Best Electric Dog Fence 1 Acre

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1. PetSafe Stubborn Fence Without Wire

PetSafe Stubborn Fence Without Wire

Stubborn dogs can be used. This system is designed for pets 8 pounds and up and features the highest intensity of static correction with 5 levels of correction. PetSafe offers Standard (20 gauge) and Heavy Duty (16 gauge) in varying lengths, so you can choose the gauge that's best for your yard. There is a run-tHROUGH prevention. An automatic safety shut-off will stop correction after 30 seconds if your pet tries to run through the boundary zone. For hearing-impaired dogs. The tone plus vibration mode is good for training hearing-impaired dogs. The roof is waterproof. The waterproof collar is waterproof up to 3 feet and can be adjusted to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches. The in-ground fence system allows you to safely contain an unlimited number of pets. AJUSTABLE CORRECTION: The collar has 4 levels of static correction and a tone-only mode which is perfect for training. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at PetSafe.

Brand: Petsafe

👤It has not been installed for a while. The range of correction strength adjustment is absolutely necessary. The old fence controller was highly advertised and I could test it by walking to the fence line with my fingers on the prongs. I set the strength to 5 because I wanted to avoid the reactive jerk, which nearly tore my arm off. An elephant would be stopped by a 5 setting. Even for a dumb dog who uses his fingers as a test device, 3 is more than enough. It hasn't bee in that long, so we can't testify about longevity. Will know in a year or so.

👤This is a rare product that is well designed, built and documented. The installation instructions were very good. They need to be because this is an electronic system that will only work if it's installed correctly. If you read and follow the instructions carefully, you will end up with a system that works great. I had to create a border around 3 acres. I also bought a second PetSafe receiver collar and PetSafe wires. My plan was to just lay the wire down on the ground, because digging a 1500-foot trench is a lot of work. Two spots were chewed on through the insulation, and the wire was moved to another spot. We dug a shallow trench and buried it. The project took a long time. I was a little worried that twisting the wires together would not work, but it worked perfectly and the collar won't go off even an inch away from the twisted pair. This will allow you to get from the controller to the property line. The trick they suggest is to use a drill to twist the wires together. soldering and heat-shrink-insulating connections between wires were the only deviations from the instructions. I'm more confident in my approach, even though they provide a solderless way to do it. Does it work? Yes! My two dogs were wandering away at least daily before. The mildest shock is set to Level 2. I'm a fan of PetSafe, but I'm not affiliated with them.

👤I am very happy with PetSafe. The collar that you use is a 9 V battery and it will keep its charge longer than the older one we had. My 10 month old Weim/Lab mix would not stop jumping on the door and opening it, so we chose the "stubborn dog" model. It was so annoying that we tried everything to stop him, but we decided he needed a good zap to stop him. Immediately, he respected the boundary. If he gets too close, there is a warning sound and a zap. The collar can be used to control how much strength the dog has. We kept the dog away from the chickens and ran a wire around the yard, and now he doesn't even think twice about it. Do you have a stubborn dog? If you want to control your dog, you should get a system.

👤PetSafe is the way to go if you're a do-it-yourself person. I've tried many brands. Problem solved! The main box is easy to use and works great. The collar stays on the dogs and they work through all the rough play. Know how heavy a gaged wire you will need. Do you have a "STUBBORN" sports dog? Pits, Labs, and Short hairs. There is a wire made for Petsafe. Purchase that with the "petsafe" system. It's a tip. Change batteries every 3 days. Change weekly.

2. PetSafe Ground Waterproof Static Correction

PetSafe Ground Waterproof Static Correction

SAFE AND CUSTOMIZABLE - gives your pets room to play with up to 1/3 of an acre coverage, and can be expanded up to 25 acres with the purchase of additional wires and flags. The weight receiver is designed for dogs over 8 lbs. There are neck sizes from 6 to 26 inches. A waterproof receiver with 4 levels of static correction and tone-only mode for training. The battery inDICATOR has an expected battery life of 1-2 month. Keep-out areas can be created around areas such as gardens, pools, and swing sets. Surge protection protects your fence from spikes. The manufacturer's warranty can only be used from an authorized retailer.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The last few months have seen the purchase of two replacement collars. The first one broke off in a couple months and the second broke off in a couple weeks. Our dog is not hard on these and has them on for a short period of time as we live in Northern Minnesota and it has been really cold. When he comes back in, we take it off. Very disappointed with the cost. After writing a review, we called the company and they sent us a new collar. I wasn't very happy with the collar, but the company seems to be standing behind their product.

