Best Electric Extension Cord Reel

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1. Bayco KW 110 Storage Center 100 Feet

Bayco KW 110 Storage Center 100 Feet

13 Amp/125V power delivery; 16 AWG. Durability and safety are tested in the toughest situations. Quality materials were used in the design. It's used in recreation levels. It is 11 inches in length. It is impact resistant. Holds up to 100 foot or more. Holds up to 100 foot or more.

Brand: Bayco

👤The point of a cord reel is to roll up the cord. When you hold the hand hold and try to turn the real thing into something, the two of them are non-functional. It is useless for its intended purpose. The fact that they were nonfunctional leads me to believe that they are all bad.

👤I have no idea about extension cords. I don't use extension cords often, and I'm not an electrician or a contractor. I have no idea what the product listing means. My extension cord doesn't have any markings on it to show how many "SJTs" it has. I ignored all that and clicked buy, hoping for the best. It didn't work out. My cord is 90 feet long and has a diameter of just over one inch. It doesn't fit. It's going back. If your extension cord is thick like mine, you're in the 75' camp. The thicker cords are less flexible and roll up more tightly. You could pull the cord around an object to add tension, but who has time for that? I wouldn't need this in the first place if I were that patient and careful. Do you want to know what it's like to try out a product and feel stupid? The video is interesting.

👤The product was almost non functional when it arrived. How would you ask? See the picture. There is a problem with their tooling that did not cause the reel to spin. The handle for the reel should be able to glide freely in the raceway. I should be able to fix this with some effort. What should I have expected?

👤Five stars for usefulness. I used the two I purchased for a 150-foot RG6 and a 100 foot Cat7 cable to set up audio and video equipment at the festivals. The wide-slider-handle is perfect for my large hand to hold it comfortably. I pulled the cable out of the keeper-hole and wove it back through the cutouts. I don't have to untangle the entire length to connect it because this gives me a pigtail. If I was going too fast, I had to stop a few times. In the photo, these were both fast and loose winds, to see if the size was right. If you take your time, it would be the perfect size for 150 feet of coax, even if you are going to be sloppy. There is plenty of room left on the reel. I just bought two more extension cords. 4-stars for quality. They are sturdy enough. I would expect something similar for this price-point. Maybe a bit brittle. I wouldn't let them go to waste. I wouldn't consider them to be "touring" grade. You'll spend more for those. 3.0-stars for build quality. There are some small bits of leftover material in the raceway, which is inconvenient for the handle. It is easy to fix with a razor-knife. The second two I bought had the same bit and the handle screw was very loose. An easy fix.

2. Green Leaf WW3D Wonder Extension

Green Leaf WW3D Wonder Extension

3 Grounded Outlets Triple Tap with Indicator Light The grounded triple tap pigtail allows you to power multiple appliances at the same time and maximize the usage of power strips and wall outlets; an indicator lights up when the cord is powered to let you know the reel is ready to use. It is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Fast and easy - quickly wind up and roll out. The large CAPACITY is 150 ft. Of decay. Heavy duty construction. Product will only accept 14/3 or 16/3 gauge cords. Product will only accept 14/3 or 16/3 gauge cords.

Brand: Green Leaf

👤I initially thought this would be a useful addition to my shop. During the summer, this worked well. It's not much to write home about. The winding mechanism is not the best I've ever seen and you have to hold a lot of pressure on the plate to make it wind. This really doesn't work in cold weather and that's the reason for two stars. Premium extension cords won't hold cold cable. The winder does not work below freezing, but it does work in higher temperatures. If you only plan on using this indoors, this may work well for you. If you plan on using this outdoors and the temperature drops below 40f, I wouldn't recommend this.

👤The problem is that when I break out 50' of 100' foot extension cords, they end up being twisted together, no matter how careful I am about hanging them up. The Wonder Extension Cord Winder is the solution. It makes dealing with extension cords much easier and yard work much less difficult. No more knots, no more mess. First, the instructions need to be updated. The instructions had already been done with the unit I received. It was difficult to figure out what stage of the directions the unit was at so I could finish the assembly. When you attach this to the wall it will allow you to change the degrees of the wall. That's great when you're using it. When you stand in front of it, with one hand on the brake and the other on the winding lever, you can wind up 50' or 100' of cord, but the thing will swing back and forth as you crank the lever. There needs to be a way to quickly lock it in place to prevent that from happening. I can't give it 5 stars because of this. I love it even more than this.

