Best Electric Bike for Adults Foldable

Adults 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Swagtron Removable Lithium Electric Shifting

Swagtron Removable Lithium Electric Shifting

More power up hill and off-road conditions can be found with the Supercross-inspired design. The electric fat-tire mountain bike has an electric motor that can be used for a little extra boost. The fat tires allow younger riders to experience the maximum traction and smooth ride of a real fat bike. The mountain e-bike with 7-speed gears is built to last and has a durable frame. There is a free hub in the dual disc brakes. Even after you stop pedaling, you can coast smoothly. The kids fat bike has dual lever-actuated disc brakes that put control and safety at your fingertips. Customer service is prioritized by their team. Call, email, or chat with their US-based support team for any questions or concerns about your electric bike.

Brand: Swagtron

👤I own a number of different electric bikes for different height people in my family, and the Addmotor Hithot H1 is the perfect size for taller people. The Genze Series 200 16-inch frame is for my wife. The most diverse in size adjustment is the Swagtron, it fits all sizes from my 9 yo to my 5'11 frame with no issues. You are looking to purchase a mountain bike. The only electric pedal bike I could find that was specifically designed for kids was the EB=6. My 9 yo is too small for the bike, she is 40's percentile for height. She could ride it. If you saw her, you would ask why you are riding your siblings bike. It is not meant for her. My 11 and 13 year old sons and daughters fit perfectly. He is young. She is 5'2. The bike is made for people with this height. My friend rode it with the seat adjusted up. It looked good for him as well. When I get on it, it feels too small for me. The bike is made for smaller body sizes and was built by Swagtron. It would do well for shorter adults. It is a pleasure to ride a bike without electricity. The mountain bike has the same gears as a regular bike. I've tried going up and down hills to see if it works. I can tell you that the gears are the same as any other mountain bike. It is easy to pedal uphill if you want to. This is a powerful machine. I live on a hill and it's easy to bring a 180 pound body up the hill with ease if you use the throttle alone. It is quick. If you are only using the throttle, it will take about 10 to 15 mph. If you use the pedal assist mode, you can go much faster. The only downfall of the bike is that it doesn't have an assist. Either it is on or off. There isn't anything in between. My Addmotor bike has 5 different levels of assist, from helping just a little at level 1 to full throttle at level 5. My Addmotor bike costs $1600, twice as much as this one, with only one level assist. The pedal assist seems to give the EB6 80% max power. There is no turning down the amount of help. If you turn off the pedal assist, you lose the ability to use the throttle. Since it does not have a multilevel pedal assist, I wish the pedal assist could be turned off but we could just use the throttle when we needed it. The pedal assist and throttle are on or off, so it doesn't do that. It would be easy to fix, without having to provide the more expensive multilevel pedal assist. If you want to have the pedal assist on or off, make sure it's separate from the throttle. I have a bad back and the bike seat feels hard for me. Electric bikes come without shock absorbers, so this is very common. My solution was to buy theiddy up! Bike seat. It had the best reviews on Amazon. The seat has built in shock absorbers and memory foam. It makes the ride more comfortable. The flashing light adds safety. It is a 5 out of 5 star because of the $799 price I paid for it. It seems to be one of the only quality electric bikes that could fit my children. I used a coupon code on the website to get one for a cheaper price. The entire family enjoys biking on the bike routes with tons of hills, we are exercising more and getting healthier. They refused to go biking because of the hills. This bike helps get the entire family outside to exercise.