👤We have had a hardwired fence for almost 8 years. It was the perfect solution and the batteries lasted 6 months. The batteries only last 3-4 weeks now since I bought 2 replacement collars back in April. We thought our Boxer was doing something to cause it, until we heard about the past problems with the collars. I spent $75 dollars on a collar, and am shopping for another one. The other collar in my order is working. It is on a dog. I am not sure if the ultra lite works for bigger dogs.

👤The collar failed after I bought it in December of 2016 Within a month of this product, there is usually a battery replacement. Two of the 3 collars I've got are trash, they came with the kit a year ago. The last collar will be replaced with another product. Hope this helps.

👤I put it on my dog after the third battery change but it gave me a shock when I checked it. Very frightening!

👤We love the fence. After spending an additional $100 on a dog collar, it now keeps our dog in our yard. A 75 pound dog is very friendly. The rubber band on the collar might have snapped on his neck. It did nothing to keep him out. I didn't buy the aggressive dog collar because I didn't have an aggressive dog, but I thought it was stronger because I thought it was. It ended up costing more in the long run. The stronger collar worked and we were able to keep the dog at the pound. The fence went in easy. We have 5 acres and bought a wire that was much longer. We used the John Deere tractor and the corner of our blade, but just enough to go in a few inches. I drove the tractor and my husband walked behind it. We went back and put the dirt and grass back in. The blade popped the grass and dirt up in one piece, making it easy to flip back over on itself. We packed with our feet and then with the tire. Since getting the more aggressive collar, it works great. We have had a lot of rain and freezing ground.

👤We have used the PetSafe system for many years, and have had great success with it. The original collars failed in the last six months as they got older. Two of the replacements have failed, and we are now on a third collar between our two dogs. It may be cheaper to just install a competing system if the next failure occurs. I am assuming that the latest collar is made by someone else, and the quality has dropped. I am not impressed.

3. Electric Dog Fence Dogs Accommodate

Electric Dog Fence Dogs Accommodate

500' of heavy duty AWG boundary wire, 50' of 16 AWG twisted wire, 50 flags, 2 splices, and a battery are included. The collar has 7 different correction levels, as well as a training level. The strap can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes. The signal field will be as low as 6 inches or as high as 10 feet, which is emitted from your boundary wire. This kit will provide coverage for up to 1/3 acre, with 500' of included heavy duty boundary wire and 50' of 16 gauge twisted wire. The USA manufactured electric dog fence has 7 days of American support per week. There are 40 page setup/training manual and instructional videos on the manufacturer website. 10 years warranty.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤I decided on this system after a lot of research. I've had other companies that had great molded rechargeable collars, but they were purchased by a competitor and then discontinued, so back to expensive replacement batteries. The fold-out installation sheet is not comprehensive enough for the two dog collar which you must train. My dogs were already trained to our previous dog containment system so no training was needed, but my older dog is always alert, even though she is near the fence. The battery on her collar is dead and it costs $10 to replace. The wire seems to be a better gauge than my last one and we will use it to slowly rewire our one-acre lot. The user's guide has become a standard for many electronic products. The collar is light and comfortable for my dogs. Customer service was great at resolving my problem. The fabric collar is hard to adjust in size and the dog smell is quick. The battery life is not long. YIKES! I miss the batteries from my previous system. The sheet that comes with the system says it's easy to train the collars. I need to read the online owner's manual to get more information. I would like to see a green flash to let you know that the collar is not dead. I wish I'd read more reviews before I spent the money on the complete system. It's too soon to know if this system is better than the competitors. I will update this soon. I was told to watch the video online on how to program the collar after a pleasant call from customer service. I followed the instructions the same way I alwaysTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia I have a hard time hearing the tones because they are so quiet. A shock would help contain her. She is standing over the fence wire. My dogs grew up with other pet fencing, so this isn't a training issue. I don't think I need an engineering degree to program a collar. The other dog and collar are working normally. Customer service is willing to send another collar for a dog.

