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1. Breathe Right Snoring Drug Free Original

Breathe Right Snoring Drug Free Original

Take a deep breath. If you use right nasal strips you can open your nose up to 38% more than if you use allergy sprays alone. Drug free snoring aid called Breathe Right nose strips provide instant relief for nighttime nasal congestion due to cold or allergies. Apply above the nostrils after washing and drying your nose. Remove the nose strip from your nose by gently lifting it off your nose. The Breathe Right strips are available in a variety of colors and sizes to help you sleep better.

Brand: Breathe Right

👤Have you ever slept with someone who snores? It's not possible to sleep with a chainsaw in your bed. My husband is not a quiet person. He can drift off in a matter of a minute or two and start sawing logs like Paul Bunyan. I'm on the other side of the bed, with a pillow over my head, sleeping through his snoring. I might be being a little dramatic. Enter breathing right. We both sleep like a dream when I can get him to put it on. The challenge is catching him to wear it before he goes to sleep. You should wash your face thoroughly before putting it on. He forgot to "degrease" in the morning and stuck several of these to the pillow case.

👤I received this product for the first time tonight after buying it yesterday. My husband tried it. I thought to myself that I can finally get good quality sleep again. Feel free to watch the video to see the results.

👤I love this product. My husband and I get more rest. When I remove the strip in the morning, it takes off a layer of skin from my nose, as it needs to be to stay on all night. I had a sore on the top of my nose after using it for a week. To resolve the issue and still be able to wear the strips, I simply apply a small amount of vaseline to the skin on my nose, and the strips have been working perfectly!

👤I will tell you why the original version is better than the extra strength. The skinnier strength is made of a stronger level of spring in the strip. It pulls a small portion of the passage up. I've used these for years and I recommend the original. The smell of the chamomile is fun, but don't buy it if it's too much money.

👤You must clean nose with alcohol in order for them to stick well! Some soaps can prevent them from sticking. I use alcohol on a cotton ball or tissue to clean my nose and bridge, but they stay stuck until I pull them off. They will open up your nose so you can breathe correctly. They let you exhale. They work. I don't think they can cure snoring. Some people might be interested in them. They help me breathe at night. They are not a stunt. If I have a cold, they help a lot. I need these in my medicine cabinet. The "Extra Strength" do not stay on my nose. Within a couple hours, they pull off. The glue they use on the CLEAR strips doesn't hold up well. I only use the TAN ones. If you find it hard to breathe due to allergies, colds, or other issues, try these. They help a lot.

👤I'm supposed to be using a c-pap all night. It was never possible to get used to it. I use these instead. It lifts my nose up so that I can breathe properly and I get better air flow, so I don't see what the difference is. I don't care who sees me because I can breathe. I wear them all night. If you want to get the glue off, put a little face cream on your nose.

2. TENS 7000 Digital Unit Accessories

TENS 7000 Digital Unit Accessories

Their 12-month warranty and friendly California-based customer service are what you get. Need prescription pain relief? A TENS unit muscle stimulator and electric massager that provides pain relief, acts as a muscle massager or shoulder massager, provides carpal tunnel relief, and acts as a muscle relaxer is great for muscle recovery. A consumer over the counter favorite back pain relief device and a leader in physical therapy equipment for providing immediate and lasting drug-free muscle pain relief from back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, and bursitis. A leader since 2008. A TENS device is a favorite among medical professionals for delivering drug-free back pain relief as well as treating common ailments like neck pain, carpal tunnel relief, arthritis, shoulder, knee, elbow, leg and foot pain. ImMEDIATE PAIN. There is a sigh of relief. The TENS machine can provide instant muscle pain relief. A class leader in electric massagers for muscles, the machine has everything needed for TENS therapy. The intensity level can be adjusted from 0-100mA in 10mA increments, which is controlled by the respective knobs located at the top of the device. There is a dual cobra TENS unit. The TENS 7000 TENS unit has four TENS unit pads that can be used for targeted pain relief and is a muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and electric massager. Also, note: Refer the User Manual and Guide before use. The intensity level can be adjusted from 0-100mA in 10mA increments by the knobs located at the top of the device. The device won't work if you use one electrode and the other one in pairs. The device will shut off after a certain time period, if treatment is timed with it.

