Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Ages 6-12

Bike 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Mongoose Youth Multi Sport Protective Orange

Mongoose Youth Multi Sport Protective Orange

To ensure that the child's minimum measurement is at least 18 inches, it is necessary to fit the child's minimum measurement from the lower back to the floor. Protection for knees and elbows is provided by superior padding. Form-fitting pads are very comfortable. Extra shock absorption can be achieved with Gel inserts. For kids ages 8-14. You can find the perfect fit with the help of the straps.

Brand: Mongoose

👤My son's legs were torn from the knee pads. He wore them for about 30 minutes. The plastic on his legs is rubbing against him.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter who just got a scooter and I'm very pleased with them. I was worried that they would be too large for her, but as you can see in the photo, they fit her perfectly. I'm impressed by the attention to detail and degree of protection these pads offer. The soft mesh lining is comfortable for her to wear, the gel interior provides shock absorption, and the hard outer shell offers superior protection, so I believe they will last her for quite a while. Highly recommend these!

👤My 5 year old needs to learn to ride his bike. They are well made and comfortable. He was given the confidence to ride his bike. I bought a second pair of shoes for my other son, 8 who fell off his bike and is worried about skinning his knees/elbows again. These are worth the extra money. They are as nice as you would expect. I will be donating once we are done with them because I am sure they will last a long time.

👤My daughter loves these because they fit her perfectly and don't interfere with her pedaling her bike. I didn't like the fact that these were used and returned. I have provided photos to show that one of the knee pads has a scratch on it, as if someone fell on it. I would like a discount since this looks used.

👤My daughter was learning to ride a two-wheeler. She was terrified of falling. I got these during the day sale on Amazon. She didn't have to pull or tug them onto her knees. Place the strap where you want it and secure it. She got the hang of the two-wheeler the second day of trying, and her dad never let her fall. She needed to get on the bike and it was definitely the security she needed to get on the bike.

👤I bought two sets of these along with my kids bikes and helmets and they do a great job. The pads have avoided many knee injuries. They are easy to put on, and are comfortable since I'm not the one wearing them. Not a lot of messing with straps and adjustments. Good old fashioned spandex! They do take a beating because it's fairly thick. We've had these for a while now and they work just as well as the day we opened them. The plastic guard cups are sturdy and don't affect mobility. The plastic looks shaved off in places, but still are really durable and do the job, because my kids have fallen so hard wearing these. The mesh bag they come in is a lifesaver for storing and carrying around items that are needed for sporting events and friend's houses. I'm very happy with these and this brand never fails to impress. If you're looking for protection for basic outdoor play like biking, blading or scooter riding, I would recommend these. They fit a wide range of ages and body types.

2. Scooter Kids Ages 6 12 Anti Shock

Scooter Kids Ages 6 12 Anti Shock

Recommended for ages 6 and older and will support a rider up to 142 pounds. SMOOTH RATING: The extra-large Pu casted 9” front wheel and 8'' Rear wheel of the Skidee scooters act as shock absorbers for bumps along the road and limit the swaying and swerving of other scooters. Their scooters are meant to grow with you at every stage, whether it's for a kid learning how to ride, a teen growing in years, or an adult looking for a faster and easier way to get from place to place. The height of the handlebars can be adjusted according to your preference. The vehicle has a weight capacity of 220 lbs and is perfect for transportation. The best in-class portability. The scooter's design makes it easy to carry from place to place, as it folds into a small compact size. The scooter has a foldable handlebar that reduces the size to only 12.5 lbs and is a great option for a portable vehicle. It's easy to sling across your shoulder with a handy carry strap. A hit with everyone, these scooters are a joy for everyone. You are sure to please your daughter and son with the eleven eye-catching colors. Black & Gold; Black & Red; Black & Silver; White & Black; Aqua; Deep Space; Queen; Speed; Street Art; adventure and battle are all available. It's sure to be a hit with anyone you give it to. The perfect present. It's a great gift to give to a loved one. This will be a great present for anyone who is 7 years old or older. The scooter is wrapped in a stylish box for extra pizazz as well as a maintenance kit to keep it in top shape.

