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1. SHW Vista Corner Desk White

SHW Vista Corner Desk White

Their after-sale team will be at your service whenever you need it. The L-shaped corner computer desk saves space in the dorm room. The Environmental particle board is made of steel frame and powder coated finish. The foot rest bar allows for more comfort. The dimensions are 51" W x 19" D x 28.5" H. US D891820S1 is a patent.

Brand: Shw

👤It's great for someone who needs to do a lot of things. It does chip a bit if you bang it up, but I'm not worried about cosmetics. It is easy to assemble.

👤Some people complain that the desk is not strong enough, but I'm not standing on this desk so it fully meets my expectations. Reviewers complain that the corners are sharp, so hit them softly with a hammer and move on. The materials are of the highest quality. Measure your expected placement for fit. This product is an exceptional value if you manage your expectations. 2 year update The flex caused by moving the desk pushed the particle board through the top. It's been 2 years for a desk. Make a better investment by saving your money.

👤I bought this less than a month ago and was really excited for it. The reviews were positive and I liked the colors. I started to notice that the paint on the top surface was chipping. These small grow quickly and damage the product's look. The wooden panel is showing signs of wear after only about a month of use. I don't have hard metal objects or heavy things on it. The seller is selling the product at a much lower price after just a few weeks after buying it at a higher price. It was a bad decision to use this product.

👤This desk works well for me. 15 minutes to asemble. It made my life easier.

👤I really like this desk. I've been using it for a semester and a half. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It won't take long to notice that some pieces are easy to flip the wrong way. I use this desk every day and it hasn't gotten nicked or scratched, it looks like someone has scratched it up with a sharp object. It's very light. I can pick it up and move it around easily because I was able to assemble it myself. The desk is sturdy for its weight. If you want something you can move around, this is a great option. I'm going to be traveling in a few months and I'm going to disassemble the desk, put it in my car and reassemble it at my destination. I will give more feedback at that time. I'm not sure if I would be comfortable moving the desk without it being disassembled. I don't think it would be easy to move long distances, lift into a vehicle, or carry up/down stairs on your own. It is also large. I would have to check, but I don't think the desk would fit through the door frame. The desk was wobbly on carpet and other reviewers weren't happy with the stability. I have my set up on the carpet. The desk is sturdy. All you have to do is twist the small height adjusters on your feet until you're happy with the balance.

👤It is pretty good, but I wasn't expecting much for $70. It makes a nice little "laptop office" to the corner of the room. It isn't the most sturdy of things, but you can see from my second picture that it's rock solid, I just used a plate to fix it to the wall on one end. You can't go wrong for the money.

2. Hadulcet Mobile Laptop Adjustable Wheels

Hadulcet Mobile Laptop Adjustable Wheels

All required tools are included in the pre-aissemble. Attach the keyboard tray and it will be ready. They're dedicated to providing excellent after-sales service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. Space Saver and large table. The small size of this sofa side table makes it an ideal for small spaces, but the large table's large surface makes it possible to store a lot of things. You can use the wheel table as a sofa side table, a bed desk, a laptop desk, or a garden table in your home or office. Any idea on how to use the desk can be fulfilled. The structure is stable. The steel frames and medium density fibreboard help improve the stability of the small desk on wheels. The sofa side table can hold all of your things, no matter how heavy they are. The mobile side table has an adjustment mechanism that allows you to change the height and position. It is easier to use this laptop desk with wheels to alternate postures between sitting and standing and find your comfortable position when you work or study. The overbed table with wheels is easy to assemble. The side table has wheels. Please contact them if you have a question about the sofa side table. They will help you.

Brand: Hadulcet

👤I like my new desk. I wanted to move from the dinning room to the living room because I work from home. The desk is perfect. I am able to work and sit on my sofa. It is easy to move around the room because it has wheels. The size is what I needed and it is very sturdy. I can work on my sofa, but if I wanted to I could raise the desk to the level I want and work like that as well. I am happy with my purchase after a lot of research.