2. Schwinn Loop Folding Bike White

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike White

The bike has a limited lifetime warranty. The frame folds for easy storage. The frame is folding and fits riders 56 to 74 inches tall. Smooth gear changes are provided by the 7-speed twist shifter. The front and rear linear pull brakes are secure. The bag for easy storage is included in the rear carrier. The smooth rolling street tires are perfect for commute.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I just finished my commute on a Schwinn folding bike, and I can say it was not bad. I decided to invest in a foldable bicycle for when I travel or if I ever make a quick trip downtown because I commute on a Retrospec Beaumont 7 speed. There are two parts to my review; my thoughts on the Schwinn loop and how it stacks up as a daily commuter. I have ridden a fair amount, work on my own bikes, and commute a fair amount, but I am not a bike expert. I used to commute on a big box mountain bike, but have recently upgraded to 200-400 dollar bicycles, which I would recommend to anyone putting more than 200-300 miles on their bike a year, or want a bike that lasts a long time. The old adage in biking is "pick two". This is a good rule of thumb. The bike is 33 pounds heavier than other folding bikes, but it is one of the cheapest in the world. The bike is fun to ride, but at this price point companies tend to have to take a few precautions. The tires seem to be of a cheaper compound, which is fine in good weather, but not as good in rain. I wish they had put on a softer compound tire that would grip better. I think they could have made a better choice on the tires. I did 10 miles in the morning and 10 in the afternoon, and the seat wasn't my favorite, but you definitely ride a 10 mile each way commute with no problems. Finding a seat to make everyone happy is hard because people have their own preferences. Schwinn went with a bike seat that was softer on the softer side. Soft seats are good for a mile or two, but can hurt your rear more quickly than a firm seat. I think this seat is for people who commute 3-7 miles. If I rode this every day, I would think about changing it out for a harder seat post. I just rode 20 miles, and would have no problem doubling that distance with no issues. The welded on rear rack of the bike makes it easier to carry your stuff, and you don't have to worry about the weight snapping or bending your rear rack. The setup of the bikes was very good. I was impressed that the components were in perfect working order and didn't need to be adjusted out of the box. If you are not familiar with brake adjustments or derailleurs, you should have a bike mechanic look over your bike. I had my bike ready to ride in 30 minutes. A quick lube. I was ready to go. The bike is a good looking bicycle for the money and could be reliable if taken care of properly. The rim brakes are easy to maintain, but you can get a better stopping power by using a brand like koolstops. How does this foldable bike compare to other bikes? I prefer a full size bike over the foldable. You feel the bumps more on the 20 in tires. You won't find yourself wishing you had a lower gear most of the time because of the hearing on this. You won't be flying by anyone either. If you're climbing on a bike path or downhill, you might wish you had a higher gear or two. Most people will go with the factory setup if you change it out. Who is going to spend money on a Schwinn bike that is perfectly fine to ride? I didn't notice much difference on my commute, but there is a little bit of flex. The main issues between this and a regular hybrid are speed, but I don't think the average person will care that this bike is slower than a regular hybrid. The bike is fun to ride, but I will stick with my 700. I could see this being a great bike for someone who works in downtown or somewhere where leaving their bike locked outside is not an option, or for someone with limited space for a bike in their house or apartment. For me, it serves its purpose well for a short commute if I want a quick change up from my 700, to lend out to friends if they want to bike the greenway bike trails. If you don't see an update, you can assume the bikes have been going well since the date of this publication. I still prefer my Retrospec, but I think this could be a really fun commuter bike for someone, and it is a pretty good bike. Update 3/24/ 2020. I put a couple hundred miles on this, checked it on a flight, and think I can give better input. I found a seat on Amazon for ten bucks, and I changed it to one from Retrospec. I was able to bring a folding bike to the office because the clinic wouldn't let me bring a full size bike inside. I have a month to commute on this. The only changes I have made is to add a Retrospec seat and attach a plastic crate with zip ties and a towel to keep it from scratching the paint. If the stock saddle doesn't work for you, you can switch it out. I would recommend looking for a harder seat, as soft seats are more uncomfortable than hard seats on long journeys. The best way to commute is to use a semi-hard seat. I bought a plastic crate from Walmart for 7 bucks and put a black towel underneath to keep it from scratching the paint. I have five bungee cords in the middle and two zip ties that keep it from sliding back. This bike has a very rugged steel frame and is a good choice for a grocery store bicycle because it has low gear and is easy to pull a trailer with. The smaller tires are more resistant to abuse. The rear triangle is small for most of the panniers, so I tried to put them on. I was surprised by the Schwinn loop after a couple hundred miles. If you change out the seat, you will have a pretty rugged commuter than can fit in under a minute for the office. Don't fly if you don't have a hard shell suitcase. I tried to check it with the case it came with. I arrived at my location with a bent derailleur. If you want to fly with this, you can either buy a hardshell suitcase that will fit its dimensions or bring it as carry on. The case it comes with is useless for anything other than storage. I think it's still good, but I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a reliable and economical foldable bicycle. I changed my review to 5 stars because I have 500-600 miles on this now. This is my errand bike. I load this bike up with extra weight on the back and it does a great job. Is it the best folding bike? You can't beat it at its price point. I think it does better than any other bicycle for the same price. It is a conversation starter. People ask me about it, or give me praise. People think it might be an electric bicycle. It is really enjoyable to ride. The short frame and 20 inch tires make it responsive. You are going to have to fight off the smiles. I will have to service the hub and crank soon. The bike has taken a few spills and the company is not fault for that. The commuter and folding bike is on sale for $250. You will not find a better folding bicycle at this price point. I was worried that the cheap bikes would break quickly, but this bike has held up well. If you are looking for a do everything bike to get you around, I would not hesitate to pull the Trigger. Be prepared to swap the seat out and re-grease and service the hubs sooner than a folding bicycle. The stopping power on the brakes is perfect for me, at 180 pounds. I will replace the stock pads with kool stop pads when they run out. I swapped to a bending brake noodle and it solved the problem of the brake noodles hitting the frame. You are getting a great bicycle, enjoy it.

3. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Wheel

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Wheel

The bike is designed with 26 inch wheels and is comfortable for people of 5'4" to 6'2" in height. It is easy to use and maintain a single speed drivetrain. Both front and rear fender help keep clothing clean in damp weather. Wide upright handlebars provide a stable ride and the cruiser saddle absorbs bumps. Easy step-through access can be achieved with a super low, step-through aluminum frame. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I bought this bike after reading a lot of reviews. I ordered the bike from Amazon's Warehouse Deals. I paid a good price. I am a 52 year old woman who does not have a lot of mechanical experience, but it was a beautiful day when the bike arrived. I got my iced tea and sat on my porch to figure it out. I was able to assemble the bike with the help of my husband and son. I'm glad I did, because now adjustments make more sense to me. I know how the parts work. If you're just hoping for a quick experience, you may want to pay a bike shop. I think the bike was a great value and I rate it 5 stars. It seems to be working. For those who read reviews, here are some notes that might help. I read a lot of reviews that said they were hoping for a more blue bike. The bike is silvery blue, not a darker color like Slate, so it should be called "Ice Blue" or something like that. I ordered from Amazon Warehouse Deals and they said the item would be re-packaged. The box was roughed up from shipping, but when I opened it, the inner box held all the bike parts and was frightening. There are dents in the cardboard. I wonder if shipping is really hard on dents. mine was double boxed I wonder if it was returned because of the condition of the box. The box did not seem to have been opened and sealed. I think this is a shipping issue and perhaps unavoidable when you have parts that are easily bent out of shape. Assembly: I had to look at the diagram, re-read it and think, but I figured them out. I saw a video on the internet of a guy who was mechanical and putting a bike together for his parents and he had the same issues I had. I used after searching. The grease for the handlebar stem is working great. When I adjusted the handlebars, I had to laugh at the smell of menthol. If you don't have a tube of grease they call for, you can use Vaseline. I told a mechanical friend that this will be fine, we're not dealing with high temperatures or huge amounts of friction. I had to bend them into shape to keep them from rubbing, and I had to make sure they were lined up with the bolts. If it is to you, you're warned. If you can't find the stem for the seat, look inside the frame and see if there's a hole that people think they don't have one. It might take a while to get the brakes adjusted. If this doesn't sound like something you want to mess with, then take it to a bike shop for assembly. I didn't mind the changes. This is not a two wheel bike. If you don't remember this, you may think something is wrong. If you learned to ride a two wheel bike, you lean to keep balance. Leaning on this bike will make you feel off balance. You might even want to lean out of a turn. I felt a bit weird on this trike at first, but I took a deep breath and remembered that this was different. As time goes on, it's much better. The road where I live is graded to allow rain to run off so if I'm on the road, it will feel off balance. I only take the road for a short time, then I ride the rails-to-trails near our home. I can work with it better there, as it is graded slightly more for the rain. If the trail is clear, I just take my spot up the middle and my fellow bikers let me know they are coming with a friendly call or ring of their bell. I move over. I whacked the back of my legs with the back wheels. I need to remember that unlike a 2 wheel bike, I have to watch for them. I'm a middle aged woman with an ample middle aged figure. The seat is okay. Since I got a nice price on the bike, I don't feel bad about looking for a more comfortable seat. I only went about 3 miles at a time until I switched seats. If you want a flawless, seamless experience to get up and running, look elsewhere or get professional help to assemble and fine tune. If you're willing to deal with a few small issues, you can get a great trike.

4. Mongoose Dolomite Featuring High Tensile Drivetrain

Mongoose Dolomite Featuring High Tensile Drivetrain

This 18 gauge nail gun is lightweight and compact, and it gives you access into tight spaces and limits your fatigue. The steel-framed mountain bike with all-terrain knobby tires is a great way to conquer any off-road trail. The threadless headset has an adjustment for riders of different heights, and the strong, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down. Ride with beach cruiser pedals and make sure you are safe. The hills are easier to climb with a rear derailleur with seven speeds. The bike is ready to be assembled. The size is for adult riders who are 5' 6 to 6' tall.

Brand: Mongoose

👤I was very excited to get this bike. I took off down my street for the first voyage after putting it together carefully. Within 800 feet of my driveway, the cheap plastic chain guard, prowheel brand, shattered into six pieces, cut my legs, and I went end over end. The bike feels great, but it is made of plastic. Don't buy if you're warned. There was an update on 8-19-18. Amazon sent me the same bike and I got back my money. The front disc brake was crumple like paper as I applied light pressure to it, relying on the rear to slow down on a gentle curve. I went into some bushes. The front fork was twisted. I would show that as well. I stripped the bike and made it 888-282-0465. It's going back to Amazon. You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling cheap bikes under a once noble name, and for having no customer support. I have the ability to influence anyone for the rest of my life.

