Best Electric Blanket King Size Dual Control Clearance

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1. PiPiMAMA Electric Blanket Control Shut Off

PiPiMAMA Electric Blanket Control Shut Off

The velvet is safe to use in the dryer. The warranty is for 5 years. The electric blanket king size is made of soft and ultra- comfortable polar fleece. The large size of 90 x 100 inches provides long hours of comfort and warmth in cold weather. It's easy to control. The king size electric blanket has 10 heating levels and is controlled by a smart dual control. This blanket is great for watching your favorite show on the sofa or bed. 100% safety. The electric blanket is ETL certified and has fast and balanced heating to warm up your whole body. The product is safe, secure, and well-priced. You will get a good night's sleep. The blanket is easy to care for and dry after being washed, and it is machine washable. 100% SATISFACTION. If the electric blanket or controller is malfunctioning, please contact them and they will be able to give you a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Pipimama

👤I've been sleeping under a sheet, blanket, thick knitted afghan, and a quilted comforter. It was necessary to keep the room cold for my wife because it wasn't comfortable to be under all that material. The blanket is lighter and more comfortable than the afghan and blanket. I've been setting the heat to 6 so I can brush my teeth. After I turn the heat down to 3-4, I can sleep comfortably all night. It seems to do the job well, even though I haven't had a chance to say it will be durable. There is a The controls are easy to use. I like being able to choose how long the blanket stays on for. I like that the controls are backlit, but the light goes off quickly so I can sleep. I would recommend this without reservation.

👤The cords that plug into the blanket are too short. After soldering and shortening the cords another 3 feet, I was able to tuck the blanket in at the bottom and put the control where we wanted. The display is hard to read if the control is tilted. The controls are easy to read when you are laying down. There is room for improvements by the manufacturer.

👤After following the instructions several times, plugging into different outlets, and laying the blanket flat on the bed, it never got warm. The blanket is lightweight and soft to touch. Disappointed.

👤It was purchased for a Christmas gift. The last day to return was January 31. It stopped working on Feb 11. I just received a new controller after purchasing the warranty. So far, so good! Very happy.

👤I was looking for an electric blanket and I thought this was it. I bought it because it had the longest timer I could find, but it turns itself off after less than four hours. I have it on a low heat setting, so I don't think it could be a problem. This isn't the product for you if you want your blanket to stay warm all night.

👤The blanket is soft and warm.

👤The blanket arrived before it was supposed to. It was early. That's a positive thing. The blanket is warm and comfortable. I don't know what to say about it.

👤The material was used for older blankets.

2. Warm Storm Electric Controllers Auto Off

Warm Storm Electric Controllers Auto Off

Improved safety. The electric blanket is safe for families and made with premium material. HEYNEMO provide a perfect after-sales service. They would appreciate it if you could contact them with any questions or concerns. It's warm and comfortable. The King Size electric blanket is made of 100% polar fleece and can keep you warm. The dual controller has 10 heating settings that allow you to choose the appropriate temperature to accommodate your needs. The large size of the heating blanket (100 x 90 inches) is suitable for use as a sofa blanket. It protects you from the cold when you are watching TV, reading, relaxing or sleeping. It is easy to maintain. After removing the temperature controller, the blanket can be hand-washed or machine-washed to keep it soft and sanitary. If you have a problem, please contact them, they can provide solutions.

Brand: Warm Storm

👤The power cord for each side was never a problem when using a different brand for more than 10 years. The cord hookups on the blanket are very close to each corner of the bed, so I should have noticed a problem. The nightstands were 6 inches away from the bed after plugging that. The power cords on each side are not long enough to reach the nightstands. This is a standard king bed.

👤This is light and not heavy like heated blankets. The controls are easy to use and have an automatic shut-off. My husband tends to get very warm at night even though he's cold to start, so he turns it on before he goes to bed, and the bed is warm enough to sleep on.

👤The controller is poorly designed and one has to quickly register the temperature and time before the control light goes off. The user doesn't know if the blanket is on or not because there is no display that lights up. The control wire from the blanket bottom to the head board is short. The controller should be replaced by the manufacturer.

👤We had a question before we purchased. The seller was very clear when he replied. This is perfect because we wanted something lightweight. I like that there is a timer and heat setting that goes all the way to 10. Plugs are at the feet of the bed and controllers have long cords.

👤It is great for someone to be cold. My spouse leaves it on all night and I only warm up bedding and turn it off. Soft polar cover is warm.

