Best Electric Eraser for Artists

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1. Derwent Replacement Erasers Operated 2300023

Derwent Replacement Erasers Operated 2300023

Can be used on all whiteboards, including standard white boards, calendar, memo, marker boards, rolling classroom calendars, easel, wipe off boards, weekly, lined, double-sided, student and There are 30 Derwent erasers in a pack. Also, comes with a letter opener. For use with the Derwent Electric Eraser. It's ideal for precision work. It is possible to create tiny, precise highlights. Always have them with you.

Brand: Solidjoy

👤The cheap no name brand refill is not as good as the brand of eraser refill. I tried the no name brand and found that they left marks on my paper. What a waste! I have no problem with the smudges, marks, and smeared drawings that come with Derwent Erasers. Derwent Replacement Erasers are the best on the market. Don't ruin your work by using what professionals use.

👤The Derwent is a very useful tool. The tool is useful for artists who make drawings before painting a subject. The battery-operated erasure allows one to remove lines in very limited spaces without removing nearby lines that one wants to preserve. It seems to me that artists are the most likely users of the Derwent.

👤These are the worst erasers. I should have read more of the 1 star reviews that I bought them from. They make a gummy mess on the paper. I wish I could find the ones I bought, but I can't.

👤The Derwent Battery Operated Eraser has great refill options for colored pencils, colored ink, water color, chalk, charcoal and most drawing medias. They are used a lot when the hair or fur is being drawn to make it appear more separate.

👤They arrived quicker than anticipated. Nice refill for the product. KB

👤If you need to erase me often, these will be needed before you know it. If you keep them handy, you can swap the nub on your pencil for a new one. Good luck making more mistakes. We will probably never succeed if we don't try and fail.

👤I used other erasers on watercolor paper, but you might be wondering why I use that paper. The other erasers would erase cleanly, but the pencil mark would be combined with the shaved part of the eraser, and little pieces of rubberised trash would form, which can be brushed away. As a result of that, when I need to use the same eraser on another part of the paper, it can be done safely. The pencil mark parts that were removed from the paper are combined with the eraser to form a black layer at the end. When I need to use the same eraser on another part of the sketch, it gives off black stains. Every time I use the eraser, I have to take a piece of paper and run the used parts on it to clean off the black marks. I like the performance of the other ones, like the Helix erasers. They feel like they are a bit more rigid and less flexible, and so they erase smoothly. They are better for continued usage, especially for heavy users like me. Take a look at my pictures to understand what I'm talking about. The black ones have the Derwent refill. The blue eraser has a refill. Both bought things from Amazon. The Derwent products were supposed to be the best in their class. I was wrong. I am forced to buy more of the Helix ones because I will throw away the two extra packs I have. I don't think these Derwent refill are a good idea.

2. Castle Art Supplies Graphite Charcoals

Castle Art Supplies Graphite Charcoals

There is a non toxicity. The AP Seal was approved by toxicologists. It was made to make it. The EASY Ultimate drawing set is in a robust, good-looking case and unfolds into organized sections which stand up for simple selection. All you need is in-house artists for seasoned and starting sketchers. All of the above items push your creative boundaries. Balanced and shaped to hold and control; premium quality for smooth, application; reliable performance from non-splinter wood, break-defying leads; and blender to explore techniques. The guide to building skills is a 20-page book with demos and tips to make the most of art supplies. The drawing is created using different techniques and media. Their studio experts have tested it and are sure it will beat competitors. 1.5 million customers worldwide are trusted by the ultimate judges. Money-back Plus guarantee.

Brand: Castle Art Supplies

👤I need new pencils a lot. Not just any ordinary pencils, top quality pencils with strong lead have to be comfortable. The quality of the pencil brands I have used in the past have gone down hill. I have been disappointed, but now... I ordered the C.A.S.T.L.E. Art Supplies kit and they are amazing. The set has everything I need. The pencils are strong, comfortable, and smooth, and the tones are really nice. I decided to use C.A.S.T.L.E. Art Supplies Premium Drawing Pencils exclusively. I posted a photo of one of my drawings to show what I created using this product. The artist has fallen in love with the product created by C.A.S.T.L.E.

