Best Electric Dog Fence Wireless Small Dog

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1. Extreme Dog Fence Grade Electric

Extreme Dog Fence Grade Electric

The eXtreme Dog Fence MAX GRADE KIT covers up to 25 acres with the widest signal field possible. The wire can be run above ground or buried. Most other inground dog fence systems claim to be water resistant. The eXtreme Dog Fence Collar Receiver is waterproof to 10 feet. The Max Grade Fence Kit includes: 14 gauge-plus 60 mil wire, 16 gauge twisted wire, digital transmitter, collar receiver, training flags, and 10 staplers. The Underground Dog Fence comes with a 10 year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the eXtreme Dog Fence Wire. This fence will protect your dog. They will guarantee it. The fence has been manufactured for more than 25 years and has a reputation for reliability and performance. The electric fence for dogs are made in the United States of America. They are standing by to help you set up your fence, train your dogs and puppies, or deal with any issue that comes up.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤The COLLAR SUCKS are the most important part of this package. The most brittle plastic you will ever see is used to secure the prongs. The battery was almost dead before mine broke. The battery life isn't convenient and they don't sell replacements. You can get a replacement dog collar for $125. It comes with a new battery. The 2nd collar just took a dump on me, that's 2 in less than a year! My dog almost got eaten by someone else's yard. I'm going to get sued if I do. I followed all the instructions the second time. Double checked.

👤The Max Grade 1000 Ft system was installed. The system is nice, the cable is good, and it is all made in the USA. I was docked one star for the lack of directions in the box and the crappy power surge protector. For my complete review, keep reading. The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Ultimate came with 14 AWG fence wire with a 60 mil jacket, and 50 feet of 18 AWG twisted wire, which is fancy for saying it. The products shown in the picture were all free of defects. The box didn't have complete instructions on how to use the product. Thank goodness for the internet. The manufacturer's website has a nice "manual" with tons of info. It would be great to have that in the box. The box had a few pieces of paper that had spelling issues. They are lazy to proof read and from the USA. The collar I got was perfect. If you are buying a system, be sure you get the correct one, there are three different types and "Active" is the best for 86 percent of dogs. The wire I got was of great quality. The jacket was tough and free of defects. Great wire. The panel is small and easy to remove. If you look online or at their drawing, you can figure it out. If you use their surge protectors that come with the Ultimate system, there is no need for ground wire. One of the reasons I took away a gold star was because of the surge protectors. It is a joke compared to the rest of the product. They could have spent a bit more money to make this thing better. If anyone breaths on them, they will fall out, so be sure to use wire ties and other things to remove all pressure or you will find some wires out. These things are worse than bad, they want to leave rather than stay. The size of this unit is large for its own good. It is what it is. The collar has an electronic thingy. It is ok. It takes a 6v battery. If you want to buy another brand, don't do it because they will include documentation about how they make special ones for it, so you can jack the price up. Again, it is what it is, just know it. If you follow normal battery methods, the negative goes in first with the positive on the cap side, even though the collar is not marked. The battery is in the box. At least it isn't hard to figure out how to install. Either it works or it doesn't. Attach the battery negative side first with a flat head screwdriver. They will lose the other half of the gold star after you get everything hooked up, no instructions on how to program the collar. His system allows you to program an unlimited amount of collars for different pets. I can't weigh in on that because I haven't died yet, so I'm not sure if the battery retains this info if it dies. If you want to program a collar, you need to have the collar in hand and be next to the panel, choose your level and hit the button. It's possible that your collar ships with the highest shock level. I thought it would come on the radio, but who knows. It takes half a day. It depends on how long you run, the terrain you are going across, and how good of a job you want to do. It took me 7 hours a day. I used a shovel to burry 750 feet, so I could not use a machine. I knocked a hole in my foundation to get the twisted wire to my basement where I installed the panel and power. If I had just thrown the cable on the ground, it would have been a lot quicker, but I am so paranoid that things need to be right that I don't care. You know what's best for you. I am happy that this is over, but it works very well. Would I recommend this to a friend? I would like to see the manufacture correct their spelling errors on the few papers they give you and include the real manual rather than making people go online for it. The paper should say that you can go online to see the manual. Please, spend a few more pennies to give us a surge protector with real wire connections. The consumer is not directed at the supplier.

2. COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

The old version of boundary wire was 650 feet long, but this new version is more flexible and thicker, so you can cover up to 1/3 Acre. You can put wires in any shape you want. Dog training is effective. The signal from the wire is what creates the boundary. The receiver sends a sound as your dog approaches. The closer your dog is to you, the more intense the shock will be. Support multiPLE RECEIVERS. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs. You can have as many pets as you need at the same time with the purchase of additional compatible COVONO receivers. There are more amazing features. The fence system allows you to change the signal strength. The function of the speed detection is that the stronger the shock intensity, the faster your dog runs. There is a wire break warning as well. There is a lifetime warranty. They take good care of their customers. If you don't like the item, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. Lifetime warranty is also available.

Brand: Covono

👤The installation was very easy. The wire is easy to snap and could be a bit thicker. The warning is loud enough to keep my husky in check after the first shock. I had to trim my dog's neck all the way around because it was hard to get to him. It worked well after the trim. It was worth it to keep my escape artist.

👤Two months ago, I bought a 12/2020, but it was broken. The support department shipped me a brand new email address. Next day! It is amazing. My dog, my wife, my son and I are all happy.

👤We are excited to try it. Our little girl thinks that she doesn't have to follow the rules like the other dogs. After buying new furniture for the backyard and a new stain on the cement, I decided to build a gated play land for our dogs. They have a mini pond and an outdoor cooler. She won't have it. Nobody puts a baby in a corner. I think so.

👤I just installed it and it says there is a break in the line and it is brand new out of the box. I was able to test about 20 feet of cable at a time. I woke up this morning to a machine that said there was another break. When the cable was working, my dog would pass it and it would stop allowing him to go outside, because it was cheap. This isn't a big backyard. I am not happy with this.

👤This product is packaged with something that could be described as 28AWG wire. The glass fiber core helps prevent breakage, but the wire is too thin for this application. The smallest wire in a car is half the size of this wire. This is about the size of one of the 8 wires inside a cable. Imagine how small the wires are in your ethernet cable. That is what these wires are similar to. The break in the wire is pictured. The warning and shock are almost simultaneous. The dog doesn't have enough time to reverse course before being zapped. I will uninstall the product.

👤I have a German Shepard and the first time I used this with her, we walked around the yard and as she got close, she back off. I took her out the next day and turned on her collar in the same area that we were before, and she was terrified of going in the back yard and just running to the front. She has had accidents in the house because she won't go in the backyard. She has tons of room to run, but now won't because of the new house.

👤Works well! It's nice to not have to put up a chain link fence.

👤I am waiting to see if the company will give me a refund because I watched a video on someone else's experience with the product. I watched a video that showed the setting of the collar/fence reverting to a higher level once electricity was restored. The poor dog was being shocked at a high level for a long time because of the auto reset. If your electricity ever goes out and your dog has a collar on, the dog will be shocked for an amount of time that is not known. It was dangerous and upsetting.