👤I'm trying to get healthy again and the idea of being locked away in the gym on stationary machines sounded very unattractive. The idea of an outdoor bike came to mind. I was very worried that I wouldn't find a bike that could hold the mount. I was afraid that I would look like a man on a bike. The Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike has made me less afraid. The fat tires bring some balance to my watermelon like shape while on it, as well as holding my robust body. I recommend this bike to anyone who wants to get healthy again.

👤I bought this bike a year ago and have been using it as a trail bike. This bike is a good candidate for the theory of gradually upgrading a bike for people who are curious about fat bikes. The bones of the frame, wheels, tubes, tires and seat have stood up to regular use on rocky trails and steep fire roads. I treated this bike to a brand new Kenda Juggernaut rear tire because I like it so much. I was happy to upgrade parts from my spare parts bin because most of the stock components were not my liking. I pulled some better gear from my spare parts bin because I wanted to use it for more than cruising on sand, and everything worked when I got it. When I bring my bike for a group ride, my regular mountain biking friends occasionally trade me for a portion of our ride and have been pleasantly surprised that the bike geometry is actually comfortable and the bike doesn't feel as slow as it looks. I configured mine to run a 26 tooth chain ring in the front and a 14-34T Freewheel in the back, which provided more reasonable gear for climbing. Hope this helps someone make a purchase.

👤I read reviews and researched on fat tire bikes before buying 2 of them for myself and my wife. Positive and negative reviews on Amazon were both accurate, I would say. My wife's bike arrived and was put together nicely, she went on the beach. My bike was not the only story. The box was falling apart and there was plastic on the bottom of it. I put it together. I am not using the front disc brake because it is broken. It's inconvenient that the chain slips off the back sprockets. I received a PDF with instructions on making adjustments, and was told if that didn't work I could return it to Amazon. Both are not good options. I don't know how to package it up and send it back. By looking at my wife's bike, it's possible that all goes well, because it's a nice bike at a nice price. Is my bike? I'm not sure what to do. I will have to try to fix it.

5. UnYOUsual Transformer Folding Bicycle Mudguard

UnYOUsual Transformer Folding Bicycle Mudguard

The smooth rolling street tires are perfect for commute. A folding bicycle is designed for commuters. The 6 speed shifter and derailleur are made by the same company. The front and rear of the V-brake are made of semi-alloy. WANDA has 20 x 1.75 tires. The front handle stem is quick to remove. The cap is made of silver color and the bell is made of black color. Assembly and riding are easy.

Brand: Ids Home

👤After riding for 3 weeks, the pedal breaks off, I tried to re-build it, but the thread was damaged and I couldn't screw it back. There is a I was able to find people with the same problem, and it looks like this is a common problem. I was upset with the product but more upset with how Amazon handles the service. I threw the original box away because it was fine for the first 3 weeks. I spoke with an agent and they told me I don't need a box. I can bring the bike with me and they will package it. When I went to drop off at UPT, I was told I had to pay $100 for the box. I talked to an agent from Amazon. I was made to wait 40 minutes for customer service, but they came back and said they were investigating. I was put on the phone call for another 20 minutes. After an hour. They said I needed a box to open it. This is not good customer service getting back and saying I actually needed a box after an hour. I can't believe Amazon is holding me responsible for the box which costs $100 because it is a bad product. If you purchase this product, be careful of the common defect on the pedal and keep that big box, otherwise you will not be eligible for any service.

👤I am six feet tall with bad knees and pinched nerves in the back, and I have been getting annoyed with the one I have, so I gave this a try. The seat and handle bars fit my body perfectly, and I upgraded the seat all the way up to an inch beyond the maximum height. To assemble the bike, I had to remove the safety ties, close the folding latches, and put air in the tires. No tools needed! The black ring of plastic by the handle bar folder is the lock, if you don't expect it, the bars will fold. The seat bar has a thumb screw on one side, be sure to tighten it a few times before using the lever to lock the position. I put the seat post into a piece of 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe, cut an inch shorter than I normally like, in case I forget to tighten the seat clamp screw, and I don't understand why everyone is having such problems. I haven't had a problem with the folding joint on the body being used in regular use.

