Best Electric Blanket Full Size Sherpa

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1. Degrees Comfort Electric Blankets Controller

Degrees Comfort Electric Blankets Controller

Choose between a thick, fuzzy sherpa finish or a more silky mink weave. Their heated blankets become a powerful relaxation tool when combined with this comfort. A one hour auto shut off is available. Don't worry about falling asleep with your heated throw still on. This safety feature will keep you safe and give you peace of mind so you can fully relax. There are 20 heat setTINGS. Steady heat dilates blood vessels. It helps to relax sore muscles and joints. It's perfect for athletes who want to quicken recovery or people with a physical demanding job. Simply connect the controlLER and power cables and then wash the entire heating blanket. The water. On a slow cycle, use cold water. It can be put in the dryer on low heat. After many washes, stays soft. 5 year warranty Their electric blankets are built to last, even after hundreds of washes. Order now! You have nothing to lose.

Brand: Degrees Of Comfort

👤I had it plugged in for 40 minutes and it never got hot. I was sent a replacement quickly. There are some sections that don't heat up. My replacement died a day after the window closed. There was a surprise.

👤It seems to be of good quality. It has a 5 year warranty. The bag is very high quality. The handle is made of cloth. I was able to refold the throw and store it away. This bonus was nice. The throw drapes are the same as any other blanket you would use. The wires aren't really noticeable. The material is soft. Throw is light. There is a pamphlet with instructions, but also a label sewn inside of the blanket for care. The instructions say to not cover cords. It took 4 minutes to warm up. I bought this for my child who is always cold and my spouse who is always warm. They can either have it on their side of the bed or wrap it up and stay warm. It's funny. The only downside is the price, but after reading reviews on cheaper models I felt that the 5 year warranty made it worth the price. If there are any changes to my review, I will update it. My daughter loves how soft and cozy it is, so I will be buying another one.

👤The blanket is soft. It is very small. It was like not having a blanket at all. You can feel wires from the colored side, but not from the fleece side. There is a large strip down the middle where there are no wires, so you have to stay one spot or you won't get any heat. The first two nights it was warm but after that the right side stopped heating and the left side was barely warm. Checked all the connections and they still don't work. Will be back!

👤I love this blanket. The material is soft on both sides. This is a great heated blanket. You know you're getting something big enough to roll yourself from head to toe, with 20 heat settings controller and auto shut off. It is beautiful and warm when the winter is over. You know where to look for me this winter. I think that's correct.

👤Highly recommended for winter daya. Everyone living in cold areas should have this. It is possible to time the heating and set levels of heat. When you are ready to bed, you can pre heat your blanket.

👤I love this blanket. I got a throw size because I really wanted the green plaid and it was the only size available. If you like to roll up like a burrito and fully cover your shoulders and feet, then one size bigger might be better. The cord is long enough to plug in behind the couch and not be a problem. The colors are pretty and soft. The heating elements end about 12 inches away from each side, which is not that big of a deal. It's not a big deal. I'm writing this review while sitting under a blanket that is getting hot.

2. Apggiv Electric Over Sized Certified Washable

Apggiv Electric Over Sized Certified Washable

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with 30-day free returns. This blanket is made of smooth flannel, which makes it ultra soft and lightweight. The material is skin friendly. It is easy to care for. No worries about dirt or stain. There are four heat levels. insulated wires are kept in place between the fabric layers of the electric blanket. The wires heat the blanket quickly and evenly. The heating levels range from 86F to 113F and are tailored for your needs. A safe assurance. The electric heated blanket has a reliable temperature monitoring system. The blanket will turn off when it reaches a certain temperature. 10 hours auto shut off is included. The ETL is certified to ensure safety. Use is multi-purpose. Relaxing on the couch or snuggling in bed with this ultra-warm flannel heated throw blanket to enjoy happy family hours while watching favorite TV shows. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It's ideal for yourself and your loved ones. Before using the service, please read the user manual. Please contact them if you have any questions. They assure you of a satisfactory solution. The Apggiv heated blanket helps improve the quality of sleep, natural relief for sore muscles, and reduces heating costs by keeping your bed warm.

