Best Electric Erasers for Artists Rechargeable

Artists 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Westcott IPoint Electric Sharpener 15512

Westcott IPoint Electric Sharpener 15512

The shaving receptacle comes in a range of lively colors. The auto safety stop feature is on. It's perfect for the home or office. Quiet operation and sleek design. Highly efficient Sharp sense technology.

Brand: Westcott

👤I have had three of these. The first one lasted a year. The second few months. Garbage was out of the box. It was loud and couldn't use two pencils.

👤It worked well for a while, but then jammed with no apparent way to clear the jam. The manufacturer sent me a free replacement sharpener after this happened with this model. I prefer a sharpener that works and doesn't have jams that can't be cleared.

👤The pencil sharpener was great in the beginning. Excellent points with little effort. After just a few weeks of home use, it stopped working and wouldn't shape a pencil. I contacted the manufacturer to see if they would stand by their warranty. Excellent customer service is what gave this four stars. I got a replacement sharpener in the mail after filling out the warranty form online. No fuss. Excellent service.

👤The trey is clear to see when shaving needs to be dumped. The works well and the price is good.

👤The electric sharpner that I had was really old and it was time to get a new one. The sharpner has a nice design and it can sharpen the pencils very quickly. The compartment that holds the shaving is very easy to open. This product is very comforting to me.

👤I bought this for my classroom. It worked well for a week. After 2 pencils were sharpened, it started getting hot. After the second week, it stopped sharpening and made a noise. I told my colleagues not to buy this.

👤I teach. This isn't for a classroom. The students burned the motor out. It was a poor thing that they killed it. The sharpeners are not to blame. This type can't handle that kind of work load. I would recommend other usage. A pencil issharpened to a razor sharp point.

👤The other reviewers felt the same way. When it senses that the pencil is ready, it stops sharpening. It's great for a classroom.

👤No aguanto ni un lpiz, lleg defectuoso, pero no sac las puntas de los lpices.

👤The product is tough and durable. Good for lawyers. There is an attractive desk display. The input is needed for the voltage. There is an additional transformer plug that needs to be added. Good if it can be found in the area. The product looks good in all aspects.

👤Excellent quality. The seller didn't mention using a concierge at the beginning.

2. AFMAT Electric Pack 300 Sketching Drawing

AFMAT Electric Pack 300 Sketching Drawing

It is ideal for drawing, drafting, architectural plans, arts and crafts, etc. It's an ideal gift for adults and kids. Electric Eraser refill for brands like Ohuhu, Tihoo, Vecoo, etc. Plastic and metal holders are not included. There are no latex, PVC, or thalate free items.

Brand: Afmat

👤I bought these for the electric eraser. I bought the electric eraser from the same manufacturer, but many of thefillers are too small to fit it. I didn't get 400 usable sized erasers for my electric eraser, which is a lot less than I wanted. Not good. Had I known I was going to get fleeced on the refill, I would have bought a different brand electric eraser.

👤My electric eraser is great for highlighting and fine erase. The rubber erasers wear down as quickly as I was expecting, but I think it will take me a long time to get through all of them.

👤The electric erasers are portable, great for artists and save hands from arthritis. The electric erasers work well with these.

👤The eraser does a good job. Get used to it. Erases very cleanly. You should only let out about 1:8 of an inch at a time. When using thin erasers, you will break it if you let out more. Yes, buy a lot of refFils. At the beginning, you will need them. Enjoy it after the normal learning curve. Like the product a lot. I ordered another. I would like to have more than one holder. I need to order 2 more.

👤I bought a good colored pencil art eraser. I have nothing to compare it to, but there is no need. I'm happy with it.

👤I subtracted one star because some of the smaller erasers slip a little.

👤The amount of erasers you receive is the best price.

👤It's easy to use and not bulky like the old ones.

3. Castle Art Supplies Drawing Sketching

Castle Art Supplies Drawing Sketching

A pack of 12 kebab/kabob skewers are in a package. Just enough to keep your barbecue and outdoor picnic grilling for everyone to get some meat. It's made to make it easy to draw and sketch in a carry-anywhere, see-through case that has pencils, sticks and tools in compartments. There are 12 pencils, 3 sticks, and 3 charcoal sticks, plus tools. It's great for teaching. Balanced and shaped to hold and control, premium quality for smooth application, and reliable performance from non-splinter wood, break-defying leads are what a joy to use. Simple learning aid unfolds in 5 stages the know-how needed to draw the cover image and apply the lessons to your own work. Their studio experts have tested it and are sure it will beat competitors. 1.5 million customers worldwide are trusted by the ultimate judges. Money-back Plus guarantee.