👤You need to install it low so you can lean against the yoke. You need to have enough room in front of it to lean on it. If you can't put enough pressure against the yoke, you will have trouble reeling in the cord. I installed it in the ideal location, where I can lean against the yoke, and it works perfectly, after several failed attempts.

👤The easiest way to store a cord is wind. I need a portable stand that's lightweight and portable, so I have a few T-connectors and 12' of pipe from Home Depot. Perfect! All those holders are thrown away. A terrible thing.

👤A few days in great. A 100ft (14 gauge) 14 gauge cord is enough to fit at least 50 more. The second picture is 100ft.

👤This is a handy device. I use a 100 foot cord in it for a lot of things. Grab the end of the cord and let it go. When you are done with your task, just push down on the paddle and the wind will blow the cord up. I have two at my cottage. I have two at home, one inside a garage door and the other on the back deck. It's best to install it near an electrical outlet. I think the weather doesn't bother these, though I suppose the nets might need to be replaced over time, though mine is in perfect condition. It goes through the winter. Attach it to a stud or beam that is sturdy.

3. DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Ceiling Electrical

DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Ceiling Electrical

Once your cord is pulled up, secure it with a cord notch. Automatic retractable The power cord reel has a clever auto-guide rewind mechanism that will allow you to quickly store it, and the ratcheting system will lock the cord at any length. The circuit breaker switch protects devices against short circuit and overloads which will automatically cut off power supply when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 10A. The Easily Ceiling / Wall Mount has a 180 degree tilt. The extension cord reel can be hung from your garage ceiling or mounted to a wall, and it's easy to pull and release the cord from multiple directions. The electric cord reel power station has a 30 foot long extension cord and 4 foot lead-in cord, but it is not adjusted. 3 Grounded Outlets Triple Tap with Indicator Light The grounded triple tap pigtail allows you to power multiple appliances at the same time and maximize the usage of power strips and wall outlets; an indicator lights up when the cord is powered to let you know the reel is ready to use. 3 Grounded Outlets Triple Tap with Indicator Light The grounded triple tap pigtail allows you to power multiple appliances at the same time and maximize the usage of power strips and wall outlets; an indicator lights up when the cord is powered to let you know the reel is ready to use.

Brand: Dewenwils

👤I've been using retractable products for 50 years. Extensions cords, air lines, shop lights, and more. I know how to use them. This one will not stay out even if I do something. The ball that keeps it from going in one direction has an adjustment. I wanted it to be closer to the end so I wouldn't run into it. Not a chance. I had to destroy it to get it to move. I did my best, but there are no instructions to adjust it. It's not convenient for me to come back, so I will chalk it up to experience. I was contacted by a customer service representative regarding my review. I felt like they wanted to make me a satisfied customer from the beginning. I had a faulty unit after several emails. They gave me options to fix the problem, and I chose a replacement. I had a new unit three days later. It was easy to operate. Exactly as it should and then some. The product and excellent customer service have been upgraded to 5 stars. Excellent job by DewenWils!

👤After I received the extension cord, I have used it twice. I don't have a way to get rid of the cord. How can I deal with this situation? I sent you a question about 10 days ago and you haven't responded yet.

👤I pulled the power cord all the way out when I used this. I couldn't get it to come out when I tried to pull it back in. It's now fully extended and there is no way to pull it down. Would not recommend it.

👤Very disappointed! Before I installed it to the wall, I got it out of the box. The cord wouldn't stay extended. You would hear the click signifying the cord to stay in place, but then you'd hear a grinding noise as the line slowly withdraws from the spool.

👤The product was bought on 4/1 and stopped working on 7/6. It does not have a 10amp circuit breaker. The retractable system worked well, but the cord failed. Wouldn't recommend.

