Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine 100mm

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1. Portable Household Cigarette Automatic Transparent

Portable Household Cigarette Automatic Transparent

The Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine is small, light and easy to carry. You can make cigarettes wherever you want, even if you put it in your pocket. High quality is made of plastic and steel, whichmaximizing weight reduction on the basis of seeking sturdy quality. It works well and can fill a cigarette tube in a few seconds. It is easy to use. The density of your favorite tobacco or cigarette can be adjusted by rotating the Blue gear. You can save a lot of money by making your own cigarettes. The instructions say to connect the power cord, cut the tobacco into the feeding port, press the start button, and then smoke. If you have any complaints about the product. They will reply to you within 24 hours. I hope you have a pleasant online shopping experience.

Brand: Zwq

👤I like this cigarette roller. It's so easy to use, and you don't have to worry about waste since you can just put it back in the chute. The machines I've had were more expensive but hard to use. If you tried to put tobacco back in that had already been shredded, they would jam you. You had to pack the tobacco down in the hopper in other machines, which caused my hands to hurt. The button was hard to press, but with this machine's, you can just use one finger to press the button. The machine doesn't tear the tube at the end. It is easy to put the tube on the filling shaft when the tubes are crimped in their box. I would recommend this to anyone who rolls their own cigarettes.

👤I wanted this machine to work. While it rolls a perfectly rolled cigarette, it chops up the tobacco so it falls out. It's really bad when lit embers fall onto your lap. The machine can't get a hold of anything and you have to shove the tobacco down into the hopper. I was hoping that the machine would save time, but the cigarettes it rolls are dangerous to smoke. I don't have to worry about embers falling off and lighting everything on fire because I can roll a cigarette on my machine in about the same time.

👤There is no grinder for tobacco. It's not strong enough to pack the tube, with the strands it leaves in the cigarette. The result is that flaming coals drop everywhere. This is being sold to people. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. I don't think anyone should purchase this.

👤If you refuse to quit smoking and you notice the prices keep going up, this is a good way to save.

👤I expected the cord to fit into the machine and have power to run it. Plug only goes halfway. I used a shorter cord and it fit. For now at least. I need to play with it and get each one packed. I only gave it one star because it didn't have the right cord.

👤I was happy to see how efficient it was. Smoking is not a story. The tip is off. I have burned myself many times. Roll by hand. I'm very disappointed.

👤In Alaska cigarettes cost 10 dollars a pack. I'm paying 17 dollars for more than a carton. This is so easy to use and save a lot of money.

👤It works well and is compact. The product is great for money.

👤Deuxime machine a rouler. Marche et donne. Seuls points out le tabac tombe des tubes l'extrémité de chaque cigarettes. Autre point le tabac en canne is plus sec. L'ont mentionnés le tabac, it's de la cigarette lorsqu'on en fume, sur le divan,la table et le sol. A part c'est un produit pas cher.

2. Gambler 100mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

Gambler 100mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

The machine is used to make cigarettes. Injects tobacco into tubes. Light and easy to use. It's great for the first time users. Extra nozzles and a compressor are included.

Brand: Gambler

👤Worthless! After waiting over a week for the item to be shipped, I was told by Amazon that I would get a second one free for the hassle, and that the first one was undeliverable. I've tried filling the cigarette tubes by hand, but it really sucks. I haven't had a good cigarette yet. I have to use a pencil to repack the tip of the paper tube because it keeps getting cut off in a half circle. Half the time the tube gets stuck after filling and the cigarette gets stuck in the filler. Tobacco gets stuck around the nozzle making it hard to fit the tube on. I have followed the instructions and watched the videos. I got what I paid for.

👤The roller has two problem areas. It is difficult to push back over tobacco. This may not be easy if you have arthritis. The paper tears up the ends a little as it is pushed out. It is worth the low price for occasional use. You may want to give this one a rolling quantity.

👤I've used them many times and they work well. I put it in my purse. Even the metal crank method machines have a limited life span, if you're only using one device. It depends on how moist the tobacco is and how well it is loaded, as another poster said in the questions area. A learning curve can be frustrating. It's good for travel and can be tucked in a small bag or purse. The advertising picture is my biggest problem. I know... Under the "Description area", it states that you only get the machine and not the rolling tubes. I skimmed the text since I've used these before. My bad. I had to order more tubes to keep up with demand. Change the picture and clearly advertise the product. Thanks!