Brand: Skidee

👤Our 9 year old is getting a scooter. It is sturdy and has a smooth ride. It was covered in automatic weapons, which made me very disappointed. I was shocked to see the weapons and rifles in the box. I chose it because it was green and I am not happy with the weapons. I must have missed it if it was labeled that way. I think you should be aware that this is covered with weapons.

👤I bought this as a gift for someone else, but when I saw it, I decided to leave it for myself. I'm happy I did because my childhood dreams came true. I've been riding this baby around my house and it's fun even though it's been cold and rainy. I can't wait to get outside with it. The second height level is perfect for my frame. It is easy to fold and unfold. The brake seems to be responsive after being tested at low speed. The little kickstand is great because I'm above dumping my scooter on it's side in the grass. The larger wheels on this are great because they give a smooth ride, and I'm not into getting tiny wheels stuck in cracks, so I'm not planning on doing any rad tricks. I'm looking forward to embarrassing my son as I ride my scooter around the neighborhood.

👤I bought the SKIDEE X3M foldable scooter for my son's 10th birthday gift after many hours of research and comparison. It fits him on the lowest and second lowest handlebars. The foldable Scooter has good handlebars and folds and unfolds very well. The shock absorbers are a top priority because of the rough sidewalks. If you've been riding a shockless scooter, it will take some getting used to because the scooter will sink when you first step on it. It stays stable once you're on the deck. This scooter is 13 1/2 feet long by 5 1/2 feet wide and has a deck. This is larger than most and allows the rider to stand with both feet side by side. The handlebar height adjustment range is excellent, allowing people to grow into this scooter. The kickstand works well. The SKIDEE has a folding hinge and a great clamping system for the handlebars. There isn't any rattling after adjusting each of the clamps with the provided tool. The stability is worth the slight increase in weight. Before your first ride, I recommend you tighten all the bolts and check them periodically to make sure they are not loose. The brake appears to have been designed thoughtfully. It covers the wheel better on the longer side. It also has a rear light. The carry strap on the scooter has built-in loops to attach it, instead of having to add on separate strap holders. If you send a picture of someone riding a scooter on social media, SKIDEE will give you a scooter carry bag with information inside. Also. There is a The scooter's handlebars are narrow, which is one of the drawbacks. The leverage a rider has turning the scooter is not a deal-breaker. The build quality looks good. This isn't a high-end bike and the edges of the metal could be a bit more polished. I wasn't expecting anything. There are scratches on the black paint that shouldn't be there and that's why I rated this scooter 4 stars instead of 5. The packaging seems to be designed to prevent this, yet the scooter got scratched somewhere in the process. It will be easy to get it up, but it should have been perfect. The SKIDEE foldable Scooter has 8 inch wheels and Anti-Shock Suspension. It has the best balance of quality, features, and size for our needs. Their website is the most useful of the manufactures and includes direct links to purchase spare parts when the time comes.

3. Razor 97878 Child Helmet Gloss

Razor 97878 Child Helmet Gloss

Specifics: Extensions included. It is easy to assemble. It's lightweight. The weight is 12.8 lbs. For ages 6 years old and up. The frame is made of steel. China is the country of origin. The package is about 9 inches in height. The package is 10 inches in length. The package width is more than 14 inches.

Brand: Razor

👤Very cheap! The chin area is made of plastic that is so thin you can snap it. There is a lot of padding inside. No helmet can protect a child from a blow to the head. I was surprised that Razor put out a cheap and dangerous product.

👤The helmet we got looked nice, but we found out it wasn't used for a razor electric motorcycle. This is just a bicycle helmet, and not anything more extreme than that. Not what we were looking for.

👤The helmet is great for a bike. I had a scar on my face when I was close to his age, so I bought it to keep the kid from getting it. So far, so good. The helmet fits a 9 year old well and should last a couple years. If necessary, allow use with goggles. It is light, fits well, and should protect him from the bumps and scratches that come with racing on the Red Bull series. A great choice for kids who need an extra level of protection, but there are some minor flaws. My daughter wants one in pink but it is not available.

