Best Electric Blanket Full Size Bed Clearance

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1. Vremi Electric Blanket Settings Controller

Vremi Electric Blanket Settings Controller

Lifetime guarantees. They offer comprehensive after-sales services. They will help you to return or exchange the twin size microfiber blanket if you are not satisfied with it. The electric blanket is 50 x 60 inches. Their blanket and throw is made with high-quality, soft and thick fleece fabric, which makes it a perfect companion to add warmth and comfort on chilly winter nights. The heating pad for two is made with built-in micro-thin wires that provide even heat distribution without the bulkiness and discomfort. It provides immediate warmth for sore muscles. The heated blanket has a 10 feet long power cord and an electronic controller. You can adjust the level of heat with its 6 temperature settings. This softie is ETL certified, which means it has reliable safety features. The product shuts off after a certain time to keep you safe. This blanket is easy to maintain. The blanket can be washed on a gentle cycle. It was made safe for easy and convenient cleaning. Before washing, it is recommended that cords be disconnected.

Brand: Vremi

👤If the blanket is straight, it will stay on as long as you like. I don't sleep like that, I sleep on my side, back and stomach. The blanket shuts off when I change positions. Immediately returning.

👤This blanket is soft and plush. After sitting on my couch for an hour, I noticed that a lot of the blanket does not heat up. That is a little disappointing.

👤The blanket is not very warm. The max temperature is about 70 degrees. Not pleased with the blanket.

👤Just got it. So excited! Most of the blanket does not heat.

👤I think a spot about four feet in length gets warm. This is a scam, it's a fly by night company that bombards the market with its product, and there are a lot of fake reviews. The link takes you to the company website to check warranty info. They don't list this blanket. The controller won't either set or stay lit. It's pretty good in what it promises, but not great. There is a Who cares when it doesn't heat? I bet the strange smell it gives off is toxic.

👤I have had it since January 2020. I got it out of storage for the winter and I'm so excited! My apartment does not warm up quickly. I use it when I work at computer, watch TV and fall asleep on cold nights, then set a timer to 1 hour. It warms up quickly, and I rarely have it above 95 degrees. It won't be all if you have it all crumpled. It is that warm. No idea why people are complaining. Will it work after washing and drying? Yes, answer is yes! It will be new if you follow instructions. I washed it at least 10 times. Highly recommended!

👤I don't use my heater, so this keeps me very comfortable in my living room. The cat loves it. The product is great.

👤I love this blanket. It is soft and cozy, I like the temperature control and the timer. It doesn't collect dog hair, and it washes up nicely, so it's a big bonus.

👤J'avais acheté des couvertures avant celle-ci qui m'ont des divers. J'espre qu'elle va durer.

2. Electric Blanket Flannel Certification Washable

Electric Blanket Flannel Certification Washable

The twin size can wrap the whole body from head to toe and is suitable for most people's heights. The ETL certification and overheating protection system makes you safer when using and provides you with a better user experience. The electric blanket has heating levels from low to high so that you can choose the temperature that suits you best. It is safer to use with the timing function. You don't need to worry about forgetting to turn it off. It gives you the greatest degree of safety protection, and lets you save power. The 50 "W X 60 "L inch electric blanket is made of flannel and cotton wool, which brings you the best comfort. The heating wires of their electric blankets are denser and longer than ordinary electric blankets, which can bring you constant and high heat, and keep you warm all night. The blanket can be heated in a few minutes and heated more evenly with the help of NTC and PTC heating technology. The protection system with FCC dual certification can prevent overheating, which can ensure the safety of you and your family. It's a thoughtful gift for parents, grandparents, lovers, friends and more. The electric blanket controller has an extra-long power cord that can be used in a larger range without restriction. The blanket can be used on sofas, beds, or offices, giving you a warm and comfortable living experience. The blanket can be washed by hand or machine if the controller is removed first. It is easy to maintain and will not fade or lose its shine after being washed many times. You can use the controller as a blanket in the spring or fall.

Brand: Curecure

👤The blanket is not more than 40” square. I wanted to use it for a lap robe, not the bed. The fabric is light and soft. It does not heat evenly, but boy, does it! It is serving it's intended purpose while my heating is being fixed, but be prepared! I think it is a joke on the part of Amazon and the manufacturer, and I will look for the next one.