👤Excellent quality for the price. It adds too much weight to the lead in cord if it did not have the breaker. For home use it is very much up to the task, but would not recommend for heavy use or a professional shop. I would change it to line the mounting brackets with slot angle sistered back to back, like garage door openers. The opener is mounted with a slot angle. The reel can hang from there. I made a small change to my drill press. It's just a potential improvement.

👤The new unit recoiled so well that I was amazed. I got used to the old sloppy unit. This one is enjoyable. I should have bought this a long time ago. This reel will make you happy. I would tell you if it sucked. I like this one... Marty from Ohio.

👤It's great for the garage. I was too lazy to think about getting one. I ordered the red and black version. It is secured onto the ceiling of my garage with screws. The outlet has three plugs that are wide enough for any plug. The outlet has a red led light that is on constantly. I am very happy with the purchase.

4. AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet Black

AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet Black

Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace it with a new item if it goes wrong. You can extend power when you need it most with a 2-pack of Amazon Basics extension cords. For use indoors with consumer electronics, tools, media equipment and more. Reliable construction with flexible vinyl cord sheath and durable plug connector housing. It is easy to use. Plug and play design with multiple outlets and lights. 13 Amp/125V power delivery; 16 AWG.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The heavy AWG and 12A are perfect. A heavier cord is needed. This is an acceptable extension for any application. Never use an extension cord to plug in your heater.

👤I have used extension cords for years and one of the most important things is that the cord is straight and flexible. The way the cords are packaged makes 99% of them pre-knead from the factory. It takes a lot of work to get these cords into usable condition. Whoever makes this cord knows how to roll and store a cord so you don't have to struggle with it every time you use it. You can see that it is coiled instead of smashed into a mess. The cords will be loosened up and straight in less than a minute. The other cords will take hours of work to get usable, if I manage to do it.

👤The extension cord works. The nearest outlet is 12 feet away. I would buy this again if I needed another extension cable. I regret my purchase but the product is fair. The product used a few times. The product is good and I use it a lot. I would purchase more than one if I could. It is definitely recommended to others.

👤It has one outlet and is a long extension cord. The cord is about 1.5mm thick. I don't know what else to say, 20ft is exactly as long as I need it to go from the middle of one wall to the end of the next. I used fancy zip ties. You will thank me later if you buy those as well. My ex left me last week and I'm sorry, I'm compensating for my depression with reckless spending.

👤You need to plug/unplug different items when your wall outlet isn't easy to reach. The cord is stiff so don't expect it to bend around obstacles.

👤My food processor has two feet of short power cords. So they can use lighter-gauge wire while they're running? It saves the manufacturers a dime per unit. There is a I need a processor near the kitchen sink. In my older kitchen, the nearest outlet is over 4 feet from the sink. I have power strips, but they're not enough to string across my counter. The 3-foot extension cord looks like it will take care of my problem. It seems well-made. I'll have a better idea after making cranberry relish at Thanksgiving. I'm happy so far. I will have to cook more. What was I thinking?

👤I bought this extension cord in the spring. It has been a long time since I have been outside to power my lights. It is strong. The coating on this thing surprised me. It holds my extension cords. If you order one, you will most likely get another one or two.

👤It is 20' long. It plugs in. I plug one end into an outlet and the other into a thing, and the thing can turn on 20' further away from the outlet than it otherwise would. I don't know what else to say. It comes coiled in a circle, rather than being tightly bound in a figure-8 shape, and that means there are no problems from the start.

5. Woods 22849 Extension Together Durable

Woods 22849 Extension Together Durable

Holds up to 100 foot or more. VERSATILITY allows you to use other items. The DURABLE base is firm while winding and unraveling cords. It takes little effort to put together a quick design. The handle is easy to grip and convenient for transportation. Once your cord is pulled up, secure it with a cord notch. Once your cord is pulled up, secure it with a cord notch.

Brand: Woods

👤My husband is very happy with the reel. The 100 ft. of 12/3 heavy duty extension cord is large enough to fit in any spare space. He cut a hole in the center of the reel to allow two feet to pass through and then attached it to the reel's outer face. The snowblower works great with it. The reel keeps the cord neat and contained.