👤The table was easy to assemble. I have had issues with not being able to put things together. The reviews said it was easy to assemble. The only thing needed was the one tool. The table is tall enough to fit on the side of my bed, but I like being able to raise it to a comfortable level or lower it, with just the ease of turning the knobs. I color it sturdy. I roll it back and forth to get up and down. The casters could be a little bigger for easier movement. It still moves with the minimum of stress. I'm glad I bought this, it has made my situation a lot easier.

👤My husband wanted to sit on the couch while playing Warframe, but he didn't like it. I wanted to get him a keyboard, mouse, drinks, and extra space for his arms. He likes it but thinks it isn't strong enough. I made it right. It was very easy. You can always adjust the level. Sometimes I use it for studying. I like it. He's happy with it. Great price too.

👤I must say that this table is a nice one. I had issues with the screws. This company has a great reputation for customer service. They have reached out to fix the problem. They replaced the item for free. I was amazed that they value the feedback of their customers. I will definitely purchase from this company again if I need it again, and I will definitely refer them to my friends.

👤I use it without the wheels on it. There is room for my keyboard, mouse, cell, and remotes.

👤The table I ordered in January had missing and faulty parts. I wrote a detailed review of the product. Annie called me from customer service. She apologized for the unfortunate experience and gave me either a new table or a full refund. I wanted a new table. A new table was delivered free of charge within a week. There were no missing or faulty parts. A lot more stable than the first table. It took me 15 minutes to put it together. The first experience with the product was not great, but the customer service was great and a replacement product was delivered at no cost, which I am very happy about. Annie kept me updated on the delivery of the table. I love it! It's stable and great. Thank you, Annie!

3. Its_Organized Computer Workstation I Shaped Writing

Its_Organized Computer Workstation I Shaped Writing

The gaming table is 42" L x 23.625" D x 33.5" H and is available in contrasting colors that match the chairs. The computer desk is 60"L x 27.56"W x 30.31"H and it provides ample space for computer, writing, study and other home office activities. It is a great addition to your study room, bedroom or office to serve as a computer desk, office desk, writing desk, or gaming desk. This desk is made of Eco-friendly P2 grade MDF board which is high resistance on scratch, easy to clean and water proof, and the thicker steel legs have a strong bearing capacity. Humanized design. The round corner safe protects your family. Two cable managers organize cables. The foot pads can be adjusted from 0.1 to 0.4 inches to keep the desk stable. The I-shape leg Office desk with no obstacles design provides more space under the desk for your leg movement and storage, allowing you to stretch a little when you feel tired. To make assembling this desk as easy as possible, they have included clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and all necessary tools in the package.

Brand: It's_organized

👤I got the larger of the two dimensions. A desk is pretty much useless. I tried to reassemble the legs. It seems like the connection between the foot and leg isn't stable. I put it into a wall for stability.

👤It's a great desk, but it's not a solid piece of wood, which is the only problem with it. It's actually two pieces that are combined to form one table and a line in the middle of the desk. The mouse pad is included. They hid the line down the middle with the mouse pad to make it look like a piece of wood. They give you the mouse pad. I decided that the line would bother me so I put it together. It's fine, but I wish it was more obvious.

👤The desk was in a box. The desk was easy to assemble. It could be 10 minutes tops. I've been using it for about two weeks and I have no complaints. It's deep enough for me to fix my video game without moving anything. The split in the middle is not an issue. You don't need a mouse to cover the desk. It doesn't move. I have a mouse pad on the left side of my PS4 speakers, Small Alienware Alpha keyboard, mouse, 2 monitors, and a Nintendo Switch with room left over. The lights don't come with it. I got them separately on Amazon. It's called Neon Rope. It was 16 meters.

👤It was difficult to find a desk that was affordable. The desks that were left were either too expensive or small. I put it together. I will be checking the screws every few months to make sure they stay tight. I have a computer on the desk. I have plenty of space for stuff that shouldn't be on the desk and drawers underneath. I would recommend it. I am happy with it. I paid 179.00 in August 2020. If it goes down in price, grab it.

