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1. Electric Standing Height Adjustable Controller

Electric Standing Height Adjustable Controller

You need to hold down the down button to restart the settings. It will stutter and beeps for 15 seconds. restart the settings There is a matchable desktop size of 47” to 70” with a width of 23” to 31” and a thickness of 1” or greater. The sit stand desk frame height can be adjusted from 28 to 47" in 19 seconds with the smart lifting system. The base is heavy-duty powder coating steel and has a dual-beam structure that can support up to 132 lbs. There are multi- functions. The electric stand up desk frame has preset buttons that can be used to change the heights. The rebound function protects the sit stand desk. There is a worry-free assembly. The desk frame can be assembled in 15 minutes. If you need help, please contact them at any time. Lifetime support is offered by them.

Brand: Maidesite Desk

👤You can feel the quality of the material when you open the box. Assembly instructions are easy to read. It took 20 minutes to assemble and it came up great. My friends got the high rated ones from Amazon, but this product beats them in every way. The motor works well. I would need a dual motor if it was lacking. I will definitely recommend this one. Some pics are attached.

2. ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable

ApexDesk Elite Electric Height Adjustable

If you like your new Sit- Stand desk conversion, you can get your money back with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. It is backed by a 5-year warranty and friendly support. The Elite Series has been the favorite of reviewers and users for six years. Over the years, many improvements have been made. The desk is more stable. The packaging has been updated to reduce shipping damages. If shipping damage occurs, replacement parts are shipped within 24 hours from Los Angeles. The desk may arrive in three packages. One piece solid 1” thick top. The top is 60” wide and 27” deep. The top is made of laminated MDF. To give it a sophisticated look, the edges are not straight, so devices with shorter C-Clamps can be mounted. The top comes with metal anchors that can be reinstalled at any time. The desk can move between 29” and 49” with a push of a button, thanks to the dual motor lifting system. The load capacity is more than 200 lbs. The controller has preset. The structure is unique. There is no need for a maneuver to line the base up. The legs are locked. In 45 minutes, most users can assemble. If the control box or a leg needs to be replaced, the desk doesn't need to be taken apart. They now include a full-size cable management tray, which was originally sold separately. The tray is large enough to hide all the cables that come with the desk and has space for one 12-outlet power strip. Matching 47” side desks in the same top and base color are also available in four other colors.

Brand: Apexdesk

👤I want to increase my activity levels this year because I spend a lot of time at the computer. I thought it would be easiest to convert my home office into a standing desk. I bought this desk and a walking pad after doing a lot of research, and I am absolutely loving it! There are some things to know about the desk. It was easy to assemble and a 2 person job. The desk is heavy and sturdy and can power lift anything you put on it. I have a custom built PC that I use for heavy video editing, a modem, a docking station, a card reader, and a headphone stand. I have plenty of room to work around it all. If you're unsure, I recommend the larger size. The desk was easy to set up and the instructions were easy to follow. The preset are easy to program. I have three for sitting, standing and walking. When I want to change modes, the desk moves quickly and smoothly and doesn't make me wait forever. The color of the desk top is very nice. The desk has an option to have the shape in the front or just straight across. I am glad I chose the contoured version as it is easier to use when standing and walking. The cable management issue is going to be a problem with any desk of this type. I recommend you buy the cable management tray, it's normally sold separately. It's not perfect but it helps with the cables. There are little white cable holds that pop into the tray and they won't stay put for me and keep popping out, but it's not a big deal. The tray is made of the same metal and has the same finish as the base. BUY IT! If you buy this desk, you should buy a wall mount power strip. If you have wall mounted cables, this will lift your ground dwelling power strips off the ground and stretch them to their limit. This desk is worth every penny. The power strips in the back of the desk are awesome, but they are nowhere near this price point. The memory buttons don't work as advertised. One press shows the height. You have to double press the button to move the desk to that height. The desk never responds when I double press. It's as if the first time wakes the desk up and the second time it moves. This is not a big deal because it always moves after the second round, but it is a little annoying that it doesn't operate as it should. The desk top is made of a material that is more prone to scratches and ding than other materials. It's not cheap, but I was hoping for something better for the price. If you are a tall person, the desk might not be high enough for you to be comfortable. I am 5'7" and have a walking pad that lifts me off the ground. I have to extend the desk to 47" in order for it to come right to my elbow. The upper limit is 49. If you're taller than 5 feet 10 inches and want to use this as a walking desk, you might need to think twice about it, unless you have long arms. I would think it would be fine for anyone under 6'4". If you plan to walk while working, I would caution against it if you do a lot of writing by hand or drawing that needs to be legible. While typing and computer work are easy while walking. My writing is difficult to read while I walk. Standing is not a problem. It's difficult for apple watch users who want to track their steps and workout while walking and working. If you don't buy an apple watch arm band, it won't track your distance or even your steps accurately because it's dependent on the gps. If you're going to switch to a standing desk, I recommend that you get as much wireless stuff as you can, because of the cable management issues. I couldn't afford a $3,000 desk right now because most desks that do what this desk does are twice the price, if not more, and I wanted to buy a walking pad as well. I paid the full price for this desk, but it was not given to me for a review. I was able to sell my elliptical machine and buy a walking pad because the walking pad was the same price as the desk. I put double digit miles in at my desk every day and it has changed my life. I have lost 5 pounds and feel better than ever. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, this desk should be part of your new years resolution. I recommend it for the price. Let me know if this has been helpful.

