Best Electric Erasers for Artists Refills

Artists 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Derwent Battery Operated Replacement Erasers

Derwent Battery Operated Replacement Erasers

This afmat long point pencil sharpener shavings box is extra large and you don't have to empty it every couple of pencils, but just take your time sharpening. The transparent box tells when it is full, and can be emptied without a mess. The safety design built into the sharpener will not sharpen once the box is removed or not well installed. The batteries for the battery operated eraser are not included. The top-mounted on/off button is comfortable for both right and left-handed use. Make tiny, precise highlights. It's the best for precision work.

Brand: Derwent

👤There is not real presice.

👤I've read many negative reviews. This is a different type of eraser than a pencil one. The Derwent Inktense Pencils are used with this to create lighter tones of color. The reverse shading tool is used with the color pencils. It is not a pencil. I love that thiseraser works for its intended purpose.

2. Crayola Twistables Colored Exclusive Stocking

Crayola Twistables Colored Exclusive Stocking

Lead breakage-free. The latest lead breakage-free technology ensures that you don't have to use extra soft pencils. There were no issues with the lead breaking off in the sharpener or after it was sharpened, no struggle with frequent jams or stucked leads inside, and no hands covered in graphite. Crayola Thompson. The coloring set with 50 colored pencils is exclusive to Amazon. Pre-sharpened pencils. Simply twist up the drawing pencils to keep them sharp. Strong and hardy. Plastic barrels protect the color core of the pencil. Art supplies that are perfect for coloring, drawing, and creating on-the-go. It's SAFE and NON TOXIC. The drawing set is suitable for ages 4 and older.

Brand: Crayola

👤Do not buy this set of colored pencils. They are the worst things I've owned. The leads are not very bright. It's like there's no color. It takes a lot of pressure to get the color on the paper and if you do this, the lead will break or it will slide back into the pencil. I have an old set of these. The new set is not worth the money.

👤The 50 pack on Amazon was on sale the other day, so I had to get these, even though I saw the smaller pack in Walgreens. I used them for the first time yesterday. I don't have issues like what everyone else is saying. They work the same as regular colored pencils. I don't have to make them sharper. Win. I wish it had the name of the color on the side, because sometimes it looks like another color unless you try to differentiate it by using it.

👤I ordered them as a gift. The package looked like it had been sitting in a corner for a while. There are spots. The corners were Dented. There is a clear seal sticker. I put the pencils in the spots when I opened the coloring kit case. All but 2 pencils were broken. Some of the lead pieces fell out of the packaging. I need to get fast enough to gift the gift when I return.

👤My kids and I love these pencils. It's nice to be able to simply twist the pencil lead down, instead of pausing to sharpen and get frustrated if the lead breaks. As long as I keep them at a reasonable length, I don't have a problem with the lead breaking while I'm coloring. The colors are great. I can color both intricate designs and large areas with ease. My kids, ages 5 and 3, do the same. I colored a couple of things with them.

👤I bought this set of pencils for my mother because she loves the twistable pencils. They are not my choice, but they have a nice color and are large. The twistables are great for people who don't have a lot of strength in their hands, and they are also great to bring with you on the road. I was happy to see that this was available, I didn't know that Crayola had a set with 50. These are a nice gift for anyone who likes to color.

👤I don't like that they don't include bright primary colors. They are also in a box. 2 of my 50 had loose lead. They are great pencils, but would be better if they were brighter and darker. They don't have to be sharpened.

👤I was excited to get a box of colored pencils because I like to color. Some of the colored pencils were missing from the broken open box. So disappointed.

👤There were 47 pencils in the box. I have never been shorted before. Mom is in a nursing home and enjoys coloring. I was disappointed when she opened the 50 and realized it was short.

3. Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

You will receive a box of pen-style erasers, along with a pencil sharpener for you to use to sharpen the pencils, and adequate quantity to meet your daily using, replacement or sharing needs. It is designed to highlight and erase chalks, charcoal, pastels and colored pencils. Premium rubber erasers can fit into the size and space of what you are wiping. Rub the eraser in your hand. The medium eraser is 1-1/4-inch wide.

Brand: Prismacolor

👤I thought it would be a little bigger. The price is too much for so small. I will not buy it again. The size of the Kneaded Rubber Eraser is usually a little bigger than a pencil. You should sell for $2. It is ridiculous.