👤My teenager girl is an artist and draws every day. She made a lot of comments about this set. English is not my first language. I apologize if I made a mistake. I decided to make reviews of all the products I bought because the comments from other people helped at the time of purchase. I think I'm being honest.

👤I am sure the case will be used. I am certain that I will be replacing the items with higher quality supplies. I bought this product because I took a drawing class a few years ago that I enjoyed but life took me away from my newfound hobby. I wanted to practice my drawing skills after being pulled back into art. Drawing is very important. I had a box of supplies, but I couldn't find it. I thought this set would be a good stepping stone since it has so many pieces that I have already collected. I would like to see a utility knife in the set. Anyone who has taken a college level drawing class knows not to use a pencil sharpener. Reviewers who claim to be professional artists have a problem with the pencil sharpeners. I haven't used all of the supplies yet. I am not impressed with the white eraser. I haven't opened it yet. My biggest concern is the pencils. The picture was of how I tested each one. There is no real range from dark to light or even soft to hard. I have had this set for a while. I decided to purchase a more expensive set of pencils because I noticed that the few pencils I have are not perfect and I have outstanding erasers and charcoal. It is a mess. I'm looking forward to moving some supplies out of this case and replacing them with higher quality materials. I don't think this item is junk. It is a nice set, but the type of supplies I was expected to own when I took a drawing class was more expensive and higher quality. It is a nice set. It is not a bargain. You get what you pay for.

👤I love the kit, it contains everything I need to sketch great drawings. A happy person with this purchase.

👤This has a lot of what you will need if you are learning to draw. I don't have to reach to anything that isn't in the sketch book to get to it. That's why I love it. If you are learning to draw, I would highly recommend that book, this kit, and a similar size sketchbook to get started. You will see a good way into your journey if you are with the three. If you're feeling fancy, you should have a drawing board. For most instruction programs, this and some paper is all you need. The kit is very good. Going through it one piece at a time. My cat has tried to destroy the case, and I've tried to over-stuff it, but it's survived both of us. It presents them well with a built in stand. 8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB are all pencil types. You already know that's a huge range for drawing pencils. H and B measure boldness. 5H and 8B are so hard that they barely make a line. This kit contains a box of 4 sticks of willow charcoal, made it though a lot of rough treatment because the case does a good job of protecting it until I broke them, three sticks of charcoal, and three charcoal pencils. The sticks are made of charcoal. The shiny one is made of carbon. There are three sticks and a pencil on the graphite side. There are four pastels: Black, Grey, Red Brown, and Sepia. I took one out to make room for something else, and replaced it with one that wasn't very sharp. Sometimes it happens, but that was the only thing I was disappointed in. It comes with a knife for sharpening. I have used the knife to cut cardboard. There is a kneeding on the front of the eraser. That's all you need. Most kits have just one pencil extender, but this one has three. I extended the kit a bit because I'm weird. It would have been hard to present it well if it came with it, so I stuck it behind the pencils.

3. Looneng Artist Eraser Pencil Details

Looneng Artist Eraser Pencil Details

Their studio experts have tested it and are sure it will beat competitors. 1.5 million customers worldwide are trusted by the ultimate judges. Money-back Plus guarantee. A pencil barrel with a core of an errata. It's ideal for removing pencil marks. It can be adjusted to remove details. A standard pencil sharpener is used. It's suitable for all pencils and charcoal.

Brand: Looneng

👤It was a little harder than I had thought, but perfect for sketching small details. It does not tear up the paper, even the very thin, very smooth layout paper I usually use. Small smudges from fine line pens are erased. I use the same handheld small sharpener that I use for my colored pencils, and they are easy to re-sharpen.

👤There is an update. The tip of the eraser needs to be cleaned. They seem to work well with plain pencils after doing this. I might give them another try with different paper because I still think they aren't great with colored pencil. My review was changed to 3 stars. The colored pencil application is not erased by these. They sort of remove the pencil from it. They are basically rubber. I don't know how these have such high ratings. I thought maybe I was sent the wrong product and checked to make sure it was what I pictured. It is encased in wood.

👤Medium strength. In between the hard and the soft.

👤These are the perfect erasers for what I needed. Sometimes the plastic and kneaded erasers can't erase a very small area on your drawing. The erasers are perfect.

