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Chainsaw 18 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Earthwise CS33016 Electric 16 Inch 12 Amp

Earthwise CS33016 Electric 16 Inch 12 Amp

The lightest person is at 6.2 lbs. The electric chainsaw has a 12-Amp motor that is comparable to gas chainsaws. The corded electric chainsaw has a bar blade cover for safe storage. The Earthwise Power Tools have an oiling system and an oil level window that are easy to use. The electric chainsaw has a big loop assist handle. A planet-friendly electrical saw that does not require fuel to function, and take out the hassle, fumes, and mess of fall clean-up around your home, are just some of the benefits.

Brand: Earthwise

👤Who knew that an electric chainsaw could work so well? I used to have a gas chainsaw. I will tell you that not having to worry about gas and yearly maintenance will be a relief. The product was in the box. You just have to add the oil. I read the reviews on Amazon before I bought it, so I was sure I was getting the right chainsaw. I didn't have to worry about the electric extension cord ever getting in my way because this chainsaw works well and is very light-weight. The product is great to have.

👤I was looking for a cheap and easy to use chainsaw to cut up some small trees that are in the way of my fence. The little guy was what I needed. I read a lot of mixed reviews and was skeptical at first but I was very pleased with the performance of this saw and I have to say that I was very impressed. I thought the automatic oiler didn't work because it didn't deliver the right amount of oil, but after a few cuts I realized it did and it was the right amount. I originally bought the saw for small trees. I got a neighbor to cut down a huge silver maple that was just starting to rot on the inside and asked if I wanted it for fire wood. He gave me some huge logs that were three to four feet long and two to three feet thick. I tried the little saw on the monster logs because I didn't think it would cut it. I was able to buzz these big logs into manageable firewood with some patience and carefully planned cuts. This is where the most impressed me. If there was anything negative about the saw, it's that the chain adjuster loosens when you try to cut on that side as it rubs against the logs, but as long as you keep a careful eye on it, it's just an easy turn of the knob to keep it The saw was not intended for hugs trees and logs but it can cut through some pretty big logs if done with a little patience and care. It's difficult to maneuver with a cord, but I would recommend this saw to anyone that needs a lightweight and easy to use saw for small jobs.

👤I was unable to use my gas chain saw because of the restrictions on the pacemaker. I was reluctant but desperate after reading negative reviews of oiling systems. I took a chance on it because it used an Oregon bar and chain. It would be a huge understatement to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The saw is the same size as my gas saw, and I was able to cut the 100 foot tree in the picture as well as 2 more 18 inch trees. The only time a chain was thrown was when twigs got under it. The saw is easy to maintain and the oiler is the best because it puts oil through the bar when the motor runs instead of dripping onto the chain. I use regular bar oil and have not seen a leak under the saw.

2. Greenworks Brushless Chainsaw Included CS24L410

Greenworks Brushless Chainsaw Included CS24L410

Only the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V battery models are compatible. Greenworks 24V battery provides 20% more power and 35% more run-time, and delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging. The 24V motor has more power, quieter operation, and longer life. It's perfect for homeowners and occasional users. The oil level indicator window allows you to gauge oil usage, and the auto-oiler mechanism ensures the chain stays lubricated. Electric start. No starter rope, no spark plug, and no gas or fumes.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I bought a Greenworks Chain saw in September of last year. I bought it on Amazon, the vendor was Kitchen Dazzle,... I only used it a few times since I bought it. I tried to use it on August 10, 2020. The battery was dead. The chain saw worked fine after I tried another Greenworks battery. I tried to change the dead battery on the chargers. It would take a charge. Both battery chargers worked well. The battery for my Greenworks chain saw is malfunctioning. I called Greenworks in Canada. There is something but. The battery was under warranty. Greenworks would not honor the warranty. Greenworks told me... The Greenworks chain saw I bought from Amazon was not sold by the vendor. Is not an authorized dealer. The warranty wouldn't be honored by Greenworks. So now... I can't use the Greenworks chain saw because of the battery. Even though the warranty is still valid, the Greenworks will not be replaced. I only have one choice, buy a new battery from Greenworks for $55.00, or throw the chain saw in the garbage. This is so crazy. I learned my lesson from now on. I will find out first. To see if the seller is an authorized dealer. Before I buy anything else on AMAZON. I am not happy with AMAZON... Trust me. I will be posting this on Facebook and other places. You should not buy anything on AMAZON if you don't know what you are buying. I will post this on Facebook. None of my family or friends are being shamed. There are power tools available from the AMAZON or GREENWORKS. Have a nice day.