Brand: Tens 7000

👤I'm so thankful I bought this. Even though I had experience with a less powerful unit, it was helpful. I use the TENS unit to help manage my pain issues. You don't have to worry about settings being accidentally changed while wearing because there are safety covers that protect the unit. I wear it on continuous mode for hours, even leaving the house with it all strapped on and hidden under my clothing. It has been a blessing. This device is more effective than pain medications and muscle relaxers, and is less toxic to the system, for those of us who have built up a tolerance to medications. If you're wondering if this is powerful enough, this is a small unit that runs on a single 9 watt battery. I never set this higher than 3.5 and it goes up to 8. You can set it in any way you want. You have the option of choosing different modes and tweaking them. I can't believe how long the batteries last, I bought a set of 9 volt batteries with a small unit and I can't believe how long they last. I used this unit for 4 months and it helped me get through a really bad time where I was suffering from knots in my shoulders and trapezius. I felt like I needed rotator cuff surgery because of the pain in my upper arms. I took pain meds around the clock and sought massage therapy once a week. The only thing that helped break the cycle of pain and get me through the worst of it was the TENS machine. I can't recommend this unit enough for people who are suffering from pain. There was an update Sept. 2017: I had to buy another one to replace the unit that quit working before I left, so I was sad to see it go. The digital display works, but the wires and pads don't. I tried the wires and pads from my new unit, but they were not able to work. Although I had to wait a month to get my product from the manufacturer, I was fully refunded and my new one works great. The seller did take care of the issue and the new unit seems to be working well, so I am leaving it at 4 stars. I will keep an eye on it, but I still think it is a great unit when it works.

👤The machine stopped working after only 2 months. I put new batteries in it, but it was dead. I'm past the return date and it's just money lost.

👤This was bought in May of last year. It wasn't needed until a week ago. I changed the 9V battery because the low battery indicator illuminated. I know the batteries were old, but the same message appeared when I tried them in the unit. The same problem occurs when you go to buy a brand new one. A brand new unit won't hold a battery charge. The manual says a year warranty. I can't do anything via Amazon except write a poor review. I've left two messages for the manufacturer, but no one has returned my call. Customer service email is not provided in the product literature. A poor product and poor customer service. If the manufacturer ever calls me back, I will update this review.

3. Retinol Serum 2 5 Hyaluronic Vitamin

Retinol Serum 2 5 Hyaluronic Vitamin

The YEOUTH 2.5% Retinol Serum for face will last for a month. The unit is 1oz. The best anti-wrinkle cream and the best anti-wrinkle cream that works are available. Women and men can use anti aging cream. You can get a brighter, more satisfying experience or you can get your money back. Retinol is a proven ingredient in its anti-aging abilities. Improves elasticity, reduces pores, and helps to mitigate the effects of acne. Wrinkles on the face are caused by age spots, sun spots, and discolorations. Use at night. This cream works. There is Hyaluronic Acid. As they age, a naturally occurring compound in their skin decreases. It plumps the skin to even out it's appearance and gives it a softer feel. A wonderful facial product. The skin is soothed through daily treatment with the addition of the vitamins. It is a great addition for anti-aging purposes because it is rich in vitamins C, E andBeta Carotene. The skin will benefit from the help of vitamins E and E. Made in the USA. YEOUTH has high quality anti-aging products.

Brand: Yeouth

👤My 63 year old skin has never looked better after I added the Retinol Serum 2.5 with hyaluronic acid to my skin care regimen. We are going to be friends for the rest of our lives thanks to Yeouth.