👤Did I pay a lot of money for a single eraser that doesn't work? I would like a refund. I used to use a kneaded eraser for watercolor sketching. This one is very hard. It was very rubbery. It would ruin the paper but wouldn't erase it. I threw it away. Please give me a new one, not an expired one. Thanks!

👤I could have gotten a better deal with the three pack, it was small and I didn't know it. You have to read the descriptions before buying. It will do it. When I could have bought the three pack, it felt like one was a bit expensive.

👤The Micro eraser gets dirty quickly. I wouldn't buy again.

👤It's a good deal that the measurements are in inches. It should be CENTIMETERS... Way overpriced.

👤I was not happy with the small size. When I ordered it, I didn't realize it was so small. I bought a bigger kneaded eraser from General and it works great.

👤It was on time but small.

👤The size of this eraser is minuscule. It's a waste of money, but it's worth it! Disappointing! I didn't read the customer reviews when I bought this. How can you not use an eraser? I will read the reviews for everything from here on out.

👤I was supposed to send back the order on my dime, but it would have cost me $20 to do so. Please send me something. AMAZON is impossible to reach because The Balance has yet to be received. I have reached out to the manufacturer, but still holding my breath. They sent back one eraser but have not received a refund. Thank you AMAZON!

👤The package only contains 1 and is stated in the listing.

👤He visto! El tamao de mi pulgar tiene el caro.

👤" 3 Knetradiergummi" ist in der berschrift. Ther ist 1 radierer geliefert. 2x3 cm !! Stck erwartet. Bitte bezeichnen und die Grsse angeben.

4. Castle Art Supplies Drawing Sketching

Castle Art Supplies Drawing Sketching

A pack of 12 kebab/kabob skewers are in a package. Just enough to keep your barbecue and outdoor picnic grilling for everyone to get some meat. It's made to make it easy to draw and sketch in a carry-anywhere, see-through case that has pencils, sticks and tools in compartments. There are 12 pencils, 3 sticks, and 3 charcoal sticks, plus tools. It's great for teaching. Balanced and shaped to hold and control, premium quality for smooth application, and reliable performance from non-splinter wood, break-defying leads are what a joy to use. Simple learning aid unfolds in 5 stages the know-how needed to draw the cover image and apply the lessons to your own work. Their studio experts have tested it and are sure it will beat competitors. 1.5 million customers worldwide are trusted by the ultimate judges. Money-back Plus guarantee.

Brand: Castle Art Supplies

👤The quality was much better than expected. I bought it for my grandson to stop playing video games. He thought I spent more money on the set. He asked if I thought he was a good artist and deserved an adult set. His mom told me that he hasn't picked up his controller in 3 days. Any mom of a 13 year old knows the importance of statements.

👤My husband was an artist before he was injured. I presented him with a variety of art supplies, including sketch pads and books, colorful pencils, pens, watercolors, and more. I ordered the 26 Piece Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set from Castle Art Supplies at the last minute because it was in the "Others who bought..." category. I was surprised to see my husband's face as he looked at the art supplies around him. His head moved back and forth as he looked at everything, and then he looked at the pencil set, which was the least attractive of the choices. He is using only the pencils from the set to sketch. The high quality of the pencils in this set is returning an artist to his former self, and that is what the original product description referred to as "returning artists". Thank you Castle Art Supplies for offering such a great product. We will be buying from you in the future.

👤Good product and variety. The kit included 2 sharpeners and 2 erasers. There are 3 sticks of graphite pencils. Soft, medium, and hard are included in charcoal pencils and sticks. This is a good set for beginners like me. I support an art-focused company. Highly recommend Castle Art Supplies.

👤It should have been done more thoroughly. The set is overpriced. The photos show a clear plastic case, but it is not. It is in a plastic package. I could have ordered a set with only 21 items for $6 instead of the $20 I spent. Live and learn. I won't buy from this company again. I was fooled by him once.

👤I'm just rating the pencils. It is difficult to find a range of value in a pencil set. The 3H is more like a 2B and I am enclosing a copy of the value scale that the pencils produced for me. The left is hatching with the same strokes on the pencil. The right is full shading with similar strokes. Quality control for the grading process is a problem. I lost the 7B before I produced the table.