👤The part that holds the bar is made of plastic. The saw is worthless now that it has fallen apart. The motor was cutting great, but the plastic parts are worthless, they don't like to make things from metal anymore. Also, note! I wrote and sent photos to the greenworks company, but they never came back to me, so take a car when you check the warranty.

👤This little guy is my favorite chain saw. It makes cutting up trees fun. This is a great tool for cutting hair and clearing brush. It also cuts large logs. The battery lasts a long time to give you a feeling of accomplishment. The self oiling chain and easy bar adjustment are nice features. It is much quieter than a gas saw, and there are no fumes or cords to tangle up. The saw is small and light. Things are looking better since I got this saw.

👤My husband died recently, and he did all of the chain sawing with a chain saw that was hard to start for. This one works well for what I want to cut down on. I don't plan on cutting down 40 ft. There are trees. It starts right away. I also bought a hedge shears which is great for people who are left alone to deal with a yard.

👤If you need a chainsaw that is easy to use, this is the one for you. I just used it to cut through trees. The unit is easy to operate and light in weight. If you intend to use the unit for more than one hour, I would recommend a spare battery. There is a BIN.

3. Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium Cordless Chainsaw

Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium Cordless Chainsaw

Electric start. No starter rope, no spark plug, and no gas or fumes. Push-button oiler for easy chain lubrication. Tensioning side access chains for easy adjustments.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I almost didn't buy this saw because I read all of the reviews here. I decided to give it a try since I already had the batteries and I needed them for something. All tools have quirks and you have to come to terms with them in order to use them effectively. chainsaws lead the field. I don't care what brand you have, they all have the same things to consider if you are going to use them. They are dirty and oily in the beginning. The beast is nature. They have a chain that can be dull if used wrong. If the chain is not oiled properly you will ruin it. If you don't oil the chain regularly, you will use up the battery real fast. I have an air compressor that I use to blow the entire chain mechanism out whenever I need it. This helps the chain since it reduces dirt. I clean everything after each use. You have to pump the oil on a regular basis because this saw does not have an automatic oiler. When you pump the bar oil a few times, the oil will come out of a small hole at the bar tip, which is one of the features of this saw. The indicator helps. After cutting for about 30 seconds, I found that pumping the bar oil was satisfactory. Don't expect the saw to do the work of a larger gas Husky. It's a great little saw when you have to go up a ladder and do some work. The battery use was exceptional. You might need more time and care for a chain saw than for any other tool. If you are a person who dislikes maintenance of tools, you should not use chain saws.

👤I bought this saw because I have all the other 18v tools and have been happy with them. This item is not like that. I can't believe that a product with a design flaw would be put on the market by a company that tries to rationalize it by burying it in the instructions. I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't read the manual. It is normal for lubricant to come from the saw when not in use. After each use, empty the oil tank. Is that really true? When they say "seep", what they really mean is leAK. It was sitting in a pool of oil when I got up today, but I set it down on a plastic work table last night. I don't understand how someone could put a problem on the market with a chainsaw. Do not buy it unless you are willing to drain the oil every single time you use it, or store it in a bucket.

👤I have several power tools from the same brand, but after two men said I couldn't use a chain saw, I decided to order one. I am a healthy 66-year-old woman. The two friends who laughed and raised their eyebrows when I spoke of tree trimming made me angry. One of the friends has said how much they like my chain saw, while a professional arborist has also said how much they like it. When a huge tree limb crashed on my friend's driveway, he and I took care of removing it, thanks to this chain saw. I love this power tool. I did trim my tree.