👤Our daughter was hit on her bicycle by another kid on his bicycle, who was only wearing a half helmet. She hit her mouth first, causing her two front teeth to fall into her jaw. My kids wear full face helmets. This is the way.

👤It is cheap and doesn't offer much protection. My 8 year old spent his gift card money and couldn't wear it. It fits small. There is a small opening in the face mask. The visor was loose and now flips around. He has worn it less than 10 times and only half of the chin clip has come off. Terrible helmet. Don't buy it. Get a decent one if you spend a little more. Not this one.

👤My 5 year old son wears this when riding his quad. He says it's very comfortable. It's very light and safe. If you want a helmet that's safer than a skate helmet but doesn't require a full face helmet, then it's a good helmet. The build and color are great.

👤We bought 2 helmets for the Razor electric motorcycles that we bought. They are perfect for the job. Light weight and face protection. It was perfect!

👤I can't keep the padding from falling out and the protection it offers is not very strong. The padding is held in by squares. Good for small razor riders but not recommended for motocross or heavy duty riding.

👤The age range is incorrect. It's not for 8-14 year olds. It is 50-54 cm or 19.69-226 inches. I think the 8-14 year old size should be about 21 inches, but it's not what you get when you order the blue helmet. I would give it one star since it doesn't fit. If you want the 50-54 cm size, then this helmet is a good buy. It's light weight and a great price for a full face helmet. I would buy it if it was the right size for my kids. I don't see any Canadian safety approval for it, but it is approved in the US by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We wanted something with more protection than a regular helmet for the occasional trail ride or greens/blues at the bike park. If your kid is riding black trails at speed or using this daily, you might want to spend more, but I think you would have to spend less for something better.

4. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

The control switch and bike horn are separated. You can put the control switch next to your thumb to keep your hand on the bar when you press it. It's important to keep it safe. The Razor Power Core in-wheel hub motor has a twist of the throttle. A kick-to-start, 100 watt, high- Torque hub motor with no alignment, chain or belt, for a maintenance-free ride, is powered by a kick-to-start, 100 watt, high- Torque hub motor. 50% more ride time is provided by the 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system than the Razor E 100. The aluminum deck and all-steel frame and fork are rugged enough for use. Pneumatic front tire and airless, flat-free rear tire offer a smooth ride.

Brand: Razor

👤Our boys love the red and two blues that we bought for them. The battery lasts for a long time and can hold up to the rides that these boys go on. They are sturdy and worth the money. Assembly was good. If our boys ride these every day, it would probably take 6-7 days a week. Highly recommended!

👤I bought two razor electric scooters for my kids birthdays last summer, one for my sun and the other for my daughter, my sons worked for about a week and just stopped working, I called and they sent replacement parts for everything. It will not work. If the most recent part didn't fix the problem, they would send me a new scooter. I don't want the same scooter and have the same problems all over again, so I haven't called. Maybe it was just this scooter. I am not taking any chances on another one.

👤I gave this to my son for his birthday, and he loved it. It charges quickly. It's not difficult to figure it out. There are safety measures in place to prevent wrecks. It works well in hilly areas and is easy to maneuver. I recommend purchasing this product.

👤We bought one for my grandson. He loved it and rode it daily. Fast forward. I got a new one for my other grandson. No hand me down. The new one is a lemon. It's really bad. Didn't work right, had the wrong charge, etc. It was just a dud. We had a great one, so I gave two stars instead of one. I wish the consistency was there. You will have a happy child if you get a working one. If you get a faulty unit.

👤My son is a fan of XMas. He and his friends love them. They are so loud that I have only one complaint. We saw how quiet the ones sold by Costco were.

👤It is very easy to assemble. The motor must start if you get it going to about 3 mph. It would take off on you, so I think it is a safer thing.