👤Very nice. I retired as an engineer. I know how to draw engineering drawings by hand from the old days, but decided to try and make art. This little set seems to be the one for someone like me. It comes with all of the recommended pencils and sticks. It also has the correct tools to use. The package is less expensive than buying the pencils individually. The pencils seem to be of good quality. I have nothing to compare to. There were some complaints about the case. It is more of a molded plastic shipping case to protect the pencils during transit than a daily use case. It would be nice if one were traveling but not practical for daily use. I don't need a case for my pencils because the portable easel has a drawer for pencils. If you want something better, line the pencil box with foam or paper towels. The kit is a bargain.

5. Derwent Replacement Erasers Operated 2300023

Derwent Replacement Erasers Operated 2300023

Can be used on all whiteboards, including standard white boards, calendar, memo, marker boards, rolling classroom calendars, easel, wipe off boards, weekly, lined, double-sided, student and There are 30 Derwent erasers in a pack. Also, comes with a letter opener. For use with the Derwent Electric Eraser. It's ideal for precision work. It is possible to create tiny, precise highlights. Always have them with you.

Brand: Solidjoy

👤The cheap no name brand refill is not as good as the brand of eraser refill. I tried the no name brand and found that they left marks on my paper. What a waste! I have no problem with the smudges, marks, and smeared drawings that come with Derwent Erasers. Derwent Replacement Erasers are the best on the market. Don't ruin your work by using what professionals use.

👤The Derwent is a very useful tool. The tool is useful for artists who make drawings before painting a subject. The battery-operated erasure allows one to remove lines in very limited spaces without removing nearby lines that one wants to preserve. It seems to me that artists are the most likely users of the Derwent.

👤These are the worst erasers. I should have read more of the 1 star reviews that I bought them from. They make a gummy mess on the paper. I wish I could find the ones I bought, but I can't.

👤The Derwent Battery Operated Eraser has great refill options for colored pencils, colored ink, water color, chalk, charcoal and most drawing medias. They are used a lot when the hair or fur is being drawn to make it appear more separate.

👤They arrived quicker than anticipated. Nice refill for the product. KB

👤If you need to erase me often, these will be needed before you know it. If you keep them handy, you can swap the nub on your pencil for a new one. Good luck making more mistakes. We will probably never succeed if we don't try and fail.

👤I used other erasers on watercolor paper, but you might be wondering why I use that paper. The other erasers would erase cleanly, but the pencil mark would be combined with the shaved part of the eraser, and little pieces of rubberised trash would form, which can be brushed away. As a result of that, when I need to use the same eraser on another part of the paper, it can be done safely. The pencil mark parts that were removed from the paper are combined with the eraser to form a black layer at the end. When I need to use the same eraser on another part of the sketch, it gives off black stains. Every time I use the eraser, I have to take a piece of paper and run the used parts on it to clean off the black marks. I like the performance of the other ones, like the Helix erasers. They feel like they are a bit more rigid and less flexible, and so they erase smoothly. They are better for continued usage, especially for heavy users like me. Take a look at my pictures to understand what I'm talking about. The black ones have the Derwent refill. The blue eraser has a refill. Both bought things from Amazon. The Derwent products were supposed to be the best in their class. I was wrong. I am forced to buy more of the Helix ones because I will throw away the two extra packs I have. I don't think these Derwent refill are a good idea.

6. Caran DAche Sketcher Non Photo 903 302

Caran DAche Sketcher Non Photo 903 302

The ideal gifts for encouraging creativity are to kids and students. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Rough sketches will not appear when photocopied or scanned.

Brand: Creative Art Materials

👤This is my favorite non- photo blue pencil. Because it is softer, you are able to build up your sketch with different weights in your line. All of your lines look the same no matter how hard you press them. You have to make your lines distinct by cutting your paper. These are the best! I would like to see them sold in bulk. Unlike other pencils, the eraser is not just for show.

👤I'm half way through the first pencil, but it's because of continuous lead breaks. I received my pencils yesterday. I had tosharpen it before the break stopped so I could continue sketching. I will not purchase again.

👤The lead of this pencil is much softer than that of the Col-Erase Non Photo Blue pencil, which is a huge plus for me. I have to strain my muscles to leave a visible mark because the option of Prismacolors is so hard. That is excessive. Caran d'Ache's pencil leads are softer, but you now have control over the contrast of your sketches. If you push the lead into the paper, you can get a medium valued line. The lead may snap if you do that.