👤This thing is garbage. There are spaces throughout the cigarette because the tobacco packs are so loose. It just fills the tip of the tube if you pack it tighter. I guess you get what you pay for. I have a manual and electric powermatic that work well and I know how to use a tobacco injector. I bought this to keep in my emergency go bag with a small container of tobacco. I'll be buying another manual to keep in it.

👤The place where you put the paper tube in is surrounded by the bottom piece making it impossible to clear stray peaces of tabbaco. I've never seen a roller like that before. The top piece doesn't go all the way down so I have to use one hand. Was this product tested? How can mistakes be made? Do they care? No.

👤I only used a handful of the hundred tubes I bought. The tubes don't fill completely, and it jams up pretty easily. They tend to burn a lot of ash with the light fill. Read reviews and spend more on ones that get good reviews.

👤The Gambler is a better hand held machine than most. "Sago" tubes are the only tube brand that stands up to the machines with minimal problems. I use "premier" tubes. I use the "New Top O Matic" machine to make my RYO cigarettes. The Gambler machine is a great substitute when I'm away from home.

3. Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine

Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine

If you have any complaints about the product. They will reply to you within 24 hours. I hope you have a pleasant online shopping experience. A pack of cigarettes can be made in two minutes. Fresh Choice tobacco has an unlimited warranty.

Brand: Revolution

👤Take it for the worth of the rating, because I am not typical for rating 5. It's very difficult to get everything right when packing cigarettes. To make sure the machine works properly, you will have to buy a moisture meter. It takes a lot of time to get your first cigarette. I have been using this machine for a month now and I am very satisfied with the results. I have gotten 100% satisfaction with the quality of cigarette I get. I am sure there is something that I am missing, but I start the drying of tobacco on a metal pan lined with a thin piece of cardboard, once the tobacco is at optimal level of moisture it packs quickly. 80% of the satisfaction with the cigarette comes from the idea that I have to be careful with the cigarettes I smoke. I have to feel the entire cigarette with my fingers to make sure there are no pockets and I have to pack the individual cigarette and lose 10% of the smoke. I understand that the machine won't be as expensive as the $2.5k machine, but that's why it's 5 x's less. The amount of tobacco to dry out is a problem I have not been able to solve. If you pour a pan of tobacco, it will get too dry at the end of your packing, if you pour too little, you will be waiting for the optimal level of hydration before you can pack. I don't have time for a scientific model of microwave and lettuce, but I have tried some of the suggestions. The machine is bulky even though it is small. The cleaning is hard. I packed a carton of cigarettes in 30 minutes. If you follow the directions on the tobacco's humidity, you can guess how much tobacco you need in each cigarette. It is very easy to use; sprinkle in your tobacco, press a couple of buttons, and the machine will do it for you. The machine will cut your cigarette making in half if you don't want to waste a lot of time packing. The cigarette makers machine is a compact- home version. Not every cigarette will be perfect, but your yield will be higher than the manual power machine that is most popular. There is very little to do in making cigarettes. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤It allows me to roll packs quickly. The quality and ease of use is excellent, but the soft rubber holder of the tubes needs to be replaced annually. I suppose that is not a big deal, since the material for these parts must be made of something that lasts a long time. It's best to have spare parts on hand. This is my second purchase of this machine, the first one lasted over ten years, and this one looks like it might even exceed that with proper treatment and cleaning. There is a learning curve when it comes to how moist your tobacco should be. Highly recommend drying the tobacco to a uniform percent of the humidity. I think 13-15% is the best for me. Store bought tobacco is usually 20% or more wet. The room temp air works well for drying.