Brand: Castle Art Supplies

👤The quality was much better than expected. I bought it for my grandson to stop playing video games. He thought I spent more money on the set. He asked if I thought he was a good artist and deserved an adult set. His mom told me that he hasn't picked up his controller in 3 days. Any mom of a 13 year old knows the importance of statements.

👤My husband was an artist before he was injured. I presented him with a variety of art supplies, including sketch pads and books, colorful pencils, pens, watercolors, and more. I ordered the 26 Piece Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set from Castle Art Supplies at the last minute because it was in the "Others who bought..." category. I was surprised to see my husband's face as he looked at the art supplies around him. His head moved back and forth as he looked at everything, and then he looked at the pencil set, which was the least attractive of the choices. He is using only the pencils from the set to sketch. The high quality of the pencils in this set is returning an artist to his former self, and that is what the original product description referred to as "returning artists". Thank you Castle Art Supplies for offering such a great product. We will be buying from you in the future.

👤Good product and variety. The kit included 2 sharpeners and 2 erasers. There are 3 sticks of graphite pencils. Soft, medium, and hard are included in charcoal pencils and sticks. This is a good set for beginners like me. I support an art-focused company. Highly recommend Castle Art Supplies.

👤It should have been done more thoroughly. The set is overpriced. The photos show a clear plastic case, but it is not. It is in a plastic package. I could have ordered a set with only 21 items for $6 instead of the $20 I spent. Live and learn. I won't buy from this company again. I was fooled by him once.

👤I'm just rating the pencils. It is difficult to find a range of value in a pencil set. The 3H is more like a 2B and I am enclosing a copy of the value scale that the pencils produced for me. The left is hatching with the same strokes on the pencil. The right is full shading with similar strokes. Quality control for the grading process is a problem. I lost the 7B before I produced the table.

👤Very nice. I retired as an engineer. I know how to draw engineering drawings by hand from the old days, but decided to try and make art. This little set seems to be the one for someone like me. It comes with all of the recommended pencils and sticks. It also has the correct tools to use. The package is less expensive than buying the pencils individually. The pencils seem to be of good quality. I have nothing to compare to. There were some complaints about the case. It is more of a molded plastic shipping case to protect the pencils during transit than a daily use case. It would be nice if one were traveling but not practical for daily use. I don't need a case for my pencils because the portable easel has a drawer for pencils. If you want something better, line the pencil box with foam or paper towels. The kit is a bargain.

4. Looneng Artist Eraser Pencil Details

Looneng Artist Eraser Pencil Details

Their studio experts have tested it and are sure it will beat competitors. 1.5 million customers worldwide are trusted by the ultimate judges. Money-back Plus guarantee. A pencil barrel with a core of an errata. It's ideal for removing pencil marks. It can be adjusted to remove details. A standard pencil sharpener is used. It's suitable for all pencils and charcoal.

Brand: Looneng

👤It was a little harder than I had thought, but perfect for sketching small details. It does not tear up the paper, even the very thin, very smooth layout paper I usually use. Small smudges from fine line pens are erased. I use the same handheld small sharpener that I use for my colored pencils, and they are easy to re-sharpen.

👤There is an update. The tip of the eraser needs to be cleaned. They seem to work well with plain pencils after doing this. I might give them another try with different paper because I still think they aren't great with colored pencil. My review was changed to 3 stars. The colored pencil application is not erased by these. They sort of remove the pencil from it. They are basically rubber. I don't know how these have such high ratings. I thought maybe I was sent the wrong product and checked to make sure it was what I pictured. It is encased in wood.

👤Medium strength. In between the hard and the soft.

👤These are the perfect erasers for what I needed. Sometimes the plastic and kneaded erasers can't erase a very small area on your drawing. The erasers are perfect.

👤I am a doodler and I can get small places that are hard to erase with larger erasers, but pencil erasers can get into smaller spaces. They erase colored pencils very well. I will buy more.

