Best Electric Chainsaw 18 Inch

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1. WORX WG304 2 Electric Chainsaw Auto Tension

WORX WG304 2 Electric Chainsaw Auto Tension

Light weight: The lightweight design with the handle maximizes user comfort at only 9.7 lbs. With an 18” bar, you can fell larger trees, and with a powerful motor, you can get more done, faster. A TIGHTER CHAIN. The life of the bar and chain can be increased by using the clever auto-tension system. There is a churchyard. The auto-lubrication system keeps the chain well-oiled and running efficiently around the bar, for better cuts with less wasted energy. Stops quickly. The chain brake closes down the chain very quickly. That is peace of mind when you are operating a chainsaw. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. Grab it from any angle to gain leverage. Good grip. The over-mold handle gives you the perfect balance of comfort and control. Its design makes working as comfortable as possible.

Brand: Worx

👤This product is terrible. I cut down some light brush around the house after purchasing it in January of last year. When I went back to get it, it was leaking oil. A small amount at first but after a few times it was all oil on my floor. What a mess. I contacted Worx. They asked me if I kept it in a horizontal position. I store it in a horizontal position. I should drain the oil after each use, according to their reply. I wondered why I was spending so much time and money on oil after using it for a short time. She said it's in the owner manual. The manual doesn't mention oil leaks or how to prevent them, nor does it tell you about the chain saw leaks.

👤Someone put a plastic drive gear on a chainsaw. Check the photos. It lasted maybe 20 minutes. Unless there is a metal gear replacement, I don't know if I want a replacement.

👤Ok Amazon. This might be one of the most important purchases of my life. My husband has a chainsaw. I need something that is light for myself and not the Farm Boss. The old-growth forest is dying off in many areas. We were lucky. I am a small but mighty lady and the weight is important but endurance is even more important because I needed something that would last longer than a wireless but less cumbersome than a gas powered one. I have two hundred foot extension cords that are just about long enough for most projects. I have had to cut shrubs, dead pines, yearling "volunteers," saplings, heavy hardwoods, and even chop fallen 80 ft pines. The little guys are worth every penny. I left it out in a storm and it still works. The wood still cuts like a champ. It leaked oil, but for this price, it didn't matter. There is a gasket I could buy for it, and it's still 5 stars in my book. I have had it in 8 inch tree trunks a few times and it is a little over the recommended circumference. It came out okay with my help. My husband has a fancy chainsaw, but this electric chainsaw has done more on our property. I would buy again. I will probably wear it down at some point, but it just keeps going. I bought it a month ago. It will be worth it if it dies tomorrow.

👤Awesome for the price. This is my second, I bought one a few years ago and wore it out. This helped me get rid of the 15 year old maple tree. It was easy to do. I see complaints of leaking from others. I thought my first saw was a mistake, but I found the same thing with my second, so I think they should address it. I don't use it often, but it can be messy to store if it hasn't been emptied. This is a good tool for 50 dollars. I am not comfortable with a gas device that is messy after sitting, and it would most likely have starting issues. I'm glad I bought this saw.

2. Sun Joe ION100V 18CS CT Brushless Lithium ION

Sun Joe ION100V 18CS CT Brushless Lithium ION

All of their products come with a one year warranty. If the package is damaged due to shipping, warehouse packing, parts are lost, or both, please contact them to solve the problem. The battery and charger are sold separately. The 1500 Watt motor and 18-inch bar chain can cut tree trunks, limbs and branches up to 17 feet. 5-inches wide. The tool-less gardener. The chain is tightened with a twist. The bar and chain are kept fully lubricated by the auto-OILER. There is a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starts and a protective hand brake for superior kickback control.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤The product was horrible. The chain will not stay on. Even professional lumber jacks can not get the chain to stay on. Worst thing I have ever purchased here. Very dissatisfied.

👤Have bought some products from this company. I have been impressed with their customer service. I haven't cut anything thick with it, but it seems to have plenty of power. Customer service is back. One of the lights on my snow thrower didn't work this winter. They immediately sent me a new complete thrower in exchange for shipping free. I have been waiting 3 weeks for a solution to my saw oiler problem. I would purchase these products in December 2020. I have been waiting for a solution to my oiler problem. I have written problem tickets to the company. There is no solution to the problem. I have a saw that won't hold oil and it's leaking oil on my concrete floors. They would not recommend any of their products.