👤The desk's surface is made of particle board, not wood, plastic, or anything else that is less reliable. It's actually pretty decent for that. There is a nice hard coating on the surface, like formica, instead of that garbage wood-like veneer that many other companies cover their particle board with. There is a metal beam on the bottom where the legs screw into the surface section, and there are holes in the surface section that have metal nuts for the screw to screw into. For a cheap desk that cuts corners by not being made of real wood, they did go a little above and beyond by doing a few extra things to make it more sturdy and dependable than one might expect. I think it was worth it. If you can afford it, get a real wood desk. Get this if you can't. It's the best budget desk I've seen so far.

👤My experience with this desk has been good. It was difficult to put it together since one of the screw mountings on the bottom of the table came loose, so I was unable to get that screw tight. It doesn't seem to have an impact on the desk as a whole. I had to use L-Brackets to secure the desk to the wall because it was wobbly and my monitor was shaking. It works like a charm now. If you're looking for a cheaper desk, I would recommend it. If you're using the table-top for writing, look elsewhere because it's split down the middle.

4. FEZIBO Adjustable Electric Standing Natural

FEZIBO Adjustable Electric Standing Natural

Lockable Casters: They have a rotation that makes turning your desk mobile and protecting your floor from scratches. There are preset buttons to adjust the electric height. Keep your keyboard and mouse organized. Premium metal rails allow for smooth tray sliding. The lift system is made of sturdy steel. Contained a steel frame that could support up to 176 lbs. The desk top comes with a cable management tray and 2 hooks. Lockable Casters: They have a rotation that makes turning your desk mobile and protecting your floor from scratches.

Brand: Fezibo

👤The company responded the next day. It took 10 days to ship the power cord because it was located in the UK. The desk works great after I received the power cord. You only have one chance to set screws when you put it together. The screws will not be set twice. I bought a 48” Fezibo Standing desk from Amazon. The extension cable is missing. I can not connect one of the legs to power. One end of the box was ripped and disconnected when it arrived. I have assembled the desk that I am missing, but it appeared that everything was in the box. I need this asap. An extension cable needs to be expedited.

👤I was able to get in touch with support and they apologized for the delay and sent me the parts to put my keyboard back together. Since I wrote my initial review, I have been pleasantly surprised by their improvement. I had been too busy to bother with customer support after my last experience, so I hadn't been able to use the standing desk for quite some time, but I finally reached out. They rushed it to me. I feel better about reaching out to them with any support issues I have after the communication was smooth. I love my standing desk and it works great for me, but their customer service is poor and not accurate to the service they give out for a 24 hour turn around time for questions and service. I reached out via email on April 1st after breaking the keyboard attachment, but it was only on April 16th. I am going to pay for a replacement part even though it is not covered under the warranty. I hope they can see that I need help here. I wouldn't buy a desk from them if they were as bad at customer service as they are now.

👤I read the reviews before buying and most desks had the same problems - poor quality, poor customer service, and the desk stopped work shortly after purchase. I needed a sit/stand work station because of a pinched nerve in my neck. I'm still working right now. I got the desk because it was available for delivery in two days. You have to use your imagination in some areas because assembly was like an Ikea desk with few words and lots of pictures. After 2.5 hours, my husband and I were together. I had a desk that was upright. It's a heavy, sturdy desk, better than what I was using, and I was anxious to see sit/stand capability. The legs went up and down at the same rate. After that, I was having issues with one motor working and the other not having a tilted work desk top. I was able to level the desktop. I used the instructions on how to reset the motor, read all the other reviewers suggestions on how to fix it, and contacted the Febizo customer service through their website several times asking for help. Febizo didn't reply at all. They don't give a phone number or email address. Why don't I return the table? My husband ripped down the box after 2.5 hours of assembling the desk. I have to take apart the bag up return in pieces. Even though the table is within the return window, I have no way to return it. What is the value of a 7 year warranty when there is no customer service?