3. FLEXISPOT Converter Standing Keyboard M7MB

FLEXISPOT Converter Standing Keyboard M7MB

The measures are 40 W x 24 D x 28-46 H. If you like your new Sit- Stand desk conversion, you can get your money back with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. It is backed by a 5-year warranty and friendly support. The extra spacious work surface allows you to spread out with an extra large desktop for your computer monitor, paperwork, and desk accessories as well as an oversized keyboard tray that accommodates flexible setup options like a 17-inch laptop or a full-sized keyboard and mouse. You can use the desk riser with or without the keyboard tray with the easy one-step attachment. Integrated Air Technology Transition from sitting to standing is safer and more reliable with the smart X structure and gas spring hovering system. Their workspace is straight up and down, within its own footprint. There is no need to make spatial accommodations in comparable products.

Brand: Flexispot

👤I really wanted a Veridesk at home, but I didn't want to pay the steep price. I've been reading reviews, watching videos, and looking at sales for a while now, and I finally decided that the Flexispot should fit what I need for less than the price. Here's a breakdown of the differences that I have noticed and which one I prefer in each category. Measure and determine what space you have, and what height is best for your eye level. Both work well for my eye level. I have a 35" Flexispot and a 36" Veridesk. I have two monitors at work and one extra wide gaming monitor at home, so both of them take up a lot of space. Both desk systems fit them. I love the fact that the Flexispot goes straight up, instead of pulling towards me like the Veridesk. It fits better in my small home office and saves a lot of space. It is easier to raise the Veridesk because it has levers on both sides and Flexispot only has a lever on the right side. The Flexispot will probably work for anyone stronger than a 115lb female. Both Veridesk and the keyboard tray have good sized trays that fit a keyboard and mouse. Veridesk gets the win because there is more room to move the mouse. My mousepad hangs slightly off the tray with the Flexispot, but it is an oblong shape. A square pad may fit. The Veridesk does not allow you to remove the keyboard tray if you prefer, but that could be a benefit to some. Veridesk has a slight edge to it as it feels a little sturdier, and the mechanics seem a little lighter. I was surprised by the quality of the Flexispot. It is definitely worth the price. Flexispot wins on value... It's more affordable and there's less difference in quality. If you don't want to pay $400 for Veridesk, I would highly recommend this as an alternative. If half stars were possible, I would give the Flexispot a 4.5 rating.

👤The computer riser I bought was going to be great. I need it for the hours I work in front of my computer. After 5 months, the compression cylinder that provides the lift was no longer working. I contacted Amazon for technical support. I was told to contact Flexispot after 48 hours. They were not support and help. I went back and forth between emails for 3 weeks. I was asked to make a video of my computer lift so I could show proof of purchase. I was told by Flexispot to contact Amazon for a refund. Nothing has been resolved. I don't want a replacement. I'll replace the cylinder if they send me it. I'm not asking for much. I was able to return the item and get my money back.

