Best Electric Airsoft Gun Uzi

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1. Crosman DSBR Powered Full Rifle

Crosman DSBR Powered Full Rifle

You can take both guns onto the field of play. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The 12-GRAM CO2 Cartridges is fueled by two 12-GRAM CO2 canisters. The gun is easy to handle and shoulder with the adjusted stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5mm steelBBs. To stay on target is the purpose of the relocated pop-up sight and adjusted rear sight.

Brand: Dpms

👤The gun is fun to shoot. The shooter and spectators laugh at each other in full auto mode. The real thing has weight and balance. The forward assist is not functional, but the charging handle is. Did I say it's fun to shoot this thing? Surprisingly accurate. The photo is from my first 100 shots. The clusters are from three auto bursts. I tried to use the flip-up sights, but the others were from the semi- auto file. The flip-up sights aren't much use for my eyes. I found that the smooth inside surface of the cylindrical rear sight was too reflective, causing enough glare to block out the front post sight entirely. If neighbors are close, it's too loud to be back yard friendly. The loading tool is unreliable. It feels like it will break at any moment. I only had one load the full 25BBs without failure when it was functioning properly. If you want to own this gun, buy it now. You will wonder why you waited when you fire it. Ignore the tool that loads. You can buy yourBBs with the little spout. The manual says "lock it back", but you should just hold the follower back with your thumb. If the slot is full, pour theBBs into the feeding hole at the top end. The follower should be released. Don't worry, you'll be spilling a lot more real soon. Order more magazines! The 25 rds go so fast that you'll be happy to spend $50 a piece to keep shooting. If you want to shoot better at targets, mount a red dot laser.

👤I bought a gun and put a scope on it, because I thought it would be useful for sparrows in the barn, without harming the barn like a pellet gun would do. I took the scope back to the bench, and the next shot would be low, not even on the target. Daisy and Copper Head failed to match grade. I am returning this turd, but no returns are allowed because the product contains explosives. I said that CO2 isn't dangerous and that I removed the cartridges. The first gun that Amazon is sending is faulty. I appreciate the effort of Amazon. The second gun is worse than the first. The magazine will not seat without great effort, and there is a click half way through the pull. Performance is as inconsistent as the first gun. The speed loader is terrible. I now have two paper weights, CO2 cartridges, and bb's that I bought. The plague is something to avoid.

👤This thing is very large. The gun has a quick fire rate and is realistic. Most of the controls are functioning in their proper places. The gun is very versatile. It looks more tactical because I have fitted it with a lot of my own things. The primary build material is plastic, but it is highly durable. I think this is a good deal.

👤I like this gun. The full auto is cool. It seems weak for using 2 co2 at the same time. If I didn't like the gun, it would be less than the 3 stars I gave it. The speed loader is used to load the bbs. The speed loader seems to be malfunctioning so I contacted the seller. I would have to return the whole gun, instead of just replacing the speed loader. They did respons quickly, but their solution was retarded, so they wouldn't have to do anything. There is a The gun is awesome. They are gone in 2 seconds. You will spend 5 minutes reloading it.

2. Umarex Beretta Blowback Full Auto Caliber

Umarex Beretta Blowback Full Auto Caliber

To stay on target is the purpose of the relocated pop-up sight and adjusted rear sight. A realistic blowback action with a.177 caliber air pistol. The CO2 not included is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 310 frames per second. All metal construction is durable and realistic. Features fixed front and rear tactical sights.

Brand: Umarex

👤Don't buy any other air guns and get this one now. You will not be disappointed. I have been in love since I opened the box. It shoots very accurately. The accuracy of the laser sight improved to near perfect after I purchased it. Need I say more? It does shoot full auto, doesn't jam, and sounds amazing. The blow back is realistic. It's a huge help to learn how to hold, breathe, etc. When shooting. If you want, you can shoot in your bedroom with this air gun. The only thing I would recommend is buying this piece. If you're out in public or around people, be very careful. The air gun is realistic and so far, not one person I've shown it to has been able to tell it's not a real Beretta. The purchase of an air gun has made me start collecting more. I have found a new hobby. Excellent product, Umarex!

