Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

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1. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

A Sturdy and eye-catching workbench play set is the perfect gift for every little engineer. The package does not include a "CifToys branded box, user manual or workbench toy". The product size is small. Sporty 3 point steering. Multiple height kids have a bucket seat. The race styled pedals have rubber wheels and 8 ball style brakes for a smooth ride. There is a handbrake for both rear wheels. The hero design is on the front cover panel.

Brand: Hauck

👤It only took about 20 minutes to put it together, and it looks like a daunting task. Some customers complained that they weren't getting the decals for the go kart. I think they missed them because the decals were secured against the inside of the box with a piece of cardboard. I gave this to my grandson for his birthday. I can ride this thing, I am 5 feet tall, and it's sturdy, so I don't understand why it's only suitable for kids under the age of 5.

👤We bought three Hauck pedal go-karts for our three kids and have had mixed feelings. We like the machines and they are very sturdy. There is a design issue with the rear axle that only locks into the right wheel. These devices are very difficult to maneuver over any kind of ground other than concrete and asphalt, because they are one-wheel drive vehicles. I can only guess that this decision was made to shave a few cents off of materials and welding labor. It's unfortunate that this is the case because I'm certain that most issues with drivability wouldn't be ones in the first place if a second piece of metal had been welded to the left-rear axle.

👤Came quickly. It took 40 minutes to build, but it may be quicker without kids asking. The seat is not easy to adjust. I like that. My 4 and 7 year olds can fit it on the middle setting, but he can grow with it.

👤This is a small kart. My son is 40” tall, his legs are 21” long, and he is in the lower 5% height chart, so he is on the small side. I assumed that if it is 44” long his legs should be close to half of it to be able to pedal. I was correct. The ride is very smooth and quiet when on smooth surfaces. The tires are hard and do a good job of using the breaks. The seat is rounded and curved. Steering is easy, it's not tight in turns, and pedaling is easy. The little kart is stable. It was easy to put it together and all the tools were provided. A little boy is having a great time in his new car after driving it all afternoon.

👤The instructions were easy to read. I have a four year old who loves it. He rides it everywhere. It looks like it will age up well as it's on the smallest setting, and it seems to handle most terrain. okay If your child has strong legs, it's worth the purchase.

👤I just got it and the front piece broke easily. It is already broken. I just got it and the front piece broke easily. It is already broken.

👤This was a purchase for both of our children. 2 and 7 year olds. The seat is easy to adjust so it can be used by both people. The batman cover is easy to remove and it's annoying. The kids have kept it off and the little brother is riding along. His sister puts a pillow on him and he feels a chill. It's decent quality and the kids love it.

2. Razor Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter

Razor Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter

Bright beams of light make cleaning under furniture much easier because you can see dust and debris that might have been missed. A vintage-inspired electric scooter for riders age 13 and up has a maximum weight of 170 lbs. The Pocket Mod is a scaled-down Euro-style scooter that looks and feels like the real thing with its padded seat, twist-grip throttle control, and hand-operated brake. The electric-powered Fun has a maximum speed of up to 24 km/h and a ride time of up to 40 minutes on a single battery charge. The dual kickstand and secret storage compartment under the seat make it easy to carry your essentials with you. Pick the shade that best suits your vibe and personalize your ride with many color variations.

Brand: Razor

👤My daughter's 11th birthday is when I bought this scooter. At first glance, I thought, "Ugh." This is too small for her, she is about 90 lbs. She was too big on it. She took it for a test drive, and it had some get up and go. She loves this thing. I would not allow a child under 10 to ride this scooter independently around town as it gets up to 15 mph. We live in a town that is very hilly. There is not much riding. It works to get up big hills when I am 130 lbs. It makes it, but it is working hard. If I was riding it on a flatter path, it would be fine for me, but if you have a hilly terrain, you would be pushing its limits. The item is best suited for 10 - 13 year olds who weigh under 120 lbs.

👤I only had to change the battery's a few times because the first one lasted 10 years. Each day I ride to the beach and back for about a mile and a half. I am 75 years old. At my age, I could not care less about it, it is a great product at an amazing price. It was easy to put on the front wheel because it was delivered to my door. They have not invented any words to describe how pleased I am with your service. Jim Zinger is aCSP.