👤I was looking for a light weight extension cord reel. The Woods extension cord reel has a slight modification. I had to use a hole saw to make a round hole in the outer disk in order to zip tie it in place. The idea is that when I need an extension cord, I just have to sit the extension cord reel near the outlet, pull out the length of the cord I need, and plug the attached male end into the outlet. After I was done, I just had to reel the cord in and clean it up. It works like a champ.

👤One of the plastic types I used was orange. The plastic is molded into K-100. The handle broke when it fell. I was looking for a nicer thing. The reel, cord clips, and turning handle are all plastic, despite the fact that the tubing in the stand is metal. The reel side plastic seems more flexible than my orange reel, but it's not as strong. The 14/3 cord has different exterior dimensions, so this will vary by brand. My cord is 100 feet of Romex. It fit my reel with a little room to spare. The reel edges are a bit farther apart than the orange, but the diameter is less. I had less room on the Romex than on the orange reel. If I did better at getting the cord on, there would be more room. If you are familiar with the orange reels, I suggest you plan that this one has about the same total capacity, just wider and less deep. I thought the one I used to moor the mid-point of my cable was fine, unlike others who found the clips unsuitable. If I break the first, I still have something. For the first time on a cable reel, I am following the advice of many reviewers here to double over the cord, clip the middle to the reel, and roll along so you have both ends available. This works. The people who are advocating this method should be aware that it is a forgery. The K-100 orange reel and the Woods 22849 have instructions on how to unreel the full cord length. Safety is the reason. The mechanism is hot. Failure to extend the cord will cause the conductor to rise and make it hotter, as the heat has a poorer escape path. The maximum safe current is lowered by this. I believe myself to be safe as I am powered by a small line trimmer. Don't use a space heater or other device that consumes a lot of power. After your setup has run for a while, put your hand to the stacked-up cord. If it has warmed up, be careful.

6. Flexzilla FZ8140503 Retractable Extension ZillaGreen

Flexzilla FZ8140503 Retractable Extension ZillaGreen

The ReelWorks reels are best used for indoor/outdoor use, night or day environments, and allow extension to be properly stored, keeping the workplace safe. The power indicator light is on. There is a lighted triple tap outlet. The circuit breaker has a reset button. The circuit was reset at the reel. The oil- resistant 14/3 AWG SJTOW cord is flexible in low temperatures and resists the effects of oil, water and sunlight. The ground plug has a lead-in cord. The outlet is always within reach. The cord can be locked out in 1 ft. The mount pivots in the direction of the work. The reel can be mounted to a wall. It's recommended for dry and indoor locations. Max, cULus listed. Max: 1625W. 13A, Max. The max voltage is 125V. 60Hz Max, cULus listed. Max: 1625W. 13A, Max. The max voltage is 125V. 60Hz

Brand: Flexzilla

👤I ordered this for my garage. I have a Dewenwils 50' in the detached garage which seems fine, but it has been pulled a few times and shouldn't have. The Flexzilla seems to be smarter about when to pull and when not to, and we haven't used it much. I think the other brand is more user friendly. The mount is where it may fall short. The mounting brackets are separate from the reel. You just slide the reel onto it after mounting it. The system is good. The design allows for more mounting options. The mounting of the Flexzillz is a little more difficult because of the attached brackets. The Flexzilla costs more. I would buy the Flexzilla again despite the higher price and mounting brackets.

👤The reason the holes are shaped the way they are is so you can measure, install your screws almost all the way, and then slide the whole unit up and over on the screws, is what the review by "chris barrett" doesn't seem to understand. It's very easy to install and you don't need to take anything apart. The holes are 7 inches apart and you only need two lag screws, lock washers, and standard washers.

👤Since no photos existed previously, the review was quick. The unit was smaller than I anticipated, but it seems well built. It is easy to install and adjust. The 5 foot lead-in cord was enough for my job. The unit is very small and might appeal to someone who needs to install in a tight space.

👤I also have a Flexzilla air reel. It was easy to install the air reel because it came with a lot of hardware. The extension cord reel doesn't have any hardware. You need to remove the brackets to make it easier to install on the wall. The screws that hold the brackets to the reel can be difficult to put in once taken out. It worked out okay, but it should have been considered when it was made. The little things are what I love about it.