4. RYOBI Rechargeable Pruning Shears BSH 120

RYOBI Rechargeable Pruning Shears BSH 120

Tensioning side access chains for easy adjustments. The standard charge time is about 60 minutes and the output voltage is rated at DC3.6V. There are accessories for the blade (blade), blade cover, and the charger. The maximum diameter of the branches is 12mm. The battery's voltage is DC3.6V. The capacity is 1300mAh.

Brand: Ryobi

👤I bought this for some work around the house. There were others, but this looked good and is normally a good product. I used it one time and left it plugged in to charge. The charging indicator on the pruner didn't come on despite the light indicating it was working. I tested the charge and it was good, but the culprit is the pruners. Back it up. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend. Absolutely. Allow them to buy as many as they want.

👤The blades broke after cutting two small branches.

👤1. Don't bother with the Japanese language manual, just throw it away. 2. I think I will order a dozen extras 3 because I think Teho replacement blades are the way to go for $5 each. Sometime in the future, the battery should die. Looks like you take that risk because there are no replacements available. It works great. 5. I can cut any branch that I can fit in between the jaws. I have had to make a slice for a big branch. 6. The tool saves your hand muscles from arthritis. The savings in "Gold" 8 are worth the price. I highly recommend it. The fit is easy to manipulate. 10. There is a squeezetrigger behind the real one that operates the two lights and is a safety. When you pull the safety on, the jaws close. It's an annoying clicking sound when you squeeze the safety. The safety squeeze can be kept. It is for child safety. It was a good feature. Bright colors will make you happy.

👤The blade is moving too slowly. Faster with a tool. You have to hold your hand steady while the unit is cutting. The blade can bind, so you can't twist it or move it. Even though it only weighs over 5 ounces, the weight distribution isn't great. My partner has a carpal tunnel and I wanted it to be easier for her. It didn't improve carpal tunnel or mitigate the pain from it. The number of cuts before the need for a refill was disappointing. It was a waste of money. I usually don't give such low ratings.

👤The product is reliable, quick to use, and comfortable to use. I can make a single cut faster by hand, but I don't have to stop when my grip gets tired, so I use this tool to get more done in 10 min. I find it useful in dozens of other situations in gardens and prairies, and I use it constantly as I planned in the orchards. The blade can be used to replace or sharpen. To remove the blade, flip the protective cover. The two legs of the blade can be pulled off the hub. Place the blade tip into the protective cover. You can push the blade in toward the handle with the help of the prongs of the blade. It will fit. * The tool is ready to use if the protective cover is flipped back. Pressing the two switches will move the blade and lock it in place.

5. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included 20322

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included 20322

There is a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starts and a protective hand brake for superior kickback control. The brushless motor gives you more power and Torque. The life-time of the tool is extended by less wear and tear. The battery and charger are not sold together. The brushless motor has 30% more superior Torque. The innovative motor design has 70% less vibration for user comfort. Additional support for user safety can be found in chain brake, hand guard and quick release trigger. Run time is 2Ah 30. The chain speed is 11 m/s. Only the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V battery models are compatible.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I use the saw around the house for trail maintenance, but it's primarily for trail maintenance. The closest gas chainsaw to this GreenWorks is the Husqvarna 435. Both weigh the same. Both the 20312 and the 435 have a bar, chain and scabbard. The 435 is more powerful, but it's not as easy to run a gas saw. The noise, fumes, and start of the saw sways in favor of the battery saw. The video shows that the actual cutting time is short, so unless you're cutting all day, I'd go with the battery saw. Carrying a spare is not likely since the battery weighs less than 3 lbs. The video cutting an 18 inch log is worth more to me than talking. It's not very likely that a gas saw will start at that elevation. The chain case and cover are shown in the photo. A lot of wood chips are attracted to the liberal oiler. The updates show the blocks and limbs from 2020. I intended to use the saw for trail maintenance, but it didn't work out that way. A monster forest fire 10 miles from my home changed everything. I embarked on a quest to trim the trees around my house. The quest continues. Over 100 trees have been removed from over 10 acres. I have been on my knees many times. The battery saw did most of the trimming. My chain is almost nothing left. I bought two more chains. The saw and battery have never failed. Over that span, I've had over 3 gallons of chain oil. I can't imagine using a gas saw for such work because of the 4AH charge.