👤I have used a chain saw for 35 years and heated my home with wood in my younger days so I know how to use a saw. I used to cut wood for the fireplace and wood stove at my cabin. This saw has performed beyond my expectations. I love it! Light weight, quiet, powerful, and always starts!

👤Cuts like a mid weight gas powered saw with no noise or smoke. The tool is amazing.

👤There was no pull start. It was barely any noise. There was no gas fumes in my face. It has all the power of a chainsaw. It is just as heavy as the gas powered saw, but it is easy to set.

👤This is easy to operate and quiet. For smaller jobs.

👤I love it! It's not heavy but it's nice.

👤I bought a snowblower. It came with two expensive 100v batteries. I decided to use electric and use the expensive batteries because my old chainsaw seems to be old on borrowed time. The saw was in good condition when it arrived. It seems to be built solidly even though it is mostly plastic. I have been using it to cut trees up to 10” thick into firewood. The unit is heavy at the beginning but easy to get used to. I think it cuts well because it uses a thinner kerf chain. The good is powerful enough not to go down. It is electric. It is not using power when you are not cutting. There is a The tool less chain tensioning is awesome and the battery lasts quite long. Replacement batteries are EXPENSIVE! The unit is heavy with the battery. I would not set it down in the snow since operation is quiet and smooth and it is hard to take seriously so a bit more dangerous.

3. Craftsman CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw REd

Craftsman CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw REd

The handle is comfortable and lightweight. 3 year warranty is included. The corded electric chainsaw has a 12-Amp motor. The kickback is low. The chainsaw has a 16-inch low kickback bar and chain. Oil window and no primer required for auto-OILING. There is tool-free churchyard It is easy to adjust chain for ideal cutting performance. Refer to the "Warranty & Support" section for full details.

Brand: Craftsman

👤I wanted to be able to deal with the random limbs that fall into my yard because I'm a self sufficient 74-year-old woman. I was looking for a simple, lightweight chainsaw, and this does the job. It takes a bit of time to get through thicker limbs, but that's okay with me.

👤I took down two big trees with this thing. It has done well. The main trunk was around 15 feet in diameter. I don't like gas powered tools because it's hard to get them started after a while. I was afraid an electric chainsaw wouldn't work well but it has exceeded my expectations.

👤I have a gas 18inch and a bunch of 10inch electrics, but wanted an electric that would do more. I have never seen a saw before on Salt Ceders and velvet mesquites. I use 30W non-detergent on my chainsaws. The oiler worked well. The chain came off a couple of times when I was cutting smaller branches, as the branch twigs can get between the bar and chain, and there you go. Not having to use tools on the job is a plus for this chainsaw. This is a good saw, and should last a long time.

👤I was surprised by the price, but I wasn't sure what to expect. I used this to cut down a huge pine tree. The saw was able to cut through the trunk. I cut the tree into a pile of wood.

👤It seems to be an okay chainsaw. I probably would have bought a different chainsaw if I had known that the tension adjustment for the chain was made out of plastic. Don't expect it to last long. You get what you pay for.

👤This is a nice tool. I always trusted the craftsman. It was easy to assemble and use, and the blades were sharp, so I was able to take down two small trees. I highly recommend a craftsman. Despite seers going out of business, I am happy to see craftsman still alive.

👤A tree with a 30 inch diameter was cut down. I had to cut it in pieces. I burned out my cheaper electric chainsaw on the same job.

👤I needed a chain saw to cut down a tree that had blown down. I used this size of chain saw to cut down small trees on top of my picket fence during 50 mile winds. I knew it would be difficult. The small saw was easy to use, and it was against a huge tree branch. I felt like I was watching David slay the giant tree. Parts of the tree can be seen from the photos.

👤My chainsaw just came in, and it appears to be missing a crucial bolt that sits in the slot above the large mounting bolt that sticks out from the center of the pawl. I can not try it out because of this. I need someone who owns this chainsaw to help me out. Is it possible to confirm or deny that a bolt is here? It's only mentioned once on page 6 of the manual, on page 7 of the diagram.

4. CRAFTSMAN CMCCS660E1 V60 Cordless Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN CMCCS660E1 V60 Cordless Chainsaw

The design is light. The design is lightweight and compact. There is an extension of run time. A high performance 60V 2.5 Ah battery pack is included on this chainsaw. Precise cutting is done before the actual cutting. The bubble level of the chainsaw allows for level cutting. There's a mini maintenance policy. The battery powered chainsaw can be oiled with tool free tensioning. The 16-inch low kickback bar and chain is made of wood. The tool can be hung directly on the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System. Refer to the "Warranty & Support" section for full details.