👤The dimensions are read. The pictures of a girl wrapped in a blanket must have used a type of magic. I like that it keeps my feet and legs warm, but it is not a full body blanket and anyone over 3 feet tall will not like it.

👤I have never had a blanket like this before. You don't have to get out of bed to turn it back on when it shuts off. It's a great blanket, but it will get better in a year.

👤I like that the thermostat is on the blanket, instead of being separated with another cord.

👤It was very soft and warm. It is my favorite electric blanket purchase.

👤It's hot quickly. Would like more heat around the edges. Would purchase again.

👤The product arrived a little earlier than expected. It seems high quality. The controller is easy to use. Very happy.

3. Electric Blanket Warming Certification Washable

Electric Blanket Warming Certification Washable

Their electric blanket works in a wider range with a long power cable. The electric heated throw blanket can be used as a normal blanket by detaching the controller. What are you not sure about? You can use one button to choose among 4 heating levels. This electric heated blanket will provide you with instant warmth in the cold winter. The heating blanket has passed FCC certification and can be turned off when the temperature is too high for protection. If you forget to close the system will automatically shut down. The light and airy fabric provides you with incredible comfort while effectively retaining heat, even the highest temperature will not make you feel stuffy. The large area of 77'' x 84'' gives you plenty of room for a queen or full size bed. This heated blanket can be used during your lunch break at work, reading on the sofa, or watching TV, bringing you warmth, and can be machine washed, so please never dry it in a tumble dryer. This full size electric blanket is a good gift for your family and friends. It makes someone feel very warm and happy when it is on holiday or in normal time.

Brand: Curecure

👤The blanket is not heated from edge to edge. The blanket surface has only two thirds of the heating elements. The four level switch is the second thing. The heat is not visible on warm days. You need to put it on high to generate heat. This is the first heated blanket I have ever had and it is the only one I have ever had. I'm most likely to return it. I will keep it for a few more nights to see if it is worth keeping. My first experience with it was disappointing.

👤The blanket is not heated just in the middle. The blanket has barely any heat. I didn't have it for an hour before I realized it was a mistake. Will be back.

👤It doesn't get warm. I run hot so it works for me. If you are looking for something that gets really warm, this is not for you.

👤The wires are only distributed in the middle and over a foot on each side doesn't get heat.

👤flannel wool blend was more of a blanket than fuzzy fleece.

👤The blanket is not soft. I will not allow it to touch my bare skin. I decided to keep it because it came with a warranty. I will either get another blanket from this company or get my money back if it inevitably stops working. If you're like me, you've spent a lot of money on electric blankets and they always stop working, you know how frustrating it is. In my search for a blanket that doesn't stop working in less than a year, I read every review on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Every time. Single. There were reviews about it stopping to work. If you're like me and can't live without an electric blanket, you should either get a warranty or buy one once a year, because you'll be spending the rest of your life in it.

👤There is no heat when you turn on the heating blanket. I would get better warmth from a non-heated comforter. This is a false advertisement when you say it's a heated blanket. If you turned the heating blanket up to high, you would think. It would get hot. When you turn the heating blanket to hot, it doesn't get warm, you have to have the heating blanket centered on you. The heating elements are in the center of the blanket. You don't even feel the heat.

👤It is hard to find a decent priced electric blanket that is a decent size and also there are a lot of little ones that are like 50 x 60” and they are awful. This one is very soft and warm, but it stays on for a long time, and there is an automatic shut off, so just remember to shut it off. If you have a crumpled up blanket, all the heat will be in that one spot.

👤The blanket arrived quickly but I had to return it because the power cord was missing. Very disappointed!