3. JUSTPET Containment Adjustable Correction Rechargeable

JUSTPET Containment Adjustable Correction Rechargeable

The wireless dog fence adopts a 433MHz frequency with a applicable distance of 100 to 980 feet and 10 levels of adjustment. The distance is accurate and can be selected. The dog collar receiver has a 3.7V low-voltage static electric shock function, and it will not vibrate, the electric shock will not be enabled, and the test lamp will not turn on after the main unit is shut down. The product is safe and reliable and has applied for a patent. The wireless dog fence has improved transmission efficiency, thanks to the international 433MHz channel frequency with dual antenna transmission. The data transmission distance is longer and the signal is more stable for the dog collar receiver because of the radio wave's stronger penetration and diffraction ability. The waterproof grade of the dog collar receiver is IPX7, which can be used in rainy and humid environments, so that dogs can have fun. It is easy to use with long service life and doesn't need to be replaced frequently. One main unit can be used to control each dog on its own. The dog that runs out of the set range will receive shocks, while other dogs will not. The collar can be adjusted in size from 8-28 inches and is suitable for all sizes. It has two sets of posts of different lengths, which can be freely selected according to the length of the hair.

Brand: Justpet

👤The item works but distances in the instructions are not as accurate as they should be.

4. COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

The old version of boundary wire was 650 feet long, but this new version is more flexible and thicker, so you can cover up to 1/3 Acre. You can put wires in any shape you want. Dog training is effective. The signal from the wire is what creates the boundary. The receiver sends a sound as your dog approaches. The closer your dog is to you, the more intense the shock will be. Support multiPLE RECEIVERS. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs. You can have as many pets as you need at the same time with the purchase of additional compatible COVONO receivers. There are more amazing features. The fence system allows you to change the signal strength. The function of the speed detection means that the stronger the shock intensity, the faster your dog runs. There is a wire break warning as well. There is a lifetime warranty. They take good care of their customers. If you don't like the item, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. Lifetime warranty is also available.

Brand: Covono

👤I bought this for my pitbulls because it was cheaper than having a fence. It was set up fairly easy. The collars would shock them randomly. They wouldn't be close to the wire and would be getting shocked on a constant basis, even though they couldn't cross the line. I'm glad this product has worked for others and I'm not sure if we have received a faulty one, but we have 2 very skidish babies.

👤The system was installed correctly. Couldn't get the collars to work. When they were 50 feet away, they shocked and beeped near perimeter wire. In fact, shock/alarm happened randomly. One of our dogs was hurt. Sending back!

👤When our power went out due to a storm, this device shocked our dog so much that he was crying out his life when it came back on, because it was on the highest voltage possible. We thought he was crying because he was scared of the storm, but it was actually because he was being shocked. If you love your pet, you shouldn't waste time with this product. Never buying it again.

👤We have a doggy door that we want our dogs to be able to use. The problem is that when we cross the wire to disabling the charge, it is still shocking them. We contacted customer support after we contacted them and they replied with a vague one sentence response that was not helpful. I can see how this works for people who have fenced in their yards and keep their dogs outside with the electric fence, but for us it's useless because we have a doggy door. The dogs should be able to come back inside or outside without being shocked.

👤Instructions did not say how long to charge. I've been charging it all day and it's free. It took two days to install and will be back tomorrow.

👤It works well when it does work, but it doesn't work all the time because our two young dogs can pass the perimeter wire often. Sometimes their collars will shock them while they are not even close to the perimeter. We don't know if ours is a lemon or not. I read the reviews and thought it would be a great purchase. I would buy another brand and spend the extra money.

👤It was very easy to install. I've tried a lot of different systems.

👤Since they kept escaping, we decided to give it a try and it worked very well. I feel bad when they get shocked, but it's the only way I could keep them in our property. I won't have to use it for a long time. It is easy to install.

5. OKPET Electronic Underground Containment Rechargeable

OKPET Electronic Underground Containment Rechargeable

The buried wire makes the system work. The transmitter can emit signals when the pet is close to the boundary. The stronger the signal, the more likely it is that the dog will return to a safe area. One transmitter can be used with multiple receivers. Two sets of coils can be used at the same time, and there is a forbidden area in the big circle. There is a audible cable connection abnormality indicator. The transmitter will emit a loud alarm and flash simultaneously if the cable is damaged. The receiver can be charged frequently.

Brand: Okpet

👤Do not buy, it doesn't work, opened box plugged it in, nothing happened. The new replacement did the same thing as the old one. Don't waste money or time.

