Best Electric Airsoft Gun Under 100

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1. Crosman 40001 1911 Semi Auto Pistol

Crosman 40001 1911 Semi Auto Pistol

Made using the highest quality components. Quality and performance were tested. The most trusted name is airgun accessories and equipment. A frame with grips. A barrel made of steel. A magazine that holds 20BBs is convenient. The CO2 replacement panel has aremovable grip panel. The accessory rail has fixed blade front and rear sights.

Brand: Crosman

👤The pistol fired well for a few weeks. It misses after most shots. The gun doesn't fire but the barrel is partially outside of the frame. The thing actually fired after I grabbed the thing with pliers. I am thankful that I had aimed in a safe direction. I've had this problem three times and am done with it.

👤I have a lot of real guns, I'm 50 years old. This is what I needed. It's a lot of fun to keep it loaded in the garage. I put a cheapy picatinny mounted laser on mine.

👤I bought one of these and it lasted through one CO2 cylinder and then leaked at the first change. The oil was used on the tip. Maybe just got a bad one. Returned and received a second pistol. This one lasted 4 CO2 changes before leaking. Terrible seals.

👤This is great so far. I had it for 3 days. It is awesome. It seems like a good seal. She has the air from a co2 all the time. I have shot a lot of clips. It is on target. It is a little light compared to a real gun. It looks real. If anything changes, I will update this.

👤I bought one for my son. The pin was faulty. The CO2 cartridge was rendered useless because the pin punctured it. The item can be exchanged for a new one. The magazine that the replacement had was malfunctioning. The internal mechanism of the gun wouldn't allow theBB's to load into the gun. My son was happy. TWICE was tried. It was made cheaply and couldn't get it outside to do target practice. Is three a good sign? This one is probably not going to work out. Pass.

👤Grandson loved it, only complaint is it looks too real. It needs to have some orange or red on it to show that it's a toy gun. We are going to apply some color to him.

👤Had to have it replaced. The same one was exchanged. It worked 2 times. The 2BBs broke after being shot. This is not a good piece of work.

👤Is pretty loud and strong, I went through wood siding on a build across the street from my house. It is recommended that you don't leak air and heavy duty for a plastic cased gun at about 300 feet.

2. Double Eagle Magazine Airsoft Electric

Double Eagle Magazine Airsoft Electric

You can program the Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity, and Feed Stack on the onboard computer. Beautiful Stacking Magazine. This item is not for sale in certain zip codes. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Double Eagle

👤This was a nice item, it fit perfectly with the air rifle, and I just went from one magazine to the other, it was a perfect accessory.

👤The one that comes with the gun does what it's supposed to. The gun was branded Swiss Arms. It's the same gun. It worked out well. If you're having backyard wars with this gun, I would recommend getting888-607-888-607-888-607-s for888-607-s for more time having more fun.

👤I bought 5 magazines for my rifle. I know I can shoot. All day and never have to leave. The magazine is similar to the one that comes with the gun. Looking at something. The weight and feel are nice.

👤I paid $10 for this and an extra 35 shots in the heat of battle, and I think it's worth it. The spring felt a little tight, but it needs to be worn more. Unless you have a good draw with your sidearm, don't get caught without this.

👤My electric double eagle is fully automatic and goes through the clips like water. I bought a few more to make sure I didn't have to reload the clip so much.

👤It doesn't fit. guns are bad

👤I've dropped them on concrete and they've been pretty durable. The problem is that the little button on the mag is easy to trip which will empty the contents wherever you may be. I recommend you by 5 or 6 of them.

👤You get what you see in the picture. The clips work as they are supposed to. You lose the last shot in the video. The same thing happened when I ran out of bullets, I ejected the clip and the last shot fell out, it was the same thing with both clips I bought. I haven't used them in any real action yet, but I filled them twice and they worked well, even if I lost the last shot.

3. Crosman 52005 Elite Battlemaster Airsoft

Crosman 52005 Elite Battlemaster Airsoft

Front and elevation sights can be adjusted. The mechanism is full or semi-automatic. The barrel is made of metal. The wood grain has a color. Up to 200FPS with 6mm Airsoft. Semi-automatic or electronic full. A high capacity magazine. A wind-up style mag is used for reloading. The product is not allowed into the state of New York.

Brand: Game Face

👤When it arrived, my son was very excited. He opened it and began using it. He was happy. The firing/loading mechanism froze up after a few hours of use. It sounded like something was spinning and stuck. There were no adjustments in the barrel. I assumed that we had just gotten a bad one and that we would return and get a new one. The excitement was back after the new one arrived, but it was not until a few hours later that it happened again. Both were returned and a different one was ordered.