👤I am a doodler and I can get small places that are hard to erase with larger erasers, but pencil erasers can get into smaller spaces. They erase colored pencils very well. I will buy more.

👤I like these pencils. You can use colored pencil marks and graphite pencil marks. You can use the pencil sharpener to erase in small spaces. I use them to create highlights on my projects.

👤I like the way the erasers are made. They're great for detailing work and don't tear up the paper.

👤The control of the pencil is great, but it doesn't erase charcoal pencil very well.

👤These erasers are easy to use and do what they are made to do. I had expected the core to be a bit stiff so that I could control the movement of the sketch better. They work well for what I need.

👤I can't believe how easy my drawing is now. They don't work well on computer paper, however they are now something I can't go without when drawing on water colour paper. It's easy to remove fines from drawing without removing lines.

👤I need to erase a lot because I am a beginner in drawing. The small areas are helped by these. I think they're a good choice.

4. Faber Castel Eraser Pencils 2 Pack Multicolor

Faber Castel Eraser Pencils 2 Pack Multicolor

We have a listing of eraser refill in their store, which is convenient for you to order. These pencils are great for creating unique eraser effects. Black-lead color pencils and charcoal are erased. There are two pencils in this package. It is imported.

Brand: Faber-castell

👤I've used these things for about six years now and I think they're one of the three tools that I use the most for art, because they're almost exclusively used for works withGraphite. They offer a level of precision that I have never found in any other erase tool, because it allows my hand to move the eraser as effectively as it does a pencil, while maintaining a sharp, small point. I like using these for detailing work because they allow me to quickly erase mistakes without the risk of wrinkling the paper, but I also like using them because they allow me to take away too much of the drawing. The eraser itself is very high quality. There isn't a lot of dust left over from the erasers, and I've never had an issue with the eraser leaving a stain on the paper. I like these things. You can't get a point that's quite so small and perfect, but honestly, compared to a small, precise eraser, the only downside is that you have to sharpen these like you would a traditional pencil, and after the factory tip is worn away, you can't get The concept of the product was tailored to the artist in mind. If you draw in pencil and have a need for fine detail work or precision with erase, these things are worth every penny and a set of two can last a very long time. I usually draw a lot and have only bought 10 packs of pencils in the last six years. There are always a few in my pencil case and at my desk.

👤I'm happy with the pencils. You don't need an electric sharpener. Staedtler's premium quality sharpener with screw-on lid works well and is dedicated to you. I found it for $4 on Amazon.

👤I drew a quick drawing in order to test and review the product based on experience instead of a closed box review. The product is good. It allowed me to make the picture disappear. I am really pleased with the product and can't wait to draw a more realistic photo. Excellent accuracy.

👤The only pencils worth buying are these. The only eraser that works clean and doesn't smudge a pencil drawing is the Pink Pearl one. These pencil erasers are used to erase narrow contours or other delicate erases. Get Pink Pearl erasers for bigger areas. Get kneaded erasers for blotting. You will be the best at erase in your area if you have all three products.

👤They are great to use when sketching to create highlights. I recommend putting it in the refrigerator when you need to sharpen them because the rubber is soft and it can be hard to get a sharp point.

👤What I've been looking for. I use watercolor pencils to do faceups on BJDs and repaints on Monster High dolls, but sometimes I can't get the eraser into the nooks and crannies to make up for a mistake. These have been a boon for fixing small doll features, and being sharpenable means I can get the tip back if I want to. Very pleased!

5. Magic Rub Eraser 1954 12Box

Magic Rub Eraser 1954 12Box

There are fun, translucent barrels with a comfortable textured grip. The professional quality vinyl eraser is latex free and absorbs ink from India. The thin and easy to hold erasers make it easy to erase small details of delicate drawings. It's great for small areas.

Brand: Prismacolor

👤I bought this because of the brand name. The description says vinyl arts erasers. These are not the same as the vinyl erasers that Prismacolor sells. The quality of these is poor, they are not made of solid material, the ink name on the front of the eraser is not made of solid material, and they have hole fabrications in the eraser, so beware, if you want an authentic vinyl artist. Don't buy them. If you need extra erasers, they will erase a child's homework. I have a true Prismacolor artist eraser, but it is not the same material or quality as the one I have.