👤This has been a nightmare. The wire fence was installed in a long time. We realized that only one of the collars worked. The other collar did not work at all. There is no contact information on the packaging of the product. It was stated to me that we are using the collar the wrong way. We can buy a new collar. The fence has never been used because of the collar not working. It took hours to install the fence. Don't buy this product.

👤The signal is strong. The rest of the wire needs to be left out to deliver the shock.

6. MASBRILL Aboveground Underground Containment Rechargeable

MASBRILL Aboveground Underground Containment Rechargeable

The dog collar can be charged through a power bank. It takes 2 hours to charge. IPX7 is waterproof, no worry about the rain. A reflective belt is needed to keep your dogs safe. The collar belt can be adjusted from 8-26 inches, it's suitable for dogs and cats. When the pet approaches the critical point, the collar will first sound. The electric shock will be triggered if he/she continues to approach. You can adjust the signal level through "+, -" on the transmitter, the higher the signal level, the wider the control range boundary. When the connection is bad or the wire is broken, the Transmitter will alert you. You can purchase additional wires to expand the boundary up to 984 feet if you need it. Please test the wire before burying it because it can pave the land. Their pet fence systems allow to add many collar for dogs or other pets. Great for outdoor and indoor sports.

Brand: Masbrill

👤Customer service was great, they were timely and made sure I got it in the fastest way possible. Thanks to Masbrill!

👤The wire broke several times during the installation and it was difficult to get through it. I stopped installing it because it would have a lot of issues once in place. I would use a thicker gauge wire.

7. BHCEY Containment Adjustable 80 1640ft Waterproof

BHCEY Containment Adjustable 80 1640ft Waterproof

The upgraded wireless dog fence system is a new system that adopts the more stable and accurate signal source, help to train dogs to shape the habit of living in their own independent space, no more dangerous and much more freedom. Recharging and waterproof. The receiver collar has a high capacity battery. The charges will last for weeks. The collar is made of waterproof material, which means that your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain. The receiver will sound a warning sound every 2 seconds if your dog is running beyond the setting range. After the third warning sound, start static shock in a low level. The receiver will stop working if your dogs stay outside the specified area. The Boundary Collar System will be able to adjust the signal fence distance from 22Ft to 1640Ft. The Wireless dog fence system can be used for dog training at home. Bhcey is a dog fence system that is reliable and safe. It is convenient to establish a safe area for pet activities because it has completely got rid of the trouble of wiring. The wireless design is able to deal with all types of terrain. Multiple receivers can work at the same time. If you need further assistance, please contact them.

Brand: Bhcey

👤The collar is easy to use. My dog barks at her own shadow.

👤I like that it has several levels of beeping before it shocks me. When my other dogs bark, it doesn't go off, but when the dog wearing it does. It makes my days less noisy.

8. PetSafe PIF00 12917 2 Dog Wireless System

PetSafe PIF00 12917 2 Dog Wireless System

2 hours of charge provides about two weeks of battery life. Independent correction levels can be used on most dogs. Minimum of 34 feet in diamete or 17 feet in radius is needed to cover a circular area up to 1/3 of an acre. Multiple transmitters combined create a larger coverage area and can be installed within 15 minutes.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The fence is performing better than I anticipated. I live on 2.5 acres. Roughly 1.5 of it is wooded. I put one in the front of the house and one in the back to make a larger figure eight for the dogs. I assumed the wooded areas wouldn't work well, but they do! I'm not sure if it's as good of a signal as back in there, but it works into the woods. I would recommend this fence. A senior wirehaired pointinggriffon is set to beep only, but he is well aware of what the fence is all about. We have a 6 month old Am Staff/American Bulldog/Neo Mastiff mix set to Level 4 and she respects the fence as well. She stopped running when she started chasing one of our chickens. She stopped if she actually got to the boundary.