👤I am a landscaping professional. The first time I used it, the chain needed constant tensioning. After about 10 minutes of use, it started coming off. I noticed the unit was leaking oil after putting the chain back on. The bar channel and chain were damaged, so I couldn't get the chain back on. I called support. After 20 minutes on hold, someone told me to send a photo of the unit and a picture of the invoice to the nearest repair center. The place took 2.5 hours to get to. I told them that the machine was not good and that the oil-leaking issue was not something I wanted to deal with. I heard her talking to someone else after I told the support person. The call was disconnected after I waited a minute. It's up to you to experience this one. I don't need any more Greenworks products.

👤It is very powerful for a tool. It's very easy to use since you don't have to have a gas engine. Can cut trunks large. Why only 3 stars? There is bar oil leaking everywhere. It is worse than just a little annoyance according to the manual. If you store it with oil, it will leak out, which is not recommended. The position it is in doesn't matter. I used a backpack and a saw to get to the tree falls on the trail. It was coming out of the area. Customer service admitted that this is an issue. I bought a bar saw from them and it works great. No issues at all. I will keep the 16"Digi Pro saw since it can handle bigger trees, but I will only use it in my yard, keep it level, and drain all bar oil out as soon as I am done using it. I own a 40V hedge clipper and leaf blower. The system is great for occasional use. The battery lasts long, holds charge between uses, and replenishes quickly. I would be a 5 star fan if it weren't for this oil issue.

6. Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw Auto Tension

Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw Auto Tension

Increased user safety can be achieved with the use of chain brake and low kickback chain. The electronic chain brake can prevent kick-backs. The pitch was:0.350 inches. Fast, clean cuts. This is a 20V. The PowerShare chain saw is fast and powerful. There is less fuss with no gas or cord. There is an auto-chaintention. The automatic, tool-free chain tension system ensures you have the correct tension for the job at hand. Do it all with the same battery. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx products. There is an auto-chain language. The life of the tool is extended by the automatic chain lubrication system. The oil level indicator lets you know where you are. It's about the same weight as a bottle of soda. You will work longer with less strain. A fast chainsaw speed of 12.5 ft/s. will tear through any log or branch. The lightweight design and speed make for a smooth saw experience. These are the same batteries they use in their lawnmowers. They are powerful enough for a chainsaw.

Brand: Worx

👤When I told my husband I wanted to buy a chainsaw, he laughed. I had a hard time starting his chainsaw because it was gas powered. I was sick and tired of waiting for him to cut the trees. I used the batteries from the WORX Leafblower I bought earlier in the season to buy this chainsaw. Best buy ever! My husband sneaks me out when I'm not around. I've cut 6 inch trees with it, but mostly focus on smaller box elder type trees which block the light from my oak trees. The light weight makes it easy to maneuver. I recommend buying 2 batteries or the WORX Chainsaw that already comes with 2 batteries, because each battery has lasted me around 30 minutes of intense nonstop cutting. It's easy to adjust the chain. It's normal to tighten the chain after a few cuts, but it's easy to do with a turn of the knob. I like the fact that I can take the batteries off when I start fooling around. I like to take precautions. I would recommend buying an extra chain or two if you want to buy bar chain oil. Very happy with the purchase!

