Best Electric Dryer Extension Cord

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1. EZ FLO 61252 3 Prong Cord 30 Length

EZ FLO 61252 3 Prong Cord 30 Length

It is suitable for use with all major appliance brands. The 3-prong wire is rated at 30 Amps. Electric dryers have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The terminals are closed.

Brand: Ez-flo

👤The outlet for the dryer was located on the floor in our house. The standard cord didn't reach our new stacked washer and dryer. It would have cost more than 17 dollars and taken a lot more time to move the outlet and reprogram it. It works so far. I trusted the brand because this is the only big home improvement store. It seems to be of good quality. It's much safer than using an extension cord.

👤My old washer and dryer are taller than my new one, and I have an outlet near the floor. I can use this cord to use my dryer. The package showed up on time and solved the problem I was having. I would keep your cord short to reduce the risks.

👤The outlet was very close to the ground and I had to stack my dryer. There have been no electrical fires or other accidents with this dryer cord. Proceed with caution if you have a dryer cord longer than 8 foot. I don't run my dryer when I'm not home.

👤We were able to move our dryer to our space. The dryer cord was easy to hook us up. If you follow the instructions, you should be able to wire it.

👤The dryer power cord was too short to reach the outlet where the dryer needed to be placed. The nearest outlet would have to be moved for hundreds of dollars. The 10' cord saved us money.

👤I needed a longer line to power my garage heater because I was using this to power it. This one was more flexible than I expected and it was really nice.

👤Exactly what I needed. The dryer is too far away from the electrical outlet for a 3' or 6' cord, so this 10' cord did the trick. The dryer doesn't get warm from extended use.

👤Exactly what I needed. Does what it should. Nice price.

2. FIRMERST 1875W Extension Profile Listed

FIRMERST 1875W Extension Profile Listed

We back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them. 10 Feet White is the 3x14 AWG,15 Amp 125Volt,1875 Watts,UL&CUL listed. Heavy duty extension cords with thicker wire diameters are more reliable and safer than thinner ones, because they can handle more power and have less chance of getting hot. 75C high temperature resistant. It is easy to fold. The space is adequate. A slim flat plug provides flexibility and converts your standard AC power cord to it. Plug into the top outlet and use the bottom outlet with the flat plug cord. The flat plug is designed for tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything that is close to the wall not allowing you to use the standard outlet. Move furniture closer to the wall. It is a certified product. The rating of the cord is 125V. The 10 feet white cord in the bag is created with the guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction.

Brand: Firmerst

👤It works perfectly. A standard power cord would melt and cause a fire, so I needed a heavy duty power cord extension. The power cord works perfectly.

👤The plug looks sturdy. I bruised my fingers trying to remove it from the outlet. The flat design does not allow a good grip. I had to get plyers to remove it. We were going to call an electrician to fix the outlet. Then tried another cord with a straight plug. Voila. It was a success. The design of the electrical cord made it not the plug. The cord was donated to Goodwill and then bought a new plug at Home Depot. Problem solved.

👤The short copper cords are hard to find in local stores. It's a must for electric fireplaces. 1500 watt electric fireplace is what I have. You are asking for a fire if you put a cheap cord on that. Money was well spent. Make sure your cords are made of copper.

👤I bought this along with many other cables and surge protectors to improve the power management situation in my house. The one I bought was clearly higher quality than the rest. It's big and thick, but also very flexible and easy to bend around corners or coil up the excess. I feel safe connecting my expensive equipment through this cable because of the higher power handling specifications. I am very pleased with this purchase and I will be using Firmerst whenever I need new cables. This company did a great job of picking one product category. Many other manufacturers could learn a lot from Amazon.

👤I bought this cord for a specific purpose. We have a single plug in our pantry at the front, but we have a deep freeze in the back. We had a longer yellow cord that worked well for power. It was like a sore hub and 2. The deep freeze would cause the plug to get knocked occasionally. The plug seems heavy enough to support the deep freeze. It blends better with the baseboards because it is white and long enough to reach the deep freeze. Thankfully the plug is flat with the cord coming out the bottom so it's less likely to get bumped and partially unplugged being a thinner profile. It's working well so far and will be updated if issues arise. Couldn't find anything similar in the store.

