Best Electric Desk 72 Inch

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1. Bush Furniture Position Shaped Espresso

Bush Furniture Position Shaped Espresso

The bundle includes a computer desk with drawers, a sit to stand desk and a lift-n-lock desktop. Lift-n-Lock Desktop lifts smoothly and locks at three standing heights: 37, 40 or 43 inches. The L shaped desk has room for you to spread out. The ergonomics desk has a weight capacity of up to 20 lbs. While standing. A full-extension file drawer glides on smooth ball bearing slides for easy reach to the back. Stores legal and letter-size files side-to-side. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤The standing desk portion still works great. There were no issues with the hardware. The paint on the desk chips is easy to find. The top part of the moving desk has missing paint. At some point, I will use a paint marker or a sharpie, but it doesn't seem worth it yet. It is a great value because it is on sale. A nice desk. I like the sit/stand desk. Put it together where you want it to live. Once you figure out how to read the instructions, it's easy to put together. You should separate the drawer rails early on. The hinges and rails are greasy. You should leave the parts in the bag. There was a hole for the arm piece. The arm had 5. I made my own nail screw. The cabinet should be put back last. You have access to rails if you need to adjust. It is a cat hair magnet so make sure you have one. It took a long time to put it together. Someone else can help. Some steps are hard to hold and need 2 for holding. It's probably worth the Amazon build fee to have someone else do it.

👤This desk is large. I like it. Be careful with the surface. You can scratch the top. Lift it to full standing position in order to lower it back down if you move the desktop to the second or third position. When you lower the desk, watch your cords for damage.

👤It was easy to put together the instructions. It comes in two different packages, which would have been nice to know. The desk is very delicate. It's very easy to scratch and sensitive to any kind of moisture. If you get this desk, I suggest you apply a protective coating right away.

👤After weeks of shipping issues, I received the product and assembled it. It looks great if you don't use it. The finish is paper thin, and not even light use can last it. I put a piece of tape on the edge of the desk while I was working on the project, but when I pulled the tape off, the paper was gone. The price was paid for the quality. Over the last few months, it has developed scratches from my mouse, pens and basic usage.

👤This desk is really nice. The space between the left side desk and the height adjusted desk is small. It would be great if they could design it so that there are no gaps. One star below perfect! The instructions are easy to follow. It is well packaged with lots of styrofoam to make sure there are no chips, breaks, or scratches. The delivery team is great and can deliver directly into the room you want. The filing cabinet is beautiful. You can't beat this deal for the price.

👤The ease at which I was able to assemble the desk surprised me the most. I thought I had lost a bit of my mind but with a little time, the desk came together. The sit-to-stand option is perfect and the desk is beautiful. Sometimes I need to stand after sitting for a while, as long as you grab the front and back of the lift area, it comes up without much effort. To return it to the sitting position, I lift it up a bit beyond the standing position, and the lift area lowers back smoothly. The quality of the desk is topnotch but be careful with the finish. The finish is not super-durable and I wouldn't recommend putting anything on it. I have to give this desk 5 stars as it is great in many areas, but I have to say that it's not the only thing. This piece of furniture impressed me, I have owned many pieces of furniture. Definitely worth it!

2. MONOMI Adjustable Workstation Programmable Controller

MONOMI Adjustable Workstation Programmable Controller

We now include a full-size cable management tray, which was originally sold separately. The tray is large enough to hide all the cables that come with the desk and has space for one 12-outlet power strip. Matching 47” side desks in the same top and base color are also available in four other colors. The eco-friendly desk is 55” x 28” and has enough room for two monitors and a laptop so you can spread out and take on the challenges of the work day. You can remember your height with 3 seconds pressing the preset buttons on the desk. While running, there is low noise. The heavy duty steel electric stand up desk has an industrial-grade steel frame and a durable desktop that allows for a 208 lbs weight capacity. TheInstant Active Sit Stand desk allows to go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion, allow independent and remote workers to stay active, say goodbye to long hours of sitting, insert healthy and productive. Monomi has a dedicated support team who will make sure you love your standing desk. The whole desk is provided for a 10-year warranty.