👤I don't write bad reviews but I am changing that trend right now. It would be a great item. I am sure that one is not faulty. I think I received one of the few defects. It happens. The package includes a notice for the vendor to contact Amazon if there are any issues with the product. I used the desk for one day and raised and lowered it three times. The desk did not stay up the next morning. The fluid leaked out of my desk and dripped onto my chair. Wanting to be respectful of the companies request, I called them first to let them know of the issue. I was asked to take pictures and send them via email. I did that. They asked me to send a video the next day or two. That request was very dangerous. I am alone and trying to take a video of a desk that isn't functional is difficult. It caught my finger as it came down. It could have been very bad. I did my best to send it along. I haven't heard anything since then. I reached out to see if there was an update, but still nothing. Again, I think this is a good product. The customer service should make you think about which company you use for your desk. It has been a nightmare.

4. Prepac EEHW 0200 1 Mounted Floating Espresso

Prepac EEHW 0200 1 Mounted Floating Espresso

Prepac secure metal hanging rail system will save valuable floor space by Mount at any height. The cable and wire management features keep your desk organized. The sides of the compartments are ideal for personal items. It was constructed from CARB- compliant laminated woods.

Brand: Prepac

👤The missus can use the space for her own purposes. The mirror and light have been added.

👤Assembly and mounting are easy. The desk is well constructed and beautiful. It's a good idea to have a friend around when it's time to hang, but I managed alone. For a floating desk, it feels very sturdy. Will purchase more in the future.

👤I recommend getting this if you are considering it. I put it in the bathroom of my room. Works well! It doesn't take up a lot of space.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this desk. After reading all the comments I was afraid of getting the wrong color or missing parts but when I opened the box my worries were gone. Extra parts were left over and everything was there. I had a small desk in my bedroom. Years ago, I purchased a floating shelf and loved it. I finally found the desk I was looking for. It looks like they were made for each other. If I wanted to stand, I would have to put the desk high enough so the arms of my chair fit under it. My area is small but still has plenty of room for stuff. I put the desk together by myself and it was a challenge, but I got it together. Two people are needed to hang. It took me a while to get used to the desk because I had a feeling it would fall in my lap. I am used to the height after two weeks. The depth of 19 is not enough for a keyboard and monitor. This will help me to keep my desk free of stuff.

👤Go around with this company 2 more times. I sent it back because many of the pieces were broken. I pulled the pieces out to make sure they were not broken. I get to the directions and the prices are listed in the directions but not on the desk to match up how it goes together. I called their customer service and asked how to get them numbered because they are not. She couldn't speak English and said all of our items are not numbered. I asked how to put it together. She told them to match it up by the pictures. I asked if she was serious. She said that is how we do it. I was hung up on. I will put the items back in the box best I can, and then I will see it later. The product pieces have directions and numbered that match them. What is a joke?

👤We bought this to put up in our guest quarters. The product is easy to assemble and hang and the instructions were clear. Good luck getting one that arrives without some kind of damage. The spray packing foam that I got had gotten everywhere and was impossible to clean or scrap off without damaging the product. It had a lot of flaws and scratches all over it. I really like the fact that they send a touch up marker that you can use to touch up any scratches that may occur over time or during assembly, but it shouldn't have so many right out of the box. I decided to keep the second one because it was too big of a hassle to return it. I used the marker to get rid of it. The desk works well once assembled and hung. It saves space, but I'm disappointed in the quality control of the item and how damaged it is. I can recommend this product if you feel like you can live with scratches and dents. You should keep looking.

5. Sit Stand Desk Caster Black

Sit Stand Desk Caster Black

You can easily adjust your work surface height to your liking. Using a desk while standing can improve your health, burn calories and even improve your mood. The large working area is supported by a tubular steel frame. You can spread out with a work surface of 45.7" by 30". You can adjust the desk height to fit your needs. The crank is on either side. The center storage tray is where you should keep documents close. The white powder-coated steel frame is easy to clean. You can spread out with a work surface of 45.7" by 30". You can adjust the desk height to fit your needs. The crank is on either side. The center storage tray is where you should keep documents close. The white powder-coated steel frame is easy to clean.

Brand: Urb Space

👤Normally I don't take a picture. I made an exception for people like me who have chronic back pain. The reason I buy this desk is because it is sold on Amazon. I don't like dealing with 3rd party sellers. I made sure the price was correct. I ordered it. I was told by Amazon that I wouldn't receive the product until September. I don't mind waiting. The item just arrived at the warehouse and I am lucky that it arrived in less than 5 days. It may take a while to receive the item. The desk is easy to assemble. The size is the same as an office desk. I have enough room to hold everything. The tray is not moving. You can put with or without wheels. I decided to use the wheels because I can't stand for long. I can sit anywhere in the house. I highly recommend this desk due to its price, easy to adjust the height, and 2 options of the legs with or without the wheels.