👤The documentation is not good. The install guide that comes with the kit is light on information and the manual on the manufacturer's website is not very detailed. I didn't think the kit's connectors held the wire. If you have the 14 gauge wire. I used different types of splice connections. One collar acted weird from the first day and my dog didn't seem to react as though she'd been shocked, even though I had programmed it to do certain things. After about 2 months of use, the collar is showing that a new battery is needed. The other collar worked well until the shock element fell out of it. I thought I was being smart by paying more for higher quality goods, but now I wish I had bought a cheap unit.

👤The pros are 1. The package was in great condition when I received it. It was contained in one box and came in 5 smaller boxes. The packaging was easy to unbox and neat. 2. I was able to train both of my dogs within about two weeks of one on one training, even though I accidentally let my dog get shocked before she understood what the training was all about, which made her a little scared to be. 3. Customer service was very responsive when I had to call them for some additional training tips to make sure I got the most out of it. The cons are 1. The system's instructions are not very clear. It took a lot of studying and online searching to make sure I was doing it correctly. The only piece of paper that contained instructions on how to get the system working was the one that was provided. 2. The system only came with a few lawn staple and I recommend buying more so that you don't have to stop instillation while you order more. The flags are the same. They are the most important part of the training and you need to order them. 3. The control box is one of my biggest issues. The wires that you have to insert into the surge protectors do not seat well. If you want your dog's safety to depend on them staying in with cheaply made fasteners, I recommend soldering them into place. I had to jury rig the power source that runs from the control box to the surge protectors so that it doesn't get damaged. I'm not sure why the company hasn't done anything to address this yet, I've seen many other reviews that cover this. 4. One of the two collars that came with the system for my two dogs was shocking the dog when she was inside the house and away from the wire. The first thing customer service said when I contacted them was that the dogs should not be wearing the collar. If they get out, it doesn't matter if you have a fence in the first place. I was denied a replacement collar. 5. The collars that are provided are cheap and do not have an attachment to put the dog's ID tags on. The batteries last a long time, and the receiver that is on the collar seems to be sturdy. The system is only half the price of having a commercial company install it for you. I feel like my dogs are well trained and ready to go.

4. SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

The kit can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags. The collar has two-hour quick charge and one to two month battery life. The technology of the dryer. Contain an unlimited number of dogs with more than one collar. And up. Tone and vibration are given by the collar before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤Don't expect the dog to learn on their own. The dog will learn quickly if you put it on a fence. If you put it in the yard, it's confusing to the dogs and they might not use the full area. Don't use 24/7. Instructions say to not use more than 12 hours a day. If you don't take these off, the dog's neck will get sores and you'll be out of use until they heal. We know from experience. We try to give them more nights without them than with them, but we don't always take them off at night. They get a break. I'm sure they don't land on the same spot when we put them back on. Our dogs come into the garage at night. If you use a shock collar, I recommend you consider the same plan. There are many settings. If you don't know how to use these, you may return them thinking they don't work. How to turn them on, how to set the shock intensity, and how to set the boundary space are some of the things to learn. Depending on your yard size and dog attitude, you'll want to find the right setting for those things. When I need to charge it, I like the flashing green light and red light. The batteries last a long time. We're very happy with our purchase. We have two big dogs that work great at less than 12 the intensity. If you get these, read the instructions and start at the lowest level. My dog jumps up in the air and barks at level 4. Don't assume your dog needs full intensity, it's not the highest setting. These are great. The older version is better for size and functions, but they are smaller.

👤An 18 month old Doberman requires a lot of exercise. It has been a challenge to prevent him from disappearing into the woods. We take him to the dog park to blow off steam, but that's not always an option. We'd like to provide him with a lot of free space, but it's expensive. I ordered this product after researching the invisible fence. Installation was easy. The yard is large and surrounded by woods. We used up all the wiring. I picked up another 500' of invisible fence wire from the store. We looped 1500 feet of wire around the yard. We had a crack running across the driveway at around the halfway point between the house and the road that we filled with driveway repair goop. I used the edger attachment on my weed whacker to cut trenches and bury the wire in the rest of the yard. We used landscaping staple to secure the wire under the bushes and around the perimeter. Nature should do the rest. I used a drill to twist the wires that cross through the containment area and put them in the garage. The collar was set to be triggered by the transmitter at 5' away from the wire. The collar is set to the lowest level, which my wife and I tried on our arms to see what it felt like. It was time to train after everything was tested. We walked the dog around the perimeter. We would stop at random flags and say "no!", walk past them and then walk close enough to the wire to cause the static. That's all it took. I thought we'd be following the training guide for a month but he won't go near any of the flags if he's chasing birds, rabbits, balls, the kids or our other dog. He's on a leash. We get close to the flags and he stops and lays down. We couldn't recommend this more because it's a game-changer for us and our active boy.