👤I like these pencils. You can use colored pencil marks and graphite pencil marks. You can use the pencil sharpener to erase in small spaces. I use them to create highlights on my projects.

👤I like the way the erasers are made. They're great for detailing work and don't tear up the paper.

👤The control of the pencil is great, but it doesn't erase charcoal pencil very well.

👤These erasers are easy to use and do what they are made to do. I had expected the core to be a bit stiff so that I could control the movement of the sketch better. They work well for what I need.

👤I can't believe how easy my drawing is now. They don't work well on computer paper, however they are now something I can't go without when drawing on water colour paper. It's easy to remove fines from drawing without removing lines.

👤I need to erase a lot because I am a beginner in drawing. The small areas are helped by these. I think they're a good choice.

5. Ifavor123 Plastic Pencil Sharpener Assortment

Ifavor123 Plastic Pencil Sharpener Assortment

These pencils can't be used for writing. Just for gifts. There is a pack of pencil sharpeners. Each stoner is about 1 inch. The plastic manual sharpeners have a metal blade and clear cover. There is a variety of bright colors in every pack. Great for party favors, classroom supplies or home use.

Brand: Ifavor123

👤I had high hopes for the sharpeners in this bucket. In a given school year, I go through quite a few as a teacher. There are two issues: 1. The cap that holds the shavings doesn't hold enough to make it worth it. 2. These are not well made and can split easily. Several have done this.

👤We fill boxes for Christmas. The women's ministry is aiming for 200. One of the things we like to do is use sharpeners. I was very happy to find these. A little "catch thing" to catch the shavings is what a sharpener is. All for a reasonable price. This helps to keep the cost low.

👤flimsy and cheap. It was necessary to include in the Christmas child boxes. I will include a better pencil sharpener since I bought them. Will not buy them again.

👤I bought these mini pencil sharpeners for my students to use during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since there were so many in the pack, I sent a couple with my students packets just in case. I have not heard of any of them breaking. I would recommend these to my friends in the teaching profession.

👤The amount of sharpeners that come in the batches is very high. They are great for the classroom. It is small enough for the kids to use. It probably holds two to three pencils, but for kids it is perfect.

👤I like these guys. I don't mind if you only sharpen a couple pencils with them. I bought them to stop kids from sharpening colored pencils in my big pencil sharpener, but now use them for everything. I use them to stop kids from getting up when they want to use a pencil, and I have them in a travel bag for kids who need to leave the room. They're useful.

👤I thought they would be larger. They are perfect in emptying with less mess. I am happy with my purchase. A box full is perfect because stoners are always lost or broken. I recommend them.

👤I got all 72, with no missing pieces. The caps come off easily, but that doesn't seem to be a bad thing. They may fall off when thrown around in a bag, but they hold on enough not to fall when turned upside down. They are great at sharpening.

6. AFMAT Sharpener Rechargeable Electric Sketching

AFMAT Sharpener Rechargeable Electric Sketching

The electric pencil sharpener will be safe for children to use, and it will be effective at protecting their finger from injury. It's a must have for the new semester. Want a 25mm long point for your pencils? The art electric pencil sharpener is a work of art. It's designed for artists and works for all 6-8.5mm sketching and drawing pencils. The length of the pencil nib can range from 8mm to 25mm if you use the knob to have 3 sharpening effects. When very soft charcoal pencils are sharpened, pencil points may be broken. The length and sharpness of the nib can be adjusted. The pencil has a long and blunt nib. To have a short and sharp pencil, clockwise. If you want a long and sharp pencil, you have to do it clockwise and anticlockwise. The pencil sharpener can be used for 300 times after 1 hour of charging. Plug the power strip with the adapter included into a laptop and you can charge the sharpener. The portable pencil sharpener is portable and can be used at home, school, office and outdoors. The package does not include the adapter. Automatic stop penCIL sharpener. The electric pencil sharpener will stop sharpening when the pencil is well-sharpened and the broken leads are ejected from the blade. The large capacity box and top open lid make it easy to clean the shavings and not mess up your desk or floor. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They offer a 12 months warranty for faulty products. Feel free to contact them through Amazon if you have any problems. They will give you a full refund or free replacements if you are 100% satisfied.

