Best Electric Drill Cordless

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1. DCD771C2 Cordless Lithium Ion FlexTorq 40 Piece

DCD771C2 Cordless Lithium Ion FlexTorq 40 Piece

Only 1.1 ounces. The design fits into tight areas. A high performance motor can deliver 300 unit watt out (UWO) of power. A range of fastening and drilling applications can be achieved with high speed transmission. 10x magnetic screw lock. It reduces breakage and prolongs the life. The bits can be flexed up to 15 degrees. The bits can be flexed up to 15 degrees.

Brand: Dewalt

👤A friend recommended this to me, I don't know much about tools. Simple installations and standard maintenance are satisfied by it. I haven't had to do much work yet. I get mad when I use it to build furniture. She needs a regular screw driver. It has a light below the drill and two batteries. The bag it comes with is small and doesn't fit the unit or the two bit cases. There is room for more as well. I think this is great for a person who is new to using tools.

👤A good and reliable drill that can be used around your home. Most of the jobs around the house that we don't do ourselves are done by our contractors with the help of DeWalt tools. The interchangeable batteries make it very convenient to use multiple DeWalt drills. The drill is very easy to use. The light is odd and doesn't add much to the drills function.

👤This was a surprise for my husband and he was excited to use it. It has an extra battery and carry case. Excellent quality. Great purchase.

👤Not close to industrial grade for light duty.

👤Good power and light weight make it easy to use. Highly recommended.

👤I wanted to replace my broken heavy duty Dewalt but couldn't afford the exact same one. I love this one. It's lightweight and can take care of almost any household task. I got a brush set to clean the shower.

👤I got the bits to go with it, it was sturdy and easy to use. I used it a few times and was satisfied with the product.

👤The only problem with this is that it could have had a bigger battery. The original battery was replaced by the seller after it went bad. Since then, it has been good.

2. GardenJoy Cordless Electric Accessories Improvement

GardenJoy Cordless Electric Accessories Improvement

Extra level of control is provided by the 11-position clutch. The best power tool sets. A super industrial copper motor has a max 180 in-lb Torque. The maximum speed of the top two clutch setting is 1500rpm. Men can repair doors in the apartment. Posters are like a carpenter. To repair large machinery, cars and equipment, or complete a variety of high-intensity work projects like a mechanic. Small mini is not cheap. Girls or ladies can carry a black and red handheld. The drill screwdriver can be flexible in its control of the depth and accuracy of the screw. The back of the device has screws that can be used to drill. In life, moms can install furniture in the backyard and replace old garden items. The impacto drill has an electronic motor. The sockets base plug is equipped with fast charging. Fast charging is 15% faster than the same model. The battery can be used for 9v, 14v, 18v, 20v, 21v and 24v. Their portable drills are equipped with flashlight front lighting, and are better suited for tight areas than corded ones, perfect for home house improvement, car repairs, drilling into wood, metal, plastic and all screw-driving tasks. GardenJoy is located in the united states and can provide industry-leading warranty service duty and knowledgeable support experts. You will get a combo kit that comes with a drill driver power tool accessory and operating instructions. GardenJoy is located in the united states and can provide industry-leading warranty service duty and knowledgeable support experts. You will get a combo kit that comes with a drill driver power tool accessory and operating instructions.

Brand: Gardenjoy

👤I need a temporary fence for our puppy because there are tight spaces. I bought a DeWalt drill for $150 and I didn't think much of the $35 12V one. I used it for 60 screws for 4 fence posts. The battery is still working. It's powerful enough for my fence projects. It has a lot of useful features. I didn't feel the difference between the two, both in looking and functions. I am happy with the purchase and project. I think this one is a great value for its small size and light weight. If it is your first time buying a drill/driver/bits, please be aware that it doesn't come with an accessory for included sockets. The sockets are useful for many projects, but you need an accessory to use them.

👤Some people didn't know how to use it. hope this helps them. This is how a chuck works. The seller should have given clear instructions. You will get a clear idea if you watch the video. I tried to show how to fit it. If the top part is tight, turn it on and hold it. You are ready to use it. All the best.

