently after that. It will require a little bit of maintenance, and you may need to clean the bolt area on a regular basis. It shouldn't be a problem if you know your way around a gun.

👤This is my first gun and I can tell from the headline. I played a game of backyard/deep woods airsoft after it arrived in the mail. It held up well against a full auto gun. The gun is really good and it shoots farther and more accurately than the other gun. I would recommend getting.20 gram bb's for this gun because it makes it more accurate. The only problem I have with it is the difficulty in cocking it. It's not good for a 7 year old to have a little bit of arm strength. Either you know how to tie knots or you can buy a quality sling. I got a 4x scope to make it more accurate. There is a product called "B01BBTS3JI" on the website. I got the same one and it works great. There is a Oh yes. If you want to know about the performance, it's probably around 350 with.12 and.300 with.20 gram bb's.

👤It's fun for the money. I threw an eotech on it because the sights are off. It was great to teach my daughter the basics of safe firearms handling.

👤This is a good gun for beginners. It is very easy to carry. The firing rate is low because it is a spring-powered rifle. At all times, what is fairly accurate. It's good for close to mid-range. Great for Recon. It's not as difficult as other reviews have said. It's a little stiff because of the tight spring.

👤This gun is amazing. It can shoot at about 350 frames per second. I would get a red dot sight for slightly bettering aiming, but overall for its price, it's not worth it.

3. Crosman Rifle Caliber Synthetic DSBRFDE

Crosman Rifle Caliber Synthetic DSBRFDE

The Yex-BUR 18v battery charger is safe and reliable. There are advanced technical supports to protect against over-charge, short-circuit, over-heat, over-load and low-voltage. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The 12-GRAM CO2 Cartridges is fueled by two 12-GRAM CO2 canisters. The rifle is easy to handle and shoulder with the adjusted stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5mm steelBBs. To stay on target is the purpose of the relocated pop-up sight and adjusted rear sight. IDEAL FOR TARGET PRACTICE - realistic weight, blowback action and functions, great for skill development, training and fun.

Brand: Dpms

👤The gun is fun to shoot. The shooter and spectators laugh at each other in full auto mode. The real thing has weight and balance. The forward assist is not functional, but the charging handle is. Did I say it's fun to shoot this thing? Surprisingly accurate. The photo is from my first 100 shots. The clusters are from three auto bursts. I tried to use the flip-up sights, but the others were from the semi- auto file. The flip-up sights aren't much use for my eyes. I found that the smooth inside surface of the cylindrical rear sight was too reflective, causing enough glare to block out the front post sight entirely. If neighbors are close, it's too loud to be back yard friendly. The loading tool is unreliable. It feels like it will break at any moment. I only had one load the full 25BBs without failure when it was functioning properly. If you want to own this gun, buy it now. You will wonder why you waited when you fire it. Ignore the tool that loads. You can buy yourBBs with the little spout. The manual says "lock it back", but you should just hold the follower back with your thumb. If the slot is full, pour theBBs into the feeding hole at the top end. The follower should be released. Don't worry, you'll be spilling a lot more real soon. Order more magazines! The 25 rds go so fast that you'll be happy to spend $50 a piece to keep shooting. If you want to shoot better at targets, mount a red dot laser.

👤I bought a gun and put a scope on it, because I thought it would be useful for sparrows in the barn, without harming the barn like a pellet gun would do. I took the scope back to the bench, and the next shot would be low, not even on the target. Daisy and Copper Head failed to match grade. I am returning this turd, but no returns are allowed because the product contains explosives. I said that CO2 isn't dangerous and that I removed the cartridges. The first gun that Amazon is sending is faulty. I appreciate the effort of Amazon. The second gun is worse than the first. The magazine will not seat without great effort, and there is a click half way through the pull. Performance is as inconsistent as the first gun. The speed loader is terrible. I now have two paper weights, CO2 cartridges, and bb's that I bought. The plague is something to avoid.

👤This thing is very large. The gun has a quick fire rate and is realistic. Most of the controls are functioning in their proper places. The gun is very versatile. It looks more tactical because I have fitted it with a lot of my own things. The primary build material is plastic, but it is highly durable. I think this is a good deal.