4. NEWTRY Cigarette Electric Automatic Injector

NEWTRY Cigarette Electric Automatic Injector

It is easy to use. The flip-top hopper is large enough to make a lot of smokes. This product is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, so that you can make anywhere and anytime. The structure of the machine is easy to operate. A perfect gift, healthier. You can save a lot of money by making your own gifts. A perfect gift for a family member. The product is made of plastic which is not harmful to the environment. The material is transparent. Steel tubing is durable. The outlet is made of STAINLESS STEEL, which is not easy to rust, and has a long service life. The adjusted swing is ADJUSTABLE SWITCH---. The machine is able to adjust the tightness of the material.

Brand: Newtry

👤The machine makes a great looking cigarette, but when you light it up, it starts smoking. When tobacco is injected into a cigarette tub, it can be twisted or screwed. The flam or cherry is on the side of the cigarette. Any problem that comes in falls off an burn. You have to light the cigarette again. I burned my pants and seat in my car. The flam or cherry that burned my pants was the same one that burned the carpet at the store. The flam or cherry can be dangerous. I think the machine needs to be improved a little. The pictures show every cigarette I made. There are cigarettes with this machine. I would like to thank the return policy for their fast response. I'm looking for a better machine. Thank you and wish me luck. cli10

👤The system is made out of plastic, it takes about a minute to rope every cigarette if you use it, and it has a battery that can be charged from a power source. The time it takes is something most smokers don't want to wait, and for my sister who I bought a fork it became more of a nuisance.

👤This is not a machine. I tried to roll a decent cigarette but couldn't. It was a bad buy. Lesson learned.

👤I gave my mom a one of these. She likes watching it because it saves her a lot of time. I have purchased 3 of them and they have been worth it.

👤I'll give it 30% because it's not very good at making cigarettes.

👤It worked well for a couple of weeks. Just stop! There is a sad reminder of what was once my hard earned money. It goes into the trash. Another mistake! I give up. I will warn family, friends and the public to whom I speak if I recommend you.

👤The idea behind the machine was good, but it ends up making poor cigarettes, because it is screw driven, and the cigarette doesn't burn good, and the adjustment screw doesn't work. This machine is useless at making cigarettes, so save yourself $20 and buy a better machine.

5. Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine 100mm

Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine 100mm

The cigarette injector is electric. It can be king size and 100mm.

Brand: Top-o-matic

👤I love it. I have had machines that have been difficult to use. You have to pull the handle down to fill the cigarettes. Powerole is very easy to use. I don't mind smoking anymore. When I first used it, I was amazed at how easy it was to fill the cigarettes. I could either fill my cigarettes tightly packed or just filled normally, whichever I chose. It is much easier to unjam a machine that is jammed up than a machine that is not. It's easier to keep clean. There is a cover at the bottom that prevents tobacco from going into the machine and the cover can be removed easily if you want to get tobacco from the machine. I just vacuum the tobacco that got inside after taking my nozzle from my sweeper. I like this machine very much. It is very durable.

👤I bought the same one a year and a half later and it still works the same way. Must buy for people who want to roll cigarettes quickly. The Poweroll 2 has done everything I needed it to do since I bought it in December. The quality is perfect and the insides are solid metal so it should last a long time. The second part is here. I used a plastic roller that did 100s and Kings and it worked well. If you have any problems with your hands and wrists, this thing is a killer and it adds even more time. I used a big metal hand cranking one from top-o-matic and it worked well, but there were hand and wrist problems that came into play. I've been very happy ever since I bought this one. If I'm paying attention, I can roll a pack of cigarettes in less than 5 minutes. It's very solid, easy to use, easy to clean, and time saver. It's easier to get a cigarette now, and you'll smoke more if you use the cheap one.