👤I was able to use the gun for 24 hours. After the third mag, the safety wouldn't engage consistently. The right side of the safety blew off of the gun while it was being fired. The safety fell out when I cleared the chamber. The gun does not fire now. It is being returned. I can't trust another gun of the same model if it happened again, as many other reviews have reported.

👤The gun is very good, it was fun to shoot it, but the only thing that made me come back was the safety switch. The slide wouldn't come off when trying to disassemble it, and the safety wouldn't work. I recommend that you tighten the screw every so often or that you use a thread locker to seal it.

👤This is definitely the gun for you if it's a very exact replica. It is a heavy piece of machinery, a gun that feels authentic in your hand, and a great feature set. It doesn't shoot accurately. It is the most inaccurate gun I have ever owned. I have seen a lot of reports about its inaccuracy, but I wrote them off as outliers that were not representative of the true quality of the gun. I was wrong. It spraysBBs everywhere but where you aim. Never seen anything like it before. So disappointing. The 3 stars are for the real thing. I wonder if I can get it back. Any advice would be appreciated.

👤It's fun! I wanted this gun when I was a teenager. Blow back, slide lock on last round. The strips are the same as the real one. The weight is the same as the real one. You can see the ejection port through the mag well. Not much different from the real thing. It is full metal. The slide pull is very heavy for a gun. Most of the internals seem to be made of metal. I use this as a weapon for my kids. When they are not around, I'm going to blow through multiple mags on full auto, because doing it with a real firearm is too expensive. The air gun will earn your respect even if you are a firearm guy.

3. Crosman 52005 Elite Battlemaster Airsoft

Crosman 52005 Elite Battlemaster Airsoft

Front and elevation sights can be adjusted. The mechanism is full or semi-automatic. The barrel is made of metal. The wood grain has a color. Up to 200FPS with 6mm Airsoft. Semi-automatic or electronic full. A high capacity magazine. A wind-up style mag is used for reloading. The product is not allowed into the state of New York.

Brand: Game Face

👤When it arrived, my son was very excited. He opened it and began using it. He was happy. The firing/loading mechanism froze up after a few hours of use. It sounded like something was spinning and stuck. There were no adjustments in the barrel. I assumed that we had just gotten a bad one and that we would return and get a new one. The excitement was back after the new one arrived, but it was not until a few hours later that it happened again. Both were returned and a different one was ordered.

👤I got my AK-47 battlemaster. It is lightweight and plastic. It is fairly accurate when I test fired it. The attention to detail on the design is very nice. It is a good buy for $62. It was described as "molded wood grain" on the Amazon, which means plastic, and it was critiqued for being plastic. You will not get a full metal gun for the price. I bought this from Gameface because I own the awesome gun, the GF-76. They should have the same quality control on their products, since I was sacrificing metal for plastic for the price. I'll update my review after a few battles.

👤I'm just a simp for the gun. It works well for being plastic. I don't really care about the strap, it was an extra and it was a let down. The placement of the battery is good. It's easy to change. The rate of fire is enough to make a rifle an okay competition rifle.

👤The son wanted a gun of his own. He decided to use it for backyard target practice and a few games because it was good enough for his limited use.

👤It was pulled out of the box, and the worst part was that the spring inside the gun wouldn't feed the bbs into the gun. Don't purchase. Can't even buy a replacement clip.

👤Had to return the gun. Unless it is held upside down, it won't shoot well. Within minutes, the orange tip broke. It works well when we can get it working. It is always jamming. This could be a result of a mistake. We plan on buying another one to see if it was just the gun or if they are all like that. Will update soon.

👤My son got a gun for Christmas. He thought it needed charging after it was good for about 20 minutes. I didn't think of it when he went to charge it. He tells me it still isn't working a few weeks later. I missed the return window because I went to return it. I am responsible for not following through to make sure it charged correctly. Some of the reviews have the same problem. This one won't be recommended or purchased again.

👤Don't buy this gun! The gun came out of the box and felt cheap and light. The motor broke and now it makes a loud buzzing sound. Don't buy this unless you want a day of fun for 60 dollars. The sights broke in less than 24 hours. You can shoot it, but you have to hold it down. I don't think you should buy this gun because it sucks at the end of the day.

