Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine for Filtered Cigarettes

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1. Powermatic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Powermatic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

It can be king size and 100mm. spoon track for smooth injection A high precision cutter is needed for a better compression result. There is a clear hopper for holding more tobacco. It makes 100mm cigarettes.

Brand: Powermatic

👤I am not a fan of shopping for products so I read reviews, watch videos and look at product demos before I make a purchase. I chose the Powermatic IV Electric Roller after doing all of those. I wasn't too far into my due diligence before I placed my order. I was checking my delivery status daily. Couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I had already purchased tobacco products so I would be ready when the delivery came. It was all I dreamed it would be when I opened the box. I was impressed by the look and feel of the product. It was very well made and didn't feel cheap. It is a tank. I got to it quickly. I was ready to leave. I just got an eye roll. :D What can I say? I used the Powermatic to roll cigarette after cigarette, at first. If you have ever used a manual crank tube injectors, it is almost impossible to not screw up a few rolls along the way. There is a I was with a success rate of 40 cigarettes without incident, but then the machine started jamming. The instructions provided by the manufacturer were clear and easy to follow, so I paused on the first jam. Nowadays, you don't see much with any product. The instructions warn of a case of unbalanced tobacco distribution, but I wasn't overloading the chamber and it wasn't a case of that. I read them. We don't throw them out if they don't make sense. It just started to jam. Once the chamber was clear, I used the provided brush to make sure there was no tobacco stuck to the injection shaft, and then I activated the shaft once again to make sure no tobacco was stuck to it. It was clear to get back to it. I rolled out about three cigarettes and it jammed up. I cleared that jam again. If you can't fill the tube, then you're wasting money on tubes and I tried using less tobacco and that worked without incident. The machine was only okay for a short time in the chamber, which left about three-sixteenths of a inch of space between where the tobacco stopped and the tip of the tube, not the butt end. Sometimes the tobacco wouldn't make it back to the butt end of the tube. I used to be able to fill the tube to the brim, but now I have to jam after jam and trust me, it wasn't my jam at all. After my first successful run of rolling, these were out of the blue and made no sense. I slowly added more tobacco to see if I could get back to the quality of rolling I had seen initially but once I reached the amount of tobacco needed to fill a tube the Powermatic started jamming. My enthusiasm faded quickly. 40 cigarettes rolled and then malfunctioned. I noticed a change in the way my rolling went. The tobacco injection shaft pushes the tobacco into the tube while the shoot extends to grip the top of the tube. When the lever moves to the down position and the shaft extends into the tube, the little gripper releases as the shaft pulls back into the unit, allowing the cigarette to drop freely. I believe that mechanical failure may have caused the change in rolling, as I noticed that this little gripper was still holding the tube tightly, not releasing as it had on successful rolling. I don't know. I didn't know what to think of the machine, but I did it in a short time and I wanted a good experience. It was shocking to find that something that looked and felt so durable to the touch wouldn't last as long as a manual crank tube injector. The Powermatic didn't meet my expectations and I think I got a rare lemon. It happens. Hopefully it works for you if you choose to go with it. I uploaded a video of the Powermatic working. I used it as my subject matter to try out some new film gear I had just purchased. In the video, you can see how the tube rests on the shoot, a little gripper holding it in place and how the shaft injects the tobacco, the tube drops down at a 45 degree angle and freely pulls away. The cigarettes were rolled. There is a short clip at the end showing one of the problems that happened when it wasn't jamming. The little gripping mechanism has started to cause jamming. I hope my experience helps you.

2. TOP Top Cigarette Machine

TOP Top Cigarette Machine

Extra Nozzle and a Tamper were included. The top quality will last longer than most.

Brand: Top

👤The only roller that I use is the top quality one that will last at least one year.

👤This is my second one. The first seven years did not go smoothly. I bought this one because it still works. They smoke like factory rolled cigs, and it's cheaper than buying a pack. It's very easy to pack a smoke once you get the hang of packing it right. I use a big bag of pipe tobacco that works great with bugler, TOP, and other regular rolly tobacco.

👤The simplest, basic, barebones way to smoke is cheap and lasts a long time.

👤I was happy with the fast shipping and the quality of the product, I have had it for years and it is a great product. Thank you.