Brand: Craftsman

👤The saw stopped smoking after the third refill. I couldn't go through the normal Amazon return because I had it for 60 days. I had to call to get instructions. I sent it back and it cost me 40 bucks. How can they honor a warranty on an item by charging you 40 bucks to send it back to them?

👤It is easy to use and handle. The chain is tight. It is balanced for a long saw. It cuts very quickly. There is a The battery is charged in one hour. It is a red color. There are pros and cons. The reviews did not match my experience. Slow down and shop carefully. The battery lasts about ten minutes. I looked at that many times. I tried to operate the saw in one minute intervals. It only lasted for about ten minutes and was not hot or hard. The battery costs $150. For a battery. I returned the unit because I didn't think it was worth it to buy more batteries. It is back to gas for me. No bar oil, no extras, it came with nothing. I have a craftsman trimmer and pole saw that use the same battery and seem to last and last. I'm not against the craftsman battery lineup. I couldn't get the job done with this unit. If you only want to trim small branches and can be finished in ten minuses, this might be a good tool for you. If that is the case, save some money and get the lighter 12” saw. Good luck.

👤I wondered why I got an open boxed item. After charging the battery, I know. Wanted to start. A lot of work is needed to send it back. I'm very disappointed.

👤Does not stall out. I get tired before the battery dies. I am selling my gas saws.

👤So far, so good. I got this on Amazon and it was new. 3 trees were taken down on a single charge after adding chain oil and a charge. It included slicing into 12 inch chunks to make firewood.

👤The chainsaw works well and has a long blade, but it is much heavier than I was expecting. I expected the 60v to be a little heavier than it is, but it is. The saw probably shouldn't be blamed. It probably has to be a lot for the power.

👤I bought this saw in the spring of 2020. I liked the idea of shared batteries and bought a craftsman weed eater. The saw's 60 volt battery was incompatible with the weed eater's 60 volt battery, which was disappointing. Both Craftsman products were produced within a year of each other. Within minutes of using this saw for the first time, the electric motor smoked and burned up. I was able to get a replacement at zero cost, but I chose to return for a full price. I have used the second saw lightly and occasionally. The motor failed the same way as the first. Craftsman products are supposed to last a lifetime. The product should never have been called the Craftsman name. I hope this isn't indicative of where the Craftsman line is going. I was disappointed, out $300 and now looking for a new saw one year later.

5. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included GCS80420

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included GCS80420

The application is wide. Wiscky electric chainsaws can be used for a lot of things. You can get up to 150 cuts on 4x4 lumber on a single charge. 18 inch bar and chain can be used to cut trees and limbs. The advanced motor technology extends the life of the tool. It is comparable to a 42CC gas chainsaw. Every time. No Prime, No Choke, No Pull; comfort grip provides superior control and reduced fatigue. The side-mounted chain tensioning is pro-style. Automatic oiler ensures chain stays lubricated for longer and the transparent oil window lets users know when to refill. The inertia-activated chain brake has been shown to reduce the risk of injury.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I love that this chainsaw cuts power and doesn't cause fumes in my face. The chain pops off the bar. I will put the chain back on for about 5 minutes every time. The chain will fly off within a few minutes. I have never had an issue with any of the gas powered chainsaws I've owned. If you like to spend half of your production time putting chains back on, and the other half of your time risk severing your limbs from a high speed chain flying off the bar, this saw is for you.

