Best Electric Dirt Bike Charger

Bike 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Fushield Lithium Battery Indication Connector

Fushield Lithium Battery Indication Connector

You can apply for a return within 180 days if you are not satisfied with the product. You can email them at any time with questions about this product. As soon as possible, they will reply to you. The input is AC100-240V 50/60HZ 2.5A, the output is DC42V 2A. Their high-speed charging for 36V Li-on battery is faster and safer. The light indicator shows the battery charge status. Green Light ON means a full charge, while Red Light ON means a partial charge. Complying with FCC and CE security testing standards, protection against potential damage caused by over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit, is what UL Certified is certified for. Make sure you have total protection for your safety and long term use of your devices. After-Sales Service. They are also a professional manufacturer. They offer a 12 months warranty, 30 days money back and free technical support. They will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Fushield

👤The e-bike battery was not charged. It was going to take 3 or 4 weeks to get a replacement since the manufacturer was out of stock. It works perfectly after two days of less money.

👤Within two charges, the cord pulled out.

👤It fit nicely for my daughter's board.

👤Don't ever order one of these.

2. EVAPLUS Charger PowerFast Connector Electric

EVAPLUS Charger PowerFast Connector Electric

The power is used in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, and any other country that shares the same voltage. Please make sure that the plug is small before you order. It only works for 36V. The battery is Li-on. Does not fit for dirt bike or Razor scooter. The input is 100-240VAC, the output is 2.5A. The red and green light are indicators of whether the light is full or disconnected.

Brand: Evaplus

👤My house was almost burned down by this thing. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this. I plugged it in for a few hours and everything was fine. The light was green when I plugged it up. I heard the hoverboard running at full speed and then it blew up in flames. If I didn't have a fire extinguisher and sacrifice my hand with burns to throw everything out the front door, my house would have burned down. Do not buy.

👤Today, it was received. There is a red and green light. When I plug it in the light goes off. Then nothing else. The hover board has not been used for an hour. I know it's not a hover board. We forgot our charger when we traveled. Needed a new one.

👤I had a hover1 that caught fire and exploded because it wasn't compatible. Do not buy it even though it was recommended by Amazon. If your living room is destroyed or burnt due to the generic version of the hoverboard, you should contact the company for a replacement.

👤The money was wasted. The light does not turn red when you put it in. Will not charge it. Look somewhere else.

👤My husband ordered a different one. It didn't work when he lost his. I ordered this to see if it would work as a strong replacement. I thought the board was useless. It just needed a power source to work. I would recommend as an excellent replacement.

👤We found a used Hoverboard at the thrift store. We found this one on Amazon and it works perfectly, we have no complaints.

👤The indicator light that comes with the charger is supposed to tell you if it is plugged in. There is a sticker next to it that says green, red, and nothing lights up. We tested outlets that had other things plugged in that had power. We plugged the light into the hoverboard we purchased, even though it didn't light up. The following day, the hoverboard only gets about 10 minutes of life.

👤After my son forgot his charge at his dad's house, I was able to charge his hoverboard. We haven't had any issues with it at all and it's been a couple months now.

👤A sempre o produto vem diferente.

👤O consigo devolver pelo correio, appartements no mandaram para enviou P├ęssima assistncia.

👤No funcionando direitinho.

👤Estou satisfeito. Funcionou perfeitamente.

3. Abakoo Electric Battery Connector Wheelchair

Abakoo Electric Battery Connector Wheelchair

There is a one year warranty and 100% satisfaction service. Technical assistance and 100% satisfaction service will be provided by their professional customer service team. AC 100-240V,50-60Hz; DC 42V 2A. The plug for most 42V versions is needed. The 36V battery has a connection. 36V is the battery voltage and 42V is the charger voltage. When fully charged, the green light is red. Short-circuit protection is a security protection. When using, keep away from the place children can touch, and keep nice cooling, it can prolong the service life of the charger.

Brand: Abakoo

👤I needed a diff one, but thischarger was really good.

👤I was surprised that it was charging my bike battery. I saved $150.

👤The scooter is charged in 1 to 2 hours. Great value! The ground wire had to be re-soldered. Very easy fix.

👤I expected it to arrive at my door step.

👤I have a 36v ecotric ebike. When the battery is full, the charge is stopped.