Brand: Apggiv

👤Even though the control is on, it doesn't heat all over. I would like to return it. The price is not worth it.

👤I bought this blanket because I wanted to share it with my spouse. The size is perfect and it is soft. What is the point of only one side heating up? It's better to only use it for one person.

👤This is cheap. The blanket is soft. It's a long cord for a remote.

👤It seems to heat well and I have only used about 3 times. I wanted a blanket that would warm my bed before I get there, and this one seems to do that. It is very soft. I am hoping it will hold up, I haven't washed it yet.

👤I cannot return the product because it no longer works. I followed the directions to wash it, but now it doesn't work.

👤I bought this for my husband for his birthday and he uses it all day. It's very soft, durable and warm quickly.

👤This electric blanket is wonderful. Highly recommended.

3. MARQUESS MicroPlush Reversible Comfortable Controller

MARQUESS MicroPlush Reversible Comfortable Controller

It is suitable for different scene. Their product size is suitable for many scenarios, such as resting in bed, watching TV in sofa, and working in the office, which can make you relaxed and warm. Premium Comfort is a plush fabric that feels luxurious next to your skin. To plush Sherpa. Are you worried about high temperature risk and electric shock? Their blanket has an automatic power off to prevent fire and save energy. The heating wire is wrapped in a high quality material. The switch has double insurance, a fuse and temperature control. All they do is make sure you are safe. You can easily adjust the blanket's heat to the level you need with 10 heating levels. Their heated blankets can be turned off for a period of time. Allow yourself to sleep at a temperature you prefer. The heated throw can be washed by machine or hand in water below 40C/ 104F after the controller is removed to keep it sanitary.

Brand: Marquess

👤Doesn't work. It didn't work on the first day. I set it up according to the instructions in the package. One side gets unbearably hot at the low setting and doesn't turn off, so I have to plug it in to turn it off. Unless it's on high, the other side doesn't heat. This was the first time I used it. It didn't work out of the box. Disgusted and angry. This wasn't cheap. Oh my gosh! I'm tired of these things not working. Isn't there a manufacturer that makes a heated blanket that lasts a week?

👤The blanket was received quickly. Love the fabric combination. The blanket is warm and comfortable. The controller can't be put on the bed stand because of the short cord leading from the bottom of the bed. This is a great blanket.

👤I love this blanket. My mother gave it as a birthday gift. I suffer from bad RA. I have a torn labrum in my hip and osteoporis in both knees. The blanket provides the right amount of warmth. It has dual controls and is large. My mother and I share things. We can both set it to our own level because she also suffers from a lot of pains. I was a little upset that it didn't get hotter, but I realized that if it didn't get hotter, no one would want to use it. It has a timer up to 12 hours and a heasting of 1-10. I noticed that it had a stay on feature, but I haven't figured it out yet. I set the timer to 12 hours if you want it to stay that long. The instructions on how to perfectly maintain your blanket are included in the cleaning part. This has been the best investment so far. We love it so much. Thank you again so much!

👤I was amazed at how quickly it was set up. It warms up the bed very quickly. I didn't know how much sleep I would get by getting into a warm bed. It has helped me sleep.

👤This blanket was bought for an RV trip. The blanket is so warm we didn't have to plug it in. We plugged it in the first night and woke up in a camper that was very hot and sweaty. We unplugged it and were very comfortable in the cooler areas of New Mexico. We use it on our bed in the winter.

👤This blanket is the best. I have purchased many heated blankets and this one is the best. The blanket is the best one I have ever purchased, it is more expensive than the others, but it is still the best. It is warm and soft. The wires are so small that you don't know they are there until you turn them on. The control box is on my nightstand, but it is hard to see in the dark. It would be better if the control box was lit up. The blanket is great to sleep with. I will be buying more for family members.