👤It's a good bike. I had to put the pedals, bell, and reflector on the handlebars. It's easy to set up. It's heavier than anticipated, but I can lift it and use it for a good arm workout. Since it's heavy, it takes me a while to store it in the closet. The more I do it, the more I get used to it. It's perfect for my height, and rides very well. The seat can go lower if I change my settings. I use it forbiking around the neighborhood and it has 6 gears. I'm not giving it a full 5 stars since I feel like it could be lighter and there's this noise when I turn the handlebars, which doesn't really make me feel like I'm riding the most quality bike, but hey, for $175 it's good. It's a good thing.

6. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Lightweight Aluminum

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Lightweight Aluminum

The electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won't have to waste time with complicated assembly and foreign bike parts. The bicycle seat and handlebars can be adjusted to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride. A pair of air-filled rubber tires with quick-disconnect power lines ensure better traction and easy tire maintenance. The terrain type is flat. You can cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge if you ride your hybrid bike on full throttle.

Brand: Swagtron

👤I used to rate it as 5 stars. Quality issues are something they have. I bought 6 of them. Every single one had a battery issue. The battery died after 6 months. The other battery was dead for 2 years. The power controller dies after 1.5 years. I don't mean from my carelessness when I say I'm dead. They would go from fully functional to glitching, like having to turn off the battery with the key in the middle of a ride, to then completely dead. When I bought a new battery, the issue was solved. The battery issues are common for all electric bikes. The battery prices of electric bikes are more expensive. One of the better electric bikes to buy is no longer 5 of 5 stars. I own 5 different electric bikes for different height people in my family, and the Addmotor Hithot H1 is the perfect size for taller people. The Genze Series 200 16-inch frame is for my wife. My 11 year old son received the Swagcycle. The only electric pedal bike I could find that was specifically designed for kids was the perfect electric mountain bike. There are four The bike you are looking at for purchase is the Swagcycle. The most versatile bike in fitting all the different size bodies in my family is the Swagtron. I can easily adjust the seat and handle bar to fit my 5'11' long legged body type, and it still looks like I can adjust the seat even higher. I can ride it without feeling awkward. It looked like a bike for someone who was taller. It is the only electric bike that I can adjust all the way down in height so that it fits my 9 year old daughter, who is 45th percentile for height and weight for her age. The seat and handle bar goes down so she can stand up. I thought the pedals had a bigger adult diameter and that her pedaling seemed awkward, like if she had to bend her knees too much. I put the seat height up so that she has to stand on her toes while on the seat, and now her knees look normal while peddling. The bike shop says that it is normal for little kids to have their knees bent on their bikes. This bike fits my daughter's weight and my body's weight, anywhere in between. It felt like a normal bike to me, no compromise in how it feels. I asked my daughter if it felt funny, and she said the same thing, it just feels like a normal bike. I don't know how they accomplished this, but they did. This is a powerful weapon. I live on a hill and it can easily bring in 180 pounds of body up the hill. The upper limit of recommended weight for this bike was easily handled by a 260 pound guy in a video review. My kids have to be careful while on it because it is so powerful. I think my daughter's 60 pound body does not put enough stress on the bike so that it takes off like a rocket. It explodes when she hits the pedal. You just have to make sure that they are aware of its power and get used to it. I can see how an accident might happen if not. This is true with the pedal assist. If the pedal assist is on, it explodes them forward like a rocket. She can't have the power on when they first start their bike because of this. She is allowed to turn on the power after I give her a ride to gain speed. There should be no accidents if you do it this way. It is quick. Depending on my weight and the type of children I have, it can be as little as 10 to 15 mph. The bike is very light. My other electric bikes weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. This is a 20 wheel bmx bike. The only downfall of the bike is that it doesn't have an assist. Either it is on or off. There isn't anything in between. My Addmotor bike has 5 different levels of assist, from helping just a little at level 1 to full throttle at level 5. My Addmotor bike costs three times more than this one, with only one level assist. The pedal assist on the swagcycle seems to make it go at least 80 to 90% power. It helps when going up hills. I wanted it to help a little. Without the pedal assist the pedaling is more difficult than a regular bmx bike. Tougher than in an aggressive workout. If they don't have the perfect chain length to pedal ring ratio, it will be hard for them to fix and make this bike. If you turn off the pedal assist, you lose the ability to use the throttle. Since it does not have a multilevel pedal assist, I wish the pedal assist could be turned off but we could just use the throttle when we needed it. The pedal assist and throttle are on or off, so it doesn't do that. It would be easy to fix, without having to provide the more expensive multilevel pedal assist. If you want to have the pedal assist on or off, make sure it's separate from the throttle. It is a 5 out of 5 star because of the price I paid. It seems like it could fit my 9 year old daughter. I used a coupon code to get 2 of them off the website for $20 cheaper. The entire family enjoys biking on the bike routes with tons of hills, we are exercising more and getting healthier. They refused to go biking because of the hills. This bike helps get the entire family outside to exercise.