Brand: Afmat

👤I'm revising my review. This review is about how Gazelltek stands behind their products. If you read my previous review, I left a bad review of the "electric" pencil sharpener. Here's the deal. I used one of these for my sketching and it worked great. I started an art course using charcoal pencils. I bought another one when I was in Charlotte. It was disastrous when I tried to use it. It broke the points and chewed up my charcoal pencils. I bought a sharpener after writing a bad review. It wasn't the best, but it was recommended by the art course and didn't destroy my pencils. After I wrote the review, I received an email from the company that offered to give me a new one or refund the money I paid for it. "Forget it," I told them. I'm not rich. I didn't need their money back. I wanted to not use their sharpener with my pencils. They continued. They offered to give me a new electric. There is a manual sharpener. I relented and they arrived today. I opened the manual sharpener. It's plastic. I didn't want to be foolish with it. I was going to reseal the package and have it picked up. My wife said, "This is fantastic!" after she tried the manual sharpener. I was amazed when she showed me the pencil point. The test is the charcoal pencil. I went into my studio and grabbed one of them. I was blown away by how easy it was to get a point. I was afraid to use the electric sharpener because of my prior experience. So... I wanted to try it. They said the sharpener could have been faulty. The switch at the top spun when I put the pencil in the sharpener. The pencil came out perfect when Isharpened it. I have to change my original review to this one. They stand behind their products and make great sharpeners. Thanks to them, pencil sharpeners have been redefined. Thank you for being patient with me. I bought two more manual sharpeners and will pay for the manual they sent me. These are the ones to buy if you need a pencil sharpener.

👤This arrived along with my pencils. It has exceeded my expectations. I used a few random pencils to test it out. After letting it charge for a few minutes and then unplugging it, the sharpener worked perfectly, even though I thought it was a failure. I started with the short setting to get the lead sharp at the end, then switched to the long setting to make it drawing longer. It made the full case stronger.

👤This is a great sharpener. The Derwent pencils are too big for this sharpener. It works well with colored pencils.

👤They fall short of the mark in practice. There is a The problem is that the amount of downward pressure was too much on my unit. It means that you are pushing very hard to get started, and that breaking pencils is an issue. There is a lot of Torque on the pencil and you have to grip it with your free hand to keep it from spinning. It was hard to keep the pencil straight into the sharpener because it was hard to fight all these forces. It's difficult to stop the grind as it coasts for a while and you have been fighting all these forces, so I ended up getting off center, which of course broke off the long delicate tip I just created. Sometimes, when it worked, it created a wonderful tip. There is a The amount of time spent on redoing grinds was the same as using an exacto knife. The last straw. It broke the pencil and landed on my toe when I wrestled it with it. The grinder is in pieces, and the pencil is broken, so they headed down the garbage shoot. I feel better.

7. AFMAT Sharpener Electric Sketching Sharpeners

AFMAT Sharpener Electric Sketching Sharpeners

It is a perfect gift for children. The package contains a pencil sharpener, spare sharpener, and user manual. Don't hesitate. Add to cart now! It will be the best present for you or your children. Super Long Point The pencil sharpeners are long enough to cover more and shading in less time and long enough to keep the pencil sharper for longer. It is important that your colored pencils last a long time because they are long yet durable at the tip. Standard NO.2 pencils don't have long points, but thicker leads will. There are two Sharpness options: Sharp and Blunt. You can change the sharpness of your pencil with the sharpness adjuster electric pencil sharpener. The sharp setting helps get some of the finest detail into your work and the blunt for rough sketches or writings, which accommodates the need of different needs and scenarios like studio, classroom, office and home. The power is charged by an AC adapter. It's for 6-12mm pencils. Almost every pencil fits in the long point pencil sharpener, and it takes both the small and the large pencils. When it finishes off a point, auto sharpen and stop. The labour-saving design requires a gentle downward pressure on the pencil while sharpening, not too much hand pressure like most that hurts. The heavy-duty helical blade is made of high- strength steel and can sharpen 3000 times, making it the strongest electric pencil sharpener on the market. If you don't pop in a soft pencil, the precisely cut blade barely encounters a lead breakage. If a lead breaks, insert a hard pencil and press it down with 2KG pressure. This afmat pencil sharpener shavings box is extra large and you don't have to empty it every couple of pencils, but just take your time sharpening. The transparent box tells when it is full, and can be emptied without a mess. The safety design built into the sharpener will not sharpen once the box is removed or not well installed.