👤I bought this for scaring on my cheeks and chin. I put it with a vitamin C serum to use in the morning and night. After washing, a sunscreen is applied. This has made a huge difference. My scars have started to fade after 6 days, and my pores have shrunk after 6 days. My skin is not done yet. I was not expecting to see results so quickly.

👤I bought this product because my son's doctor wanted him to try it. Pro Active was one of the things we had tried. The prescription was going to cost $90 for a small tube, so I decided to try to find some on Amazon. I decided to try it out. This is the only thing that has cleared up my face. He applies it to his face. His face and nose were covered with dead skin cells. The results were very noticeable within 3 days. Since he is a 14 year old who plays sports, he has a hard time fighting his face off from time to time. I am sure there are other benefits for this product, but it has been our answer for teenage acne.

👤I have used Retinol for many years and I love the anti-aging results from using it. A very small amount is used every night. I have good skin because of it. This is the best value for money for a portion of the price. Product support emails and information from this company are also sent to me. I like it.

👤Excellent product. People ask how I keep my skin so young at 67. I use this twice a day after I wash my face with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. I washed my face and neck with water, then put a small amount of the product on my finger and rubbed it on my face and neck. I put something on my hands and arms. I apply make-up after I let that dry. This makes a difference.

👤Wow... I saw an Honest to God difference when I used this product. It was amazing. I have been using Nerium for over 6 months and the change I saw was nothing compared to this product. My husband saw a difference as well. We were both amazed. It was clear the next day and a half after less oil was taken away. Everything about my skin has changed for the best within a week and a half, and I have seen a difference in fine lines and major aging lines. The satisfaction of the results is irrefutable and I can't believe how potent this product is. I have used everything from A to Z to help my skin, and it doesn't end there. I have been a smoker for 17 years and it has helped with smoking lines around my mouth. This product is one of the only products that I have ever seen work so quickly and so well without slowing down. I would be a billionaire if I could sell this product. This product surpasses all of the claims that high end products make. I would recommend this product to everyone I know and most definitely will be buying it for myself forever. I will never buy a product that claims to have such amazing success. Purchase it if you stop looking. Trust me, you won't regret it. All of the statements I have made are my own opinions, not of anyone else's. I used a face cleanser that I have used for over 20 years, and I am 33 years old, so this product needs more attention than it is getting. It has already changed how I feel about myself. If you're thinking about buying it, just buy it. It is amazing. It will never buy anything else. Bye bye to all the money that goes down the drain. This product is not even half the price of Nerium and it has had better results than I thought possible. I hope this product will help people like me who are 800-273-3217

4. REVLON 309970075583 Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

REVLON 309970075583 Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller

The face roller is made of volcanic stone, which absorbs excess oil instantly. It is their secret for fresh, glowing skin. It won't mess up your makeup if you use it on a clean or finished face. There are corpses and moustaches face. The stone roller feels like a mini facial massage. Their face roller is 2 in 1 and works for oily and blemish prone skin. Roll the face roller ball over your T-zone with ease. That is it. Less waste than tossing paper. The oil-absorbing roller is not disposable, unlike blotting papers. Pull out the stone after twisting the roller's ring. Before locking it back in, wash it with a gentle cleanser, rinse, and air-dry. Live bold with makeup. The high-pigment makeup you need to be yourself can be found at Revlon. Their tools for the face, eyes, and nails are everyday essentials that are elevated through function, form, or material.

Brand: Revlon

👤It works! I am surprised by how well it works. My skin is very oily. I am wearing makeup. This was after 9 hours. The difference is really light. I can tell a difference after using the oil. My daily routine includes washing my face, putting on makeup, and applying a daytime lotion. My face is still super oily despite all of my face products being oil free. I hope you can tell the difference in this video.