5. ApexDesk ET60 APPLE Electric Adjustable Controller

ApexDesk ET60 APPLE Electric Adjustable Controller

You can spread out with a work surface of 45.7" by 30". You can adjust the desk height to fit your needs. The crank is on either side. The center storage tray is where you should keep documents close. The white powder-coated steel frame is easy to clean. The Elite Series has been the favorite of reviewers and users for six years. Over the years, many improvements have been made. The desk is more stable. The packaging has been updated to reduce shipping damages. If shipping damage occurs, replacement parts are shipped within 24 hours from Los Angeles. The desk may arrive in three packages. One piece solid 1” thick top. The top is 60” wide and 29.5” deep. The top is made of laminated MDF. To give it a sophisticated look, the edges are not straight, so devices with shorter C-Clamps can be mounted. The top comes with metal anchors that can be reinstalled at any time. The desk can move between 29” and 49” with a push of a button, thanks to the dual motor lifting system. The load capacity is more than 200 lbs. The controller has preset. The structure is unique. There is no need for a maneuver to line the base up. The legs are locked. In 45 minutes, most users can assemble. If the control box or a leg needs to be replaced, the desk doesn't need to be taken apart. They now include a full-size cable management tray, which was originally sold separately. The tray is large enough to hide all the cables that come with the desk and has space for one 12-outlet power strip. Matching 47” side desks in the same top and base color are also available in four other colors.

Brand: Apexdesk

👤I want to increase my activity levels this year because I spend a lot of time at the computer. I thought it would be easiest to convert my home office into a standing desk. I bought this desk and a walking pad after doing a lot of research, and I am absolutely loving it! There are some things to know about the desk. It was easy to assemble and a 2 person job. The desk is heavy and sturdy and can power lift anything you put on it. I have a custom built PC that I use for heavy video editing, a modem, a docking station, a card reader, and a headphone stand. I have plenty of room to work around it all. If you're unsure, I recommend the larger size. The desk was easy to set up and the instructions were easy to follow. The preset are easy to program. I have three for sitting, standing and walking. When I want to change modes, the desk moves quickly and smoothly and doesn't make me wait forever. The color of the desk top is very nice. The desk has an option to have the shape in the front or just straight across. I am glad I chose the contoured version as it is easier to use when standing and walking. The cable management issue is going to be a problem with any desk of this type. I recommend you buy the cable management tray, it's normally sold separately. It's not perfect but it helps with the cables. There are little white cable holds that pop into the tray and they won't stay put for me and keep popping out, but it's not a big deal. The tray is made of the same metal and has the same finish as the base. BUY IT! If you buy this desk, you should buy a wall mount power strip. If you have wall mounted cables, this will lift your ground dwelling power strips off the ground and stretch them to their limit. This desk is worth every penny. The power strips in the back of the desk are awesome, but they are nowhere near this price point. The memory buttons don't work as advertised. One press shows the height. You have to double press the button to move the desk to that height. The desk never responds when I double press. It's as if the first time wakes the desk up and the second time it moves. This is not a big deal because it always moves after the second round, but it is a little annoying that it doesn't operate as it should. The desk top is made of a material that is more prone to scratches and ding than other materials. It's not cheap, but I was hoping for something better for the price. If you are a tall person, the desk might not be high enough for you to be comfortable. I am 5'7" and have a walking pad that lifts me off the ground. I have to extend the desk to 47" in order for it to come right to my elbow. The upper limit is 49. If you're taller than 5 feet 10 inches and want to use this as a walking desk, you might need to think twice about it, unless you have long arms. I would think it would be fine for anyone under 6'4". If you plan to walk while working, I would caution against it if you do a lot of writing by hand or drawing that needs to be legible. While typing and computer work are easy while walking. My writing is difficult to read while I walk. Standing is not a problem. It's difficult for apple watch users who want to track their steps and workout while walking and working. If you don't buy an apple watch arm band, it won't track your distance or even your steps accurately because it's dependent on the gps. If you're going to switch to a standing desk, I recommend that you get as much wireless stuff as you can, because of the cable management issues. I couldn't afford a $3,000 desk right now because most desks that do what this desk does are twice the price, if not more, and I wanted to buy a walking pad as well. I paid the full price for this desk, but it was not given to me for a review. I was able to sell my elliptical machine and buy a walking pad because the walking pad was the same price as the desk. I put double digit miles in at my desk every day and it has changed my life. I have lost 5 pounds and feel better than ever. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, this desk should be part of your new years resolution. I recommend it for the price. Let me know if this has been helpful.