4. Electric Washable Auto Off Overheating Protection

Electric Washable Auto Off Overheating Protection

The heating blanket is a great gift. It's perfect for movie marathons on the couch or across your bed on a chilly night, keeping you warm and cozy no matter the weather outside. It's a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. Luxurious double-sided flannel and cotton velvet bring you the ultimate comfort. They are made of 100% polyester and are soft to the touch. Their electric blankets are designed to quickly and effectively heat your bed. It will warm you up all night after you reach your desired temperature level. Simple control. The electric blanket has a controller that can be used to set the temperature. The controller shuts down after 10 hours and has an overheating protection system. The heating blanket keeps you warm. You can sleep without using a stove or air conditioner. They are a green option and could potentially save you money. The electric blanket can be machine washed, which is easy to care for and keep clean. Make sure to connect the power cord before you clean.

Brand: Curecure

👤It doesn't get hot. It will keep you warm. It only warms on the highest setting. Don't buy this heating blanket if you want something that is warmer.

👤I got this for my mom. I was so disappointed that it was so thin and cheap that I would never buy from this seller again.

👤The heat was very weak. A waste of money. Donated to a charity. This was not advertised and I hate to make negative reviews. I could not return it in time because I was too busy dealing with medical issues.

👤I didn't realize that my old blanket wasn't keeping me as warm as it should have been until I got this one. It's soft on both sides. I sleep all night and it's warm.

👤The blanket was nice and looked nice, but it didn't warm up like a warming blanket shirt, it was very disappointing.

👤The blanket is soft on one side and hard on the other. It does hold the heat well, but not a big fan of sherpa. I have 2 of these blankets and they are great for when the temperature drops and you don't want to heat the house up.

👤This blanket is very warm and soft. It's thick enough that you don't notice wires. Excellent product and gorgeous color.

5. Electric Reversible Temperature Washable Certification

Electric Reversible Temperature Washable Certification

PTC/NTC heating elements, overheating protection and over current protection are safety comfortable. Plug into the wall outlet until you connect the controller cord to the blanket. It works well. Fast heating and auto off. The electric blanket has 6 levels of heating that can be adjusted to fit personal preferences. Peace of mind is assured with auto-off timing. The combination of soft flannel and fluffy sherpa fabric makes it easier to heat up. This heated throw will keep you warm in cold weather. Simple buttons and a display can be used to adjust temperature and timing. 50*60 inches throw blanket is perfect for the couch, chair and bed as an extra layer and can be used indoors or outdoors. The controller can be removed and used as a normal blanket, but the electric heated blanket can be used in a wider range, thanks to the extra long power cable. The heated blanket comes with overheat protection, which shuts off when it exceeds a temperture limit. The included timer can be used to control the auto shut-off time from 1 hour to 8 hours, making it ideal for overnight use.

Brand: Curecure

👤I love this throw. The blanket is very soft. The heating element is spread evenly through the blanket. If you forget to turn it off, the timer is an added bonus.

👤The blanket is soft but the area that is hot is much smaller than the blanket itself. I've never had a blanket like this before. There is a border around the blanket that does not heat. This is more like a small throw.

👤I was surprised at how thin it was when I took it out of the package. I want to be able to use it while I work. It is the perfect size and lightweight. It is perfect. Happy so far. Will update if it goes wrong. It's a little expensive for the size and how thin it is.

👤I was very excited to receive this blanket. It takes some time to heat up. I am 5'4" and it is a little short. It still does its job. I like it. I wish it was bigger. It is definitely soft and fluffy.

👤I have to fight the dog. It's perfect for a chill night.

👤Does not get warm. It doesn't get warm if you touch it, but it is warm if you look at it. I have to hold the bars to feel the smallest of sensations. It is very soft.

6. Electric Blanket Oversized Certification Washable

Electric Blanket Oversized Certification Washable

Safety comfortable simple technique heating elements, heating protection and over current protection. You can easily control the power and choose among 4 heating levels, and the 10-hour auto-off feature will leave you peace of mind. The heat blanket is certified by the ETL for its quality and safety. The heated throw can be machine washed in the water below 86F, which is good for hygiene and softness, but please never dry it in a tumble dryer. A large size (72*84in) is needed to embrace the whole body for ultimate relaxation. The warm and soft electric heated throw makes you feel comfortable.

Brand: Z3gogo

👤Only a small section across the bottom worked, the rest barely heated up. It was an epic fail. It gets much warmer around the perimeter than it does in the center. I kept it because I didn't want to have to return it, and I have to warn people that even when it's shut off, it still stays on. This could be a fire hazard.

