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1. Alpicool Portable Refrigerator Vehicle Freezer

Alpicool Portable Refrigerator Vehicle Freezer

A full year. The fresh food capacity is 2. 2 quarts. ft. Freezes without ICE are a fridge and freezer. Run with your solar system as well. There is a storage space. fits 20 cans of Cola, the exterior size is 22.4"x12.6"x10.2". The car battery protection is called CAR BATTERY PROTECTION. There are three levels of battery protection: Low, Med and High. Strong plastic material. Light weight and easy to transport. Keep cool and fresh with high Density foam insulation. Continues to cool performance during your journey. It's fresh all the way and energy saving! Keep cool and fresh with high Density foam insulation. Continues to cool performance during your journey. It's fresh all the way and energy saving!

Brand: Alpicool

👤Sept 2021. For 3 1/2 years, I have been running continuously. The manufacturers box clearly shows that it must be transported right side up, but Amazon put it upside-down in a box. The box had to be upside down to read the shipping label. The failure on the part of Amazon was not related to the quality of the compressor cooler or the manufacturer. I contacted the manufacturer and they said that it should be alright if I sit it for two days. It is getting cold after I plugged it in. The manufacturer provided helpful information. I contacted the manufacturer to inquire about the cut off voltages for the battery saver feature. Stage 12V input 24V. H1 has an input of 9.6V off and 21.3V off. The documentation they sent included instructions for making adjustments that I have not seen before. The special features can be accessed by first turning off the cooler. The pressing and holding of the "Set" until it appears. Press the up/down buttons to make adjustments. The lowest temperature setting is "E1", the highest temperature setting is "E2", the temperature return setting is "E4", and the temperature change setting is "E5". It is possible to program temperature compensation if the internal thermometer is not accurate. The owners manual states that the top can be opened either to the side or back. That isn't true. It will only be open to the side. The top is easy to remove when the pins are at the correct angle. It is not loud. After 10 minutes after plugging it in, it stopped at the default temperature of -4 F (-20 C). It was empty at the time and started at 78F. The plastic around where the power cord plugs in seems a little cheap and flimsy. The force required to insert the power cord caused it to bow noticeably. I have given this 4 stars because of the poor documentation and cheap feel of plastic where the power cord plugs in. If it works as expected, I'll probably increase this to a 5 stars. To the manufacturer, draining a battery to the highest battery protection setting on a regular basis will kill most batteries. It would damage any lead acid battery if it was drained to 9.6 volts. The battery saver setting should have a high voltage. This would allow it to only run when the car is on. When you hook up a solar system, it will allow it to run as a dump load only when your battery is fully charged and you have nothing else to do with the power. The excess power could be used to make ice. There are several reviews that report erratic operation or that it stays on all the time. Some of the problems are related to the hidden settings getting set to random settings after piling stuff on top of the cooler. I increased my rating to 5 stars. I'm surprised by how little power it uses. I have it on a 35AH battery that is charged by solar panels and the lowest voltage I have seen so far in the morning is 12.4. It started to grow a mold after a month of collecting condensation. It was easy to clean up with a paper towel. It was less than half the price of the competition and it was very efficient. So 5 stars. After 16 months, I know of two instances where the cooling condition went into a "run away" condition. The compressor would run until it was turned off or the battery was dead. The compressor is not designed for a 100% duty cycle so it gets very hot when this happens. Everything inside is cold. Some reviews mention something like this. I think it's a software issue that's causing the internal computer to lock up. It has always been returned to normal operation when unplugged for a moment. It has worked flawless, non-stop, for almost a year and a half. I'm keeping my 5 star rating because of the low price and the fact that it only did this twice. The paper towels in the bottom help keep the mold down. When operated continuously, just change them once a month. A solar panel and a 35Ah battery will not keep it running for more than 2 cloudy days. If you parked in a garage, it will take 1 day.

2. K Box Electric Cooler Warmer Wheels

K Box Electric Cooler Warmer Wheels

Chefman provides a 1-year assurance so you can purchase worry-free, and cETL is approved with advanced safety technology for long- lasting durability. You can find a PDF User Guide for information on how to use your product. 120 volts and 45 watt. Travel that is convenient. The cooler andEATER: Whether you're travelling on the road or camping in an RV, camper or minivan, this large capacity storage container can hold food and drink. PLUGS ARE IN ANYWHERE. The combo has 2 6 ft. There are two extra long cords, one for standard wall outlets and one for car power adapters. Storage compartments are hidden when not in use. There is a lot of storage space. 60 cans of soda or 6 two liter bottles and 15 cans of beer can be found in this cooler. A divider makes it easier to organize and store. Forget ice packs that need constant refilling, take up precious space, and leave you with a watery mess when they melt. The cooler has no ice and maintains a cool 40F temp. There are two handles and wheels. It should be easy to carry or pull. The handle allows you to carry the cooler in hand or use the wheels to pull it on the ground.