👤I bought this so that I could use my electric heater further away from the wall. This is rated at 1875W and it works great. It's important to make sure that your extension cord is rated to support the required amount of power. The plug is well placed on the outlet.

👤This extension is pretty decent. I give it four stars because I think it's actually 16 gauge. I'm not going to cut into it now because it's the only way to know for sure. When I get more cords, I will tackle this investigation. There is a My experience with 14 gauge cords tells me to be suspicious. I hope I am wrong.

3. Certified Appliance Accessories 4 Wire Closed Eyelet

Certified Appliance Accessories 4 Wire Closed Eyelet

There are power electrical equipment further away from the power source. Move your dryer even closer to the wall without worry about crushing the cord. Eyelet connections go over the screws for a snug fit and seamless connection to the dryer during installation. 125/250 VOLTS works with any electric dryer that has a 3 prong dryer cord. The 125/250 rating is in the manual. The cord has still undergone testing to ensure your safety, even though it isn't tested due to its length. If your cord isn't in perfect working condition for at least 5 years, they'll send you a new one free of charge. If your cord isn't in perfect working condition for at least 5 years, they'll send you a new one free of charge.

Brand: Certified Appliance Accessories

👤This cord is thick and heavy for newer dryer outlets. It went in without a hitch after I wired it up to the Cabrio dryer. The included strain relief clamp was not in a place that would keep the cord away from the metal. A thick layer of rubber insulation covers the 10 gauge wiring on the cable. It feels big in the hands. The cord won't work on the stove. There is a slightly different design between the stove and dryers.

👤I didn't know I had to buy a power cable when I bought a dryer. Home Depot and Lowe's want a lot of money. We are 12 bucks and change. It was perfect for my son. I was able to install it with ease after watching a short video on YouTube. I really like the product and the price. The cord is very strong with rubber tubing. The cable was fastened with screws to protect it.

👤The product looks good. The insulation looks like a heavy gauge wire. The gauge and material of the wire were not given by the seller. The difference between 8 and 10 gauge wires is very small. The difference can only be made by experienced electricians. The product is good. The strain relief was easy to install. There was a bit of dexterity involved. One must first drive in amm or two, the self tapping screws that come with the clamps, and then remove them so that the threads are clean and a little wide, and will be easier to start driving the screw in. After making the connections, I installed this piece of equipment. First, put the clamps ears in the enclosure. The screw will be inserted from the top. Then drive in one screw and hold it in place. Drive in the second a bit. Push the cable through the hole and tighten the clamps if you want the bared wires out.

👤The wire is thick, but it could be insulation. They should have spent 10 cents more on a better clamp and increased the price by 10 cents. The quality of the product is in question because of the crappy package.

👤The 6 foot at Lowe's was $26. The price and quality of the 10 foot cord was excellent. I fed it through the factory's existing one. I have a good opinion of its quality. Take a picture of the old colored wiring connections so that your new cord installation goes faster and safer.

👤The strain relief on the cable is of poor quality and very poorly designed, which is a problem since it is the same one used on a lot of cables. I wish they came up with a design that is universal. The product was in good condition.

👤I would recommend this product to anyone. There is an instruction manual and a cable in the packaging. I wrote my notes after watching a video on how to install the product. The cord is thick and the colors were described. I had a dryer that had individual cables that were thick to fit within the washer frame to screw in. Unless you want to strip the coating, the range of motion is limited. The coating is very thick and I would think that it would be very hard to complete that task. I like it for basic safety. I was able to attach the wires safely and securely with a little tact. If you are not aware of where each color goes instructions were included with the product. The wires outside of the plate are so thick that a lot of force is not needed to bend them. It was very reassuring that there was little to no range of motion. The process took 35 minutes for me. The majority of the time was taken to remove and replace the bolts. This is an amazing product. True to size and form, with a very safe thick jacketing guaranteeing safety for you, your dryer, and the outlet itself. The coloring was helpful and the instruction manual was good for beginners. If you're looking for a good cable, this is the product for you.