👤We love these scooters. It took my 6-year old a while to get used to it but now she is all over the place. I can ride this.

👤I was curious about why this item had been returned, I bought it after it had been returned. The installation of the steering bars on this little scooter is a bit tricky, unlike the installation of the steering bars on the motocross bike that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Don't give up! It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble the scooter. The steering pole should be removed from the bottom before it is put in, the red line on the pole may not be real, and the "Safe Zone" etching on the pole is not real. It's possible to change the screws holding the white panel in the entryway. This is not difficult. If I could do it, you can too.

👤Thank you Razor! It is possible to trick honest customers. Thescooter is heavy to return by the time you realize your mistake. The building process requires you to insert parts and feel around in the dark for a fit. I was barely under the weight limit, and was unable to reach a speed faster than I could walk, and came to a halt at the slightest uphill grade. My younger brother lost interest in the machine within a minute because it was so slow and was not interesting. This item, for a very high price, looked so grand, and then had a kid lose interest in it. Do you remember Awesome toys that had a chance of losing interest for hours? No chance. This is not good. It is difficult to tell when the item is charging or not, even when you change it many times, and it will always show the item as being out of charge even after you have unplugged it. I am sad that my childhood memories of Razor have been destroyed, and that no young ones will ever have the chance to build new ones.

3. Motorcycle Control Motorcycles Rotating Motorbike

Motorcycle Control Motorcycles Rotating Motorbike

The height of the handlebar will be adjusted from 28 to 32 inches. The height of the rider can be set. The best gift for boys and girls. Two batteries for remote control car and two batteries for transmitter can be used for 50 minutes. This rc motorcycle can do a lot of things, including perform drift and stunts. The body is sturdy and not easily damaged because of the high quality material. The tires help the car drive. You can control multiple cars in the same area with a 2.4 GHz remote control. A great gift for children. The first choice for gifts for children. It is possible that cool stunts will make your kids love it.

Brand: Sinovan

👤My 4 year old asked for a motorcycle toy for Christmas this year and after searching around for a while I grabbed this one. I wasn't sure if he would be able to figure it out, but he did and he loves it! It can slam in to the wall and keep going, but it looks like just one wheel since the wheels on the front and back are doubled.

👤The product is not bad for your money. It comes with two batteries that can only be charged by taking the backing off with a small screw driver, which I hate about it. That's the fastest thing I've ever seen. I have to keep up with this driver. The charge life is terrible, but if it was good that would be a problem. My son likes it.

👤My kid wanted it to be very fast.

👤Grandson liked it immediately. Couldn't wait to take it to the park.

👤This was a present for my grandson. I don't know who liked it better, his sister or him. It comes with 2 rechargable batteries, an AA battery for the remote, and a usb charge. I gave him it a week ago. I don't know how it holds up.

👤My 8 year old nephew loved this motorcycle so much that he sent me a video after he opened it. My husband was impressed with its moves. The hand gesture control and other parts were missing from two trucks, so do not buy one with it.

👤The bike does not turn well, so I give it 3 stars. The tires turn on their side. The kids are running to upright it a lot. It is fast and has 2 batteries.

👤My 4 year old son loves his toy. He is going to play it at the park. Our small living room has spinning wheels. It is giftable and comes in a nice box. I recommend it!

4. Pulse Performance Products Chopster Motorcycle

Pulse Performance Products Chopster Motorcycle

Additional features include a double crown fork, shatter-resistant fairings, riserstyle handlebars with soft rubber grips, and a retractable kickstand. A two-wheeled electric motorcycle with a high- Torque 100 watt motor and variable speed throttle for instant throttle response! Your child can ride in style with this chopper-inspired design with high handlebars and fold out foot pegs, as well as sissy bar for the complete look. Heavy duty. The bike has a high-tensile steel frame and dual air-filled rubber street tires for a smooth ride. A continuous ride time of up to 40 minutes can be achieved with a 24volt rechargeable battery system. DIMENSIONS The scooter is designed for riders 8 years and older and weighs up to 120 lbs.