5. PetSafe PIF00 12917 2 Dog Wireless System

PetSafe PIF00 12917 2 Dog Wireless System

2 hours of charge provides about two weeks of battery life. Independent correction levels can be used on most dogs. Minimum of 34 feet in diamete or 17 feet in radius is needed to cover a circular area up to 1/3 of an acre. Multiple transmitters combined create a larger coverage area and can be installed within 15 minutes.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The fence is performing better than I anticipated. I live on 2.5 acres. Roughly 1.5 of it is wooded. I put one in the front of the house and one in the back to make a larger figure eight for the dogs. I assumed the wooded areas wouldn't work well, but they do! I'm not sure if it's as good of a signal as back in there, but it works into the woods. I would recommend this fence. A senior wirehaired pointinggriffon is set to beep only, but he is well aware of what the fence is all about. We have a 6 month old Am Staff/American Bulldog/Neo Mastiff mix set to Level 4 and she respects the fence as well. She stopped running when she started chasing one of our chickens. She stopped if she actually got to the boundary.

👤I wasn't sure if this would work, but I was pleasantly surprised. After moving the base around the house, we were able to find a spot that the dogs could run in, 45 feet up the street and to the backyard bushes. When placing the flags, it's not an exact science, but finding most spots correctly and then adding many flags in between to make a clear boundary worked well. The dogs were shocked twice when learning, but with continued walking on a leash towards the white flags, they quickly learned to stay away. I used a white oil-based pastel crayon to draw a white line because it was impossible to put flags in our driveway. They caught on. We charged the necklaces for our two dogs once, but have owned the product for a month and a half. Our quality of life has improved greatly. When the front door is open, the dogs run in and out without fear of running away.

👤There is an update! Don't buy it! My dog has been shocked at random. I was shocked when I picked the collar up. Amazon, please stop selling this product! If you have a steep incline, this product won't work. The collar unit is easy to charge, but it's difficult to put the plug in. I had a hard time hearing the beep when I was setting the boundaries. The instructions say to hold it at your dog's height, but I wouldn't be able to walk up and down the hill with my hand over my dog's head. The first time I was alone with my dog, he lost it. It's hard to find, wish it had a neon color so it could be seen. Maybe I could have found a remote control to make it sound better. I couldn't return it because I didn't have all the pieces, and I wouldn't spend another $150 for another collar unit. My two dog system is a one dog system because it is hard to switch the programming. My older schnauzer did better training than the one year old Australian did. The Aussie would get excited by something outside the boundary and then take off when she was shocked. The system doesn't seem to work on one side of the property, the Aussie figured it out right away. She can't get there because the boundary has been reduced. The reason I chose this system was because it would cover 1/3 of an acre and we are not able to get that much space because of the steep drop off. It is easy to reduce the boundary with the 16 different options and the dogs seem to like it.

6. Wireless Training Adjustable Waterproof Reflective

Wireless Training Adjustable Waterproof Reflective

The product has passed a certification. The receiver will not shock the dog after the host is turned off. There are two modes of fence and dog training. When the DC 5V power supply is not connected, the transmitter is in the fence mode, and when it is connected to the DC 5V power supply, it is in the mode used before turning off. A total of 10 levels can be adjusted with the fence mode centered on the transmitter. In the fence mode, the intensity of static electric shock can be adjusted by turning the black knob clockwise or counterclockwise. The receiver will issue a warning if the dog goes out of the signal range. First, vibrate for a few seconds, then a static electric shock. The receiver will sound a warning tone if the dog does not return to the safe area after working in a cycle twice.

Brand: Justpet

👤I have been thinking about buying this collar for a while, but haven't gotten around to it yet. The collar was partially charged so it didn't take long for it to charge up and the instructions are very easy to understand.

👤My birds like this food. I have been buying this brand for a long time. The freshness is the most important factor in this bird seed.

👤Good quality wires.

👤My parakeets love this food and I buy two at a time which lasts me for a long time.

👤This item is too expensive. There was no choice in the situation.