4. Listed Miady Short Extension Outlet

Listed Miady Short Extension Outlet

The Power Grip Brand by Camco has multiple uses. Excellent use of extension cords and adapters can be found at campsites, electric car charging stations and other outdoor uses. Their products are compatible with most vehicles. Don't worry about large plugs waste outlet space, maximize the usage of power strips and wall outlets. BUILT TO LAST is made of reinforced blades, molded plugs and vinyl cover. A safe and quality extension cord is listed by the cUL. The problem of power board ports being occupied by bulky plugs is solved with theHEAVY DUTY CORD. They back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them. They back their products for 18 months and provide friendly customer support. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Miady

👤The extension cords are good and their descriptions are accurate. The cord is 13A, the wires are 16AWG, the length is 20 cm, and all 10 were connected with proper grounding. They come with plastic covers over the metal prongs. However! The actual product is disputed by one claim in the Amazon listing. If the reach of plugs and cords are short for direct use, you can link the extension cords one at a time. The tag on each cord tells a different story. My review was changed from 4 stars to 2. Is it a minor issue? This is a very simple product. It should have been possible to create a product description that was accurate. If Miady knew the warning tag was there, their description was misleading. If Miady didn't know the contents of their product's warning label, they probably shouldn't be selling it.

👤There are power strips around the house. A family member told me that his sockets were out and he needed another strip. I realized the main issue was the power blocks, which convert AC to DC and reduce the volts from 110 to what the device needs. He only used 5 of the 10 sockets on his strip as the power blocks were blocking the other 5 sockets. I used a short power extender cord instead of using a power code Y splitter. Why? There are too many devices on the power strip. The power requirements of these power blocks/bricks are not a lot, but using 10 Y splitters could result in 40 power bricks, which is unsafe and ugly, and would be a rats nest of wires. All 10 sockets are being used today, thanks to these extenders. I was able to combine the bricks from the 2 power strips into one strip. The extenders are much cheaper than a good power strip, so I use this better utilization to save money on another power strip. The strip is better looking and fully utilized, but there are 10 power bricks laying beside it. They don't look great and take up a lot of room. The brick doesn't have enough weight to hold the power strip in place. The extenders are a great solution for those who use power strips.

👤I bought these because of two reasons, and I'm happy with the performance in both instances. The leaf blowers have electrical wires that can't be plugged into the power strip. I secured the outlets with electrical tape for each tool. I only had one of these extensions, but it was difficult to keep moving it from one tool to another. Most items cover more than one outlet on my surge protector, because a lot of my computer components have conversion boxes. Adding a power strip was the intermediate solution. Not the best idea. The short extensions allow everything to be plugged in.

👤Some of the wall warts block two outlets. I started using these short extensions to combine a bunch of small power devices. When the power goes out, I can still watch Amazon Prime on my devices or use the internet. I use one on a wireless extender that blocks a strategic outlet. These are rated at 13 Amps, not 15 like most outlets. Be careful plugging in devices that pull a lot of juice, like large laser printers, big refrigerators, or 2000- watt ham radio amplifier. It is recommended.

5. Certified Appliance Accessories 3 Wire Open Eyelet

Certified Appliance Accessories 3 Wire Open Eyelet

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Either 100% satisfaction or your money back. Move your range even closer to the wall without worry about crushing the cord. You don't have to remove the screw completely to attach the connectors to the range with open end connections. 125/250 VOLTS works with any electric range that has a 3 prong range cord with two 8-gauge wires and one 10-gauge wire. The 125/250 rating is in the manual. This cord has been thoroughly tested to make sure it is safe. If your cord isn't in perfect working condition for at least 5 years, they'll send you a new one free of charge.

Brand: Certified Appliance Accessories

👤I ordered this because it was required with our new electric oven, and the price was only a quarter what the seller was charging. We had to change the outlet because our new electric box required a 4 wire, so we couldn't use the 3 prong. The cord is only 4 feet, so you can't get out from behind the stove. Even though it was my mistake, the Amazon returns policy was wonderful.