👤I have lowered my rating from 5 stars to 1 because the machine broke after a month of use and rolled about 4 cartons of cigarettes. It's not why I lowered my rating, but because of their warranty terms, which I hadn't read until it broke. I don't think a machine that breaks is a warranty. The one year warranty does not extend to the replacement or repaired device. You have to pay to have it fixed or repaired if it breaks again, so you are out of luck. It's ironic that a company that has a business policy that ensures no repeat customers since we won't want to buy this brand again, has an entire business based on addicted customers. This is the best cigarette machine I have ever used, and I have tried many different kinds of machines in the past 10 years. I like ZEN brand tubes because they are the cheapest, and they worked perfectly with this machine. The ATHEY brand of cigarettes work great with this machine. I use a cheap tobacco brand that is cut like pipe tobacco for the sake of lower tax rates on pipe tobacco. The machine worked perfectly even with coarse cut tobacco. I rolled a 1 pound bag of tobacco while watching TV. It would have taken less than half of the time if I was not watching TV. The savings for these cigarettes paid for the machine the first time I used it is different for me in Tennessee than it is in the U.S. The machine does not shred tobacco, which means cigarettes don't usually drop the fire from the tip. Trying to roll the fine, dusty bits left as the bottom of a bag of tobacco can also produce cigarettes that easily "lose their cherry", so I usually mix the end of one bag with fresh tobacco from a new bag to avoid this problem. I have arthritis in my hands that makes it harder to operate the crank handle, so I have been using a Gambler orange injector for about 5 years, but I have been using a different one. This machine is great if you have used other spoon type tubes. It works the same, but you just press the bar and the motor does all the hard work. The machine isn't automatic. If you put the tube on the nozzle and press the tobacco into the slot, you only need to gently press the lid closed rather than twisting the crank. The button to fill the tube is part of the safety lid that protects your fingers, and only requires a small amount of fingertip pressure to fill the tube. I was hoping that fully automatic injectors would be affordable by now, but they are more expensive than I thought, and most consumer models still have problems. It seems that affordable fully automatic machines are unable to perform the same tasks as our fingers. This machine does a lot of the task of the tobacco being put into the tube. The machine makes less noise than the manual machine. When you pulled the crank handle, my old injector made a loud clanking noise. When you press the button to fill the tube, the machine's electrical motor only makes a small noise. The motor can't be activated while you are pressing tobacco into the fill slot because it has a lid over it. The design of the lid and button is a great safety feature, as I find it easier to press the tobacco into the fill slot using my fingers. If you are used to other spoon injectors, you will be able to make perfect cigarettes with ease, even if you don't know how much tobacco to press down into the slot. I like the shape of the bin. It has enough tobacco for a few cigarettes, which speeds up the routine. It will make a mess if you don't have a tray to catch tobacco. The machine is half the size of my old one. I had to sit at a table to operate my old machine, but this one is easy to use, and a lap tray on the sofa makes it easy to use. I used the new electrical injector to roll enough cigarettes for a month while sitting on the sofa with a tray in my lap and watching the news on a Friday night. I wanted to give it a fair review for a novice since I have used similar machines before, so I tried things I have learned not to do. I tried some that was dry and some that was wet. I tried putting tobacco that was not tightly packed and mashing in too much. I tried to get some fines out of the bag. I got a partially filled cigarette with overly dry tobacco that wasn't packed in well. The machine jammed when I pressed too much tobacco into the slot, used tobacco that was too wet, or the dry powdered bits at the bottom of the bag. The machine handled the jams well. I was able to press the bar again without having a tube mounted, and the machine ejected the tobacco. It was easy to clear the jam by turning the machine upside down and putting a rod into the nozzle. The machine has 2 brushes for cleaning and a steel rod for clearing jams. I use a bamboo skewer to clear jams with my old manual Gambler brand injector. These bamboo sticks are useful for all sorts of fixit tasks. I use bamboo to clear jams of the cigarette machines, so I'm sure I won't apply too much pressure or break anything inside the machine. If you are new to rolling your own cigarettes, I can give you some advice. If you want to quit smoking, first you have to stop smoking, and then you have to buy a machine to smoke. Don't waste money buying a cheaper machine if you want better cigarettes that cost less, buy this one. Regular brand cigarettes are better than cheap roll your own tobacco. If you buy a second bag of tobacco, you will have already saved the cost of the machine, so your cigarettes from then on will be a quarter of the cost. Most cigarette brands add extra chemicals to make them burn more evenly, 888-270-6611 When I ran out of tobacco, I bought a couple of packs of Marlboros and was amazed at how they made my throat burn after smoking a few. I'm not saying that roll your owns will be any less bad, just that they are more enjoyable. I switched the back lever on the machine to produce 100s and it worked better. The King tubes were not being completely filled, with about a quarter of an inch left empty at the opening. Tobacco was not being injected into the tube because it was snug against the filter. It leaves a bit of tobacco at the end of the tube when it is set for 100s. I had the same issues with my old manual injector. I prefer to brush off extra tobacco from the end, rather than having tubes that aren't fully loaded. I smoked 100s before I started rolling my own cigarettes, but I have found that 100s are harder to get well filled with. I had more problems with tobacco not filling snug against the filter inside the tubes than with some injectors. This may not sound like a big deal, but when you draw on the cigarette, the empty portion collapses without you getting any smoke from the cigarette. The 100 tubes would often have a gap inside next to the filter, which made it difficult to smoke, unless I had the tobacco at the right humidity and packed it right. The machine would jam very frequently if I tried to pack enough tobacco to make sure the 100 tubes were filled. I haven't tried 100 tubes with this injector, but I think it will work better for Kings than 100s, because it works just like a manual machine, except with an electrical motor to replace wrist and elbow power. If you have problems with 100s, try using King tubes. I was accustomed to Kings for a quarter the cost after 30 years of smoking 100s. The machine works best if the tobacco is humid when you open the bag. If you're new to rolling your own cigarettes, you will get used to how the tobacco feels and when it needs a bit more moist or dry. The tobacco in my cigarettes is a bit more humid than the injectors prefer. You can buy empty wooden cigar boxes at your local tobacco store. I have a few wooden cigar boxes with buttons in them that allow me to roll 500 cigarettes in an evening and keep them fresh and humid.