👤There is no heat on the edges of the blanket. It's not good for bed. It's hard to be warm in bed when the blanket is in the middle. I would love to send it back. It was not worth the price I paid. Very disappointed. Do not restart.

👤My mom gets cold when I am sweating. The blanket is very warm and soft. It covers her head to toe. She doesn't ask me to turn the heat on when it's 70 degrees. I'm happy! We will see how long it lasts, but so far so good!

👤The blanket is very soft to the touch, and with the 4 heating setting you can sleep all night in soft comfort.

👤There was a guest room with a full size bed. The biggest complaint of my parents is that the coils stop at least 20 inches from each side, even though a full size bed is tight for them. Not enough to cover 2 people.

👤I can deal with the size. The blanket falls off the bed. When I get up, I have to redo the bed. I have an electric blanket on top of me.

7. Dr Relief Controller Full Body Luxuriously

Dr Relief Controller Full Body Luxuriously

If your blanket doesn't heat up, please refer to the user manual or contact them so they can help you. The electric heated throw blanket comes with a 3-setting heat controller. You can adjust between low, medium, and hi settings. It can also be used without plugging in. DR Relief's Electric Heated Throw Blanket is 50" x 60" and is perfect for cuddling with on your sofa or couch while watching TV, reading a book, or just relaxing by yourself. The auto shut-off function after 4 hours allows for a piece of mind. No need to worry about falling asleep. The safety standard is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Do not bleach, do not iron, wash alone and tumble dry on low heat. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with 30-day free returns.

Brand: Dr Relief

👤I was indecisive about which blanket to get. I wanted something warm and soft to give as a gift, but also something that will last unlike all the others. The off brand deterred me from liking this one. I think it's coming from a larger company because there are a few different brands on the box. It was not as plush. I thought, but that's okay. It's thin enough to fit between blankets, and it makes a great throw. It arrived in a small package. The blanket gets hot. The lowest setting on this is close to what the max is on a regular blanket. This thing can really warm up. I like that. The feature is likely a good one, but take that into account when buying. Do you know how many electric blankets have the control with two wires sticking out the same end, leaving the controller to flop around and get in the way? Not this one! This one has wires coming out from each end. I don't understand why all manufacturers don't do that. It's a good purchase. I'm giving it a 5 out of 5. If I feel it's necessary, I may revise it later, but for now it's great. And the color... Awesome! It's a nice blue. I enjoy it a lot.

👤I have to buy it again in order for it to be four stars instead of five. The blanket I bought was wonderful. 100% satisfied. The blanket was getting hot so the partial heating wasn't an issue. I need to take this off for a second hot. If you can't get anything that won't require a full machine wash, try to get something else. If you do wash it follow the instructions on the tag. Unless the cat gets involved, I have very few fabric problems. I washed my blanket in cold water or in semi-warm water. I might have used the heat in the dryer. It died today. I am sad. It has a red light on the remote when you push the button. I looked it up and it says there is an open circuit in the blanket. I don't want to risk cooking myself alive by using wires. I'm looking for a blanket like this one. I use this blanket religiously, so please be careful with some of the other comments. I set it to yellow or medium for most of the day. Sometimes I wake up to turn it back on. This is worth it in terms of bang for your buck. The cords on the outside of the blanket start to stain when the dye or coloring is used. I have a cat that likes to kneed. I'm pretty sure I'm the reason the circuit is open.

👤It is hard to expect anything less from this blanket, it is not perfect and for $50 it is not. It is very warm. The middle and bottom get hotter than the sides, which is weird but not a deal breaker for me. The variety in temperature is nice, but I don't think that these are supposed to work like that. If left under another blanket, it will heat up without being turned on. I unplugged it to avoid this issue. The label tells you not to leave it under other blankets. The color and size are correct. The gift card is very soft and cozy and I like it. It has some issues for sure.

8. AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa Blanket Wrinkle Resistant

AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa Blanket Wrinkle Resistant

There is a blanket with sherpa and micromink sides. It can be used as a throw. Can be used all year long. The material protects lint and pet hair.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Simon is an unofficial product tester for Amazon.