7. Electric Wireless Training Portable Rechargeable

Electric Wireless Training Portable Rechargeable

Bhcey Intelligent Electric Fence System combines function of Wireless Dog Fence and Remote Training Collar, Bhcey adopted the most advance 2.4G signal resources which provide much more stable and accurate signal transmission to avoid your dog be shocked accidentally caused by the bad signal. Help to train your pet. Under Wireless Fence Mode, one transmitter can connect with several receiver collars. You don't need to pair them manually, they will be connected after power on. The signal range is from 30ft to 1000ft. When your dog is out of range, the receiver collar will make a noise and send a mild electrical shock to your dog. Under Training Collar Mode, it can control 3 dogs at the same time. There are 3 functions that can be chosen from the screen. Sound, shock, and vibration. There are 3 intense levels to adjust. 4PCS of Silicone caps, 2 small ones for short hair dogs, 2 large ones for long hair dogs, as well as 4PCS ofconductive posts, come with them. The transmitter and receiver collar can be charged. The receiver needs 1-2 hours to be fully charged and the transmitter needs 4-5 hours. You could take the battery out to any place you need. The size of the collar belt can be adjusted from 8 to 28 inches, which makes it suitable for all size dogs. It is made of reflective fluorescent TPU material, which improves the safety of dogs at night. The wireless dog fence transmitter can be placed 5 feet above ground if you have a special multi-function holder. Hang on the wall for the best signal transmission. The electric fence transmitter and receiver collar are made of waterproof material, which means that your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain.

Brand: Bhcey

👤Even though I can see some improvements that could be made, it works well for the price and I shared that with manufacturers. We live on almost 2 acres and I was able to get it to cover our property and the surrounding woods. I like to keep the collar loose and allow the dog to just hear and feel, as I think shock level 1 is too strong. The signal is affected by walls hills but the bottom line is it still works and creates a boundary. It takes a lot of walking and listening for beep to figure out what setting works for your property, but once you get it figured out it serves its purpose well! I think it's a good training collar, but there's room for improvement. It is definitely worth the cost compared to similar products.

👤It vibrates but doesn't shock. My dog keeps running until it gets out of range. Will return the item.

👤The wireless fence was not perfect. The collar would stop working. Even though he was standing next to the transmitter, my dog got shocked. Absolutely ridiculous that they would sell something that was so dangerous. Would not recommend.

👤This invisible fence and dog training collar is something I am very happy to have. I was attracted by the fact that it could be hung on the wall of our house or placed on the desk. The wireless system is using a better signal than the WIFI signal. When I hang the transmitter inside my house, the signal is still very strong and can penetrate through the walls, even though the seller told us that it is better to use an open area. It's very easy to set up, just test the range and put the collar on the dog. The Western Highland dog that we have is 2 years old and has learned to stay in her safety area instead of running outside on the road. The customer services advised me to loosen the collar to avoid my dog being shocked. She will run back when she hears the beeps. When my dog is playing outside, she seems to enjoy a new freedom and peace of mind. Our dog wears the collar all day long and we charge it once a week, it is good because it is a good size for different dogs. When the battery of the transmitter box is running out, the receiver collar will sound. It could be charged while using. The system has everything we could have hoped for and we love it. Plug in and press the button to change the size of the range, this product doesn't need installation, digging, or buried lines in the ground. If you register your product by email, it will be extended to two years. Highly recommended!

👤I returned the unit because it didn't work as expected. I tested the distances to warn or shock the dog and found it often did not warn at all or the distance had changed. I couldn't trust it with my dog's life.

8. MASBRILL Aboveground Underground Containment Rechargeable

MASBRILL Aboveground Underground Containment Rechargeable

The dog collar can be charged through a power bank. It takes 2 hours to charge. IPX7 is waterproof, no worry about the rain. A reflective belt is needed to keep your dogs safe. The collar belt can be adjusted from 8-26 inches, it's suitable for dogs and cats. When the pet approaches the critical point, the collar will first sound. The electric shock will be triggered if he/she continues to approach. You can adjust the signal level through "+, -" on the transmitter, the higher the signal level, the wider the control range boundary. When the connection is bad or the wire is broken, the Transmitter will alert you. You can purchase additional wires to expand the boundary up to 984 feet if you need it. Please test the wire before burying it because it can pave the land. Their pet fence systems allow to add many collar for dogs or other pets. Great for outdoor and indoor sports.

Brand: Masbrill

👤Customer service was great, they were timely and made sure I got it in the fastest way possible. Thanks to Masbrill!