4. Warm Storm Electric Blanket Reversible

Warm Storm Electric Blanket Reversible

A sweet gift. The electric blanket is a good gift for a loved one. It can bring warmth to a loved one. This is a great gift. Before using the electric blanket, please read the instructions carefully. The electric blanket is double-sided, one side is 100% fleece, and the other side is made of high-quality lining. Extra warmth and comfort can be provided by the double-sided materials. The 50x60 inch electric blanket can wrap your entire body. It has an 8.5ft wire. The electric blanket can be used for a variety of purposes. It's easy to use, remote control has 5 heat settings, electric blanket throw, and easy adjustment to maintain your perfect temperature. It's easy to maintain, just plug the electric blanket into the power plug and wash it with a machine or hand wash. There is safety-security. You don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the heated blanket because it shuts down after 4 hours. Ensuring safety,convenience, and energy saving. The heated blanket has a 1 year warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Warm Storm

👤This blanket is better than the ones I have purchased from Target. It is much more lightweight and not bulky, and it is still warm on the lowest setting. Warming up in my lounge chair on cool fall nights is made easier by the blue color and size. The control is very easy to use and unlike the Target blanket it doesn't go crazy and start blinking at odd times, which causes me to buy new ones each year. I think you will like this blanket as much as I do.

👤I wanted to get a heated throw to replace the one I lost. I saw a lot of heated throws. This one was the best. I saw some people complaining that it wasn't warm enough. I keep my house at 60 degrees. It works alright, maybe it took a bit to warm up. What I was looking for. Don't hesitate to buy this heated throw.

👤I was not happy with the product. Maybe I didn't read the description right. I was not aware that it was a throw. I didn't like the fabric at all. Will return it for credit.

👤Maybe ok as a throw, but horrible as an electric blanket in bed. The controller won't reach the user unless the blanket is upside down. Its display is unreadable and only cycles up. This could lead to unnecessary pain. Would not recommend or buy anything.

👤Warm and fuzzy and hot.

👤My sister is always cold and this was a gift for her. She was very excited. She said she was very warm at night. She said that it is very soft and makes her want to cuddle into it. She said that it doesn't seem to get hot, but rather a comfortable warm temp. I don't know what setting she has it on, but the nice thing is you can control it.

5. WAPANEUS Blanket Fast Heating Electric Washable

WAPANEUS Blanket Fast Heating Electric Washable

The electric blanket is a good gift for a loved one. It can bring warmth to your loved one. This is a great gift. Before using the electric blanket, please read the instructions carefully. The heated blanket has three heat settings, with one button. It can help you against the cold weather and give you a comfortable situation in a short time. Flannel fabrics in each side design are skin friendly. The object is different from the picture. The maintains of the heated throw are made easy by the upgraded machine wash design. Remove the heating controller and wash the blanket. The quality and safety of the heating blanket is assured. You can rest easily with overheat protection and short-circuit protection. After 8 hours of continuous heating, it will shut off. The power cable allows the electric heated blanket to be used in larger rooms. It can be used as a regular blanket if you remove the controller. 5 years warranty after-sale service. If you have any quality-related issues, please feel free to contact them, they will provide a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Wapaneus

👤Don't buy this blanket. I put it on high to warm my wife's side of the bed. Half of the blanket was warm and the other half was cold. Next 2 nights, the same thing. $65 for a twin size electric blanket that only half warmed is a clue that she is cold. Its best feature is its soft texture. My wife said a woman needs a lot of options when it comes to heated blankets. The control has a "stop light" feature that offers 3 settings. You guessed it was red. Returned after 3 failed attempts. It goes back to happy wife. My bride is worth the effort. Save money. Don't buy this blanket. I ordered a new blanket after my wife's other blanket suddenly died, and it snowed the first night. It took 4 days. She put a heated muscle back pad on the matress. It's called what it's called. I ordered Biddeford again because of the snow in Denver. Today, arrived. A perfect 10 item. Guys, options. There are options. The dark green blanket was soft, but half heated. I was told what to say in the review.

👤The blanket is very soft. The heat is not evenly distributed. A small portion of the blanket gets warm, but the rest doesn't. I don't think this purchase was worth the money.

👤I bought this blanket in October. The blanket was teal and I loved it. After just two years of light/occasional use and proper operation and care, the control unit has stopped working, when plugged in there are no lights and it won't power up. There is no way to contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement service, even though this has a five year warranty. I expected it to last at least five or more years. It was a shame that it didn't last because I really enjoyed it. I have to leave two stars due to the lack of advertised warranty coverage. If the manufacturer reads this, please contact me to honor the warranty and I'll change my review.

👤The item works but the light goes off after the blanket is turned off. Did what the instructions said?

👤There is a garbage item. The highest setting on this item doesn't get warm at all and it's not consistent throughout the blanket. There are places that are warm and cold.