👤I'm 42 years old. I have never owned a power tool. I received this today and I love it. I went through my house like a kid on Christmas, finally hanging things I've wanted to hang for 6 months. A fire extinguisher, a magnetic knife holder, a towel ring, a shelf, and pictures are all on a fast charge. I should have purchased this sooner.

👤This drill is great. I spent only 30 dollars on it. It's light weight, nice grip, has a light, Torque Shifter, and there's even a magnet on the back. I put the screws on the back of the drill. It's convenient! I used the drill from the box. I used it to secure my curtain rod above my bedroom window. There were 6 holes drilled and screws installed. I didn't charge the drill bit, but it still has a lot of batter life. I mounted my sound bar to the wall under my tv with the drill. There were two holes drilled for the wall anchors. It was easy. I didn't charge the drill but moved on to something else. I have a holder for my cleaning stuff. There were 6 holes drilled for the anchor and 6 screws drilled into it. And voila! I don't need to charge this drill. I bought the metal flower pieces for my room and went back outside to put them up. 3 holes into a brick wall would drain the battery. It's still at full power! This is my first drill and it's great. I bought this one because of the reviews, so I'm glad I read them. The reviews were honest. It is a great purchase.

👤Better instructions are needed. I don't need to read a whole book about safety. I need to know how to use the thing or a link.

3. Aokia Power Cordless Drill Set

Aokia Power Cordless Drill Set

You are covered by their lifetime warranty and 60 day return guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied. Feel free to contact them. The industrial copper motor has a max 280 in-lb Torque.2 variable-speed (0-400rpm,00- 1500rpm) and 24+1 position drill is a powerful all-round helper for matching your desires. You can quick charge with an automatic lock on your keyless chuck. Magnetic Wristband. Gift ideas for Dad, Husband, or a handy woman with strong magnets to hold screws, nails, and drilling bits. The soft handle and lightweight design allow women's usage. When the battery is not fully charged, the indicator light of the charger is red, and when it is fully charged, it will turn green. The Power Drill Driver Kit has 1* 21V. The drill driver, magnetic wristband, fast charging, battery,Screw-driving bits, andTwist drill bits are included. Brad point bits, user manual, extension screwdriver bits, carrying bag The Power Drill Driver Kit has 1* 21V. The drill driver, magnetic wristband, fast charging, battery,Screw-driving bits, andTwist drill bits are included. Brad point bits, user manual, extension screwdriver bits, carrying bag

Brand: Aokia

👤I didn't spend a dime on a drill to hang everything up in my new apartment. I didn't realize we had plaster walls so the job got much harder than I anticipated, but that wasn't a problem for the drill! It has been a great job and done well. The bits fit everything I have needed so far. I have never used a drill before, but there are videos on how to use it on the internet. I only charged the battery once and it lasted over a week of random projects. I love it!

👤It has a good battery life and is lightweight. It doesn't fit big screws or big bolts but it's complicated to fit the regular small screws inside it, so it makes holes, and I didn't think it was a screwdriver.

👤The drill comes with all the drill bits, screw driver bits and so on. It is a great deal for the money.

👤Light is a joke.

👤The bit can't be secured because the drill has no locking mechanism.

👤We hang our curtains at the store. But this was not a blind door. We didn't find our drill. So Amazon to the rescue. The drill arrived on time and the blind went up. It was in a bag.

👤The instructions are not useful. For a beginner, they are incomplete and not user friendly.

👤It's easy to use for a do it all woman.

4. Cordless Drill Infinitely Variable Electric

Cordless Drill Infinitely Variable Electric

The pack includes a flexible shaft, nut drivers, woodworking drill bits,Twist drill bits, screwdriver bit, 60mm magnetic bit adaptor, and driver bits. The motor is high efficiency. The durable material of the drill set can extend the life of the product, reduce power consumption and extend working time, if you want a cost-effective and powerful drill. The SnapFresh 20V Cordless Drill has 22 Torque and 2 Speed options, it can help you deal with both hard and soft materials, and 2 speed options can help you convert from soft work to hard work by simply sliding the gear switch. The combo kit comes with a rich drill set and 1 battery, power drill drivers with 43 drill bits and a professional tool bag. The weight of the drill can be held in one hand, and it is light and user friendly. The magnetic drill design provides easy access to changing drill bits, and the rubber grip improves stability while you are working. The experience will be enjoyable after using this drill. The ideal power drill drivers for the household include a working light, reverse and front control, safety lock, and battery and charger. The red light is off when the green light is on. If you don't hear the click sound when you insert the battery to the charging station, it's not a problem and it will not affect the charging. If you don't hear the click sound when you insert the battery to the charging station, it's not a problem and it will not affect the charging.