👤I bought the FZ814 on 12/27-21 and opened the box to get the hole opening measurement and install the lag screws into the garage post as others stated in their reviews. I would have thought that these would be inspected prior to boxing and made available to the public. I paid the higher price and was very disappointed. I don't need a warranty, I'm shipping it back.

👤Like: 1. The compact 2. I did the wall (see picture) 3. I see comments on difficulties of installing with a non-removable bracket, but what I did was use hexagonal screws, into studs, until you can just drop on the slots, then use a wrench to tighten down the rest of the way. See picture It isn't obvious how to pull and stop the extension cord at first, but with some experimentation it is easy to master. There is a combination of feel and clicks. It's still early, but happy so far and will help me manage my electrical demand better.

7. Link2Home Cord Extension Power Outlets

Link2Home Cord Extension Power Outlets

The built-in 13A circuit breaker protects devices against short circuit and overloads which will automatically cut off power supply when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 13A. Stay organized. Extension cords are easy to wind into a reel with a heavy easy grip handle. A casserole breaker is built in it. Circuit breaker overload protection will go off if the rated current or voltage is exceeded. Heavy duty power can be connected to power equipment such as drills, table saws, power washers, worklights, electrical lawn mowers, snow blowers, and so on. It's easy to carry and it's convenient to carry. The four handle design makes it easy to transport and store. CSA certified powerEEL. The reel is 60 feet long. The cable is 14AWG. There are 4 120V outlets. The power light indictor has an on/off switch. The warranty is 3 years. A locking system. The outdoor extension cord is heavy duty. CSA certified powerEEL. The reel is 60 feet long. The cable is 14AWG. There are 4 120V outlets. The power light indictor has an on/off switch. The warranty is 3 years. A locking system. The outdoor extension cord is heavy duty.

Brand: Link 2 Home

👤When I bought this, the picture on Amazon said it was 15AMP. The label said it was 10AMP. 13AMPs are in the Q&A section. Get your product specifications together. I returned it because it was not accurate. It's not worth the money.

👤It works well as an extension cord, but the engineering is not great. My other product is enclosed so you can experience it all over again. The product winds poorly and so you have to baby the cord into place, often the cord will get outside the spooling and you have to stop and untangle. It's not terrible but it's a little frustrating.

👤I thought this would be better than power cords. Having four outlets in one is an advantage. The problem with this unit is that the cord gets stuck when it's being rewound. The cord is the same size as the gap on either side. You need to stop and free the cord from getting bound up even if you try to reel it in straight. It's quicker to use an extension cord. It has four sockets and a power interrupter.

👤It's a great extension cord with a heavy duty yet flexible cord, it just feels like a quality product. They mentioned poor slip-ring contact in the review. The only time slip rings would work is if the spool spun around the outlet face. These are solid connections to the outlets.

👤I was worried I wouldn't be able to plug this into the sockets in my garage and the areas in my yard, but I bought an extra 10' ext. cord. It works well. It's much easier to re-wind the long cord than it is to tangle it up.

👤I knew it was time for a new extension cord in the old garage because I had been dealing with a single 20 ft extension cord for years. It is easy to reel and unreel, a clip on the end for the plug to stay on the reel, and 4 outlets plus a power switch. I did not bite the bullet on this and buy it sooner.

👤I love the convenience of the four outlets and the fact that I can move throughout our gardens without having to use other outlets. The two originals that I purchased had the 10' extension cord plugged into the outlet. It was difficult to reel in the cord because of the short handle. The 10' extension cord was removed and the handle was moved to the other side of the reel so it could reel in the cord quickly. I am so happy I made the switch.

👤I haven't found anything I dislike about the extension. It is convenient to use and has 4 outlets in the reel that are very handy when you need more outlets. This item is a winner because it holds 80 feet of 14 gauge electrical cord and it is also a reel. If the need arises, I would purchase this item again.

8. DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Grounded Outlets

DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Grounded Outlets

The easy to grip handle makes reeling easy and convenient. The 50ft cord is rated for 13A/ 125V. The heavy duty electric cord reel power station has a triple outlet capacity in a lighted indicator for those hard to see areas, 50 feet long extension cord and 4.5 feet lead-in cord. A special type of cord is tangle-free and resistant to water, oil and acid, and is also weather resistant and flexible in low temperatures. Automatic retractable The power cord reel comes with a clever auto-guide rewind mechanism that can be adjusted to avoid tangles and kinks. The retractable cord reel can be mounted on the wall or ceiling with a separate brackets, and the 180 degree swivel mounting brackets allow you to easily pull and release cord from multiple directions. The built-in 13A circuit breaker protects devices against short circuit and overloads which will automatically cut off power supply when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 13A.

Brand: Dewenwils

👤Once full extended, the cord does not stop. It won't come down but it was tried. A waste and a mess. Just got it and sent it back. I won't buy this brand again. I'm going to Home Depot. It's difficult to get the cord to lock at any length. I needed 15ft and it was 15ft. It wouldn't open. The box cannot be removed without the mounting brackets attached. Attach the retractable box to the bracket and you have solved the problem. The angle was still too great and it was difficult to get a drill in at that angle. If I'm buying tools to mount this product, I don't need it. I'm not happy with this product. This can have a better design than the things I have built before. Shipping it back tomorrow.

👤Everyone says it is hard to install. The reel can detach from the brackets. There is a screw on each side that holds the plastic pins in the reel and allows it to pivot. Remove the two screws, pop the pins out, mount the brackets to the ceiling, and then install the 2 scews. There you go. This unit is ok. It's cheaper than my last one and the same price. I don't like how those pivot pins are plastic and can't see them holding up over time. The locking mechanism is unreliable. The coil that winds the cord back up into the housing feels pretty much the same as it did last time. It works. Definitely a cheapo.

👤I was surprised by the weight and strength of this reel. The cord is thick and flexible, and the recoil mechanism is strong. It's easy to find the light in the plug end in dim lighting. Great purchase. Update and decrease to review! The cam-lock on the cord reel has broken and won't lock at any length. It will recoil. This was not a case of misuse. I am careful with my tools and I don't understand why this happened, other than being a poor design or a weak cam system. I own an air hose reel and a garden hose reel that are similar, and have never had any issues with the cam-lock. I will be contacting the seller and requesting a replacement.

👤This was installed today. Time will tell if the product is sturdy or not. The mounting to the ceiling was a nightmare. The heavy unit makes it difficult to hold up to the ceiling to mark the drill holes. It is nearly impossible to screw in the wood screws as you have to tilt the housing 90 degrees to get some clearance to do so. I had to tighten the screw with pliers. The designer didn't try to install one of these. For ease of installation, I would give 1 star and 5 stars for the unit itself.

👤It is a good product and does what you would expect, but beware! I plugged my dust collector into this unit. Other things worked well. The dust collector worked fine when I used a regular extension cord. This is not the same as a 14 gauge extension cord. A motor can get a large inrush current many times the 15 Amps for a few seconds, which is what happens with a home 15 Amp breaker. The little 13amp breaker in this unit will not work. It could be problematic using larger saws. I don't recommend this and my lawyer says I need a warning. Don't try this at home. It is possible that the slip ring in this unit will start pitting with higher currents and shorten its life, but it is easy to take off the side panel and ignore the breaker. If you are going to plug in normal things, be aware that a large saw, dust collector, etc may pop this fast acting lower current breaker.

9. ReelWorks Extension Swivel Bracket Triple

ReelWorks Extension Swivel Bracket Triple

CSA certified powerEEL. The reel is 60 feet long. The cable is 14AWG. There are 4 120V outlets. The power light indictor has an on/off switch. The warranty is 3 years. A locking system. The outdoor extension cord is heavy duty. REEL SPECS. The 3 Core Wire Grounded Cable is rated at 15A 125VAC 1875W 60Hz and is certified. Premium commercial sjt cables are resistant to Acids, Alkalies, Ozone and Kinking in the toughest temperatures of -58F to 221F. This reel has a 3-prong plug, Lightup Tap, and a 36 inch lead-in cord, which is unique. The extension cord reel is made of hard impact Polypropylene and has double adjustment improved to lock the cord at any length desired. The ReelWorks reels are best used for indoor/outdoor use, night or day environments, and allow extension to be properly stored, keeping the workplace safe.