👤This is a 3 because it serves its purpose but has some large issues, it works, stays on until you turn it off, and is comfortable on all settings. The blanket I got was the Queen, but the heated portion only takes up between a Single or a Twin size, leaving large empty areas on both sides. The material is soft and comfortable, but it doesn't trap heat very well, and the heated part makes it less cold, but you might need to cover your feet if it's really cold. It is really easy to use the material again. The blanket is soft and comfortable, but when I put it on my bed it became fuzzier than my cat, and when I washed it was still fuzzy.

6. Westerly Microplush Electric Heated Blanket

Westerly Microplush Electric Heated Blanket

It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. Send their blankets back if you don't like them. The heated blanket is soft and plush. After shutting off the heat, the material allows you to keep warm. The easy to use controller has a preheat feature. It's safe to wash and dry in a machine. Twin: 62” x 84; Full: 77” x 84; Queen: 84” X 90; King: 100” x 90. Plug in your blanket to take advantage of the energy savings.

Brand: Westerly

👤The king size version of this blanket may not be available when this review is written. The king size blanket was delivered within a few days after we purchased it. Over the years, we've purchased many electric blankets, which end up at our kids' homes. This is the warmest material that we have had in an electric blanket, and it is very supple. It's great for warming the bed before getting into bed. It keeps us warm even when the furnace is turned down, because we just turn it off after we get to bed. It has an automatic off setting that can be used for anywhere from half an hour to ten hours. One of the controllers didn't turn off after the set amount of time. I switched the controller to the other side, but it was not turning off after the set time period. I contacted the seller on the weekend and got a response the next day. They are going to replace the controller as soon as possible. I will update once I receive it. We have been very pleased with the blanket and the customer service has been great. The blanket is very good.

👤After turning on my blanket controls, they go into power failure mode for about 30 minutes to one hour. Plug it in to the power source before it works again. How to correct the problem? The blanket was purchased in 2020. Will follow up on this. I hope to hear from you.

👤I like the color. It's very soft to the touch. It gets very warm very quickly. There is no constant light on the controller, which is the reason I didn't give it 5 stars. If it is already on, one has to turn it off. It takes about three times to turn it off. When one presses it off, the light doesn't come on, so one has to press it again to see if it's really off or not, and then the light turns on. One has to press it again to turn it off. Not a bad thing. I will probably get used to it. My ocd is not very high.

👤I bought this blanket to put under my comforter. When I received the package, I thought it was a tan or taupe color, but when I took it out, it was more like a lavender color. I can see more of the purple tones of the blanket when the natural light is shining through my window. I would like the blanket to be more purple, but I am satisfied with it. This is one of the best heated blankets I have ever had and it is very soft and plush. The temperature gets really hot. I would buy again in a different color. Highly recommended!

👤A nice blanket is heating. Which is the reason you buy a heating blanket. The blanket is hot at the top for about 5 minutes. The rest of the blanket is kept cool. It doesn't help me because I suffer from cold feet. The controls don't work well either. I will not refer anyone.

7. Electric Blanket Bedding Controller Washable

Electric Blanket Bedding Controller Washable

Twin is 62 in x 84 in and has 1 controls and quilted fleece cover. Unsurpassed comfort. It has a large size and a soft fleece that ensures a gentle touch, an electric blanket that ensures pleasant temperatures on the couch or in bed, and a weight that is not too heavy. Also, note: The product can't be used as a cushion. The heated blankets can adjust the temperature. The controller has heating settings. The temperature can be adjusted to bring you a better experience. The heating blanket has 10 hours automatic power off function, and it passes the ELT certification. The electric heated blanket is easy to clean and machine wash, because the controller can be removed to make it easier to clean. PTC/NTC heating elements, overheating protection and over current protection are safety comfortable. Plug into the wall outlet until you connect the controller cord to the blanket. It works well.

Brand: Mcjaw

👤There are 14 inches on each side. There was 28 in of a blanket. This is over priced for what it is. It is not impressive because it is very thin. Look elsewhere.

👤The blanket hasn't been used by us. I was reluctant to do so because the blanket didn't seem new. There are fuzz balls in the blanket, and it looks like someone returned it. I bought a new blanket several weeks ago that did not have this look. There is nothing wrong with used if you want it. I did not want to be used.

