Best Electric Extension Cord 15 Ft

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1. SlimLine 2232 Angled Extension White

SlimLine 2232 Angled Extension White

The general purpose indoors and outdoors. Use the black extension cord to illuminate the yard or patio. It's rated for use in the home or office. InDOOR SlimLine 13 ft extension cord. It is ideal for use in the office or home. The flat design eliminates bulky cords fromcluttering your indoors. You can still push furniture against the wall by using FLAT PLUG. The other outlets will still be able to use them despite the right angle plug blocking them. 3 holes allow you to power multiple appliances at the same time. The flat plug can be easily removed from the wall.

Brand: Woods

👤I ordered this item to plug the lamp into. Within 90 seconds of plugging the lamp into the cord, it was on fire. Three foot flames shooting out of the cord, only a few feet from my eight week old son. Thankfully, we were able to extinguish the flames before anyone was hurt, and we lost our home, but we lost two rugs, a blanket, and our lamp. This product is not safe.

👤There are no cable jackets that protect against hot and neutral wires in the incidents where the cable caught on fire. The ground is so weak that it can break in a second. I tried to change the plug. I was surprised to find a cord without cable jackets.

👤Terrible. You would think an extension cord should be easy to use, if you read the other reviews. A standard American cord for a portable boom box is not safe or functional. I don't want their 2nd try, so I won't bother with a return.

👤I returned it because it was hard to plug things into the outlets and one stopped working suddenly. I don't need to worry about electrical fires or anything because I have a reliable power strip that works consistently.

👤I like the 8' version of these and have purchased two of them. The image shows that the plug goes to the right, which I need, and the other end has two plugs on one side, and one on the other. That's not what I received. The plug on the 13' is different from the picture and what I need, and the other end has three plugs on the same side, making it less useful. I did not get what I was expecting from the product image and similar 8' products, but it is an extension cord that works.

👤An extension cord can be used to solve a problem. I have a heavy futon that was resting against a power outlet. I needed an extension cord, but I didn't want the futon to sit too close to the wall. The flat plug of this cord allowed me to push the futon against the wall. I was able to easily direct the cord to the correct area in my room since it also incorporates a swivel mechanism. There's no need for me to ever move the futon because it's resting exactly where I want it to. As far as the cord goes, it works as expected, providing 3 prong outlets for my grounded electronic items. The design of this one gave me an extra benefit, unlike all extension cords that do the same thing.

👤I only received one of the two I ordered. It was too late to do anything about it, because I realized that your order is on its way for one of them. The one cord I received has worked just fine, but it is not right angle as stated. Not what I needed. I deal with it. The person is named "Michelle."

👤One of the outlets won't accept a plug.

2. Twin Extension Cord Power Strip

Twin Extension Cord Power Strip

6 ft long cords on each end of the "TWIN CORD" Wall Hugger Polarized Extension Cord. Slim Design allows you to hide behind furniture. This unique split electrical cord plugs in to any outlet from the middle of the cord and has a 6 foot extension cable on each end, ideal for Bedroom, Living Room, office, Kitchen, Tree House or anywhere that needs additional outlets. The sleek flat head plug is ideal for tight spaces and is great to plug in your multiple electric gadgets. Heavy Duty and Extra light Weight design on the 3 Polarized Two Prong Outlets on each adapter. The Max Amps: 13 are listed for safety by the U.S. government.

Brand: W4w

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The plugs on my side of the bedroom were taken up by my husband's stuff. I was unable to get the bed to budge for the clearance I needed to place the extension cord, so I had to use a plug behind the center of the bed. I wanted to have a lamp. I was finally able to illuminate my routine without moving into the spare bedroom, thanks to the flat profile and long reach of this cord. I was happy when I was able to turn on my lamp for the first time in a long time. He can now move some of his stuff to his side. I can no longer leave my phone in another room with the excuse that I don't have a place to charge it in the bedroom, but I'll milk that as long as I can.

👤The flat plug is great because you can push your furniture closer to the wall without damaging the cord. I use these behind every piece of furniture I own. I would like to see 3 prongs instead of just the non-polarized plugs. I haven't found any extension cords that have both the flat plug and 3 prongs. Don't buy the 2-pack because it isn't the same. You're getting two extension cords, not two "twin" extension cords. It was very misleading.