👤It's good that the scooter has Torque, but the throttle may be a 100% on and off button. It is notnecesarily stable to ride in turns. We have a lot of electric toys, but this just doesn't make sense. This was not a good idea for my son as he was the first to ride a scooter. It's ok when you're at speed. I would have returned the scooter if my son had scratched it on his first try.

👤The speed goes from zero to 11 mph when it reaches 3mph. My son was on the scooter. I tried it and thought it might increase, but it starts at 11mph. I was about to fall backwards. The reset button kept tripping as this scooter was very dangerous. I am happy my son is okay and doesn't have to go to the emergency room on Christmas Day. I hope it gets recalled, because I returned it without spending another second on it. Terrible.

5. National Products 0958 Police Motorcycle

National Products 0958 Police Motorcycle

The kids ATV helmet comes with 1 pair of sports gloves and 1 pair of UV- resistant goggles which are designed with a sponge cushion for comfortable wearing. 2 forward speeds of 2.5 and 5.0 MPH, 4 to 8 KPH, and 1 reverse of 2.5 MPH. There are hand pedals, headlights, Harzard and signal lights. The vehicle's weight capacity is over 100 pounds and it has a storage area at the back. Side view mirrors. A 12V battery and a charging station are included.

Brand: Kid Motorz

👤My 5 year old son has been begging me to give him this for 6 months. Since I am a cop, I decided to equip it with real emergency lights. The motorcycle is in the video after all the lights have been installed, but before I put the graphics and markings on it. I had to disassemble the motorcycle to install the lights and switches. If you go to the manufacturer's website, you can order individual replacements at excellent prices. I will recommend this motorcycle and other 12V ride on cars to anyone looking to buy one for their child, from this company inventory. If you are interested in purchasing real emergency lights to make your kids ride on a car or bike look like the real deal, I highly recommend Speed Tech Lights, Feniex, Whelen, and Sound Off Signal. The bike was done with Feniex lights. I put red lightheads on the front because my son wanted blue/amber for the rear and blue/white for the sides and front. This is the best 12V Police motorcycle ride on toy that you can get for your child. It is worth the money. This review helps me.

👤After watching the little video of the child happily tooling down the street and reading all of the glowing reviews, you would think that this was just a better quality child's ride on. Not true. People said they had 2 1/2 year olds and 3 year olds riding this. My 5 year old grandson revved the motor next to the toy, watched as it lurched forward like a mechanical bull, and said, "I'm going to go flying over the top and land here." I'm going to look like this. The speed was slow. I can't imagine him going near this until he's at least 7 years old, he's an average size 5 year old, slim. It means charging it every month. The person who wrote that their 7 year old's head jerks back every time they start up is probably the only person who bought this toy and saw the recipient ride it. "My darling loves it," reviews. The instructions were written in a native language. We had to take certain steps to figure out what they were talking about. Some steps were difficult to execute. We are experienced assemblers. The stickers weren't very funny. I saw that one person had no stickers on their motorcycle. Not a surprise. They are not possible to peel. I had to peel from the sticker after I wet it and then cut a hole in the backing with a knife. It took forever. I have never experienced anything like it. The motorcycle is appropriate for children who are over 50 pounds, coordinated, and thrill seekers. I think 7 to 10 would be ideal. This isn't a toy for 2,3,4 year olds. Injury potential is very high with this one. Requires close adult supervision. A young adult is in good shape. I regret buying it and had no idea how crazy it was. You know it.

6. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Extra-wide deck to accommodate both feet. The wheels are 120mm/80mm and have 2 at the front and 2 at the back. Each time you twist the throttle, the blue LEDs on the deck light up. The motor is powered by a 100 watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor. Up to 40 minutes of continuous use is provided by the 24V and 12V sealed-lead-acid battery system. The air-filled front tire helps make the ride smooth. The frame and fork are all-steel for a sturdy ride.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought the scooters for the boys. I followed the directions and recommendations of other reviewers and charged them 24 hours later. On the big day, the boys unwrapped them and jumped on them. The batteries died after 30 minutes. We tried to charge them, but they wouldn't take a charge. The batteries were all over the place when the scope was put on them by the dad, which means they are not good. They have to be charged once a month, after reading the instructions, if they are used or not. I'm not sure what that's about, I'm sure these scooters have been sitting around for a while before I bought them. Since the instructions say to contact Razor, not where purchased from, any repairs or replacements will be calling them. Once I speak them, I will review again.