Brand: Koozam

👤I got the cooler today. I bought it for our travel trailer. Everyone who camps knows what it is like to have everything iced up for a long time. It seems like you need to add ice every day. I don't have cheap coolers. I put it in my living room and dropped it off. The temperature was 74 degrees. After changing it on, I came back 2 hours later to check and it was at 42. It never went below that Temp after 4 hours. It seems good to me. Adding one or two days to the trip to the campsite will keep everything extra cold. Extra ice is added to our coolers from the small ice maker we purchased last year. We will be going to the Keys in May. Give this thing a test in the heat of Florida. I have changed it. We have a cooler in the Florida Keys that works great, it's 90 degrees out all the time. I don't understand why the price went up so much since I got it, but I would be happy to pay the difference if it lasts for a while. I've already spent $10 on ice in my extreme cooler. The Kbox was worth 0. The Jersey shore is experiencing a heat wave. The cooler is not working after I put the frozen water bottles inside. I can tell you that it's not very cold because I don't have the means to check the temp. Drinks are not as cold as you would like. I wouldn't keep food in this heat. The cooler is in the shade. I might have to put it in a camper to keep it cool.

👤The cooler arrived one day after we ordered it, and we quickly discovered that the power cords are in the same place as the swinging cover. We put the bottles in the cooler and took them to the garage. We plugged it in and went to bed. The soda was very cold in the morning, but it was as expected. When we leave on our trip, we'll put pre-cooled food and drinks in a cooler and take it to the hotel for AC power, but this is all we expected, I think! We're thrilled so far, we're on day 2 of ownership. During the day we'll plug it into the car for food and drinks. Since we can carry food easily now, this cooler will pay for itself since we don't have to buy ice or dry ice. 5 days on the road and half of the bottles in the cooler are still frozen. We plug it in at night at the hotel and it runs on the car during the day. We took it into the hotel every night and ran it on the AC. One or two bottles should fit on the left side where the top has a recess because the bottle is supposed to be 12.9 inches tall.

👤I bought a new Coleman and a K-Box because my old Coleman is 20 years old and seems to be aging. The Coleman and K-Box measure the same inside and out, even though K-Box claims 48 quarts and 40 quarts. The K-Box cooled to 32 after running for hours and the Coleman fell to 19 F from an old 12V adapter. The K-box doesn't state that it stops cooling at 32 F, but it seems not to have the strength to cool down. The Coleman that I have is a 20+ year old, and it cools less well than new, so I ran it. I stuck them, pre-cooled, outside in the shade in 70 F rising to 90 F, and the Coleman's inside was 7 to 11 F colder. In the evening, the temperature is 65 F outside, with a 50% humidity, and in the K-Box, it is 32 F outside, with a 50% humidity. The Coleman cools more when it is unplugged at air temperature. After the first hour, the temperature was 64 F, the humidity was 62%, and the K-Box was 40 F. 30 minutes later (air 78 F, 52%), K-Box 39 F, Coleman 34 F. 30 minutes later, air 86 F, 33%. 30 minutes later, K-Box is 49 F, Coleman is 42 F. The K-Box's heat exchange unit is too small for its compartment. I would use the K-Box if it was 20% bigger and had a 30% bigger heat exchanger. Coleman has 5 stars. The Coleman's is on the side and so you don't lift it every time you open the lid of the K-Box. Coleman's lid lifts with 6 ounces of force, K-Box needs 1.5 ounces of force, and Coleman's design is better.

3. Setpower Portable Freezer Outdoor Handles

Setpower Portable Freezer Outdoor Handles

Keep cool and fresh with high Density foam insulation. Continues to cool performance during your journey. It's fresh all the way and energy saving! The portable fridge does not need ice, it performs -4F to 64F. The compressor in the car freezer is powerful. The fridge and the battery of the car are protected against excessive discharge with the help of this car refrigerator. Home use and car use. The portable fridge has a DC power cord that you can use to connect your car power station or solar panel. You could connect the ac adapter to the household's power supply. The portable fridge does not have an ac adapter. Two-way door design. The lid can be opened from the left or right side. The portable refrigerator has a soft rope handle and can open beer and soda bottles. The portable fridge can hold up to 29 cans of drinks or 15 bottles of water. Fruits, drinks, vegetables, meat, and more can be stored in the 12V cooler. It's perfect for road trips, car camping, and commute. SetPower has a professional technical support team that will get back to you within 24 hours. The compressor and the other part are covered by a 3-year warranty. SetPower has a professional technical support team that will get back to you within 24 hours. The compressor and the other part are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Brand: Setpower

👤The Jackery Explorer 240 was the only power source for my drinks ice cold over the 4th of July weekend.