👤Someone thought if this is genius. We use this behind our bed, which is all the way against the wall, and only has an outlet in the center of the headboard. This way my husband and I can plug in our things on our own side of the bed, without having to use the other outlets in the room. Enough space for each of us to have a sound machine and a clock.

👤I plugged it in behind the bed, pushed the bed against the wall, and plugged in our lamps. It was easy and effective. Would recommend! The outlet is in the middle of the room. The flat outlet plug is sturdy and seems a lot safer than having an extension cord bent or crushed against the bed. A medium sized dog and a king size bed for reference.

👤I bought a couple of these extension cords. There is a spare on the 2nd. The day before Christmas, they arrived. My son and his son visited on Christmas Day, and I put my grandson to work. He had to get on his knees and root around to reach the wall sockets and plug the cords in for me. He had to re-do the extension to fit me, but we got my pump plugged in and off the path. That's a sigh of relief. It seems like a good value for the money, but it's too soon to grade the sturdiness.

👤I bought this extension cord to go behind my bed. The extensions are not 3 hole grounded plugs. The 3 hole plug was useless for what I needed it for. I kept it for another part of the house.

3. Maximm Cable Rotating Extension Grounded

Maximm Cable Rotating Extension Grounded

It's perfect for Christmas lights and decorations on the outside. LIP RESISTANT DESIGN. The temperature range is -40F to +140F. TheROTATINGPLUG: The Maximm extension cord has a rotating flat supply power plug that allows you to access the outlet in any direction you want. The space saver is located in the middle of the room. The AC power cord can be converted to a slim rotating plug. Plug into the top outlet and use the bottom outlet with the rotating cord. The flat plug is designed for tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything that is close to the wall not allowing you to use the standard outlet. 3-pronged outlets, grounded plug for safety and convenience, are the highest quality. 13 Amp 125Volt, 1625 Watts.

Brand: Maximm

👤The cords are great. I have 4 of them. They are made with a thick cord and a durable plug. These are super versatile because of the right angle. I used one of them to fit in the small space behind my fountain and the other to feed the cord out through the outlet cover port to connect the pump. I'll buy another for the fountain lighting which will fit in the same outlet with the wi-fi connection, thanks to the slim profile and swivel of these plugs. I purchased two others that worked perfectly to route electricity along the soffit by my patio for my "cafe" lighting over my pool. The right angle plug helped with the appearance of the cords. The extension to the short power cord that came with my wife's Instant Pot was purchased by me. I'm happy with the plugs. I have had no issues with the first one I bought. These will be my go to for cord extension needs.

👤When that outlet is blocked, the one that controls the light switch for lamps is the only one left. I'm so angry. The problem was solved by this. I couldn't help myself, but I said something to the outlet. Take that! "That'll teach ya" is a drivel. It made me happy because now I don't have to worry about accidentally shutting down my electronic world when someone flips the light on. No! Don't touch that! No. The Rat Whiskers! I told you not to do that.

👤I was hoping that this extension would be everything I hoped it would be. I had a cabinet that I wanted to snug up as close to the wall as possible, but only because of the thickness of the baseboard at floor level. I wanted to connect an extension cord to the electrical outlet behind the cabinet. The maximum cable allowed me to do this. The electrical plug and chord are stuck out from the wall, limiting how close you can get to furniture or appliances. The furniture can be placed close to the wall with the maximum cable. Problem #1 was solved. The plug rotates so that the cord can go in any direction away from the outlet. This allows you to use multi-plug outlets and to aim the extension chord in the direction power is needed. Problem #2 was solved. I connected a multi-outlet power strip that I had on hand, and plugged the appliances into that, because I needed several lamps and appliances to connect to this same extension. It would be great if Maximum Cable made a product that included both features and a multi-outlet end.

👤I saw it fail and it is a good thing. The device plugged into this wouldn't turn on unless I took the cord out of the plug, and then it worked for a couple of seconds, but then the plug had a complete breakdown in front of me. I'm not going to say that these plugs are a fire hazard. If these cords destroy your home or harm anyone, you may want to ask your insurance agent if your home coverage will cover it. $30 will be put into the garbage.

4. GoGreen Power GG 24815 Household Extension

GoGreen Power GG 24815 Household Extension

Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace it with a new item if it goes wrong. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Go Green Power Inc.

👤It was absolutely done for the purpose needed. The air conditioner was plugged in all the way out in the hallway because the apartment manager refused to install another electrical outlet. It's a good thing.