👤The heating blanket is soft and works well, compared to other blankets we have bought. Hubs are 6' and it's nice size. It covers him well. He bought it for himself because he whined that our older cat stole his blanket. She now takes this one as well. It is a losing situation for blanket hogging cat owners.

👤This blanket is warm and cozy.

👤It's a perfect throw for a 6ft husband.

👤This electric blanket is the perfect size to fit a twin bed. The sides of the blanket can be tucked into the mattress or hung down. If the heating elements covered the entire surface of the blanket, this should provide for a more efficient use of energy. The sides of the bed are not heat efficient. The mattress is made of fleecy material which is comfortable. If you forget to turn it off when you get out of bed, the controller will save you energy. Some blankets have an auto shut-off. It seems like you would wake up cold in the middle of the night with these. I don't understand why anyone would want to do that. It has a function that preheats. When you turn the blanket on, it will quickly bring the temperature up to a very warm setting and hold it there for 15 minutes. You can set the heat setting on the control. Warming up a cold bed or taking off the chill is nice. A nice feature. I would have liked more settings so I could dial in the perfect temperature. This is not a big deal.

👤I like a good heating blanket to keep me warm when others in my house are not too cold. This blanket is just the right size for me to use in bed without causing my other half to get overheated, and it heats quickly and evenly. The fabric is soft enough for me to use without complaint. I like that the controller has an auto shut off for 10 hours, as compared to the four hour shut off that some controllers have. I don't have to wake up and try to reset it because this keeps me warm. I'm happy with the blanket so far, it washed and dried fine. The Twin Size Machine Washable Home Office Bed has a Comfort Warming Controller with 4 heating levels and 10 hours auto shut.

👤I'm happy with the blanket for most of the time. It has four settings for warmth. The low is on the warm side. The biggest issue I have is that the coils are only in the middle of the blanket, even though I got the twin size. There is a lot of unused space. The tag at the bottom of the blanket is my biggest issue. The tag has all the washing instructors on it. All of this is important information, but it is noisy. It crinkles like a bottle and you squeeze it. I'm able to tuck it under the bed if your someone won't, just and FYI.

8. McJaw Electric Blankets Washable Controller

McJaw Electric Blankets Washable Controller

The blanket can be washed by hand or machine if the controller is removed first. It is easy to maintain and will not fade or lose its shine after being washed many times. You can use the controller as a blanket in the spring or fall. It has a 77"x84" size, soft fleece, and an electric blanket that ensures pleasant temperatures on the couch or bed. Also, note: The product can't be used as a cushion. The electric heated blanket can adjust the temperature. The controller has heating settings. The temperature can be adjusted to bring you a better experience. The heating blanket has 10 hours automatic power off function, and it passes the ELT certification. The electric heated blanket is easy to clean and machine wash, because the controller can be removed to make it easier to clean. PTC/NTC heating elements, overheating protection and over current protection are safety comfortable. Plug into the wall outlet until you connect the controller cord to the blanket. It works well.

Brand: Mcjaw

👤The heating elements cover a twin bed. Enough for me but don't expect much. I am using warm and it's hot. Only one cord, with the control a couple of feet from the plug.

👤It doesn't look like the photo, but it does now. I don't know what rating it should get because I am not familiar with it. I hope it continues. Purchase at your own risk.

👤Excellent quality. Excellent size. It was soft. Quickly warms up. There are nice heating options.

👤It was soft but wouldn't heat up much more than a tiny amount. It wasn't worth the trouble to plug in, so it might as well have been a non electric blanket. I don't think that's a good idea.

👤I was kept nice and cozy after I got out of the bag.

👤The only thing I disliked was the cord placement.

👤After 2 weeks, it stopped working for me. I will return it.

👤It worked as expected. It was comfortable.