👤This will allow me to begin taking vacations. It is very flexible and can be used as a refrigerator or freezer. I used it for a long trip from the Midwest. I used it to store food. microwaves and fridges are found in hotels. Most hotels don't offer their free breakfast options anymore. This was very useful for that. We had to microwave the sandwiches in the morning because they were premade. There were items in there for lunch and supper. The extra food in hotels for other meals saved tons of money. Sausages, breakfast sandwiches, precooked sloppy joe, chili, bread, buns, etc all fit in this space. We used small water bottles as ice blocks to make a soft sided cooler that fit into the console of my pick up truck to have food and snacks ready for drive time. It comes with a 12v plug that plugs into a jackery and into my vehicle. The reason for doing it this way is that the plugs only work when the vehicle is started. The jackery is still on when the vehicle is off. It's fine to have it plugged into 12v and frozen in, because the food will stay frozen for 10 minutes or so, and it takes a long time to get gas. Be aware of that. This will be used on a camping trip this summer. There are a lot of possibilities for travel with a freezer. I put this with a 12v stove in the car to cook from the freezer. The price on this machine is unbeatable. I didn't buy the extended warranty. I thought I saved over the purchase price on this trip because if it died tomorrow, it would be worth it. We had food left when we got home and this was perfect for us because my kids are grown and gone. A family would do well with this. The food was a big part of the experience. I think that all of them would benefit from having one of these.

👤Gets cold quickly. It seems to be very energy efficient, which is great for boats and RV's. A low profile design. Excellent build quality. It's large for it's size. It fits a lot of food. There is no need to waste space on ice. The temperature swing is between 8 and 15 degrees. The compressor is on a timer, not a thermostat. The temperature swing becomes less as the food gets colder. Once disconnected, insulation could be better. The value is great. A fridge for a weekend cruise. It keeps meats frozen solid and suits our needs. The highest ambient temp we used was about 80 degrees. After a full weekend of cruising, the boat battery still had 50% charge.

👤I got the cooler and it worked for 7 hours. I unplugged it and tried it again, but it did it again after a few seconds. I asked for a refund after trying another outlet. I need the original box, but they approved. Who keeps those? They wanted me to pay for return shipping, which was insult to injury.

4. Dometic Electric Powered Cooler Freezer

Dometic Electric Powered Cooler Freezer

The warranty is 12 months. It's ideal for camping, travel, going on holiday, or spending time with family outdoors. It is possible to freeze to 0 F. It's great for setup solar or other off-grid applications with low power consumption using AC or DC. Three-stage battery protection. It's not necessary to take up space with ice if you downsize to 1/3 the size of a traditional cooler. It's not necessary to take up space with ice if you downsize to 1/3 the size of a traditional cooler.

Brand: Dometic

👤This cooler works great and doesn't use a lot of power. Whoever designed the packaging needs to be fired. I've seen better packaging on items shipped from China. Expect it to arrive damaged.

👤We bought our first one in 2012 We loved it so much that we replaced it with the same one. Before we go to the Bahamas, we load our Dometic with meat. It is in constant use. I would recommend the Dometic.

👤There was a small amount of damage from shipping. It was called. The replacement was handled very quickly. Thank you guys! I will be back soon for the other 2 domestic coolers. It was a perfect fit on my yacht.

👤For the last 4 summers, we've used one of these on our boat. Stores are hard to get to on the coast of Maine. The temp was set at 2F. Everything is frozen solid. Ice Cream is hard. The accessory cover was added after the first year. This increased the insulation, cut down the cycle time, and eliminated the surface condensation on the outside of the unit. I highly recommend this product, as it's service to our travels can not be overstated. This fridge will allow you to carry precooked meals, frozen meats, breads, and even ice cream.