Brand: Pulse Performance Products

👤Garbage should not be purchased. I bought this item for my niece and nephew. The box was unboxed and followed the instructions to charge overnight. The motor wouldn't engage in the morning, so I investigated and found that the throttle response wasn't working. I charged the scooter after I contacted the manufacturer. Same thing happened. The associate that mailed me the car said it was the throttle. They sent me a new throttle. I hope it will work after I have gone through all this nonsense. The engine must be faulty. I asked the associate if I could send this back in exchange for a new one, but he told me I couldn't. Don't buy or waste money on this product.

👤I had to return it. It wouldn't start. The other reviews were all bad. 6 of 10 of them don't work so I wonder why they keep selling them.

👤The bike does not go half as fast as it says. I was not happy with this item. My 5 year old looks like a giant on the dirt bike, and it was slower than I expected. The kick stand fell off after 3 days. It had to be welded back on. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤This is the second one and neither one worked. I don't recommend this product. Unfortunately.

👤It is a lot slower than I anticipated and it does not go over 7 mph. My son is 10 years old. His neighbor has a scooter. It lasts about 30 minutes on it.

👤The bike does not drive up the smallest incline. Even on a 14 hour day. The charge is out of the box. If your child is under 50 lbs, this product is fine. That is all. Don't waste your time buying this product.

👤It's nice and my kid loves it. It doesn't go very fast. My son's friends are on their bikes. I probably should have bought a razor. Why is the back wheel so small? :S

👤My 7 year old loves this. It is slow going up the hill even after being charged, but he loves it. I think it helped with his balance that he learned to ride this before a real bike. It wouldn't be a good idea for a 10 year old to ride it. He is too big for it.

5. Charger Powered Variety Electric Carriage

Charger Powered Variety Electric Carriage

This has enough elasticity and is easy to install and disassemble. Their bike bells are suitable for most bicycle handlebars. It is an essential accessory for mountain bike or road bike riding. It is an ideal gift for cyclists. The red light is used to charge 6V kids electric riding toys. AC 120V 0.2A.60Hz The output is 6.0V and 2.1mm Center Positive Barrel Plug. Fast Charging and Providing Overcharge Protection. If the battery is damaged, the battery wire is connected or the power jack is loose, you should check if your car works normally. 1 year warranty service and 1 month return policy are included in the after-sales service.

Brand: Weelye

6. Maisto Kawasaki Assembly Model Green

Maisto Kawasaki Assembly Model Green

There are close to 20 parts in each kit. The models are included.

Brand: Maisto

👤My nephew lost his house in a fire. He loved it. It is assembled in a kit. The kids seemed to like putting it together. It is priced in stores. I was able to send it directly to him. Kids enjoy hands on projects. Thank you Amazon!

👤I bought the Honda version a long time ago and I am in awe of how well they hold up to a child. My son loves playing with dirt bikes. He is very hard on it since he jumps and rides it. It's a good idea to buy this because it's going to be used for a toy or just show. My husband had fun doing this, but I wouldn't recommend a young child to do it alone. It was hard to get things together, but life is like that on the model!

👤It's easy to put together. A nice bike. It was used for a cake decoration. Came out well. I'm pretty sure it would be awesome to use as a toy or display with a collection.

👤I usually don't write reviews but I had to for this one. This is not an easy toy to assemble, it's even harder when pieces are missing, and they give you a little screw driver that doesn't reach some of the screws. My husband had an extra screw that we needed to finish the model. My 4yr old is playing with it after it was put together. I don't think this is a good purchase. The instructions were very bad and you need to know where the stuff goes if you are going to build it.

👤Santa brought a dirt bike to a boy. The assembly process is quick. He hasn't stopped playing with it since.

👤It seems weak. There is only one cast steel piece. The realism is ok. Don't expect to be blown away by fit and finish. The toy was good for the price.

👤It is difficult for a first time builder. The mother of the 10 year old boy had a hard time putting it together.

👤This dirt bike is fun and easy to install, my self and my 4 year old built it, it is durable and easy to follow.

👤I bought this for a friend. He assembled it immediately. It takes about 10 minutes to put it together. All parts fit together well. If you are a collector, it is sturdy enough to be put on display.

👤There was no M3 screw when I brought this for my grandson. He could build it. Very disappointed.

👤There were no instructions. It's not easy to get the parts out of the bubble wrap. Attach the exhaust before the swinging arm. Looks good.