4. EVAPLUS Adapter Connector Electric Diameter

EVAPLUS Adapter Connector Electric Diameter

The motor was 200 watt and chain-driven. The model number is HK-42-2000. The output interface is a female DC interface. 42V 2A, red light means charging, green light means full or disconnected. The four protection designs are short circuit protection, battery error protection, Over current protection and Over voltage protection. Brand new replacement product works as genuine parts. The US power cord is included.

Brand: Evaplus

👤I had the same problem with the 3rd ebike charger I got on mamazon, the light turned green and it was useless.

👤It's a 1.5A charger, so it won't charge as fast as the 2A they claim.

👤Works for my electric bike.

👤I ordered 2 of them. Neither one worked. We lost the cords in a move because my kids loved their hoverboards.

👤The battery in my car was smoking when I plugged it in.

👤The second one I bought, the light stays green, and it will not charge.

👤It doesn't work for me. I left the scooter charging without any progress. The cord doesn't fit neatly into the block as pictured. It is 1.5 Amps not 2. It is not an issue for me since the original charger was 1.5A.

👤When I lost my electric bike charging station, I got this from the company that I bought it from. They said to buy another 36v online. I bought this because I took a guess. I'm happy it works.

5. LotFancy Scooter Battery Charger Traveller

LotFancy Scooter Battery Charger Traveller

If you don't like their product, you can mail them and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. Output 24V 1.5A and input AC 100 - 120V 50/60Hz. The safe is certified and has short circuit and over voltage protection. This battery charger only fits lead acid batteries. When fully charged, green light on when red light is on. Money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Lotfancy

👤The Drive PHX4 was supposed to get 13 miles to the charge, but only 2 miles. I bought new batteries for $400. The cord on the charger got loose. I will buy another one. I got a scooter battery charge from LotFancy. It works well. I get twice as much power and mileage as before, but they don't tell you that when you buy a scooter. Amazon has the best price. Don't be sorry if you buy it.

👤It's a great accessory for my pack. The large unit that came with my chair is too large to carry with me on the go. It stretched the pouch built into the back of the chair and I need help reaching it.

👤I was happy that it was delivered on time. When I got home, the green light was on, but the other end was not plugged in yet, and the red light was supposed to be on, but it was not. The green light is always on when you plug your charger into the receptacle. There is a mistake. I called the Amazon to return the peace of garbage that I received when I brought my scooter battery to the mobile shop.

👤The only concern is that the charging port is not the same as the original.

👤Works great on a mobility scooter.

👤I bought this to slow charge my dead power wheelchair batteries so that I could use my regular wheelchair battery charge. It did the job.

👤The product works as described. Very fast delivery. What more could I ask for?

6. Electric Scooter Battery Charger Standard

Electric Scooter Battery Charger Standard

80A needs to be made as a working current, but it needs to break 5 seconds on 50 minutes off. Please note them if you need a long working one. The output is DC 24V 1.5A and the power is 36W Max. The models that are compatible are: Razor E200 E300 E125 E150 E500 E175 PR200 MX350 Electric Scooter battery Charger. Only use for lead acid battery, do not fit razor hover-board. 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with their product and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. High energy efficiency is friendly to the environment.

Brand: Evaplus

👤It fit. It worked. It looks like the original. I misplace one of the Razor 100s. Try telling a grandchild that I need to charge them 1 at a time and that the price is twice the price. The end of the AC plug does the job, even though it is shaped a bit different. The wire is not like an extension cord. The ends are the same. You can see the original and the replacement side by side. You wouldn't know which wire is which if I didn't tell you about it.

👤Had to purchase this for the Razor Scooter as the original battery charger grew legs and walked off.

👤I needed a replacement for my son's hoverboard and this worked out perfectly. Charge time is good. No complaints about quality.

👤The product I got was not the right size for my scooter.

👤Plugged into scooter waited for the green charge to turn green.

👤Great product, would recommend it.

👤I don't know if I should be blamed for the electric scooters. Our electric scooters didn't charge after we bought this replacement chager.

7. Razor Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter

Razor Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter

Bright beams of light make cleaning under furniture much easier because you can see dust and debris that might have been missed. A vintage-inspired electric scooter for riders age 13 and up has a maximum weight of 170 lbs. The Pocket Mod is a scaled-down Euro-style scooter that looks and feels like the real thing with its padded seat, twist-grip throttle control, and hand-operated brake. The electric-powered Fun has a maximum speed of up to 24 km/h and a ride time of up to 40 minutes on a single battery charge. The dual kickstand and secret storage compartment under the seat make it easy to carry your essentials with you. Pick the shade that best suits your vibe and personalize your ride with many color variations.