👤I like this gun. The full auto is cool. It seems weak for using 2 co2 at the same time. If I didn't like the gun, it would be less than the 3 stars I gave it. The speed loader is used to load the bbs. The speed loader seems to be malfunctioning so I contacted the seller. I would have to return the whole gun, instead of just replacing the speed loader. They did respons quickly, but their solution was retarded, so they wouldn't have to do anything. There is a The gun is awesome. They are gone in 2 seconds. You will spend 5 minutes reloading it.

4. Umarex 2279040 Hecker Airsoft Airsoft

Umarex 2279040 Hecker Airsoft Airsoft

The GunSkins product has a lifetime warranty which covers normal use by the initial user. The GunSkins product will be free of fading for the duration of the warranty period if the initial user has the product installed correctly on a firearm, firearm accessory or other GunSkins approved application. The gun is 6mm. It was made from a high strength material. Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft guns at up to 240 frames per second. The accessory rail is integrated. The front and rear sights have been changed.

Brand: Elite Force

👤You get what you pay for when you buy this gun. I will list the pros and cons of it. The Flip up sights are very lightweight and comes with a grip. I hope this review helped you because it was tight fitting the battery inside.

👤If you're looking for a gun, don't buy this. The mp7 replica has a small battery and a small magazine. I returned it because my brother's gun had better features and was 15 dollars more expensive. The heckler and koch are worth about 15 dollars more. Don't waste time with this one. If you want an mp7, you have to look somewhere else. You can buy this gun at the store instead.

👤Fun gun! Don't let it get wet. One died after being exposed to light rain. It doesn't claim to be water proof, but it should be resistant. Still bought another. Now we know!

👤The MP7 is one of my favorite guns. The gun broke after a month of use. The battery ran out in a few hours and the accuracy varied between shots, which was extremely inconsistent, in the time it was usable. Some shots were close to the target while others were below. This was not worth the money.

👤The battery that comes with this gun is butt. I charged the battery when I got this out of the package. When I put it in the gun, it made a tiny sound, then stopped, and I started to recall all of the other reviews, I am kind of lazy when it comes to sending stuff back online. I modified the nun chuck battery so that it would stay on the gun and not break when I played the spring in the mag. It's a fun toy.

👤The terrible gun back of the stock fell after I arrived and I thought I might get a good gun for cheap. I was wrong. This was my first gun. I did not know much about air soft. I know that paying a little more will pay off in the end when you get a good gun and a gun that works like an air soft gun.

👤If you want to make a small child cry, buy it for someone you hate. The reviews were correct. I was able to get 10 frames per second before it smelled like the wiring was burning. Even tried a 7.4v. Customer service should exchange it for something that works. It goes to the recycling bin if it isn't already.

👤I had to purchase a separate magazine for the gun because it was a Christmas present and I didn't have time to return the one I bought before Christmas. I ordered a magazine. I have been dealing with Amazon for many years and this is the first time I have ever been disappointed before buying an item.

5. Valken ASL Airsoft Rifle AEG

Valken ASL Airsoft Rifle AEG

The body is made of nylon Fiber and has a 9-inch Quad Rail. The muzzle velocity was measured with.20gBBs. Ships with 300 Round hi-cap M4 magazine. The split style battery is recommended. The package includes a gun, magazine, and cleaning/ anti-Jamming rod.

Brand: Valken

👤I bought this for my son for Christmas, and he loved it. They should have made it clear that it does not have a battery. He couldn't use it for days while we waited for a battery to arrive, because they don't sell them in any stores around us. Please make that clear to potential buyers.

👤I gave it a try last night at my local place. This is the best starter gun I have seen and it comes with the best price I have seen. It goes up to about 400s if you put some high quality bbs through it.

👤The gun doesn't feel like cheap plastic. The quality is very good and heavy. The stock and magazines seem to wobble a bit but other than that, its an amazing gun.

👤The gun was good but wouldn't buy it again. The cost should have come with batteries.

👤Didn't work. We have tried two and neither worked.

👤The gun feels like it was made to last a long time. I enjoy everything from the charging handle to the fire mode selector. Great RPS with full auto at 2.2 - 2.5.

6. Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

There are adult safety glasses and 200 AirsoftBBs included. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The speeds can be up to 430 fps, but the co2 is not included. The rifle is easy to handle with the 6 different positions of the stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5 millimeter steel. The accessory rail mounted red dot sight keeps you on target. It's ideal for target practice, with realistic weight, blowback action and functions.