👤I tried to cut limbs on a plum tree after 12 hours of charging the battery. The chain was dangerous because it would bite into the wood and then kick off. The blade does not spin fast enough so it hacks at the wood and if you hold it really, really firmly and press down on the target branch it manages to hack its way through but leaves a nasty branch. It looks really neat, but not acceptable at any price. If the speed is not enough, a chain saw will bounce off the log. The saw needs to spin three times faster so it doesn't hit the target. Since there are so many good reviews, I have to be suspicious that the one I returned to Amazon had a bad motor, because nobody would agree that I was a four or five star. So, be careful. If it bounces off the wood, don't take a chance. You can hack with applied pressure, but it will hang up and pull the saw out of your hand if you don't have a strong grip. It's not safe to operate in that situation. I have a Worx blower that works well. It has the same battery. I used the saw to test that battery. The result was the same.

👤I don't write many reviews but this chainsaw blew me away. I have a weed wacker and a blower from WORX and I love the way they work, a chainsaw is a tall order. It exceeded my expectations. It's not for lumberjacks. I don't need a monster saw. I needed it to cut 4 inch limbs. The nightmare of a two stroke engine is over with the automatic oil and tension. Can't say enough good about it. I didn't buy it until recently. You have never disappointed me.

7. Brushless Lithium Ion Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Brushless Lithium Ion Electric Cordless Chainsaw

All work with any RYOBI ONE+ 18V battery brushless motor Delivers increased run time and power. All work with any RYOBI ONE+ 18V battery brushless motor Delivers increased run time and power.

Brand: Ryobione+

👤I got this for my wife because I was scared of her using my sword. I am who I am and I worry about those things. The chain is slower than a gas powered saw, but I like the idea of my wife's hands staying where they are. I used it to trim some apple trees and it did a good job. It's not as light as you want it to be, but it's still not bad. The safety button is easy to use, but bulky gloves make it difficult to operate. The battery was on for about 35 to 45 minutes. I wouldn't use this saw for a long time, but for a quick trim or emergency cut up, it's a great addition to the shed. My wife is happy with it, but she wants to drive my tractor with the brush hog on it. There goes the neighborhood.

👤This was very useful for a small female. It is easy to use. I used this after I bucked up four trees. When the battery life is short, you have to take a break before you are ready, so buy more batteries. It was easy to reassemble and keep going, even though I am inexperienced with using a chainsaw and got it stuck twice.

👤K, you're not going to be a droppin oaks with this bad boy. But sapplings, limbs and cutting up firewood while camping? You're good to go. I pushed it and got through the tree. It's nice to clear out four wheeler trails instead of having to pull start a saw every 50 yards.

👤Over the last month, I have used a chainsaw several times to trim branches up to 6 inches in diameter. As long as you let the saw pull through the wood, it has performed perfectly. If you put more pressure on the cut it will not work. Let the saw do the work and keep it sharp. I own and use a gas chainsaw for 50 years. The saw is perfect for smaller jobs.

👤The battery operated saw is more powerful than the smaller one. I've used it on trees up to 14" in diameter. The method of chain tightening used is innovative.

👤Very lightweight. I wish the battery would last a bit longer.

👤The batteries are compatible with tons of other tools.

👤The saw works better than I expected. It's light and easy to handle. I bought this for my wife because she is not good at starting a gas chainsaw. Aha loves it.

8. Oregon Self Sharpening Electric Integrated PowerSharp

Oregon Self Sharpening Electric Integrated PowerSharp

When not in use, the safety key should be removed to prevent accidental start by children and inexperienced users. Litheli offers a 3-year warranty for batteries and a 5-year warranty for tools. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. The chainsaw has an integrated self-sharpening system. The guide bar is long- lasting and the chainsaw is perfect for homeowners. The PowerSharp self-sharpening system can be used to minimize downtime. Chain Brake is used for safety. The design is lightweight. Tensioning without tools allows you to adjust your chain quickly and easily so that you can maintain the perfect tension for the ideal cut. Automatic oiling system that provides continuous lubrication to the bar and chain from the oil tank. It prolongs the life of your chain even in harsh environments. The corded electric chainsaw is ready to work. A gasoline chainsaw makes more noise than a low noise one. The chainsaw comes pre-assembled. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Oregon