Brand: Monomi

👤desk assembly is not as useful as home stuff. I was impressed with the packaging and the hardware that was included. I used it and got an "E10" error that will not go away. Instructions for errors are not very detailed. They don't fix the issue. I have a desk that doesn't adjust. This is ridiculous. Emailed Monomi, they sent video instructions on how to clear an error. Instructions didn't work. Monomi asked for a video of me following steps to clear the E10 error. I sent a video. They want to speak about the issue over the phone. Customer service instructions did not work for my control unit. Two weeks ago the desk was listed for $340 and now it's for $280. My review was mentioned in an email from Monomi. I'm still waiting for a resolution to the issue. If you don't use the desk, how much space it takes up is the worst thing about it. A new motor is on the way. They sent me a tracking number this morning. The new motor/control unit works after Amazon sent a replacement desk. My desk will not rise on the left side, but it will rise on the motor side. I sent a video of it to Monomi. Waiting to hear back. It took a new motor, a new control panel, and a new leg to get my broken desk to work. It's great now that it works. I like that I can change it. It just isn't worth it, having dealt with assembling the desk, having to remove and reassemble, and then finally packaging the old desk to ship back. Multiple essential parts were faulty out of the box, and I spent $330 trying to make this work. I have doubts about the longevity of the desk because the top is still multiple pieces of particle board. Motomi did their best to correct the issue, and sent me the parts I needed to make the desk operational. I would have rather paid more, had a better desk top, and a unit that worked out of the box.

👤It's a great desk, functional and visually appealing. The idea of a 30-minute install may not apply to you if you aren't the best builder. It took me 90 minutes. I had to backtrack once. To avoid frustration, I made notes of what helped me or what I wish I had known before I started. 1) The video before and as you assembly is a good reference. There is an installation video available. To get a good idea of how the build progresses, read over the instructions. The instructions show how to organize the items in the order they are used. Make sure you are positioning items in the correct way. I didn't notice until I secured the side panels that were different that they weren't labeled. The control should not be on the same side as the cord holder. There are four If all else fails or concerns persist, consider getting the expert assembly.

3. OUTFINE Adjustable Standing Electric Workstation

OUTFINE Adjustable Standing Electric Workstation

The desk is made of solid desktop and has a strong bearing capacity. The desk is built to solve cable chaos. The instructions are easy to understand and easy to assemble, so no need to worry about installation. They are always happy to solve the problem for you if you have any questions. The height adjustment of the desk is supported by the dual motor system of the OUTFINE. The dual motor works quietly, giving you a pleasant working environment. The function of the height memory function. The height memory function can remember three desk heights. The desk can be adjusted with a click of a button. It is upsetting and annoying that a cup of drink falls down by chance and spills all over your important document or expensive electronic device. The anti-spill cup holder is here. The desk has a hook that you can use to place your bag or headset. The whole desk can support up to 180 lbs., made of premium iron frame, solid desk board and powerful dual motors. You can set up your work station with a lot of office accessories. The sturdy iron frame allows for a 180 lbs weight capacity. One of their top priorities is responsive customer service. The customer service team would always be here for you. If you have a problem with their product or service, please contact them. They will listen to your voice and give you a response with practical solutions.

Brand: Outfine

👤This desk is worth it for the price, as opposed to just buying a frame and a table. The dual motors make raising and lowering the desk very easy and I have had no issues with the controller so far. The weakest point is the table. Installation is a bit difficult because it comes in four sections. If you follow the instructions and don't set the screws until everything is in place, you should be fine. If you tighten a screw, then loosen it, it won't fit securely anymore. When I moved the desk into position, I still had issues. The screws holding one of the panels popped out while the desk was being moved. I had no issues with the second desk because of the lessons learned from the first one. Learn from me. Customer support was quick and efficient and I think they did the best they could to help me. I purchased this desk because I knew it would be an issue, but for the price, I could always purchase or create my own desk.