👤Pack a tube with the most cost-effective method. It makes the perfect cig if your fixing is not too damp or dry and you are using the right amount of fixings. I can make 20 in the same time it takes me to smoke 1.

👤Muy herramienta para entubar. Tuve de emergencia porque olvide la mia. It's a good thing that the es is mejor. El plastico tienes mas facil. te sugiero practica hasta, logres saber la cantidad de tabco y la fuerza. Si ya tienes experience con tubos, una alternativa, a un buen precio. Veremos. A largo plazo.

👤I am very disappointed with this roller. I was expecting better quality from Tops. The machine jams the cigarette at the end. The tubes are hard to get on. I end up throwing half of my cigarettes away because they don't pack well and they tend to fall apart. I will be buying a new brand soon.

👤I have the same roller that I bought at 1/2 the price that is better than this, even if the top comes off, and I roll a cigarette every time. It is better than the new one. I rolled 10 cigarettes and they all had holes. There is a The only problem with my old one is that it is worn out and the top handle comes off after every cigarette I roll. They come out perfect. Poor quality, overpriced and long wait for delivery.

👤I think this is the best machine to make cigarettes. Sturdy and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

👤The package works well, it was detailed in good condition.

3. Daycount® Automatic Cigarette Tobacco Smoking

Daycount%C2%AE Automatic Cigarette Tobacco Smoking

Preventions of waste. The roller machine allows you to hand-roll perfect cigarettes without wasting any product. Everything is easy, quick, and fun, so you can relax with your smoke. The DEVILMAYCARE cigarette or joint roller is a convenient way to roll cigarettes. The material is made of high quality metal. It's easy to use, strong and durable, and it's modern style. The Devil's Advocate cigar roller is a fast way to roll cigarettes. A small clip is needed to roll a better cigarette. Saving money makes rolling your own cigarettes easy.

Brand: Daycount

👤It's easy to use, but like everyone else who writes a review, this product stopped working before it broke down. It got into a fight with a hammer. The fight was lost.

👤This roller is the best I've ever owned. It is a very functional design. The roller mat in the picture is the only issue that I've run into. The rubber backing on the mat started to oxidize and I would find weird green scraps in my tobacco, probably because the plastic lining on the back was thin. I peeled the rest of it off after I figured out where it came from, and it still rolls fine. I ordered this product a few months ago and waited to review it to see how it would hold up, and it hasn't failed me once. The rolling machine worked perfectly out of the box, but I would recommend adding mineral oil to the roller track and all the moving joints to reduce metal on metal contact. If you like to tinker with your toys, they did not crimp the roll pins holding the mat so you can use a flat head screwdriver to take the mat out and change it out. The rolling machine is a must have for a smoker.

👤This thing is terrible. It is sturdy. You get what you pay for, but it is baggy and loose. My weed spilled all over me when the filter fell out. If you have trouble rolling by hand, I suggest using a pen. It's hard to use as well. You have been warned not to waste your money on this.

👤The product arrived with the prime shipping option but was damaged on the roller and did not work for rolling cigerettes due to the nylon cloth being too smooth to grip the papers and make the roll motion. I was looking forward to receiving this item, however I am very disappointed that it is not easy to use and does not do what it is designed to do.

👤It rolls 70mm cigarettes. If you buy papers that are 75mm in length, you need to buy a machine that can cut them shorter, otherwise you have to cut them shorter.

👤After reading reviews, I was skeptical. I read the directions and it works. The clip was inside the tray.

👤I bought this in May. I tried to like this cigarette roller, but it was an epic fail. I have used a cigarette roller box for decades, and I have rolled my own cigarettes in a similar case since the mid 1990's. I adjusted the machine's apron to the'smaller' setting after rolling about 2 dozen ciggys with this box. I use a filter and roll with American spirit and I know that the cigarettes were too loose to enjoy a good smoke, but I know that it's not my fault. I gave up on this tin and put it into my old roller, and now I am getting great rolls. I might buy something from them if they just sold a set of 3 aprons for this price. If you are using this to roll joints, or if you don't care how large your ciggys are, your experience might be different from mine. I prefer ciggys that are the same size as store bought cigarettes, that aren't too loose or tight. I gave this 2 stars because I could use the apron in my other machine. $7 was a lot for just an apron.

4. Gambler Tabletop Cigarette Machine Injector

Gambler Tabletop Cigarette Machine Injector

King size and 100mm cigarettes are made. One year limited warranty.