7. BAFANG Chainring Electric Brushless Bicicleta

BAFANG Chainring Electric Brushless Bicicleta

The BAFANGBBS02 mid drive kit is compatible with most bikes. It can be installed on many bikes, such as mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike, folding bike, etc. They don't recommend to mount it on the bikes with carbon fiber frame or costaer brakes. If you're looking for a 750W mid motor for 100mm bottom brackets, please search B099Z8Y6QN on Amazon. The max Torque of the BAFANGBBS02 is 120 Nm, it can provide you with super power to ride. You can cycle on the road or climb the mountains much faster and easier, which is great for the old, as it makes life much easier. You can choose from e-bike, pedal assist and electric bike riding modes. The eBike motor can make your cycling trip more exciting. Easy installation. If you are still confused about how to install the electric motor kit, please send them an email. Please email them if you don't know if the kit fits your bike. They will help you make sure you enjoy the conversion kit without spending time. A wrench and crank removal tool are included in the box. A 750W motor, battery, display, chainring, speed sensor, brake levers, cranks, and a 1T4EB-BUS cable are included in the packing list. Please don't worry about missing part when you find it in the box. They will help you figure it out if you email them. Just place an order and enjoy the ride. You can expect to receive your packges in about 7 days. If there is a problem with the inventory, they will send you an email, please keep an eye on your Amazon inbox. All products have a one-year warranty. They have professional technicians in the US who can help you fix the problems. How to contact them on Amazon.

Brand: Bafang

👤I watched a lot of videos before trying to install on my mountain bike. I made sure my lower brackets were the correct size. I bought a crank arm removal tool and found out that the kit came with it. I bought a universal chain tool and a programming cable to adjust the default parameters in each pedal assist mode. There are videos on the internet. After watching several install videos I decided to purchase the "Shift Sensor", it only makes sense to have the power removed from the motor briefly when shifting to save your drive train! I found that pedal assist mode 2 or 3 works well. I can't believe how good it is to have the kick assist when going up a hill. You can't even hear the motor. I'm glad I bought a Mid Drive Kit because front hub motor don't take advantage of your gear. My case was 1 - 7. The stock kick stand wouldn't hold the bike up due to the heavy 48v battery pack in the rear rack. There is a product called "B00LNLXML4?" which can be found on the website.

👤It was easy to install. The instructions and templates on the Bafang website were quite helpful, as were the numerous videos on converting a bike to an ebike using the Bafang kit. I use it daily to get to and from work and have used it for river trips. I have a 44T chainring and nine gears on the back of it. I would have spent thousands of dollars on a new ebike, but I'm saving a lot of money now. I am quite happy so far.

👤Accolmile customer service helped me with a few issues. The product was easy to install.

👤It was easy to install. I had to buy extensions for some cables. It was installed on a trike.

👤The display was 750c. It worked well for a while. The controller was fried by interaction with wet weather. I replaced the controller at a cost of $120 and now have a code for communication error. It could be the display, the harness, or nothing at all. I don't want to spend money on this thing when the next money won't fix the problem. The idea of failing to use waterproof connections in your motor is unacceptable. There are other kits from other manufacturers. It looks like a lot of others are having this code, sometimes after only a few months of use, with no apparent reason for it. It was fun, but it was only a few months.

👤My truck was replaced pretty much. This thing is sweet and installed on an older Trek. I had some issues with the motor, but the customer service was the best I have ever dealt with. It was difficult to get ahold of the seller but once I did they went above and beyond to help me. They should be recommended by % 100. E bikes will change your life.

8. Dahon Folding Lightweight Aluminum Foldable

Dahon Folding Lightweight Aluminum Foldable

It is recommended for riders 16-75 years of age. The undisputed king of folding bikes is Daihon. Their leading technology makes them a family of millions of cyclists. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to give you greater comfort. The SUV D6 folding bike's frame is constructed from a lightweight Dalloy Sonus tubeset and a lattice forged hinge. A genuine Dahon Derailleur gives you the chance to shift in high gear. The wheel is made of lightweight aluminum and has anti-skid tires. They will get back to you within 24 hours and help you resolve the issue.

Brand: Dahon

👤The set screw for the steering column was not good. I wiped out. This was dangerous. Good thing that car was parked. The set screw didn't have a nut to hold it in place. It had a screw that cut into the plastic. The shifters were a bit confusing. I was surprised at the difference between 200$ and the Dahon Mariner I own.

👤Good and strong. It was good to be able to adjust. It works for both my son and myself.

👤Excellent quality. It is very convenient to commute.