5. JOYTUTUS Refrigerator Adapter Portable Freezer

JOYTUTUS Refrigerator Adapter Portable Freezer

There is subtle working and light touch control. The portable freezer for car comes with an attractive panel and supports the touch screen function. The car fridge cooler is stable and works normally even on the steep road, it also keeps silent and doesn't disturb sleeping in the car. The German technical compressor makes the portable fridge easy to adjust between -7.6F to 50F. Within 15 minutes, an empty car refrigerator will cool down from 77F to 32F. You can save money by buying ice and fast food because the 12v freezer will keep your food frozen along the way. There is a quiet and light weight. The refrigerator is very quiet. You won't notice it during your driving. It's lightweight and portable, and you can carry it on your own at the beach. The weight was 24.9%. The external dimensions are 22.4 * 12.6 * 13.8 inches. The internal size is 13.8 inches. The car fridge can be adjusted to MAX MODE for fast cooling and ECO MODE for energy saving. MAX MODE has a power rating of 45W and ECO MODE has a power rating of 36W. The portable refrigerator for car can set the starting voltage by adjusting the gear control. The car battery will stop running when it's low. The fridge can keep away from draining the battery. A 2-year quality warranty and lifetime technical support are provided by the portable refrigerators. Please don't hesitate to contact them with any questions. The package includes a portable refrigerator, an AC adapter, and a user manual. A 2-year quality warranty and lifetime technical support are provided by the portable refrigerators. Please don't hesitate to contact them with any questions. The package includes a portable refrigerator, an AC adapter, and a user manual.

Brand: Joytutus

👤When my old igloo cooler died, I thought I would try this. This has been a great investment. It's quiet, doesn't drain the battery, and it's perfect for only being out on the road for a week at a time.

👤Wow! It works great, I was surprised. In the summer we need drinks that are cold. I keep this thing going in my van, even if it is hot, it will keep everything where you want it. I accidentally left it on for the whole weekend and it was still cold, but I love the display and would recommend it to someone.

👤The cooler is portable. Controls are easy to use. The design is smooth. It was the perfect size for my trailer. It works on either 12 or 120 power. Can run off of solar with low power usage. I have plenty of storage for my food. I recommend this cooler for those who want to keep their cool on the go, whether they are camping on the weekends or taking a day trip to the beach. It's affordable!

👤It was easy to install and the refrigerator works great in my camper van. It keeps food at 40 degrees. It works well with my solar panel and battery. Tall enough to hold a milk carton upright. If the battery drops too low, it wont run down the battery. I have been running continuously for 3 months.

👤I haven't been able to field test it yet, but after operating it, I have observed: 1. The design of the compressor looks great and it looks like it will hold about 3 dozen egg carton, butter, and 1 medium meat packaging. 2. It takes about 30 minutes to bring 20C to 1C in my 20C room, and it takes me about 30 minutes to cook a meal. 3. It's a pain to push the plug into the fridge sockets and take them out, but it's not a problem if you push the plastic part of the fridge in. The best price for a 12v fridge in Canada is found in joytutus and vevor, but there are more of these companies springing up every month. I paid the initial cost and hope it will pay off by storing food that I cook in big portions and not having to buy expensive pre-made meal or topping up ice.

👤Working well so far. I only use it in my transport truck when I need it to run longer.

6. TechClic Portable Refrigerator Compressor Electric

TechClic Portable Refrigerator Compressor Electric

The compressor and all other accessories are covered by a 2-year warranty. If you have a question, please reach out to them. The package included: baskets, chopping board, ac power cord, and user manual. The compressor cooling technology is fast. High density foam insulation. The plastic housing is strong and light. There is a port for charging smart phone. The portable refrigerator can hold up to 52 cans. The unit weight was 30.9 lbs. Side handles and wheels make carrying and pulling easy. The large capacity car cooler has a dimensions of 23.1"x14.9"x21.5". Enough space for food and drink. For home, camping, fishing, or on vehicles.

Brand: Techclic

👤On vacation, we needed some freezer space. The unit worked well. The AC draw is within the 400 watt limit of my circuit.

👤This is the best investment I've ever made. The cooler is very cold. It was 98 degrees outside, but I had it down to 29 degrees. It was expected that there would be some precipitation. It kept our drinks cold. The only downside is that it is very heavy and bulky.

👤Wow! Very impressive. I used to have a Coleman 40 quart electric cooler, but it wouldn't maintain the temperature if you used freeze packs. This is the real deal. It works as advertised. It is great for road trips and for the hotel room. We use the electric cooler to freeze the gel packs for the stander cooler, then switch it back to the refrigerator for inside the car.

👤Go figure... The thermostat won't regulate it on the second camping trip after working the first one. The exchange window was closed. Don't waste your money.

👤This is a great purchase for keeping small items cold. Two small bottles of water are really cold after 24 hours with a previous frozen ice pack. We opened every hour to see how long it would take to lose the cold. It took 30 minutes to go from 80 to -5F, and then it took 24 hours to go back to -5F. A small capacity for ham, butter, a piece of meat, fruit, and maybe a couple cans of soda.

👤Love it. This is used when camping in the back of the camper. We have a small space for a fridge. There are no bags of ice and water around the ice chests. The fridge will run for 12 to 15 hours before I need to charge the solar generator. You are set if you have a fridge, a Jackery, and a 100 watt solar panel. It is small so you will need to go to the grocery store a lot, but for a micro camper or an afternoon boating, this is a great option.