👤Not what I was expecting. We thought it would allow you to turn, but it's made for full throttle strait-aways. You have to turn and release the gripb, it comes to a stop, then you have to squeeze the throttle again. He said I would save my money for a better one, for my 9 year old and 12 year old. My 9 year old loves it. The other brothers gave it a rating of 2. It is not shabby for the price. All in all. I give it a 3 out of 5. Don't buy it, I don't want to say that. It is a razor, it is cool. I am happy it only goes 10 mph. I would be afraid of it going faster. You don't just pull the throttle and stand on it. You have to peddle to get the wheels going. That is the reason I give it a 2 out of 5. I would have spent more money on another one if I knew this.

👤I got this for my 7 year old for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. It lights up at night and people can see her riding at night around the campground and at home. The battery lasts a long time and it goes fast. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the handlebars will loosen up after a while and you won't be aligned with the front tire. It's a simple fix, but I have had to re-tighten it multiple times after she rides it because it's just kind of a pain. It's been great. After a year, this scooter decided to stop working. Since we have 6 months of winter in Michigan, it's not like it was used everyday. It was used a lot in the summer and fall. I'm not sure what went wrong. When my daughter takes it off, it no longer goes into automatic mode. She has to ride it manually all the time. The green light says it's charged, but it won't go anywhere. I had a 2 year warranty plan and they paid off my debt. The extended warranty package got 5 stars and the scooter got 2 stars.

7. Kid Trax Toddler Electric KT1579AZA

Kid Trax Toddler Electric KT1579AZA

A car cover is included for storage. The Yamaha Kodiak ATV ride-on toy is perfect for backyard and driveway adventures. A maximum weight of 88 lbs is the maximum for the rider. The mp3 player and the radio can be used to crank up the tunes. Horn and engine sound effects add to the fun, while front and rear cargo rack provide storage. A real foot pedal is used to create a realistic driving experience. The ride is smooth and steady because of the suspension and traction strip tires. The fun never has to stop because of the 12-volt battery and wall charging.

Brand: Kid Trax

👤The boys are 3 and 6 years old. They have been riding the 4 wheeler since we bought it. This thing is very enjoyable. It is fast! The battery lasts a long time. We were hesitant to buy the kids a TPY at this price point. Our boys are always playing with toys. This thing has held up well so far. We have two other kids that ride it as well. We have not had a problem with it. It was easy to follow the detailed instructions that came with the assembly. It was ready to go after a good charge. Our kids have ridden it on the sidewalk, rocks and grass. They can use the gas pedal with their foot. The variable speeds allow my kids to use safely. The reverse is a nice touch. It seems to be very sturdy and has held up well thus far. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤Birthday gift for my grandson.

👤The pedal on ours keeps getting stuck, which could be very dangerous, because we have had this less than a month. I had to run after my 3 year old and pull him off the fence. We have a few acres of land and he wasn't near the road. We were going to send it back, but we don't have the box anymore.

👤I would buy a better brand for the money. It is made better for the same price. I have 3 kids and have purchased peg perego brands before. The car is cheaper. We bought for her 2nd birthday in May and it has given me trouble with turning on and one of the bolts that makes the wheels turn fell off and has to be replaced. It isn't worth it for the price.