Brand: Razor

👤My daughter's 11th birthday is when I bought this scooter. At first glance, I thought, "Ugh." This is too small for her, she is about 90 lbs. She was too big on it. She took it for a test drive, and it had some get up and go. She loves this thing. I would not allow a child under 10 to ride this scooter independently around town as it gets up to 15 mph. We live in a town that is very hilly. There is not much riding. It works to get up big hills when I am 130 lbs. It makes it, but it is working hard. If I was riding it on a flatter path, it would be fine for me, but if you have a hilly terrain, you would be pushing its limits. The item is best suited for 10 - 13 year olds who weigh under 120 lbs.

👤I only had to change the battery's a few times because the first one lasted 10 years. Each day I ride to the beach and back for about a mile and a half. I am 75 years old. At my age, I could not care less about it, it is a great product at an amazing price. It was easy to put on the front wheel because it was delivered to my door. They have not invented any words to describe how pleased I am with your service. Jim Zinger is aCSP.

👤We love these scooters. It took my 6-year old a while to get used to it but now she is all over the place. I can ride this.

👤I was curious about why this item had been returned, I bought it after it had been returned. The installation of the steering bars on this little scooter is a bit tricky, unlike the installation of the steering bars on the motocross bike that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Don't give up! It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble the scooter. The steering pole should be removed from the bottom before it is put in, the red line on the pole may not be real, and the "Safe Zone" etching on the pole is not real. It's possible to change the screws holding the white panel in the entryway. This is not difficult. If I could do it, you can too.

👤Thank you Razor! It is possible to trick honest customers. Thescooter is heavy to return by the time you realize your mistake. The building process requires you to insert parts and feel around in the dark for a fit. I was barely under the weight limit, and was unable to reach a speed faster than I could walk, and came to a halt at the slightest uphill grade. My younger brother lost interest in the machine within a minute because it was so slow and was not interesting. This item, for a very high price, looked so grand, and then had a kid lose interest in it. Do you remember Awesome toys that had a chance of losing interest for hours? No chance. This is not good. It is difficult to tell when the item is charging or not, even when you change it many times, and it will always show the item as being out of charge even after you have unplugged it. I am sad that my childhood memories of Razor have been destroyed, and that no young ones will ever have the chance to build new ones.

8. Razor Battery Charger Pocket Sports

Razor Battery Charger Pocket Sports

The Nuliie nasal aspirator has a built-in 650mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can be charged with ausb cable. It's environmental friendly because long battery life ensures it's available whenever you need it, which saves the hassle of changing the battery. Output 24V 1.5A and input AC 100 - 120V 50/60Hz. The safe is certified and has short circuit and over voltage protection. Do not fit a hover-board. The red light is on when charging, the green light is on when fully charged. The battery charger is designed for lead acid batteries.

Brand: Lotfancy

👤Don't think it's malfunctioning. The green light came out when it was plugged into the wall. Plug into the scooter and it still says it's charged with the green light.

👤If I could not give a rating of no stars, it would not be a star. Don't buy that charger. The razor Pocket Mod scooter does not work with it. I received the charge in two days. The box was opened and there was dust on the charging port. The green light indicated that something had been charged. It wasn't plugged into my daughter's scooter yet. I plugged it in and it still showed up on the charging port as if it was charged. I left it charging all night. I tried the scooter and it was DEAD. Like, what? Oh my gosh! The product was so disgusting that I was disgusted. Don't waste your time and money.

👤This is a replacement for the battery on our son's quad. The stock one is quicker to charge. I don't leave it charging overnight because I know it will kill the batteries. It's working great so far.

👤The Dirt Quad I was given had two dead batteries and no charger. I bought sealed batteries from a different source. The Dirt Quad has a charging jack. It's good! My grandkids are thrilled to ride this toy when they visit.

👤We purchased a used Razor drift kart, without a charge. We were prepared to assume that the control unit would be shot. My son's new Karr was off and running after just this charge. Our kart runs for over 30 minutes at full speed after just a few hours, but I can't compare it to the charger. It seems like a good deal so far.