👤This desk is inexpensive and serves a purpose. I did not want to match a desktop and stand because of the 30” desktop, so I bought this desk. The assemble was not easy and with every screw right, it wobbles more than a drunk. The legs are flimsy and the desktop is not solid. You get what you pay for with a good value at $165.

👤I have the story. The left leg gear on my first desk was different from the right. So when. The desk was tilted one way and only moved an inch. I got a right leg instead of a left one after I called Atlantic for a replacement part. I got a hold of Atlantic again and this time I got two legs. The left was geared but didn't have the top holes drilled to attach it to the leg. I fixed that myself. The crank takes 122 revolutions from full down to full up. I either want it all the way down or all the way up, so that's a lot of cranking.

👤I had this desk for a while. Very disappointed. If it is extended all the way up, you can use it as a standing desk, because it will make it difficult to lean in. If placed against a wall or a wall in a corner it will move. I was disappointed. One screw hole wasn't done right. I can not put a screw in one hole. That wouldn't change the wobbling.

👤Problem 1 is very slow. The manual crank takes a long time. It takes about 80 seconds to raise or lower the table. It was annoying and slow. I would like to switch from sitting to standing and back every 30 minutes or so, but I dread the time it takes to raise and lower the table. It's not for changing the height of the table many times during the day, but only once in a very long time. Problem 2. It was quitebbly. The table top is light and weak. When you lean on it, it flexes a lot. I worry when leaning on the table. It's not a huge problem, but be prepared for the webcam to shake a lot when you touch the table. Problem 3. Not high enough. The table doesn't go high enough for me, I am 5'9". The table is too short for me to rest my arms on it. I had to spread my legs so I could lean on the table. This position is tiring. If you're taller than 5'8", and you don't like working with your arms handing, you probably want a table that goes a bit higher. All good. It is easy to assemble. It's deep enough to allow you to move your monitor farther away. It's not right in your face. Nice design.

6. Seven Warrior Computer Ergonomic Headphone

Seven Warrior Computer Ergonomic Headphone

You can be sure that you will love your desk if you buy through Vari. They have a 5-year limited warranty. The Seven Warrior gaming desks use an ultra-stable and sturdy T-shaped leg design to stand up to any serious gaming demands. The sturdy table top is supported by a steel frame that can hold up to 330 pounds. The table is kept sturdy even on rough ground with the help of leg pads. The design is user friendly. The desk is 60.0"L*27.6"W*29.5"H. The fully covered mouse pad makes it very convenient to use. The cup holder and headphone hook keep your drinks and headphones at your fingertips. The SmartUSB gaming handle rack has 4 charging ports, so you can charge your phone, iPad or headphones. Two cable grommets are provided. Their desk can be used as an office desk or writing table due to its simple design. It can be used in home, office, dorm room or bedroom. Installation and cleaning are easy. It's easy to assemble the desk. Instructions and tools are included in the package. You can get a screw driver and an allen key from them. You can set it up in 30 minutes. The gaming desk is easy to clean with a carbon fiber surface. 100% customer satisfaction Their goal is your satisfaction. If you have any problems after your purchase, please contact them. The customer service team will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: Seven Warrior

👤I'm quite large and have long legs. I was worried that the desk wouldn't be high enough, but it is. I was worried that it wouldn't be deep enough for me to put my feet up and lean back, but I have plenty of room and am comfortable. I was concerned about the risk of failure due to my weight and the table being used to prop me up when I stand but it is very sturdy. I have enough room for a full sized keyboard, 3 widescreen monitors, and every accessory known to man besides a wheel on top of this desk. The desk has a full table size mouse pad. The stitching along the edge can be a little annoying, but I solved it with a bit of fabric and permanent fabric glue. The english style beer mugs with the handles on them fit perfectly in the cupholder. I don't have to worry about spilling all over the desk while drinking or gaming.