👤Absolutely love this and have already used it a lot. It's easy for my child to navigate and figure out how to work once they've assembled it. I love that it has two speeds and a reverse so she can use it easily. The kids like to listen to music while they drive. They like the realistic features of the lights and horn, and how much resembles an actual atv vs a toy. It is a toy that can be played with both in the front and backyard because it rides well on the side walk, through the rocks and on the grass. It is light enough for an adult to carry in and out of the shed, garage, etc. This will be something that we keep and use for a long time, and we would recommend it to others.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's fifth birthday. It was hidden at my parents' house. The box was damaged when I arrived a few days prior to her birthday, and one of the fake handle-bar switches was broken off. The rest was fine. I charged it after assembling it. My daughter enjoyed it. It is light enough for me to pick it up and put it in the garage. She has been using it for over two months and it has not had a problem. When the proper charge is reached, the charger will turn off, so you can charge it overnight and it will be ready to ride the next day. You get over an hour of riding, but I have not had my daughter run it dead. I don't know how long it will last. If it's like RC car batteries, it could take one and a half to two hours. The unit has two speeds. The fast forward speed is good for a vehicle of this size, even though the slow forward speed is the same. I am assuming that the motors are not brushless because they whine while operating. It would prolong motor life, reduce battery usage, and offer more power. The steering is very wide, which is not the seller's fault or the manufacturer's, but is the shipper's fault. The unit makes wide turns, which limits where it can be used. This is a great toy for a young child. If you want to get your kid into ATVs but don't want them on a high-power, expensive, gasoline model, this is a good one to use.

8. Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike

Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike

If you only need to carry shorter boards, it's a lower cost solution. A chain-driven motor that delivers speeds up to 14 mph (22 km/h) is powered by a twist-grip. A bold mix of style and performance can be achieved with this bike. A hand-operated, rear disc brake provides stopping power. A sealed lead-acid battery system can be used for up to 30 minutes. Additional features include a double crown fork, shatter-resistant fairings, riserstyle handlebars with soft rubber grips, and a retractable kickstand.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought this for my son. The bike is for 5 year olds. It is so small. How do we get this back? So disappointed.

👤If it's available, I like buying the warehouse version of the product. I was disappointed with the purchase. Got for my child. The bottom half of the charger was missing when it was opened. It does not turn on. It seems that it may be missing wires. I don't know. My son's surprise was ruined.

👤The product was easy to assemble, only needed to attach the handle bars. The battery life of my son's phone is good, he gets about an hour or two out of it before it needs to be charged. He loves this product, it is fast for what it costs.

👤The bike is a bit smaller than the picture, but has some kick to it.

👤I weighed 180 pounds and I went on it with my child and my 6 year old also went on it and it worked perfectly.

👤I am 11 years old and this bike is amazing. I have had it since I was 7 and it goes really fast for its size and I recommend stabilizing the batteries. The battery life isn't the best, but it's ok! Highly recommended bike.

👤My son is happy with the price.

9. Hauck Battle Racer Pedal Orange

Hauck Battle Racer Pedal Orange

For children ages 3-7. There is an adult assembly required. Small parts are present in a hazard to children under the age of 3 years. Sturdy tubular steel frame for placeholders for Nerf blasters. Nerf orange ball bearing mounted rims with low-profile tires are great for steering. The easy-to-use handbrake race-styled pedals can help keep speed in check. It can hold up to 120 pounds. darts and blasters are not included.

Brand: Hauck

👤My 8 year old was excited to receive a go cart. It took 30 minutes to put it together. One of the stickers was difficult to get in the correct position. The go cart is strong. It is easy to support a 160 pound person and 8 pound dog. My son is having a blast on it and my S/O is enjoying it too. The item was marked down to $90 after I purchased it. I returned the go cart because of the amazing return policy of Amazon and bought it again when it was on sale. It took 7 days for the refund to work out. I would wait until there was another sale.