👤I got these for use with colored pencils, which can set a dark grey line under light or delicate colors. They work well, have a nice soft feel, and are great with the Caran d'Ache Luminance pencils, which hide the sketch lines. Four stars as heavier sketch lines don't lift from the page as well as I'd like, but a gummed eraser seems to do the best job of lightening the strokes.

👤My favorite drawing pencil. It's great for rough sketches and can be used with normal mechanical pencil or ink. If you want to color under your sketch digitally or leave it to give your art texture, Scans can be edited out later. If you enjoy sketching, I highly recommend these pencils.

👤The product is smooth and easy to erase.

👤These are the best non- photo blue pencils I have ever used, and possibly the best sketching pencils I have ever used. The pencils have a nice weight and deliver a smooth line. Anyone who is interested in sketching in general and comic art in particular owes it to themselves to pick up a pair. They are expensive but worth it.

👤These pencils are very smooth and easy to use for sketch work in illustration and comics. I think they are worth it if you don't have a budget. Thanks!

👤They are decent but not the best. Sometimes they are too smooth when I want more resistance and sometimes they are too soft when I want to maintain a point. If you have to sketch daily you'll burn through them too quickly and they're way overpriced to use for my day to day work. I find it pointless to use a pencil that's primary purpose is to produce rough ideas to be inked over, as most fineliners are too waxy. I use the blue and reds in the boxes of aqua pencils that I buy when they are on offer. The lighter blues can still be vanished out if you get more milage out of your $5. It's an old standard meant to work with older style low colour range scanning and so modern high resolution machines will always pick up the colour. Non-photo blue is a colour code that can be eliminated in a greenscreen fashion. You don't expect your roughwork to disappear when they market it on the packing.

7. June Gold Mechanical Dispensers Convenient

June Gold Mechanical Dispensers Convenient

There is a variety of ink. 5-Pk. There are 72 packs of 0.7mm HB #2 pencils pre-filled with 3 black leads. There are two lead dispensers that have 220 lead refill in them. Each of the 16 bonus erases is durable, smudge resistant, and colored. The pencil has a convenient side click button that allows for extra lead and a soft, comfortable non-slip grip that allows for all day use. Judgement and accuracy are important. Break resistant lead, dark and vibrant lines, smooth and clean writing, and of course no sharpening is required.

Brand: June Gold

👤I was excited to find a large amount of mechanical pencils. I was very disappointed when they arrived, the led is terrible. I don't think it's led it prints so light you can't even see it, my professor has asked me to switch writing utensils, and the pencils is way too thin, it's dollar store quality. This writing utensil is the worst I have ever seen, I had to press harder to get a picture of the print of a regular mechanical pencil, it was the darkest I could get. I can't believe I had to give this a star.

👤Shame on me. It's too good to be true. I wanted to send this as a gift to my child's teacher, but it looks terrible out of the box. These pencils are old and have been in transit a lot. I opened them up and decided to use them at home, but when I took it out of the package, all of the tops fell off. I would be very embarrassed to have given this as a gift, as they can be put back on, but it seems not to affect the product. It clicks on the side, which is very obnoxious to write with, and it is not a traditional click at the top. The click only grabs the lead every 3rd or 4th click. I will be interested to find out if these continue to fail me. I will find out soon enough that I am keeping them at home.

👤This is a product that you pay for. I received a great price for these pencils. My excitement changed to regret once received. I wanted my kids to have a thicker pencil. In the first few days, all 3 brought some back home because of the broken penciltrigger. I would understand if one or two of my kids broke them, but all three of them had multiple pencils. We went through half of them in the first month. The erasers are not a snug fit and come out easily.

👤I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. I bought a 0.7mm lead. I shared them with my fifth and sixth grade students. Everyone liked the pencils. The kids put it back on when the clip comes off. They write dark and use good erasers. The price for these pencils is not known. They were a great deal, we did the math.