👤The wire broke several times during the installation and it was difficult to get through it. I stopped installing it because it would have a lot of issues once in place. I would use a thicker gauge wire.

9. SportDog Contain Train Ground System

SportDog Contain Train Ground System

You have the ability to secure your dog within a set boundary, and remotely train them outside of it. The Boundary Wire has built-in lightning protection, and the Wire-break Transmitter alarm can alert you to that. The dog has a second collar. The anti-Linger feature prevents the dog from running down the collar receiver battery. Medium size dogs and up.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤We ordered this kit and an additional wire and collar to keep our dogs on a 3.5 acres property. It was easy to install. I highly recommend using a gas powered edger. I rented a one from Home Depot and dug the entire path around the property within an hour. As we laid the wire down, my husband and I filled it in with topsoil. Our dogs figured out the training plan within two days, even though the manual says it should last 30 days. The product was easy to install and the quality was excellent.

👤The home base stopped working after less than two months. The collars are useless without a perimeter.

👤I like the invisible fence system. If the line breaks, I know the fence isn't working because I hear a noise on the base. It was worth the money.

👤I am very pleased with the product and love all the options. Our dogs are happy too.

👤It takes a bit to install on your own, especially if you have a big yard.

👤We ordered a few different systems and went with the sport dog. You get what you pay for.

👤I like the Sportdog brand. Have used their e-collars for a long time. The collar is huge. This giant thing is too large for me to love, even though I wanted to. You can't put this on a small dog. It doesn't weigh much but it's too big. I love the inground fence 100C. I returned the system when I received it, because I was going to upgrade to this. I wouldn't put it on my dog. Maybe when the technology improves, they can put these features in a smaller receiver.

10. My Pet Command Wireless System

My Pet Command Wireless System

The gps dog collar is easy to setup. This latest Wireless electric dog fence uses standardGPS radio signals to setup and position your boundary containment hidden fence for dogs. Unlike their competitors, their wireless dog fence system doesn't require a box or wire to setup the containment boundary. Setting up your Boundary is easy and simple. This portable electric dog fence wireless system can be used for outdoor use only in areas up to 3281 Ft radius and Max 0f 776 acres. The collar is most suitable for open field areas or farms that are small. There is a Min 98 Ft Radius. The latest model has full memory function, no need for daily setup, but weekly reprogram is recommended due to the gps drift. With ours, you won't face interference issues, unlike the traditional wireless dog fence system devices with a transmitter box. If your pet stays outside, the collar will keep working, so you won't have to reset it all the time. Medium Large and X Large dogs have neck sizes of 6 to 26 inches. The Hidden Electric fence for dogs with advanced training has three levels of Tone, Stimulus and vibrate. There are levels on the collar. The Collar uses a safe and effective way to warn and train you dog not to cross boundaries and keep them contained in the safe zone that you setup and require. Includes a necklace with an orange neck strap, a pair of long, short and plastic Prongs, and a test bulb. The user and instruction manual has contact support. They give you a bonus Ultrasonic Dog Training whistle for your trust.

Brand: My Pet Command

👤I have had a lot of dog barriers in the past. The in-ground fence is what I started with. Those work well, but are expensive if you have a large area. The in ground is not a feasible option for me because I just moved to a new property with a lot more space. I didn't want to use a traditional wireless fence because I didn't have the best luck with the ones I tried in the past, and they would get too much interference from my cellular towers in the area. This is the first time I have tried a wireless barrier. It uses a standard gps device. It is very easy and works well. The collar is adjusted at the center of the circular boundary. The invisible circular boundary will be created when the collar locks onto the gps signal from the satellites in space. The advantages of this collar are: - Easy and quick setup, which took me less than 5 minutes to set up everything, - Relatively inexpensive effective, especially when compared to ground fences. If you have more than one dog, you only need an extra collar. It is a reliable and accurate boundary because it is using gps. I have not had any interference issues. Completely portable. It can be taken down and setup in a few minutes. It's perfect for me when I want to take my dog to a farm. It's great for a large area. If you have a large farm, I recommend this. If you have a weird shape yard or small area, this is not an ideal collar for you. If you go to a different place, you never need to re-set your location because it's in the built in memory. You can re-set your location with a simple video. I would buy the collar again.