4. Game Face GFR37 Powered Mil Style

Game Face GFR37 Powered Mil Style

The product is not allowed into the state of New York. Smooth bore barrel, synthetic stock. 400 round magazine has a high capacity. The rail is mounted on the Picatinny. Fixed blade front sight.

Brand: Game Face

👤There is a secret pouch in the butt stock and it is partly made of metal. There are mounts. 10/10

👤I don't have a lot of experience with Airsoft, but these things seem pretty accurate and have a really good range for a novice. It had a lot of fun and hasn't had any issues yet. It is plastic, but it is pretty well made, and it is hard to use when you are in the dark. It's not the best. It is highly recommendable other than that one issue.

👤I don't like that rifle. I have to cock it every time but the battery powered version is $150 more accurate than the one I have to use. Great buy!

👤This gun is what I wanted. It's medium weight, has metal gears, and has a little storage in the butt stock. The buttstock did fall off once, but it was an easy fix. One setting makes it go farther and another makes it go less far. It's best to have 6mm. It has a scope that you can adjust in the front or back. The buttstock is adjusting. It can carry 20BB's each load and 500 in the magazine. It's not hard to cock, it's not battery powered, but it's pretty good. It hasn't jammed yet. It's pretty much what I wanted, but I suggest using it for Airsoft battles.

👤Good buy and good quality.

👤Two of these were bought for training. I was able to fix it quickly after taking it apart and seeing the problem. The plastic is quality and not creaky, but where the buffer tube is attached to the gun it is not very stable so it wiggles a bit. You can call gameface and order magazines if you want to look at the answered questions. All of it. They work well for practicing handling a rifle and they're fun to hang out with.

👤Always have an adult with your child.

👤I gave this to my friend. It was still accurate even with some wind.

👤Excellent rifle for beginners. My son and I are having hours of fun, with a few small modifications, and we look and shoot like the real deal. So far, so good.

👤The rifle was bought to cause a response from the squirrels. When they jump on the feeders, notion is to shoot them and they will associate the sting with the feeders. The rifle doesn't have enough power to surprise the squirrels at a range of 15 feet. Need more oomph, but not so much as to hurt them. The gun shoots a little higher than the sights, but it's manageable.

👤It was a little gift. It works well for the price. It looks and feels like a child's toy. The end is bright orange. We made it black. Does not have a special scope. This would make the sight line better. All in all works. It's price line didn't make me think of high tech or sophisticated. Not suitable for young children. Quick delivery. For immediate use, the pellets were arrived.

5. Legends MP Airsoft Pistols Gas

Legends MP Airsoft Pistols Gas

The package weight is 5.1 lbs. The.177 caliber air gun has a realistic blowback action. The CO2 not included is powered by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 465 mph. All metal construction is durable and realistic. Front and elevation sights can be adjusted.

Brand: Umarex

👤The weapon is beautiful. The arm shoots over 400 frames per second. The only problem with this piece is that it jams like crazy. I loaded this mag at a time so that I could double stack it. I can't get this thing to not jam a minimum of 3-4x per clip. It will shoot well. I will take 30 shots in full auto and pull the mag to find 3-4 shots that actually fired a bb. You will have to keep adjusting and pulling the mag. I have not had a single jam issue with my car. It can be done right. I can tell it jams because the bbs ride the double stack into a bottle neck. First sliding upwards on a smooth plastic part of the mag, then into the bottleneck, and then riding on bare cast metal and getting stuck. The loading spring isn't strong enough to help the bbs. I watched videos of people having no issues but also videos of people shooting the MP and it sometimes jams. pyramid Air was the only air arm company that was honest about this issue. The others don't mention these things in their videos to make more money. The double Co2 loading and screw is a con. It is hard to puncture the top co2. I only got one clip out of it, but the other tank wasn't punctured and the cart barely got puncture. It is a beautiful wall hanger because of all these issues. It is about 8 lbs in the boxes so returning it will cost a lot of money. I had a big scratch and had to use a black paint marker.