👤I used these to match my pencils and markers, but they only ruin your drawing by making it look like there is a piece of paper on your page. They act like a drawing tool when they get dirty, as if they are a drawing tool, as if they touch white paper with a shade of grey. There is a box of worthless erasers in my possession. These worthless magic rub erasers are 100x worse than the dust free ones. I now have regrets. TheFaber-Castell-Pencil-Eraser-Erasing-6-2x2x1-25 cm/dp/B06Y2CWLB5 is available on Amazon.

👤I don't know if this was ever good, but it's garbage now. The old Staples eraser did the job 4 times better than the Magic one. It smudges everything before it wipes it away. If you are an artist, do not buy because you don't want your art to be ruined.

👤The quality of the erasers is not good, the ink comes out of the letters my fingers stained me, I just used it, and the rubber has holes in the boma, it is not completely right. I didn't like the quality.

👤My kid's teacher requested that I purchase these. I kept a few at home for homework because so many came in the box. I don't know how many of them broke in half or how my kids were using them. I won't buy them again. The one that didn't break doesn't erase the fact that people are glowing about it.

👤I like this product and recommend it. I tried out a bunch of them and they work well. The box was destroyed and damaged, but the erasers weren't damaged, so I don't really care about it. The shipping was very fast. I expected them to arrive next week, but they got here today with a separate order, which was a pleasant surprise. The app and website still say "Expected by Saturday" instead of "Delivered today", so there must be some glitch with the seller or Amazon. I thought I would mention it because it is a little weird.

👤You get white wax on dark plastic trim after polishing your car. I tried everything to remove this in the past, but it was still there. The erasers permanently remove the wax. I try not to hit the clear coat while using it because it could lead to a dull finish.

👤I will only buy these now. The old style pink erasers smudged and didn't erase everything properly. The Magic Rub erasers are better. When my son's teacher requested these specifically on the back to school list, I thought it was silly to have to find this one. They don't smudge or look like old school erasers. They erased! They named it Magic Rub. These do not break apart like pink erasers and last a long time.

6. Electric AFMAT Rechargeable Sketching Graphite

Electric AFMAT Rechargeable Sketching Graphite

If there is a problem, feel free to contact them. If you send your order number and some photos of the product to them, they will arrange to take a replacement or refund your purchase. You can buy it with confidence. 600 times is how many times the electric eraser can be used after charging. Money can be wasted to buy batteries. Start an economical and environmental experience. The electric eraser has 2 holders to hold both 2.3mm and 5mm. Use the bigger one to create highlights and the smaller one to remove hair. It's ideal for artists and professionals. The electric eraser kit comes with a lot of things. There are 3 rubber holders. The big comfortable switch design is more comfortable to hold than a large rectangular shape. The switch is very sensitive. Push the button to remove the marks. Circular movement and a strong motor allow you to erase targeted areas. You will have a lot of power if you only have a small amount of pressure. They have a listing of eraser refill in their store, which is convenient for you to order.

Brand: Afmat

👤I will try to keep the review simple. A huge benefit is the Rechargeable battery. The charge lasts for quite a while and it seems to charge quickly. 2. It works quickly and efficiently if you only touch it with a light touch. 3. I create miniature art, and having a small electric eraser that I can sand down to a smaller point is incredibly helpful. 4. Extra erasers that come with it are a great value. The small eraser holder has an extra in case one breaks, it's plastic, not metal, so it's useful. There are 1. It was a bit awkward to hold at first, but I quickly figured out how to use the eraser. This would have been a minor issue for me, as it was not so difficult to use. 2. The holder will no longer hold the erasers once they reach a certain size. I have only used Derwent's brand of electric eraser, and this one had the same problem, so I'm assuming this is a design difficulty with all electric erasers. The solution is to use the tiny stubs stacked together in the holder, so that I get a bit more use out of them. This one is better than the Derwent electric eraser, and is helpful with my artwork.

👤I am a budding artist and am doing pencil and colored pencil drawings. The electric eraser has changed my life and made me think about the quality of my work. I am able to put more subtle depth in my drawings. More consistent shading of hair lines is a breeze. The eraser came with two different sizes. It comes with a brush to remove the small amount of smudges. You can still use this eraser for the simple art of depth and shading if you never make a mistake. The weight and shape of the unit make it easy to use all day. The included cable is easy to use. I've used it to see how it works. I haven't had to charge it yet. This unit is very good. It is a very nice value.