6. Sauder 401634 Harbor Computer Hutch

Sauder 401634 Harbor Computer Hutch

The keyboard/mouse shelf has metal runners and safety stops to keep you and your family safe. Three drawers have a patented T-lock assembly system. The lower drawer has full extension slides that hold hanging files to keep your documents organized. Behind the door there is a storage area. The Hutch has cubbies and vertical storage to make it easy to access items. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Sauder

👤We spent a lot of money on this desk and thought it would be a good investment. We were wrong. If you can, please purchase a desk from your local Walmart for a fraction of the price. It's a lot of work, but when you're done it looks great. You can't move it after assembling it. After we moved out of our old place, the wood began to shake and pieces began to fall off. Don't buy it unless you're going to leave it in one place forever. Save your money and buy one somewhere else, or spend a lot of money on one you can see in person.

👤I like this. It took several hours to build. I did it myself, with the help of a second person, and put it on the back panel. It's very strong and stable. The drawers are a little hard to reach due to the cabinet being between you and them, and the drawers are surprisingly small. The drawers don't hold as much as I would like and the top 2 don't extend all the way to the back of the desk, which creates a lot of wasted space. The color is slightly cooler than the photo, but it's closer to what I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a shelf in the cabinet for those who use a laptop, so it doesn't turn into more wasted space.

👤The computer desk is very good. It was protected in 2 large boxes. It took me and 2 other helpers over 3 hours to put it together. The instructions book was easy to read and follow and the parts were well marked. The only tools you'll need are a hammer and screwdriver. The finished product craftsmanship that Sauder puts into this desk was very impressive. They used to make cheap, chintzy products. If you can get 3 hours and some friends to help, you're only 31 steps away from having a nice, well made, heavy piece of furniture you'll be proud to show off and use. The color is perfect.

👤Overall, I am happy with this product. I received one of the two boxes. I waited a few days for the other one to show up. The picking instructions for the Amazon people were for one box. The information on the boxes is clear. The second box was sent by Amazon. There were two missing twist lock bolts. I was able to steal another piece of furniture. The second piece is delayed because of the replacement parts. The image information for this desk is incorrect. It is still incorrect. The desk does not have a finished back. It's just plain ugly. I will be getting two finished back pieces from Sauder. I will need to trim off some of the notch to make them work, but it's better than trying to return the desk. The desk was mostly built. Customer service from Sauder is great. The issues should not have happened in the first place.

7. Bush Furniture Somerset Position Shaped

Bush Furniture Somerset Position Shaped

The L shaped configuration is created by the 42W Sit to Stand Return attaching to either side of the office desk. Lift-n-Lock Desktop can be set at 3 standing height positions and can easily return to seated height. A wire management grommet is included to keep cords out of the way. Legal and letter size documents can be accepted in the file drawer. There is a box drawer for office supplies. Ships in several boxes. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤I love the desk. It took a few hours to put it together. It is a big deal with a lot of pieces. The instructions are easy to follow. The desk is heavy which is a good sign for furniture. It works great and looks great. The standup section has the locking intervals and soft lowering. I have a huge curved monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse on the standing section and it works perfectly and easily even with a lot of weight. The drawers have plenty of storage. I would like to see some cable pass throughs between the standing section and the return. The cables are easy to pass under. The manufacturers phone number was listed in the paperwork many times and it was easy to find, I would have gotten the support I needed. The instructions were in perfect English, without a single mistake, and had this desk been built non-domestically, there would be a lot of errors. I am very happy with this purchase. I am certain it will last a long time, it looks great, and I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I'm very happy with this desk. It's much nicer than anything available at IKEA, the ash grey laminate looks beautiful, and there are extra finishing pieces on the hutch and book shelf that really give it a quality feel. I wiped off excess glue with a damp cloth and constructed everything with wood glue so it will be good for years to come. The hardware for the handles is very strong. The desk and book shelf are made of plastic and look like metal. All pieces came a week earlier than Amazon said. The boxes are very heavy and luckily someone was home so they put the boxes in the office. I spent most of the weekend at the desk, shelf, and Hutch. When I needed it most, my wife helped me put the hutch on the desk. It will be easier to install without the standing desk attached if you build the main desk first and then install the hutch. I had to move the main desk away from the wall to make room for the hutch. I was worried that the book shelf would be short, but after construction it was actually 64 1/3 and the desk is a nice height. I would recommend buying again.