👤I can't deny that I was disappointed by this purchase, but there's nothing more delightful than a box with a year's worth of mechanical pencils. The box is large and sturdy, but the pencils are light and hard to read, so you have to push hard on the paper to get something readable. All seventy-two of the pencils are useless to me, even though I didn't try to buy them. I prefer my writing darker than most, but I've had better quality from others. Cory

👤There is a good supply of pencils. The lead is better than many other pencils I've used, which makes this supply last longer. Since there is no easy way to remove the erasers, be careful when they wear down. The button that moves the lead can fall out, but it is easy to fix. The clips are flimsy, but I don't think this is a big deal. Cheap mechanical pencils can break easily and can be frustrating, and the lead is the most important part. These pencils suit me well because I have a heavy hand. They are the only pencils that my table top group uses, and I use them frequently in school. They're great for gaming and other things.

8. Sharpener AFMAT Sketching Prismacolor Adjustable

Sharpener AFMAT Sketching Prismacolor Adjustable

There is a large receptacle. Still use the old manual pencil sharpener? Their pencil sharpener can sharpen 3000 times. Fast, labor saving, lead not easy to break, and a large capacity shavings box are some of the advantages. The manual pencil sharpener is designed to give you a long point, ranging from 8mm to 20mm. The core is thicker. It is an inexpensive choice for artists. This model is not compatible with pastels or soft and brittle lead pencils. Before purchasing, please check your pencils compatibility. Thank you. The sharpness of the pen can be adjusted by rotating the knob on the handle. The black sandpaper is in the shavings box. The art pencil sharpener is your good partner. You need to look at this when you think of an elegant sketch set gift. It makes the painters feel comfortable. It's for your 8mm art pencils. The self-feed pencil sharpener is easy to use, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise, the pencil will move inside the sharpener with each crank, and the resistance will decrease as the pencil increases. When the pencil is done, don't sharpen any more, it will chew up your pencils.

Brand: Afmat

👤The sharpener is portable, it draws the pencil in as it sharpens, no need to hold the pencil, and it automatically stops when it is finished sharpening, leaving a long point or longer lead!

👤Where has this been all my life? I've been annoyed with standard sharpeners for a long time. They work great for writing, but I prefer a longer tip for art. I've been using a knife to get the length I wanted in my art pencils, which is time consuming and high maintenance. I'm very happy I found this crank style sharpener. The old school style with a handle is not electric, but it does have a helical sharpener inside. I just finished using my art pencils and this sharpener worked great on them. I admit that I have some thicker pencils that are too big to fit in the sharpener, but I will forgive that. This made my leads even softer. I can spend more time on my art and less time bent over a trash can.

👤Ahhhmazing! This thing is crazy. I've tried many pencil sharpeners. I used to have a style on the wall that worked well, but I ate some pencil and it didn't work out. The little hand held ones are terrible. This one is so amazing! It was easy to use and the pencils were sharp. You simply grind away with a pencil, until there is no resistance left. You take out a pencil and then go backwards, counter clockwise, and then 888-349-8884 AHHHMAZING. There is a wheel that you can use to adjust the sharpness. I made a lot of points. My husband told me to be careful pushing on tip and coloring hard if my point would break. Gave it some push and no breakie. I finally found a good sharpener and it was a very good price. I was going to buy another old timer to put on the wall. So happy. I did not. In my video, I'm having trouble showing you and doing it at the same time. I don't do a lot of videos. I think that's correct. I also have arthritis in my hands. You get the main idea. I can use this with arthritis. Very impressed!

👤I've purchased different types of pencil sharpeners, including expensive and inexpensive, single and double-sided, battery operated and hand cranking, etc. I came up with the Long Point pencil sharpener when I was searching for another pencil sharpener. I was not sure about spending money on another pencil sharpener and I was not sure about this one. It took me some time to make a decision. The instructions were printed in English and the drawing instructions were printed in Spanish. It is easy to operate, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise while holding the sharpener, the pencil will move inside the sharpener with each crank, and the pencil will come out on its own! The sharpness of the tip can be adjusted. It has a 12 months warranty. I wish I'd purchased it sooner. I sharpened these types of pencils and they look amazing. It is easier to see the true color of the pencils with the longer tip. Love it, love it.

9. Pentel EnerGel Retractable Assorted BLN75BP5M

Pentel EnerGel Retractable Assorted BLN75BP5M

The medium eraser is 1-1/4-inch wide. Liquid and gel ink are used for high performance ink technology. Left handed writers love liquid gel ink because it dries quickly. The barrel design has metal accents for a professional look. The latex-free grip gives you maximum comfort and control. There is a variety of ink. 5-Pk.