👤There are four parts to the desk. The assembly was tiring. I bought a desk from a different company. The top of the table was in a single piece. My boyfriend and I bought this for him. He hated it when he ran his mouse across the top.

👤The desk is 63" It arrived within a few days of being ordered. The set up took 2 hours. I did everything by myself except that I asked my son to help me flip it back over. Many people are not able to put this together on their own. The metal support frame and legs are where the lifting mechanisms reside. The table top is made of fiberboard. The weight will be a little less if you purchase shorter versions. The instructions are not very complicated, but they do require some thought, patience, and careful comparison of the parts from the box to the diagrams in the instructions. The parts in my package were labeled to match the instructions. It's not necessary to have a drill with a driver bit to make things work faster. There were a few phillips head screws, but many of the screws were made of wood. If you don't know how zip-ties work, the cable ties might be confusing, and the instructions weren't very helpful. The last step in installing the power supply under the desk was the worst part of the instructions. It was very poorly written. Attaching the power supply to the underside of the desk is done by using cable ties to attach the power supply cords to the desk. The desk does not have a power supply attached to it. Attach the power supply cords/cables in a certain way, since that is how you hold it in place. It seems sturdy and has been running smoothly.

👤This is a scam. This is the best price after a lot of searching. The table is split into 4 sections that are easy to put together, even though the pictures are misleading. The two most concerning ones are the small gaps on each side. This is needed for easy assembly and easy compact packaging. It can be a problem when writing or drawing a poster on such, as the gap can interfere with it. You'll have to change where you put your paper and the poster you draw will have to be moved around a bit. Most would use a dining table for art projects. This isn't a deal breaker. If you need a fully flush table, look elsewhere. The gaps don't make it look bad. The cup holder is very nice as well. You don't need a drill to assemble. A simple head will do the job, but you will have to drill wood screws into the table. The up and down function is very quiet and fast, with three preset modes to choose. The wires don't hang below the straps, and the entire thing looks clean. I am going to put my extra space length from 4 to 6 feet and save my posture and body by standing. It might be worth it to invest in something to stand on, which can come in many forms, but for now, I'm ok. If anything happens, will update review.

4. Uncaged Ergonomics Standing Bamboo Desktop

Uncaged Ergonomics Standing Bamboo Desktop

Pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount the desktops. Beautiful! A laser-cut steel desk frame is topped with a black bamboo desktop. These bamboo electric standing office desks are durable. The bamboo desktop looks amazing. Premium wipes are scratch resistant. It is possible to accept screws without chipping like veneer and fake wood. The electric stand up office desk has an adjusted height and width. The electric standing desk supports 250 lbs. There is aORY CONTROL. Push-button control with auto up/down and 4 memory preset for 1-touch adjustments. The best in class motors are engineered to last. The dual motor stand up height adjustment is smooth and fast. Premium lifting columns give taller height range and heavier lifting capacity. Anti-collision technology. 3 years warranty.

Brand: Uncaged Ergonomics

👤Excellent quality. It was easy to scratch the top.

👤It's a nice big desktop. So far, so good.

👤The corner of the table that arrived was damaged. The table wouldn't rise after we installed it. It wouldn't work. We tried. I paid someone to install a table and it was expensive.

👤In transition, the desk top was damaged.

👤We already have about 12 standing desks, so we got a few. First impressions. The packing job was done in 2 boxes. The parts and the table top were the same. 2. Great directions and separation. It took me 5 minutes to organize. You can hide the company logo by turning the Tabletop over, it is very nice. I would add another 5 stars for this exceptional customer service. The power unit for one item was damaged in transit and the table top had a crack. I know these things are not cheap to ship, but they did not question a thing. I got a fedex'd table top a day later. Excellent! It has been used for a day and has no complaints. The desk is sturdy even at its highest point with my dual 27inch monitors and the operation is smooth. I am happy! The desk that I had damage to has already been replaced. Thanks for sticking with a rock solid product. Don't ever change your service team, even if the replacement is more than enough, thanks for the 10% coupon.