6. Prestige Group Powermatic Cigarette Injector

Prestige Group Powermatic Cigarette Injector

There is a limited warranty on the cleaning kit. Titanium Plated Compessor. The parts are high quality. Regular and 100mm cigarettes are made. No more arm twisting!

Brand: Powermatic

👤I opened the box after receiving the powermatic. I was angry immediately. The Powermatic I does not use low grade metal connecting arms that can bend, H-Links that can potentially go out of alignment, or rivets that can pop loose, according to the product description. The crank handle is forged. All the lies! The crank handle is made of plastic. I have yet to roll a cigarette with this machine, and I am very skeptical about its quality. I will update this review after some use, but for now this roller gets a 1 star rating for lying to people. It's not a good way to keep customers.

👤I ordered this machine to be a backup for my un branded top-o-magic type device. The Powermatic 1+ device was a big mistake. The machine had pieces rattling inside when it was received. I found a screw and piece of a plastic screw post when I disassembled the back cover to remove the debris. The body is made of plastic. All of the screw posts are single use. The machine becomes non-repairable when the metal rods tear apart. The handle is made from worse plastic and locks in the down position, and one has to pull it up manually, because the spring is not strong enough to release it. I tried to use it for the first time, but the cigarette tube was not held in place, so the tobacco was pushed away, not allowing the last to be put inside. After the first try, I sent this machine back to Amazon. The reason for good earlier reviews is that these machines were OK in the past. The manufacturer did a terrible cost reduction that made these machines useless. I prefer to use my un branded top-o-matic, which is made of metal and is repairable.

👤The machine has been in use for almost 3 years. The key to keeping it working is to remove the rubber feet on the back, take out the 5 screws, and clean it out when it starts to stick a bit. I put a drop of sewing machine oil on the sliding part and worked it back and forth, then wiped the excess and grit with a tissue a few times. If you don't do this it will accumulate tobacco dust. The pull down handle is a lot easier to use than other machines and when it works well the action is very smooth. Ready to buy another one because this one is worn out.

👤I have tried many cig machines and have always found Powermatic to be superior to their competitors. Not anymore. Powermatic has cheapened the lever. They use a soft/pliable PLASTIC instead of a metal lever. The lever sways to the left and right when you pull it down. I measured the movement and found it moved between the left and right. If you make one carton of cig a week, you will have moved 10,400 time in a year. I don't think that lever will last for that many pulls. Sorry Powermatic. I will have to look at your competition for my next machine.

7. PoweRoll Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

PoweRoll Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

King Size Cigarettes are made. spoon driven injection It makes evenly packed and burning cigarettes.