👤I love this desk. It's perfect for our needs. It's great that we can raise the desk for our own needs because we are both different heights. It took about 4 hours to put it together. The lift desk can be on the right or left according to the directions. I didn't know this when I bought it. All seems to be well after having this for about a month. It would be nice if it could have been flushed, there is a small gap between the lift and return. We understood why this had to be when we built it. That would be the only thing that was wrong with the product.

8. Flexispot Electric Adjustable Workstation Controller

Flexispot Electric Adjustable Workstation Controller

You can change from sitting to standing in seconds. The weight capacity of their standing desk is up to 120 lbs., and it has a motor that enables smooth, easy transitions from 28.3" to 47.6" with the press of a button. A modern glass desk top with rounded edges is finished in style and has superior safety, comfort, and elegance. Do not use the monitor on the glass top. A child lock button helps prevent accidental touch. You can charge up to three devices with integratedUSB ports. While adjusting desk height, laptop charging is not supported. A drawer embedded in the desktop provides a convenient place to store your home office supplies. The modern design blends in perfectly with the rest of the structure, keeping your belongings out of sight and neatly put away. Do not use the monitor arm on the glass top. The desk will be shipped in two separate packages, the top and frame, which will be delivered separately from each other. Do not use the monitor arm on the glass top. The desk will be shipped in two separate packages, the top and frame, which will be delivered separately from each other.

Brand: Flexispot

👤I bought this desk because of the positive customer reviews. I regret doing that. The assembly is very easy. I was excited to use it after assembling it in under an hour. I couldn't lower the desk back down after plugging it in. The desk would go down an inch. I was able to get it down to a very awkward position where it's too high to use in a chair but too low to stand at. I need to wait 18 minutes until I can raise or lower the desk. The motor is incredibly loud when it does operate. Don't be like me, ignore all the positive reviews and don't buy this desk. I have no idea how I will get rid of this $400 waste of money.

👤The desk I ordered in January was easy to set up and work on for a month, but the electronic part broke and I had to replace it. The electric moving up and down is not working because the desk is stuck in a very low position. The desk is not working after I went through all of the steps to reset it. I contacted the company immediately after I received the desk and haven't heard back from them in a month. The company sent me a part that didn't work or fix the problem, but they weren't responsive. They sent me a power cord to fix the problem. I told them that the cord did not work and that the issue with the desk was not going to be fixed. I haven't heard back from the company since then and they haven't responded to my messages. I would like the desk to work again, but I am unable to get in touch with the company to get a new circuit board.

👤I have to wait 18 minutes before changing the height of the desk, which is why I got error E02 when I tried to lower it. It's really frustrating. If you don't get the correct height on the first attempt, you will be stuck at that setting for 18 long minutes. I don't expect this to happen because I paid a high price for this. I would have liked to have bought something different. It would be a major hassle to repack and ship it back at this point as it is heavy and cumbersome. The company was very receptive to this and sent a new part as soon as possible. The desk is working correctly. Highly recommended.

👤This desk is wonderful and again, Flexispot does it. The engineering and design for this company is being done very well. This desk is 98% assembled. All you need to do is screw in the bolts. The materials for assembly are provided. I put this desk together by myself. The controls on this desk are something we should discuss. There are four height preset you can modify. It moves very quickly from the lowest position to its max height. The speed is not fast enough for my computer to fall over. When it reaches its lowest and tallest height, it will display a bot and top. It still feels very sturdy and holds up my iMac, keyboard, mouse, table lamp, and pens. I am very happy with the desk. This desk is one of the best in the world.