7. Hover 1 Switch Electric Skateboard Scooter

Hover 1 Switch Electric Skateboard Scooter

Recommended for ages 8 and up. The electric scooter and skateboard is for kids. It has a 90W motor that can get up inclines of up to 5 degrees. The lock and release mechanics are easy to use. The lock and release function on the scooter allows you to detach the handle and the front wheel without tools. Attach the front wheels to your skateboard and it will be ready to ride. A long-lasting battery drives a high-powered motor to bolster a good speed and smooth ascent over inclines. The certified 25.2V battery can fully charge in 2.5 hours or 2.5 miles. They take safety very seriously. If you are speeding or riding on unsafe surfaces, the hoverboard will alert you so you can slow down. The board has headlights on both sides. Fun for kids and toddlers means hours of fun with friends and family, or a quick and enjoyable way of getting to places, indoors and outdoors. There are separate safety gear for Helmettes and safety gear. Use safety gear when riding. They recommend that you wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Carefully follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

Brand: Hover-1

👤The product was great but my son broke the back left wheel while he was riding it. Glad he did not get hurt. I tried to get in touch with the manufacturer. The product that I bought was not listed on the website or the site that I was on when I got to the Hover-1 site. I have to return the item through Amazon because I didn't have a way to contact the manufacturer, but I have to deal with packaging it and taking it to a shipping facility while we are supposed to be socially isolating. I will give the product another try since my son was enjoying it. Even though the manufacturers seem non-existent, Amazon is always great to work with.

👤This product is very disappointing to us. My 7 year-old son received this as a birthday present. He loved it. The back left wheel that is attached to the motor broke after just 2 months of being used. The wheel is attached to the skateboard with 3 sockets cap screws. They were coming loose. I would have to tighten them every day. They're in an awkward spot and it's not easy to tighten them. The screws broke in half as my son was riding. I can't replace the screws because the top broke off and the bottom was stuck inside. I will confirm that it's not a faulty product. We bought a second one for our 5 year-old because we knew she could ride it safely. The first one broke. The loose screws are happening to her in the same way. The kids are under 50 lbs, well below the max weight. They rode them a lot, but didn't put a lot of pressure on the wheels. My kids really enjoyed using this product, and it's unfortunate it's so bad.

👤I like this scooter. It is not made for tall people. The steering handle is not high enough for me to comfortably use it as a scooter. I was thinking of giving it to my 5 year old, but it is not stable for a small child. It's a good thing to ride for not tall teens or adults. I can't ride it. I would keep the electric longboard if I wanted it.

👤There has been no response to the support ticket for a month. They don't see a charge for this model. There was no power for the scooter. My son could only ride for a short time. If a charging station comes in a timely matter, you should put in a ticket.

👤I had to take out the screws to place the handle on because I was setting it up for my son. To make me believe that the screw is stripped, turn and turn. I was not happy that this was for xmas and I wanted it to be under the tree tomorrow night.

👤It was cool. If that is the case, it will take about six months. They did not respond when I tried to reach them for technical support. I gave up and it's sitting there. I should have waited to get one with a better warranty because my son wanted one.

8. PowerStar 2 Battery Electric Scooter Offroad

PowerStar 2 Battery Electric Scooter Offroad

GUARANTEE: If you're not happy with their product, you can mail them and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. Click the yellow Add to Cart button to enjoy this absolutely risk free purchase. The pack has a length of 5.94in and a width of 2.56in. Completely sealed maintence free, the advanced AGM Technolgy is 100% compatible. It's perfect for everything from scooters to alarm systems. These and many more are replaced. The Panasonic LC-R 127R2P,Portalac PE12V7, Powersonic PS-1270, Universal UB1270, Yuasa NP7-12 are all included. CSB HR1234WF2,Portalac PE12V20909, and CSB GPL 1272F2FR are all related.

Brand: Powerstar

👤The original batteries for the Razor Dirt Quad were replaced once they began to wear down. You will have to order the simple wiring harness as the batteries on the Dirt Quad are soldered into the original harness.