👤The only change would be that the light stays on. The light goes off when I set it. Sometimes I want to turn off the timer before it stops the heat.

👤It works well. You have to be careful not to cut it too high. Anything over 7 is lava.

👤The blanket maintains heat well.

3. Sunbeam Electric Velveteen Settings Controls

Sunbeam Electric Velveteen Settings Controls

The rich softness of a Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket will wrap you in warmth throughout the night. There are 20 heat settings for customized comfort. There are two controllers for each side. The material is 100% polyester. The blanket has an exclusive wiring system that delivers consistent warmth at 20 settings.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤The electric blanket I ordered was soft and beautiful. The blanket is light and the heating coil is not noticeable. The main complaint that I have is the same complaint that others have made. Not having a lighted controller was dumb. It can be hard to adjust the temperature in the middle of the night. It's hard to sleep when you have to turn your lights on to adjust the temperature. All of the blankets I owned had a lighted controller. This is the only complaint I have. It would have gotten five stars if it wasn't for this issue.

👤The dual controls are great. Each control is placed on the back corner of the nightstand on either side of the king bed. There is a power cord in the foot area. The length of the king bed is dependent on the length of the cords. My wife and I can both be under the blanket at the same time. It works great and has a decent warranty.

👤The blanket is half on the floor when I wake up. This is the first blanket that I have ever had a problem with, and I toss and turn like most people. The controls work well. The controls were reversed for the first couple of nights despite the instructions being followed. A bother, not a serious criticism. I wouldn't recommend this product or buy another one because of the blanket's tendency to slide during the night.

👤It didn't make it a year, still under warranty, and so the customer service department at Sunbeam offered a lower end replacement with only one temperature dial. I haven't had a replacement for almost a month and I still don't have one. It seems they won't honor the warranty because of the waste of money, terrible customer service, and other factors.

👤The blanket is very luxurious and beautiful in the blue. I wish the control stayed on, but only when first turned on or adjusted. The blanket seems to work off the bed each night. It works better with a flannel sheet.

👤I have used electric blankets for a long time. I always read reviews before buying, but didn't this time. The blanket is big enough that I don't have to worry about it sliding around. In the middle of the night, the non lighted controls are a big problem. I heat my blanket on high. It's nice to be warm when I get in bed, and then to sleep. The blanket is barely warm. It keeps me warm through the night, but I'm not getting the initial toastiness that I've always had with other blankets. The packaging would be going back if it was already thrown away. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤On February 18 I received a warm blanket from Sunbeam that I was going to use in my new home. We first used the blanket due to construction delays caused by weather and COVID delays. The circuit breaker in our bedroom tripped multiple times. The electrician was unable to identify any deficiency in the wiring after we called him out. We tried the blanket again on March 24 and it tripped the breaker again. I was told that I was past the return cutoff. I respectfully contacted the owner/shipper and asked for one week of latitude in the cutoff, but my request was never responded to. I am stuck with a blanket that is actually dangerous. I expected a little bit of compassion from the owner. It is not like I want to return it because I don't like the color, it is a genuine fire hazard.

4. SoftHeat Perfect Fit Micro Fleece Low Voltage

SoftHeat Perfect Fit Micro Fleece Low Voltage

There is an electric heated blanket included. Materials: Made from luxurious ultra- soft micro-fleece with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution. Features: Patented Safe & Warm technology is safe in the presence of water, will not harm pets, and emits no harmful particles. The only electric mattress pad technology that is non-hazardous is their patented low voltage technology. After 10 hours, single control shuts off. The giant backlit display has an auto dimming feature that makes it hard to turn on the lights. Care instructions. You can wash in warm water and then dry it on a low setting. DIMENSIONS The blanket is 100" x 90". Smooth edging.