Brand: Bushmaster

👤I bought this for lack of a better description, but the seller has a no return policy on all guns. That's on me. They got me again. They will never get me again if you mark it down. The airgun has a maximum speed of about 286 mph. A pitcher can throw a baseball at 98 mph. He can throw a baseball. The fully automatic action and the product videos made me take in. Again, completely on me. I should have done more research. A handy speed loader is shown in the video. It's supposed to make it easy to load. It jams right away. I am using a steel. I've never been able to loadBB's with the "Handy" speed loader. It doesn't work. The magazine has 25BB's which will empty in about ten seconds. You have to reload and stop. An extra mag costs about 40 dollars. The instructions state that the follower locks back so you can load theBB's easily. It doesn't lock back! It's difficult to hold the follower back with one hand, holding the mag in one hand and pouring theBB's into the tiny hole to refill the mag. I used a hook on one end to open the paint can. There is a short piece of dowel on the shaft. You can grab the follower with the hook and pull it back, but the dowel will slip over the end of the mag and you will have to let go of it. Both hands are free to load. I bought a.97 cent Ketchup squirt bottle after chucking the junky speedloader. I cut the tip off so I can pour them in the mag. The whole mag and speedloader design is terrible. I have been able to get about 4 loads of the mag through the gun before it becomes weak and needs new Co2 cartridges. I would like to see a bigger capacity magazine and Co2 system. It's a fun little gun, not worth the cost, problematic and time consuming to load, and grossly short on Co2 capacity. I wouldn't buy it again from this seller.

👤This thing is great for ripping cans. People laugh in pure glee when I show it off in full auto. It's cool! Magazine works better than a real rifle. It's great for training your muscle memory because the gun shoots great and functions like a real AR. My only complaint is 1. Garbage is what speed loader is. I broke mine on the fifth try. Get a plastic bowl and pour the magazine over it. For later, collect the strays. 2. Extra mags are too expensive and you will want extras.

👤Wow! I own several ar15's and the realism of this air rifle is amazing. It has a picatinny quad rail and ar15 stock. It breaks down like an ar15. It's easy to load with the speed loader and the fully automatic mode is exciting. The only complaint I have is that the lense on my RMR is cracked. The air rifle is great because you can make it your own. Highly recommended!

7. GunSkins Rifle Skin Waterproof Non Reflective

GunSkins Rifle Skin Waterproof Non Reflective

The target is included to practice accurate shooting. Rifle Skins conform to any shape. It is designed to fit any rifle. The kit has pieces for the receiver, forend, and barrel up to 29" in length. It's easy to install vinylwrap, it's up to you. They have precut templates and installation videos to help you choose how much or how little to wrap. To fit the vinyl, use a hobby knife and a heat gun. You can install in a few hours. Immediate use is not ready for cure time. GunSkins are made from premium vinyl. The automotive grade vinyl is non-porous and waterproof. This is a great place to hunt ducks when you are knee deep in the reeds. No rain, no rust, no worries! This non-permanent finish will not affect the resell value of your gun. Simply add heat and remove it. The surface will be the same. It's easy to switch patterns for different hunting seasons. The GunSkins product has a lifetime warranty which covers normal use by the initial user. The GunSkins product will be free of fading for the duration of the warranty period if the initial user has the product installed correctly on a firearm, firearm accessory or other GunSkins approved application.

Brand: Gunskins

👤The reason I deducted a star is due to the packaging. The rifle has to be folded to fit in the packaging, which left a crease on one corner of the wrap. The crease isn't that noticeable, though I was able to get it out. The 15 year old Mossberg was sitting in the back of my safe and I bought this to wrap it. I decided to give it to my son. I wanted to upgrade the look but didn't want to send it off to be coated. There is not much you can do with a grey stock. It seemed like the cheapest option. I wrapped the rifle up in an hour. It looks great, even though it has a few smallwrinkles and a crease. I took my time with the heat. I don't have a lot of experience installing vinyl, but I do have some. I used a heat gun to make the material softer. I would recommend wrapping one of my pistols.