Brand: Top-o-matic

👤I work on ships. I've tried different rolling machs. The hand roller works well. The tube bends. If you can fix it, it's not a problem. There are 2 elec rollers. I am on a ship all over the world and they did not last a week. Many smokers work for me. I have this mach. It is great. The crew is on a ship. I have a mach. Any one can use the log office. It gets used a lot. I'm pretty sure there are more than 12 cartons rolled a week. This mach lasted 14 months. There were no problems at all. There is a The gear broke. I got a new one. There is a If you want a good mach. This is it. C/E David.

👤This product is very easy to use. You need to pack the tobacco into the slot, but not over pack it. It can take some time to figure out how much tobacco you like. My husband has arthritis. He can use this machine easily. He takes about 15 minutes to roll a pack of cigarettes. This machine has been with us since June. It's still working great.

👤I am an engineer by trade and bought the Powermatic ll almost 2 years ago. I had never purchased an electric injector before. I was very pleased with the product and I thought the cigarettes it made were perfect. It wasn't packing the cigarettes like it was in the beginning. The tobacco build up inside the product made it hard for the motor to push the injector and make bad cigarettes. I put some grease on the slide and taped some coffee filters over the breather slots. It was making cigarettes again. I went to buy a new motor after it died. I mistakenly selected The Top-Omatic Power Roll and it arrived on my door step. I could not believe it when I tried it. The machine makes ciarettes not perfect. They made a machine for one size. This is one of the reasons that Kings are so good, and it is built very well. I was able to make a carton of cigarettes with no jams and everyone of them were perfect. I think I got lucky because I received this product by mistake. The Powermatic does a good job, but it makes cigarettes twice as good as it does. I canceled the order for my Powermatic after I made the first 10 cigarettes. I already used the powermatic for two years and I learned how to fix it, so I would have some back up parts. I would love to open it and see the differences in designs but I will not touch a product that works so well. Sometimes I hear a plastic sqeaking sound when I make a tube, but I don't know if it's a lack of lubrication or a broken hold down button. I hope it is not wearing out. I have a full year warranty and I know that my waste factor on tubes will be almost non exsistant. When you have a jam, don't force the issue by trying to clean it out twice, it's not good for the motor, and these machines are good for that. I found a way to make these machines last longer and fix a jam quicker. If they could add a clean out button to the machine, you will not have to worry about scratching the tobacco chamber or the injector. I made a bypass for my Powerematic ll, which works great, but you have to use the clean out tools, because the chamber is really jammed, and you can't cycle the machine and clear it out. You have a great product and a happy customer. This is one of the worst mistakes I have made.

8. RAW Plastic Adjustable Rolling Machine

RAW Plastic Adjustable Rolling Machine

The rolls are regular and slim. The product is powered by windmills. The plastic is authentic. Two way switch. It was made in the oldest rolling machine factory on the planet.

Brand: Raw

👤The plastic rollers are supposed to have little pegs on either side so they are held up when you roll it. The pegs on the one side are useless because they broke off. You can not return this item. I would like to see Amazon give negative star ratings.

👤I usually like all the RAW products, but I am not sure about this roller. It is very easy to use, however it rolls too tight. I have used both size options and it is the same every time. Either I am an idiot and doing something wrong, or this roller just rolls too tight.

👤I hated this roller at first, but now it is my favorite. I went for the Elements roller because it was easier to use than the Zig Zag roller. Smoking material fell inside the roller belt and broke it at the seams, making the roller easier to use. The bigger you roll, the worse it gets. The roller is harder to turn and break on the belt seams because it is easier to fill. I found the Elements roller hard to fill up but easier to turn than the zig zag roller, and it was much more durable than the Elements roller. I hated the Elements roller because it was too hard to fill where the roller belt didn't bend as naturally. You have to fill the roller quickly with large quantities to keep it from flipping out when the roller belt is not in use. You end up filling the Elements roller over and over again because it just keeps flipping back and forth until you become a professional at using it. The RAW roller is my favorite because it fills easy and stays filled easy. The Elements roller belt is more durable than the RAW roller, which is designed better. The pouch pocket on the RAW roller is used to hold the smoking stuff inside the bent belt so that it doesn't fall inside the roller belt and cause it to break. The Raw roller is harder to turn when the paper is inserted than the Elements roller, but due to design improvements it lasts longer and is the easiest to use, especially when rolling the larger sizes. The Raw roller is my favorite roller.