👤If you have very oily skin, this is. It is. I was getting tired of blotting powder. It felt like a waste and left a trail on my face. I needed it when I saw this on tiktok. I got an email saying it was in stock after it was back ordered. I was so excited. It's affordable and it's easy to clean, which helps you save money and be less wasteful. The packaging gave you all the information you needed. It felt like the holy grail had been delivered to my doorstep. I was in love after my first use. It doesn't pickup everything, but it makes it more natural, and gives you a look. I feel more confident because of this product.

👤I received the roller about two weeks after I bought it. The product is better than blotting papers. It's less wasteful because it's reuse and portable. The roller doesn't really absorb all of the oil, so it's not a good idea for someone with extremely oily skin or foundation. The mattifying effect makes the face look less greasy. The sound of the roller ball hitting my face makes me feel like I'm on a chalk board. The plastic that holds the rock in place has no buffer.

👤I like the idea of this, but if you are as oily as I am, it's a little inconvenient. I have to wash the ball before I can use it again because I filled it with oil.

👤When my child rubbed it on her forehead, it took the oil off. She was shocked and just wished it was larger. This has worked better than anything I have ever gotten. Thank you for that.

👤The rolling device is magic. Or something else? You roll it around your oily areas and the oil magically disappears into the ball. This is an item that you can buy. I saw a video on tiktok and immediately went on the hunt, only to be disappointed that the item was sold out everywhere. After I was added to the waiting list on Amazon, they charged my card and sent me my way. If you have the chance to purchase this and you have oily skin, get yourself on the waiting list and kick it until it shows up. You will be happy. Thank you later. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this product from the drugstore. My face produces more oil than any other. I don't have to use oil blotting papers anymore because it's easy to wash.

5. Eliminator Sleep Custom Bruxism Mouthpiece

Eliminator Sleep Custom Bruxism Mouthpiece

Eliminator PRO 2.0 is made of soft gel material that is easy to mold to your teeth for a custom fit. The PRO is made smaller and slimmer than other mouth guards on the market, making it more comfortable. Micro-ADJUSTABLE - that's right. Eliminator has 10 one millimeter adjustment settings for individual needs, which is more than any other mouth guard. The technology is advanced. The classic sports mouth piece is much more. The upper and lower trays work together to hold the jaw in place. It helps eliminate teeth grinding which can cause many other health issues. Dentists report an abundance of cracked teeth due to grinding andgnashing at night. This can cause serious damage to your teeth and cause pain. Eliminator PRO is your first defense and prevention tool. The lock technology keeps the sleepers safe. The perfect solution helps open the airway by positioning the mouth so that it can open when sleeping. Their lock technology keeps airways open.

Brand: Eliminator

👤I don't know how well it works, as I am asleep. My wife says it works very well. It stops me from snoring. There is a The world will turn smooth when she's happy. This is my second unit. I tried to wash mine in the dishwasher. I had a sanitize set and the heat got high enough to reflow the plastic. It was toast. I will buy it again and again because I prefer this one over the others. The jaws are kept open too far and it protrudes too far into the mouth, which causes me to gag and cause jaw stress. This one does not do that. For those who may not have had a great experience. This is not just a regular mouth. To stop snoring from a blocked airway by soft tissue sagging back into the airway, it is necessary to set your lower jaw forward. You will see little or no benefit if you just bite down. It doesn't take much. I have a lower jaw and I'm good. It is likely to get a bit uncomfortable if any more. Make sure you vacuum your mouth and push the front surfaces of your upper and lower teeth to get better contact when you mold it. Retention is important when you are asleep and relaxed.