👤This thing is still going strong six months later. I currently have a 15-pound mic setup, a 34 inch ultrawide on a heavy VESA mount, a 24.5-inch gaming monitor, 2 RGB lamps, and some other items and peripherals sitting on this desk. The audio interface is mounted to the bottom. The VESA mounts are locked to the back. It handles them well. The edges of the mousepad have not begun to crack. I have changed my rating to 5 stars. The hours I spent looking for a desk were some of the best I have ever spent. The original review from 6 months ago is below. I settled on this one because I spent hours looking for a new gaming desk. It is comparable to more expensive competitors. 2. The desktop is divided into 2 panels. This means you won't have a crease under the area where you'd have your mouse, which could cause a noticeable and annoying bumps. 3. It has a mouse pad that covers the whole desktop, which is something that is often seen in more expensive options. 4. There are holes for cable management. 5. The manufacturer did not go too far with their branding on the mouse pad. The dragon is large but it doesn't stand out much since it is dark grey. I don't like the way some companies put big, bright logos on mouse pads because they clash with my room's color scheme. Since it arrived, here are my thoughts on using it. It has a good weight for its size. Heavy, but not too heavy. 2. The mouse pad has a glide. It feels like a QCK. I have an Artisan Zero XL, but I would be very comfortable using it in a game. 3. It's not bad. I could not expect much better for the price. There are more expensive ones on Amazon and they have a lot of complaints about the sturdiness. This was the biggest worry I had before buying. I don't see myself replacing this because it's not strong enough. This one is better than my last desk. 4. It took less time than expected. A person can do this in 45 minutes. It's not the greatest desk in history, but it's a good option if you don't have a lot of money.

7. Adjustable Antifatigue Electronic Controller Workstation

Adjustable Antifatigue Electronic Controller Workstation

Sturdy design is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns. Lifts more than other things. The Motorized Desk Frame lifts your table at 1.5 inches/sec, which is quicker than waiting. Carrying even 2 monitors and 1 pc at a time is heavy. Their sit stand desk frame is powder coated. An anti fatigue mat is worth $50. Their frames come with an AntifatiGUE mat so you don't tire your feet while standing long hours with their electric desk frame. The mats can be used in different ways in the kitchen. There is a super industry. Their desk frame holds all sizes of desks. There are suits for a desk that is from 41 inch to 85 inch. You should adjust your height from 28.74 inch to 49 inch. Their standing desk is ideal for your work from home, office, computer desk, and dual monitor system. The controller has a timer option and memory modes. The controller has a way to preset your sit/stand position and then you can move there at the click of a button. Timer setting allows you to set goals. The controller helps you to lift your standing desk legs quickly and easily, unlike a manual crank operated desk leg. The controller has a display that shows the height of your desk legs. Frame safety is ensured by Overload protection, which prevents the loading of higher than rated loads. If you don't like their motorized standup desk frames, they will give you a no questions asked refund.

Brand: Flybold

👤Solid product. When raising or lowering, there is no wobbling or rattling. I bought a piece of wood at Lowe's for 30 bucks and it worked out great. Initially thought of using 2x4 plywood. It has a great finish, but I would have to cover up the edges with wood from Lowe's. I was able to get the settings right on the desk by pressing the memory button and then going to set mode. If you want to raise or lower the table, you should see the s on the display and press the memory button quickly.

👤I like this disk frame a lot. I attached these to an Ikea desktop that had a metal frame around the top. I have a laptop and 2 monitors. The desk works as it should. Quickly and easily moves. It has a nice feature where it moves slowly at first but then picks up speed. I think it's a very sturdy set, even if it isn't as strong as the desk was with Ikea legs. The quality of everything seemed very good to me. The control pad is easy to use. It displays the actual height in inches or cm's. I will only ding it for a mis-measurement. The minimum height is stated in the photos. After you take off the feet, it was about 28.75 for me. That made a difference to me.

👤I was looking for a standing desk but realized I could use my current desks top, since I am working from home and need to do something with my home office. It works well and is a good value.

👤It broke on the first week after putting dual monitors on the table. I am not sure why a product should not break within a week of installation. I will give it one more try after requesting a replacement. Everyone needs a second chance.