👤My pyrenees love being outside. He tends to wander. I can call him on the gizmo watch I attached to his collar a few weeks ago. He will return home once called. We were hoping that his being called back would break his habit of leaving the property. This did not happen. I purchased this device because I have a 5 acre parcel and I was able to give my dog a circle with an 80 meter radius. I think it's about 4 acres of my property. My dogs are no longer wandering off the property because of this collar. He gets to stay outside and not worry about being hit by a car because he is outside. The device is easy to program, requires nightly charging, but does what I had hoped it would do. It's less expensive than many devices that use gps. I have attached pictures of my dog wandering off before and after the device was used. The images show the effectiveness of the device. Thanks.

👤I already knew about the short battery time and having to reprogram it every time you turn it on, but I have some other complaints about this product. The minimum range for this collar is too large. I have a small house in the center of a small lot. To keep my dog out of the street and out of the neighbors yards, I put the collar up right outside my back door. The shortest range available was set up by me. My dog still makes it into the yards next to me, the yard behind me, and she can roam into the street, usually without issue. Which leads to my biggest complaint. It is not consistent. I was able to walk into the street before the collar started to sound, after I tested the collar and set it up. Sometimes my dog is able to go across the street without a sound, other times it goes off when she is in my back yard, and sometimes it goes off while she is still on my driveway. It will go off at random times when she is in the house. I have to keep an eye on her while she is outside, and I have to take it off when she comes inside, because I never know when it will go off.

11. Electric Dog Fence Stubborn Accommodate

Electric Dog Fence Stubborn Accommodate

500' of boundary wire, 50' of 16 AWG twisted wire, 50 flags, 2 splices, and 10 staplers are included. The collar has 8 different levels of dog correction, as well as a training level. The strap can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes. The signal field will be as low as 6 inches or as high as 10 feet, which is emitted from your boundary wire. This kit will provide coverage for up to 1/3 acre, with 500' of included heavy duty boundary wire and 50' of 16 gauge twisted wire. The USA manufactured electric dog fence has 7 days of American support per week. There are 40 page setup/training manual and instructional videos on the manufacturer website.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤I bought the Extreme Dog Fence system after months of research. I am very happy I did. The wire shielding is strong. The controller has a lot of flexibility and is easy to use. The setup was easy to set up and the tech help was great. Crystal is a customer service agent at Extreme Dog Fence. She had all the answers I needed. We have two German Shepards that are kept in the yard by this system. This type of fencing system is worth considering if you are looking for it.

👤It works well. I rented a machine to install the cable. The dog was trained quickly.

👤It's a great way to keep animals. I spent thousands of dollars on pound fees when my dog escaped. He is an outside dog on 7 acres. Also keeps on goats.

👤I bought this system a year ago for 3 very active Australian cattle dogs. Our fence is over an Acre. We rented a trencher to put in the fence, which was a waste of time and money. You only need a shovel and one person to make a trench. It took us about four hours to put the fence in the ground and connect it. I went through the batteries sooner than 3 months due to my dogs testing the fence frequently. I liked that I could set each collar at a different level, because each one of my heelers was their own level. From the get go, 1 was at 5, 1 was at 2, and 1 was at noise. They are now at the noise level and respecting the boundary. My dogs have their own pool. The collars were completely soaked and had no issues with the function. I like having a plan for my pups without a fence. The customer service we have received is not good. Any question or concern I had was answered quickly and without cost. I had a collar that went bad and it was replaced without any questions asked. I highly recommend this system to anyone. I enjoy my dogs' safety and they enjoy their freedom. Thank you for the amazing product!

👤I was skeptical when I bought this item. I was surprised at the system's effectiveness. In 8 hours of training, my dogs had total respect for the fence. I can leave now and not worry about what they are doing. No more cars being chased on the road. We have 5 acres and I placed 2500 feet of wire in the ground. There was no ground to trip over. I am not a fan of fences generally and placing one the size of my parcel would have set me back. I have a fence that you can't see. And it's so effective. I think this brand has it dialed in. Don't cut yourself on training.


What is the best product for electric dog fence 1 acre?

Electric dog fence 1 acre products from Petsafe. In this article about electric dog fence 1 acre you can see why people choose the product. Petsafe and Extreme Dog Fence are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric dog fence 1 acre.

What are the best brands for electric dog fence 1 acre?

Petsafe, Petsafe and Extreme Dog Fence are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric dog fence 1 acre. Find the detail in this article. Sportdog Brand, Petsafe and Justpet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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