👤This is a great value for a simple chainsaw. I didn't have to worry about the 3 gas-powered chainsaws in my garage that I can't afford to repair. Is there any 1-star ratings? The chain popped off or the plastic didn't work. I'm pretty sure those people didn't follow the instructions. I read the instructions and figured out how it works after taking the casing apart, but I was still annoyed by the chain off. It forced me to learn about it, which was a good thing, because I might have had some problems with it. I have 6 trees in 3 days and I'm thinking about sharpening the chain for the first time. The chain popped off once, when I didn't check the tension every 20 cuts, as I had been doing before. It's important to keep the oil chamber filled, but it's also important to know when it's dry. Just like the instrutions say, read the instructions, don't rush, and let the saw do its job.

👤The 2nd one is going back. The blade is starting to have "play" vertically up and down in regards to the chassis. The issue is not resolved by the amount of tightening the screws. The saw did a great job. The 2nd one had no issues cutting the logs. The chain didn't throw once because there was no melting of the case. A significant portion of the saw is plastic, and an important part of the blade attachment. I want to like this saw. I needed an upgrade from a tiny Homelite electric that served me well for over 10 years, and I had some new logs to get ready for the season. On Thursday, unbox it. First issues encountered. The grey case was loose. There was a gap in the housing that was loose. That's not right. I tightened up all the screws I could find, and it seemed right. The blade cover appears to be incorrect. It was too tall for the narrow blade and too short for the red color. This one isn't huge but still a letdown, and made me feel uneasy about the overall product. The oil pump was primed, the tension on the saw was tightened, and the saw got to work. The chain jumped off the bar about 30 minutes in. Take it apart, put it back together and retension it. Maybe I didn't go tight enough. I gave it more. A few minutes later, a few cuts, and the chain jumps again. At one point I was frustrated, and realized the gear was mis-aligned, because the case had melted, causing the chain to be pushed off. From start to failure, how much time is working? About 90 minutes. I used an economy saw and a little Homelite that has plastic drive gears, and I know I wasn't overworking the saw. I called the 800 warranty number to make sure they were open, but they were closed and the manual said I need to cover shipping both ways. I got a replacement saw by 10am Saturday, thanks to Amazon. There is no charge. The one that was faulty was sent back off. If the company wants to investigate, I have the S/N. There are interesting things to note. The new one had a blade cover. The saw blade has a black form fitted to it. The screws were not loose. The oil pump took about 5 minutes to beprimed vs the last one taking 2.5 minutes. I was able to do a day of cutting without any issues, and the replacement looks just as good. We will see if it holds up. The old saw had a white background and red border, the new saw has a red background and white border. The S/N is printed on the label rather than on a sticker. The model # is the same on both saws, but the box is different. The experience left me leery of the replacement saw. If it makes it through the next 30 days, I will give it more stars because I am hopeful that it will continue to function. It's not a big deal when they say it has metal parts. The housing is plastic and prone to melting, and the drive gear is also plastic. The whole thing is shot when that happens.

9. WORX WG304 2 Electric Chainsaw Auto Tension

WORX WG304 2 Electric Chainsaw Auto Tension

Light weight: The lightweight design with the handle maximizes user comfort at only 9.7 lbs. With an 18” bar, you can fell larger trees, and with a powerful motor, you can get more done, faster. A TIGHTER CHAIN. The life of the bar and chain can be increased by using the clever auto-tension system. There is a churchyard. The auto-lubrication system keeps the chain well-oiled and running efficiently around the bar, for better cuts with less wasted energy. Stops quickly. The chain brake closes down the chain very quickly. That is peace of mind when you are operating a chainsaw. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. Grab it from any angle to gain leverage. Good grip. The over-mold handle gives you the perfect balance of comfort and control. Its design makes working as comfortable as possible.