Brand: Perfect Fit

👤I have owned three previous low voltage electric blankets for different beds and I am sold on the technology. If you don't know the pros and cons, you won't be able to see them. Adding a few personal observations to what you already know is what I want to do. There are places that think these things should cost a lot. The technology here isn't rocket science and shouldn't cost more than a regular blanket. The tan color I chose was less expensive than any other color or brand, but the same thing in some other colors was three times more expensive. If color isn't a major issue for you, it's not for me, the blanket will always be hidden under a bedspread. This one has a control dial that is different from others. It is simpler to use in the dark, there is a wider range of temperatures and less to go wrong. I don't feel the same about the silent controls for electric blankets as I do about the loud ones, but this one is completely silent. The way it works is that it keeps a constant temperature, rather than clicking on and off. Some people have said they hear a high pitched sound with blankets. I don't think that is normal, I've never heard it from a blanket like that, and I don't hear it from this one. Anything that uses electricity can become a fire hazard, it is luck of the draw. It's rare that one has a problem with these things, and it could be due to a lot of different things, including user abuse or misuse. This model has over 3000 customers reporting about it and a few who may have encountered a defect or misuse it. I had a car that had an engine fire, but I wouldn't think of saying I'll never own a Ford again because they can catch fire. I wouldn't worry about it. If you have never used a low voltage blanket, you might think it doesn't get as hot as a regular electric blanket. Most traditional electric blankets get hot, turn off, cool down and get hot again. A blanket with a low voltage will warm you up and keep you warm. Different technologies have the same results. I started it at the 5 position because it was too warm for me, but it was too cold for me the next night. I settled on the 2 position as my ideal sleeping temperature. I think I could fry an egg on a low voltage blanket if I turned it all the way up to 10. One more thing for those who have never owned one is the difference between sleeping under a blanket with thick wires in it and a big electrical junction box at your feet, and the concern of electrical energy waves sinking into your body compared to not feeling any wires, not kicking a big heavy plug all The part that plugs into the blanket is small and located at the very edge, which makes it hard to feel it.

5. Sunbeam Electric Blanket Mushroom Color

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Mushroom Color

The warranty is limited to 5 years. Pre-heat feature warms cold sheets. The comfort set controller is easy to use. The warming system senses and adjusts to deliver warmth. The percentage of polyester is 100 percent. 10 heat settings, pre-heat, 10-hour auto-off.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤Over the past ten to fifteen years, we have purchased at least five electric blankets. Some were very good and some not. I would put the blanket in the middle. The blanket warms the bed very nicely. It did not warm up when we disconnected it to change the bedding. It had lost 40% of its warmth on the Pre-heat cycle. My wife and I thought that the wires might be too thin and not heat up as quickly as they could. This may be a flaw in the design. We found that the pre-heat cycle was not as intense after we washed the blanket. The results were less than desirable after we followed the instructions. We have a king electric blanket, but we are still trying to work it out. The performance is not as expected. Dr. Joseph R. R. is in Spring, Texas.

👤I was looking for a new blanket after my old one died. I use a blanket under a comforter, so it doesn't matter what appearance it is. The blanket is light and I don't mind that you can feel the wires. The king measurement is honest. Each side has its own controller with one power cord. The power button on the controllers does not light up the temperature setting on the controllers. If you need to adjust the temperature during the night, you can't see the power setting in a dark room. If you don't change the temperature once it's set, that's fine with you. The controllers are a big negative for this blanket if you change it once in awhile.

👤The blanket is soft. I prefer that it is thin. It was the warmth that we were after. For almost two years. The heat seemed to disappear, but not completely. The blanket was done and there was a little warmth. It has a five-year warranty. A replacement was sent out after a single call to customer service. It took about a week to arrive. I don't know if my blanket experience is representative, but it's nice.

👤This is the new sunbeam heating blanket. It is a little lighter and boy does it heat! It keeps my feet warm. My husband wants his lower to be a 3. You won't be sorry on this one.

👤The blanket is very soft, warm, but has been stretched a lot in 2 weeks. My previous electric blanket was retired last year and never had this problem.

👤The nights are starting to get colder and I have only used a few times. My previous Sunbeam only lasted about 2 years. The King fits well, I bought it. My older one did not have the preheat option. The blanket is softer than before. The review will be updated if it dies early.

👤Would not buy again. Poor quality. The blanket material is very thin. I don't like the feel of wires through the sheet because they are prominent through the covering. It needs a blanket under it. The blanket is so thin that I am concerned it will tear when I pull it up to make the bed. It is not as warm as other blankets have been. Too late to return it. I would have liked to send it back immediately.