👤The best gun... It has some quirks, but it's realistic and fun. I learned a few tricks from other reviews, one of which is to glue 2 dimes together and place them in between the CO2 cartridges to make for excellent punctures at both ends. I can load and fire magazines in a matter of moments. I ripped the center out of the target in the back yard after shooting it out of my office door. It's fun, fun!

👤This is a very fun toy. It gives you a realistic feel for shooting a real sub machine gun, with less noise and recoil. It makes noise as it is cycling and reminds me of shooting a suppressed 9mm. I fired the suppressed MP5 in the Army. Not much noise to bother your neighbors, but enough to tell you that you are shooting. The heft and weight are realistic. Since I don't have an extra 20K laying around, this is the best thing for me. There are a couple of minor criticisms. It eats CO2 like candy, so much so that I wonder if it's as expensive to shoot as a real one. I get 2 magazines before I empty my Cartridges. The average is one CO2 cartridge per magazine. You can empty a magazine on full auto. The magazine is hard to load. Pull the spring back and pour the bb's into a small hole. The tab to pull back the spring is so small that it slips from my thumb before I finish loading. It makes you want to have three hands. I'm sure I can work out a better system for loading with more practice. Overall, I like it. Imagine what it was like to face one of these back in the day, as it's fun to blast holes through a target.

6. Game Face GFR37 CA Powered Mil Style

Game Face GFR37 CA Powered Mil Style

The package weight is 0.403 kilograms. The magazine capacity is 400 round. It is compliant with California requirements.

Brand: Game Face

👤I liked the gun. It is great, terrific, cool looking and all that good stuff, but the magazine is not. It is almost like the bullets get stuck and you have to push them in. It is doable, but I feel like it is too much to do compared to other products.

👤I got this gun as a beginner and it hasn't disappointed. It's pretty accurate and powerful, and it's good at range.

👤When I got it. It is pretty light. This is worth it. What is it that is so ever? The magazine is terrible. It won't go in. The sight is awful as it goes on. It's great for backyard play, but not worth 50$.

👤The gun is very cool but... I recommend getting this gun because it's only 4 starts and has a place to put Co2 cans in.

👤Some people here think this is correct, so maybe mine is broken. At 30 ft. indoors, the shoots are 8 inches high, with the rear sight set as low as possible.

👤The spring rifle is great for beginners, I got more than a few kills on a 2 acre field, even against players using full/semi auto rifles, but in head on, you definitely dying more than once. It's really satisfying when you win that engagement. I suggest you cocking your charging handle back when you are ready to fire as theBBs can fall out of the mag and into the barrel when you run and tumble into cover. If you want to get rid of the problems with loading the mag, you should slide the mag into the gun until the mag release is raised, then you can slap the magazine into place. If you are interested in this sport, you will start to invest more into it if you are willing to practice and practice, as this is a great spring rifle and with patience and practice it can get you entrenched and interested in this fantastic sport. Hope this helps!

👤It was perfect for me. I use it as my primary because it did all the things I wanted to do.

👤When I first got this gun, it didn't work. It has 18 shots in it, and you could shoot it 5 times. If you moved the gun, the rest of the bbs would fall out. I was so disappointed that I didn't give this a star because I love their gun so much. I thought it would be a good idea to buy this one. I bought this at the store.

7. Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

Bushmaster BMPWX CO2 Powered Action Capability

There are adult safety glasses and 200 AirsoftBBs included. Up to 1400 rounds per minute are possible with a durable synthetic design. The speeds can be up to 430 fps, but the co2 is not included. The rifle is easy to handle with the 6 different positions of the stock. The magazine is compatible with traditional 4.5 millimeter steel. The accessory rail mounted red dot sight keeps you on target. It's ideal for target practice, with realistic weight, blowback action and functions.