Brand: Worx

👤This product is terrible. I cut down some light brush around the house after purchasing it in January of last year. When I went back to get it, it was leaking oil. A small amount at first but after a few times it was all oil on my floor. What a mess. I contacted Worx. They asked me if I kept it in a horizontal position. I store it in a horizontal position. I should drain the oil after each use, according to their reply. I wondered why I was spending so much time and money on oil after using it for a short time. She said it's in the owner manual. The manual doesn't mention oil leaks or how to prevent them, nor does it tell you about the chain saw leaks.

👤Someone put a plastic drive gear on a chainsaw. Check the photos. It lasted maybe 20 minutes. Unless there is a metal gear replacement, I don't know if I want a replacement.

👤Ok Amazon. This might be one of the most important purchases of my life. My husband has a chainsaw. I need something that is light for myself and not the Farm Boss. The old-growth forest is dying off in many areas. We were lucky. I am a small but mighty lady and the weight is important but endurance is even more important because I needed something that would last longer than a wireless but less cumbersome than a gas powered one. I have two hundred foot extension cords that are just about long enough for most projects. I have had to cut shrubs, dead pines, yearling "volunteers," saplings, heavy hardwoods, and even chop fallen 80 ft pines. The little guys are worth every penny. I left it out in a storm and it still works. The wood still cuts like a champ. It leaked oil, but for this price, it didn't matter. There is a gasket I could buy for it, and it's still 5 stars in my book. I have had it in 8 inch tree trunks a few times and it is a little over the recommended circumference. It came out okay with my help. My husband has a fancy chainsaw, but this electric chainsaw has done more on our property. I would buy again. I will probably wear it down at some point, but it just keeps going. I bought it a month ago. It will be worth it if it dies tomorrow.

👤Awesome for the price. This is my second, I bought one a few years ago and wore it out. This helped me get rid of the 15 year old maple tree. It was easy to do. I see complaints of leaking from others. I thought my first saw was a mistake, but I found the same thing with my second, so I think they should address it. I don't use it often, but it can be messy to store if it hasn't been emptied. This is a good tool for 50 dollars. I am not comfortable with a gas device that is messy after sitting, and it would most likely have starting issues. I'm glad I bought this saw.

10. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included 20262

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw Included 20262

The oiling system has a clear window to gauge oil level. The G-MAX 40V battery has no memory loss after charging. The ease of use and high cutting performance of the 12-inch steel chain and bar is due to its tool-less chain tensioning. The right amount of capabilities is delivered by the 3/8-inch chain pitch. Automatic oiler applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure longevity and optimal use with a translucent oil tank for clear view of oil level. Wrap around the handle to make it easier to use when trimming at different angles. This tool is compatible with the G-Max 2.0, but 40V G-Max and 40V Li-Ion batteries are not cross compatible. The Ah battery and the G-Max battery have batteries.

Brand: Greenworks

👤I almost fell over when I pulled starter cords and pumped primer bulbs until I almost fell over. Not! I did not use my 2 Poulan 16in. I have bought bar chainsaws. The battery life is the same as a tank of gas. I've taken down 40-50 foot high trees as big as I while running both of the Poulan's alternating. Don't think of this as a Kansas Tornado aftermath. You can get 400 pounds of firewood by taking it with the ATV and garden cart. You'll be able to fill the cart. The logs don't need to be split for the wood stove. I own the 8in. I have 2 batteries for the pole mounted chain saw. I rate that 5 stars as well. Christmas trees are cut off at the ground level. I would take this up into a tree if I had to take a limb off while climbing over a rope. It is 1 month shy of 70 years old. Everyone knows that Kansas springs. There was a new record for May flash flooding and tornado's. I have a creek that floods and some trees come down. I dragged the trunk with my tractor after cutting limbs. The barbed wire fence was damaged. I spied another 40 footer dead and was going to fall on the barbed wire fence again. It's necessary to remove. I couldn't touch my fingers because I put my arms around the trunk. I have a saw and batteries. Then made a cut on the other side. I did not have a wedge. I stopped. It was ready to fall. I nursed up my tractor and put the front bucket on the tree. I wanted it to go down where I wanted it. I have a bad shoulder and can't start the gas saws. I put them on the internet. They were sold for $60 at 8am today. I can't pull start- chain saws, weed eaters or lawn mower anymore. I ordered 16in. yesterday. The lawnmower has the same battery. I have a garden tractor but there are some spots where I can't ditch by the road. There were no gas chain saws, gas weed eaters, or gas push mower. All electric now on the shoulder. When you can get juice from the wall, why go to the gas station? Or off my solar panels. BUY...