👤I got my AK-47 battlemaster. It is lightweight and plastic. It is fairly accurate when I test fired it. The attention to detail on the design is very nice. It is a good buy for $62. It was described as "molded wood grain" on the Amazon, which means plastic, and it was critiqued for being plastic. You will not get a full metal gun for the price. I bought this from Gameface because I own the awesome gun, the GF-76. They should have the same quality control on their products, since I was sacrificing metal for plastic for the price. I'll update my review after a few battles.

👤I'm just a simp for the gun. It works well for being plastic. I don't really care about the strap, it was an extra and it was a let down. The placement of the battery is good. It's easy to change. The rate of fire is enough to make a rifle an okay competition rifle.

👤The son wanted a gun of his own. He decided to use it for backyard target practice and a few games because it was good enough for his limited use.

👤It was pulled out of the box, and the worst part was that the spring inside the gun wouldn't feed the bbs into the gun. Don't purchase. Can't even buy a replacement clip.

👤Had to return the gun. Unless it is held upside down, it won't shoot well. Within minutes, the orange tip broke. It works well when we can get it working. It is always jamming. This could be a result of a mistake. We plan on buying another one to see if it was just the gun or if they are all like that. Will update soon.

👤My son got a gun for Christmas. He thought it needed charging after it was good for about 20 minutes. I didn't think of it when he went to charge it. He tells me it still isn't working a few weeks later. I missed the return window because I went to return it. I am responsible for not following through to make sure it charged correctly. Some of the reviews have the same problem. This one won't be recommended or purchased again.

👤Don't buy this gun! The gun came out of the box and felt cheap and light. The motor broke and now it makes a loud buzzing sound. Don't buy this unless you want a day of fun for 60 dollars. The sights broke in less than 24 hours. You can shoot it, but you have to hold it down. I don't think you should buy this gun because it sucks at the end of the day.

4. Umarex 2279040 Hecker Airsoft Airsoft

Umarex 2279040 Hecker Airsoft Airsoft

The GunSkins product has a lifetime warranty which covers normal use by the initial user. The GunSkins product will be free of fading for the duration of the warranty period if the initial user has the product installed correctly on a firearm, firearm accessory or other GunSkins approved application. The gun is 6mm. It was made from a high strength material. Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft guns at up to 240 frames per second. The accessory rail is integrated. The front and rear sights have been changed.

Brand: Elite Force

👤You get what you pay for when you buy this gun. I will list the pros and cons of it. The Flip up sights are very lightweight and comes with a grip. I hope this review helped you because it was tight fitting the battery inside.

👤If you're looking for a gun, don't buy this. The mp7 replica has a small battery and a small magazine. I returned it because my brother's gun had better features and was 15 dollars more expensive. The heckler and koch are worth about 15 dollars more. Don't waste time with this one. If you want an mp7, you have to look somewhere else. You can buy this gun at the store instead.

👤Fun gun! Don't let it get wet. One died after being exposed to light rain. It doesn't claim to be water proof, but it should be resistant. Still bought another. Now we know!

👤The MP7 is one of my favorite guns. The gun broke after a month of use. The battery ran out in a few hours and the accuracy varied between shots, which was extremely inconsistent, in the time it was usable. Some shots were close to the target while others were below. This was not worth the money.

👤The battery that comes with this gun is butt. I charged the battery when I got this out of the package. When I put it in the gun, it made a tiny sound, then stopped, and I started to recall all of the other reviews, I am kind of lazy when it comes to sending stuff back online. I modified the nun chuck battery so that it would stay on the gun and not break when I played the spring in the mag. It's a fun toy.

👤The terrible gun back of the stock fell after I arrived and I thought I might get a good gun for cheap. I was wrong. This was my first gun. I did not know much about air soft. I know that paying a little more will pay off in the end when you get a good gun and a gun that works like an air soft gun.

👤If you want to make a small child cry, buy it for someone you hate. The reviews were correct. I was able to get 10 frames per second before it smelled like the wiring was burning. Even tried a 7.4v. Customer service should exchange it for something that works. It goes to the recycling bin if it isn't already.

👤I had to purchase a separate magazine for the gun because it was a Christmas present and I didn't have time to return the one I bought before Christmas. I ordered a magazine. I have been dealing with Amazon for many years and this is the first time I have ever been disappointed before buying an item.