6. Biddeford Blankets Comfort Heated Blanket

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Heated Blanket

The Electric Heated Blanket is soft and comfortable and can be used in both Queen and King sizes. TheRAPEUTIC FULL BODY RELIEF WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS is a blanket with heating wires that are ultra-thin. All Biddeford Blankets are tested and approved by a 3rd party to comply with industry safety standards. The blanket is machine washable and dryer safe for convenience, so make sure to remove controllers before washing. 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Biddeford Blankets

👤I used this item for about 8 weeks and am revising my review. The blanket is comfortable. It was warm on setting 5 and stayed warm for most of the night. I need to change the dial to the maximum setting to get more warmth. It only stays warm for 3 hours and then loses most of its heat. Half of the heating elements are no longer working. They don't warm up at all in some places. There is some warmth on one edge of the blanket, but not on the other. There is not much warmth in the center. I have to get up 2 or 3 times at night, turn it off for a while, then turn it on again to get it to come back on.

👤Electric blankets can be a little too bright. They seem to have stopped working. I will update this review after I have had it for more than a year. The features of this blanket are what I wanted. The controls are nice. I almost stole it earlier this week. This was the only color that was over $65. It would be a few weeks before it was back in stock. I was not able to press the buy button fast enough. It was shipped 2 days later. It arrived today. The price is back up to $65. So far...lucky me. I will be back on May 15, 2020. I took the first night test and it was turned on high 45 minutes before I went to sleep. It was hot. This thing is very hot. I climbed into the furnace. Perfect! Some blankets don't heat at all. I turned it off because it is not that cold in May. The temperature was in the 40's at 5AM. I turned it onto level 1 Again, perfect. Enough to take the chill off. I am covered by a very thin sheet, a blanket, and a very thin duvet. There was little weight on top of me. I slept like a baby. I'll be back.

👤I opened my electric blanket after the weather changed. It's not a good sign when the controls don't match each other. I plugged it in as I returned the blanket closed in October. One side works and the other doesn't. I need to buy a new blanket. Save money.

👤This is the worst electric blanket I have owned. After the return option ran out, the heat stopped working. I don't think this blanket is a good one. I think the control units have a serious problem.

👤This electric blanket is no different than most other electric blankets. The blanket works great with the controller it uses. I have a WeMo plug that is linked to the Amazon device. Having it plugged into the WeMo plugs allows me to have an auto shut off after an hour. Most blankets have an auto shut off for safety reasons, but I wanted it to turn off sooner after I fell asleep. It's no longer possible to wake up in the middle of the night. It's a good thing. The WeMo app and the WeMo smartplug can be used to do this. You don't need to have an amplification device. She's the icing on top.

7. Beautyrest Multi Level Settings Controller Technology

Beautyrest Multi Level Settings Controller Technology

The electric blanket is engineered for the lowest radiation possible. The heating element has an evenly spacing pattern which allows for even warmth distribution. 100% certified for safety. TheRAPEUTIC RELIEF allows you to modify your heat settings so you get the right amount of warmth. You and your partner can choose their own warmth levels with the Queen and King size dual controllers. Programable controls are compatible with smart home outlets. The one hour preheat feature helps jump start the warming process, or if you prefer, the auto off can be set from 1-10 hours. The controller cords have a length of 6 feet and a power cord of 6 feet. The fabric is super soft. The plush fabric is soft and warm. To clean the 100% polyester fabric, simply throw it into the wash. 5 year warranty is a promise of savings and service. If you have questions about the product, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Beautyrest

👤This blanket is very frustrating. The blanket is the most comfortable ever. I like the size and the heat. The first one I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond lasted 3 months, but the manufacturer sent me another one because I thought it was faulty. I ordered a third one because that one worked for 30 minutes and I was pretty sure that they couldn't sell blankets for $60 that don't work. Everything else about the blanket is great. The lights start blinking at the same time. Make a blanket that works and get Beautyrest together. Amazon should remove this product from their site.

👤I bought one. It died in a week or two. It died within two days. I couldn't be more angry. I promise that you will waste your time. It's from Beauty Rest, they're a great company, so I think it would work. But no!

👤I've tried every brand of electric blanket. I use them all day because of a medical condition. I own 2 of these and they get hotter and last longer than any other I have tried. The wire in the recliner got damaged. If it hadn't happened, I think it would have lasted a long time. I don't understand the bad reviews but maybe people got bad ones. I have not had that experience so far and I am hoping the one I just ordered is as good as the last two. They are more expensive than others, but still worth it to me.

👤I used to love my old Beautyrest electric blanket, but this one is the worst I've ever owned. It's not very good at warming, but that's not the worst part. The plush material is soft and silky, but that's exactly what it is. When you wake up in the morning, you don't know where the blanket is. The electric blanket is not the same as the top sheet. You don't know how it got on the floor. If you sit on the bed to put on your shoes, the blanket under the bedspread may be slipperier than it should be. I don't know why they made it so slippery. Within a week, I returned it.