Brand: Republic Tobacco Lp.

👤I have been doing this for 20 years. I know how to load a machine. This one is not good. A person makes half a cigarette. It's not returnable when I return. That's wrong. I am out 50 plus. I'm not happy. Don't buy this machine from this seller.

👤I received my machine a week ago. Right now, it is working well. I have a one year warranty on it. I will let you know in a year if it's still working well. My son and I make a daily pack. I don't think that should cause stress on the machine. After seven months, I had to replace a Top-o-Matic. I had good luck with the ONE before it. I don't believe we should have to replace every year. The tobacco should not be pushed into the chamber. I load a lot of tobacco on the chamber and it works. Don't push tobacco down. Good luck to all of us.

👤This is one of the best rolling machines we have. It lasted over 6 years. I learned to be more gentle with it so it will last longer and I can get my cigarettes at a better price with this machine. I highly recommend it. You can roll medical marijuana cigarettes.

👤There were no issues with the roller from day one. It's junk a couple months later. Doesn't work.

👤I went through several of these because the parts wear out fast. It can't handle humidity and is worse with dry "tube cut" The powermatic 2 is a good investment.

👤The cheaper ones seem to have a smooth action but don't last as long. This is more difficult to use than the cheaper ones. You have to pack it in a way that it won't hurt. I am at a loss.

👤The primer machine had to be rebuilt after 4 months of service and filled each king. Every time you play the gambler, you get 100% king fill. It works best with tobacco. I chop down the fluffy loose ribbons with scissors prior to filling, I take enough tobacco to fill about 25 and make 10 or 12 random scissor cuts into the pile prior to loading. Each cig burns longer with no issues on the draw. I have a 16oz bag of OHM.

👤I don't expect them to last for many years, but this one hasn't lasted more than 2 months. The tubes were stopped at the end. I'm not sure if I got a bad one or if the quality has gone down. It's still cheaper than buying packs.

5. Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine 100mm

Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine 100mm

The cigarette injector is electric. It can be king size and 100mm.

Brand: Top-o-matic

👤I love it. I have had machines that have been difficult to use. You have to pull the handle down to fill the cigarettes. Powerole is very easy to use. I don't mind smoking anymore. When I first used it, I was amazed at how easy it was to fill the cigarettes. I could either fill my cigarettes tightly packed or just filled normally, whichever I chose. It is much easier to unjam a machine that is jammed up than a machine that is not. It's easier to keep clean. There is a cover at the bottom that prevents tobacco from going into the machine and the cover can be removed easily if you want to get tobacco from the machine. I just vacuum the tobacco that got inside after taking my nozzle from my sweeper. I like this machine very much. It is very durable.

👤I bought the same one a year and a half later and it still works the same way. Must buy for people who want to roll cigarettes quickly. The Poweroll 2 has done everything I needed it to do since I bought it in December. The quality is perfect and the insides are solid metal so it should last a long time. The second part is here. I used a plastic roller that did 100s and Kings and it worked well. If you have any problems with your hands and wrists, this thing is a killer and it adds even more time. I used a big metal hand cranking one from top-o-matic and it worked well, but there were hand and wrist problems that came into play. I've been very happy ever since I bought this one. If I'm paying attention, I can roll a pack of cigarettes in less than 5 minutes. It's very solid, easy to use, easy to clean, and time saver. It's easier to get a cigarette now, and you'll smoke more if you use the cheap one.