Brand: Snapfresh

👤When we moved into our new house, I bought this drill because I expected it to be used a lot. The drill did not stop me. The battery lasted longer than expected. I used the battery for three full days. The drill is powerful and the bits are sharp. It was a pleasant experience to drill into the wall. If you are looking for a drill with good value, I would recommend this product.

👤We have one of these items at our home in Maine, but we got tired of bringing it back and forth to Florida so we bought another one. It is packaged in a nice carrying case so everything stays together. It has everything you need. We lent it to a new neighbor who was in the middle of a project with no tools. He is likely to buy one soon. The photos show what they look like.

👤I decided to do my own work instead of hiring someone to do it for me, and invested the money into my own tools. This drill paid for itself 10 times in a few weeks. It arrived in a tote and storage bag that fit everything and was packaged in a cool way. The light and the attachment are very cool. I showed my neighbor my new drill and case and he immediately went to Amazon to get it. I think that's correct. This handy tool set has made me a pro in my house.

👤The reason this drill has 5 stars is because it's a good drill for almost all of your projects. The battery lasts a long time and charges quickly. If you're going to be using it for long periods at a time, it has some weight. This drill doesn't work well with heavy duty projects. It works well with other projects. I mention snap-fresh Customer Service. They're very professional. I was happy after talking with them. They did not give me any problems.

👤I typed in the search bar and clicked on the picture to buy the item after watching a review on the product. I was surprised to see that it was a snap fresh, not a ryobi. I'm glad I made that mistake. The only thing I don't like about it is the light, I'd rather it be near the chuck than at the base of the drill, but that's pretty nitpicky. The purchase was made to change the hinges and knobs on 40 doors. Each door has 24 screws that need to be removed. 480 screws are in each direction for a total of 960 operations. I don't know how long a battery lasts but it seems satisfactory. If you're a tool guy, you probably buy the same brand of tool each time because the batteries are interchangeable. I needed something to get the job done quicker than manually. The drill has several bits and a helpful gizmo that allows you to drill around a corner. I used that on the laundry chute door. The door was installed before the chute, leaving only the width of the jamb to open it. A short screw driver would take a while, but the flexible gizmo worked like magic. I like the drill.

5. Cordless Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable CSL 4000

Cordless Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable CSL 4000

Refer to theWarranty & Support inches section for full details. It's a better replacement of hand tool screwdrivers because of its no load speed of 300rmp. It's light and compact, making it suitable for some small appliances and light-duty work, like circuit repair, bicycle repair, electrical maintenance, switch installation, etc. To turn on this screwdriver, hold the FORWARD button or REVERSE button for 3 seconds, then the screwdriver is ready for work. If the screwdriver has not been used for 10 minutes, it will be off. Thanks to its straight design, it can be used as a manual screwdriver even if the battery runs out. There is a It can be charged anywhere with theusb plot, like laptop, powerbank, car, etc. Don't turn on the tool while it's charging. When the screwdriver is on, the work light will be on at the same time. If the screwdriver is not used, it will be off. 32 x screwdriver bits, 1 x Bit Extension holder, 2 x HSS Hex Drills, 8 x sockets, 1 x Socket Adapter, 1 x Flex Extension Hex Shaft are included in the pack. The user manual is part of the toolkit. 32 x screwdriver bits, 1 x Bit Extension holder, 2 x HSS Hex Drills, 8 x sockets, 1 x Socket Adapter, 1 x Flex Extension Hex Shaft are included in the pack. The user manual is part of the toolkit.