👤I'm putting this update in front of the others because I believe it's significant. I took the saw to a Greenworks certified service center to have the sprocket replaced about 3 months before the warranty ended. The oil was not flowing very well. I had to refill the battery after I had been up for about 6 battery cycles. The service guy drained the oil and blew out the line after he agreed there wasn't much oil coming out. I continued to use it even though he said it might be a little better. The saw would stop running for no apparent reason as the problem got worse. It took up to 10 battery cycles before it needed more oil. I tried to oil the chain with an oil, but it was not enough. It wasn't enough to keep the saw running. After cutting about 13 cords of wood, I realized I had worn it out. I called Greenworks to see what they would say after the warranty period ended. When I was placed on hold, I didn't finish explaining what I was doing with the saw. When the woman came back, she asked me to dispose of my saw as Greenworks would be sending me a new one, but it was appropriate for my area. It arrived a week later. The unit is complete with a bar and chain. I had called Greenworks many times over the 4 year period. They were helpful and friendly every time. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I would give them 6 if I could, because I'm changing the rating from 4 to 5 stars. I have been cutting firewood for 36 years. I have used every brand of gas powered saw. I've gotten fed up with the 2 cycle engines and have gone to battery and electric for my blowers and trimmers. Trying to do the same thing with a chainsaw. I decided to try the 80v with a bar and battery. My wife was surprised when I read the owner's manual. I didn't want to make a big mistake. The cover, bar and chain were removed out of curiosity. I oiled the bar and chain after changing it. I went after it with a fully charged battery. It was easy to start with small limbs. I got 83 cuts with the first battery charge and 87 with the second. Greenworks claims 150 cuts. I've had 8 sessions of cutting red oak logs up to a 20' diameter. I've cut in the 8 to 16 range. I'll backtrack a bit now. There is a house, workshop and shed on the 4 acres of woods. I'm always close to electricity. My mode of cutting is to run the saw out of gas, set it aside, split everything that needs splitting, gather the wood onto a small trailer, pull it (with lawn tractor) to my piles, unload and stack, repeat as necessary. Hope the saw starts again with a fresh tank of gas. If you measure the bed and do the math, the trailer is 7.5 CF. I think the trailer load is 9 CF. I needed to cut at least a trailer load so I could keep busy during the 30 minute refill. It has done that with every cutting session. When cutting the small stuff up to almost 2 trailer loads, the range was just barely a trailer load. It was perfect for me because the density has decreased but is still great for firewood. I average 2 1/2 to 3 trailer loads with any of the gas saws I've used in the past. The saw has met my minimum requirements, but I'm not giving it 5 stars because of the cost or yield per charge. It would get 5 if the cost was less or my yield was more. I think this saw will handle 70% of my need, which will reduce my reliance on the gas saw. It works for my situation, but maybe not for everyone. I hope this review helps you make a decision. I will update if anything changes significantly. The update was done on 4/16/17. I have cut over 5 cords of hardwood with this saw, it has been used for just over a year. The old gas saw was never turned on. I used this saw to drop and buck an oak. The original battery, bar and chain are included. The oil cap cross threads so easily that it started popping off while running, and the saw isn't 5 stars because I'm very pleased with it. I found out that some of the caps have the same threads. I have been using the air hole in the top for a couple of months. There was no cross threading or popping off. The string that keeps you from losing the oil cap could be stiffened so that it would feed back into the reservoir more easily. I have an endless supply of motor oil caps and they're not a problem now that I'm using them. The teeth should be a little longer. They don't grab as well as I would like and the price is also a factor. I think it has gone up over the past year. I might not have tried it at the current price. I'm interested in the blower and string trimmer, but I can't justify the $378 price for the combo. There was an update on October 10,17. There is an update of sorts. I couldn't resist the one day sale on the 80V blower and trimmer, which included a 2ah battery and charger. I did pony up. So far, it's pretty good. I'll be reviewing them separately very soon.

6. Oregon Self Sharpening Electric Integrated PowerSharp

Oregon Self Sharpening Electric Integrated PowerSharp

When not in use, the safety key should be removed to prevent accidental start by children and inexperienced users. Litheli offers a 3-year warranty for batteries and a 5-year warranty for tools. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. The chainsaw has an integrated self-sharpening system. The guide bar is long- lasting and the chainsaw is perfect for homeowners. The PowerSharp self-sharpening system can be used to minimize downtime. Chain Brake is used for safety. The design is lightweight. Tensioning without tools allows you to adjust your chain quickly and easily so that you can maintain the perfect tension for the ideal cut. Automatic oiling system that provides continuous lubrication to the bar and chain from the oil tank. It prolongs the life of your chain even in harsh environments. The corded electric chainsaw is ready to work. A gasoline chainsaw makes more noise than a low noise one. The chainsaw comes pre-assembled. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Oregon

👤This is a great value for a simple chainsaw. I didn't have to worry about the 3 gas-powered chainsaws in my garage that I can't afford to repair. Is there any 1-star ratings? The chain popped off or the plastic didn't work. I'm pretty sure those people didn't follow the instructions. I read the instructions and figured out how it works after taking the casing apart, but I was still annoyed by the chain off. It forced me to learn about it, which was a good thing, because I might have had some problems with it. I have 6 trees in 3 days and I'm thinking about sharpening the chain for the first time. The chain popped off once, when I didn't check the tension every 20 cuts, as I had been doing before. It's important to keep the oil chamber filled, but it's also important to know when it's dry. Just like the instrutions say, read the instructions, don't rush, and let the saw do its job.