👤The off on button is sensitive and the batteries are small so this is the best ever. I have a battery operated one that has two different size eraser heads, but this one is so light and easy to use, it's my favorite. The eraser is so easy to use that it is worth the money. I'm considering purchasing a second one to keep both sizes of erasers available without having to switch and use my heavier one that uses the batteries as a travel eraser. This is the answer for arthritis hands.

👤Easy to use, lightweight and easy to charge are some of the great features of these erasers. I liked having both sizes ready to use without changing. I was concerned that the instructions said not to press too hard or the motor would stop. The first thing I thought was that I had bought inferior motors. One gave off a burnt smell. The company said that pressing too hard could cause the paper to tear. How long will they last? I contacted the vendor who said they would replace it. 10 stars for customer service. The extra short charging cord was the only thing I didn't like. A plastic container would be an upgrade. My replacement eraser arrived 3 days later after I provided my purchase information. The company will make sure you are happy. You can buy with confidence.

7. Castle Art Supplies Artists Convenient

Castle Art Supplies Artists Convenient

The PMA is non-toxic. The range of 120 pencils is arranged in color families and named, numbered and color-coded for unerring selection. Soft yet durable latest advanced formula by in-house artists and technicians results in cores with soft, buttery laydown that also defy crumbling under pressure and hold their point. A joy to use is intense, rich, creamy colors for smooth coverage and effortless layers, as well as adding texture and achieving the perfect shade on paper, eggshell, canvas, wood and more. You can refine your colored pencil skills by re-creating the stunning galleon illustration on the sleeve cover. Their studio experts have tested it and are sure it will beat competitors. Their 1.5 million customers are backed by a unique money-back-plus guarantee.

Brand: Castle Art Supplies

👤First of all genius putting the pencils in a case. I have to buy a case for every brand I own. I bought this set because they added the names and I love the case because it only has one zip. I find myself using more of the colors I had not used before. These pencils are great for cheaper paper as they will color on any quality where others won't. They keep a point if you don't press down too hard. I love the details of small line art in coloring books. They blend well. If you want a softer look, you can use a feather touch or use a lot of color. They are great for smoothing out colors. They work well with Polychromos. Nice selection of colors. Love the change from blues to greens. The purple through violet to lavender is a lovely touch. Can you tell me I am happy? The best budget wax pencil on the market. I have a full set of Holbein Artist pencils, but I like to color with the other pencils, which helps keep me from wearing out my Holbein pencils. Hope this helps.

👤I would like to show you where you can find a set of 120 colored pencils with soft cores for a cheaper price, in response to some who complain about how the price of these colored pencils have risen. I would like to know where you can find a set of Berol Primsacolors in the 120 color range for less than these. I have been using Berol Primsacolors since the 70's. These are comparable if not better than them. They blend well, I find you can get a softer blend than Berols. They layer nicely as well. The case makes it very easy to find the right color, simply flip the holding page to the range of color you want. The pencils are held in place by an elastic band, so there is no danger of the inner core breaking or fracturing like in a boxed set. I bought a set for my adult daughter who is also an artist, I'm so happy with the purchase. They don't include any metallic colors like gold or silver, which is a negative aspect. I have those colors in my primsacolors and this isn't a deal breaker. I would recommend them to anyone who can't afford the higher priced pencils, because they have a good variety of colors.

👤I bought this set because it was a great price and I had never used colored pencils before. I've been experimenting with these for four months and have learned about the differences between oil-based and wax-based pencils. This set is made of wax. I think the white/pale yellow colors can be used for burnishing, as it makes the colors pop and look almost photo- realistic. The pencils are very well-made although a bit on the light side as it flew out of my hands occasionally, but no complaints as the color selections far exceeds my expectations. Even at a higher price, still highly recommend. The zip-up package makes it easy to organize the pencils, which is a plus if you plan to get the big set. I wish it had more blacks and Prussian blues as these ran out quickly.