👤Very happy with this item. It works well, but it's best not to fill up with too many items. The bottom and top don't get cold enough.

👤Cooling works well and is very quiet. I used it on a 7 hour road trip in the back of a SUV with someone sitting next to it. They didn't feel any heat or complain about the noise. The pop up handle and wheels are very sturdy. The only complaint I have is that the compressor is on top. If you back the cooler full, anything that goes under the compressor is not accessible from the main opening. You would have full access if the compressor was on the bottom.

7. Koolatron P20 Thermoelectric Capacity Tailgating

Koolatron P20 Thermoelectric Capacity Tailgating

There are two handles and wheels. It should be easy to carry or pull. The handle allows you to carry the cooler in hand or use the wheels to pull it on the ground. The space-saving travel cooler is 17 liters. The 12 V DC powered cooler can hold up to 23 standard 12 oz/355 mL cans and fits easily into narrow spaces in your vehicle or boat. It is possible to cool to 40F (22C) below surrounding temperature or warm to 140F (60C) using less power than your vehicle's tail light. Warming and cooling functions can be used to store meats, keep snacks and beverages cool on the go, or bring hot dishes to a family gathering. There is a practical and hardy design. Features a sturdy carry handle and easy-to-open lightweight lid with no latches for grab and go convenience. Made in North America. Canadian company, Koolatron, has been making 12V coolers in North America for over 30 years. Made in North America. Canadian company, Koolatron, has been making 12V coolers in North America for over 30 years.

Brand: Koolatron

👤I've seen posts about problems with the product. It has been great for me, as long as I remember how it works. It works using natural convection, not a fan or a huge heat sink. The cooler does not have a fan that moves air. The heat is drawn out of the cooling element on the outside. The cooling element on the inside is not warm. If you had a block of ice that was small, it wouldn't melt. This is what it is like. There is no cool air in the cooler, it's just sucking heat out of a small area. It will take some time, and if the area at the bottom of the cooling unit is insulated, the rest of the cooler will warm up. The outside temperature is 72F and the inside is 28F, but I have a thermometer in an empty cooler that has been running for a couple of hours. Yes, below freezing. If I place boxes of Thin Mints around the bottom of the cooling element, it will be good. The rest of the cooler won't be as cold. When the cold can't be transferred to the far end of the cooler, it can stay as hot as 50F. The best place to start is with already-cold items. The cooler will get its best shot. The next thing to think about is to place liquids and solid objects close to the cooling element. The cooling element of the cooler will be protected from the rest of the cooler if the boxes contain a lot of air. Allow a lot of air around items. This will allow the air to be mix as much as possible. If you have a mechanical engineer in the family who works with heat transfer devices or remembers his college days, you are golden. The cooler isn't the most insulated thing in the world. It depends on the cooler to keep its temperature. It will warm up if you keep it in the sun. Good luck! This thing will work as advertised or better with some practice and planning. I have had 50F differences between the outside and inside air.

👤To use this product better, you need to have an understanding of the elements. It wasn't said on the box or the tiny manual. I bought this product before the review came out. Good for those who do. I expect the advertised product to deliver as promised for an average shopper. I know it's a cooler. I wasn't expecting it to behave like a fridge. I was expecting it to make a few bottles in a 3 hour road trip. I followed all the directions and connected the unit. It was disappointing. It only contained 4 water bottles and a couple of milk snacks, so there was plenty of space for the air inside to move around. It kept my drinks from getting hot. Not cool to the touch. My other unit from walmart is a 12v car cooler. That one does not require precooling, turning of cables, or understanding the dynamics of the universe. Everything was cold in our car after I plugged that one in. It's $20 cheaper than this one. The Wagan was a little tight in the backseat. I bought the Koolatron for it's slim design, but I don't think it's good. If it can't cool a few bottles, you can't fill it with anything like that since it has an issue with insulation or something, and the fan is easily blocked by the contents.

8. Portable Refrigerator Freezer Vehicle Driving

Portable Refrigerator Freezer Vehicle Driving

It is the best partner for family and road trips, camping, boats, travelling,camping,fishing,party and outdoor activities. There is a storage space. The exterior size is 27.2”x13.6”x15” and has a 35 liter capacity. -4F(-20C) chilling performance can be used to adjust the temperature of a fridge or freezer. Run with your solar system as well. A functional design includes a built-in light and internal basket. The car battery protection is called CAR BATTERY PROTECTION. There are three levels of battery protection: Low, Med and High. Keeping cool and fresh. Thick and high Density Foam insulation is a reliable seal property construction. Continues to cool performance during your journey. It's fresh all the way and energy saving! Keeping cool and fresh. Thick and high Density Foam insulation is a reliable seal property construction. Continues to cool performance during your journey. It's fresh all the way and energy saving!