👤I use this outside to power my deck, umbrella pole, and hanging lights, with the outlet near the top. I know it's indoor rated. I needed a flat cable for the purpose. The cable is small, has a cross section, and is adequate to power a few lights. The cable is durable and will hold up against the weather. I change it every couple of years before it becomes brittle and an electrical safety hazard. It works well for my purpose.

👤It was difficult to plug in. It would start to spark when you plugged in items using force. It was thrown into the trash. Terrible product. You get what you pay for.

👤The cord looked good, but the receptacle was not. All of the wide slots are not big enough to accept the plugs. The wide pins. The cord is useless but the insulation part felt thick. It took a long time to arrive.

👤The only complaint I have is that I have to have an accessory for the plugs. If you want a heavier duty outdoor type extension cord that can handle 3 prongs, you have to get one that is orange or green, but I think most of the common type little household extension cords are the same way. I have to get one of those now because the 3prong is not hard to find. That is the only reason for rating. I think that the small extension cords should be the same as the larger ones since they use less electricity and are more portable. Light extension cords are only used for 2 prong use, but I really believe that needs to change. People use plyers to pull the 3rd prongs off of things so they can plug it in.

👤The plug on my aquarium filter only works in one of the 3 outlets on the extension cord. The other 2 outlets would not work properly as the prongs would not go in far enough. I guess you get what you pay for with this cord. The buyer should be warned.

👤I couldn't find a 25-foot length of lamp wire. I cut the extension cord off. It works well.

👤One may think that an extension cord is not worth looking at. In my case, brown was essential, and it had to be as invisible as possible under a carpet. This one was perfect for all those needs. So... a good rating on its value? I'm happy with it for now, but time will tell.

5. Foot Outdoor Extension Cord Appliances

Foot Outdoor Extension Cord Appliances

High quality. 13 Amp, 125 Amp, 1625 Watts are great. Iron Forge Cables has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace it with a new item if it goes wrong. Water retention is a problem. The flexible vinyl covering protects cords. REINFORCED BLADES are used to protect against bending or breaking. 16 GAUGE durable wire, 15 foot, 13 Amp, 125 volt, 1625 watt, 3-wire grounded, 5-15P/R, UL listed. All purpose elastic cords are used indoors and outdoors. It's great for gardening, landscaping, or power. It's perfect for Christmas lights and decorations on the outside. LIP RESISTANT DESIGN. The temperature range is -40F to +140F.

Brand: Iron Forge Cable

👤The smell of this cord is terrible. Unless it is kept in a plastic bag, it will fill a room with a strong chemical odor. I think it smells bad because it is an outdoor cord and it has a flame retardant coating on it. I have to keep this in my garage. After wiping down the cord twice, it smells too much to stay open in a room. I bought this for my garage, but I can't keep it in my quarters. It would take a long time for the chemical fumes to go away. It's unfortunate that it smells bad. Maybe it's because of the flame retardant ability.

👤I use this cord in the winter to run a bird bath heater. It worked perfectly for a month. I bought a protection to keep water out of the connection. It runs from the garage through my backyard and has been buried under snow for weeks. When the photo was taken, the temperature was -11F. It is still working. Very happy with the cord! It is still going strong a year later.

👤I don't understand why the listing says water resistant, when the packaging says not to use in wet area. I can't use this item, but it's too small to return. I can use this in a dry garden, but not in a house with rain.

👤It looks like a quality product and works, but why does a product advertised for outdoor use have multiple warnings that say things like "never use in wet conditions" and "always store" when not in use. It was made in China.

👤Don't buy cheap extension cords. I made a mistake once. The cord is flexible and heavy duty.

👤The cord seems to work well. I needed a longer cord to connect the power to the heater. I have no reason to think that it won't do its job through the winter snows, it has withstood rain and strong winds. I would recommend this seller and product because of the excellent delivery to our home.

👤I got the Iron Forge cords for my Christmas lights. After several weeks, there have been no issues. The green blends well with the grass. It was better to use red and orange cords than it was to use orange and red cords. It might be a little pricey for off of Amazon. The 10 footer was purchased for $17.97 on 12/10/2018. I saw it listed for 14.41 on 12/29. I think that was a pre Christmas markdown. I thought it might have been made in the US, but apparently they are made in China. I would knock them for that.

👤I have been using this extension cord for a while. I just had a snow in October, and the extension cords survived.