👤I wasn't sure if this would work, but I was pleasantly surprised. After moving the base around the house, we were able to find a spot that the dogs could run in, 45 feet up the street and to the backyard bushes. When placing the flags, it's not an exact science, but finding most spots correctly and then adding many flags in between to make a clear boundary worked well. The dogs were shocked twice when learning, but with continued walking on a leash towards the white flags, they quickly learned to stay away. I used a white oil-based pastel crayon to draw a white line because it was impossible to put flags in our driveway. They caught on. We charged the necklaces for our two dogs once, but have owned the product for a month and a half. Our quality of life has improved greatly. When the front door is open, the dogs run in and out without fear of running away.

👤There is an update! Don't buy it! My dog has been shocked at random. I was shocked when I picked the collar up. Amazon, please stop selling this product! If you have a steep incline, this product won't work. The collar unit is easy to charge, but it's difficult to put the plug in. I had a hard time hearing the beep when I was setting the boundaries. The instructions say to hold it at your dog's height, but I wouldn't be able to walk up and down the hill with my hand over my dog's head. The first time I was alone with my dog, he lost it. It's hard to find, wish it had a neon color so it could be seen. Maybe I could have found a remote control to make it sound better. I couldn't return it because I didn't have all the pieces, and I wouldn't spend another $150 for another collar unit. My two dog system is a one dog system because it is hard to switch the programming. My older schnauzer did better training than the one year old Australian did. The Aussie would get excited by something outside the boundary and then take off when she was shocked. The system doesn't seem to work on one side of the property, the Aussie figured it out right away. She can't get there because the boundary has been reduced. The reason I chose this system was because it would cover 1/3 of an acre and we are not able to get that much space because of the steep drop off. It is easy to reduce the boundary with the 16 different options and the dogs seem to like it.

9. PetSafe Wireless Containment Waterproof Correction

PetSafe Wireless Containment Waterproof Correction

There is 1/2 Acre of circus coverage. The range can cover up to 1/2 acres if the portable indoor transmitter is placed there. There is no wire toBURY. A wireless boundary is a great way to protect your pets without the hassle of burying wires. There is static-free resale. The wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if they pass the boundary. This portable system is great for camping and vacation homes. The roof is waterproof. The waterproof collar is compatible with all PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitters. Long battery life. The PetSafe RFA-67D-11 battery lasts up to 2 months before the low battery indicator warns you to replace the battery. Your dog's collar setting should be tailored to you. Your pets can stay in the secure play area with a sound only training mode and 5 levels of static on his receiver collar. You can add more than one pet with the addition of unlimited number of collars.

Brand: Petsafe

👤The Petsafe Wireless Containment System has been with us for two years. It was purchased on Amazon. We followed the directions as we trained our German Shepherd. Things worked well at first. Our dog knew where she was. The system worked when it was needed, and our dog knew to run back to the house when she went too far. The system became more and more inconsistent as time went on. Consistency is important for German Shepherds. The system would start to shock her when she was inside her zone. Sometimes the system wouldn't shock her when she went beyond her boundary. We tried plugging the transmitter back in. We changed her batteries. We tried to make her circle smaller. It would go back to its old ways eventually. The last straw was today. A man and his dog walked by as I was outside with our German Shepherd. My dog ran to the other dog because the system has been so inconsistent recently. I was able to call her back right away, but I could tell the other dog owner was a little scared. I don't blame him. My dog should have stayed indoors. The system did not work. The collar started zapping my dog as I brought her into the house, safely within the containment system. She is terrified to go into our kitchen and back door after she freaked out. I'm done with this product. I can't recommend it because it works for people who love their pet. It can cause more damage than good. I would like it to work. I wish it fulfilled its promise. I paid for something and wish I got it. I have a dog who gets shocked inside the house, but is safe inside her circle and doesn't get shocked when she goes outside.