Brand: Afmat

👤Well thought out pencil sharpener. A wide range of points is available to the user. The blade can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

👤It's important to use colored pencils that are sharp. Amat does a great job.

👤Works well! The points are sharp. Would definitely recommend!

👤I have found the longest drawing lead of any sharpener.

👤The necesario retocar un poquito. Maravilloso! Todos lpices de arte. Incluso los ms blandos.

👤I got the best sharpener on Amazon. I will order another one.

8. Derwent Battery Operated Supplies 2301931

Derwent Battery Operated Supplies 2301931

Product quality is guaranteed by first-class materials and manufacturing processes. The battery operated eraser requires 2AAA batteries, not included, but the best with Polaroid. The top-mounted on/off button is comfortable for both right and left-handed use. It's important to correct small areas of work quickly if you want to offer precision and speed. There is a very important note. Refer the instructional video before using it.

Brand: Derwent

👤I lost or misplace the first one I purchased, so I bought the second one. I use colored pencils and recommend this eraser to everyone who has the coloring disease. This eraser is great for making stars in dark skies, creating eye shine, reflective surfaces, creating sun rays across trees, etc. It was hard for me to use a handheld traditional style eraser when I first started coloring. The back and forth movement would cause the colors around the area to change. You don't have to worry about that anymore with this battery eraser. It is possible to accurately erase areas without damaging them. I love the fact that this eraser has two sizes for larger or smaller areas. I like to have one for each size. I don't have to change the settings for the refill. This listing had plenty of refill in both sizes. The shipping was fast and the cost was great. You just push the side button to start the eraser, it's easy to load, and it only takes two batteries. It's easy and efficient. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has taken their coloring to a higher level. I hope you find my review helpful. Happy ending!

👤I was excited to receive this product, but was disappointed when it didn't work with the brand new batteries. They sent me another one free of charge after I called Amazon to complain. The first one was a mistake. I received the second one, the packaging was open, the contents were scattered, and the eraser did not work. Again. The flashlight I used did not fire up because of the batteries. The product was garbage. This is a big problem for a product made by a well known company.

👤Derwent needs to work on their quality control if there are fake products out there. I have been wanting to try an electric eraser from Derwent for a long time, and they have high quality art supplies. Derwent is the brand name most frequently mentioned by reviewers, and I waited a while to buy the real thing. The price I paid for it on Amazon was considerably lower than the retail price, so I decided to go for it. Since I do adult coloring books, I was hesitant to order an eraser that cost $10 on Ebay. If I wanted to add precise highlights or make a stray mark, I would most likely use a lift colored pencil. The shrink package I received contained the eraser, along with some refill items. I re-examined the package and the product to make sure it wasn't a fake, as I mentioned before, because I was struck at how flimsy it looked. It felt like it would fall apart in my hand when it was switched on. The product does not come withAAA batteries, so you will need to have those on hand. I think I received the genuine Derwent product. You can turn on the on button, but you can't turn it off until it's turned off. You need to have your finger on the button all the time. There is a learning curve to this thing, in order to hold the eraser comfortably and maintain control of the thing at the same time. If you're working on anything that has a controlled erase, I would suggest you practice on some small notes until you get the feel of the erase, because you don't want to ruin the paper. I didn't rip any pages, but I could see it happening when I lost control of the eraser and the metal holder fell across the surface. It was a fun product to use and I got the hang of it. I mostly used it for colored pencil. The Derwent battery operated eraser is more effective than any manual eraser I've used, because it has different levels of erasability, and different brands of colored pencils have different levels of erasability. I wouldn't recommend it for large areas because the inserts use up very quickly. If it's useful, it will usually take off enough color to redo the area if you decide you don't like a color combination. It's great for small areas and adds highlights. The brands of colored pencils I use are regular Crayola, Crayola watercolors, Crayola eXtreme Colored Pencils, Faber Castell metallic pencils, and the student grade ones. Some of the watercolor type pencils and tinted graphite pencils are not really erased because you have to add water. If you haven't wet them yet, they will erase. The whole eraser replacement "mechanism" is what I disliked about the eraser, besides that it stopped working a couple days ago. You have to remove the metal thing completely, and then gently bend it open to get the remnants of the eraser out, or put in a new insert and squeeze it back together to make sure the eraser is still there. You put the whole thing back into the plastic holder, but it doesn't really snap in, so you feel like you've got it in correctly. I didn't see any issues like the thing falling out or failing to erase. I checked out the videos on changing the insert. You do take that flimsy metal thing out. I would have rated this eraser a "three star" at best, but since it looked like it was going to fall apart at any moment, I wouldn't have given it a four star rating. I put a couple of fresh sets and got Nuttin' since it did die. My rating is now two stars. That's only because when it does work, it did work well enough and was easy to use. I would have felt like I got my money's worth if this had lasted at least six months before it broke. This appears to be a typical situation from the other reviews. Unless it doesn't work, the eraser is pretty good. Or ceases to work. I don't want another Derwent eraser, and it's probably too late to get a refund. I might try another brand of electric eraser. You can try your luck, and gamble that you will be able to use up the batteries first if you use the Derwent Battery Operated Eraser. After trying them out elsewhere, the ones I thought were dead had plenty of juice in them.