👤Five years ago, I went to a sleep doctor and had my sleep monitored. I went to the doctor because my wife noticed that many descriptions matched what she observed in my sleep when I snored. The doctor showed me a graph of my breathing and oxygen levels after the sleep study. I was shown a part where my oxygen level went down. It was confirmed that I had sleep problems. The first was the CPAP, which 1. It didn't seem to help me at all. The machine noise disturbed my sleep. I tried for two months. I didn't see the sleep doctor again after I returned the machine. Last year, I had some episodes of complexmigrains and my neurologist mentioned sleep apnea as one of the things that triggered them. I was told to see the sleep doctor again. I didn't want to be on it again. When I met the sleep doctor, I begged her not to put me on the CPAP, and she told me that one of her patients used Eliminator Pro 2 with good results. She was surprised because she had done a sleep study with the patient with the eliminator pro on and it really worked for him. The patient couldn't use a CPAP machine. He destroyed the dental devices that cost thousands of dollars because he grinds his teeth. I ordered Eliminator pro 2 after hearing this. I followed the instructions after watching the video on their website. The adjustment of the lower jaw wasn't clear to me. The upper and lower parts of Eliminator pro 2 can be put together again in a way that makes the lower jaw move a bit. I made the setting to be 2.5mm on the first day. I didn't know. I woke up feeling better, no fatigue or headaches that I would sometimes feel. My jaws hurt. I set it to 1mm and it didn't feel as good as before. It helped a bit. My jaws did not hurt. I had the same setting for three days, but my upper teeth did not disengage the device during sleep. The device stays tight because of the slightly protruding lower jaw. I pushed my lower jaw forward as I slept after I put the lower jaw back to 2.5mm. It seemed like I was able to do it while I was asleep, and I woke up with less pain than the first day. My breathing was no longer a problem. There was no snoring. I check my blood pressure on a regular basis because I am on hypertension medication. I see a drop in my blood pressure. This is amazing. I didn't know that sleep apnea was a big problem.

6. Marpac Classic White Noise Machine

Marpac Classic White Noise Machine

The original sound machine. The Dohm Classic model features fan-based natural white noise that makes the ambient sounds of moving air. A custom sound experience is available. With two speed options for volume and tone, it is possible to mask background noise for better sleep for children, office privacy, and soothing sound-sensitive pets. Simply wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. For over 50 years, Yogasleep has been the gold standard in white noise machines. They stand behind each product and offer you a 101-night trial to try it, as well as a one-year limited warranty. Simply plug in, flip the switch to high or low, and you're good to go. Natural sleep aid, baby soothing, and respite from noisy snorers can be helped by the noise-masking magic. The design is classic. A simple design blends nicely into the surroundings. Also available in camo.

Brand: Marpac

👤I have four of them. I like them. I give them to my friends who have a new baby. I wanted an open office to drown out private conversations from a nearby kitchen that I didn't want to hear. My first baby was my second. When my second was born, we got a third. I could sleep through my husband's snoring. They're great. Until they start rattling. There's nothing more annoying than a rattle. I decided to remove the bottom of the worst offenders. It was covered in dust. I cleaned it with compressed air and put the smallest drop of silicone lubricant on the base of the shaft that the fan sits on. I turned it on and let it go for a minute. $50 saved and I'm in love again.

👤Not the same amount of power as my model. It's not as loud and it's not as loud as ahollow. The new model is only 18 watt and the old model is 40 watt. The box says the original model is beloved by generations, but it isn't made like the original. Why change a good thing? The model I bought for a back up is still going strong, but I bought it on a lighting deal. Sadly, it will be returned. So disappointed.

👤I have had one of these for a long time and it works great in my 4yo's room. When we were expecting our second child, we purchased a second one and it has been tempermental since we started using it. It would take a couple seconds to turn on, but that got worse, and I didn't think much of it. It takes up to 15 minutes to start a couple nights a week, but now it starts 80% of the time. I could live with that. The inconsistent sound the unit is producing after a few months of use has me upset. It sounds like the rotating parts inside are not spinning smoothly and it makes a loud chirp. It is very disruptive and makes it useless. The reviewers have mentioned the difference in the low mode volume in newer versions. We only use the high setting if I can corroborate those claims. I was disappointed with my second go-around with the dohm. I have to find an alternative. I stopped telling friends about this.