👤These were bought to replace the batteries in the CyberpowerUPS. Before installing, I checked these. They measure the power. They were charged for 24 hours and didn't take full charge. It was installed in the UPS. They went from "Battery Full" to 40% in 1 minute. The same thing happened again when they were left in to replenish. A 5 year old used Cyberpower batteries and when they were charged they went from "Battery Full" to 80% on the same load in a few minutes. Amazon stood behind them and paid back their money.

👤The small kids quad requires both batteries and the battery was perfect for it. I changed them. The wires are not like the cars. It can be changed to clips. Delivery was good and arrived in time.

👤I need to replace some batteries in my child's razor quad. They do what they are supposed to do.

👤I liked the price and bought the pair. Longevity is the key for batteries and it works well if you fit and works well.

👤It was perfect for my product description.

👤The battery would buy again after being charged.

👤Better tut than the original.

9. Jetson Electric Bike Light Up Adjustable

Jetson Electric Bike Light Up Adjustable

This tough machine is built with a heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tubular construction and a rugged, proven clutch and chain drive. The Travel Light has an easy folding mechanism that makes it easy to pick up and carry the Jupiter. The bright idea is that over 100 lights are integrated into the deck and the STEM to provide extra visibility and improve safety. It was built for fun. Sturdy deck and frame are built to last. As your child grows, you can adjust the handlebars height. The Jetson Jupiter has rear brakes. The dimensions are folded in half and are about 8.5 inches. Unfolded dimensions are 24 10 29 inches.

Brand: Jetson Electric Bike

👤It was bought for my son's birthday. This was a big hit. My 8 year old loves it. The tires will light up if there are 3 double A batteries in the bottom. There are many different functions for the lights. My child is 5 feet tall. She can ride it. I think it would take 3 years to 12 years for this to happen.

👤The lights don't stay on because the batteries aren't tight. The lights go out when you hit a bumb. The lights will stay on longer if you put a paper towel in the batteries. It would be great if the lights stayed on.

👤My son liked it because it rides smooth. He likes the lights on the bottom and top. He didn't like that the lights on the bottom broke quickly. The wheel lights work. He didn't like that the wheel and handle bar got twisted. The better the scooter, the better it is.

👤The steering column and base of the scooter don't work immediately out of the box. The lights stopped working when my son hit them, after I put a paper towel in the battery holder. They're asking for serial numbers, videos of the problem, and other information after I filled out a form on their website. It's silly. If you read the reviews, you will know this is a known issue. It's a shame. My son was very excited.

👤The bar is not made with great material.

👤I waited a few weeks to write a review to see if the product was worth the price. It seems to have held up over the last couple weeks. I bought this one for my son because it was cheap and I would probably buy it again. Thanks!

👤I ordered a scooter for my son. The scooter was used when I opened the box to assemble it. The battery cover was missing and a label with another child's name was still on the scooter when I turned it over. The replacement will not arrive in time for my son's birthday.

👤I bought this for my 9 year old and he loves it. The lights work well.

👤La noche se ve linda, solo es algo pequea, la sustitui por otra. Y cre, pero también es pequea.

👤Mi hijo estaba feliz, pero dos dias de uso, un poco rudo, un nio de 8 aos. Mi hijo estaba desilusionado. 8 aos es casi el lmite.

👤solo le puse pilas para verificar. Tenga resistencia. Es ms pesado.

👤Nos decidimos por las luces, los materiales are igual. lo recomiendo Para las llantas, se encienden solas al usarlo.

👤La noche tienes las conjugates. No est hecho con cuidado, el ensamblaje no est aplicada. No quisimos regresar, pero abri an. An as The precio est bien. The control de calidad del ensamblaje was deberan tener.

10. RIDBIKER Motorcycle Protector Shoulder Silver

RIDBIKER Motorcycle Protector Shoulder Silver

The PP armor shell is made of high-quality impact-resistant PP injection molded, with good impact resistance and cushion, used in the outermost layer of the kids motorcycle chest protectors to resist shocks and drops. The PP vest shell has a 7mm plastic high-foam double-sided cloth which can better absorb the impact and protect the body. The cloth surface keeps the body dry. The suit includes a 1 pc body chest spine protectors armor vest and a 4 piece knee pad elbow guard. The kids armor vest and knee pad can be purchased separately. The dirt bike armor vest is easy to put on and take off. The vest's waist can be adjusted and fixed with the top fastening. Elbow and knee pads can be moved. Children's chest, spine, shoulders, waist, knee, elbow joints are protected by the Youth chest protectors set. Both are for boys and girls. If you have a question, you can contact them after 24 hours.