👤If you don't feel like buying one of these, you can just roll a good joint in seconds.

👤As soon as I lock the wheels for rolling they stop spinning and the vinyl becomes loose or trapped, I don't know what is wrong with me or this thing. It is impossible. I'm completely frustrated. Junk.

👤King size paper as well as rolls of tobacco WRAPS are included. The roller has two settings for size rolling circumfrances. Normal or pinners are allowed. It works great with hand rolled tips. Have nothing bad to say so far.

👤I'm grateful to the guy who directed me to this machine as a solution to having 8 cigarette holders, 5 of which had large openings, two medium and one small. I use a scale to weigh out my tobacco and the amount depends on which holder I'm going to use and which paper. I prefer the ZZ 100 papers and once I'm done with the Raw-110s, ZZ 100s will be the only ones I buy. Does ZZ make an orange colour? When rolling, you have to keep in mind the amount of tobacco that is moist. I rolled a raw with 1.2g of tobacco for my smallest holder and it fit one of my largest holders because the tobacco had dried out and expanded. Since then I've re-humidified the tobacco with a wet paper towel and moved it to a canning jar with a seal on it to try and keep it consistent. This machine is very versatile and can be used to get the perfect fit for handmade cigarette holders.

9. Tobacco Powermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Tobacco Powermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine

It's the newest hopper model, easy on/ easy off! The pneumatic intrusion is not included. This listing only includes the V2 ERGO 3D HOPPER. It's fast, it's easy, and it's less confusing. V2 Ergo 3D Hopper andEZ-Handle save time and money. Less time is spent refilling the tiny factory Hopper. It's easier to pull down the lever for larger sessions. It's less work. It's hysterical CAPACITY! V2 Ergo 3D Hopper holds enough tobacco to make approximately 40 cigarettes per fill. Excellent quality! Premium ECO plastic is 3D printed for an exact fit. Environmentally friendly materials. V2 is made in the USA. The deal is a Bundle deal. If you want to get just the V2 Ergo 3D Hopper by itself, you can simply search (B07KPXLXS6).

Brand: Dc Innovations

👤If you have the Powermatic 2, then you should get this. The Powermatic 2 imo should come with these two accessories. You can have 2.5 packs of tobacco before re-stocking, but you're looking at 2 cigarettes worth of tobacco at a time. There is a My snaps broke after 6 months of use. I used black electric tape to wrap it up. This is something I would recommend getting.

👤I love this! The handle makes it so much easier to roll more. I can see that if pressure is put on the handle it could cause a problem. The original metal handle supports the pressure and it works great.

👤The powermatic 2 machine can roll over two packs of cigarettes in a single roll, thanks to the large mouth of this hopper. The tobacco mess is kept to a minimum.

👤This thing can hold 2 packs. Please make one for the powermatic II. I like the extended handle. It is almost as fast as the powermatic 2. There is a You will love this if you have the lever model.

👤It works better than pinching a small amount of tobacco, just pour tobacco into it, and you can make 30 cigarettes before adding more.

👤I wish I had ordered it earlier, it would have made my life easier. Highly recommended.

👤Thank you guys, I'm safe, highly recommended.

👤It works great. If you make a lot of cigarettes, it's time saver.

10. Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector Version

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector Version

The most trusted brand for roll your own.

Brand: Sub

👤Very impressed. Very easy to use, good weight. The cost of smokes is going to go from 50 cents to less than 5 cents. Don't overfill and stuff the hopper for two reasons, adjust the amount of tobacco to your own preference, and never overfill. When the slide finally gives, you will have to stop the process, dig out all the tobacco and start over, because it will be very difficult to move. If you can't smoke an overstuffed result, you'll have to drag on it with enough force to pull a small car. Pack enough in the far left portion of the hopper to allow the fill to go all the way to the tip of the filter. If you don't make sure your fill goes all the way up, you'll get a floppy cigarette with an empty portion of the tube, but you can still smoke this, but you'll have to gently squeeze the cigarette so it reaches the filling. You can start all over again with a fresh tube. The most important thing is to get an even distribution of tobacco, and you can only get a feel for this by trial and error. Learning how to gently handle the tubes is the most difficult thing about using this injector. It's learning how to pack the tobacco into a container. A small learning curve is easy. I've never used a roller before but it was easy to use and intuitive. Beautifully packaged as well. Highly recommended.