👤I followed all the directions to the letter. There are no large metal objects interfering with the transmission at our property. We don't relax when we let her out because there is no signal in certain areas, so we watch her constantly. This is against the purpose. She jumped high in the air when she reached the perimeter when I put it on the lowest setting. It was pretty brutal, I tested it on myself. I wish I could send this back, but first of all, they packaged it so you have to destroy the box to open it. Since we were very motivated to make this work, we hung in there trying different locations and settings, but it is past the return date. If you're lucky enough to get a functioning unit, this is a good price.

👤This thing is priceless to me, and I wish I had known that there was a wireless fence system that you didn't have to tear up your yard to use, because it could have saved me and my family from some serious heartbreak. We had two husky babies that we adopted from our local shelters and one of them was a wanderer, the other was a 6 month old male. One day he was outside playing with my husband and kids while they were washing the car and was killed by a truck not more than 100 yards from our house. I cried and my kids cried. It was one of my favorite purchases I've ever made for our family members, and I invested in it literally the next day. You can set the range to fit your yard and keep your family safe. My husky is a stubborn girl and it only took 2 times to shock her into realizing she didn't like that one bit. It felt like a shock when I tested it on myself. My girl has long hair and it just annoyed her more than anything. It was effective and did its job perfectly. She's not afraid to leave the yard on a leash, she knows if my husband or I are going to take her out of the yard, her collar is off. She's allowed to cross the boundary for a walk. Love it. It took about 15 minutes to set the entire thing up and 3 days for my dog to be completely trained, I wish I had heard of it sooner. I said it was a lifesaver.

10. Pumila Electric Dog Fence Rechargeable

Pumila Electric Dog Fence Rechargeable

You don't have to worry about your pet dogs or cats escaping or leaving your sight too far if you have a safe electrice fence. The Pumila fence system has underground border lines that are 888-282-0465. It is better to bury the wires in the ground. The attached tag card can be used to locate the location. You don't need to buy batteries for the collar if you have this set of fence equipment. The collar can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Even if the dog wears it in the rain or in the swimming pool, there is no problem. The reflective collar is comfortable for your dog. The most comfortable size for your dog is up to you. The shock head is made of metal, so it won't hurt your dog, but it will be safer. The device is easy to install and operate. The operation is very easy. After laying out the wires, you only need to connect the two ends of the wires to the remote control, and then power on the remote control to start. Turn on the receiver. If you have a question, please contact them in time.

Brand: Pumila

👤I already had 1000 feet of wire buried in the ground after I bought this to replace my old unit. I plugged in the wires and it started working. The quality of the collars is better than the others I have seen, they have clip connections, and you don't have to restrap them every time you put it on. Each of the collars has its own Micro charging cable. I had to set my strength to 1 to make sure I was close to the wires before the start of the sound.

👤I am surprised that it works for me. I've been using ours for a few weeks and I love it. When we travel a lot, we put this unit in my truck with a normal plug in and then let him out in a parking lot. He knows he is getting too far when he hears the sound of a beep. The unit is large. We brought it to friends houses, plugged it in and let him run free. I would like it to be different, but I don't have to turn it off when I ride in a car. Many friends have bought the same unit and we live in the wood. We can bring our dogs to each other's houses without the problem of the dogs running off in the woods or on the roads. We would have as many as 8 dogs using the unit at the same time. Our dog is not a runner now that we have this unit. We walked him around the flagged property to show him where he could go. He bolted when we let him go, but the noise shocked him. He never left again. I highly recommend this unit. It has changed our dog. He is a happy dog. I tell him to stay close to me when I am walking him out of his area.

👤The fence helps keep our dog out of the poison ivy-covered wooded area behind our house. The transmitter box was placed in the garage so it wouldn't get damaged by the weather in Michigan. The transmitter requires access to a source of electricity so I found an installation location that was near an electrical outlet. I put the AC to DC adapter into the power surge protectors. The location is on an exterior wall and easy to access. I have to place the wires underground to connect to the transmitter. These types of 2.4 ghz transmitters can be sensitive to electrical interference so be sure not to install near appliances that generate electrical fields. The system's buried wires must be close to the lawn in order to effectively transmit a signal. I kept my line buried in a trench that was between 1 and 3 inches deep to protect it from damage from my john deere lawn mower. The first thing we did was use the beep mode.