Brand: Ridbiker

👤I like everything about this. My son has a small dirt bike with a max speed of 35 mph, and I feel comfortable knowing he is protected. I am a mom. I don't know what the equipment should be. This is well made for my 8 year old. I have peace of mind with this equipment. He has been using it for about 2 months.

👤The vest is small. Elbow pads are true to size. My son got a different set and the vest fits my little girl. It's easy to take off. Seams were sturdy. Will update after riding season is over.

👤I bought my son a small to get him started. It allows him a little room to grow. Came quickly and will keep him safe. It is not professional gear. I don't think it has the strength to protect from a serious accident but I think he will be safer because of the learning. Overall, I'm happy with it. We can't wait to try it out.

👤My son is riding a dirt bike and he needs protection. The package is lightweight and has great protection. It's a great deal for peace of mind and safety.

👤I bought this for my son. He is 43in tall. The medium is a perfect fit for him and he has plenty of room to grow. He will be doing a lot of riding, but nothing extreme. He has good mobility.

👤The armor is very strong and the bolts seem to be very good. Highly recommend, especially for the price.

👤The item was smaller than it should have been and did not fit properly.

👤Good quality and protection.

11. Pulse Performance Products Freestyle Scooter

Pulse Performance Products Freestyle Scooter

After purchase, they provide technical support, part exchange, maintain and repair services. If you have a question, please contact them. The freestyle kick scooter has big knobby tires for on and off pavement. 8 in. knobby tires with ABEC-5 bearings absorb shocks and ride over obstacles The BMX-style grips enhance comfort. Sturdy steel frame with reinforced heat-treated aluminum deck is good for grinding. It is designed for riders 8 years and older.

Brand: Pulse Performance Products

👤My kids were going to spend a month on a farm and I ordered two of these for them. I had to order a third scooter to be delivered to the farm because only one showed up in time. One of the tires won't hold air because it had a faulty tube. I am going to pick my kids up this week, and they said they've been enjoying the one functional scooter we've tried for. I posted this review in hopes of getting a new tube sent to us to the third scooter, but I can't get a message from the seller on Amazon. I'm going to post an update and pictures once I'm with the kids.

👤I returned the scooter because of two issues. 1) The back wheel's brake didn't work. The rider pushes a thin piece of metal against the tire to slow down. The brake on this scooter model was so thin and flimsy that it didn't bounce back. It stayed depressed against the tire. I think this is a design flaw, not a one-off issue. The location of the stem makes it nearly impossible to inflate the tires. You can save yourself some hassle by choosing a different scooter.

👤I love this scooter. I wish I could find bearings so I could ride it again. The website/owners manual doesn't give any information on the parts. . It's a good thing. I am the most satisfied customer in the world after I received customer service. The customer service rep was very helpful when they replaced it for me. Great purchase!

👤The tire was inflated with the nozzle that was used to fill it. The front tire does not hold up.

👤I ordered 2 for my set of twins for their birthday and one had a bad tire seal. I tried to get in touch with them. I haven't had any luck with a response.

👤My son is 15 years old. He wanted something that would hold up well. It seems like a very strong, sturdy scooter, but after only a couple of rides on the street, something is wrong with the front wheel. He can't ride it because it's loose. I don't have a way to get replacement parts or a number to call. He had an old scooter that he switched the wheels on. The wheel from the other brand is working well.

👤I was glad I went with the big tires. My little guy is able to keep up with us when we ride our bikes. The bigger tires make it less likely to fall. It's good for kids and adults. Very strong.

👤My son loved this scooter. It is suitable for an older child.

👤Terrible! Don't buy it. The parts are loose.


What is the best product for electric dirt bike for kids?

Electric dirt bike for kids products from Hauck. In this article about electric dirt bike for kids you can see why people choose the product. Razor and Sinovan are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric dirt bike for kids.

What are the best brands for electric dirt bike for kids?

Hauck, Razor and Sinovan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric dirt bike for kids. Find the detail in this article. Pulse Performance Products, Weelye and Maisto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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