👤A friend of mine works at repossessing homes and cleans up the evicted peoples former homes, so he tends to get a bunch of free things that are left behind. That was not the funny part. He picked up a razor electric scooter thinking I could ride it, so this isn't a joke. The scooter has a max capacity of 210 lbs, so it would barely move with me on it if I were close to that weight. Not surprised, probably going to give to the kids in the family. Yes. That makes sense. It works though! When the scooter was done charging, there was a red light that turned green.

👤The product I bought charged the Razor battery pack. After reading the pack charging instructions, I plug it in for 48 hours, and guess what, the pack was last charged in 6 months. You're right! It works perfectly.

👤Apple has done it again. I have a lot of data on portable hard drives. I was able to access the disks and move data to other external drives with these. My perception is that there is no speed loss for data transfer.

9. Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Allek Scooter aims to supply high quality products to make every child enjoy their play. They will try their best to resolve your issues if you are not happy with their scooters. The Razor e 100, e125, and 2150 electric motors have a battery. The battery charge time is 8 hours.

Brand: Razor

👤I picked up an old razor scooter that wasn't running and lost the original accessory. The controller didn't have power to the wheel because of the throttle. The old batteries were 12.24V and 10.65V. I thought I would give it a try before I replaced the batteries. The motor ran after the batteries were charged to nominal voltage. Without a lot of load. When I step on it, it won't run, but with a child on it, it worked perfectly. The light was green even though I knew it needed charge, but I left it overnight and it was fully charged the next morning. After plugging in the charge, the light turned red and I knew it was charging the batteries. I need to replace the batteries but I have a good one.

👤I didn't know which one to buy for the used Razor E150. I was worried about overcharging and researching which one to get. This one stood out thanks to another reviewer. I would highly recommend this purchase. I received an item in record time.

👤I bought a Razor scooter for my granddaughter at an auction and knew I'd probably have to replace the batteries. I went to Amazon and found two batteries for less than the price of one from Razor. My husband installed them and my granddaughter howls with delight. She used the scooter all summer long and the batteries held a great charge and were quick to refill. I'm very happy!

👤A good price for a replacement for the razor e 100. It doesn't get hot while charging. The e 100 port is compatible with the stock one.

👤Our messy house has a lot of gadgets and accessories. My son's scooter was missing. I ordered this and it was free the next day, just in time for Christmas. It works well.

👤The scooter does not charge well. It is the correct one, but I don't know if it charges or not as the light never changes color. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. My kids hardly use the scooter anymore because of this.

👤I bought a used E 100 scooter and it worked perfectly. I'll need to replace the scooter batteries as they don't hold much charge, but that's not the fault of the charger.

👤We picked up a scooter from a store without a cord, but this product worked great. The description and reviews made this work great. Thankfully the internet had me covered, but I would have liked some instructions on charging times. I like it.

👤Le Razor merveille.

👤The plug is good for charging razors. The e 100 scooter is recommended.

👤Product was shipped fast, great quality and value.

👤The red light charged my razor battery fast.

👤We intended to buy again and it worked.

10. Razor Charger Port Pocket Rocket

Razor Charger Port Pocket Rocket

The charging hole is compatible. The input voltage is 100-240V. Please confirm the insert. Please do not over charge. The charge should be removed when the ligth is green. MFG part number is W25143

Brand: Razor

👤Does not fit the model. The plug port is larger than the existing one.

👤Another subpare part from china. Yes, did it work as designed? The threaded barrel is short. It's easy to swap out a plug n' play part for something else. It would be mounted up with ease if it were an extra 1/2 inch. I had to fiddle with it for over 40 minutes to make sure it didn't strip out and stay put. It was very frustrating.

👤Great value! It works perfectly. I believe the charging port in the Razor E300 that I bought had 2 negative wires, not just one. All I did was cut the negative wire halfway to the port and tie it in.

👤Does not fit my son's motorcycle. I needed to use the return window before it closed. The money was wasted.

👤It is my only suggestion to make sure that it is the correct one. I didn't notice that I needed a port with wires. I tried to connect the third wire from the old port to the on/off switch, but it didn't work for me. Double check before ordering. The quality and quick delivery made me give 5 stars. I'm very pleased with the service I receive from Amazon.

👤You are wrong to charge the battery that doesn't fit the connection.

👤Plug and play is pretty much what it is. The charging port was bent up so we replaced it with this item. It was shipped fast.

11. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

The Ninebot S is durable and sturdy. If you have a problem, please contact them at technicalsupport@segway. A soft padded seat and wide bamboo deck make for a comfortable ride. SMOOTH HANDLING is provided by air-filled 16" tires. The hand brake and hand throttle are comfortable. The luggage rack and basket can be used to tote your groceries, books, or bags. A 500- watt, chain-driven motor has a max speed of 29 km/h and a range of up to 19 km. The rear-wheel drive shifts weight to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering.

Brand: Razor

👤The battery died in 85 days and was found out of the 90-day return window. No one followed up. Oh, Ah!

👤I was not sure what to expect. I've seen many reviews of videos on the internet. The weight is my only critique. It is heavy. If you have to carry it up the stairs every time you use it, I don't recommend it. The parts are readily available from local bike shops. They are standard bike parts. Powerful enough for most use. It's fast enough to get around the city streets. The top speed is 18mph. On a good day, 21mph on a level street is very heavy. It's about 80 lbs. I wish the range was longer. You can get around 10 miles average range for this E scooter, but it takes longer to charge than you would like. Don't trust it most of the time. Did I mention it is heavy? I strongly recommend this scooter. It is not the best looking or the fastest, but it does get the job done. I plan to upgrade the battery to lithium in the near future. It will add more range, less weight, and faster top speed. I hope this review helps you. Have fun!

👤I learned a lesson when I didn't read reviews. Everything seemed to be fine when the product arrived. We put the gift together so the kids could play with it. Everything worked well after we followed all the directions. We plugged it in when it was done. The scooter didn't respond when we went to ride it two days later. We plugged the charge in correctly and charged it up again. Nothing. We had to repack the heavy scooter and exchange it for a lighter one. This is something that happens often and the only thing that was offered was a refund. We were told to take it to a store that would ship it. No way that was happening. The box is large. They agreed to have the delivery company pick it up. We received our money. I wouldn't want someone else to go through the same thing. I want you to understand the risk before you buy.

👤72 years old and learning new things. This razor is what I needed for taking along with me when I go camping or just getting around my neighborhood. I'm about 142 pounds. The one thing that caught me by surprise was the speed at which it accelerated when first taking off, as this razor has a lot of power, so it's important to keep the knob on the handle slow. We camp a lot and find our old legs can't power a regular bike with many gears. The razor has made a huge difference in that regard, and we turn heads when we answer questions about its cost and power. The weight is a big deal for us as we have to load and unload. The Ford Explorer is perfect for the Razor. The Razor doesn't fit in the back of the Honda CRV we tried to fit it in. The two Allen screws that hold the handle bar on help the Razor to fit better in the back of our explorer and gives us more room to fit another bike in with the Razor for travel. The Razor isn't light in weight so it's heavy to carry. It takes two people to do this task. We saved for a second one for my husband because we were so happy with the Razor. Before I bought this Razor, I had to read every review and it came out ahead in power, cost and reliability. The extra two year warranty was a personal choice for me. I received my Razor on July 5th after purchasing it on July 1st. I waited until now to give it a review because I wanted to make sure my review was based on more time used than other reviews I've read. I was very excited to ride my new Razor. I took my first ride after charging it for three hours. I was sold. All my neighbors had questions about it. I was very proud to answer all of them. My Dad gave it a try. He is 5'10 and 170 lbs. We didn't adjust the seat or bar height for him. The razor pulled him with ease and he had no problem with it. When I climbed the small hills around camp, my indicator light showed me a low battery, but I went back to show him a good charge after the road straightened out. After that charge, I gave that Ohio hill another try and this time it was perfect. I put the trash in the basket on the back and take it to the dumpster. I keep my cell phone there as well. The roads in the campgrounds have been paved. One of our side streets was being resurfaced. I challenged the scooter to those bumpy road tests and it was still great, a tad bumpy but good. The wide tires and nice seat made a big difference for me. Everyone wants to know how fast it will go. It was fast enough for me. A lot of quality is found in this scooter. The directions indicate easy assembly. Hope this helps.


What is the best product for electric dirt bike charger?

Electric dirt bike charger products from Fushield. In this article about electric dirt bike charger you can see why people choose the product. Evaplus and Abakoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric dirt bike charger.

What are the best brands for electric dirt bike charger?

Fushield, Evaplus and Abakoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric dirt bike charger. Find the detail in this article. Evaplus, Lotfancy and Evaplus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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