👤It's a good bike, 6 gears, and it's enough for a city like NY.

👤I was shopping for a replacement for my Dahon bike that was stolen a few weeks before this purchase. The bike is a big upgrade from my last one. It's beautiful. The black is very sleek. The seat is soft and smooth. It's easy to shift speeds. My other bike is much heavier. It folds a bit more compactly. We were going to purchase this bike again, but it's out of stock, because my husband was a little jealous. Bummer! I hope it comes back soon. The price is definitely worth it.

👤Great price here! The local bike shop charged more, but it was assembled and a birthday present. It's time to have it shipped! I like the rack over the rear wheel and the nice rain fender. Six speeds are okay for most areas and modest hills, but it would be better if you had more power in lowest gear for the steep hills. My grandson loves this bike. It folds and adjusts, but it is not known if there are any issues. Three people have ridden the bike so far, one boy and two adults. The SUV-D6 that I bought locally had to have a Tall Rear view mirror clipped on the left side of the handlebars and a loud chime bell on the right side of the handle bars. Happy holidays!

9. Kulana Single Tandem Yellow Medium

Kulana Single Tandem Yellow Medium

The included rear carrying rack is perfect for your work bag and the folding bike has full-wrap fenders to keep you clean and dry while riding. The bike is designed to fit riders from 5'4" to 6'2" in height. The Kulana tandem frame has an oversized fork. It is easy to use and maintain a single speed drivetrain. The rear coaster brakes keep the bike neat and sleek. The cruiser handlebars and cruiser rise stems are easy to reach.

Brand: Kulana

👤There are bad reviews. You need to understand what you are buying and take some responsibility for yourself. You can buy a tadum bike for around $200, shipped from overseas in a box. This bike isn't going to blow your mind. If you are looking for a low cost bike, this is it. If you want to go on an adventure, this is a great buy. It took me a 6 pack and a set of Allen wrench's to build it.

👤This bike is beautiful. I got it for my wife's birthday and took it for a spin around the neighborhood. I will give you my first impressions. It is well built and extremely sturdy. I'm surprised at the quality of the frame and components. I think I'm going to be used for a long time by this bad boy. It is almost fully assembled. It took me less than an hour to put it together. They've done most of the difficult work and you just have to place the front tire, seats and handle bars. The tires are super wide. I plan on keeping this at our shore house because it doesn't have gears and is flat ground. The wide, white wall tires are going to be great for the occasional patch of sand and I shouldn't get bogged down, that's just a bad accident waiting to happen with two people on a bike when you lose control of the front tire. These fatties should cruise. The paint is clean. There were no low spots or missed coverage. The handle bars, seat posts, and all other metal pieces have been coated. This will keep visible rust at bay and will keep the bike looking sharp for a long time. I'm a big guy with 200 pounds and I'm very comfortable on this bike. I was able to raise the seat so that you'll be seated upright and look like a royalty as you glide down the road. The kickstand. It's perfect. There are some things that need to be done. There was no tools included. You don't need a lot, but if you don't have Allen wrenches in your aresenal, you're going to need to get some, they don't take up a lot of space in a junk drawer and you. You're going to need a few different sized tools. I think the manufacturer should have included these items in the set, but I'm guessing they didn't because of the lower price of the bike. The pedals. The post is metal, but the pedal islactic. I think this plastic is getting brittle and snapping off. I'll upgrade mine eventually. The width of the screw on the rear crankset is larger if you swap out yours. You will know what I mean if you put this bike together. The pros outweigh the cons. You will be hard pressed to find something of this quality without spending a lot more.

👤It looks good from a bystander's point of view, but tandem bikes are a pain in the butt and not enjoyable to ride. The passenger and driver have to move their legs at the same time. It restricts leg movements because riders are required to move in sync. A freewheel crank should be installed in the driver or passenger. The passenger doesn't have a good view of the road. He/she is staring at the back of the car. They are a slave to provide power for the ride. There are 3 more The bike requires an expert skill to maneuver and balance. It is not as easy as a regular bike. The passenger seat of this bike is not comfortable because it does not have enough leg room for an adult or a tall kid. The handle bar is too low. It looks cool, but not a good way to ride a bike.

10. Schwinn Hinge Folding 20 Inch Medium

Schwinn Hinge Folding 20 Inch Medium

Assembly and riding are easy. The Schwinn Hinge folding bike is designed to fit a wide range of riders, and it's convenient to use with this single-speed folding bike. A sturdy steel frame, 20-inch alloy wheels, and a convenient folding system are easy to carry, fold, and store. You can coast when you need a break with the 1-speed drivetrain. The included rear carrying rack is perfect for your work bag and the folding bike has full-wrap fenders to keep you clean and dry while riding.