Brand: Reelworks

👤I want to be clear that I just received a cord reel. I wanted the length and the 12ga cord for my heavier tools. The length allows me to get to the truck parked away, which is around 65 feet away. The 12ga cord seems to work well. Does not get warm. I mounted it from the ceiling. It is larger than the smaller gauge reels. It's up and out of the way in my application, so it really doesn't matter. The reel-to-outlet cord is 12ga. There is no binding on the cable when it is pulled out and there is plenty of room in the housing for the entire 65ft length. I have not needed to move the cord as it's pulled back in. There's lots of room and you're not left with the cord stop ball dangling a foot or more out of the housing because the cord got bound within the housing. The 65ft of 12ga cord is a bit heavy, so I wanted to remove the brackets from the housing to make it easier to mount the beast. The instructions are very little and don't address this at all. I was annoyed with that and had to do some research, but I didn't find anything that specifically addressed this. It could be done easily, but how was not spelled out. Hopefully this will help you out. There are two phillips head screws on each side of the reel, close to the side pivots. The screws are in line with the center of the brackets. Remove the two screws. The two black brackets will slide out of the housing and end. The pivot pins are molded into a pocket inside the housing. They'll go back into the housing one way. The screw hole is lined up when pushed back in all the way. The whole housing assembly process was very well executed, even though I was initially frustrated and puzzled. They haven't spelled it out in the instructions. The reel came to me with a cord that was beyond the stop ball. That would have made it difficult for me to park my car under it. I moved the stop ball to a spot with less cord hanging beyond it. The end of the plug was sitting over 6 feet up. I don't have to worry about the plug hitting my head. The power plugs of my tools are held in the three plug sockets. At this point. I opened the garage door and ran my compressor at the same time. Not a problem. All my tools were taken. Not a problem. I have an "iSocket" that allows me to connect my shop vac and table saw into it. The "iSocket" allows me to turn on the saw or routers and then turn on the vacuum after a brief moment, after the saw or routers gets up to speed. One less distraction and switch. The reel worked well with this set up. The internal reset button on the reel never tripped even if I used a lot of different tools. All of my extension cords are 14ga of various lengths, with the exception of one ancient, decades old 16ga cord. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten away with it. I decided to go with the 12ga reel if I was going to have a "one cord for everything" reel. I'm going to say that I'm pleased with this reel and I'm glad I bought it. The 12ga, 65ft cord reel seems to address some of the concerns I'd read about in other products. It's not the most expensive reel out there. It seems to be a good place to be in the market. I have only had it for a short time, so it will be interesting to see if it was a good purchase. I don't often write reviews but I thought I'd save someone some frustration by telling them about the brackets. I wanted to make a note of the positives of the reel, addressing some of the complaints I've read about in other reels. I have not noted any cons beyond the size and weight of the instructions. Do your research and look for quality within your budget.

10. DEWENWILS Extension Storage 4 Grounded Retractable

DEWENWILS Extension Storage 4 Grounded Retractable

The metal stand is made of durable construction and has a grip handle that is very convenient to carry with you to a job site or garage. Plug the one end of the cord into the wheel and start wheeling the rest in, the locking feature at the bottom prevents the reel from turning. The heavy duty electrical cord reel power station has 4 built-in grounded outlets and is able to power multiple tools at the same time. The built-in circuit breaker protects devices against short circuit and overloads which will automatically cut off power supply when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 13A. There is a wide application. The cord reel has a high capacity, holds up to 100 ft of 14 or 16 gauge cord, 75 ft of 12 gauge cord, and stands vertically occupying less space, perfect power solution for your garage, backyard, warehouse space. Standing vertically occupies less space and the metal stand helps keep the cord reel upright, it's very convenient and handy to bring along to a job site or use in the garage. Standing vertically occupies less space and the metal stand helps keep the cord reel upright, it's very convenient and handy to bring along to a job site or use in the garage.