9. Teamoy Airbrushing Carrying Organizer Compressor

Teamoy Airbrushing Carrying Organizer Compressor

If you're not satisfied with this airbrush within the first year of purchase, they'll give you a replacement or refund. The nylon material outer and lining fabric are sturdy enough to last a long time. Board insert and cushion pads reduce the risk of bumping. Large capital: The main compartment has an air compressor. There are elastic pouches to hold things like an air hose, suck bottles, and cleaning brush set. There are many pockets for guide booklet. A unique design is that the elastic pouch in the front pocket is to hold more than one item. The Air Compressor is more safe if magic tapes are kept inside. Four bases prevent sliding. The dimensions: L16'' x is the outer size. The Inner Size: L15.75" x W7.25" x H12.75" is W 7.5'' x H13''. You can carry it by hand or on the arm with the padded handle and shoulder strap. There are applicable courts. A tote bag that is perfect for an airbrush system kit is one that keeps all in one place.

Brand: Teamoy

👤The bag has straps that are attached to the bag to keep your compressor out of the way while you carry it around. There are side pockets that are perfect for my bag. The rear and front pockets are great for tools. I use my side exterior mesh pockets to hold the shoulder strap. I gave this bag four stars because of the front pocket. I would like the pockets to be vertical to hold paint bottles. The horizontal pouch style layout doesn't hold paints or other tools well. It would be better if they used elastic straps to hold paints.

👤I am very happy that I bought this bag. It is now easy to take it to a friends house or do a project at work. It keeps the compressor and all my equipment nicely organized and clean. The bag is strong. There are pockets on the sides for storage and more room in the main area. Highly recommend and 2 thumbs up!

👤It seems to be the only game in town where a bag is made to carry an compressor. It is a great option. The compressor is comfortable to carry. There are enough pockets to hold accessories. Four one ounce bottles of paint can be held in four pockets on the front of the large pocket. An excellent purchase.

👤The bag is a bit smaller than expected, but it is nice. I wanted it to be more rigid. There are pictures of a bag in the description. This is not a good thing. I believe they put wood in the sides of the photos. It would be better if it were a rigid bag. I still have most of what I need.

👤It works perfectly with my compressor and all of my gear. I don't have to worry about overheating the compressor when I leave it in the bag because the base is sturdy.

👤I can put all my air brush stuff in it.

👤To a lot of moisture. There is no secondary filter.

👤I'm glad I ordered this bag. It holds all the tools. What a great deal.

👤The compressor has a strap to hold it in. It would have been great to have a few more pockets, but can't complain. I bought it and I don't regret it.

10. Tombow 57321 5 Pack Cleanly Damaging

Tombow 57321 5 Pack Cleanly Damaging

There is no paper damage with the soft plastic eraser. It's great for school or art. The paper sleeve protects the eraser.

Brand: Tombow

👤The top was erased with the pencil's eraser and the bottom was with these. I hardly pressed down, it was smooth. I left a small amount of writing so that I could remove it completely. I think it's wasteful that each individual eraser is wrapped in plastic, but they each have their own sleeve, which is handy in my pencil bag, so it doesn't get all marked up.

👤My mom used to buy these erasers in Japan. I thought to buy Mono erasers because the ones provided by school were terrible. These are the same ones I used to use. They're the best!

👤Tombow has top quality products such as pens, brush markers, pencils, and more. I like these because they are easy to remove sketching lines from the paper. There is no debris left on the paper after using the eraser. I like to buy them in multiple packs so I don't run out of them. The price for the number of erasers is very good.