👤The 2nd one is going back. The blade is starting to have "play" vertically up and down in regards to the chassis. The issue is not resolved by the amount of tightening the screws. The saw did a great job. The 2nd one had no issues cutting the logs. The chain didn't throw once because there was no melting of the case. A significant portion of the saw is plastic, and an important part of the blade attachment. I want to like this saw. I needed an upgrade from a tiny Homelite electric that served me well for over 10 years, and I had some new logs to get ready for the season. On Thursday, unbox it. First issues encountered. The grey case was loose. There was a gap in the housing that was loose. That's not right. I tightened up all the screws I could find, and it seemed right. The blade cover appears to be incorrect. It was too tall for the narrow blade and too short for the red color. This one isn't huge but still a letdown, and made me feel uneasy about the overall product. The oil pump was primed, the tension on the saw was tightened, and the saw got to work. The chain jumped off the bar about 30 minutes in. Take it apart, put it back together and retension it. Maybe I didn't go tight enough. I gave it more. A few minutes later, a few cuts, and the chain jumps again. At one point I was frustrated, and realized the gear was mis-aligned, because the case had melted, causing the chain to be pushed off. From start to failure, how much time is working? About 90 minutes. I used an economy saw and a little Homelite that has plastic drive gears, and I know I wasn't overworking the saw. I called the 800 warranty number to make sure they were open, but they were closed and the manual said I need to cover shipping both ways. I got a replacement saw by 10am Saturday, thanks to Amazon. There is no charge. The one that was faulty was sent back off. If the company wants to investigate, I have the S/N. There are interesting things to note. The new one had a blade cover. The saw blade has a black form fitted to it. The screws were not loose. The oil pump took about 5 minutes to beprimed vs the last one taking 2.5 minutes. I was able to do a day of cutting without any issues, and the replacement looks just as good. We will see if it holds up. The old saw had a white background and red border, the new saw has a red background and white border. The S/N is printed on the label rather than on a sticker. The model # is the same on both saws, but the box is different. The experience left me leery of the replacement saw. If it makes it through the next 30 days, I will give it more stars because I am hopeful that it will continue to function. It's not a big deal when they say it has metal parts. The housing is plastic and prone to melting, and the drive gear is also plastic. The whole thing is shot when that happens.

7. Maxlander Electric Chainsaw Kickback Tool Less

Maxlander Electric Chainsaw Kickback Tool Less

The battery and rapid charger are not included. Electric chainsaw 18 inch comes with a chain gauge of 0.050 and a chain pitch of 1/3. The electric chainsaw has a high chain speed and is perfect for big wood log tree cutting. The wood log in the garden ranch can be easily handled with a corded maximum chainsaw cutting length of 15 inch. Power chain saws for trees can easily cut 4x4 pressure treated wood. Electric chainsaws are special for cutting trees limbs up to 34 inch in diameter. The Maxlander corded chainsaw is easy to handle and operate. The double handle design makes it easier for the muscles to fatigue. The electric chainsaw has less tension than a corded chainsaw, so it has a low kick-back to keep the workers safe. The Maxlander corded chainsaw has an auto oiler for lubricating the chain. The smoke from tough cutting can be over-heated by electric chainsaw corded. Before cutting or placing the machine, please empty out the oil. All of their products come with a one year warranty. If the package is damaged due to shipping, warehouse packing, parts are lost, or both, please contact them to solve the problem. All of their products come with a one year warranty. If the package is damaged due to shipping, warehouse packing, parts are lost, or both, please contact them to solve the problem.

Brand: Maxlander

👤I needed a chainsaw. I have been cutting up large tree segments and this product is great. I am very happy. It is cutting through branches that are at least 10" in diameter. I don't have to worry about gas mixing.

👤This is an electric chainsaw and it is much easier to maintain than a gas powered one. It works great for cutting logs and firewood. It's easy to use, but you need to follow the proper safety precautions. This machne is not a toy and should only be used by adults. This broke after 2 uses. It would have been very cheap to hire someone.