👤When I was delivering stove and dryers, where were you? You don't have to remove the screw completely to connect the cord. For that reason, it's worth 2x what it costs. I have had it on my new stove for a month and it is working.

👤Exactly what we needed.

👤Needed to switch out a dryer cord to match an outlet and it was easy to connect, I would recommend it as a replacement cord.

👤The cord was great for the new stove and was half the price at Home Depot.

👤It fit perfectly for our oven.

6. Prong Dryer Cord Extension Power

Prong Dryer Cord Extension Power

It's compatible with slide in ranges, free standing ranges, or built in ovens. There is a prevention of over heating. The dryer extension cord has a strong covering to protect it against the elements. Space sparing design. The right angle plug is ideal for tight spaces. Installation is easy with molded ring terminals and a side grip plug. 3 wire dryer cord, 10 gauge, 10 foot, 30 Amp, 125/ 250 Amp, 3750 watt, is listed as ETL. The man OWNED. Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace the dryer cord if it goes wrong. Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace the dryer cord if it goes wrong.

Brand: Iron Forge Cable

👤My wife and I got a washer/dryer stack set because the hook ups are in our home. The outlet was mounted to the floor in the kitchen, not on the wall or wired into the wall. We ordered the 8 foot long cord thinking it would be enough for us to have a dryer stacked on the washer. We had to get a 10 foot power cord because Home Depot and Menards didn't carry it. It has worked well so far after a couple months of use. The newer four-prong cord is the three-prong one. The four foot and eight foot power cords have the same gauge wire. If this will be our permanent solution, we are on the fence, as we may try to see how much it will cost to have an electrician come in to wire the new outlet.

👤I didn't use the cord. I had to return the cord on my new washer and dryer. The cord was not needed according to the installed. The return was easy for me. Thank you.

👤The one I replaced was bought from a big blue and white store.

👤Couldn't find a 10ft cord in the store and got this. It worked out perfectly. It's easy to install.

👤The local stores do not carry a 10' cord. It is easy to replace the old cord with this one. It was very well made.

👤The power cord was needed to stack the dryer. This arrived quickly and was correct.

👤You were happy to find this cord in stock.

👤The appliance delivery company did not supply the correct plug for the unit. It was delivered quickly and worked well.

7. Maximm Rotating Extension Outlet Grounded

Maximm Rotating Extension Outlet Grounded

The product warranty is aUL certified. The power strip extension cord from Nekteck has a 18 months warranty. TheROTATINGPLUG: The Maximm extension cord has a rotating flat supply plug with 3 female outlet connections for additional power. There are multiple outlets. The female receptacle comes with 3 outlets that allow you to plug in multiple devices at the same time. The space saver is located in the middle of the room. The AC power cord can be converted to a slim rotating plug. Plug into the top outlet and use the bottom outlet with the rotating cord. The flat plug is designed for tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything that is close to the wall not allowing you to use the standard outlet. 3-pronged outlets, grounded plug for safety and convenience, are the highest quality. 13 Amp 125Volt, 1625 Watts.

Brand: Maximm

👤The product does well by using a flat cord, but it's still just a cord that needs to be run over, under, or through your stuff. The head allows for mulitple positions by letting the electrical contact prongs rotation. Nice. The actual size of the head is what comes up short. The diameter is large and blocks other things at the outlet, such as a test button. If you have a block transformer or a 2nd Maximm rotating extension cord, you will be out of luck. You have to plan ahead or choose a different extension cord.

👤This was for a television. The power cord was hanging down and the install was clean. That looked bad. The cord came out of the wall. This one stays flat against the wall, is white, and doesn't stand out against a white wall, it stays straight, especially with a couple Cable to wall clips.

👤I don't question the quality of the cable. It looks like it is first class. I was looking for a flat cable. I was going to slide it under the rug to power the lamp. It's a little thicker than the cheap brown or white ones you get at Walmart. It was listed on Amazon as the flattest cable, but it was over $100. It's probably my fault that I didn't ask first.