Brand: Pentel

👤These pens are not the same as the ones made in Japan. The back of the pen shoots off when one piece of the pen screws in to the other piece because the plastic cracks. I've tried duct taping it together but it doesn't work for long. The only thing these would be good for is a refill for another pen, because they do write very well and it's my favorite type of pen, but the ones I got must be a bad bunch because they're all breaking.

👤I like the ink in these expensive pens because I am a lefty and the ink dries quickly so I don't smudge my documents, but I have noticed that they have a 50% mortality rate. The barrel cracks when the rubber slip cover meets the plastic barrel. The pen becomes useless at that point. They're either bad design or not well constructed.

👤Very disappointed with this company. This was my favorite pen until this purchase. They are different now and come apart. It's not possible to get back in. Two of them fell apart within a week of me using them. I'm waiting on the third to follow suit. It's a shame because they are great writing pens. I feel like I just emptied my bank account. I don't recommend anymore.

👤These pens were made in Mexico. They fell apart. The pens labeled "Made in Japan" are available at Target.

👤I just bought these pens and I'm using the first one for the first time today, but I love, love these pens! I got a multicolor pack with a needle tip. It glides on the paper without skipping. I was fed up with my previous gel pens because I was always using them to fill out greeting cards and as a right-handed person. I used a Pilot pen to fill out the questionaire, but I had to let it dry for a day before I could put it in the envelope. The EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink pens are available. I absolutely love these pens. My signature is almost effortless because they glide so easily in the hand. A patient with Multiplesclerosis has had difficulty signing for years. The speed at which the ink dries is what I'm most impressed with. The ink on these pens was 888-282-0476 888-282-0476. I did a test this morning, writing a short line and then trying to get rid of it. I was amazed when I was able to touch the ink line with my fingers. Who has ever heard of ink drying quickly from a pen? It will be interesting to see if they keep writing, but I haven't seen any reviews that mention that. Thank you, EnerGel, for an outstanding pen! It's a good thing.

👤I didn't have high hopes for this product when I bought it. Most of the gel pens that I've tried don't dry fast enough and run out of ink too quickly. I was happy to find out that the pens wrote well with no ink puddles and the ink never skipped. This is the fastest drying gel pen I have ever tried. The rubber grip is very comfortable and it dries almost as soon as it touches the paper. The pen is 50% recycled. Bleeding was not a problem for me. I would buy this product again. Highly recommended! Also, for now. I don't know why my pens were made in Mexico, but my purple and green were made in Japan.

10. Magic Rub Eraser 1954 12Box

Magic Rub Eraser 1954 12Box

There are fun, translucent barrels with a comfortable textured grip. The professional quality vinyl eraser is latex free and absorbs ink from India. The thin and easy to hold erasers make it easy to erase small details of delicate drawings. It's great for small areas.

Brand: Prismacolor

👤I bought this because of the brand name. The description says vinyl arts erasers. These are not the same as the vinyl erasers that Prismacolor sells. The quality of these is poor, they are not made of solid material, the ink name on the front of the eraser is not made of solid material, and they have hole fabrications in the eraser, so beware, if you want an authentic vinyl artist. Don't buy them. If you need extra erasers, they will erase a child's homework. I have a true Prismacolor artist eraser, but it is not the same material or quality as the one I have.

👤I used these to match my pencils and markers, but they only ruin your drawing by making it look like there is a piece of paper on your page. They act like a drawing tool when they get dirty, as if they are a drawing tool, as if they touch white paper with a shade of grey. There is a box of worthless erasers in my possession. These worthless magic rub erasers are 100x worse than the dust free ones. I now have regrets. TheFaber-Castell-Pencil-Eraser-Erasing-6-2x2x1-25 cm/dp/B06Y2CWLB5 is available on Amazon.

👤I don't know if this was ever good, but it's garbage now. The old Staples eraser did the job 4 times better than the Magic one. It smudges everything before it wipes it away. If you are an artist, do not buy because you don't want your art to be ruined.

👤The quality of the erasers is not good, the ink comes out of the letters my fingers stained me, I just used it, and the rubber has holes in the boma, it is not completely right. I didn't like the quality.