9. FLEXISPOT Electric Standing Adjustable Greystone

FLEXISPOT Electric Standing Adjustable Greystone

Ships in several boxes. Quiet dual motor with more flexibility. The sit stand desk is quietest in the room. The whisper-quiet dual motors can generate less than 45 decibels of sound, which is so quiet it won't disturb a sleeping baby. The 3 Stages Lift System has a 30% larger range of lifting space, from 24.4” to 50” No matter what the age of the child or child size. You could change the height of your desk to suit them. One built-in charging port is integrated into the sleek control panel. It is within your arm's reach, no need to look for charging. The one-tOUCH control panel has a light. You can program your favorite standup desk heights from the control panel, which will let you assign up to 3 different desk heights to the memory buttons, so you can easily switch between standing and sitting positions. You could make a sit-stand alert with a reminder button. There are two hooks. The hooks can easily hook your gear.

Brand: Flexispot

👤If it weren't for the pain points with assembly, the table wouldn't be working so well. If you want to assemble with the included 2-in-1 screw driver, you should include a decent screw driver. I'm not sure if a table can take the weight of a 34 inch screen, but I want to use a VESA mount.

👤No tienen en ningn otro lado escritorios, de hecho, pero no tienen en México. La caja bastante. El tablero viene divido, llevan taquetes, para unirlas. El color del tablero est bien. La estructura de metal est fcil de armar, pero para unirlo al tablero. Los motores funcionan, aunque conforme subes ms la altura, pero creo. En la parte de abajo del tablero, una especie de canasta de metal para poner cables, justo donde va el soporte para montar.

👤It was easy to assemble this table. The top is made of wood. A solid hardwood top would cost more. The motor sounds weak when used. When raising its standing height, it varies in its sound and speed. I'm worried about how long the motor will last.

👤Went around for a while and found this desk. The dual motor stand option was the same as the one I originally wanted, but it cost more than I was interested in. It holds my monitors and laptop. It is easy to assemble. The $100 off coupon is a good value.

👤I was hesitant to get a standing desk because I wasn't sure I would like the overall look, but this one is really nice! It is sturdy. I can lean on it while working. The motor is smooth. I can adjust without spilling anything. It is really quiet. It's tall enough to stand on a treadmill and tall enough to sit on an exercise ball. I have more flexibility now. I would take that into account when carrying the box because it is heavy. The desk is easy to assemble and there is a whole cord management system under the desk which keeps things clean.

👤I bought this desk for use in my RV, where I planned to use it as a sitting or standing office space. I have only had it assembled for a few days, but I'm already finding ways to use it. I am very pleased with this product and recommend it to others. It is easy to put together if you follow the instructions.

👤The desk has changed the way I work. The motor is quiet and smooth. I've only used it for a week but I'm very impressed with the quality. The cable management tray is behind the desk. If you are looking for a simple, decent sized desk, I highly recommend this one.

👤I bought this desk for my home office. I love it! It is easy to assemble and sturdy. Smooth going up and down. Highly recommended.

10. Bush Furniture West Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture West Shaped Desk

The 60W L shaped desk can be placed in a corner to save floor space. There is plenty of room to spread out on the durable desktop. The side panels of the corner desk have unique X pattern accents. A work surface can easily hold a computer, books and more. The L desk is finished on all sides. The L desk is finished on all sides.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤This desk is great for money. The L shaped design maximizes space and it is very sturdy. I needed a desk that was small enough for me to work on but big enough to do my job. The desk is very smooth and has a rustic look. I wish it had a filing cabinet option. I recommend this desk to everyone.

👤I found this item at OfficeMax for over $100 more. I decided to check it out on Amazon, and it was a better price, free shipping, and a more detailed description. I looked at other desks while I was shopping, but this was the best one for us. It arrived undamaged and on time. I don't mean a single scratch. It was packaged well, had good instructions, and went together quickly. It looks like the pictures. You can't beat the price, we're very happy with this purchase.