👤The plug is very strong. The plug in it won't fit into the floor receptacle, which is why I purchased it. I tried it out in a wall receptacle and am pleased with it, but that was not the reason I purchased this chord. The plug will not work in a floor receptacle, so a warning should be added to the description.

👤It is amazing. It's perfect to have in a hotel room where plugs can't be found far away, and I have bought multiple sizes to have all over the house. Most extension cords are terrible, but it's amazing that such a mundane item can be overlooked. This one has a rotating plug. It's very useful. Completely grounded! There are many extension cords that are not grounded. You can plug in things like a laptop with this one. The design is clean. The white design doesn't look cheap like the plugs out there. There are a lot of extension cords, but this one is superior and the only one that offers these features. You will want them once you use one.

👤I bought 2 of these for the house because we are constantly looking for extension cords. We need them to go left or right off the plug, or at a weird angle up to a tv on a wall mount, because they are so flat against the wall. You can't get a better deal or a better way to handle this situation. We will see how they hold out over time, but I am expecting good things.

👤This was used to power the bathroom bidet. The head of the cord can be moved to the wall to make it lessobtrusive to travel over the top of my bathroom sink. It's barely even noticed now. It would stick out a lot and not be a part of the flat top of the sink. Works well.

8. Prong Dryer Extension Cord Gray

Prong Dryer Extension Cord Gray

The terminals are closed. The dryer cords are heat INSULATED. This 3 prong dryer cord is ideal for tight spaces because it has a right angle plug that is flush to the wall. Installation is easy because of theMolded ring terminals and side grips on the plug. 3 wire dryer cord, 10 gauge, 10 foot, 30 Amp, 125/ 250 Amp, 3750 watt, is listed as ETL. The man OWNED. Thonapa has a guarantee on its products. They can help if you reach out to them with any questions.

Brand: Thonapa

👤This wire has a coarse stranding and insulation. It's difficult to maneuver into position. It's not going to get moved a lot, so that's not a big deal. The strain relief did not fit our dryer. I didn't dispose of the old one yet, so no harm. They used ring terminals instead of the fork type that have the ends bent up for security. The screws had to be removed completely. If you drop one it will bounce underneath the dryer and out of reach. I didn't take a caliper to the terminals because they were well secured, and they were made of thin material. Again, not going to be moved a lot. One of my pet peeves at work is that I don't see stray or broken strands, and the fan was the proper length for the application. Since you can't see the plug end's connections, I thought it was worth checking. Competent, if not stellar.

👤This item is claimed to be a veteran owned item. Maybe a "veteran" of the CCP... "Made in China" is on them. The ring terminals are the wrong size for the wire size. The cord will work, but I will never buy it again.

👤It was the lowest priced option, and it was made in America. This is the option that you need.

👤The regular length dryer cord was too short for us. The gap is closed by the newer cord. The company sent the cord to us from all over the country in a matter of hours.

👤I was surprised that no stores in the Atlanta area carried something like this, since we needed a longer cable to reach our outlet. In no time, it was installed here. Another item was completed.

👤The dryer power cord didn't reach the outlet. This one is sturdy and gives us more room to pull the unit away from the wall.

👤Perfect hits every mark.

👤We needed this in order to move our dryer. It was easy to get up and running. The price was great and it works well.

9. AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet Black

AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet Black

Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace the dryer cord if it goes wrong. The 6 foot Amazon Basics extension cords are reliable power when you need it most. For use indoors with consumer electronics, tools, media equipment and more. Reliable construction with flexible vinyl cord sheath and durable plug connector housing. It is easy to use. Plug and play design with multiple outlets and lights. 13 Amp/125V power delivery; 16 AWG.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The heavy AWG and 12A are perfect. A heavier cord is needed. This is an acceptable extension for any application. Never use an extension cord to plug in your heater.

👤I have used extension cords for years and one of the most important things is that the cord is straight and flexible. The way the cords are packaged makes 99% of them pre-knead from the factory. It takes a lot of work to get these cords into usable condition. Whoever makes this cord knows how to roll and store a cord so you don't have to struggle with it every time you use it. You can see that it is coiled instead of smashed into a mess. The cords will be loosened up and straight in less than a minute. The other cords will take hours of work to get usable, if I manage to do it.