👤Everyone has noted that the pricing is fake.

👤I have one of these at work. The price is unbeatable for a high quality product and I ordered one for home.

👤I try to stand at least 50% of the time I'm working, which means I lift and lower the desk anywhere between 2 to 6 times per day, depending on the day. I'm very happy with the desk after a couple of weeks. It took me 45 minutes to put it together. It wasn't the cheapest desk. All the pieces were in the same box. Other cheaper options were smaller than I wanted.

5. Sauder 412320 August Hill L Shaped

Sauder 412320 August Hill L Shaped

The reply is immediate. If there are any problems with the product, please contact them and they will be able to offer a solution in 24 hours. There is a drawer with full extension slides that holds hanging files. There are pass-throughs for cord management. The lower shelf has additional storage. Slate finish accents on the Dover Oak finish. The wood construction is engineered.

Brand: Sauder

👤The most damaged shipment I have ever received is 100 orders. I could have lived with a few of the damaged parts, but 2 of them were the main pieces and had the worst damage. Some of the parts inside the package were loose and some of the stickers were falling off. A good review is why. It would have been difficult to get back into the box without a lift, so instead of having to send it back, Amazon directs you to a website that sells replacement parts. If you put the model number, lot number and Amazon order number together, you can add the broken part numbers. The website is very easy to use. Within a few days the pieces were shipped a couple more and the replacements were received. I've seen many large items on Amazon where the only option is to send it back for a replacement, which is a major pain for large items, and this is a very large item. I didn't have a lot of options after finding all the damaged parts, so I was sad to have to send this back. I am giving a good review because I like the product, but more importantly, Amazon never fails to impress me with their customer service. It probably could have been packaged to survive shipping a little better, and shipping could have handled it more carefully, because you have one guy maneuvering it, and it's 127lb. It is more important how mistakes are handled that I don't mind. Even though they have had a hiccup, they deserve a high mark regardless. The desk looks really nice. Particle board is what you should expect at this price and size. It would be many times the cost to have a real wood desk. It's just a trade off you sign up for, but the surfaces will damage more easily than real wood. I've never had any issues with the longevity of Sauder products in that regard. If you treat the surfaces well, you won't have a reason to replace it for a long time. I once owned an entertainment center that was open for 4 years. While moving, the moving guys set a 300 lbs tv right on the lip and it ripped into the wood piece. I asked if I could buy a replacement piece. They said they would send me a new one. I said that it was not their fault. They insisted on sending me a replacement free of charge after I purchased a part. I have respect for integrity and how they treat their customers. I will be adding to my list of good experiences with them.

👤When you open it, it is a pile of wood. It took a long time to put it together. It's a little smaller than I thought it would be, but overall satisfied. It is a good deal for what I paid. There was a small chip in good condition.

👤Like many others, I am working from home during the coronaviruses. The package was well packaged, there were some decent sized chips on the desk which was disappointing, but by the time we noticed it, it was time to return it. I should have sent it back then. The drill holes were missing and some of the hardware was missing. I don't understand how that can be done considering the hardware is in a plastic container. I am out a drawer because the sliding file drawer didn't have the holes drilled correctly for the drawer extension slides on one side. I purchased a desk organization that fits both monitors and the laptop as well as the printer and desk organizers. Purchase something that is ready built and do yourself a favor. This thing is not worth the money I spent or the hours I spent at the hardware store to find missing pieces or drill holes that were supposed to be pre drilled. This sucked.