Brand: Populo

👤I'm often at construction sites on ladders. My last electric screwdriver was amazing, but it rolled off a ladder and I was looking for a replacement. The Populo is even better. An amazing price! My partners always ask where I got it, and I give them usefullness taking the package as a whole. I gave them the well laid out hardcase and their off. PROS 1. The driver holds its charge for over a week. I have never run out of power thanks to the 3 led power meter. 2. The hardcase kit is worth the price, all the bits needed and even basic drill bits, sockets, extenders and magenetic head attachment. I didn't know it had a snake but now use it often. 3. You can actually use the built-in light as a light in crawl spaces if it stays on for a bit after use. The auto-off time is about 4 seconds and there is no setting for light only. 4. The dial actually works. You can use a normal fixed driver when the driver can't handle the load. I was able to drill into the ductwork. 5. There is a standard phone charging device. The first drawbacks. Cyllindrical! It rolls quickly. Any other shape would be appreciated. It comes with a lanyard. 2. The press for 3 seconds to turn on the system can be annoying in a critical situation. I've had it activated in my bag when it wasn't in the case. 3. I would like to have the wire cutter and live voltage indicator of my previous screwdriver because it reduces the amount of devices I have to carry. This is very easy to do.

👤The improvements on the original design prevented me from supporting the owner of the original intellectual property. I tried to get along with the GO but the bits keep falling out on me, especially when you're at the top of a ladder installing Christmas lights. Magnets used in the Populo are +2. When you're working in tight spaces like under the kitchen sink, the LEDs are a nice feature to have. There's a huge bonus of included bits, sockets and flex shaft extension. It's not just the cheaper price that attracts, it's clutch improvements like magnets and LEDs that win you over. Currently, the product listing states "Torque: 0.93N.M". My experience supports the idea that the max Torque is 5N.M.

👤It is difficult to use fine tools with a large hand as they don't fit into my grip. This helps a lot. The fit is good and I like the setting. You have to hold a direction for a few seconds to turn it on, but it will work when pressed. There are a few issues that may or may not affect your experience. The angle bit is supposed to come with the kit. It was missing from mine. Sometimes the shaft that the bit attach to is too thick to reach certain laptops with deep screw holes. The addition of a light can be off depending on what you are doing. These are situational examples that might not affect your needs.

6. BLACK DECKER BDCS40BI Rechargeable Screwdriver

BLACK DECKER BDCS40BI Rechargeable Screwdriver

It is a perfect Christmas gift. The screwdriver is light and portable. The pneumatic function provides access to tight spaces. Light illuminates the work surface and dark areas. An extra bit is needed for use. The handle and finger grip are overmolded. You will always know how much charge the battery has left with the battery indicator. The battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

Brand: Black+decker

👤My favorite tool purchase is far and away. I got this for my new high-end computer build, and it speeded up the total build time greatly, but it also saved me a lot of pain and hurt, because I would have used a manual screwdriver. I used both the pistol and straight configurations without any issues after I bought the driver bits and extensions separately. Trigger is positioned well for straight orientation. If you need to work, the unit arrives with a small charge on the battery. The forward light that shines on the bit tip when thetrigger is depressed is a good example of how to see what you're doing in poorly lit places. The screw direction switch is a small complaint. It is placed well for easy thumb or index finger push to reverse direction. The switch has very low force resistance and because it's close to the index finger, it can be accidentally pushed out of place. It needs to be fixed in future upgrades, either by requiring more force to switch or by placing it further away from the hand. I would rather not have to use my hand to change direction since it will stay until I choose to change it. That single issue isn't enough to remove a star. Fix that, B&D, and you might have a perfect tool here. It's a great value at the current price point, and it's pretty darn great. This one is for sale!