8. Tombow 1 Pack Markings Without Damaging

Tombow 1 Pack Markings Without Damaging

It's ideal for artists, professionals, teachers and students. It's perfect for drawing, writing, drafting, and sketching. This two-sided eraser is made from sand and rubber and can be used to erase pencil and ink markings. Sand is used to remove ink marks. The sleeve protects the eraser from dirt.

Brand: Tombow

👤This doesn't erase any pen at all. I tried it on a number of different types of pens. It's ability to erase pencil is decent, but not impressive enough to make up for the fact that it has no effect on ink from pens! Pentels Hi Polymer Eraser works better on pencils than this one does. I don't know how it has a high rating.

👤Some reviewers don't understand how the product works It doesn't erase ink as quickly as you're used to. It takes some time. Small mistakes on thick paper can be made with this eraser. If your paper is thin, it will rip and you will probably notice that the paper is rough where you erased it. If used immediately after a mistake is made, it works best. The ink has less time to soak into the paper. If you are really digging in there, use minimal pressure and maximum patience because you will make the paper look rough. I use this eraser to save many of my drawings, it works very well on both the micron and ballpoint pen.

👤This is a must have for rubber stampers. It can be used to remove small smudges or marks of ink. For small bits, it helps, but for a large image, it's not going to work. You are sanding your paper to remove stray ink from it. The rubber eraser is on the other end. You have to go back over the area you sanded to make the paper smooth again. The mistake can be worse if the paper has been removed and the rubber end is not used. I love using this for smudges on my cards. It can save you from having to make a new greeting card.

👤We searched. Do you know how hard it is to find an eraser that can remove ink? Keep searching! It is definitely not this one. We rubbed. Then rubbed some more. There is a lot of ink on the paper. You can't write over the "erased" word. Either shred your money, burn your money, or keep your money to buy groceries! That is like burning your money. The joke in the listing is called "Easily Erase Pencil and Ink..." That is so funny! It is funny. Buy this and see for yourself if you don't believe me. Please avoid if you can. I just say it.

👤This was the best price I could find for it. It was a pleasant surprise that arrived sooner than expected. I use it for card making, when I get a smudge of ink on a card it removes it. I don't have to try and cover it with something else or start over, which can be a lot of work. As a card maker, I see flaws in my own work that others wouldn't even notice. I know I can easily fix a small flaw with this little eraser.

👤I have found that this is the best eraser to use. I have an assortment of other erasers that are made for colored pencils, but this one beats them all by a long snot. I would highly recommend this seller. I use low tack painters tape to lift as much color as I can and then use the eraser. Highly recommend this seller.

9. Sharpener AFMAT Sketching Prismacolor Adjustable

Sharpener AFMAT Sketching Prismacolor Adjustable

There is a large receptacle. Still use the old manual pencil sharpener? Their pencil sharpener can sharpen 3000 times. Fast, labor saving, lead not easy to break, and a large capacity shavings box are some of the advantages. The manual pencil sharpener is designed to give you a long point, ranging from 8mm to 20mm. The core is thicker. It is an inexpensive choice for artists. This model is not compatible with pastels or soft and brittle lead pencils. Before purchasing, please check your pencils compatibility. Thank you. The sharpness of the pen can be adjusted by rotating the knob on the handle. The black sandpaper is in the shavings box. The art pencil sharpener is your good partner. You need to look at this when you think of an elegant sketch set gift. It makes the painters feel comfortable. It's for your 8mm art pencils. The self-feed pencil sharpener is easy to use, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise, the pencil will move inside the sharpener with each crank, and the resistance will decrease as the pencil increases. When the pencil is done, don't sharpen any more, it will chew up your pencils.

Brand: Afmat

👤The sharpener is portable, it draws the pencil in as it sharpens, no need to hold the pencil, and it automatically stops when it is finished sharpening, leaving a long point or longer lead!

👤Where has this been all my life? I've been annoyed with standard sharpeners for a long time. They work great for writing, but I prefer a longer tip for art. I've been using a knife to get the length I wanted in my art pencils, which is time consuming and high maintenance. I'm very happy I found this crank style sharpener. The old school style with a handle is not electric, but it does have a helical sharpener inside. I just finished using my art pencils and this sharpener worked great on them. I admit that I have some thicker pencils that are too big to fit in the sharpener, but I will forgive that. This made my leads even softer. I can spend more time on my art and less time bent over a trash can.