6. DMAITH Shelves Entertainment Console Storage

DMAITH Shelves Entertainment Console Storage

The tv stand is both exclusive and durable because of its simple high gloss fronts and matt texture body. A modern touch to most home decorations. Large storage is 51" W x 14" D x 18" H. The TV stand has 1 drawer and open shelves. Storage space for your entertainment consoles helps keep your home clean. Home lovers will love this system, it has 16-color lights and 4 flash effects. The lights system can be controlled by remote control to switch ON/OFF or change dynamic effects. The material is made of high-grade (E1) MDF, tempered glass and high-quality hardware. Beautiful and durable are ensured by excellent workmanship. Easy to follow instruction manual ready to assemble. This tv stand is widely used and is ideal for use in living rooms to hold the TV and some decorations such as vases and photos at the top, also suitable for your lounge room, bedroom and more places. This tv stand is widely used and is ideal for use in living rooms to hold the TV and some decorations such as vases and photos at the top, also suitable for your lounge room, bedroom and more places.

Brand: Dmaith

👤The catalog leaves out a lot of important stuff, like the metal part of screw B, which is why I gave it a bad review. The reviews would be better with a better instruction catalog. P.s. The lights were in a poor condition.

👤Check the reviews. Don't listen to 5 star reviews. This is the worst purchase I have ever made. I'm not talking about the quality of the material. I wouldn't want it even if it was free. It is useless. It is a TV stand. I was afraid of putting my TV on. It is not stable. The drawer can't hold parts because the bolts can't hold them all. It's different to pieces on the manual. The pieces were damaged when they arrived. Is it heavy furniture? If you want to return it for any reason, you have to disassemble it, put it in the original package, and bring it back to the store. What a nightmare! The big and hard furniture box is kept by someone. Many of the reviews have the same issue. Some people give them 5 stars. They give up on returning and try to be satisfied with their purchase, like my wife did. I returned it. I called to Amazon to get a refund and it has been over a week. I talked to a rep from Amazon and they stopped selling it. They started selling again with a higher price. Amazon might not have time to check all the products. I would love to give them 10,000 stars.

👤The TV stand was on sale. The stand looks nice. It was easy to put together. I did it myself and it took about an hour. Everything came perfect. I am happy with the end look of the TV stand. Highly recommended.

👤It looks awesome and high-end, but that is an unfortunate faade. The instructions aren't great but they're good enough and I was more concerned with how wobbly it felt after I assembled each piece. Wrong! It still feels like it's being held together by a glue stick, despite the fact that I spent at least another hour trying to tighten screws, push in pegs, re-lock the fastening nuts, and anything else I could think of to make it sturdier. The TV stand is not sturdy and I was scared to put my TV on it. I love how it looks, but I'm looking into ways to fix it myself, since I spent so much time assembling it. If you want a real piece of furniture, pay an extra $100.

👤Product is not accurate. There is no way to mount it to a wall. The backing is not strong enough to hold the weight of the item. It will take some type of engineering to mount it to a wall. It was over priced for $279.

👤The instructions were so blank and didn't include all the necessary steps that we redid each step twice. It is not clear what the mounting is to say the least. The thing is mounted on three tiny brackets and has small latches that can be pulled on if you try to hang it. The spacing on the 3 brackets doesn't work to hit studs, so we went to Lowe's and got 115lb drywall anchors to hold the stupid thing. There is no way to thread cords behind the thing where they have the holes pre drilled, and the lights don't stay attached with the crappy tape that's on the back of them. We went back to Lowe's to buy a hole saw and 2 1/2 grommets for the entertainment center. I hope the stupid thing doesn't squash the kids or animals because I still don't trust it. Don't buy this thing. I would send it back if I didn't have hours invested.

7. Lorell Laminate Table Top Mahogany

Lorell Laminate Table Top Mahogany

Use with electric bases. It supports healthier sit/stand workstations. High-quality wood.