👤It's not perfect but at this price point it exceeded my expectations. I use it to open my laptop case, assemble stuff, work on appliances, and more. The pistol lock was very solid. The metal drive case is all metal. There is rubber padding around the nose of the case. The battery status light is on. The light is triggered by a actuated light bulb. The charge port is standard. There is a magnetic and mechanical bit chuck. The power cell has a high capacity. There are a lot of features. I haven't bought a new Black & Decker product in 30 years because of all the higher end tools. I picked one up at a a few weeks ago and decided to order it. I own two homes and I work on several vehicles. There were several things that caught my attention. #1. Products still using NiCd or NiMh batteries should be watched out for. #2. I could charge this thing off the stereo in my car. I could charge it off. I don't have to keep track of another dedicated charger. Transformer, going from pistol to straight. The pistol position at a desk in front of you feels natural. There are four. The amount of Torque. This is one of the more powerful screwdrivers that we have. There are some things that are CONS: There should be a ridge or built up area next to the reverse button so it's not accidentally switched. I'll probably use a micro balloon filler to build up the case in those areas. The pistol to inline transformation feature is missing from the cheaper version. It's kind of a hairtrigger and thetrigger could use a firmer spring. The kit is of little use and doesn't have a blade style bit, but I didn't base this purchase on that. If you're in the market for a power screwdriver to work on computers, or for a lot of other projects, you should give this a try. It's great for the long winded screws on electrical fixture and computer cases. All the 4mm bits are available from ifixit. I can't speak to the negative reviews or issues others have had, but I guess every now and then a defect will slip through. I don't tolerate poorly designed products and have no problem returning them and giving a critical review. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could, but I'm sure I can modify that. I wish I had this when I helped my brother build his metal storage building. P.S. This Christmas, you can include a modest bit set for the BDCS40 /30 and 20. I did not receive anything for my review, but I recommend this product.

7. DEWALT DCD708C2 Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless

DEWALT DCD708C2 Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless

Bright light illuminates dark work surfaces. The drill is small at only 6.3 inches front to back. Control and precision on delicate work surfaces can be achieved with a power drill. The DEWALT 20V drill has a motor. The lightest person is at only 2.4 lbs. The power of the UWO will help get the job done. The power of the UWO will help get the job done.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I don't write many reviews, but I have had a lot of this tool. I don't think much of this toy, but DeWalt is a good name. The chuck is a piece of junk, but the motor is strong. The drill bit and driver bit don't make a difference. If you spin the motor with a bit of chucked up, it will spin loose. Even if you tighten the chuck while wearing gloves, you won't be able to hang on to your bit. I lost track of the times I was working, and the bit fell out and hit the floor. The tool is barely a year old and I am a casual user. No one will blame excessive wear for this problem. I am looking around to see what else is out there.

👤The drill is small and powerful. I've had a big set of 18v for over a decade, and have been replacing batts. So bought this and an 18v-20v batt adapter. The night-day difference between my heavy, clunky, 18v tools and this as to weight, ease of use, footprint, ergonomics... It is amazing. I think it will be great for light use. Only had for a few weeks. The box says "Made in Mexico."

👤I bought a new drill to replace my old one that stopped working after 10 years of use. One of the two Li-ion batteries will no longer accept a charge if you use the new Dewalt drill. I used the drill/battery package for simple maintenance tasks around the house at least 6 or 7 times. The batteries were dead when I put them on the refillr. The other battery has not been a problem. The Li-ion battery has a short lifespan. There are remedies available to me. I expected the new drill and set of batteries to last longer than me.

👤I received my drill last week and have been using it. It's easy to use and the battery life is good. I have not had to swap batteries even with constant use. It only takes a short time for the battery to come up full charge when I charge it. I'm very happy with the unit. It's wise to drill small pilot holes when driving screws into wood. It's important to remember that it's not an impact driver. The lamp on the drill takes 20 seconds to shut off, which is why some people complain. It's helpful when working in dark corners and you won't notice it. It is not a negative. This drill is a good addition to my tool collection.

👤The machine is amazing. Love the smaller size and it makes a difference. Never felt powerless. Does every job I do bother me? It's only used for home repairs and small wood working, so can't speak for a professional contractor's perceptive.

👤I have a drill that works well. You can't turn it off when you don't need the light, but you can turn it off when you do. It works well and is a little lighter. I have not used the second battery since I received two batteries. I'm a person who does things around the house.