9. HNABAIC Electric Auto Off Washable Certification

HNABAIC Electric Auto Off Washable Certification

5 year warranty is a promise of savings and service. If you have questions about the product, please contact their customer service. The electric blanket king size is made from soft and lightweight polar fleece, it is much more comfortable than a conventional blanket. The controller has 10 heating settings and 10 hours auto-off timer. It comes with a single controller for 100x90” full size blanket. The blanket is king size. It has two controllers. The heated blanket is approved by the ETL to comply with industry safety standards. HNABAIC electric blanket is machine-washable to help preserve the beauty and softness of the elegant polar fleece for years to come. Before washing, make sure to disconnected and remove controllers. The king size electric blanket has a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Hnabaic

👤I was disappointed that the controls didn't have a light on so I could see if it was on or off.

👤The first night I had the electric blanket on my bed, it was barely heating on level 1 so I put it on level 2 and it got really hot. I will leave it on 1 for good. Even on level 2 it gets hot. I had an electric blanket by another vendor that was on level 4 and I almost burnt my hand when I picked up the control. I put it back on the blanket. I put the control numbers back to level 1 by touching the ink pen. That is what you want with this type of controls. It's not good for old people or kids. Leave it on one. The blanket is too hot over level 1. The blanket keeps me warm and I don't really need it on. It gets really hot on level 2.

👤The controls are different than other blankets I have used before.

👤I sent my brother the electric blanket for Christmas and it was 77x84. The wires are only 33" wide in the middle of the bed, so you have to sleep in the middle of the bed to get the heat. He is returning it. I have an electric blanket that has wires and heat in it. I got it several years ago.

👤I am thankful that I found an electric blanket that works. I don't trust any of these companies. I failed four times out of the box. This one is not the best but it is warm. I don't like the material. I have an odor that is making me sick. I didn't pay attention to the reviews that smelled funny. I know what they're talking about. Don't buy this blanket if you have allergies.

👤There is no way to tell if it is on or off. When you touch the control pad, the lights come on, but then the lights go off and you don't know what's happening I trust the auto-off to work. It is a very good electric blanket.

👤The blanket is very soft. The controls don't stay lit. You have to turn a light on to see the reading if you change the temperature. Our old blanket had a light that stayed on so you could look at the control, see the temperature, and check to see if it was on. The controls are hard to read in the dark.

10. Sunbeam Microplush Blanket Mushroom BSM9BFS R772 16A00

Sunbeam Microplush Blanket Mushroom BSM9BFS R772 16A00

The ComfortTec controller has a display and buttons. Pre-heat feature warms cold sheets. There are 10 heat settings and 10 hour auto-off functions. Senses and adjusts to deliver warmth. The percentage of Polyester is 100 percent. The queen and king sizes have controllers.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤The product was delivered quickly by Amazon. The blanket only lasted 2 months before it stopped working. I had to deal with Sunbeam because the time for returns to Amazon was not long. Repairs and replacements are covered by the blanket's 5-year warranty. Sunbeam's customer service is terrible. I tried to call them. I had to talk to an automated system through the phone system. The phone system hung up in the middle of the questions. This happened many times. I called back and said "representative" and it sent me to talk to someone. I got a recording telling me that they were busy and couldn't take my call, but I didn't know it was a representative. I tried the same thing again and got the same message every time. I tried live chat. I was asked to go to the blanket and get a bunch of numbers and symbols for the agent. I told him it would take a while. He ended the chat when I came back to it. I got a different agent when I reconnected to chat. I had to fill out more information. He asked "How can I help you?" and never returned to the chat. I tried again and got an agent that was still on the chat, but I was told that I had to pay for shipping my blanket to them and then wait 3-4 weeks to get a replacement. I will get a new blanket, but I will have to pay for shipping, and I will not get it until the weather warms up. I don't know if the new one will work. I will not buy another product from Sunbeam.

👤Suppose to be brand new. This is what it looks like, it was a Christmas gift to my mom. There were holes, plugs, and wires taped up. What the hell!?!

👤I bought this in January of 2016 We used it from January to April. The blanket worked well for a while, and then lost heat, but still warmed up enough to keep us comfortable. I put it in the original packaging and stored it away for the summer. The blanket did not warm up properly when we unpack it again in October. The blanket wouldn't heat up very much at the feet. The blanket stopped working completely after about a week. I used to have a sunbeam electric blanket. For a long time, that thing worked. It is heartbreaking for me to leave this review, but I have always been a loyal customer of Sunbeam. This is the worst blanket I have ever owned. The blanket was too expensive when we only had one good month. I wouldn't recommend this blanket to anyone.