5. Lancer Tactical Extreme Precision SEAMLESS

Lancer Tactical Extreme Precision SEAMLESS

High End Spring, Electric, and Bolt action rifles are recommended. This is a quality seamless bb.

Brand: Lancer Tactical

👤It was perfect for my gun. This is exactly what I wanted. Very happy. Highly recommend tactical weapons.

6. Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

Crosman SNR357 Black Grey

The sights are fixed and licensed. A heavy-weight, full-metal body. The speeds can be up to 400 and 500 with.177 caliber pellets. The COMPATIBLE WITH.177-CALIBER PELLETS OR.TREDITIONAL STEEL BBs are not included. Proper and safe handling is the goal. To stay on target, there is a fixed blade front sight and adjusted rear sight. It's ideal for skills training.

Brand: Crosman

👤I love it. It scares my squirrel out of the bird feeders. I ring the cow bell and they hate it. They should be kept out and eaten their own feed. I don't share for squirrels, but I feed them all.

👤The pellet pistol has a hammer but is not noticeable. Not the most accurate. The price was very heavy. It's got some weight to it if you shoot the person in the face a few times and club them with it.

👤The air pistol works well. It was a present for my dad and he loves it. When it comes to loading and unloading a pistol, the bullets work like they are real. The bees are inside the bullets. Highly recommended.

👤The air gun is heavy. I have not seen a real one. I think they might be a little smaller. It seems to be more accurate with pellets. I hit a target at 35 feet. It seemed to shoot a little high and to the left, with only one bullseye, but that may have been my aim. I found the Colt revolver casings fit the air rifle I had purchased, and they are interchangeable. The slide safety/cylinder release is my only complaint. When I took the gun out of the plastic confinement, I couldn't move the slide from safety because I couldn't open the cylinder. I used a rubber mallet to force it to lose. I have to repeat the process of getting it free when I put it on safety. The support I received from Crosman was helpful, but they are aware of the problem, which will make it difficult to use the safety. The problem will be fixed in the future. Quality control would have caught the problem before it was sold. The screw holding the safety button should be removed first, then the slider should be used to remove the burr. They suggested that I use a rubber mallet to hit the slider so that I wouldn't scratch the finish. For the price, I would recommend the gun. I want you to know that I fired 42 shots and had plenty of air left, so you can get from 80 to 100 shots from a single CO2 cylinder.

👤It came new in a box, but there were missing parts, so you have to buy things separately to use the pellet gun. I wanted a stress free purchase and to get what I ordered, not a reject piece, is a burden. The vendor's 800 number is not in working order. Customer service and integrity have been affected. Totally disappointed.

👤The plastic grip doesn't want to stay on the handle. The pellet gun is of the highest quality. Everything is metal. Good weight to it. Solid power.

👤Be careful, it looks real.

👤Abierto, el blister viene. Artculo procedente de una devolucin? Parece, el estado es correcto. La empuadura is a demasiado. Algunos compradores. El acabado es bueno. No repetir vendedor, el asunto del blister is suficiente. No tiene un producto no Amazon.

7. OUTGEEK Airsoft Steel Goggles Halloween

OUTGEEK Airsoft Steel Goggles Halloween

Throw it in your backpack and you won't have spills. The package includes a steel mesh mask and goggles. The military mask can be used for Halloween and cosplay. A perfect gift for family and friends. Half face masks are made of low-carbon steel and goggles are made of plastic. There are two elastic straps with a metal half face mask that fit different head sizes. The mesh mask can be bent to fit your face better, and it's air-ventilated to prevent fogging. The PC ballistic lens can provide enough protection to protect against the effects of the sun. It's perfect for paintball, hunting, shooting, and any other outdoor activities.

Brand: Outgeek

👤When my son wanted to celebrate his 15th birthday with his friends, I gave them 8 of these. My son got hurt on his face when Pellet went through the mask. My son told me that other kids were using "higher pressure guns" and that the mask was full of pellet holes. I would have had a lot of explaining to do to his friend's parents if the other kids masks had this problem. I wouldn't get them again.

👤The price was so low that I was a little skeptical of the quality. We were pleasantly surprised when the masks and goggles arrived. Great purchase!

👤I ordered this set for my child. The goggles are flimsy, and the metal mesh mask is not a good fit. I wanted to return the set, but it is not possible.

👤Good coverage, but a mask. The goggles clear up quickly.

👤The goggles fit my grandson. The mask was not easy to fit all sizes.

👤I was looking for something that wouldn't distract me while I was playing. It's pretty good for the price and I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. It was def buy.