👤The extension cord works. The nearest outlet is 12 feet away. I would buy this again if I needed another extension cable. I regret my purchase but the product is fair. The product used a few times. The product is good and I use it a lot. I would purchase more than one if I could. It is definitely recommended to others.

👤It has one outlet and is a long extension cord. The cord is about 1.5mm thick. I don't know what else to say, 20ft is exactly as long as I need it to go from the middle of one wall to the end of the next. I used fancy zip ties. You will thank me later if you buy those as well. My ex left me last week and I'm sorry, I'm compensating for my depression with reckless spending.

👤You need to plug/unplug different items when your wall outlet isn't easy to reach. The cord is stiff so don't expect it to bend around obstacles.

👤My food processor has two feet of short power cords. So they can use lighter-gauge wire while they're running? It saves the manufacturers a dime per unit. There is a I need a processor near the kitchen sink. In my older kitchen, the nearest outlet is over 4 feet from the sink. I have power strips, but they're not enough to string across my counter. The 3-foot extension cord looks like it will take care of my problem. It seems well-made. I'll have a better idea after making cranberry relish at Thanksgiving. I'm happy so far. I will have to cook more. What was I thinking?

👤I bought this extension cord in the spring. It has been a long time since I have been outside to power my lights. It is strong. The coating on this thing surprised me. It holds my extension cords. If you order one, you will most likely get another one or two.

👤It is 20' long. It plugs in. I plug one end into an outlet and the other into a thing, and the thing can turn on 20' further away from the outlet than it otherwise would. I don't know what else to say. It comes coiled in a circle, rather than being tightly bound in a figure-8 shape, and that means there are no problems from the start.

10. POWTECH Conditioner Appliance Extension 3 PRONGED

POWTECH Conditioner Appliance Extension 3 PRONGED

It is a certified product. The rating of the cord is 125V. The 10 feet white cord in the bag is created with the guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction. The air conditioner and major appliance extension cord is listed. It's ideal for plugging in large appliances such as washers, dryers, or refrigerators. Plug cord can stay flush to wall in tight spaces. Heavy duty vinyl insulation, 14 gauge, MAX Watts, 15 Amps,125V. It's safe for any room in your home or office to be listed as "UL listed". It's safe for any room in your home or office to be listed as "UL listed".

Brand: Powtech

👤I purchased this particular extension cord because of the picture and description. I received a smaller diameter wire. This would be considered false advertising.

👤Had it plugged in with our shop vac, I wouldn't buy it again. It started melting after 20 minutes. It would have started a fire if we were around.

👤It is a fire hazard if you buy an appliance once.

👤I have been using the product for four days now and it seems to be doing the job I need it to. The AC runs for about 12 hours. The garage is thick, grey wire and seems to be durable. Very pleased with the product. If you have the same needs, I would recommend.

👤Quality is rock solid. I use it to run a 1500 watt space heating system. Don't skimp on the extension cord when using a space heaters.

👤It looks like they are built well. They get so hot with hours of extended use of my AC. It was so hot that it was alarming. Immediately, I unplugged. The AC's wattage was 1300 and nothing else was plugged in. Sorry, have to return.

👤The nice thing about this cord is that it has a right angle male plug so you don't have a clearance issue, and it is 14 gauge wire so will handle a bit more current over the length of the wire. I replaced the neighbor's refrigerator cord with this one. Not a fan of appliances plugged into an extension cord. I wouldn't suggest using this for that purpose. There is a I was able to connect her fridge to the wall outlet without an extension cord by cutting off the female connection. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring, you should not try this unless you use a Volt/Ohm meter to verify the connections. The male tip of the plug should be the only point of contact for the 3 wires. If you don't have experience with this type of work, call a professional.