👤It was concerned. I got this for my daughter's room and I loved it. I had no issues with the first one I got, but this one has a strong plastic burning smell, and I would leave it on for a few hours. I haven't used this one very much since I bought it, but I wanted to use it more now that the summers are over. I initially thought it was new, but months later I think there is something wrong with it. I would like to get in touch with the manufacturer, but since I have purchased with Amazon I am hoping to get some help in the right direction. I don't want to have to buy another sound maker for my baby when she is due in December. I will ship out the one I have so someone can look at it.

7. Rhinomed Snoring Solution Reduction Comfortable

Rhinomed Snoring Solution Reduction Comfortable

Chris Froome is a three-time Tour De France winner. There is a pack of Medium Mute dilators. Lowering snoring by gently opening the nose. It's easy to use, flexible and lightweight.

Brand: Rhinomed Limited

👤They solved my snoring problem. I guessed at the medium size and they got fine, I didn't buy the trial pack. It takes a little while to get used to them, but once you do they don't interfere with my sleep at all. They do not last for 10 uses as advertised. I wear one for 3-4 nights and it will fall out when I am sleeping. If you plan to use nightly, you should consider the cost.

👤I ordered the trial pack last week. The large gapped away from my nose when the small fell out. I watched a video on YouTube that showed me how to properly insert and adjust the medium for my nostrils. The air was very dense. There was no congestion. I woke up in the same position that I went to sleep in, but I don't remember how I slept. No good sleep! Did I snore? Don't know. I woke up and felt great. There is a I had more energy the next day. I was able to do more work at home. Things do not bother me as much as I thought. I think it comes from getting a good night's sleep. I use it when I exercise and get more oxygen. It is a win.

👤The first trial was $18. The first medium 3- pak was $16. Amazon wants 22 for the same thing. Inflation in a couple of months. Walgreens is cheaper. The product stops working after 2 or 3 nights because the material used is designed to have a low melting point, and at body temperature it gets warm enough to cause the device to become useless before the 10-day lifespan is up. It's ridiculous that you would only need one of these if you used a harder plastic material. You can see why they love the 'Razor Blade' model. It wouldn't cost this much if they made it out of surgical steel. The company was raking in dough from desperate customers.

👤I have been wearing these for a while now. I don't like them as much as others do. I have a deviated septum and have trouble breathing at night. I never took a sleep test because I believe I have apnea, but my doctors think I have it. I wear a monitor at night that tracks my pulse and movement. I am able to give an accurate review based on the before numbers and current use numbers wearing the Mute with this monitor. There is no difference. My sp02 is still in the 80's and 90's. Does it help me breathe better? Yes. And, no. It seems to open the passages up when I put it in my nose. The deviated septum prevents the device from sitting securely in place so it doesn't want to stay in place. There is no amount of adjustment that works on that side. The size of the other nostril is correct. I ended up with pain and bleeding while trying to fit the Mute in the deviated side. I stopped wearing it. These are so expensive and there are no returns. I think I would rather be out than bleeding to myself every night. I don't think the Mute is a good idea for anyone. It seems like a great idea, but not ideal. Not as good as the external strips. I feel like I've been ripped off.

8. Papo 55078 Allosaurus

Papo 55078 Allosaurus

Do you have trouble falling asleep or waking up? Try something new to make changes. You can use this product to help you fall asleep faster. This is a good gift for friends with sleep problems. Encourage and inspire imagination of children. Product quality and safety are taken very seriously. Highly detailed and durable.

Brand: Papo

👤The other reviewer noted that GREEN is more dominant than the product photo shows. The impression is rather duck-like. I wish they'd left off the green and just painted him earth tones, which would've been more appropriate since Velociraptor lived in the desert. I've seen other feathered dino toys that give a vague impression of "fluff," but this one shows you every feather, distinguishing between different types of feathers and showing you how they lie and layer on the body. It is helpful for artistic reference. Nice pose with active feet. This is the best raptor toy I've seen, even though it's not as realistic as Papo's raptor.