👤I have lowered my rating from 5 stars to 1 because the machine broke after a month of use and rolled about 4 cartons of cigarettes. It's not why I lowered my rating, but because of their warranty terms, which I hadn't read until it broke. I don't think a machine that breaks is a warranty. The one year warranty does not extend to the replacement or repaired device. You have to pay to have it fixed or repaired if it breaks again, so you are out of luck. It's ironic that a company that has a business policy that ensures no repeat customers since we won't want to buy this brand again, has an entire business based on addicted customers. This is the best cigarette machine I have ever used, and I have tried many different kinds of machines in the past 10 years. I like ZEN brand tubes because they are the cheapest, and they worked perfectly with this machine. The ATHEY brand of cigarettes work great with this machine. I use a cheap tobacco brand that is cut like pipe tobacco for the sake of lower tax rates on pipe tobacco. The machine worked perfectly even with coarse cut tobacco. I rolled a 1 pound bag of tobacco while watching TV. It would have taken less than half of the time if I was not watching TV. The savings for these cigarettes paid for the machine the first time I used it is different for me in Tennessee than it is in the U.S. The machine does not shred tobacco, which means cigarettes don't usually drop the fire from the tip. Trying to roll the fine, dusty bits left as the bottom of a bag of tobacco can also produce cigarettes that easily "lose their cherry", so I usually mix the end of one bag with fresh tobacco from a new bag to avoid this problem. I have arthritis in my hands that makes it harder to operate the crank handle, so I have been using a Gambler orange injector for about 5 years, but I have been using a different one. This machine is great if you have used other spoon type tubes. It works the same, but you just press the bar and the motor does all the hard work. The machine isn't automatic. If you put the tube on the nozzle and press the tobacco into the slot, you only need to gently press the lid closed rather than twisting the crank. The button to fill the tube is part of the safety lid that protects your fingers, and only requires a small amount of fingertip pressure to fill the tube. I was hoping that fully automatic injectors would be affordable by now, but they are more expensive than I thought, and most consumer models still have problems. It seems that affordable fully automatic machines are unable to perform the same tasks as our fingers. This machine does a lot of the task of the tobacco being put into the tube. The machine makes less noise than the manual machine. When you pulled the crank handle, my old injector made a loud clanking noise. When you press the button to fill the tube, the machine's electrical motor only makes a small noise. The motor can't be activated while you are pressing tobacco into the fill slot because it has a lid over it. The design of the lid and button is a great safety feature, as I find it easier to press the tobacco into the fill slot using my fingers. If you are used to other spoon injectors, you will be able to make perfect cigarettes with ease, even if you don't know how much tobacco to press down into the slot. I like the shape of the bin. It has enough tobacco for a few cigarettes, which speeds up the routine. It will make a mess if you don't have a tray to catch tobacco. The machine is half the size of my old one. I had to sit at a table to operate my old machine, but this one is easy to use, and a lap tray on the sofa makes it easy to use. I used the new electrical injector to roll enough cigarettes for a month while sitting on the sofa with a tray in my lap and watching the news on a Friday night. I wanted to give it a fair review for a novice since I have used similar machines before, so I tried things I have learned not to do. I tried some that was dry and some that was wet. I tried putting tobacco that was not tightly packed and mashing in too much. I tried to get some fines out of the bag. I got a partially filled cigarette with overly dry tobacco that wasn't packed in well. The machine jammed when I pressed too much tobacco into the slot, used tobacco that was too wet, or the dry powdered bits at the bottom of the bag. The machine handled the jams well. I was able to press the bar again without having a tube mounted, and the machine ejected the tobacco. It was easy to clear the jam by turning the machine upside down and putting a rod into the nozzle. The machine has 2 brushes for cleaning and a steel rod for clearing jams. I use a bamboo skewer to clear jams with my old manual Gambler brand injector. These bamboo sticks are useful for all sorts of fixit tasks. I use bamboo to clear jams of the cigarette machines, so I'm sure I won't apply too much pressure or break anything inside the machine. If you are new to rolling your own cigarettes, I can give you some advice. If you want to quit smoking, first you have to stop smoking, and then you have to buy a machine to smoke. Don't waste money buying a cheaper machine if you want better cigarettes that cost less, buy this one. Regular brand cigarettes are better than cheap roll your own tobacco. If you buy a second bag of tobacco, you will have already saved the cost of the machine, so your cigarettes from then on will be a quarter of the cost. Most cigarette brands add extra chemicals to make them burn more evenly, 888-270-6611 When I ran out of tobacco, I bought a couple of packs of Marlboros and was amazed at how they made my throat burn after smoking a few. I'm not saying that roll your owns will be any less bad, just that they are more enjoyable. I switched the back lever on the machine to produce 100s and it worked better. The King tubes were not being completely filled, with about a quarter of an inch left empty at the opening. Tobacco was not being injected into the tube because it was snug against the filter. It leaves a bit of tobacco at the end of the tube when it is set for 100s. I had the same issues with my old manual injector. I prefer to brush off extra tobacco from the end, rather than having tubes that aren't fully loaded. I smoked 100s before I started rolling my own cigarettes, but I have found that 100s are harder to get well filled with. I had more problems with tobacco not filling snug against the filter inside the tubes than with some injectors. This may not sound like a big deal, but when you draw on the cigarette, the empty portion collapses without you getting any smoke from the cigarette. The 100 tubes would often have a gap inside next to the filter, which made it difficult to smoke, unless I had the tobacco at the right humidity and packed it right. The machine would jam very frequently if I tried to pack enough tobacco to make sure the 100 tubes were filled. I haven't tried 100 tubes with this injector, but I think it will work better for Kings than 100s, because it works just like a manual machine, except with an electrical motor to replace wrist and elbow power. If you have problems with 100s, try using King tubes. I was accustomed to Kings for a quarter the cost after 30 years of smoking 100s. The machine works best if the tobacco is humid when you open the bag. If you're new to rolling your own cigarettes, you will get used to how the tobacco feels and when it needs a bit more moist or dry. The tobacco in my cigarettes is a bit more humid than the injectors prefer. You can buy empty wooden cigar boxes at your local tobacco store. I have a few wooden cigar boxes with buttons in them that allow me to roll 500 cigarettes in an evening and keep them fresh and humid.