6. Lighted Outdoor Extension Electrical Outlets

Lighted Outdoor Extension Electrical Outlets

The plug is compatible with any power device that uses a Type A or Type B USA outlet. All purpose elastic cords are used indoors and outdoors. It's great for gardening, landscaping, or power. Multiple use for 3 outlets in one. Water retention is a problem. The flexible vinyl covering protects cords. REINFORCED BLADES are used to protect against bending or breaking. The wire is heavy duty and has a 1875 watt, 5-15P/R, and is listed. When the power is on, the lights are on. LIP RESISTANT DESIGN. Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace it with a new item if it goes wrong.

Brand: Iron Forge Cable

👤It ran out of replacement warranty in time for it to work great. The cords to my air compressor and vacuum were melted by the fire. Thankfully I was nearby and saw the smoke and smell and was able to shut off the power source before damage was done.

👤The female tri end only has about 1/6 of the contact with what you plug into. The female portion of the wire is terrible, looks heavy duty, but the blades are terrible. I bought 10 of them because I trusted the reviews. I smoked out the female connection in the plug after a week of use and also used a chop saw 15 Amp draw. They are great for TV, VCR, Computers, Video Games, but will not hold up to tools. Why would you skimp on the most important part of the set up? The compressor will pop like a fuse if it's plugged in. I wish I had used one when I first purchased them, I would have sent all 10 back, including the one I cut open to see how it was made. Disappointed. I live on SSI and it's a waste of money. Always buy one and check it before buying anything.

👤It's not lit by a light that's light-years away from an actual light, but a NE-2 type neon lightbulb. The female end connectors have a thin strip of metal that serves as the contact point with attached plugs instead of a full length conductor. I don't feel comfortable using it because of the tiny metal contact points on the female sockets and the false information about how the cord is lighted.

👤Not for outside use. I bought a heavy cord with a timer to come on in the morning so I could work on my truck's engine block heater before the cold weather set in. The truck failed to start because the cord tripped the breaker from shorting out from the clear plug end. The female side. I had to unhook the cord because the fire was bouncing around inside the plug.

👤This thing goes off a couple times a month but is not actually cutting the circuit. A person gave this as a gift and put it on the outlet to make the connection safer before a storm. Sometimes it jiggles and wakes them up, but it never tripped, and sometimes it doesn't, but it does wake them up. After reading the other reviews, I called and told them to stop because others said it gets hot when it acts like that.

👤At first, it worked great, but now it's not. If I held it in a certain way it would work, but if the cord moved it wouldn't. I don't know if I can use it again because it goes on and off so fast.

👤I use this in my bedroom because I live in a very drafty home. If my room is left unmoderated, I can refridgerate food. This little heater does a great job of heating my room quickly and efficiently, I don't notice much change in the draw, my lights don't dim when it flicks itself on, and I don't notice much change in the temperature of my room. The internal thermo is great. It's also very accurate, as I've used a thermometer on the wall in my room to keep an eye on the heat/cold during seasons. I use my pc in there, and it's sensitive to steep changes in temp. There is a If you want to heat a room that is about the size of a kids room, and has 6-7 foot ceilings, then this is the heater you'll want. If you place it high. The electrical draw is too much for regular extension cords and surge protectors, so just remember to purchase the proper extension. There is no heat at the wall source, and there is no electrical power outlet where the heater is, so I bought an outdoor extension cord on Amazon. Absolutely perfect.

7. Woods 2451 Extension Connector Conductor

Woods 2451 Extension Connector Conductor

The 16/3 SJTW cable is ETL listed and meets all industry standards. Follow the instructions on the products package for recycling. It's ideal for use on farms. All weather cord is tangle free during use. The water resistance vinyl jacket is oil and water resistant. You can power multiple appliances at the same time. The 14 gauge extension cord has three pronged blades to prevent accidental bending or breaking. 15 Amps, 125 volts, 1,825 watt extension cord. There are 3 power outlets. There are 3 power outlets.

Brand: Woods

👤I bought this product to use in my business. The first time it was used, there was a manufacturing defect. We tried to get the manufacturer to fix the problem. We have been unable to get a response from the manufacturer's contact portal. Amazon will not replace this flawed product and the manufacturer will not support it. NotRECOMMENDED.

👤I needed a new extension cord for my mower. Since I was younger, extension cords have become more expensive, but you could pick them up for nothing. Hardware shops and websites had the same gauge. It isn't too stiff making it easier to use. I don't have to worry about it splitting soon because it is well constructed. If you are looking for this type, I would recommend it.