Brand: Bushmaster

👤I bought this for lack of a better description, but the seller has a no return policy on all guns. That's on me. They got me again. They will never get me again if you mark it down. The airgun has a maximum speed of about 286 mph. A pitcher can throw a baseball at 98 mph. He can throw a baseball. The fully automatic action and the product videos made me take in. Again, completely on me. I should have done more research. A handy speed loader is shown in the video. It's supposed to make it easy to load. It jams right away. I am using a steel. I've never been able to loadBB's with the "Handy" speed loader. It doesn't work. The magazine has 25BB's which will empty in about ten seconds. You have to reload and stop. An extra mag costs about 40 dollars. The instructions state that the follower locks back so you can load theBB's easily. It doesn't lock back! It's difficult to hold the follower back with one hand, holding the mag in one hand and pouring theBB's into the tiny hole to refill the mag. I used a hook on one end to open the paint can. There is a short piece of dowel on the shaft. You can grab the follower with the hook and pull it back, but the dowel will slip over the end of the mag and you will have to let go of it. Both hands are free to load. I bought a.97 cent Ketchup squirt bottle after chucking the junky speedloader. I cut the tip off so I can pour them in the mag. The whole mag and speedloader design is terrible. I have been able to get about 4 loads of the mag through the gun before it becomes weak and needs new Co2 cartridges. I would like to see a bigger capacity magazine and Co2 system. It's a fun little gun, not worth the cost, problematic and time consuming to load, and grossly short on Co2 capacity. I wouldn't buy it again from this seller.

👤This thing is great for ripping cans. People laugh in pure glee when I show it off in full auto. It's cool! Magazine works better than a real rifle. It's great for training your muscle memory because the gun shoots great and functions like a real AR. My only complaint is 1. Garbage is what speed loader is. I broke mine on the fifth try. Get a plastic bowl and pour the magazine over it. For later, collect the strays. 2. Extra mags are too expensive and you will want extras.

👤Wow! I own several ar15's and the realism of this air rifle is amazing. It has a picatinny quad rail and ar15 stock. It breaks down like an ar15. It's easy to load with the speed loader and the fully automatic mode is exciting. The only complaint I have is that the lense on my RMR is cracked. The air rifle is great because you can make it your own. Highly recommended!

8. Game Face GFM39PG Spring Powered

Game Face GFM39PG Spring Powered

Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size 9MM,....40 S&W, and..45 ACP models do not fit M&P M2.0 models. The Host Mayhem is a spring-powered air soft pillow. The single action avenger has a 14-Roud magazine and a top speed of up to 200 mph. Add accessories to your play. The red dot sight is for accuracy.

Brand: Game Face

👤The accuracy of the pistol is better than expected. My kid liked the way it looked. I was surprised that I could hit the target. The Gameface auto reset target is powerful enough to break splatter targets and knock over the targets. It is easy to load and shoot. It has a safety. Accurate with iron sights. There is a The red dot was not usable from the start. It can't be adjusted well enough to hit anything. It can be difficult to re-cock small children. Sometimes a gun will have a bug inside it and I have to shake it to get it out. This is a great starter pistol for teaching kids how to shoot. It's hard to miss the target at 15 - 20 feet with a Center Precision red dot sight.

👤As a kid, I remember airsoft guns that were barely shot and could not hurt anyone. This gun was a full-on bb gun, stronger than the simple single-cock steel-ball rifles we played with as teens, even though the bullet is a hard plastic ball. If a person is shot at with this gun, it should be treated as a gun, not for anyone under the age of 12. My wife mentioned that a child was recently shot by police with a similar gun, and that it looked realistic, although exaggeratedly large with a cool working scope. Dad will use it if the woodpecker comes to peck my house again, but it's under lock and key away from my 8 year old.

👤Works well! Scope is correct. My 9 year old son loves it.

👤This is a great starter pistol and it is like a few in one with makes it more fun.

👤It takes too much strength to cock it. It is cool.

👤It is hard to cock it.

👤This is a toy for a young child. I felt bad for my 11 year old who was so disappointed as he fired the gun at his target. The pellets are so light that they are like throwing a curve. It turns when you shoot it. He tried to sound happy, but it wasn't good. I returned it.

👤I'd add a photo. I bought this for a custom reason, I'm not sure how it works, but I'm sure it would fit in my felt. I'm more in love with the look than I am with it.