👤The manufacture heard nothing after one controller quit. It flashes like in a video.

👤It was very large. The heating control blinked an error code when it was Defective. It was convenient not to have to box the item, so I went to a Kohls store to return it. The second one only lasted 10 uses before the heating controller had a fatal code. The manufacturer told us that they only had an ugly Grey color left, which we didn't want, so they sent us a shipping label to return the item. We paid sales tax and the manufacturer will give us a refund in a few weeks.

👤I liked this product at first. It stopped working after I bought it. If you try to turn it on, you will get an E2 error code. It was disappointing after spending so much.

8. WOOMER Electric Controllers Over Heat Washable

WOOMER Electric Controllers Over Heat Washable

You can get a Queen Size Bedsure Reversible Sherpa Fleece Blanket. There are two sides to squishy and soft. The blanket with velvet feels very soft on the skin and even your pet would love it. It is machine washed to keep it soft. The blanket has two zones, each with a controller for heating and timing. The controller can be used to switch between 10 heat levels. The Auto-Off can be set from the first hour to the 12th hour. The extra-long cord has maximum flexibility. Fast and evening heat. The 100"x 90" king size heating blanket is perfect for snuggling up on a sofa or bed, with its fast heating technology and evenly distributed heat, or as a bed sheet to heat your bed, with its evenly distributed heat. Woomer heating blanket is safe and reliable. Safety and energy efficiency are ensured by over-heat protection and auto-off design. The product is certified by the ETL. There is a 5-year warranty, 30-day return or exchange.

Brand: Woomer

👤35 days later, it stopped working. I paid over $3 a night for 35 days until the blanket stopped working. The electric blankets made in the 1970s were around for a long time. Why can't electric blankets last more than a month? The blanket was not used. It was on our bed. It was not folded or subjected to any movement that could have hurt it. It was made cheaply. There should be no allowed sale of inferior and faulty products. I stopped using electric blankets. I bought 4 of them in 3 years and they failed within a month or two. The electric blankets of the 1970s should be used by manufacturers. Today's designs should not be manufactured or sold.

👤For Christmas, I bought 4 blankets for my family. Three out of four of them no longer work and have stopped heating, and we only used them for a couple of times. A 75% failure rate on a gently used product is simply unacceptable. Three of the blankets no longer heat up, and one of the cords seems to have stopped working, with the control no longer lighting up. I spent over $300 on four blankets and want a refund. Don't buy! I will come back and let you know if the company actually offers a refund, but as of now, nothing. The price of three blankets wasRefunded by Amazon. The fourth blanket stopped working.

👤When you buy an electric blanket, you expect it to have heating elements. You would expect that, but not what you get. If you have a twin-sized bed, you should order the queen-size blanket because you will have your entire bed heated. The middle of the bed is heated, but the sides have no heating element, so you don't get any heat.

👤If I leave it on half of it, it won't get warm, but it worked well for two months. I would have sent it back but I had to get a replacement. The price should have lasted more than two months.

👤It was soft and heated quickly. I liked that the control was simple to use. I am returning because the wires that warm the middle section of the blanket are not shown in the pictures. The middle section of the blanket gets warm. There are 18 inches on both sides that do not have wires. It only warms the area of a twin size bed, even though it fits a full size bed.

👤The blanket heated up for about 4 days and now only the top is heating up. I rely on heating pads and blankets for my chronic pain and this was a very disappointing bust. Will be coming back.

👤The best heated blanket! I had a sunbeam that didn't warm up in less than 5 minutes and it stayed warm for hours. It is nice to look at.

👤The best electric blanket I have ever owned. Brent's wife.

👤The heat is really nice without being at the highest level. It's recommended for quality, comfort, size and heat. La chaleur est superbe sans mme le mettre. Ce plus c'est la qualité et la douceur du Tissus, la chaleur de la couverture, ainsi.