Brand: Lorell

👤When I bought this, I was expecting a cheap thrift store type of particle board, but I was surprised. When you pick it up, you can tell that it's a very dense and strong board, the laminate is sturdy, and doesn't give off the feeling that it's going to peel off like cheap particle boards. I was walking around on the floor while I was putting the legs on and it didn't make any cracking noises. It's big, you should know that by the dimensions, but big desks are better so just get this bad boy. I used sturdy metal legs that are easy to detach if I need to move the desk at any point. The product is called "B07JR33TJC" and it is available on the store.

👤The board is definitely strong. It doesn't feel cheap. I put it on top of two Ikea drawers. This was a really nice product, and I was able to tell that before it was shipped. I screwed a cable management shelf in the bottom of the drill and it was easy to drill a couple holes. Shipping was okay. The board was knocked around a lot by the mail people. They sent it to my neighbor's house, but I had to go over there and get it in the rain. I have this up against a wall so you can't see the edges of the corners.

👤The desk tops worked well for my desk. The shipping was free and the quality was good.

👤I needed a sturdy desk. I tried to find something more sturdy than ikea. It is a butcher block that adds legs to the desktop. I decided to try out this desktop and bought some legs for $35 or so. I have a sturdy desk for under $100. It's better than the deals from big box stores and I think it will last longer. The box was a little rough but I had no damage to my desktop.

👤I could not find a better value for money than this. Unless you can afford the solid wood top of your dreams, just buy this until your ship arrives. You will not regret it.

👤This is a great desktop, but my top arrived broken. The tops at Ikea are "pick a size" I've been searching for a perfect table for months. I wanted something longer than 60" which is the length most standard desks stop at, so this seemed right up my alley. And boy is it. It's large and large enough to fit everything on it without feeling cramped like my old top, and there's room for the cat to lay next to the computer. They responded quickly and hassle free after I contacted the seller. I'll most likely just be ordering another one and hope that it doesn't break, which is of little fault of the seller and more to do with the shipment of the item. I don't know how they could make a 60lb package. Hey, but hey.

8. Monoprice Table Top Feet Wide

Monoprice Table Top Feet Wide

Stand Up Desk Store is a US based company and stands behind all items they sell; this item comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects. The Monoprice electric and manual sit-stand desk frames have custom-sized desktops. There are three sizes and two colors to fit most space, design and budget constraints. The rectangular desktop has a thickness of 1 inch. It's a hassle to drive home with a table top. Pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount the desktops.

Brand: Monoprice

👤A nice table top. The material on the underside of the desk is porous and difficult to attach cabels, a power strip, transformers, etc., even using heavy duty 3m tape. To secure the cabels, power strip, etc., I put a thin piece of plastic on the underside of the table top. I would recommend this product.

👤I bought a monoprice frame to use with this and it was cheaper than buying a desktop rom from monoprice. I realized that the pre-drilled holes were too far apart for the height bar to lock on to the legs when I was assembling the desk. I shortened the legs and forced my screw out. All good, except for that.

👤It is definitely over priced compared to what is listed on the website. It is a sturdy and well maid. I have it mounted on a stand on a monitor arm. Even with a large monitor, it is plenty specious.

👤The mine came warped and was not offered any help.

👤Solid and heavy. The packaging is my only complaint. Styrofoam does not suffice for repeated drops. Put foam at the edges if you have to pay the extra $0.25. It wasn't bad enough to return. Overall very happy.

👤The table top is strong and I am using it for a table stand.

9. ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable

ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable

If you like your new Sit- Stand desk conversion, you can get your money back with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. It is backed by a 5-year warranty and friendly support. The Elite Series has been the favorite of reviewers and users for six years. Over the years, many improvements have been made. The desk is more stable. The packaging has been updated to reduce shipping damages. If shipping damage occurs, replacement parts are shipped within 24 hours from Los Angeles. The desk may arrive in three packages. One piece solid 1” thick top. The top is 60” wide and 27” deep. The top is made of laminated MDF. To give it a sophisticated look, the edges are not straight, so devices with shorter C-Clamps can be mounted. The top comes with metal anchors that can be reinstalled at any time. The desk can move between 29” and 49” with a push of a button, thanks to the dual motor lifting system. The load capacity is more than 200 lbs. The controller has preset. The structure is unique. There is no need for a maneuver to line the base up. The legs are locked. In 45 minutes, most users can assemble. If the control box or a leg needs to be replaced, the desk doesn't need to be taken apart. They now include a full-size cable management tray, which was originally sold separately. The tray is large enough to hide all the cables that come with the desk and has space for one 12-outlet power strip. Matching 47” side desks in the same top and base color are also available in four other colors.

Brand: Apexdesk

👤I want to increase my activity levels this year because I spend a lot of time at the computer. I thought it would be easiest to convert my home office into a standing desk. I bought this desk and a walking pad after doing a lot of research, and I am absolutely loving it! There are some things to know about the desk. It was easy to assemble and a 2 person job. The desk is heavy and sturdy and can power lift anything you put on it. I have a custom built PC that I use for heavy video editing, a modem, a docking station, a card reader, and a headphone stand. I have plenty of room to work around it all. If you're unsure, I recommend the larger size. The desk was easy to set up and the instructions were easy to follow. The preset are easy to program. I have three for sitting, standing and walking. When I want to change modes, the desk moves quickly and smoothly and doesn't make me wait forever. The color of the desk top is very nice. The desk has an option to have the shape in the front or just straight across. I am glad I chose the contoured version as it is easier to use when standing and walking. The cable management issue is going to be a problem with any desk of this type. I recommend you buy the cable management tray, it's normally sold separately. It's not perfect but it helps with the cables. There are little white cable holds that pop into the tray and they won't stay put for me and keep popping out, but it's not a big deal. The tray is made of the same metal and has the same finish as the base. BUY IT! If you buy this desk, you should buy a wall mount power strip. If you have wall mounted cables, this will lift your ground dwelling power strips off the ground and stretch them to their limit. This desk is worth every penny. The power strips in the back of the desk are awesome, but they are nowhere near this price point. The memory buttons don't work as advertised. One press shows the height. You have to double press the button to move the desk to that height. The desk never responds when I double press. It's as if the first time wakes the desk up and the second time it moves. This is not a big deal because it always moves after the second round, but it is a little annoying that it doesn't operate as it should. The desk top is made of a material that is more prone to scratches and ding than other materials. It's not cheap, but I was hoping for something better for the price. If you are a tall person, the desk might not be high enough for you to be comfortable. I am 5'7" and have a walking pad that lifts me off the ground. I have to extend the desk to 47" in order for it to come right to my elbow. The upper limit is 49. If you're taller than 5 feet 10 inches and want to use this as a walking desk, you might need to think twice about it, unless you have long arms. I would think it would be fine for anyone under 6'4". If you plan to walk while working, I would caution against it if you do a lot of writing by hand or drawing that needs to be legible. While typing and computer work are easy while walking. My writing is difficult to read while I walk. Standing is not a problem. It's difficult for apple watch users who want to track their steps and workout while walking and working. If you don't buy an apple watch arm band, it won't track your distance or even your steps accurately because it's dependent on the gps. If you're going to switch to a standing desk, I recommend that you get as much wireless stuff as you can, because of the cable management issues. I couldn't afford a $3,000 desk right now because most desks that do what this desk does are twice the price, if not more, and I wanted to buy a walking pad as well. I paid the full price for this desk, but it was not given to me for a review. I was able to sell my elliptical machine and buy a walking pad because the walking pad was the same price as the desk. I put double digit miles in at my desk every day and it has changed my life. I have lost 5 pounds and feel better than ever. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, this desk should be part of your new years resolution. I recommend it for the price. Let me know if this has been helpful.