Brand: Schwinn

👤This bike arrived damaged and not as described. The bike is missing one of the two folding pedals, which is the reason I decided to purchase this bike over others. The rear brakes were shot, the arm springs are set so that they won't spring back when the brake is depressed, so the pads had to be replaced at a cost of $20. You need a special tool to replace the severely bent chain sprocket, which costs $50 at a local bike shop. The only reason the bike is getting 3 stars is that the folding aspect of the bike does what I need it to do and now that the bike is fixed, it is at least somewhat visible for riding. The bike has been a disaster. I have been riding this bike for about 10 minutes a day from my work building and parking lot. Everything is breaking. The front fender gets bent when you fold the bike. Same thing with the guard. The poor design of the cable route makes it nearly impossible to get a correct adjustment on the rear brakes. There isn't a good place to attach lighting to the bike to make it legal for night riding. A complete waste of money. Might need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

👤If you're looking for a bike that you are not going to fold and unfold often, this may not be it, your back is not going to appreciate it.

👤The bike is heavy for a foldable bike. When I get on the train, I usually wait to fold it until I get to the station, but it can get in the way of other people boarding bikes. I snapped the front brake when I was trying to put the bike together again because the wire always gets caught in the handle. It is very difficult to put it together or take it apart compared to other foldable bikes. I have not had a good experience with this bike.

👤The bike took up too much space because it was heavier than all my mountain bikes. I have a small flight of stairs that I have to use to get to my 1st floor apartment, but it's so heavy that it would be easier to go without it. It was too heavy for my apartment and I love it for that. It feels like a very strong bike. The chain would fall off when you spun it using the paddle. It was just a delivery issue. They came to pick it up without any hassle from me. If you don't have to carry it, you can ride and fold it, and keep it in your garage, without having stairs or small doors. If you don't have stairs or have to carry it a lot, I give this bike a 4 to 5 stars rating.

👤I bought 2 to go with. They arrived on time but one of the bikes had a tire pop. They gave me a credit to buy a new inner tube. The bags are the worst to put these in, no instructions on how to put them in, and it is a tight situation. The bags were broken and the bikes had broken pieces when we arrived in the Bahamas. The tires are small, the seat is not comfortable, the handles are tall, and the bikes area is very cheap.

11. ZiZZO Folding Shimano Adjustable Aluminum

ZiZZO Folding Shimano Adjustable Aluminum

The bicycle can fit up to 5'4". The frame is lightweight. It is easy to carry and folds in seconds so you don't need to leave it outside. 7 speeds and a grip style shift. The stem is easy to adjust. The frame can be securely held together with the help of the Resin Folding pedals, Wider Comfortable Saddle and Magnet Catcher. The folded size is H 27" L-31" W-12.5. The weight is 29.0 lbs. It is recommended for riders 16-75 years of age.

Brand: Zizzo

👤I bought two bikes for my wife and stepdaughter. I got the Campo version before buying theirs. The Campo does not have a handle bar like this version, but I loved it, they are shorter than me. If you're shorter than 6 inches, you should get this version. Philip.

👤The bike is fun. Light, foldable. It is assembled and folded. It seems very well-made. The Campo model has a great price. It's easy to make adjustments to the seat and handlebars. It is easy to fold. It is a pleasure to ride it. I would recommend it to anyone who asked. Good for short rides, but people younger than me might enjoy longer rides. If you lean that way or don't keep your hands on the handlebars, steering will go left or right, so you have to pay attention.

👤It took one week to make adjustments to ride safely. It keeps getting worse and not being able to return it.

👤It's a good value folding bike to commute or ride in the city. In areas of less than rain or snow, having rim brakes is enough. The tires are thick enough to hold up on bumpy pavement, even without suspension parts. The seat pole suspension would be great for any improvement.

👤We have only had them a week so far, but they seem to be the same as advertised. Light and easy to fold and unfold. They will be used in our airplane to get to and from the airport.

👤This was a Christmas present for my husband. It is packaged very securely. It's easy to open and close. He loves it! Will be taking it with us when we go south for the winter.

👤Good quality work. It was packed very well. For camping trips.

👤It was nice to ride. 7 intermediate gears, not super for cruising, a bit hard on steep inclines. Solid built, folds quickly.


What is the best product for electric bike for adults foldable?

Electric bike for adults foldable products from Swagtron. In this article about electric bike for adults foldable you can see why people choose the product. Schwinn and Mongoose are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric bike for adults foldable.

What are the best brands for electric bike for adults foldable?

Swagtron, Schwinn and Mongoose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric bike for adults foldable. Find the detail in this article. Ids Home, Bafang and Dahon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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