👤You may already have table tops that work with this desk frame. I used one from Ikea. I had to modify the table top to fit it, but it was only because it was a hollow-core door that there were places to anchor screws. Solid wood, or composite wood top should work well as-is, as your mileage will vary. I've had no issues with this drive so far. The speed was not a big deal because it's very smooth and quiet. Up to three preset positions can be remembered by the system. I wish the desk was lowered a bit more, as my table top is a bit thick, and my chair is not high enough. The desk is sturdy and well-made. When the desk is raised, there is a bit of side-to-side motion when I type. The desk is in a good position. This has not been a big deal, and I expect I'll probably do more typing when seated, and conference calling when extended, so it works for me. It's been working well despite the slightly higher height and side-to-side motion. The unit came with no damage, and I only had 90 minutes to assemble and attach my desk top. The assembly of the unit took about 40 minutes. It was very easy, and doesn't have a lot of parts. It's working well so far, and I can recommend it. -J

8. Standing Converter Adjustable Computer Workstation

Standing Converter Adjustable Computer Workstation

The desk base is complete. Control boxes and remote control are included. Combine it with a table of your choice to make your own standing desk. The x-structure design and solid material support frame are for heavy-duty loaded. The shockproof spring can keep your stuff stable when it folds down. Premium gas spring mechanism for easy raising and lowering, gently lift the lock lever and switch sit to stand in a second. There are 5 levels for your choice. There is plenty of work space. The desk conversion is a small table as large as a MacBook Pro 15 and has plenty of space for your single laptop and mouse. Not compatible with dual monitors or dual laptops. The curved edge design supports and protects your wrist. No matter how tall you are, you will be comfortable in your position. The portable and convenient use of the converter is that it is easy to carry and store when not used. The lowest height when not lifted is about three feet.

Brand: Generic

👤I'm a PhD student with an internship, two side jobs, and I'm learning a foreign language. I'm sitting for more than 15 hours a day. I sit for 20 hours sometimes. It's great working from home, but I'm sitting way too much and have a lot of muscular and skeletal ailments. There is a syndrome called dead butt syndrome. I can't lie on my back and sleep because my bottom hurts. I've tried many different types of cushions, from memory foam to latex to gel. I've tried a ridiculously-expensive cushion for pressure sores caused by wheelchairs. My butt was already done. All the cushions of the world are useless when you sit that long. I try not to use pain killers because I can't afford them. I have to be at my computer. I have recently joined a group called "get everything done together" and I asked them what they did about their dead butt. A couple of people suggested that I use standing desk converts to work when my buttoms hurt. I've ordered a few of them. They were either very heavy to carry on the desk or flimsy. This one is very sturdy and has an average weight. I can use it at the lowest height when I'm sitting on my cushion, and at a higher setting when I'm up. It has been less than a week. I can feel less of my bottoms. I feel like my bottom can come back to life. I know my life is sad and I have more fundamental issues, but this converter makes it a little more manageable until I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Excuse the crumbs on the picture. I don't feel like cleaning them.

👤The build quality is good for $65. When I searched for the brand name on the box, I found it. "Amazon stopped selling electronics accessories from Vava, RAVPower, and other companies". The brand is trying to hide the fact that the product is actually from a suspended brand. It's hard to say what level of support you'd receive after the 30 day return period, so keep that in mind.

👤It's helpful when I need to be more effecient in the clinic because I'm tired of sitting down all day. It has made a difference for me. Many coworkers have asked where to get one. It's easy to put away and take my bag with me.

👤Very happy with the purchase. Excellent product. Sturdy. The surface is smooth. The lever makes it easy to change levels. It was well packaged. Absolutely serves my needs. It arrived promptly.

👤The size and ease-of-use are great, but why did someone put a non-removable sticker on it? There is a huge piece of glue over the top of it, it is ugly and I can't get it off.

👤It is easy to move up and down for a laptop. It was nice to break from sitting. I do not have a large workspace. It's a nice small size compared to other standing desk converts.

9. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing

Lockable Casters: They have a rotation that makes turning your desk mobile and protecting your floor from scratches. FEZIBO standing desk is an ergonomics home office desk. The quality of the products and the home office rising experience are both trustworthy. It can hold up to 154 pounds. The desk has preset buttons that can be used to adjust the electric height. Easy Assembly has a detailed installation manual. L installation tools were provided and embedded screw hole locations. The design of the pencil holder is to satisfy the demand for basic storage when working. Casters that are Lockable andDetachable make turning your desk mobile and protecting your floor from scratches.

Brand: Fezibo

👤I've purchased sit-stand desks from both Amazon and Fezibo. The desk was easy to build and the legs seem sturdy. The desk top is made of 4 pieces. The edges were dinged or frayed. The four pieces of particleboard are held together by metal screw plates. There are gaps between the pieces. The desk is cheap. There is a If you're looking for a sit-stand desk, I would recommend Flexispot. The desktop is sturdy and flat.