👤I wanted something to personalize my new hunting rifle, and I didn't like the look of black synthetic stocks. I was skeptical when I pulled the Trigger, but I was pleasantly surprised when I began the installation and it turned out great! Initially, I thought I had been cheated, because the install was not the easiest. I was able to stretch it where I needed to with the help of my wife's blow dryer and an exacto knife. It turned out perfect because of the heat that was the key. The first install took about 3 hours. I couldn't be happier. Will purchase another pattern for the next gun.

👤I use camo wrap for my rifle. It's not easy to take some time to work out the air that gets trapped when you start rapping it. Check out their instructional videos to learn how to apply. I was able to do it with a blow dryer. Some stocks will be easier than others. I've put 100 rounds through the gun and so far there's not been any warping of the wrap. It makes your gun a little slippery. If you drag this through the woods, it could possibly get scraper off, but I haven't had that happen yet. It's a good alternative for people who don't want to spray paint their gun.

👤If you watch the video and are patient, the final results are worth the time spent. I figured it out. Most people would get discouraged if they were told that heat is their friend here.

👤The product is of good quality. If you're expecting it to be flawless, you're going to be disappointed. Unless you've done this before and your rifle stock is featureless with no sharp angles, you're going to have some flaws. The wrap couldn't be stretched around them without some wrinkling because of the tough angles on it. The heat gun was able to help but couldn't smooth them out. The first time I tried to wrap it. I had to learn on the fly. It looks good from a distance. Don't use a hot air gun or hairdryer to wrap your rifle because it can cause damage. The wrap from GunSkins is 4 stars. Make sure you have realistic expectations.

8. Double Eagle Magazine Airsoft Electric

Double Eagle Magazine Airsoft Electric

You can program the Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity, and Feed Stack on the onboard computer. Beautiful Stacking Magazine. This item is not for sale in certain zip codes. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Double Eagle

👤This was a nice item, it fit perfectly with the air rifle, and I just went from one magazine to the other, it was a perfect accessory.

👤The one that comes with the gun does what it's supposed to. The gun was branded Swiss Arms. It's the same gun. It worked out well. If you're having backyard wars with this gun, I would recommend getting888-607-888-607-888-607-s for888-607-s for more time having more fun.

👤I bought 5 magazines for my rifle. I know I can shoot. All day and never have to leave. The magazine is similar to the one that comes with the gun. Looking at something. The weight and feel are nice.

👤I paid $10 for this and an extra 35 shots in the heat of battle, and I think it's worth it. The spring felt a little tight, but it needs to be worn more. Unless you have a good draw with your sidearm, don't get caught without this.

👤My electric double eagle is fully automatic and goes through the clips like water. I bought a few more to make sure I didn't have to reload the clip so much.

👤It doesn't fit. guns are bad

👤I've dropped them on concrete and they've been pretty durable. The problem is that the little button on the mag is easy to trip which will empty the contents wherever you may be. I recommend you by 5 or 6 of them.

👤You get what you see in the picture. The clips work as they are supposed to. You lose the last shot in the video. The same thing happened when I ran out of bullets, I ejected the clip and the last shot fell out, it was the same thing with both clips I bought. I haven't used them in any real action yet, but I filled them twice and they worked well, even if I lost the last shot.

9. VFC UMP GBB Airsoft Gun

VFC UMP GBB Airsoft Gun

The M4 rifle is a replica of the US Army's M4 rifle Electric powered (AEG) Velocity. The design and blowback are licensed by Heckler & Koch. The build is very high quality and detailed. There is a hop-up for optimal range. Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft guns. Front and rear iron sights are integrated.