10. Desk Adjustable Height Adjustable Stand Up

Desk Adjustable Height Adjustable Stand Up

A single push of a button makes the electric height adjustment recall your favorite settings. The 3-stage legs provide an extended height adjustment range to accommodate shorter and taller users. Includes a set of furniture feet, locking casters and a frame that can be assembled in 15 minutes. The recommended desktop size is 48 to 72" W x 23.625" to 32" D; the overall dimensions are 42" to 64" W x 26.75" D x 24.25" to 49.75" H with included furniture feet installed. Stand Up Desk Store is a US based company and stands behind all items they sell; this item comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects. Stand Up Desk Store is a US based company and stands behind all items they sell; this item comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects.

Brand: S Stand Up Desk Store

👤I wanted the desk to be easier to move for cable management, so I added caster wheels to it. I decided to take a chance on these ones. I waited to put my desk together. When I put it together, I removed the leveling feet to add the caster and found that the stem on the caster was not as wide as the one on the leveling feet. I didn't intend to put the leveling feet back on or not use them, so... I did something that I probably shouldn't have, but it worked out and I'm happy with the result. What did I do? I wrapped the stem in electrical tape and inserted it into the caster. I tapped them in with a mallet because they wouldn't go all the way with just pushing. End result? I can move my desk with no problem because the casters are stable.

👤It doesn't work well with my desk. We should be too small. I wrapped them with tape. My 2 work monitors seem too heavy for these wheels, they just don't roll well. I sprayed them with a spray. That didn't help. I want bigger casters.

👤My husband and I took a long time to set up my desk. There were a few surprises. I don't know how controls work. The transition from the slides to wheels was smooth. Very strong.

👤It works great on my height adjusted frame from Uplift. I would have liked to have gotten this with my original purchase.

👤The company that sold my desk charges sold these for less. The wheels were a little scratched, but they work as intended.

👤This is the second desk I have purchased. The frame is heavier than the first one I bought. The company did a good job of replacing the damaged top in a timely manner. The desk is very high for children to use and low enough for you to use. The buttons are a bit funky, but they do the job. This desk seems to be good. I've had it for a while.

👤It fits perfectly to the desk. It rolls nicely even for small size across hard flooring.

👤It works for my desk.

11. Jucoan Irregular Artificial Crystals Decoration

Jucoan Irregular Artificial Crystals Decoration

Are you looking for a gift for a family member? The table runner is the best gift. Those close to you will love the design of the table runners from AHOLTA DESIGN. A pack of 4 bags of ice rocks is great for display and decoration. The artificial ice cubes look like real diamonds because they are made of high quality clear acrylic, well polished, without sharp or rough edges. The irregular shape of the crystal gems makes them look realistic and reflect the sunlight beautifully. The beautiful acrylic gems are ideal for food showcase displays and weeding decoration. The plastic ice cubes are perfect for table scatters, vase fillers, fish tank filler, favor maker, and craft project materials.

Brand: Jucoan

👤I need these fake ice crystals for my crafting. Great price, lightweight. There are four separate bags.

👤The stones are large enough for a centerpiece. The project should have a bright look.

👤I have already used them as tumbler toppers.

👤I use them for my cup tops.

👤Great value. They were sold out when I ordered more. I love how my vase turned out.

👤These cubes are perfect for crafting.

👤These ice pieces are so beautiful and I use them on my Tumblers.

👤The product is easy to clean. The sun is reflected off of them.

👤I filled up my large vase and it looked like pictures. My husband and I were very happy.


What is the best product for electric desk 72 inch?

Electric desk 72 inch products from Bush Furniture. In this article about electric desk 72 inch you can see why people choose the product. Monomi and Outfine are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric desk 72 inch.

What are the best brands for electric desk 72 inch?

Bush Furniture, Monomi and Outfine are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric desk 72 inch. Find the detail in this article. Uncaged Ergonomics, Sauder and Dmaith are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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