👤I bought 2 of these blankets for my home and vacation house. The one at my vacation house, which was protected between my flat sheet and comforter, and used maybe 10x, all of a sudden had a bunch of little tears all over it. I contacted sunbeam customer service directly and they were able to replace my king blanket with a full size one. They are only offering to give back the cost of the blanket and not the taxes after contacting the Better Business Bureau, so if I want a safe, no holes, heated blanket, it will cost me almost $20 more. Don't buy from this company. Customer service is worse than quality.

11. Electric Blanket Controllers Settings Washable

Electric Blanket Controllers Settings Washable

It is highly recommended to machine wash this blanket with cold water on a gentle cycle separately, so that it stays new and clean even after use. HOZY Brand is 100% confident that their products will not let you down. You have complete temperature control with easy operation and safe assured heating levels. It's suitable for both summer and winter. Safe use is ensured by the off time of 1.5-12 hours. The blanket is made from 100% polyester and has dual controllers. A family can wrap up and stay snug with integrated heating elements throughout, thanks to the 84'' x 90'' measurement. The product can be washed in the water below 40C/104F. Fresh warming experiences are brought to you every time with non-fade, non-deformed and non-pilling. Before washing, please detach the controller. Enjoy happy hours with your family and watch your favorite TV shows on the couch. Bring a Sunvivi electric blanket for a nap in the afternoon. The quality of their flannel heated blanket is ETL approved and they will provide you with a worry-free shopping experience. A satisfying solution will be provided in 24 hours for any problem, and they also offer a year on quality-related issues.

Brand: Sunvivi

👤One of the controllers has stopped working and I haven't had this blanket for a month. The blanket stays on for a few hours and shuts off. You end up turning it back on several times. I wouldn't recommend it. The second controller failed.

👤So attentive! A nice blanket. The last day to file a return or complaint was yesterday, when completely stopped working. Won't turn on. Nothing. I have spent a lot of money on heated pads, blankets, covers, and other things because I am always freezing cold and this keeps happening with products. I didn't have this problem before.

👤I was researching electric blankets for a few days and the reviews seemed promising. This did not meet my expectations. The auto shut-off was 30 minutes rather than 4 hours. The same thing happened when I tried to turn it on again. The blanket barely got warm on the highest setting. My heating pad is cooler. You can easily feel the wires heating up. I returned it the same day.

👤It's so soft and plush. It doesn't work right. One side doesn't work. The other side is turned on and off. I didn't care that my side didn't work, I'm too hot, and my husband is usually cold. We used it for 3 nights and couldn't get it to work. We don't want it. I'm told to keep it. I don't want it. I don't think I'll get a refund. He doesn't like the control switch. We would like to get a refund. Please. Thank you.

👤The blanket is covered with thin thermal wires. It is very warm. It can be controlled by yourself. The texture is very soft. I like that it can be washed. Unlike the electric blankets I bought before, it cannot be washed for a while and will be thrown away.

👤I loved how soft they were and how well they heated up. They are the right size for blankets. They don't work after 2 full months. The blanket is still soft but only 1/3 of it gets very hot. It is now just a throw blanket. It was very disappointing!

👤I like this blanket. It is warm and cozy. I don't feel tied down because it's light weight. Is it a good thing that it is clean?

👤We love heated/electric blankets. This one is warm on your body. I returned others because they didn't get warm enough. The controls are easy to use and seem to be accurate. It has a timer, so if you want heat for the first hour or to heat up the bed, you are all good to go. It is slippery on the sheets. Light weight and very soft. It doesn't weigh you down. I have a California king bed that stays put.

👤The temperatura debo pasar por todos los niveles. Es decir de uno de los unos de donde.

👤Me gust mucho el color, pero es lavable.

👤Lleg rpido!

👤dormir sin pasar fio


What is the best product for electric blanket full size bed clearance?

Electric blanket full size bed clearance products from Vremi. In this article about electric blanket full size bed clearance you can see why people choose the product. Curecure and Curecure are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric blanket full size bed clearance.

What are the best brands for electric blanket full size bed clearance?

Vremi, Curecure and Curecure are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric blanket full size bed clearance. Find the detail in this article. Warm Storm, Wapaneus and Westerly are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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