Brand: Elite Force

👤The H&K UMP.45 Gas Blow Back Air soft gun is made to look like a real gun. It seems to perform well out of the box. The electric blow back version made by Ares is a little larger than the one sold under the Elite Force license. Right up front. The charging handle for the gun is made of plastic, it's loose on two guns I bought, and it feels like it's going to break out of the box in field conditions. A player who is too enthusiastic might break the handle and be unable to charge the weapon. This lost a full star rating for me. The plastic shell of the gun is very similar to the real one, however the density of the plastic is cheap, so there is no idea how long it will last. The stock on the electric gun from Ares seems to be stronger than the stock on the game day stock. The grip and guard feel weak and will break one day during game play. The switch is made of plastic. If it is forced to freeze, it leaves the impression that it could break something on the inside. The muzzle of the barrel is not threaded and looks like the end of a wind instrument. The magazine is plastic and not easy to slide into. It's a tight fit, but it might be for a tighter seal in the gas system. The metal parts on the gun seem to be solid. There are three accessory rails, a slide catch release, and a muzzle. The gun has only metal parts. The ejection port cover is included. The gun runs fast and is very fast on semi- auto. The 2 round burst setting fires very fast and full auto is equally fast. Similar to electric guns. The noise is generated by the gas escaping and the report is a metallic slap of what I assume to be the bolt cycling inside which makes the gun louder and more intimidating. The gun should be a lot of fun to use and look pretty cool if it doesn't break where the cheap charging handle is located. I haven't done it yet, but I have watched some videos that say the gun can be taken apart. I'm going to find a way to make a replacement for the charging handle that's slightly larger in diameter to fit better, and use stronger material, if not metal, to make it light and strong. The real gun from H&K is made of plastic, but I don't think the charging handle is made of plastic because it would take a lot of heat close to the barrel. I'm pretty sure it's not plastic. The electric from Ares has a full metal charging handle, and I had expected this gun to be a little larger, a little heavier, and near the same quality as the electric. It's hard to find magazines for this gun and with only 30 rounds you're not going to be using it very long before you have to switch to a different weapon. The real gun from H&K had a few problems and was dropped by military organizations around the world who used it to replace the excellent mp5 which has great ergonomics. The UMP is a cheaper gun and therefore has more problems. The setup of the rails and compact form factor of the weapon makes it portable and with stock extended provides great locations for tactical accessories. I think it needs work, but if you are a tech or into modifying your guns and can find ways to improve on it, it's a lot like the Little Engine That Could. A few improvements and it could easily be a bad weapon or primary for field engagements, but it runs fine out of the box and is kind of mean sounding. Looks good. I realized that I was a little unfair with my negative Cons in this review after handling this gun and doing some pre-field function tests. The charging handle is plastic and too loose for my liking, but the other elements seem stronger than I thought. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to drop it out of a moving truck or throw it at a brick wall. If you dropped it on soft ground it would not be affected. The magazine gets some bonuses, and the gas system is more efficient, so I raised the rating to 4 stars. The Magazine is not weighted like other gas powered mags but it does perform well during fire without freezing over. I was able to hold in the bolt catch and run it on full auto for several long bursts and maintain the same pressure and cycle rate for each burst, which resulted in better performance under sustained fire. Since the mag only holds 30 rounds, you can dump it out at a fast cycle rate without affecting the performance of the weapon, and when you have to change mags, the fresh one will be ready to go. After several shots, 2 and full auto bursts that easily exceeded the capacity there was still plenty of gas in the mag, performance was unaffected and the mag was not cold or frozen over. This tells me that it could be reloaded twice on a single gas charge. The gun seems tough enough out of the box, but as it breaks in and parts start to wear, it should be worth modifying or taking to a tech for improvements. It grew on me and earned another star.

10. Legends MP Airsoft Pistols Gas

Legends MP Airsoft Pistols Gas

The package weight is 5.1 lbs. The.177 caliber air gun has a realistic blowback action. The CO2 not included is powered by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 465 mph. All metal construction is durable and realistic. Front and elevation sights can be adjusted.

Brand: Umarex

👤The weapon is beautiful. The arm shoots over 400 frames per second. The only problem with this piece is that it jams like crazy. I loaded this mag at a time so that I could double stack it. I can't get this thing to not jam a minimum of 3-4x per clip. It will shoot well. I will take 30 shots in full auto and pull the mag to find 3-4 shots that actually fired a bb. You will have to keep adjusting and pulling the mag. I have not had a single jam issue with my car. It can be done right. I can tell it jams because the bbs ride the double stack into a bottle neck. First sliding upwards on a smooth plastic part of the mag, then into the bottleneck, and then riding on bare cast metal and getting stuck. The loading spring isn't strong enough to help the bbs. I watched videos of people having no issues but also videos of people shooting the MP and it sometimes jams. pyramid Air was the only air arm company that was honest about this issue. The others don't mention these things in their videos to make more money. The double Co2 loading and screw is a con. It is hard to puncture the top co2. I only got one clip out of it, but the other tank wasn't punctured and the cart barely got puncture. It is a beautiful wall hanger because of all these issues. It is about 8 lbs in the boxes so returning it will cost a lot of money. I had a big scratch and had to use a black paint marker.