👤I've used this saw for many hours and it's a good one. I needed an extension saw to reach several feet to clear the brush that became a hedgerow. If you are familiar with chain saw operation and safety, you should get it.

👤January 7, 2021. Three times, used a total of three. The picture was taken on April 24, 2021. Don't touch this swamp, it's a totally gaga area. It started to slow down on rotation because of an electrical issue with the brushes. The gear running the chainsaw is not runningROTATION. I thought when I first got that it was a good thing because I am a disabled senior citizen. This kind of mental confusion, out of the blue. There is no inventory when in stock.

👤The saw worked great when I was cutting up large oak trunks. You have to stop and clear the oiler area every time you cut saw dust. I would recommend it.

👤The chainsaw has no need for tools. It is very powerful and can stop immediately for safety. It is more clean and green than a gas alternative.

👤I was surprised how easy it was to put it together. A bunch of 4x4 timber is cut up for a landscaping project. The speed of the motor, blade strength, and other factors were what I would expect for $57.99. This was a deal with a coupon.

👤It was easy to put together and you don't need to loosen or tighten the chain.

👤Un excelente inversin,la vdd,se las recomiendo.

8. Greenworks Brushless Chainsaw Included CS80L211

Greenworks Brushless Chainsaw Included CS80L211

The work area will be lit by bright LEDs. Up to 120 cuts on 4x4 lumber can be provided by the 80V 2Ah battery. The electronic chain brake adds protection. The chain is a replacement. The powerful motor provides more power. Automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain. The oil tank has a clear view of the oil level.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I haven't had that happen yet, so I'm not sure why other reviews say that the chain jumps off often. I ran it for half an hour and it didn't happen once. The Greenworks saw exceeded my expectations. I have used 2 stroke saws for many years, some larger, some smaller, and while I am not completely ready to retire the 2 stoke saws, I am one step closer to doing that. The cost of additional batteries is around 1/3rds of the cost of the saw with battery and charger, so it is a concern. I am not the teenager that I used to be, so the reduced weight is very welcomed. The saw is much lighter than any other chainsaw of its time. It is easy to adjust the chain tension with a flat screwdriver and a 13mm box end wrench, but you lose the tool. Even if you fill it from a gallon container, it's easy to fill the bar/chain oil reservoir. It is expected that almost all chainsaws leak oil at some point in their life. The saw is locked into it's position after the battery charges in 30 minutes. The safety switch on the side of the handle is easy to press. There is a delay between when the chain gets up to speed and when you squeeze thetrigger. You cannot feather thetrigger for slower speeds. It is either full on or off. Nothing in between. I am very happy with the purchase of this chainsaw. It will do what I need for a while. I had to replace a twisted guide bar because I thought a friend knew how to operate a chainsaw. The lady that I spoke with on the phone from Oregon helped me locate a bar/chain combo to replace the 16 inch bar that my saw came equipped with. If you are looking for a spare or replacement bar and chain combo for this saw, the Oregon part number is #27857 and can be found through Amazon. I hope this helps someone else.

👤I ruin gas powered chainsaws. There are tools that are powered by batteries. This is my second greenworks tool. I have two big trees to cut up, so I got the 80. One is oak and the other is hickory. The picture is not done. I put the chainsaw in the picture to show how big the logs are. On to the saw. This isn't a gas saw, it doesn't have the rpms. It will cut up a tree like the picture shows. I had to charge the battery three times. I was hoping the battery would last longer. This wood is hard to cut and it's called hickory. There is a The chain has been complained about in other reviews. Total nonsense. Take your chain and tighten it. I had to do this job as it came loose. Keep the chain full and it will be fine. The battery went a little longer, so I would give this 5 stars. Greenworks knows how to build tools. Ots solid.

9. BLACK DECKER Electric Chainsaw CS1518

BLACK DECKER Electric Chainsaw CS1518

It's convenient to store. Tine. The length is 16 inches. The Oregon Low Kickback 18 in. bar and chain make every cut seamless. Electric chainsaws are easier to maneuver in different cutting orientations. The 15 Amp motor is the best for making demanding cuts. Chain adjusting can be done without using any extra tools. The break is for optimal safety. The automatic lubrication system keeps the bar and chain lubricating. Clear oil window keeps oil easily visible so you won't have to guess when assessing the oil level.