Brand: Dewenwils

👤If wound tight, will fit 100' of 12/3 cord.

👤The product is lightweight, sturdy and transforms your cable management. Highly recommend this product.

👤I bought a snowblower from Snow Joe that they recommended the extension cord 100', which I didn't need, and an extension reel that is only for indoor use. I was angry that I didn't see anything about indoor use in the description. How can they recommend this for a snowblower? I can not return it.

👤I'm not sure why no one can make these bigger to hold the cords better.

👤I needed something to neatly store the extension cord after using it a second time. The storage is light weight and takes up very little space. It is a great solution.

👤It's easy to use and worth the money.

👤There are 6 plugs and a good winder. Excellent buy!

11. Designers Edge E230 Extension Multi Outlet

Designers Edge E230 Extension Multi Outlet

Product will only accept 14/3 or 16/3 gauge cords. The heavy duty elastic reel can hold up to 50 feet of 12 gauge cord, 70 feet of 14 gauge cord, or 90 feet of 16 gauge cord. The MASTERPLUG extension cord reel allows you to power multiple tools at the same time. A circuit breaker protects from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. CONVENIENTLY CONVERTS most extension cords. The easy to grip handle makes reeling easy and convenient. The easy to grip handle makes reeling easy and convenient.

Brand: Designers Edge

👤Before service is put into service, it is tested. Good thing I did. The grounds were not connected inside.

👤I went through some of the reels. They are all cheap and easy to break. I admit, but this one is economical. The reel has 4 electrical outlets built in, so you don't need to use an additional power strip, and the extension cord can be used with several items without the need for an additional power strip. I wish they built a locking feature into the reels to prevent them from turning once rolled up. You don't have to come back and find the extension cord unwound when you store it away.

👤I used 50 foot soft plastic tubing for my mother's machine. It was difficult to wrap it because it was getting twisted and crushed. I ordered two styles, one of which was expensive and the other of which was orange plastic and had a center spin handle. It was hard to coordinate. It was $22.94 for my use as a spool. I can't attest to the electrical plug aspect, but for the rest it's fantastic. It's sturdy, looks sharp, works well for my application, and the cord doesn't twist anymore. We can use it for our outdoor heavy duty extension cords when we no longer need it for the oxygen condenser. If I can, I'll add in photos later. If you could give me a "helpful" click, I would appreciate it.

👤The discription of the reel never said it was only for indoor use. The reel is hard to open. Not for contractors or professionals.

👤I love the outlet block. Without the outlet block, I would have to unwound the entire cord. I just relax with this. I need to completely unwound it for using it with things like a corded string trimmer. This unit does not have a thermal cut-off. When using it with equipment that draws a lot of power, you need to completely unwind it. I was able to get it for a special price and it had the outlet block. It was a no-brainer. It seems like it would work for the average homeowner. Professionals and other people who use it daily might prefer something a bit more heavy duty, with a thermal cut-off or with an easier winding mechanism. It does require a little bit of care.

👤I love how practical this product is, with the outlet ports on the side and the rocker switch to connect and disconnected it from a power source. When not using the rocker switch, turn it off. There is not much space between the reel and the base. I am a woman with a wide foot. I can't get a good grip on the base to hold it down while I reel in the cord. I think it's due to the narrow footprint of the base that it's hard to get clear access to. It's frustrating. Nobody wants to hold the base down barefoot. It does solve the problem. I only need this item when I vacuum out my vehicle. This product is enough for the price point. For frequent use, it would be beneficial to find one with a wider base for ease of use. The handle is easy to operate and the winding mechanism is quieter than a traditional all plastic unit. I agree with the reviewer that this product is a good purchase if you already have a cord and need a reel.


What is the best product for electric extension cord reel?

Electric extension cord reel products from Bayco. In this article about electric extension cord reel you can see why people choose the product. Green Leaf and Dewenwils are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric extension cord reel.

What are the best brands for electric extension cord reel?

Bayco, Green Leaf and Dewenwils are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric extension cord reel. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Woods and Flexzilla are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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