👤The best gun... It has some quirks, but it's realistic and fun. I learned a few tricks from other reviews, one of which is to glue 2 dimes together and place them in between the CO2 cartridges to make for excellent punctures at both ends. I can load and fire magazines in a matter of moments. I ripped the center out of the target in the back yard after shooting it out of my office door. It's fun, fun!

👤This is a very fun toy. It gives you a realistic feel for shooting a real sub machine gun, with less noise and recoil. It makes noise as it is cycling and reminds me of shooting a suppressed 9mm. I fired the suppressed MP5 in the Army. Not much noise to bother your neighbors, but enough to tell you that you are shooting. The heft and weight are realistic. Since I don't have an extra 20K laying around, this is the best thing for me. There are a couple of minor criticisms. It eats CO2 like candy, so much so that I wonder if it's as expensive to shoot as a real one. I get 2 magazines before I empty my Cartridges. The average is one CO2 cartridge per magazine. You can empty a magazine on full auto. The magazine is hard to load. Pull the spring back and pour the bb's into a small hole. The tab to pull back the spring is so small that it slips from my thumb before I finish loading. It makes you want to have three hands. I'm sure I can work out a better system for loading with more practice. Overall, I like it. Imagine what it was like to face one of these back in the day, as it's fun to blast holes through a target.

11. Powerful Precision Spring Airsoft Sniper

Powerful Precision Spring Airsoft Sniper

Bipod and Scope were included. 450+FPS with.20gBB. The package includes a Scope, Bipod, and Speed Loader. Super accurate and realistic. The product is not allowed into the state of New York. The department is called Airsoft. Scope and Bipod were included. The material is aluminum. Sport type.

Brand: Bbtac

👤I love this thing. I bought it for my son, but he was pretty sure I bought it for myself. I shoot it around the yard. I allow him to shoot it occasionally. He was set up at the shooting range by me. The.32 gram pellets are much more accurate than the.20 gram pellets that I have. The product is called "B0085PMPEQ" and it is available on the store.

👤I received the package on time. There was no sling in the packaging. The hop up was set to one direction and after 60 feet it dropped into the dirt. After pulling the gun apart, I found that the hop up was screwed in so tightly that it wasn't reachable with the tool provided until I twisted it back out. I was able to adjust it from inside the stock. It's fairly accurate with.20gBBs but would suggest a spring upgrade and use.40gBBs for longer distances. All in all a good gun and a good scope. The stock is very loose and a bit of a hassle. Not a bad starter. Better mounting of the stock would have netted a 5 star. I had the stock come off already, but the screw in the stock that was loose on arrival wouldn't hold the stock on until I tightened it up.

👤Within the first ten minutes, I bought this for the event, and I didn't even shoot at it yet. The stock is starting to get wobbly. I think I can deal with it. When I am about to take a shot, it gets even more wobbly to the point where it isn't accurate, so I'm thinking if I can even use it. I couldn't because after another try at shooting the whole stock comes off and now it's a sniper pistol. Luckily my dad was there and he said I could use his rifle because he was more of a spectator. I am trying to return it for my money, but it is not letting me. What a terrible gun.

👤The gun was a good starter rifle. I started firing the gun and it didn't fly very well because it didn't come with a sling. You had to tighten it up with an Allen wrench after the power was turned down. I haven't had any other problems yet. This is a great gun. Also subscribe to MasonM 24.

👤My son loves it and I gave it to him for Christmas. He put the scope on and saw it. He said he could probably shoot the birds from the neighbors yard if I would let him.

👤A tripod and gun were good.

👤It is built to survive abuse, but it is not accurate at all. At 25 yards, you should expect your shots to land in a 12 in circle of where you're aiming.

👤The trash unit fell apart after 5 shots because of poor craftmanship. The company gives refunds and exchanges for poor products.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun rifle?

Electric airsoft gun rifle products from Benjamin. In this article about electric airsoft gun rifle you can see why people choose the product. Game Face and Dpms are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun rifle.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun rifle?

Benjamin, Game Face and Dpms are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun rifle. Find the detail in this article. Elite Force, Valken and Bushmaster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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