👤The fence worked great for a while until I woke up to a wire break alarm, which I determined was not a problem with the wire but with the control box. The company agreed to send a new kit even though my warranty had expired. Good to see a company standing behind their product.

11. PetSafe Stubborn Waterproof Vibration Correction

PetSafe Stubborn Waterproof Vibration Correction

Purchase additional wire to expand up to a 25-acre yard to create a custom walled yard for your best friend. For assisted procedures: The receiver collar has 4 levels of static correction that you can adjust based on how your dog responds during training. Great for hearing-impaired pets. If your best friend has a hard time hearing, the tone plus vibration mode will help him learn his new area and keep him out of harms way. Do it yourself installation. You can create a fence that fits your yard on this weekend project. The Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar is waterproof and can be adjusted to fit neck sizes 6-28 inch. For dogs 6 months and older. The PetSafe In-Ground Fence receiver collar will work with this fence system, you can purchase different style collars for every pet in the family. All your pets should be protected. If you have more than one pet, you should buy as many collars as you need.

Brand: Petsafe

👤If you enjoy being on hold while waiting to talk to someone, then buy this if you love having to make immediate trips to your local hardware store, spending Saturdays working on a project that you've already worked on and know that any results of your labor will likely be lost within a few I wasted a lot of time and money trying to make this system work, and I am so frustrated that I am not going to do anything else. There is a background. I grew up in the house we live in. An invisible fence was installed by a local company when we were young. It worked well for over 15 years. There were occasional breaks when we would dig a hole or aerate the yard. Those were easy to fix. No "partial break" issues. I can't find the collar from the old system when we get a dog. I decided to give it a try because buying a new collar was more expensive than the whole PetSafe system. It worked well for about 6 months, then we started having issues with the loop light going off. Sometimes it would turn back to normal by itself. I would turn off the power occasionally. It would work again. Sometimes I would have to plug in the "Break Locator" and after that it wouldn't work again, but only for a while. A new transmitter has been received. For a few months, I worked. Same issues as before. PetSafe told me that it must be a partial break again. There was no way to see any breaks because the wire was buried. PetSafe's break could not pick up any breaks. The signal was strong around the whole loop. I replaced the wire in our yard. I pulled up the old sections. We got a 3rd transmitter in January. The random beeping started last week. I came home and it was loud. I switched the power on/off for the first time. But again, it was beeped. The person on the phone with PetSafe still thinks it's a partial break. We haven't worked on the yard. I don't understand how a wire can break randomly in 3 months. It could be that the wire is wrapped too tight or not tight enough. Really? Why would it work for 3 months and then go out? I don't have anything left to deal with this. I'm looking for an alternative and would love a recommendation.

👤It worked well for the first week. Our dog ran and walked through it without being shocked. Everything was set up without a shock or a beep. It was too unreliable and disappointing.

👤Have a dog. Doesn't work with him. He doesn't care about the shock at level 5. He ignores it after it worked for 1/2 a day.

👤I bought this in June. The battery connections are not the same. The things should last more than 4 months with what they cost.

👤I paid $80 for a collar that didn't have a battery, but I haven't used it yet.


What is the best product for electric dog fence wireless small dog?

Electric dog fence wireless small dog products from Extreme Dog Fence. In this article about electric dog fence wireless small dog you can see why people choose the product. Covono and Justpet are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric dog fence wireless small dog.

What are the best brands for electric dog fence wireless small dog?

Extreme Dog Fence, Covono and Justpet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric dog fence wireless small dog. Find the detail in this article. Covono, Okpet and Masbrill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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