8. BLACK DECKER Matrix Cordless BDCDMT120C


Ready to go, power up your electric screwdriver with microusb charging. The 20-volt max motor has enough power for a full range of applications. Users can carry out drilling/driving tasks in confined spaces with ease. A system that demands attention is part of the 20-volt max system. The included components are the 20V MAX power unit, BDCMTDD drill/driver attachment, and 20V MAX battery. The Matrix Quick connect system. The Matrix Quick connect system.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I bought the Matrix despite the fact that both the 20v DC and 120volt AC had a history of burning up their motors. I would have given a 5 star rating to my Matrix if I'd been there for the first year. When the motor dies, you have to buy a new handle or buy a new drill, or both, because you wasted all of your money on the adapters. The same thing happened to the AC model. The device stopped in the middle of the project. The light worked but not the motor, so I assumed that the motor burned out or there was an overheating circuit that cut the device from working. I didn't change batteries. I waited 2 hours if the motor overheated, but the drill never worked. I called B&D re to inquire about their warranty. I know you get a 2 year warranty, but I want to hear your experience. I made a decision to take a leap of faith. I bought a Trigger switch for a drill on Amazon. I didn't want to wait weeks for delivery from China so I paid more. The motor was good and the problem was a $2-3 switch which can't be fixed or replaced by Black and Decker, they only sell or replace the entire handle for $64. To fit and work the switch, it is necessary to modify 2 components. 1. The plastic slide switch needs to be smaller to go forward or reverse. I used a tool. 2. The cut-out on the outside of the drill is usually rounded and needs to be enlarged. I used a pocket knife to increase the size of the switch. The Matrix drill only has 3 parts.

👤The drill broke after a year of use, but I loved using it. The impact accessory stopped spinning as I was drilling. The light is still working. I tried different accessories after changing the battery. I was able to leave an email that wasn't responded to after I tried to navigate the B+D website. I waited an hour for someone to respond to me by phone. I was told to drive this worthless piece of shit 35 minutes away to have it fixed after I spoke to someone online. They are only open during my work hours. B+D would rather save a buck and give me the finger than take two days off of work. Most of the companies I've dealt with would have sent me a new one or sent me a shipping label to get it to the service center. I'm thinking of selling my B+D products to a company that values loyal customers. I have a lot of B+D products. I can't say I'm disgusted right now. The cons include heating up while drilling and shutting down, need more torque settings, and it's difficult to change accessories. That was dumb. I had to throw the attachment in the ground so that it wouldn't let go after a tough job. The replacement drill stopped working. The last version I will buy is that one. I still have the corded version that works better, but it doesn't solve the issue of the impact drill attachment getting stuck. I have batteries for their yard tools, so I'm going with the 24v Greenworks line of drills.

9. CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 Cordless Drill Driver

CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 Cordless Drill Driver

It's ideal for ponds, pools, sprinkling systems, flow irrigation systems, gardening, rain barrels, aquariums, use in agriculture settings, shallow wells. A 1/2inch corded drill/driver with a high performance motor can produce 280 watt out for completing a variety of applications. The speeds of the 2speed gearbox are 0350/01 and 500. The chuck is 1/2inches and has a keyless design. Light illuminates dark work areas. The included 20V max Li-ion battery has high performance cells that provide increased performance. A 60 minute or less charge time is provided by the 20V MAX* Li-ion battery. It is compatible with the hang hook. Refer to theWarranty & Support inches section for full details. Refer to theWarranty & Support inches section for full details.

Brand: Craftsman

👤The drill doesn't come with an accessory to place the drill bits or screw. You can't use it out of the box. You need more equipment to use it. Good drill so far.

👤The kit comes with a 700 series drill/driver, a 1.3ah battery, and a charger. The motor is rated at 280uwh of power and it weighs only 3 lbs 8oz with a battery. The speeds are in first and second gear. The perfect setting for driving screws can be achieved with plenty of clutch positions. There is a drill position to lock the clutch. The battery has an indicator with 3 lights so you can see how much charge remains at the touch of a button and a bright white light illuminates your work when you squeeze thetrigger. The Craftsman was able to drive 3 inch deck screws into pressure treated lumber, but it struggled a little as the screws reached full depth. Most people will be happy with this drill/driver, it is very capable and would be a great addition to any homeowner's tool box. The last few years have seen improvements in tools. The DeWalt is slightly better in almost every category when compared to the Craftsman drill/driver. The DeWalt has a stronger, faster brushless motor with a power of 340 watt and comes with 2 batteries instead of one and a carry bag. The Craftsman and DeWalt are both 99 bucks. The Craftsman is a fine tool and this is not to take anything away from it. At this point in the value wars, it's lagging behind. If you don't need a carry bag or a second battery, the Craftsman is a good choice.