👤My son was wrapped in a blanket in his infancy and was immediately drawn in when I got this one out of the package. The blanket comes vacuum-packed in a plastic bag and you have to use caution cutting the bag open so as not to slice it. He was obsessed with it as soon as it was out. "It's so easy!" He yelled, and then in a quieter voice asked if he would be wrapped in it like a baby. He's almost 9, so this is not a thing that happens very often. I said that he should swaddle him. He was so happy that I did that, that he wrapped up his burrito and listened to the podcasts for an hour. This thing is very soft. It reminded a 3rd grade child of his baby blankets, and reverted him to infancy. That is a soft blanket. We're very happy.

👤I might get the throw as well, this is a great blanket. I read so many reviews on other blankets that they went into the wash on cool, and into the dryer on no heat, so as soon as I received it, it went into the wash on cool, and into the dryer on no heat. No pilling, just soft and pretty.

👤I loved this blanket so much, but after a few weeks it became clumped together. I decided it needed a wash because I was afraid it would damage the product. I followed all of the instructions to wash my machine. I dried it. It was a big mistake. The layers no longer held together, so now they lift apart, and it looks like someone sewed two blankets together and didn't add anything in the middle to keep it together. The stuffing fell to the floor. Disappointed! I spent 40 dollars on a blanket that I lied about. Don't machine wash!

👤The blanket is soft. I got it on Black Friday for 40% off. I could not be happier. The comfort level is similar to the ones you find in stores. The side with color feels softer than previous blankets. The blanket has a plastic smell when you first open it. I threw mine in the wash and it took care of the smell.

👤I don't think this blanket is a good idea. I received in the mail a strong chemical smell. I was going to put it on my bed, but the smell is bad for your health. I am going to spend the money on a quality blanket made in the USA.

👤I hate when blankets shed fuzz everywhere. This one is lucky. It's very warm and soft.

👤The blanket is beautiful and warm. It is large enough to fit in at the foot of the bed, and it is large enough to hang over generously on each side.

👤I got the white version. It was soft, heavy, and comfortable. At first, I was happy. There is a But... I was very disappointed when I washed it and it turned pink, I used tap cold water on a gentle cycle. I have a pink and red blanket, which is not what I was told. If you're going to use cheap dye that runs so easily, you shouldn't make a two colored blanket like this. I regret my purchase, it's too big to return.

9. Warm Storm Electric Blanket Reversible

Warm Storm Electric Blanket Reversible

A sweet gift. The electric blanket is a good gift for a loved one. It can bring warmth to a loved one. This is a great gift. Before using the electric blanket, please read the instructions carefully. The electric blanket is double-sided, one side is 100% fleece, and the other side is made of high-quality lining. Extra warmth and comfort can be provided by the double-sided materials. The 50x60 inch electric blanket can wrap your entire body. It has an 8.5ft wire. The electric blanket can be used for a variety of purposes. It's easy to use, remote control has 5 heat settings, electric blanket throw, and easy adjustment to maintain your perfect temperature. It's easy to maintain, just plug the electric blanket into the power plug and wash it with a machine or hand wash. There is safety-security. You don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the heated blanket because it shuts down after 4 hours. Ensuring safety,convenience, and energy saving. The heated blanket has a 1 year warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Warm Storm

👤This blanket is better than the ones I have purchased from Target. It is much more lightweight and not bulky, and it is still warm on the lowest setting. Warming up in my lounge chair on cool fall nights is made easier by the blue color and size. The control is very easy to use and unlike the Target blanket it doesn't go crazy and start blinking at odd times, which causes me to buy new ones each year. I think you will like this blanket as much as I do.

👤I wanted to get a heated throw to replace the one I lost. I saw a lot of heated throws. This one was the best. I saw some people complaining that it wasn't warm enough. I keep my house at 60 degrees. It works alright, maybe it took a bit to warm up. What I was looking for. Don't hesitate to buy this heated throw.

👤I was not happy with the product. Maybe I didn't read the description right. I was not aware that it was a throw. I didn't like the fabric at all. Will return it for credit.