Brand: Black+decker

👤It was bought a week ago. I picked out one of the 3 million brands because I was tired of reading reviews. I have never owned or operated an electric saw. For 90 bucks, I bought the 5 dollar insurance JIC, which is a great deal. No tools are required to put the bar on it. If you can't do that, you shouldn't be operating a chainsaw. I bought the chain oil. It was the first time it had been used. I had to dismantle a 19 inch red oak branch that was cut like warm bread. Not like a gas saw. Chain tension is a breeze and almost no kick back. For half an hour of constant use, the oil consumption was 200ml or 4-5 oz. It's easy to clean up, there's nothing to mess with at the oil pick up. All said and done, about 2 tons of firewood was processed today without any issues at all. The saw is great for around the yard or home owner. Its light, easy to use, low noise, smoke free and powerful. I would definitely recommend it. There is a If I had to criticize it, I would say that the bar is thin and delicate, and that it might be a weakness if you are not careful and gentle. The Trigger does not have a variable speed. I think it would be nice to have less speed for the small stuff, and I don't think that is an issue.

👤Dead on the plane. It was easy to assemble, but never kicked on. Their support is terrible. They want me to drive this thing and an hour and a half to a service center that will give me a deposit to fix the chainsaw under warranty. Definitely avoiding Black and Decker.

👤The headline says it all. It wouldn't start again after using it a few times. I was told to send it to a service center out of town after some back and forth. I did that. They couldn't find it a week later, a week after that, and some time after that, I had to call them. I was told a new one would be sent soon. This they did. I used it once and it is dead. We'll see what happens but I want my money back and I want to avoid this thing at all costs. Rumors of it dying are not true. You cannot leave it at zero.

👤I can't complain about the price of this unit. It is lightweight and has a lot of power. My main issue is with electric chainsaws. It goes through bar oil at a rapid rate. I don't understand how the cuts can use all of the oil. The same thing has happened to me with the worx brand. I've used big gas saws to clear large trees in the past and they used the same amount of oil for several hours. It has to be a design flaw or the fact that the average user uses this saw to trim a few branches occasionally. I'm going to use enough bar oil to pay for a full size gas saw in a year's time.

10. DEWALT DCCS620P1 Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless

DEWALT DCCS620P1 Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless

The feed head has a Quick Load of 0.08-inch dual line. The 12-inch bar and chain of the corded chainsaw are low kick back. The design is just 9 lbs. The chainsaw has a battery for maximum user control. The battery powered chainsaw has a high-efficiency motor. Up to 90 cuts per charge on 4x4 pressure treated wood. Proper bar clamping force can be achieved with tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob. Part of the 20V MAX system of tools.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I was hesitant to buy a 20V chainsaw, and even more hesitant to buy a corded one. I thought I would give it a try since it had a 90 day money back guarantee. A good move. This isn't a tree felling, firewood stockpiling chainsaw, but you wouldn't be buying one for that, would you? The first use of the storm was in a south Florida yard. It sliced through the limbs of a downed tree. It was surprising how easy it was to cut through saw palmetto. One hand operations are great when you want to keep foliage out of the way so that you can see what you are doing. It's much quieter than a gasoline saw, and no earplugs are needed. When you are up on a ladder or in a tree, on demand starting is an advantage. The battery lasted me through several hours of work, and still has a charge. The only downside is that this thing seems to go through chain oil at a high rate, but this is not a problem. I highly recommend it and I couldn't be happier.

👤I have owned a few chain saws in my life, but I am the last to tell you I am an expert. The deal usually involves making sure the engine starts and continues to run. Pros will hold the saw in one hand and jerk the cord. I have to put the saw on the ground, make sure I have the correct settings on, and then I have to put my hand on the pull rope and make sure I flip the switch. If you have old fuel or a bad plug, you have to mess with it more or throw it in the shop. I received the chain saw from DeWalt knowing it would be a compromise from what I used to have. If I received it on a Saturday afternoon, I put the battery on charge and just left it there. I thought I would try to cut a few things down or clean up some brush before the battery died, and try to keep myself out of injury. I put the battery on the left side of the saw and filled the oil reserve on the left side. I went to my first victory to cut off some branches. The saw came to life after I pressed the release and sliced the limb. I cut a few pine trees with trunks that were about 10” in diameter. No problem. I sectioned the two trees. I cut the limbs off the tree. There are a couple of small Birch trees that are the same size as the pines. After burning and cleaning up the smaller branches, I moved on to cleaning up the larger ones. Other than binding the chain a few times. I cut down 6 trees, sectioned 4 of them, and cleaned up a number of other things in the yard, all on one battery. The saw didn't get very fast. I brought the battery in the house to replenish it. If you have to cut down a large tree, you may want to go with something else, but I cut down 6 medium sized trees and cleaned them up on one battery charge. The person who designed this thing was a terrible person. I will not buy another gasoline saw. This thing will be with me on any camping or backyard bonfire. It will be one of the things I will have with me if we have another storm. I bought a hedge trimmer that runs on the same battery. I will let you know how that goes. This is a good saw. It's worth considering for any small to medium chore you have for a chainsaw.

11. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included GCS80450

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included GCS80450

Accidental disconnection is prevented by the integrated cord lock feature. You can get up to 150 cuts on 4x4 lumber with a single charge. The battery and charger are not included. 18 inch bar and chain can be used to cut trees and limbs. The advanced motor technology extends the life of the tool. It is comparable to a 42CC gas chainsaw. Every time. No Prime, No Choke, No Pull; comfort grip provides superior control and reduced fatigue. The side-mounted chain tensioning is pro-style. Automatic oiler ensures chain stays lubricated for longer and the transparent oil window lets users know when to refill. The inertia-activated chain brake has been shown to reduce the risk of injury.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I bought a saw and two batteries and thought it would start. This saw cuts quickly and cleanly. Short battery life is a major problem. Don't buy the 2A batteries as you can only get a few cuts through the log. You get about 10 minutes before the battery dies. I had to use my old GAS saw to cut up the ash tree. The 4A battery lasts about 25 minutes. If you have a lot of logs you need to cut into pieces, this will be very difficult for you. I thought I could charge both batteries at the same time. I waited around because 8 minutes isn't long enough to charge the dead battery. I bought the 4A pack, and it was much better than the one I had before. I will have to wrap up soon, so I'm going to work until the 4A pack dies, then switch to a fresh 2A pack. I kill the first battery and then place the second battery on the charge and start splitting and loading wood. I can cut, split and stack firewood with this saw per day. They take about 70 minutes to charge. I'm done for the day by the time I've done all that work. I like the power of this saw, but it's not practical for a homeowner who needs a serious tool to cut a winter's worth of wood in a reasonable time. It's too long of a bar for doing small homeowner stuff, and doesn't last long enough to do big jobs, unless you spend $1200 buying three 4A batteries that you could charge and alternate. Forget it at that price. I don't think this saw is for you. If you need an 18" bar saw for large jobs, just buy a gas model. Major dislikes are short battery life. There is oil leaking out of storage. The oil fill cap angle is dumb. The thin string inside the oil cap is caught on thread. The battery is heavy. Quiet, strong, cuts fast, won't pinch or bind up.

👤You can see my initial review. My review changed and this saw performs as I had expected. The chain was almost useless when it popped. I was able to diagnose a few issues that were likely the cause. The bar's nose seemed to have some sort of substance in it, and it wasn't moving freely. The saw was on the shelf when this happened. It took a chain to clear this black substance. I checked the bar's grooves and found at least one point where it appeared a bit tighter than others. By using a regular screwdriver. I was able to twist the bar slightly and put the tip into the grooves. The changes freed up tension that was causing the chain to pop off. The last 2 battery cycles were free of incident. Happy with the purchase! I have a number of chainsaws and use them about 20 times a year. I was excited to purchase this saw. I own a weedwhacker that is battery powered, so this was a good purchase. The chain won't stay on after 30 minutes. There was no unusual use. It didn't have an issue cutting up a fallen tree. The chain fell off after about 5 minutes when it was used again. It was a one-time occurrence. It won't stay on past 1 cut. The saw is tipped sideways with the bar down. Maybe it's the build up of chain oil that allows it to drop out of the track. It stinks. Not usable. This will have to be returned. I was hopeful, but now I'm disappointed.


What is the best product for electric chainsaw 18 inch?

Electric chainsaw 18 inch products from Worx. In this article about electric chainsaw 18 inch you can see why people choose the product. Sun Joe and Craftsman are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric chainsaw 18 inch.

What are the best brands for electric chainsaw 18 inch?

Worx, Sun Joe and Craftsman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric chainsaw 18 inch. Find the detail in this article. Greenworks, Oregon and Maxlander are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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