👤I was very excited when I got this. I received it and it didn't come with a belt hanger or a drill, which is a shame because I am a big fan of Craftsman.

👤I've used this to drill 4 holes in studs to mount a TV. It seems to work well, but not much use. I spent some time playing with it to clear the holes. I don't understand how a reviewer could deplete the battery in 13 holes, since the battery still indicates full. A bad battery is possible. The battery life is not an issue for me. The drill is cheap, I got it for $75. I don't think it would be cheaper than this and the quality seems to be there so it's a great deal. If you need more battery life, buy another battery at this price.

👤I was torn between the Dewalt, craftsman, and the Makita 20 V batteries, but I decided to go with the one that I caught on sale on Amazon for a great deal.

👤I have had several Craftsman drills, saws, and other tools over the years, all have performed well, I received this one a few days ago just to have an extra drill or two, and I used it to drill several holes in a 4x4 for a project. It did the job just as well as one of my Milwaukee drills, even though it had to change the battery out. Will it hold up as a corded Craftsman drill? I'm pretty pleased with the performance of this one so far. The kit came with a drill, battery, battery charging station, and a drill for around $72.00, which is the same price as Lowes.

10. BLACK DECKER Drill LDX120PK Orange


It's ideal for drilling into wood, metal plastic, and screw driving tasks. A drill that can drill 20V is included. The battery isFFICIENT. The battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months. There are 11 positions that are closed. The 11 position clutch is used to prevent stripping and overdriving screws. There are 68 hand tools and accessories. It is easy to use and portable. The carrying bag is easy to carry and store. The carrying bag is easy to carry and store.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The reviews almost turned me off, because this set is solid. My wife and I have a place out of town and I hated lugging my tools on a plane or in the car. Before I became a software dork, I worked construction to pay for school. I'm familiar with a real Dewalt set and corded Milwaukee Hole Hawg drill for boring through studs before a rough wall inspection. Three of the drill bits have broken off in studs for me and the first one broke on the first use, so here's the kicker on this set. Don't bother buying this if you want to have a set and need to drill some holes. The hole saw bits aren't much better, but the wedge hole bits are fine. The screwdrivers are too big and stupid for everyday use, they're close to the size of a Fisher Price screw. The other things in the home tool set are all good. The bit shank doesn't have a collar to hold a screw, but that's expected for the money. The drill is in good working order. If you're hanging pictures, a few TVs, maybe together some cabinets it's fine, but you're not going to be drilling concrete or doing a whole drywall install with this thing. It's lightweight but powerful and functional. If you overdo it with this thing, you'll lose it. Don't be a hero. You will be happy if you remember the price you paid. The flathead and phillips screwdrivers are larger than normal sized screws and are better for prying tools than for driving them. You have every screwdriver you'll ever need if you use the ratcheting screwdriver and the shank with a tip. The drill bits are not good. I broke two in a stud when I bought this and it messed up a project. The B&D family, a lightweight drill, a good collection of tips, and a small tape measure saved my ass a couple times when I lost my proper. The hammer is light and works well. Is it the ideal buyer? If you know the limitations of a tool set and need to replenish your house after a move or divorce, you'll backfill the things that break/don't work later. Is it less than an ideal buyer? If you think you're going to get a great drill and tool kit for a steal, then you're in luck. Move along and spend more cash. If you're a serious home project guy and think you're getting a steal on a pro set, this is not the case. If you're a big tool nerd and want the latest stuff on the market, you're not going to get it. People who left bad reviews? My guess is that former pros and current pros were looking for a cheap all-in-one kit. This set will give you everything you need to be a home user. If you thought "well maybe this will be enough" after reading my review, you should be looking elsewhere. If you saw'home' and thought my 'X' just broke so I'll get this to replace it, look elsewhere. If you saw'home', you would think "oh yeah". I have an apartment, hang pictures, mount shelves, and sometimes want to screw some Ikea stuff together, pull the Trigger here.