👤The chainsaw quit working after a few hours of use. The battery lasted an unbelievably long time and it has plenty of power. When I loaded the third battery, I filled the oil and started to cut. The bar and chain were taken completely off and tried to turn the chain with no load. It seems like a motor issue. I can not recommend it as much as I love it. Took it apart to find the problem. It was easy for a mechanical engineer to find it. The 1st output shaft had a 6mm needle roller bearing. Pictures are attached. It appears that there was no lubrication around this bearing. The bearing is part number HK 0608 and it's for other people who experience this problem. For $6 you can find this bearing on the internet, if you're savvy enough to fix it.

11. Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium Cordless Chainsaw

Ryobi 18 Volt Lithium Cordless Chainsaw

Refer to the list for compatibility. The dimensions are 7.5 in. W x 8.25 in. x 22.50 in. H. The lightest person is at 6.2 lbs.

Brand: Ryobi

👤It was better than expected for a battery saw. Ignore the reviews from people who think a single, 18v battery is more powerful. I managed 5 rounds before I had to swap batteries. It was never built for that, but as a saw to keep in your car for emergencies, that and a couple of spare batteries could clear your path when you'd be stuck. I'm replacing this for limbing and attacking Scotch Broom because it's so much lighter than my little 30cc gas saw. I mostly got this to keep in my car, and for when I want to do some quick cuts without annoying the neighbors, but is has enough power to do way more, and is going to get used more than I was expecting. I only deducted a star because of the lack of automatic oiler, inconsistent oiling, and the fact that the big one is flawless, go figure. A great beginner saw, but with enough power to do some serious work.

👤This was bought to take down trees. The trunk was 6 inches from end to end. This is not a gas chain saw like the one I used to use. It is a chain saw. It's quiet, light, and only requires you to put in oil, which is what most suburban people do. You could have two batteries and be good. I used the saw for three hours on and off, and when I got to 3 bars on the saw battery, I was done with it. It cuts better than I thought. More power than I expected. I upgraded the chain because I read the stock chain wasn't very efficient. It was less than 15 bucks extra. The chain comes off very easily when I use the lube button, which is my #1 problem with this. If you want to cut again, hit the machine and run it for a minute. I'm used to a gas saw that doesn't last very long. I was overcompensating. The item was a 100% quality ryobi item. A perfect chain saw.

👤I bought this saw to use with the batteries and other things I have. These tools are very good for the homeowner. I can cut limbs up to 3 inches in diameter with the saw, but the chain that I use stutters and shutters when I try to cut it. I will purchase a replacement chain.

👤It is a good saw for trimming trees and shrubs. It isn't a saw that you are going to use all day. It's for quick cuts. The simple fix for the leaking bar oil is to turn the saw upside down. A good gas saw is a good choice if you are looking for a lumber jack's saw. The ryobi saw is perfect for its intended purpose, a quick trim on small to 5 inch limbs.

👤This little saw is amazing. I would normally use my gas chain saw to clear the brush in the wetlands. This makes it simpler. I can cut through the brush and cut down the small trees that have to be cleared.


What is the best product for electric chainsaw ryobi?

Electric chainsaw ryobi products from Earthwise. In this article about electric chainsaw ryobi you can see why people choose the product. Greenworks and Ryobi are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric chainsaw ryobi.

What are the best brands for electric chainsaw ryobi?

Earthwise, Greenworks and Ryobi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric chainsaw ryobi. Find the detail in this article. Ryobi, Worx and Ryobione+ are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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