👤I was only able to use 2 pairs after they broke. I don't recommend.

👤I enjoy it. The mask can be reform to fit your face better and the goggles have a great squishy foam around the edges so it sits comfortably around your eyes. The only problem I have with this is that I can't wear the OD green mask on the field because the neon paint on the wire part of it is too bright.

8. Umarex Beretta Electric Round Airsoft

Umarex Beretta Electric Round Airsoft

The front top pocket has backing for the pistol holster. Includes 2 Beretta 92 FS pistols. Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft guns at up to 260 frames per second. The mag capacity is 12 rounds. 500 plastic airsoftBBs are included. The target is included to practice accurate shooting.

Brand: Umarex

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the product. It's pretty light, but it makes up for that in terms of entertainment and casual play. This is my favorite electric blowback airsoft pistol. I bet you could make it stronger and more reliable with a little tinkering.

👤The wife wants to learn how to shoot with us. The kid opened it when it arrived. We were able to set up targets in the backyard on the weekend. It worked for a while. It stopped shooting. I heard the gear butBB was not loading. Checked the barrel, batteries, clip, etc. All looked good. The gun was reloaded. The gear wouldn't load the gun or shoot it if they pressed safety. Checked 888-739-5110 Its brand new and only shot for 5BBs, went bad very quickly.

👤I knew the fps would be low, but this is a great semi auto sidearm for anyone getting into airsoft. I was confused by the fact that the typical safety and mag release switches are not functioning. The switch under thetrigger guard is a safety and it is easy to pull it down. Outside of those two parts, this is a really good sidearm. It will fire as fast as you can squeeze it. Highly recommended.

👤It came very quickly and was very easy to open. It said it had a metal barrel and blowback when I first opened it. The blow back was only half an inch and it had a cheap plastic barrel. I put some fresh batteries in, but it didn't work, so I tried to look at the manual, but it didn't work. You can get the magazine out by pressing the button on the side. I tried a lot of things to get it to work, but it wouldn't do anything. My advice is not to buy.

👤I bought an electric pistol to have a good secondary. The magazines are small and you have to reload them all the time. The game is not usable. This spits a lot. The enemy won't know when they are hit. It doesn't have a battery. You will keep buying new batteries. It seems fragile. The slide is so light that you can't even put it in a holster. Is there a secondary weapon that can't leave your hands without breaking? That is not a good idea. I bought two different AEPs and they both have the same problems. A good pistol will be spring or CO2.

👤The air soft pistol is fun to play with and it is pretty accurate. The description is wrong. You can see in my picture that it does not have a metal barrel. The electric version is full plastic, but the CO2 version is about 4x more. I wanted it because of the stability of the metal barrel, but even without that it is accurate to about 15-20yds with.2g pellets. If it is windy, the.12 will fly up. This is a play toy for adults and it is worth $20ish. Nothing serious or professional.

9. GunSkins Pistol Skin Waterproof Non Reflective

GunSkins Pistol Skin Waterproof Non Reflective

Front and rear iron sights are integrated. Pistol Skins fit any gun. It's designed to fit any semi-automatic pistols with a barrel length of eight inches or less. Also can be installed on paintball guns. There are two frame pieces, one slide piece, and two pieces of additional material. It's easy to install vinylwrap, it's up to you. They have precut templates and installation videos to help you choose how much or how little to wrap. To fit the vinyl, use a hobby knife and a heat gun. You can install in a few hours. Immediate use is not ready for cure time. GunSkins are made from premium vinyl. The automotive grade vinyl is non-porous and waterproof. This is a great place to hunt ducks when you are knee deep in the reeds. No rain, no rust, no worries! The resell value of your gun will not be affected by this non-permanent finish. Simply add heat and remove it. The surface will be the same. It's easy to switch patterns for different hunting seasons. The GunSkins product has a lifetime warranty which covers normal use by the initial user. The GunSkins product will be free of fading for the duration of the warranty period if the initial user has the product installed correctly on a firearm, firearm accessory or other GunSkins approved application.

Brand: Gunskins

👤Make sure your knife is sharp. Take it to class and see how the armed women of America like it.

10. BBTac Magazine Airsoft Electric Warranty

BBTac Magazine Airsoft Electric Warranty

Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 400 frames per second. It is compatible with their best selling M4 from double eagle. Heavy on hand 1 pounds. The 30 day warranty is byBBTac.

Brand: Bbtac

👤Excellent mags! My son plays a lot of air soft. Never an issue!