👤I had to leave a comment on the product that I buy. I was very happy with the whole experience. The instructions were easy to understand. Everything was marked correctly. The predrilled holes were placed. The hardware was marked and present. It took no time at all to make it. This is a work space for my husband and myself. I was worried that I would have to leave one of the support bars off so the desk could be accessed from the back. There is no problem. It is nice and sturdy. Very impressed!

👤I needed a quick desk for my office, but had a tight budget, and found this desk that I loved and kept my office bright. It is made with a basic press board with a light finish. I ordered a desk cover to protect the desk, not feeling like this will last long, but I will get a few years out of it before it. You get what you pay for and I work from a home office. The desk is wabbly and one of the cross sections broke and had to be glue down. I work at the desk every day so I need a new one that is not pressboard with thin film over it.

👤The desk's corners were damaged. The main corner is cracked and damaged, so I was a little disappointed.

👤I needed a large desk to fit my workspace after I was able to work from home. I spent a lot of time researching and looking for the right desk and kept coming back to this one. I finally decided to order and was very happy. I received it damage free because it was shipped within a reasonable amount of time. The directions for putting furniture together were very easy to follow. It was put together in about an hour. The manufacturer does not have the assembly instructions on their website. When we lost the directions, we found out my daughter was with them. This is a great desk.

👤The desk looks nice. It is the perfect size to fit in the corner of your office and hold 2 monitors and a docking station. I would like to order the matching bookshelf as well. It is not bulky and I highly recommend it.

11. Motionwise SDG48B Electric Standing Adjustments

Motionwise SDG48B Electric Standing Adjustments

The desk can be assembled in 10 minutes. The surface is 24 inches by 48 inches. The motor is powerful for rising and lowering. The drawer is large enough to hold office supplies. You can raise or lower the desk. There is a charge port for theusb.

Brand: Motionwise

👤This desk was damaged when I received it. How did it get so bad? The drawer is damaged and can't be repaired. The metal bar was not straight. I did not get a picture of it. I don't think packing the desk up and sending it back is worth the time. It's an okay desk, but beware because it's likely you'll get a damaged desk. It is not worth trying to send back.

👤I still love my desk. I work from home and use it every day. There were no issues. Works well. There were no complaints. A good value desk. I love this desk. I looked at a lot of companies and found this one that I needed and that was the only one that offered the dimensions I needed. The Fed Ex delivery man dropped the box from his back onto the concrete as he was delivering the desk. The desk was well packed, but the drop did damage the corner. I immediately contacted the company and sent them photos. 100% Fed Ex's was the fault. The desk top was delivered in perfect condition. It took 10 minutes to put it together and it was up and running. I bought a gaming mouse pad that is the same size as the desk surface. The range of heights, the ease of use, and the drawer are all things that I love. I find it very sturdy and easy to adjust. I have been using the desk for weeks.

👤I have had a desk for two months. The desk is a great price. I have a desk with a monitor on an arm and it comes down smooth and controlled. It is strong. The control panel remembers heights but you have to hold the preset button until you hit the set height, which is not as simple as pressing the button once and the desk does its thing, so if that is a deal breaker for you stay away otherwise great!

👤It's easy to put together. Sturdy and quiet. The frame was missing a screw and the drawer was broken off when it arrived. I would have given it 5 stars if I was able to connect the drawer, but a piece of the sliding rail came off and ball bearings were floating around in the box. I'm going to take the drawer off completely. It's too much of a hassle to return it. The controller seems to have a problem after I received the desk, broken drawer and all. It started out intermittently, but now is a full time issue. I contacted them to see if they could make it right. I will update again once I get a response. I would not buy this desk again. The seller didn't help at all by holding down the buttons to reset the controller. You would think it would work for more than 3 months.

👤The company shipped me a new one after I had a little issue with a buzzing noise from the motor. They helped me reset the motor when it wasn't working right. The customer support for this item was great. I would recommend this item to someone if they were looking for a standing desk.


What is the best product for electric desk with drawer?

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What are the best brands for electric desk with drawer?

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