9. Sunbeam Electric Microplush Blanket Mushroom

Sunbeam Electric Microplush Blanket Mushroom

The king size electric blanket has a 5-year warranty. Never climb into cold sheets again. The electric heated blanket is Channeled Microplush fabric. Twin and Full size have one controller. There are 2 controllers for the Queen and King size. 100% cotton. The Channeled Microplush blanket has heating wires for added comfort. The G9 EasySet Pro Controller has an auto-off after 10 hours. Safety is advanced technology. An auto shut-off timer is included in the controller. All Sunbeam Blankets are tested and approved by a 3rd party to comply with industry safety standards. The blanket is easy to clean and safe to use. Before washing, make sure to disconnected and remove controllers. Do not use extension cords or power strips for these blankets. The warranty is limited to 5 years.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤The first shipment was a new 4-button LCD controller, but the supplier reported it was a DIAL unit, and they still had a DIAL unit. After about 6wks, we received what we wanted, even though they sent HEATED MatTRESS PAD in error. To adjust temp during nite, you have to turn on bedlamp, put on glasses, and use the dim LCD controller model, which has 4 indistinguishable, very smooth buttons. It's hard to get back to sleep by that time.

👤I bought this electric blanket a week ago and it worked well for four nights, but last night the half of the blanket that I sleep on stopped heating. I have already thrown the boxes away so I can't send it back. That was down the drain. It's sad that a person can't order something that's worth the price. Lesson learned.

👤I kept this blanket, but I would have returned it, it is really soft and I like that, but there is only one connection at the bottom for both sides of the blanket, it is king size. Every blanket I have owned has a connection to one side. The two controls are connected by a single cord that runs behind the bed, but the cord is not long enough to reach from one nightstand to the other. The control on the other side can fall off if you move the control on one side too much. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I paid a lot for this blanket. It is thin and you can feel the wires. The foot area is not warm. I keep my legs and feet warm with a heated throw. Not recommended by me. The seller wouldn't give a refund. They said to call. I wouldn't recommend this seller to anyone after looking at their website full of bad reviews.

👤The electric blanket was nice but only one side worked. I followed all the steps, but it still doesn't work. I contacted the seller and the sunbeam, but they were not available. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The dual controls come in very handy.

👤I have the worst electric blanket.

👤The controller is very dim and hard to read.

10. ADVANCED Electric Washable Certified Radiation

ADVANCED Electric Washable Certified Radiation

The heat exchanger isTHERMOFINE. Their warming system senses and adjusts heat to keep you warm while you sleep. Safety First is a brand of heated blankets that are specifically engineered to release the lowest possible EMF emissions while heating up to warm comfort. Their display control allows you to find your perfect warmth with 20 different heating levels. Only the queen, king, and California king sizes have a dual controller. The 12.5ft long power cord is designed for comfort and has plenty of length to connect to outlets without poking at night and the 6ft controller cord can easily be reached and tucked away. Easy care is to remove the controller and power cables and put the blanket in the washer. Put cold or warm water on a slow cycle. If you want it to air dry, move it to the dryer on low heat. All-purpose cleaning detergent is the only thing bleach or other fluids should be used for. After a number of washes, it will stay soft and plush. Every purchase is protected by their 5-year warranty on heated blankets. If you experience an issue, please contact them. The size is KING 100x90

Brand: Degrees Of Comfort

👤The rate features on this blanket were soft, light weight, and comfortable. I would give it 5 stars, but I wouldn't do so officially because it would make you look good. This is due to the fact that there is a major flaw in this blanket. Since it's dual control, one control heats up one side, and the other heats up the other side, just like my old electric blanket. The problem is that the heating coil in the middle are not close to each other. There is a strip of blanket that is 8 inches wide and does not heat up. You have both sides of the bed heated up, but the middle of the bed is cold. If you don't hit the cold spot, you don't have to worry. A strip of cold down the middle? Whose idea was that? Had it not been for the company's response to my issue, I would have given the blanket a higher rating. They gave me the same instructions that come with the blanket, a generic answer that anyone could ask about. The seller often responds to poor reviews with the same old trite message they give everyone else without acknowledging your particular beef with the product. If you are only going to give the same standard, generic instructions to everyone, it would be better if you didn't respond to customer complaints. When you copy/paste the same junk for a bunch of complaints, it makes you look stupid and we are not going to buy your junk again. I would have gone somewhere else if I had it to do over. Since I'm out of money, I'll be sure to leave negative feedback, and hopefully I'll influence at least one person not to buy this weird blanket. Thanks!

👤I bought an electric blanket at a different place and it wasn't what I expected. I decided to give this product a try after I found it online. The blue color is exactly what I wanted and the look is very stylish. It is very soft and comfortable. The blanket has 20 different heat levels to choose from, and it's easy to use. The length of the cord is just right and I like the position of the wire. We heat the blanket before we go to bed so we feel warm immediately. The blanket is still warm when we turn it off. We can't live without it during winter.