👤The conductors are undersized. It's easy to overheat. To re power an oil filled radiator, cut the 50' cord down to 22'. The original cord was 16ga. The 14ga size waspped due to the longer length of the factory cord. The first 3 feet of the cord would heat up to over 150 degrees. It can't handle a load that is less than half the original length.

👤The old one extension cable had stopped working and I bought this to replace it. This one is not as stiff as the one I replaced. It's much easier to use and wind up when you finish it. I bought mine and the price went up 40%. I thought it was a good deal at the old price, but not sure about it after the big price jump.

👤The price point and the speed of delivery are what I like the most. I disliked the quality and sturdiness the most. This is what happened when I used this cord 3 times. I missed the return window buy, and I'm not happy about it. I recommend spending the extra $5 at Home Depot. I'm going to have to do that.

👤I have left these extension cords outside without incident. They're not garish yellow or orange extension cords and they're designed to survive being left outside. They are used to power patio lights. I'm not sure burying them would be a good idea, but since they're not intrusive I haven't tried.

👤It was not clear from the description that this product was not used outside. I couldn't use them outside. It looked like an outdoor cord. The seller should have made it clear. There is a The cords smell like oil. It is a good product for indoor use, but it should be clearly labeled. I lost my money when I gave them to Good Will.

👤I wanted to mention that it is UL certified, but that is not true once you get it, it is listed multiple places on the packages. I use this cord for a space heating device. The space heater is 1500 watt and the cord is 1824 watt. I have reservations about the one end plug being a safety issue because it gets a little warm. I need to use the extension cord because I don't have outlets in the cellar. I am happy with the product and the price is hard to beat for a large cord, so hopefully it doesn't become an issue. I would recommend anyone.

8. Clear Power Extension Resistant DCOC 0123 DC

Clear Power Extension Resistant DCOC 0123 DC

You can use it in your home, office, dorm room, kitchen, living room and more. Extensible reach: The 15 ft extension cord is perfect for providing power. Extending the reach to your home outlet is easy with the 16/3-gauge power extension cord. The black cord. Black extension cord blends into the outdoor workspace or any office environment to extend the reach for your lighting, decorations and appliances. Extra safety is provided by a 3-prong ground plug and connector. The jacket protects against the elements. The agency was tested and certified for use in the USA and Canada. There is resilience and swiftness. The blades protect the prongs from being broken. The nickel-coated brass blades are safe to use. The temperature at which the wire works is from -40F to +140F. The general purpose indoors and outdoors. Use the black extension cord to illuminate the yard or patio. It's rated for use in the home or office.

Brand: Clear Power

👤You shouldn't buy this cord for cold weather. The T is a poor choice for cold. Look for an E for Elastomer.

👤I didn't look closely since this is an outdoor extension cord. I've never seen an extension corded that didn't have a grounded, 3-prong plug. I got this in the mail, hung it up in the garage, and used it this morning. I couldn't put my air compressor in it. It only accepts two-prong plugs. It's really sad. I don't know why anyone would make this. Any electrical product I use outdoors or in the garage has threeprongs. I should have looked at the title more closely.

👤The power cord is nice. It delivers power from the outlet to the other end. Is it magic? I don't know, but it works. It looks nice. Unless you don't want white. I wanted white. It came in a white color. I recommend this to anyone who wants a white power cord.

👤The power cord is very heavy duty. It is weather proofed and insulated. It is twice as heavy as a Home Depot cord of the same length and gauge.

👤The cord is perfect for the yard. I've used it on a leaf blower. I drag and pull the cord around my house and I'm happy that it's holding up. The value is great, the box stores were twice as much for half as long, so I'll be using it for a long time.

👤I use this for utility needs in my backyard and garage. It doesn't have a ground and can't accommodate appliances that need a grounded plug. It's pretty ridiculous. I assumed that all orange utility cables would accommodate this, so I was shame on myself for not noticing. I was shocked that this one didn't. Will be going back to get a proper power cord.

👤I use the cord outdoors to connect my motion sensor lights to the outlet. The length of the cord was the most important and this definitely does the job, even though I would have preferred it in black. It fits nicely into the plastic cover over the outdoor outlet.