👤Run! Don't buy this product. Zero customer service has more than Fezibo. The desk broke after purchase. I sent Fezibo pictures, videos, and other information about the problem, but never heard back from them. The cheap import company is failing in the US market. Very low quality. Don't buy this product. Zero customer service has more than Fezibo. The desk broke after purchase. I sent Fezibo pictures, videos, and other information about the problem, but never heard back from them. The cheap import company is failing in the US market. Very low quality. Don't buy this product. Zero customer service has more than Fezibo. The desk broke after purchase. I sent Fezibo pictures, videos, and other information about the problem, but never heard back from them. The cheap import company is failing in the US market. Very low quality. Don't buy this product. Zero customer service has more than Fezibo. The desk broke after purchase. I sent Fezibo pictures, videos, and other information about the problem, but never heard back from them. The cheap import company is failing in the US market. Very low quality.

👤The company told me how to reset to factory settings. I have added that video to my site. My rating was changed to a 3. The desk is made well, but the controller is not. Instructions don't tell how to adjust. The company sent reset instructions that did not work, but no other assistance. My desk is now a sitting desk. There is no # for Customer Svc. Only email can be used to communicate. Still waiting to hear back from them. Very disappointed.

👤The desk is ok, based on the reviews. I found assembly very difficult. I'm not very handy but it wasn't very intuitive to me. I had issues with the sync rod. I reached out to the seller and they said that I was using an older version of directions, but they didn't send the correct directions. I had to ask for the correct directions again. It took 3 days to get the thing together. I struggled because someone handier than me probably could have figured it out. The sync rod took a long time to figure out. I am not very happy with the white. The photos on this item's page were taken to remove the line in the middle of the table. There is a seam in the middle of your desk. The desk area is less usable because you have to work around a seam if you are writing. I don't appreciate the mis-leading photos, but it may not bother a lot of people. The white boards are the worst quality that you can get. I'm thinking of covering them with paper. It's ok for the price. It seems to be ok. I have only had it up and running for a couple of days, but I am worried that the mechanics will give out sooner than I anticipated. So far, so good. It's a good size and functional. I was happy when it was up and running. There are many similar desks on Amazon.

10. VIVO Ergonomic Adjustable Controller DESK V122EB

VIVO Ergonomic Adjustable Controller DESK V122EB

The frame length is 42.8” to 58.6” and the frame height is 28” to 47” The table top should be measured in lengths of 43” to 78.5” and width of 20.5” to 39.5” The table top must be purchased separately. All steel construction and a thick leg support system hold weights up to 220 lbs. Feet can be adjusted to nearly any floor surface. The Electric Lift System allows you to go from sitting to standing at the push of a button without breaking concentration or productivity. The dual motor has a lift speed of 1” per second. The push button controller has 4 memory settings so you can find your ideal height. You can leave work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by thinking on your feet. Sturdy design is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns. Sturdy design is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

Brand: Vivo

👤I used to use a laminated wood desk for my work and gaming, but I bought two of these to replace it. I got 2 butcher-block counter tops from my local business and used them to create two separate desk areas, one for work and one for gaming, with plenty of desktop space to spare. The way to go is with dual motors. Work-time is when you sit or stand up. The option to stand up is always there, even if they are not matching. I recommend a tape measure, marking tape, and a power screw driver. I had to measure for my desktop length. Set the bar/bracket to extend your desktop and legs easy to assemble. The extension bar does not have a measurement on it, so the tape measure and tape are needed here. I extended both of them to the maximum I could. I put the extension bars between the left and right leg support to make sure I evenly space them. I reserved a minimum of 1/2 inch for the screws to support the desktop. To do this, I align the bar on the outside desk frame to see where the screw will hold the bar down, then I taped the bar to the end of the desk frame to make sure I cover the screw. The butcher block was screwed down.

👤There is nothing to like. I was presented with an error on the building. I was able to get by this, and then my desk got stuck at the highest position with no way of lowering it. Awesome. I call tech support. We will probably ship another control panel. Thanks. It's necessary to install that. E10. Call back. It might be one of the legs we can ship you. Great. The screw holes don't line up when you install. What kind of desk company is this? I have 3 shipments in without a desk. Don't.

👤I have ordered this desk frame four times. It never fails to impress. It is reliable, smooth functioning and great value.