👤I wanted a Japanese eraser because they erase more precise than us. There is a I used to use old pink erasers, but this one is better. When mechanical pencils get too small, I can't even get it out, so using this mono eraser really helps. It leaves no marks when I write and it is easy to erase. The plastic or cardboard case makes it easier to grip and hold it, and it's also easier to pull the eraser out if you run out. It will hold onto the pencil.

👤I used the erasers on pencil outlines and they did not smudge. If you have big hands, you may want to order larger erasers. The pencil was erased on wood slices. You get your money's worth with these erasers.

👤The material is flimsy and often calves off in large chunks. It's only good for the first little bit that sticks out, for after that you have to take the sleeve off completely, and it's vulnerable to breaking apart, if you try to expose a little more.

👤I've held many things, but the smallest ones. When they take pictures of a person holding an object, they find a person that is very small. Small person with small hands. The eraser is larger than it is. The erasers are worth less than.90 each. Look at it like this. The whole eraser was not used until there was nothing left. It gets thrown away when you use 75% of it.

👤The price for these erasers is a good value. I used them to draw. They did not completely remove heavier marks. This product would be useful during first drafts, as they did work well for removing lighter marks. They didn't cause any extra smudges on the paper. The small corners of the erasers made it easy to target small details in a drawing. I plan to use these in conjunction with the large pink erasers. I wish there was an easier way to grip them. These erasers are a good deal for the price. Don't leave smudges or tear paper. It's good to remove light marks and small details. Don't erase heavier marks completely. It's difficult to grip the material.

11. Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

You will receive a box of pen-style erasers, along with a pencil sharpener for you to use to sharpen the pencils, and adequate quantity to meet your daily using, replacement or sharing needs. It is designed to highlight and erase chalks, charcoal, pastels and colored pencils. Premium rubber erasers can fit into the size and space of what you are wiping. Rub the eraser in your hand. The medium eraser is 1-1/4-inch wide.

Brand: Prismacolor

👤I thought it would be a little bigger. The price is too much for so small. I will not buy it again. The size of the Kneaded Rubber Eraser is usually a little bigger than a pencil. You should sell for $2. It is ridiculous.

👤Did I pay a lot of money for a single eraser that doesn't work? I would like a refund. I used to use a kneaded eraser for watercolor sketching. This one is very hard. It was very rubbery. It would ruin the paper but wouldn't erase it. I threw it away. Please give me a new one, not an expired one. Thanks!

👤I could have gotten a better deal with the three pack, it was small and I didn't know it. You have to read the descriptions before buying. It will do it. When I could have bought the three pack, it felt like one was a bit expensive.

👤The Micro eraser gets dirty quickly. I wouldn't buy again.

👤It's a good deal that the measurements are in inches. It should be CENTIMETERS... Way overpriced.

👤I was not happy with the small size. When I ordered it, I didn't realize it was so small. I bought a bigger kneaded eraser from General and it works great.

👤It was on time but small.

👤The size of this eraser is minuscule. It's a waste of money, but it's worth it! Disappointing! I didn't read the customer reviews when I bought this. How can you not use an eraser? I will read the reviews for everything from here on out.

👤I was supposed to send back the order on my dime, but it would have cost me $20 to do so. Please send me something. AMAZON is impossible to reach because The Balance has yet to be received. I have reached out to the manufacturer, but still holding my breath. They sent back one eraser but have not received a refund. Thank you AMAZON!

👤The package only contains 1 and is stated in the listing.

👤He visto! El tamao de mi pulgar tiene el caro.

👤" 3 Knetradiergummi" ist in der berschrift. Ther ist 1 radierer geliefert. 2x3 cm !! Stck erwartet. Bitte bezeichnen und die Grsse angeben.


What is the best product for electric erasers for artists rechargeable?

Electric erasers for artists rechargeable products from Westcott. In this article about electric erasers for artists rechargeable you can see why people choose the product. Afmat and Castle Art Supplies are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric erasers for artists rechargeable.

What are the best brands for electric erasers for artists rechargeable?

Westcott, Afmat and Castle Art Supplies are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric erasers for artists rechargeable. Find the detail in this article. Looneng, Ifavor123 and Afmat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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