6. Hawk Matic Electrical Cigarette Injector Machine

Hawk Matic Electrical Cigarette Injector Machine

20,000 times injected is a warranty. King size and 100mm size tubes are used. The times of injected were recorded. All fresh Hawk-Matic Injectors must be inspected in the production process. There was a display that recorded the times of injected. The count is between 5 and 50. It means that it was inspected and qualified. Solider because of the aluminum alloy mechanism. The machine is easy to use and makes perfect smokes. It was easy to use. The flip-top Hopper is large enough to make 6-7 smokes.

Brand: Hawk-matic

👤I've made about 600 cigarettes with this machine. I like it so far. It is very similar to the powermatic 2. It's easy to use. I bought it because it filled out to the end of the tube 99% of the time. The powermatic 2 was not filling them all the way. The extended arm is easier to use and the fold down tray makes it less messy. It's been great so far, but we'll see how it goes for the long term. We are in September of 2021. I've made over 30,000 cigarettes. The machine is working well. I had a few jams and didn't fill the filters. The machine is still a wonderful machine.

👤I'm glad I took a chance on this machine. I have rolled over 1100 cigarettes with the Hawk-Matic Plus1. The cigarette has been perfect. The Hawk-Matic is a little smaller than the others. It comes with two very nice cleaning brushes. I like the rolled counter of cigarettes. The counter has helped me reduce the number of cigarettes I smoked. This is the best rolling machine I have ever tried. The lack of an On/Off switch is the only negative I have. If there is too much tobacco placed in a rolling machine, the handle will be forced down and it will jam. The Hawk-Matic is the best cigarette rolling machine I have ever owned.

👤I've been using a hand crank for at least 6 years. I would get the chamber filled too often, resulting in cigarettes packed over-tight on one end or the other, or having it only partially load the tube, leaving a gap near the filter. I haven't had this unit in a while. I received it a few days ago and I'm on the 4th pack. Every single one has been perfect so far. It's easy to use. There is enough tobacco to make 7 or 8 Kings. It sits in a tray that catches the finished cigarettes, so they can be retrieved when you're done. Some of the makers in the $80 price range looked decent. The large number of positive reviews made me choose this one. I am one of the happy customers with a review in the positive column.

👤The unit arrived two days earlier than expected. It looks like it will do 0 - 60 in 2.5 seconds. It was streamlined and compact. Tools to clean a unit are more expensive than tools to clean other units. The flip-top hopper is large enough to make a lot of smokes. The unit makes a perfect smoke. It's a no-brainer because of the 2 year warranty.

👤I received this on September 5, 2020 and am happy because it's so easy to use, and you can pack the tobacco tight or light, and every cigarette comes out perfect, I used pipe tobacco. I am the designated operator of the cigarettes because my wife loves them. The is well worth the price and we will be saving more than the cost of cigarettes commercially.