👤My niece loves dinosaurs and I bought her some Papo figures. The sculpting is very good and the paint work is excellent. I had to make a scene for the review. Hope to get more in the future.

👤This figure is labeled on Amazon as a Polacanthus, which is a completely different type of dinosaur. One of my favorite dinosaurs is the Allosaurus, which is depicted in this figure. The size is correct. From Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The pose is nice and the colors are nice. I showed it to a Stegosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex, both of which were larger than this one. Papo Brand was the name of all the figures in the first 3 photos. The Allosaurus photo is nice but not as detailed as the other one, but the scale is pretty good, and it was about the same size. Papo is my favorite of the five different brands of figures I have, as it is most detailed and in scale with other figures that Papo makes.

👤It is true that the blue by the neck doesn't pop like in the picture, but it is also true that the pose is cool, great detail, and nice coloration. The reason I dinged a star was because the first figure I received had trouble standing on its own, and the second had paint chipping off the tail. The third was enjoyable. Maybe I had bad luck with my first two. It's a great figure to add to your collection.

👤The sculpt is great. I looked up video reviews for both the first Papo Allosaurus and this one before I bought this. Some photos of the first Papo Allosaurus are not accurate. Buy this one if you're not sure.

👤It's a bit Meh. The makers of diannous made larger for less. My first Papo armored dino was this one. The Papo ankylosaurus was disappointing. I thought I'd give them another chance after buying a Papo Dimetrodon which is outstanding. Polacanthus will need a flat spray if I keep it. I don't know why Papo would use shiny paints on an animal, did they have wash and wax before? It's small. Bigger for the same price would increase sales. The sculpt is good. There are so many different representations of the same creature online that it's not certain if it's accurate.

9. Afotrunat 63XL Cartridges Officejet Deskjet

Afotrunat 63XL Cartridges Officejet Deskjet

Their guide makes it easy to mold your Brightgaurd 2.0 to your teeth. Their small, thin, comfortable gel mouthpiece can be adjusted to fit your needs. It's easy to use and effective. HP OfficeJet 5200 5200 5212 5252 5255 5258 4650 4656 4755 3832 3833 3833 4652 4655 All-in-one printer. The page yield is up to 600 pages per 63XL black and 63XL color. The package includes 2 black and 1 tri-color remanufactured ink cartridge replacements for the HP 63XL. Quality assurance is provided by the manufacturing of the compatible ink for HP 63XL. Ready for immediate use, fitted with latest chip. New Replacement or Refund within a year for quality issues. Please contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Afotrunat

👤Really sucks. I didn't work out in my HP Envy.

👤The words on the page were not legible. It's horrible.

👤I used the printing to print my documents, but the ink was very light before it was done.

10. Rhinomed Snoring Solution Reduction Comfortable

Rhinomed Snoring Solution Reduction Comfortable

The baby nasal aspirator has a display screen and music to make babies feel better. It's accessible. You can always provide a solution to the problem by bringing the booger sucker whenever you need it. The baby nose can fit small purses and bags. China is the country of origin. Snoring can be reduced by opening the nose. It's easy to use, flexible and lightweight.

Brand: Rhinomed Limited

👤It took a bit to get it positioned for me, I have a deviated septum and one side is bigger than the other. I had to adjust to looking a bit odd once I got it fit, it opens your nostrils up so you get a pig look to your nose. It is dark, who cares. This thing works. I was sleeping with my hand against my cheek, it took me forever to fall asleep. I need these to help until everything with Covid slows down so that I can have surgery for my issue. I stayed asleep for the first time in two weeks and woke up refreshed, because allergies have been terrible here. Do these work? Yes, they do! I can't say they cure snoring or other issues, but for my deviated septum, it's a sleep change, for the better!

👤If they fit your nose, be sure to order the trial pack first. I can only wear them for about 5 days in a row, but they are still more comfortable than others I've tried. The amount of packaging for three small pieces of flexible plastic is ridiculous. A flap with instructions, a piece of paper with instructions, and an outer box with separate compartments for each of the three. It's too much. I'm not sure why indestructible nose inserts are only good for 10 uses, and I've been using mine for a long time. I might not, given the packaging.