9. Game Face GF76 Airsoft Electric

Game Face GF76 Airsoft Electric

Fixed blade front sight. Up to 700 rounds per minute are possible with a full size and dual action synthetic design. The electric-powered vehicle can deliver speeds of up to 350 mph. The rifle should be adjusted to make it easy to handle. 6mm airsoftBBs are not included in the magazine. There is a battery charge and a redemption charge.

Brand: Game Face

👤An excellent rifle. I've been into airsoft for over two years, and I've seen a lot of different guns. This was my first AK, and I have always run an M4 platform. The looks of the gun and the weight are very realistic. If you know how to push a button, the folding stock is both practical and sturdy. The gun can be folded to a small smg size that is good for close quarters and storage. Practical accuracy is about 40 yards. The gun is ideal for both close and mid range engagements. The gun has a high rate of fire. 700 rounds per minute is advertised by the box, and it lives up to that.

👤This thing shoots a lot and has a scroll wheel to reload. I love this gun and I can use it as a sniper. The stock folds under 5 stars.

👤It's not worth it as much as I wanted it to. The plastic that held the battery in place was broken when I received my first gun. My son wanted to keep it, but the loader messed up, making the gun non functional. We tried another gun. The gun was used 3 times. Something jams in there when you wind it and the gun won't fire. It's very frustrating to stay away from this gun. The design is not good.

👤I've seen complaints here. I think a lower priced product may have flaws. Not a single issue with my gun. Everything works right out of the box. I gave the battery a 5 hour charge. Highly recommend this. The gun gave a good shot for the plastic gearbox. This is a mid price starter gun that feels like it could compete with a high quality gun. It's a great gun for Close quarters. I plan on using mine in indoor ops until the box and motor are upgraded. I like the look and feel of the gun. The poorly mounted rail was the only thing that was missing. Plastic seems very sturdy and feels good in the grip, but it is mostly metal.

👤I would recommend this to anyone trying to buy a full automatic gun, it will do 800 rounds a minute. I upgraded to a Lipo battery because it can do at least 3,000 single fired rounds, but I wouldn't recommend keeping the stock battery because it won't last forever. People won't expect it to be 100$. It's worth it. I fell in love with this 1 because I didn't like ak47s before. I recommend using a 20g bullet because it will shoot straight for at least 10 car lengths. If you want to play with more people, you should get more batteries to keep on hand. I use this gun a lot and give it a hard time, and haven't had a single problem, even though it might have some spots where it could have been built better. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a starter gun.

👤Iron sights can't be adjusted. I returned the first but the second was not better. The rail is mounted to the battery lid so that it doesn't work, but you could add a red dot to fix that. I modified this a lot. The collapsible stock was removed since it's wobbly and I never used it. It shoots 315 frames per second with 0.2g bbs stock, which is perfect for the local indoor center limit. Unless you're willing to fix it's flaws, you're probably better off buying a used gun.

10. Umarex Pistol Strike 2252120 Pellet

Umarex Pistol Strike 2252120 Pellet

It is easy to load and carry. The stock 12 gram CO2 cartridges are easy to find and reliable. Features flip-up sights. Drop-free mag is easy to load and holds 900BBs in its main reservoir. You can choose between single shot mode or 6-round burst mode. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 400 frames per second.

Brand: Umarex Usa

👤I like the steel strike more than the steel force and steel storm and prefer it over the other two once I figured out how to load the 30round magazine. The manual says to use a rocking motion, but for me it would only load a few thousand. There is no visual indicator of when the magazine is full. I was able to load a full 30 bb every single time by shaking gently and rocking from horizontal to barrel at 45%. The steel strike has a main seal on the end cap that is easy to pierce and I like it. The other two models have a magazine with a co2 that you have to remove every time you load c02, and that seal does not seem repairable or replacable. You can replace the magazine, but the other part of the gun is not. The steel strike seemed to shoot at a higher rate than the other two. Before the pressure got low, I would shoot around 200 shots. The steel force was about the same as the steel storm, but it seemed to have noticably lower average velocity, although the specs say slightly higher. The fixed sights of the steel strike are accurate enough for me to shoot golf ball sized targets at over 30 feet. I'm not a marxman, but that seemed like a good fit for me. I couldn't hit the side of a barn with the fixed sights because I had to buy a $20 adaptive sight. I'll try to update the review once I've shot 5000BB with it. It has been almost a full bottle of 6000 bbs and still works like new. I did an initial lube, but never cleaned it or lubed it again. Some people have bad ones. I always put chamber lube on the co2 cartridge.