7. PUFLAX Automatic Cigarette Injector Electric

PUFLAX Automatic Cigarette Injector Electric

There is a guillotine rolling machine. Premium Quality Cigarette Roller, 3 Ideal Easy Cleaning Devices, 1 Soft Brush, and 1 Heavy Duty Thick Metal Tube Brush. The Puflax Rolling Machine comes with a Rolling Tray, a Funnels, and extra Stash. No more arm twisting! Their machine is built to last. The Electric Cigarette Spoon Injection Machine is heavy and durable and will fill you with the perfect cigarette in seconds. Safe. The first affordable electric spoon injection machine was produced by the Puflax Cigarette Machine. This unit is the best on the market. A tobacco Hopper is included. You can make more cigarettes if you don't reload tobacco into the machine. Excellent speed. Just fill up your chamber and power and the machine will roll 200 cigarettes within 15 minutes. You're good to roll. Keeping your goods safe and Discreet at all times can be done in your house or on the road. There is a warranty. Puflax has a 1 year warranty on their products.

Brand: Puflax

👤Since most people buying this machine are full time smokers and are trying to cut there expensive habits by buying this machine, I have saved my weekly cost of smoking from $100 a week to only $15 a week, that means if this machine would only last a half week for me, I would save

👤It has been ripping my tubes. Not worth the money. I want my money back or a better machine. Doesn't work well. Very disappointed.

👤I got what I paid for, a cheaper model, and the longer type does jam the machine almost every time, so make sure you use a smaller grind of tabbaco, and use a spliff in the center. It fills better and is less likely to lose the cherry, so the time is taken by patients and they practice Clean after every use. I keep my tabbaco in the freezer to keep it fresh, and I make sure my product is room temp and rub it between my fingers to make it a smaller grind.

👤I was going to return it because it wouldn't stay powdered on, but my husband was able to fix it and it will be kept.

👤It is very similar to the powermatic 2. I didn't know how to use it, but I have learned quickly that it's not a super slim tube, it's a 100mm one that will stay stock. It comes with full detail instructions on how to power.

👤It worked well for a while, then the plastic piece that secures the tubes in place no longer held the tubes in place, and only half the cigarette had tobacco. The half against the filter was left. Three months is a long time for a piece of junk. You ripped me off, Puflax.

👤When I ordered it, there were no reviews. If you use it correctly, the machine will not jam. It has been several months and still working well.

👤I'm happy with the machine. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I am happy with the function. I think the lever could be a bit easier to operate.

8. NEWTRY Cigarette Electric Automatic Injector

NEWTRY Cigarette Electric Automatic Injector

The adjusted swing is ADJUSTABLE SWITCH---. The machine is able to adjust the tightness of the material. It is easy to use and portable. A perfect gift, healthier. Environmentally friendly. Steel tubing is durable.

Brand: Newtry

👤The cigarette tube is not evenly filled. This week the fire fell out and caused a hole in a new dress I was wearing for the first time. It is always loud. I will be replacing it tomorrow. Two weeks have passed since I had this roller. It doesn't work with 100mm tube. A waste of money.

👤Buy this roller as fast as you can. I almost quit smoking because of the time it took to roll 2 packs a day, but I used the hand slide for over a year. One for the husband and one for the wife. The price of the Newtry electric cigarette roller made it worth a try. It was delivered on time and exceeded expectations. This thing packs a perfectly packed smoke every single time and it goes all the way to the filter. The cherry fell off while I was smoking. I wrote a previous review about how I hated to send this back, but couldn't fix the cherry issue. Someone from Newtry reached out to me and sent me a replacement machine and a phone number. They had an engineer walk with me through the process and give me advice until I got the correct process for a perfect cigarette and cherry. The Newtry company spent 3 hours making sure I was completely satisfied and they could have simply refunded my money. You will not find a better electric cigarette roller once you get the process down. The machine took less than 7 minutes to roll my first pack. Newtry, thank you for caring about your customers. You created a lifetime happy customer.

👤This works great, very easy to use, and makes the perfect cigarette once you adjust the twister to your preference.

👤This is an excellent buy for those of us who roll our own cigarettes, as well as for those of you who don't roll your own cigarettes.

👤There is a warning Don"t smoke a cigarette in this machine at home, you may burn it down.

👤I love this product. I've tried machines that cost over $100.00 and they were nightmares to use. The product is easy to use and produces store bought smokes. Its fantastic for the money.

👤It works as expected. It's much easier to understand how to use.

👤It's easy to roll cigarettes. It's much cheaper to roll your own. Works well with tubes.

9. Electric Cigarette Rolling Automatic Injector

Electric Cigarette Rolling Automatic Injector

It is simple and easy to operate. Made of plastic and steel. The density adjustment mechanism is included.