👤Maybe ok as a throw, but horrible as an electric blanket in bed. The controller won't reach the user unless the blanket is upside down. Its display is unreadable and only cycles up. This could lead to unnecessary pain. Would not recommend or buy anything.

👤Warm and fuzzy and hot.

👤My sister is always cold and this was a gift for her. She was very excited. She said she was very warm at night. She said that it is very soft and makes her want to cuddle into it. She said that it doesn't seem to get hot, but rather a comfortable warm temp. I don't know what setting she has it on, but the nice thing is you can control it.

10. Beautyrest Microlight Electric Blanket Controllers

Beautyrest Microlight Electric Blanket Controllers

The electric blanket is engineered for the lowest radiation possible. The heating element has an evenly spacing pattern which allows for even warmth distribution. 100% certified for safety. TheRAPEUTIC RELIEF allows you to modify your heat settings so you get the right amount of warmth. You and your partner can choose their own warmth levels with the Queen and King size dual controllers. Programable controls are compatible with smart home outlets. The one hour preheat feature helps jump start the warming process, or if you prefer, the auto off can be set from 1-10 hours. The controller cords have a length of 6 feet and a power cord of 6 feet. PREMIUM FABRICS - The fabric is soft and cozy and offers extra warmth for the cold winter. When placed face down on the bed, the Berber helps limit shifting. To clean the 100% polyester fabric, simply throw it into the wash. 5 year warranty is a promise of savings and service. Contact their customer service if you need assistance.

Brand: Beautyrest

👤Within 60 days of purchase, this blanket stopped working. I spent a lot of time trying to find the correct number. The manufacturer wouldn't honor the warranty because it was sold through Amazon, which is known to resell faulty and faulty products. The "5 year warranty" description is false and needs to be changed.

👤I'm not happy with this blanket. It is very soft and I really want to like it, but I have had problems with two of the blankets. I bought one a month or so ago and was happy to be able to jump into a warm bed. I left it on a lower setting so I could have it on all night. Fast forward to 4am. I sweat because it climbed to the highest setting on its own. I checked the manual and online and there was nothing about how to fix it. I left a question here to see if anyone else had the same issue, and the company said to call and talk to them, and when I did they said to send it back because that isn't supposed to happen. I ordered a new one because I thought it was a one-off problem, but I just got a new one and it's doing the same thing. I turned it on at 5 and it was up to 7 an hour later. I don't want to have to go through this again and buy another one. It's inconvenient. I think I'll buy an outlet timer and set it to go off after a few hours and then wake up. What else could I do? It's really bad.

👤This is one of the worst things I've ever bought, and I've bought some questionable things. The blanket was wonderful when it turned on for the first time. That lasted about 20 minutes. I plugged the blanket in when I got up. Nothing. The controller had a dead display. The blanket was fried when the connector was plugged in multiple times. I thought about breaking out the multimeter. It's not worth the hassle. The blanket is as strong as an ice cube. Don't get it. It's a waste of money.

👤"Perfect in every way"! It's a relief to have a steady, evenly distributed warmth. I haven't tested the auto shutoff yet. I turn it off when I wake up. The fabric is luxurious and not noticeable. The best electric blanket we've ever used. The Prewarm feature is serious. I didn't leave it on long enough to check the one-hour shutoff time because control felt warmer than I expected, and my OCD kicked in, so I just pay attention and turn that feature off in a short while. The control is well designed but the lighting is very dim. The P for preheat light has a boost of light when the buttons are pressed. A small boost! I can make out the numbers, so I wouldn't dream of knocking a star off that account. It's easier to get a good night's rest with even, well-distributed warmth, so I hope this wonderful blanket lasts for many seasons.


What is the best product for electric blanket full size sherpa?

Electric blanket full size sherpa products from Degrees Of Comfort. In this article about electric blanket full size sherpa you can see why people choose the product. Apggiv and Marquess are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric blanket full size sherpa.

What are the best brands for electric blanket full size sherpa?

Degrees Of Comfort, Apggiv and Marquess are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric blanket full size sherpa. Find the detail in this article. Curecure, Curecure and Z3gogo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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