👤We were disappointed that Gun wasn't included as shown. Our son was very upset. You pay extra for a gun because it is too expensive, but you don't know that it will be junk. I was happy that he wouldn't be playing with violent things, the neighbors might like seeing that. The back ridges made it more uncomfortable to sit on. We always used a small pillow for our son after he complained about the hard and piercing seat. We all had to adjust as he slipped on the plane seat. On the second day of driving that too slow on the sidewalks, the front plastic big cover broke and the front part landed on the tire and created a problem. I was so angry with this. I was disgusted by its cheap quality and high price. I decided to return it. The child had to stop using it immediately because I couldn't fix it, but we knew it was going to keep happening. Trust me, it's very cheap made, why so expensive? I said that it wasn't made for 8 years old. It may be for very short 8 year olds. My son is 5 years old. He would have had to spread his legs to drive it. Not worth it!

👤I bought it for my son. I'm angry because they jacked the price up before christmas. My son loves it because it's easy to assemble and ride. It has plastic pieces. The back gun holder and front hood are plastic and fall off all the time. It is pretty neat. I wouldn't have spent that much on it. He really wanted this.

👤This thing is not really cool. It has nothing useful for my son's guns. Really like a big wheel. Had I realized how boring it was, I wouldn't have paid so much money.

👤The racer was great for a short time. The steel rod can't be pedaled. The price was very weak.

👤I bought this for my son. Excited for him to get it. The price dropped more less than a week after I bought it.

👤We used to buy batterie cars and the wheels never last. I decided to look for something better. I am 125 pounds and it was easy to drive away from my son. He really liked his present. He keeps telling me that he loves his new car, but it's not perfect. I need to figure out a way to stop our 4 year old neighbor from being obsessed with driving it. I thought the car would be big for her. It is easy to drive. The wheels are great materials. Good luck with the stickers.

10. Schwinn Roadster Handlebar Featuring Adjustable

Schwinn Roadster Handlebar Featuring Adjustable

A low center of gravity makes it easy to ride and perfect for young riders. It is ideal for growing legs or different family members and has five lock in positions. The rear deck is made of genuine wood with a burnt Schwinn logo, while the chrome fenders give it a fashionable ride. Take to the streets in style with mustache style cruiser bars. This is a great gift for kids who love biker style. To ensure that the child's minimum measurement is at least 18 inches, it is necessary to fit the child's minimum measurement from the lower back to the floor.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I explained the welding issues to the company and the handlebars wouldn't stat in place. I sent pictures. We received a new wheel. That was not the issue. We are on issue 3. The pedal is falling off. The plastic keeps slipping off. We have tried everything we can think of to fix it. We can not take it away from our son as he really loves this bike, even though it isn't the cheapest and quality isn't there. We are trying to keep it rideable. Spend more money and buy American. I will be contacting the company again, they need to know the amount of money we paid for this item, I really expected more. We decided to purchase this one because we felt we could trust Schwinn, a well known name when it comes to bikes. We were wrong. I don't write bad reviews, but people need to know the truth before they buy a bad tricycle. The boy is 2 years old. We put this together. The front wheel is crooked and the husband says it is the weld that is bad. The handle bars will not stay put. The handlebars stay turned if he turns right. He steers with the handlebars. It is so upsetting. He was so excited to ride it, we let him go ahead and do so, but we have to stop him whenever he turns. It was a very disappointing purchase. I will be contacting the company after I leave this review for others.

👤I bought this twice because I was hoping the first one was a mistake. The seat was wobbly and the handlebars didn't turn the front wheel when I reassembled it. This would happen no matter how hard I tightened it. It was unsafe and ridiculous. The sticker on the seat was folded so it looked cheap, and the logo was crooked. I was very disappointed. I returned it because I wanted to give it back. Thank you Amazon. I bought a different bike in a different color and thought it would be all I needed. The reviews are mostly good. Nope! The front wheel cover was damaged and there was a smell of marijuana coming from the bubble wrap. I got a returned product, as the packaging looked like it was done by a frustrated buyer. I decided to attempt assembly because I was working with a deadline. The seat still shifted from side to side no matter how I positioned it or how tightly I screwed it together. The handlebars didn't catch and would turn without turning the wheel. I was sweaty and frustrated and a little mad at myself for doing this. I requested a refund and I am waiting for the package to be picked up. This product is not a real Schwinn unless they give up on their reputation for quality.