Brand: Cantonape

👤This was the best investment for long haul trips. We don't have to worry about ice when we travel. It is only good if it can get to the vehicle outlet. We need a long cord for the car and house so we can keep food cold in the hotel.

👤It holds the temperature well so far. Once the desired temp is achieved, the motor stops. The quality of the material being used is what matters. I don't know how long the motor will last. I bought an extended warranty for peace of mind, so I don't have to worry about it for 3 long camping years. VOILA!

👤I have used this refrigerator for a long time. There is a frozen cake that needs to be transported. There is a It is a refrigerator and it can also be frozen down to -4 if you want. If you don't always open the top, it will hold within 5* of set temp. There is a It does cool down quickly. The room temp was -4 in 15 minutes. The refrigerator doesn't seem to like one thing. Is zigzagging roads. It needs to sit level and not be tossing around. If you are on a zigzagging road, you can hear it kick on and off.

9. Refrigerator 45Liter 120 240V Freezer Camping

Refrigerator 45Liter 120 240V Freezer Camping

Canadian company, Koolatron, has been making 12V coolers in North America for over 30 years. The Euhomy car refrigerator has two zones. You can keep a variety of foods fresh with the portable refrigerator freezer. This powerful rv fridge can hold 46 cans of cola, or 28 bottles water or 15 bottles red wine, which fully meets RV1 / truck drivers,boat owners and campers to store seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages. The Euhomy freezer is equipped with a powerful compressor for fast cooling and has high EFFICIENCY. The 12v freezer consumes very low energy. You can choose between ECO mode for energy-saving or MAX mode for fast cooling. The power consumption of a car navigator is equivalent to the energy consumption of a car portable fridge. This will help your wallet. The Euhomy car fridge 12v can be used at home or in the car, and it has AC and DC inputs. The RV refrigerator has different levels of battery protection. The design of the car power supply can prevent it from being overload or short-circuited, so you don't have to worry about running out of power when using the fridge. This is for you to enjoy the journey. The sound of the 12v fridge is only 40 decibels when it is running, which makes it a quiet and comfortable environment. The external smooth lines and multi-functional base make it easier to move. The car portable freezer can run stably when the car is climbing at an inclination angle of 35 degrees. Iced drinks can be enjoyed in a portable car refrigerator. The bluetooth connection is a LCD panel. You can see the operation of the 12v refrigerator for car and adjust the temperature at any time with the help of the LCD panel. The temperature can be set between 4F and 70F. The temperature is C-20C. The portable car fridge has a mobile app that you can use to remotely control it. Quality assurance is offered by Euhomy. If you have a question about the car freezer, please contact their customer service team. The bluetooth connection is a LCD panel. You can see the operation of the 12v refrigerator for car and adjust the temperature at any time with the help of the LCD panel. The temperature can be set between 4F and 70F. The temperature is C-20C. The portable car fridge has a mobile app that you can use to remotely control it. Quality assurance is offered by Euhomy. If you have a question about the car freezer, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: E Euhomy