👤I bought some extension cords for Christmas. I needed something that would be flexible in the extreme cold of Alaska, and these said they were good to -40F. They were stiff as soon as it hit -10). Luckily for me, I had already plugged them in, so I didn't need them to move much, at least they got the job done.

9. Cable Matters 2 Pack Extension Outlet

Cable Matters 2 Pack Extension Outlet

The brown finish of the extension cord makes it perfect for creating a centralized hub for your electronics at your home, office, workshop or garage. The white extension cord can be used indoors with equipment such as a lamp, mobile device, TV, small electronics or other device with a 2 prong power cord. The power cord extension can be used for up to 13 Amps or 1625 Watts to support common voltage power requirements in the home or office. Flexible and flat electric cord with an SPT-2 cord is more reliable and travel friendly than a thinner 18 AWG two-prong extension cord. The flat extension cord has a 13 Amps/ 1625 Watts rating and can be used to extend a TV power cord from an HDTV. 2-pack of extension cord 2 prong includes a lifetime warranty and product support 2-pack of extension cord 2 prong includes a lifetime warranty and product support

Brand: Cable Matters

👤Extension cords are what they are. They do their job. Stop reading reviews about a few dollar extension cords. This item is not as interesting as a cup of water. Buy one if you need one. If you don't move onto the next boring product. I would like to suggest reviews of the paper.

👤I'm not sure how to review an extension cord. You plug it in the outlet, then you put your electronic device in it. Oh... Do not use in the shower, just try to be helpful.

👤One of the cables stopped working. I think it overheated while I was charging my phone.

👤Cheap stuff made in Bangladesh.

👤I have these lights, right? In the living room. The flip flap patty wack cords did not reach the electrical outlets. Oh yeah, darn it! I began to pray and wish for a miracle after I cried in despair for several days, thinking that the living room could shrink or the lamps' cords would grow to reach the outlet. It wasn't to be. I bought them. The problem was solved by grade A+. They're extension cords.

👤I did a little homework and found these which have a higher wattage capacity, because they don't carry enough load for some things to feel safe. It was for my new crock pot and the cord was too short for most of my outlets. I have some work to do and only have one that is currently in use for a MacBook Pro laptop charger and a wifi thingie. I wouldn't plug 3 separate items in it. I have a third surge protector that is a fire hazard if papers fall on it. I use 2 in my computer room. Six feet is long. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I gave one cord as a present.

👤These are more attractive than the thin brown extensions in stores. The labels are wrapped on the wires. I understand that warning labels are necessary, otherwise we'd take baths with live extensions or do dishes in a sink full of water. Who hasn't done this when there isn't a label present? At least these Darwin-labels come off easy enough, but your own branded labels... was there a sale on crazy glue for labels somewhere? I have already bought the extensions, so I will be reminded of who I bought the label from if I forget. I'm annoyed at the scraper because it's a really sticky label, and I'm also annoyed at the company name. You have a nice product, but it's easy to brand it. I bought it.

👤I don't like the orange hospital beige or camo green, and it's hard to find black extension cords. I was happy to pick up a pair, but I'm not sure if they are short enough for what I'm looking for. They do the job.

👤Vous pouvons tout un grand expert en marketing. Bon qualité-prix. I am fier aux évaluations and j'en suis qui ist des 5 étoiles.

👤Nuff said to EXPENSIVE! Check your dollar store.

10. AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet White

AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet White

You can extend power when you need it most with the 2-pack of Amazon Basics extension cords. For use indoors with consumer electronics, tools, media equipment and more. Reliable construction with flexible vinyl cord sheath and durable plug connector housing. It is easy to use. Plug and play design with multiple outlets and lights. 13 Amp/125V power delivery; 16 AWG.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The heavy AWG and 12A are perfect. A heavier cord is needed. This is an acceptable extension for any application. Never use an extension cord to plug in your heater.

👤I have used extension cords for years and one of the most important things is that the cord is straight and flexible. The way the cords are packaged makes 99% of them pre-knead from the factory. It takes a lot of work to get these cords into usable condition. Whoever makes this cord knows how to roll and store a cord so you don't have to struggle with it every time you use it. You can see that it is coiled instead of smashed into a mess. The cords will be loosened up and straight in less than a minute. The other cords will take hours of work to get usable, if I manage to do it.

👤The extension cord works. The nearest outlet is 12 feet away. I would buy this again if I needed another extension cable. I regret my purchase but the product is fair. The product used a few times. The product is good and I use it a lot. I would purchase more than one if I could. It is definitely recommended to others.