👤Ahhhmazing! This thing is crazy. I've tried many pencil sharpeners. I used to have a style on the wall that worked well, but I ate some pencil and it didn't work out. The little hand held ones are terrible. This one is so amazing! It was easy to use and the pencils were sharp. You simply grind away with a pencil, until there is no resistance left. You take out a pencil and then go backwards, counter clockwise, and then 888-349-8884 AHHHMAZING. There is a wheel that you can use to adjust the sharpness. I made a lot of points. My husband told me to be careful pushing on tip and coloring hard if my point would break. Gave it some push and no breakie. I finally found a good sharpener and it was a very good price. I was going to buy another old timer to put on the wall. So happy. I did not. In my video, I'm having trouble showing you and doing it at the same time. I don't do a lot of videos. I think that's correct. I also have arthritis in my hands. You get the main idea. I can use this with arthritis. Very impressed!

👤I've purchased different types of pencil sharpeners, including expensive and inexpensive, single and double-sided, battery operated and hand cranking, etc. I came up with the Long Point pencil sharpener when I was searching for another pencil sharpener. I was not sure about spending money on another pencil sharpener and I was not sure about this one. It took me some time to make a decision. The instructions were printed in English and the drawing instructions were printed in Spanish. It is easy to operate, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise while holding the sharpener, the pencil will move inside the sharpener with each crank, and the pencil will come out on its own! The sharpness of the tip can be adjusted. It has a 12 months warranty. I wish I'd purchased it sooner. I sharpened these types of pencils and they look amazing. It is easier to see the true color of the pencils with the longer tip. Love it, love it.

10. AFMAT Sharpener Rechargeable Electric Sketching

AFMAT Sharpener Rechargeable Electric Sketching

The electric pencil sharpener will be safe for children to use, and it will be effective at protecting their finger from injury. It's a must have for the new semester. Want a 25mm long point for your pencils? The art electric pencil sharpener is a work of art. It's designed for artists and works for all 6-8.5mm sketching and drawing pencils. The length of the pencil nib can range from 8mm to 25mm if you use the knob to have 3 sharpening effects. When very soft charcoal pencils are sharpened, pencil points may be broken. The length and sharpness of the nib can be adjusted. The pencil has a long and blunt nib. To have a short and sharp pencil, clockwise. If you want a long and sharp pencil, you have to do it clockwise and anticlockwise. The pencil sharpener can be used for 300 times after 1 hour of charging. Plug the power strip with the adapter included into a laptop and you can charge the sharpener. The portable pencil sharpener is portable and can be used at home, school, office and outdoors. The package does not include the adapter. Automatic stop penCIL sharpener. The electric pencil sharpener will stop sharpening when the pencil is well-sharpened and the broken leads are ejected from the blade. The large capacity box and top open lid make it easy to clean the shavings and not mess up your desk or floor. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They offer a 12 months warranty for faulty products. Feel free to contact them through Amazon if you have any problems. They will give you a full refund or free replacements if you are 100% satisfied.

Brand: Afmat

👤I'm revising my review. This review is about how Gazelltek stands behind their products. If you read my previous review, I left a bad review of the "electric" pencil sharpener. Here's the deal. I used one of these for my sketching and it worked great. I started an art course using charcoal pencils. I bought another one when I was in Charlotte. It was disastrous when I tried to use it. It broke the points and chewed up my charcoal pencils. I bought a sharpener after writing a bad review. It wasn't the best, but it was recommended by the art course and didn't destroy my pencils. After I wrote the review, I received an email from the company that offered to give me a new one or refund the money I paid for it. "Forget it," I told them. I'm not rich. I didn't need their money back. I wanted to not use their sharpener with my pencils. They continued. They offered to give me a new electric. There is a manual sharpener. I relented and they arrived today. I opened the manual sharpener. It's plastic. I didn't want to be foolish with it. I was going to reseal the package and have it picked up. My wife said, "This is fantastic!" after she tried the manual sharpener. I was amazed when she showed me the pencil point. The test is the charcoal pencil. I went into my studio and grabbed one of them. I was blown away by how easy it was to get a point. I was afraid to use the electric sharpener because of my prior experience. So... I wanted to try it. They said the sharpener could have been faulty. The switch at the top spun when I put the pencil in the sharpener. The pencil came out perfect when Isharpened it. I have to change my original review to this one. They stand behind their products and make great sharpeners. Thanks to them, pencil sharpeners have been redefined. Thank you for being patient with me. I bought two more manual sharpeners and will pay for the manual they sent me. These are the ones to buy if you need a pencil sharpener.