👤I have used this product and found it helpful. If Dr. Nancy's review is correct, wouldn't people who wear glasses all day, who also push on the nose cartilage, be left with holes in their faces? Doesn't make sense.

👤There were lots of mixed reviews. It works for some and not for others. This is a blessing for me. I use an app on my phone to know how much I snore. I don't snore when I use mute. The small was the best fit. The product has never fallen out and I didn't find it uncomfortable. I'm not sure what the negatives are to that, but I could use for longer than 10 days.

👤I still wake up, but not because I am breathing easy. When I forget to put this in, I wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep. My husband says that I no longer snore. After each use, I soak the dilator in alcohol and scrub it with handsoap. It seems to be working just fine with no apparent compromise.

👤I have a thin nose and don't have a lot of room in my nose, which makes it hard for me to breathe on a good day. I knew something like this would help me at night because I can spread my nose wider by pulling on my cheeks. It stays put, I barely feel it after a few minutes, and I have to work less to breathe well than I do without it. I might try to stretch that on the 10 day use. I seem to sleep better with it, I am pleased with how well it works. There is an update. I changed stars to 2, but they always fall out after 1-2 nights per piece. Regardless of the size used. Disappointing.

11. Papo Sperm Whale Figure Multicolor

Papo Sperm Whale Figure Multicolor

The trial pack should be used for the first time. Encourage and inspire imagination of children. Product quality and safety are taken very seriously. Highly detailed and durable.

Brand: Papo

👤The whale has a jaw that opens and closes. The coloring on this page is very dark and darker than the image on this page. It's hard to tell on my shelf. I placed it next to a pot of petunias for the Douglas Adams theme. There is a towel behind the glass and a bowl with the words "So long and thanks for all the fish" written in it. The whale is dark and doesn't stand out as well as I would have liked. The detail is great and the weight on it is great.

👤My son is a big fan of this whale. It is heavy and well made. The detail is great. The moving mouth has been used by a 3 year old for a few months without any problems. The picture is grey. It is much darker than the picture shows. I think it is more black than grey. He thought the whale should go down a slide. The broken fin could be dangerous. I wouldn't give this toy to a child under the age of 18. The solid body mold does not include the pectoral fins. I can see how they are attached. It is still a great toy for older kids. The fins should be part of the mold. His other toy whales are very strong. There is a A star is being deducted.

👤My 3yr old is obsessed with sperm whales. I like that the whale has a mouth that can open, and that it also enjoys eating things. It is difficult to open the mouth. I would warn about the whale's weight. It has a lot of heft. He needs to be supervised while using it because it will turn into a club to pound things. I would recommend this whale to older kids.

👤It is a bit heavier than I had thought, but my grandson loved it. My grandson loved drawing the aspen whale and playing with it and a few other whale toys from Amazon.

👤After an hour, the fin came off. We tried to glue it back together, but it wouldn't stay in place. The whale is very heavy and sturdy, but the fins are not one piece with the whale and can pull off easily. I don't want to buy a new one for my son who was disappointed.

👤I bought this for my child because he is obsessed with whales. It is incredibly heavy. Too heavy for a small child. It is definitely a cool looking whale.

👤Great attention to detail. One of the pectoral finds was broken off when it arrived in a bubble mailer.

👤The Pottwal ist detailliert. Ihn as well. Im Geschenk ist er gut. Wer in hnlichem Alter hat, der ist unweigerlich. Im direkten Vergleich ist, das Material etwas hrteres Plastik ist. Dennoch ist die Pottwal. I am das Design empfand. Hervorzuheben ist, das ffnen lsst. Ich bei den Kindern. Ihren heftiges Bespielen ist es aber, so ihren knnte. Insgesamt ist das den Kindern.


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