👤This is my fifth brand being reviewed, I got 6 car freezers for camping. The freezer section went from 73F to 23F in 30 minutes, and the chiller went from 50F to 55F. After 50 minutes, the freezer was 2F and the chiller 37F. If the temperature is set too cold, the items could be frozen overnight. It was set at 40F, and spot checking resulted in: -- Freezer: Between 36F and 42F (in Max mode), which causes smaller fluctuations than Eco. There are two power options, a 12V or 24V car adapter and a 100-240V AC wall plug. There are three levels of battery protection. More on that later, including built-in light over the chiller section to help see in the dark, and a function to let the "Alpicool Car Fridge Freezer" app monitor/control the unit remotely. Many SUVs, trucks, and minivans have such output at the back. Refer to the car's owner manual for overload protection with a replaceable 15A fuse, protective carry bag, but not included cons, and like other car freezers in this Eu. You will have to use a towel to pick up the leftover liquid, especially after the car has warmed up. Do not mess up your back if you use a two-wheel cart, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. The power cord may be too large for some cars, and the plastic may crack over time with too much force. Plug in carefully. Not waterproof. It can't be directly powered by Solar panels via MC4 or Anderson interface, so it has to be kept out of the rain. When you receive your car freezer, do not plug it in until it has stood upright for at least 10 hours to allow the refrigerant to settle, and power off/on by holding the "ON/OFF" button. There is no built-in battery, so you need a power station, 12V/24V DC/car port, 120V/ 220V AC, or solar panel to provide at least 60W of sustained power. If you want to clean a unit, use a solution of baking soda and water to clean it, but do not use detergent, soap, or abrasive products. It is important to keep it upright to prevent damage to the compressor. The compressor can ruin the compressor in the long run if it is run at full power. There are three levels of protection. Hold the settings button for 3 seconds when powered on. The car freezer will operate until the battery reaches a specific level, if you cycle between L/M/H with the settings button. If you don't set the right level, you could potentially leave yourself stranded with a car that won't start. Hold the button for 3 seconds. You can cycle through the options by pushing the settings button and changing the values with the buttons. Leave the screen blinking for a few seconds to accept the setting. The program options can be changed with the app. There are many options that can be programmed. Modifications could cause your freezer to fail or be damaged. The program is at your own risk. The freezer can be set to cool down to the lowest temperature. Target temp. is -40C/-40F. Caution: setting the value too low may damage the compressor. The target temperature is 40C/104F. When internal temperature is E3's value above it, the compressor should stop at target temperature. 2C + 4C. 6C) - E4. There is time delay protection. 0-10 minutes. The compressor will wait 0 min after being powered off to protect it. Do not modify. For temp set to above -12C/21.2F, there is temperature compensation. The temperature can be -10C/-18F to 10C/18F. Do not modify, the temperature compensation is used to match the display temperature to what is actually detected inside the unit. The temp can be set to between -12C and 10.4F. Do not modify. The temperature compensation is set to below -12C. Do not modify. The compensation for temperature is shut down. -12C/-18F to 0C. The app refers to this as "TC: Shutdown". I don't know what it is for. When a specific differential value is met, could it be that the compressor be shut down? Each difference of 1C has a temperature of 1.8F. Content can be overcooling or being too warm if the control panel temperature is different than what is actually inside. If you meant to keep fruit cool at 40F, but the true temp inside is 32F, you will have fruit that is frozen. If you wanted to keep meat frozen at 29F, you may find that the content has melted. The display temperature should be the same as the actual one inside because the compressor will only stop cooling when it matches the set degrees. Content can be overcooling or being too warm if the control panel temperature is different than what is actually inside. To correct the discrepancy between the set temperature and what the internal storage actually is, place two reliable thermometers inside and perform tests with temperatures set to 0C, -9C, and -20C. The warmer values were easier to start with. If the display is 8C, 4C, and 1C higher than what is inside, set the temperature compensations to: E6 E7 is 8C. -4C. SetTINGS are set to -1C. You can reset the E1-E8 settings to factory defaults if you messed them up. From the "E1" screen, hold the buttons together until you see "888". The factory reset default is E5 to C, instead of Euhomy's F. If an error occurs, one of the following codes will display on the screen. I am happy with the car refrigerator/freezer that was able to reach freezing temperatures in less than an hour. I would happily tell my wife that we have a reliable refrigerator that can run for days, weeks, or even months if there is a power failure.

10. Wagan 12V Personal Cooler Warmer

Wagan 12V Personal Cooler Warmer

The food shelf or divider can be adjusted. The 14L 12v cooler/warmer is ideal for road trips because it lets drivers save money and time by enjoying food and drinks on the go inside their vehicle, reduce or eliminate stops at fast food joints, and save gas by avoiding the line at the drive-through. If you want to keep food and beverages warm, the unit holds up to 12 soda cans, while the standard size water bottles fit inside. The maximum cooling capacity is 32 degrees below room temperature and it can heat up to a maximum of 140 degrees. Simply plug into your vehicle's 12v DC outlet and slide the temperature control switch; 9 foot DC power cord extends to your vehicle's back seat area; built-in shoulder strap allows for easy transport to take it anywhere you go. The AC accessory is available for use in the home, office or hotel. The internal dimensions are 12" x 8.25" x 5.5" The external dimensions are 19 x 10.25" and 12 x12". The external dimensions are 19 x 10.25" and 12 x12".

Brand: Wagan

👤This is an insulated cooler, not a refrigerator or oven. The positive reviews say items are warm and the negative reviews say they are cold. Both are correct. The 12v power can last longer than a traditional ice pack because it has a built in ice pack that stays cold/warm while it's powered. It works the same as a regular insulated cooler with ice pack. The ice pack won't do a good job of keeping everything cold. The ice pack will delay it from getting warmer. The insulated cooler/warmer is affected by the 12v power. It's like having an ice pack or warmer that lasts until the power goes out. The cup holders are convenient. - The lid is raised by a small amount so that it can hold things higher than the top of the cooler. It isn't capable of making things cold or warm. It only keeps things cold. A long duration insulated cooler is what I want. There is a fan running so it operates outside. It can be heard in quiet places, even though it's not loud. The air heat exchange becomes less effective at high altitudes. Warming is best at sea level. It doesn't work at 10,000 ft. If you plan on using this at over 5000 ft altitude, you will be better off spending your money on a high-quality insulated cooler. It doesn't cool well in the sun. The plastic gets very warm and can affect the cooling function. The warming function is a PRO. The cooling/warming becomes less effective when the temperature difference is greater. Do not expect this to work well at keeping drinks cold in a hot car with the windows rolled up. The bottom line. It can be great in certain scenarios and horrible in others. Make sure your expectations are in line with what it does.