👤This arrived along with my pencils. It has exceeded my expectations. I used a few random pencils to test it out. After letting it charge for a few minutes and then unplugging it, the sharpener worked perfectly, even though I thought it was a failure. I started with the short setting to get the lead sharp at the end, then switched to the long setting to make it drawing longer. It made the full case stronger.

👤This is a great sharpener. The Derwent pencils are too big for this sharpener. It works well with colored pencils.

👤They fall short of the mark in practice. There is a The problem is that the amount of downward pressure was too much on my unit. It means that you are pushing very hard to get started, and that breaking pencils is an issue. There is a lot of Torque on the pencil and you have to grip it with your free hand to keep it from spinning. It was hard to keep the pencil straight into the sharpener because it was hard to fight all these forces. It's difficult to stop the grind as it coasts for a while and you have been fighting all these forces, so I ended up getting off center, which of course broke off the long delicate tip I just created. Sometimes, when it worked, it created a wonderful tip. There is a The amount of time spent on redoing grinds was the same as using an exacto knife. The last straw. It broke the pencil and landed on my toe when I wrestled it with it. The grinder is in pieces, and the pencil is broken, so they headed down the garbage shoot. I feel better.

11. Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

You will receive a box of pen-style erasers, along with a pencil sharpener for you to use to sharpen the pencils, and adequate quantity to meet your daily using, replacement or sharing needs. It is designed to highlight and erase chalks, charcoal, pastels and colored pencils. Premium rubber erasers can fit into the size and space of what you are wiping. Rub the eraser in your hand. The medium eraser is 1-1/4-inch wide.

Brand: Prismacolor

👤I thought it would be a little bigger. The price is too much for so small. I will not buy it again. The size of the Kneaded Rubber Eraser is usually a little bigger than a pencil. You should sell for $2. It is ridiculous.

👤Did I pay a lot of money for a single eraser that doesn't work? I would like a refund. I used to use a kneaded eraser for watercolor sketching. This one is very hard. It was very rubbery. It would ruin the paper but wouldn't erase it. I threw it away. Please give me a new one, not an expired one. Thanks!

👤I could have gotten a better deal with the three pack, it was small and I didn't know it. You have to read the descriptions before buying. It will do it. When I could have bought the three pack, it felt like one was a bit expensive.

👤The Micro eraser gets dirty quickly. I wouldn't buy again.

👤It's a good deal that the measurements are in inches. It should be CENTIMETERS... Way overpriced.

👤I was not happy with the small size. When I ordered it, I didn't realize it was so small. I bought a bigger kneaded eraser from General and it works great.

👤It was on time but small.

👤The size of this eraser is minuscule. It's a waste of money, but it's worth it! Disappointing! I didn't read the customer reviews when I bought this. How can you not use an eraser? I will read the reviews for everything from here on out.

👤I was supposed to send back the order on my dime, but it would have cost me $20 to do so. Please send me something. AMAZON is impossible to reach because The Balance has yet to be received. I have reached out to the manufacturer, but still holding my breath. They sent back one eraser but have not received a refund. Thank you AMAZON!

👤The package only contains 1 and is stated in the listing.

👤He visto! El tamao de mi pulgar tiene el caro.

👤" 3 Knetradiergummi" ist in der berschrift. Ther ist 1 radierer geliefert. 2x3 cm !! Stck erwartet. Bitte bezeichnen und die Grsse angeben.


What is the best product for electric eraser for artists?

Electric eraser for artists products from Solidjoy. In this article about electric eraser for artists you can see why people choose the product. Castle Art Supplies and Looneng are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric eraser for artists.

What are the best brands for electric eraser for artists?

Solidjoy, Castle Art Supplies and Looneng are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric eraser for artists. Find the detail in this article. Faber-castell, Prismacolor and Afmat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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