Brand: Lexxon

👤Sometimes the cherry falls off because of the screw injection. A pack of smokes can be produced in 3 minutes.

👤I've burnt myself a bunch of times because it doesn't work right, even if I change it to something else.

👤It worked great for the first time, after that it got stuck every time.

👤Didn't work, the Hopper was broken.

10. Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine Rolling

Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine Rolling

Rolling Papers: This Cigarette Maker can be used for single wide or 70mm cigarettes. Which is the most used in the Handmade Rolling Field. You can roll your own cigarette with the machine. It is easy, quick and smooth. You can watch the video below to learn how to roll a cigarette. The Cigarette Roller Machine can be used as a cigarette case. The Automatic Cigarette Roller Machine is portable and you can take it out. This cigarette machine is a nice gift. It can be used for a long time. It is a perfect gift for someone special.

Brand: Barleins

👤Some people are having a hard time with the rolling box. Adjusting the rolling size is the key to making it work. Take a look at the bottom rod that holds the rolling sheet in place. It needs to be moved up one more level to allow for a higher capacity, even though it is sitting in the lower set of holes. The lower rod can be moved into the bigger position if the top rod comes out.

👤At first, there was trouble. Then watched the demo video. Rolls rolled the Jays in a perfect sequence. My suggestion is to trim the paper to the same length as the cloth and make sure the gum doesn't get stuck at the top of the cloth. You will never look back if you get it right.

👤It is very hard to use and it does not roll tight enough. If you were trying to make life easier, I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤It was difficult to use, but it only took two tries to roll a great one.

👤The roller makes small smokes. It is very messy. Would not recommend it.

👤It's unbelievable! It was shredded when it came smashed to pieces.

👤You have to move the bottom rod to the front set of holes to roll bigger cigarettes. The device doesn't work if there is no other option.

👤I wanted to rate it higher, but I can't. Everything that comes out is very loose and falls apart. There were lots of the same results. It's a shame.

11. Golden Harvest Cigarette Filter Tubes

Golden Harvest Cigarette Filter Tubes

There are 5 boxes of 200 Tubes each.

Brand: Golden Harvest

👤I put tobacco in them and they burn all the way down. Weird. They don't have any of those chemicals in their packs. The nerve! Who should I complain to about this?

👤The tubes were in a nice box. Went with a perfect cigarette every time. I read that it can be difficult to rule out the 100s that I usually smoke, so I chose the Kings. It's not a problem to get a perfect smoke. It's so easy to evenly distribute the tobacco in the machine. I chose the natural American spirit rolling tobacco in a 5.29 ounce canister for my first smoke. I only rode one pack so far. The first three puffs were great, but after that the taste seemed a little harsher. I didn't want to smoke 10 more cigarettes immediately after finishing one because the bus was so smooth and mellow. It is amazing! I don't think the tobacco has all of the junk that the cigarette manufacturers add in. It's much better.

👤It was rolled very well with my machine. Smokes evenly. It's much better than my local store. It costs less too. Will buy again.

👤I use these filters to roll out good cigarettes. I don't know which it is, but either the manufacturer didn't pack the boxes correctly or the shipper damaged some of the tubes. I was able to save most of the tubes, but it took a long time to get them in good shape.

👤I would buy the tubes again.

👤Some tubes were too narrow to fit on my rolling machine and some were delivered with the end crunched. I'm not impressed.

👤I have a problem with the packaging. This is the second order that has had damage. These are soft items but the packaging in your standard plastic bags seems inadequate. The orders had damage that was in the range of 15-20%. I think you should put this item in a box. Thank you for your time. Michael B. Muller is a fictional character.

👤It's easy to save money on cigarettes.


What is the best product for electric cigarette rolling machine for filtered cigarettes?

Electric cigarette rolling machine for filtered cigarettes products from Powermatic. In this article about electric cigarette rolling machine for filtered cigarettes you can see why people choose the product. Top and Daycount are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric cigarette rolling machine for filtered cigarettes.

What are the best brands for electric cigarette rolling machine for filtered cigarettes?

Powermatic, Top and Daycount are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric cigarette rolling machine for filtered cigarettes. Find the detail in this article. Republic Tobacco Lp., Top-o-matic and Hawk-matic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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