👤I tested the unit out in the house and it had a frost on one side in 30 minutes. The cord feels warm or hot. The size is not too wide. I was worried that it would make passengers very small. It didn't. It's not noticeable going down the interstate. It sounds like a computer fan. Seatbelt strap. If we were in a wreck, I don't have to worry about it hitting my child. When the car is off, the running could drain the battery. I need a way to sense if the car is on. Cup holders are not that big of a deal. They don't have a 16oz coke bottle, but they do have a can or medium size drink. It would be great to have a light inside when you are inside. It's nice to have a cooler for snacks, drinks, and medicine on long road trips. The armrest in the middle of the backseat is a good size and the way it hinges makes it easy to open. It would fit in the floor behind the seat. The cooler has a good shape and useful features, so I would recommend it. There is still room for improvement.

11. Electric Refrigerator Compressor Portable Telescopic

Electric Refrigerator Compressor Portable Telescopic

Warming Capacity: 122oF-144oF, Cooling Capacity: 40oF-45oF below ambient temperature. The RV refrigerator has an excellent engine configuration which offers deep chilling down performance from -4F to 50F. The cooling efficiency is increased by 10% and it can be done in 20 minutes. The insulation layer is twice thicker than a car fridge, which can keep the effect for 10 hours. The pull-up handle and 2 roller wheels design are convenient for you to carry it around like a suitcase, which is the biggest difference between their car refrigerator and others. The internal components are designed with shock resistance to allow it to perform well on a dumpy road, and the vehicle freezer has a non-slip base to maintain balance. This large capacity car freezer can hold up to 40 liters and can hold up to 66 cans of coke or 37 bottles of water. The interior space has been divided into two areas to better organize food and reduce odor. The internal build-in led light is a surprise to allow you to easily and accurately get food in the dark.45 dB low noise when it is running that provides a quiet and comfortable environment for you. The portable cooler is battery protected. An additional charging port is designed to charge your mobile device. The design for ECO mode is for limited energy. There are 3 levels of dynamic battery protection system to prevent the car battery from running down. It is the best partner for family and road trips, camping, boats, travelling,camping,fishing,party and outdoor activities.

Brand: Reliancer

👤I was looking to buy a plain old cooler, but ended up looking at car fridges/freezers. This one came across as the best combination of size, price and features, after looking into many options. The product is in the box. The packaging is very simple: a car fridge, power adapter, cable for charging at home and a cable for charging in the car. The design gives me two options to carry the fridge/freezer, one with a telescopic handle at the back and the other with two handles on the side. After unpacking everything, I gave it a test run to see if it could cool and insulate. It was able to go from 80F to 25F in about 15 minutes after being cooled. If you load it up with cans of soda, it will take a long time to get all the contents cool. When it was running, I had to put my hand next to the air vent to make sure the compressor was running. I turned it off to see its ability to insulate. After 30 minutes, the internal temperature went from 25F to 37F (3C) and then to 46F (8C). The temperature will stay cooler if the fridge is filled with chilled beverages or ice. I'm looking forward to running it through its paces at the park, camping or on a roadtrip.

👤The unit seems to be working well. I have used it at home and in the car. Quiet operation. Reliancer does not offer a warranty per say. If it's faulty within 30 days, they'll take it back, but not on your own. I bought the Asurion extended warranty separately. Hopefully it won't be needed. Reliancer or its parent company will need to offer a tradition warranty for their products if they want to be a trusted brand.

👤Correct capacity for the car refrigerator. It's easier to take it from car to room on wheels. Can be plugged into an electric outlet to keep food cool.

👤The temperature control is accurate. It can take two people to lift into a vehicle, so wheels are a must. The cooler does not affect the car's battery. The battery can be damaged if it is not shut down. This is a good buy compared to other brands.

👤This is wonderful. Been in a semi truck for 6 weeks. The items are always cold. Lunch meat is good. I have made ice. It is definitely worth the money.

👤It's big enough for a lot of coke cans. Quiet. It's good for home or outdoor use.


What is the best product for electric cooler freezer?

Electric cooler freezer products from Alpicool. In this article about electric cooler freezer you can see why people choose the product. Koozam and Setpower are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric cooler freezer.

What are the best brands for electric cooler freezer?

Alpicool, Koozam and Setpower are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric cooler freezer. Find the detail in this article. Dometic, Joytutus and Techclic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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