👤The M83 is fun to use, but it was a hassle due to the low mag capacity. I found these and ordered a few and it fit better than the original mag and held a bit more than that. 10/10 I would definitely recommend it.

👤Very strong. The ones that came with the rifle were much stronger.

👤It works well. The price is great.

👤Works well. Good quality. I am happy to have two.

👤Multiple mags are necisity because of low capacity. These are cheap and I wouldn't be without them.

👤The delivery time to Danes was terrible. It took me 5 weeks. I had to pay import duty on top of the price, which made the total cost £81! This is over the top for two plastic magazines. They are good quality and fit well into the magazine port after a little shaving of the plastic flashing. They look good and have a feel for it. If you don't care about the cost but you want something with a quality build, look and feel, buy them, but if you have a limited budget, think twice as there may be hidden costs like import duty to pay on top of your initial payment.

👤I got them to use in a 10/22 by cutting the top section off the mag and using a welding torch to attach a BX-1 mag to the top.

11. GunSkins Shotgun Skin Waterproof Non Reflective

GunSkins Shotgun Skin Waterproof Non Reflective

The 30 day warranty is byBBTac. It's designed to fit any hunting or sporting shotgun. The kit has pieces for the receiver, forend, and barrel up to 29" in length. It's easy to install vinylwrap, it's up to you. They have precut templates and installation videos to help you choose how much or how little to wrap. To fit the vinyl, use a hobby knife and a heat gun. You can install in a few hours. Immediate use is not ready for cure time. GunSkins are made from premium vinyl. The automotive grade vinyl is non-porous and waterproof. This is a great place to hunt ducks when you are knee deep in the reeds. No rain, no rust, no worries! This non-permanent finish will not affect the resell value of your gun. Simply add heat and remove it. The surface will be the same. It's easy to switch patterns for different hunting seasons. The GunSkins product has a lifetime warranty which covers normal use by the initial user. The GunSkins product will be free of fading for the duration of the warranty period if the initial user has the product installed correctly on a firearm, firearm accessory or other GunSkins approved application.

Brand: Gunskins

👤I like this kit. The High Standard model 200 had a little pitting and a beat up stock from sitting for years between my Grandfather owning and using the Shotgun until I got it. It got a little rusty after sitting in a soft case for twenty years without any love. If you aren't going to actively use a firearm, then don't let them sit in a soft case. They hold in water. She is ready for turkey hunting this fall and the following spring because her skin covered up all of her superficial flaws. You'll be the first kid on your block to have the camo, it's new and great looking. Laying it on a shotgun is relatively easy, and the instructional videos online teach you how to do it. The wood forend was the only area I had a problem with. I couldn't get it to lay down straight. I had a couple of littlewrinkles that formed, not just where the grip curves to meet the magazine. It wasn't that big of a problem because I used a normal razor blade and laid it against the camo skin to shave thewrinkle off. If you hit thatwrinkle with a good amount of heat before you shave it off, you should be able to get it as small as possible. If you don't know the gun is camouflaged, you will be hard pressed to find it because the two sides of the wrinkle meet in a white line. Another trick was to hit thewrinkle with a heat gun and then use the flat side of a knife or razor blade to rock it over thewrinkle. It will look perfect when it is flattened out. The piece of vinyl for the barrel wasn't wide enough to fit around the chamber of my barrel. It made it around the rest of the barrel, with plenty of spare, but where the barrel is thicker for the chamber I was a half of an inch short of making it all the way around. I may have been able to stretch out the vinyl to cover that, but in the end I found a good piece that blended well and through it on, even though I had so much extra scrap. The great things are here. This camo is great. The vinyl is well laid on. If you watch all of the gun skin install videos, you'll see different little tricks that work for very specific situations that aren't in the shotgun install video, and if you take your time with it, you will be rewarded with good results the first time. You will have a lot of vinyl to work with. You should be able to knock out a scope with all of the extra. The shotgun has a lot of camo'd parts, but I left a few parts black to make it stand out. Since it will still look awesome, you don't have to worry about wrapping everything up. This kit included a skull sticker that adds a little personality to the camo. It's a great looking kit and a fun day laying it on. I chalk the minor flaws up to beginners technique.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun under 100?

Electric airsoft gun under 100 products from Crosman. In this article about electric airsoft gun under 100 you can see why people choose the product. Double Eagle and Game Face are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun under 100.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun under 100?

Crosman, Double Eagle and Game Face are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun under 100. Find the detail in this article. Elite Force, Lancer Tactical and Outgeek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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