👤Do not purchase this product, I will save you some time. We ordered this blanket a few months ago. The blanket stopped working after only a month and a half of use. The seller arranged a replacement blanket. The replacement blanket stopped working after a couple of months. We are stuck with a $70 electric blanket that doesn't work after a few months because our return window is closed. Our advice? Don't buy this blanket. Do not accept the replacement if you insist on buying it, just return it when it fails on you. If you can, get your money back and use it to buy a better blanket. It works more than a few weeks. We wish we could give this one zero stars. On February 15th, I purchased this blanket. After just two washings, the blanket no longer works. We tried to contact the company and they told us to try to fix the blanket.

11. Beautyrest BR54 0653 Blanket King Ivory

Beautyrest BR54 0653 Blanket King Ivory

The electric blanket is engineered for the lowest radiation possible. The heating element has an evenly spacing pattern which allows for even warmth distribution. 100% certified for safety. TheRAPEUTIC RELIEF allows you to modify your heat settings so you get the right amount of warmth. You and your partner can choose their own warmth levels with the Queen and King size dual controllers. Programable controls are compatible with smart home outlets. The one hour preheat feature helps jump start the warming process, or if you prefer, the auto off can be set from 1-10 hours. The controller cords have a length of 6 feet and a power cord of 6 feet. PREMIUM FABRICS - The fabric is soft and cozy and offers extra warmth for the cold winter. When placed face down on the bed, the Berber helps limit shifting. To clean the 100% polyester fabric, simply throw it into the wash. 5 year warranty is a promise of savings and service. Contact their customer service if you need assistance.

Brand: Beautyrest

👤Within 60 days of purchase, this blanket stopped working. I spent a lot of time trying to find the correct number. The manufacturer wouldn't honor the warranty because it was sold through Amazon, which is known to resell faulty and faulty products. The "5 year warranty" description is false and needs to be changed.

👤I'm not happy with this blanket. It is very soft and I really want to like it, but I have had problems with two of the blankets. I bought one a month or so ago and was happy to be able to jump into a warm bed. I left it on a lower setting so I could have it on all night. Fast forward to 4am. I sweat because it climbed to the highest setting on its own. I checked the manual and online and there was nothing about how to fix it. I left a question here to see if anyone else had the same issue, and the company said to call and talk to them, and when I did they said to send it back because that isn't supposed to happen. I ordered a new one because I thought it was a one-off problem, but I just got a new one and it's doing the same thing. I turned it on at 5 and it was up to 7 an hour later. I don't want to have to go through this again and buy another one. It's inconvenient. I think I'll buy an outlet timer and set it to go off after a few hours and then wake up. What else could I do? It's really bad.

👤This is one of the worst things I've ever bought, and I've bought some questionable things. The blanket was wonderful when it turned on for the first time. That lasted about 20 minutes. I plugged the blanket in when I got up. Nothing. The controller had a dead display. The blanket was fried when the connector was plugged in multiple times. I thought about breaking out the multimeter. It's not worth the hassle. The blanket is as strong as an ice cube. Don't get it. It's a waste of money.

👤"Perfect in every way"! It's a relief to have a steady, evenly distributed warmth. I haven't tested the auto shutoff yet. I turn it off when I wake up. The fabric is luxurious and not noticeable. The best electric blanket we've ever used. The Prewarm feature is serious. I didn't leave it on long enough to check the one-hour shutoff time because control felt warmer than I expected, and my OCD kicked in, so I just pay attention and turn that feature off in a short while. The control is well designed but the lighting is very dim. The P for preheat light has a boost of light when the buttons are pressed. A small boost! I can make out the numbers, so I wouldn't dream of knocking a star off that account. It's easier to get a good night's rest with even, well-distributed warmth, so I hope this wonderful blanket lasts for many seasons.


What is the best product for electric blanket king size dual control clearance?

Electric blanket king size dual control clearance products from Pipimama. In this article about electric blanket king size dual control clearance you can see why people choose the product. Warm Storm and Sunbeam are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric blanket king size dual control clearance.

What are the best brands for electric blanket king size dual control clearance?

Pipimama, Warm Storm and Sunbeam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric blanket king size dual control clearance. Find the detail in this article. Perfect Fit, Biddeford Blankets and Beautyrest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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