👤My kid's teacher requested that I purchase these. I kept a few at home for homework because so many came in the box. I don't know how many of them broke in half or how my kids were using them. I won't buy them again. The one that didn't break doesn't erase the fact that people are glowing about it.

👤I like this product and recommend it. I tried out a bunch of them and they work well. The box was destroyed and damaged, but the erasers weren't damaged, so I don't really care about it. The shipping was very fast. I expected them to arrive next week, but they got here today with a separate order, which was a pleasant surprise. The app and website still say "Expected by Saturday" instead of "Delivered today", so there must be some glitch with the seller or Amazon. I thought I would mention it because it is a little weird.

👤You get white wax on dark plastic trim after polishing your car. I tried everything to remove this in the past, but it was still there. The erasers permanently remove the wax. I try not to hit the clear coat while using it because it could lead to a dull finish.

👤I will only buy these now. The old style pink erasers smudged and didn't erase everything properly. The Magic Rub erasers are better. When my son's teacher requested these specifically on the back to school list, I thought it was silly to have to find this one. They don't smudge or look like old school erasers. They erased! They named it Magic Rub. These do not break apart like pink erasers and last a long time.

11. Nicpro Mechanical Drafting Sketching Sharpener

Nicpro Mechanical Drafting Sketching Sharpener

Rough sketches will not appear when photocopied or scanned. There are 6 PCS drafting pencils and 8 tubes of lead refill in 0.2mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm. The metal body has an ideal weight balance for drawing and writing. It makes you more effective and high quality. 4 PCS mechanical pencils are ideal for use with rulers and templates, various line sizes and tip lengths. Your demand is satiesfy by the size of it. The shape of the mechanical writing pencils makes them not slide on drawing tables. The 2mm lead holder has a metal threaded anti-skidding pen tube with sharpener in the cap of a mechanical pencil, extra 2pcs lead sharpener are also provided for the 2.0 lead to keep the fine point as they dull. It's ideal for artists, professionals, teachers and students. It's perfect for drawing, writing, drafting, and sketching.

Brand: Nicpro

👤I looked through each pencil. They all worked well, with a few exceptions. The 2 x 2.0,.07, and.09 all worked well. The.03 is prone to break. When I used a different lead, it worked better. The weather may have affected some of the leads. The lead would slip back into the housing when I tried to draw. That was not a lead or pencil problem. A.03 lead was inserted into a.05 pencil. There was no longer a problem after I changed to a.05 lead. I have a camper. All pencils work as they should.

👤The pencils are easy to hold and don't slip out of your hands even though they are flat on all edges. The main reason I bought this set was because of the 0.3mm pencil. The lead wouldn't come out when I tried to use it. I took the cap and the part that pushes it out was working, but the cap that went on top didn't. I tried to push the lead through the top but it wouldn't work and there was a broken lead in the pencil. I can't use that because the lead is too fragile to push out. I am unable to use the 0.3 because there is no way for me to get it out. I purchased a different pencil that wasn't broken after I was disappointed with the one I received. Good luck in your purchase, it might be different.

👤This product should not be rated a 5. I rate it a 10. The quality of the pencils is excellent. Even if you don't use mechanical pencils, it's an offer that would be foolish to refuse. It would be a good time to start. You can make a necklace of them. These things are great to display on a desk. The 2.0 drafting pencils don't spill out like most drafting pencils because you click the button and the lead advance with each click. The higher end mechanical pencils have the advanced lead. I feel guilty because of the offer, but it comes with free shipping. I don't associate with the seller when I say, "order a box now!" The seller should be rich if he made a penny profit per unit. This set is awesome. This would be a great gift for someone. I rate the product, the manufacturer, their workers, the seller, and all involved in the delivery of the product as 10 and beyond with a prayer for The Almighty's blessings on every last person! Two thumbs up and a shout out from the rooftops! Excellent!

👤The rest seem to be doing well, one broke almost immediately. I love using them for class, although my.05 had a far shorter period of use than I expected. The lead cannot pass through the hole in the tip and crush itself against the inside of the cap once you refill them. I tried to clear the hole with a needle, but it didn't work.

👤I started drawing with these pencils and the.03 lead, but the lead broke at the slightest applied pressure, so I had to use a different pencil. The pencils are dying off one by one and the.03 would not successfully reload. It was useless to me. More money, time and effort wasted. ... I wouldn't recommend these.


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