👤I debated on getting the ikea frame, but I found a youtuber that has tried multiple frames and this was their top. I am not disappointed. I use a 59" linnmon desk top. I made sure the mounts were close to the edge. I have a gaming PC on this desk top, along with a laptop and a dslr on a versa mount. The frame is strong and able to lift all of the weight.

👤I was not happy when I bought this. I thought the desk was not supporting the weight listed. The 2 screws on the support cross rail kept coming loose. It caused a big wobble. Since adding a thread lock, I haven't had that issue. 2 star to a 4 star rating, edited nice desk, cable are great length.

👤I enjoy this a lot. I wanted to add my own desktop and this fit the bill. It arrived quickly and easy to assemble, but it had some problems that resulted in error codes. I contacted support after hours on a Friday and they responded almost immediately, but I couldn't speak to someone until Monday, when a tech was on the phone to resolve the problem. Customer support is excellent. The problem was a loose wire. It works perfectly now.

11. FEZIBO L Shaped Electric Adjustable Workstation

FEZIBO L Shaped Electric Adjustable Workstation

One of their top priorities is responsive customer service. The customer service team would always be here for you. If you have a problem with their product or service, please contact them. They will listen to your voice and give you a response with practical solutions. Triple electric motors are more stable and quieter than dual motors. The desk has preset buttons that can be used to adjust the electric height. The large work surface is large enough to provide plenty of room. The lift system is made of sturdy steel. Contained a steel frame that could support up to 330 lbs. Lockable Casters: They have a rotation that makes turning your desk mobile and protecting your floor from scratches.

Brand: Fezibo

👤Be careful! FEZIBO customer service is terrible. My desk has 2 faulty motors and could not stand up. After waiting for weeks for someone to respond, I reached out to customer service and couldn't get a response. The desk is very heavy so it is hard to move around. Assembly is hard for one person. The black table top is prone to dirt and finger prints. It will get greasy after assembly. The desk is nice. There are many problems to justify the price.

👤I bought it for my husband and he is happy with it. It is easy to assemble. The table is not wobbly. Wood is thin and I don't like it. I was expecting more than 1.5 cm. It goes really high very fast. I expected to be a little bigger. I know it is the biggest desk on the market, but my husband wanted a bigger table for 3 monitors and laptops. I wanted to find something for him. If you know the sizes, the pictures show the highest position, medium position and overall size.

👤This desk is probably comparable to some that are twice the cost. It looks great, it's functional, and it was easy to assemble. It took about 80 minutes to assemble. I put the desktop on top of the legs instead of putting it on the floor. I chose to run the cable management under the desk, because that's what it meant. I've been enjoying the spaciousness of the desktop. I have plenty of room because I have a laptop and two monitors.

👤The desk has a cable tray and tab stick on it. The instructions are confusing but you have to stare at them for a while. It will make sense. You will need a second person to help lift the table after I put it together. The table didn't come with caster wheels, but the seller sent them to me when they were notified. The table has been working well.

👤This is what it says and it earns five stars. The measurements are correct. I use the motors about once a day. The top is three sections, which is obvious from the pictures. There are no drawers or cable management trays. The top is a little thin, but it supports the monitor mount and is solid, so there is another plus. It is heavy in the frame. It should be assembled upside down on a table. I used the clamps to make sure the seams were flat. This worked well. The assembly instructions were easy to follow, but I used shorter screws for attaching the control panel and motor cable was different than the instructions said.

👤The table is average and does feel solid once you put stuff on it. Assembly was easy but tedious, and a drill helped with mounting the legs. It took a novice like me about 1.5 hours to assemble. I wouldn't recommend the wood I got because it looks dated and the wood panels don't match up with each other. It's definitely better to go for a solid color. If you want a setup for gaming on one side and another for work on the other, it's great because the table is very small and space efficient. When you put pressure near some soft spots, there is a bit of squeaking. If you're sitting on carpet, the table will shake if it's not weighed down. There was no shaking when I had a few monitors on it. It is a little awkward to face towards the shorter side of the table as the metal stand restricts your leg movement. It's a decent budget table for this price.


What is the best product for electric desk legs?

Electric desk legs products from Maidesite Desk. In this article about electric desk legs you can see why people choose the product. Apexdesk and Flexispot are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric desk legs.

What are the best brands for electric desk legs?

Maidesite Desk, Apexdesk and Flexispot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric desk legs. Find the detail in this article. Prepac, Urb Space and Seven Warrior are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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