👤This is for my 2 year old granddaughter. She is 32 inches tall and can reach the pedals with the seat all the way forward. I put a couple of drops of oil in the front wheel to help it last longer.

11. Razor Continuous Air Filled Hand Operated Chain Driven

Razor Continuous Air Filled Hand Operated Chain Driven

The wireless range is up to 66 feet. The motocross frame geometry of the MX350 scales down the dirt bike to size for riders of all ages. The rear-wheel chain-drive has increased power and traction. Powers riders can go up to 22 km/h with up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Features a hand-operated rear brake, spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires, retractable kickstand, and a variable-angle, riser-style handlebars. 24V sealed the lead-acid rechargeable battery system.

Brand: Razor

👤The pictures posted by the seller are not accurate. The bike is much smaller in person. The bike is adequate for children up to 150 lbs., according to the description. I can't imagine a 13 year old being able to ride a bike without their knees hitting the ground. I bought this for a 9 year old who is about average height and has a very slender build. This should be fine for the rest of the summer and possibly next summer depending on how much he grows. It might be too small for a child over the age of 10. This item is not returnable so I would suggest to closely review the dimensions of this bike before purchasing. I think it's possible to buy the same item at a local big box store for a better price. This dirt bike is ok. I was expecting something better.

👤My son is almost 5 years old. I was able to put it together quickly. My son had a power wheel and a 4 wheeler for Christmas but this is his favorite. It cost less than his other two rides. It takes off easy so I would assume an older rider would need to give a little push to get going on a small incline. He is able to click the throttle to keep the car at a safe speed. The larger model razor bike has the larger motor and suspension and is the best choice for 7 years old or older. The bike is perfect for most 4 - 6 year olds but it would be a little small and slow for some. The battery life has been great so far, just be sure to replenish the battery after each use to maintain it in good working condition. If you found the review helpful, please like it.

👤Our Christmas gift this year was the Razor Electric dirt bikes. The oldest is 7 years old. The person is old. The 5 year old and the McGrath SX500. The 3 year old got a Powerwheel. The SX500 looks like a real motorcross bike, it has a wider seat, larger fairings, front/rear disc breaks, and has some weight to it. My 7 year old can ride it, but my 5 year old can barely ride it. I think it would be good for kids up to 11 years old that want to ride for the first time, because it hits 17mph on pavement and can carry my 200 lbs frame pretty easily. There is a big jump in size and quality from the MX350/MX400 to the SX500/MX650. It would be good with the MX350/400. If you're riding offroad trails/tracks/grass runs, you have to go with the SX500/MX650. I'm happy we decided to get the bigger SX500 for the 7 year old because he can still grow into it for a couple years and get used to it.

👤This will be lengthy. I was there. Two weeks before my 8 year old's birthday, he looks at me and says, "Dad, I want a dirt bike." I think it's coming from a kid who never asks for anything. I'm going to get him a dirt bike. I asked his mom and she said no. I thought I should listen because she broke 7 bones. I have been riding my entire life. I bought the boy a dirt bike. I opened the package to find a brand new rustic coffee table after it was tracked and showed it bouncing from place to place. They could deliver the Razor in time for his birthday, so I bought it. This has been the best purchase I have ever made. It's quiet and fast. He doesn't have to tear up the yard if he wants to ride it. If he wants to ride it in the cul-de-sac, it will be quiet because he can hear the neighbors. He has enjoyed riding this bike. It gives a long service run between charges. I'm impressed. It was a good purchase.


What is the best product for electric dirt bike for kids ages 6-12?

Electric dirt bike for kids ages 6-12 products from Mongoose. In this article about electric dirt bike for kids ages 6-12 you can see why people choose the product. Skidee and Razor are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric dirt bike for kids ages 6-12.

What are the best brands for electric dirt bike for kids ages 6-12?

Mongoose, Skidee and Razor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric dirt bike for kids ages 6-12. Find the detail in this article. Kid Motorz, Kid Trax and Hauck are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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