11. Bielmeier Cordless Lithium Ion Electric BCDK 29

Bielmeier Cordless Lithium Ion Electric BCDK 29

There is an included 8V cordless drill, 10 drilling bits, magnetic bit holder, level screws with anchors, and more. The battery is 1500m. The drill is suitable for home use. The auto chuck has a clutch and position clutch that provides precise control for driving in/out screws to prevent stripping and drilling into wood. You can change with a quick change without the aid of tools. The efficient design can increase efficiency and provide safety. A rubber-covered handle gives you a comfortable grip and reduces the amount of vibration you experience. If you have any questions about how to operate the chuck, please watch the video and contact them. The light illuminates dark areas. The F/R button can be adjusted in either direction. In places where driver bits are hard to reach, a flexible shaft could be used. The electric brake function provides precise operation. The pack contains (1) magnetic flexible shaft for hard-to-reach places, (3) Woodworking drill bits, (3)Twist drill bits, (1) screwdriver bit, (1) 60mm magnetic bit adaptor, (20) driver bits, (1) 1.5Ah battery, (1) Belt Buckle, and (1) User Manual. The pack contains (1) magnetic flexible shaft for hard-to-reach places, (3) Woodworking drill bits, (3)Twist drill bits, (1) screwdriver bit, (1) 60mm magnetic bit adaptor, (20) driver bits, (1) 1.5Ah battery, (1) Belt Buckle, and (1) User Manual.

Brand: Bielmeier

👤I really needed this drill and it arrived without the essential piece. The drill bit is held in place by a piece of silver. I am very disappointed. Please send a replacement piece.

👤I received a replacement within a week after I reached out to the seller. I changed the rating to 4-stars because it works. I would have given a 5-star rating, but since the first one didn't work and the replacement didn't have a charge, I deducted a star. The battery pack doesn't sit all the way into it, even though the replacement didn't have the correct charger. Took it out, got everything setup on it, then pulled the gun and it started to sound like burnt wires. Maybe it needed to charge. I put it on the charges for 30 minutes to see if it would work.

👤I think this drill is very light and solid. Large and heavy but not intimidating. The small grip makes it perfect for a woman. I love it.

👤I have used drills for years to build houses. This isn't a heavy duty drill for that type of work, but it is great for having a drill at home for projects or even as a backup on a job site. The battery life is built in light to see in the dark spaces, quick tighten for bits, and comes with assorted bits and a flexible drill bit extension. There is a This drill is great for home projects. The value is great. If you are looking for a low-cost, dependable drill for around the house, crafts, or a backup for your heavy duty tools, this is what you want.

👤I figured it out, too many ladies were saying it was missing the tip. You can see the tip on the box if you turn the knob until the inside closes. I apologize if I can't explain it. I have no idea about drills. You can find a video by Rockler Skill Builders on how to change a drill bit if you do a quick search. It will show you how to do it.

👤This is perfect if you want to have a power drill in case you need it in the future. It is easy to use and charges quickly. I am not expecting it to do any heavy duty work, but hanging a mirror here or using it, and there is a snap. I am sure it could handle more heavy duty work. It is awesome. The little curvy attachment has been used for around corners as well. It's super cool.

👤I wanted a drill to do small things around the house, I'm a woman and just wanted a little drill. When I have a project to do, my husband is a pro and has several, but there never seems to be one at home. This is a great drill. The battery lasts, it is strong, and it is lightweight. My pro husband said it is a great deal. A good price for a small drill. It looks pretty cool.


What is the best product for electric drill cordless?

Electric drill cordless products from Dewalt. In this article about electric drill cordless you can see why people choose the product. Gardenjoy and Aokia are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric drill cordless.

What are the best brands for electric drill cordless?

Dewalt, Gardenjoy and Aokia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric drill cordless. Find the detail in this article. Snapfresh, Populo and Black+decker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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