👤This cord is great. I don't have the money to fix the electrical challenges with my older home that are going to cost a million dollars. I have a big dog who needs air conditioning. I needed a cord that could go from the casement air conditioner in my great room to my kitchen where the good sockets are, and the 20 foot did it. I had a 50 foot extension cord that heated up after a few hours and scared me, but I know it was because of the reviews. I felt like I couldn't leave the house without the air conditioner running. The cord is flat and looks like it's on the back of the fridge, but it's not and stays that way. I will be ordering more through Prime. If only Amazon had decent electricians in my area through their home services component. There was no compensation for this review.

👤The power cord is heavy duty. Excellent for use with power tools. You get what you pay for when you care about safety.

11. Cable Matters Prong Dryer Appliance

Cable Matters Prong Dryer Appliance

If your cord isn't in perfect working condition for at least 5 years, they'll send you a new one free of charge. Older buildings and homes built before 1996 have 3-prong 30A 10-30R outlets that fit a standard 30A 3 wire dryer cord. Purchase a longer replacement cord for your dryer. Purchase new 3 wire dryer cords for dryers that are often sold without a power cord. The electric dryer cord has 10 wire copper conductors and is compatible with a 30 Amp 240V clothes dryer outlet. Rugged and safe with a right-angle dryer plug that connects securely into the outlet; 30A 10-30 plug has side grips to assist in unplugging when necessary; ring terminals provide an easy installation and a secure connection; and strain relief brackets support the weight of the cord at the dryer end. A lifetime warranty and product support is provided by this 3 prong power cord, which is compatible with older model dryers and many new models that accept a 3 wire cord. A lifetime warranty and product support is provided by this 3 prong power cord, which is compatible with older model dryers and many new models that accept a 3 wire cord.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤Went to the orange box store to buy a long dryer cord. I had 3 people looking for them, but they didn't know where to go. We arrived at the peg that only had 3 to choose from after the hunt. I told them they were all too short. 5ft is fine for a normal house, but this was for my kids. The house was built in 1940. The 220 box was put off the ground and in a corner by someone who did the hookups in his laundry room. The corner is where the washer has to go because of the water hookups. I needed a 10ft to reach all the way up. An orange box store employee says they don't make them that long. It is nice to have a correct answer to a problem within 30 seconds. I showed the employee that he was wrong. I was not sure. If you don't know, just say you don't. After 45 minutes of driving, I ordered from Amazon for $20. Great price! Got it Friday! A bag of 10ft dryer cord is not a thrill seeking adventure. My son's new house is working great because of the hooks that were put up. The end.

👤The original cable was only 4 feet long and the extension cords were very expensive when I needed to move my dryer more than 4 feet away from the outlet. This cable is very easy to install, you just replace the existing I hook connections with this cable. It is easier to install than the U hook lead.

👤The power cable on our clothes dryer was shorter. The washer and dryer are side by side in our home. The machines are tall since they are mounted on top of the drawers. The dryer could not be pulled away from the back of the alcove because of the short power cable. We couldn't easily get to the vent conduit behind the dryer to clean it. It was difficult to get behind the dryer. The new cable allows easy access behind the dryer. There is a The installation took about 15 minutes and the instructions were clear.

👤There isn't much to say about this dryer. It works exactly as expected. The quality of the cord is exceptional. There was no faking with the features. The cord isdurable. I needed the long cord for my needs. There is an accessible way to package the cord. The best of my dryers are working without issue because of the new three propane dryers.

👤This was a 10 foot long cord. I plugged it into the wall. The equipment went away after the copper conductor was shot down. I wish you had been there to experience the beauty of this event. It was a great day.

👤The conductors should be parallel with the cord. It made installation more frustrating. I love every one of those 10 feet. It seems like a thoughtless design, given that the installation is only 5 minutes of my life.


What is the best product for electric dryer extension cord?

Electric dryer extension cord products from Ez-flo. In this article about electric dryer extension cord you can see why people choose the product. Firmerst and Certified Appliance Accessories are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric dryer extension cord.

What are the best brands for electric dryer extension cord?

Ez-flo, Firmerst and Certified Appliance Accessories are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric dryer extension cord. Find the detail in this article. Miady, Iron Forge Cable and Maximm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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