👤It has one outlet and is a long extension cord. The cord is about 1.5mm thick. I don't know what else to say, 20ft is exactly as long as I need it to go from the middle of one wall to the end of the next. I used fancy zip ties. You will thank me later if you buy those as well. My ex left me last week and I'm sorry, I'm compensating for my depression with reckless spending.

👤You need to plug/unplug different items when your wall outlet isn't easy to reach. The cord is stiff so don't expect it to bend around obstacles.

👤My food processor has two feet of short power cords. So they can use lighter-gauge wire while they're running? It saves the manufacturers a dime per unit. There is a I need a processor near the kitchen sink. In my older kitchen, the nearest outlet is over 4 feet from the sink. I have power strips, but they're not enough to string across my counter. The 3-foot extension cord looks like it will take care of my problem. It seems well-made. I'll have a better idea after making cranberry relish at Thanksgiving. I'm happy so far. I will have to cook more. What was I thinking?

👤I bought this extension cord in the spring. It has been a long time since I have been outside to power my lights. It is strong. The coating on this thing surprised me. It holds my extension cords. If you order one, you will most likely get another one or two.

👤It is 20' long. It plugs in. I plug one end into an outlet and the other into a thing, and the thing can turn on 20' further away from the outlet than it otherwise would. I don't know what else to say. It comes coiled in a circle, rather than being tightly bound in a figure-8 shape, and that means there are no problems from the start.

11. GE Extension Perfect Kitchen 51957

GE Extension Perfect Kitchen 51957

Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace it with a new item if it goes wrong. The brown finish of the extension cord makes it perfect for creating a centralized hub for your electronics at your home, office, workshop or garage. The brown finish of the extension cord makes it perfect for creating a centralized hub for your electronics at your home, office, workshop or garage.

Brand: Ge

👤I have a fish. I named it Voldebo but I would not let the boy die. I bought the handsome guy a contraption to keep his fish feathers from flipping around the fish tank at the store. I didn't want my new child to become a frozen fish filet in Chicago. But. If it weren't for this 12-foot extension cord with 3 outlets, his little tushy coulda would have turned into a big ol crackly ice crust. It's perfect in length and size and saved this little boy's life and now he sits on the shelf like a king and we can all savor his glory. I love him. I'm happy he's alive. Thank you for the cord. You have made me happy.

👤I received my GE 12 extension cord from Amazon because my life was so dark. My dead cell phone battery is no longer an issue, as I am able to get through my unlit bedroom. I can charge my phone at night. Since I couldn't call an ambulance from my phone battery being dead, I will not go to Urgent Care in the dark. I would like to thank Amazon for the fast delivery that helped me get through the night. My life will never be the same.

👤I can't use this, it has a deep gouge in the plastic shielding down to the copper and looks burnt out of the box! I tried to return the product but was told it was not eligible.

👤Cord gets realllly hot when he uses this for a month. It seems like it is starting the burn from the inside. I use a heating/fan for my phone. More is expected from a GE product.

👤I thought my phone cord was the problem. I have only owned it for 2 weeks and it hasn't worked. The money was wasted.

👤I only have one plug in my entire bedroom that runs off of the wall switch, so I needed an extension cord to allow for all of my lamps to come on when I flip the switch. This does what I need it to do. I've had brown ones and they looked bad.

👤Exactly what we said. The thinner type of cord is used inside for lamps or TV set ups. I had to use one to stretch my lamp cord a little longer than I could with my older style two-prong outlet. This did a perfect job. It has two plug ins on one side and one on the other. The plug on has to be twisted in order to be plugged in. If you have younger children, this is a good thing. It's not a big deal for me, but you have to mess with it for a few seconds to plug it in.

👤The location and count of the outlets have not been changed despite the electrical wiring being updated. The nearest electrical outlet is almost always in the wrong place. This cord solved the problem for one troublesome area. The cord and plug are well made and the different lengths listed made ordering just the right one easy.


What is the best product for electric extension cord 15 ft?

Electric extension cord 15 ft products from Woods. In this article about electric extension cord 15 ft you can see why people choose the product. W4w and Maximm are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric extension cord 15 ft.

What are the best brands for electric extension cord 15 ft?

Woods, W4w and Maximm are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric extension cord 15 ft. Find the detail in this article. Go Green Power Inc., Iron Forge Cable and Clear Power are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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