👤It is getting worn out after almost two years of use as it is blowing out too many half-filled cigarette tubes and tobacco from the injector. It was a great injector for $20 and I saved loads of money not buying each pack or carton from a store. If you pack too much tobacco into the injector, it will be easy to use and forgive. Cleaning and clearing tools are included. I was able to make cigs faster than the Bugler pocket sized injector that I bought the first time, because I was able to make my own. The cheap Bugler injector tore a single cigarette tube after making hundreds of cigs, but the Powermatic injector never did. All cigs are packed with the right amount of tobacco. Went from $300 for brand cartons a month to about $60 a month for bags of tobaccos and tubes. I considered buying a Top-a-Matic injector, but the Powermatic one did a great job.

👤I'm very happy that I ordered this beauty. I've been stuck rolling cigarettes with an old type of slide injector because my large Premium roller died of old age. I had a hard time rolling because of my arthritis. I'm on a limited budget and couldn't afford to replace my old roller, so I decided to try it after reading the reviews. I couldn't be happier. I rolled 10 cigs within minutes. They included clear directions on a card. I plan on using it as my main roller for as long as it lasts. I will update if it falls apart, but I don't think there will be any problems. I like it more than my older unit.

11. Gambler Tabletop Cigarette Machine Injector

Gambler Tabletop Cigarette Machine Injector

King size and 100mm cigarettes are made. One year limited warranty.

Brand: Republic Tobacco Lp.

👤I have been doing this for 20 years. I know how to load a machine. This one is not good. A person makes half a cigarette. It's not returnable when I return. That's wrong. I am out 50 plus. I'm not happy. Don't buy this machine from this seller.

👤I received my machine a week ago. Right now, it is working well. I have a one year warranty on it. I will let you know in a year if it's still working well. My son and I make a daily pack. I don't think that should cause stress on the machine. After seven months, I had to replace a Top-o-Matic. I had good luck with the ONE before it. I don't believe we should have to replace every year. The tobacco should not be pushed into the chamber. I load a lot of tobacco on the chamber and it works. Don't push tobacco down. Good luck to all of us.

👤This is one of the best rolling machines we have. It lasted over 6 years. I learned to be more gentle with it so it will last longer and I can get my cigarettes at a better price with this machine. I highly recommend it. You can roll medical marijuana cigarettes.

👤There were no issues with the roller from day one. It's junk a couple months later. Doesn't work.

👤I went through several of these because the parts wear out fast. It can't handle humidity and is worse with dry "tube cut" The powermatic 2 is a good investment.

👤The cheaper ones seem to have a smooth action but don't last as long. This is more difficult to use than the cheaper ones. You have to pack it in a way that it won't hurt. I am at a loss.

👤The primer machine had to be rebuilt after 4 months of service and filled each king. Every time you play the gambler, you get 100% king fill. It works best with tobacco. I chop down the fluffy loose ribbons with scissors prior to filling, I take enough tobacco to fill about 25 and make 10 or 12 random scissor cuts into the pile prior to loading. Each cig burns longer with no issues on the draw. I have a 16oz bag of OHM.

👤I don't expect them to last for many years, but this one hasn't lasted more than 2 months. The tubes were stopped at the end. I'm not sure if I got a bad one or if the quality has gone down. It's still cheaper than buying packs.


What is the best product for electric cigarette rolling machine 100mm?

Electric cigarette rolling machine 100mm products from Zwq. In this article about electric cigarette rolling machine 100mm you can see why people choose the product. Gambler and Revolution are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric cigarette rolling machine 100mm.

What are the best brands for electric cigarette rolling machine 100mm?

Zwq, Gambler and Revolution are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric cigarette rolling machine 100mm. Find the detail in this article. Newtry, Top-o-matic and Powermatic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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