👤I like Umarex products. The rifle had about 14 - 30rd magazines. The rifle is useless because thetrigger is locked into fire position. I don't know how to disassemble or repair this rifle, so I only have one option: ether exchange it for another one or get a full refund. It was a fun accurate rifle to shoot and I kept it oiled and cleaned.

👤It was awesome until co2 started shooting out of the barrel. This is the second one in a month that has done this to me. If there is a way to prevent, don't know how to do it. Fix or stop this issue. You have to send this one back as well, and go with a different brand. Unless someone could help me fix this issue.

👤Very disappointed! The spring got bent up from the magazine when my son used it. A new magazine is $29.99. The magazine seems to be cheap and made to bend up after being used. I could see it being used if he had it for a longer period of time. It was delivered to my house an hour ago. He is disappointed again. He bought it with his birthday money. Not worth $114!

11. Umarex 177 Caliber Steel Airgun

Umarex 177 Caliber Steel Airgun

The front and rear sight are hooded. 19-shot,.177 caliber air pistol. The CO2 not included is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Shoots.177 caliber steelBBs at up to 410 mph. It's easy to add lights, lasers, or optics with integrated accessory mounts. The frame is durable.

Brand: Umarex

👤Fit and finish are the most popular. It was received on time, great, but it was taken out of the box to find it loaded. There is a After clearing the gun, the common checks were done. I pulled the gun apart after loading it, and found 3 guns jammed in the barrel. Not. After clearing the obstruction, it reassembled and fired. I thank you. I would like to thank Amazon for selling used. A new product. Imagine if a child unboxed a loaded gun and it wasn't jammed full of bb's, there would be an easy lawsuit from this. Someone could have lost an eye. ;-(

👤Power is ok for a pistol with expansion rails, and accuracy is ok.

👤It was a great bang for the buck. It's a nice pistol with a gun. The UMAREX XBG is a pistol. It feels light and plastic. The aim is perfect at 15 yards. It's hard to put the pistol on the attchment, but once you get it, you have it. It looks good to Campare to the SBR rifle.

👤Stack a bunch of empty aluminum cans against a safe backdrop if you want to buy this gun. Take out your stock and slaughter the cans. I can say that it's well-made, accurate, and seems to hit pretty hard, but I had to add some more stuffing to my trap. It's a lot of fun. You can get two cool airguns for the already low price of one, if you can convert it quickly and easily from pistol to carbine and back again. I would buy it again.

👤If you want the sub machine gun, the new style of Call of Duty has a great feel. It folds from the pistol. It has a maximum performance even after 1/3 of the CO2 is used. Not rapid fire but comfortable for accurate aim and ease of shot.

👤I was disappointed because I thought this was a real gun, but I can't complain because this is one of the best air guns I have gotten. It's loud and intimidating, but it also impressed a lot of my friends hearing it and seeing that the gun turns into a pistol.

👤This is a great gun. It is not recommended for kids of any age. Kids can use paintball guns. Adults can use pellet guns. It is not possible to cause serious harm to a small child with an airsoft gun. The gun is very dangerous. The big thing here is that the guns look realistic. The barrel ends have no orange tips. If a police officer sees your kid with a gun, there's a good chance that you'll cry on the news. Explaining this to your children would probably lead them to paintball. The gun is very capable of taking out pests such as rats, crows, and gophers. It is a replica of the H&K MP7. The stock should be folded into the right side of the gun and held in the back of the shell but never the gun's grip.


What is the best product for electric airsoft gun uzi?

Electric airsoft gun uzi products from Dpms. In this article about electric airsoft gun uzi you can see why people choose the product. Umarex and Game Face are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric airsoft gun uzi.

What are the best brands for electric airsoft gun uzi?

Dpms, Umarex and Game Face are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric airsoft gun uzi. Find the detail in this article.

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