Best Electric Eyebrow Trimmer for Men

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1. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630 70

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630 70

The OneBlade Face plus Body can shave hair. Your skin stays comfortable if you shave not too close. There are 2 blades for your face and body. It's best to use wet or dry. Extra protection on sensitive areas is provided by the click-on skin guard. Includes 4 stubbles and a body comb for an even trim. 60 minutes of constant performance is delivered by the Rechargeable Li-lon battery. There is a blade for face, stubble combs for face, skin guard, body comb, power charge, and protective cap.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I was excited to have a razor that could do it all. I wish I knew what was in store for me. This could be my fault, so I'm not judging or convicting, just laying out what happened to me. I might save someone else from the same situation. I received a new razor in August. It was great to use this razor for the first time. It was very easy to use. A friend of mine bought it for me. I found out about it when I noticed him running a razor along his cheek and asked him what he was doing. He said he was shaving with the OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver because he didn't have time to shave before the meeting. I liked the concept of it and checked it out. I accidentally dropped it in the bathroom sink when I picked it up to try it out after I ordered it from Amazon. The blade section had come off. I wasn't worried. I've been shaving for over 30 years and that's happened a lot. The plastic blade stem broke when I snapped it back together. I tried to glue it back together with PRO Super Glue, but it was too fragile. I had a brand new razor and a return label from the seller after I sent a message saying exactly what happened. I've dropped my old fashioned razor in the sink, tub, ground on a camping trip, and many other places, but I only had to snap it back together. I decided that I would not be able to use my new razor if I wanted to keep using it because of the drawbacks of this new progressive time. The replacement blade is just $25 a pop. Here's the conclusion. The image of my business associate shaving just prior to the meeting was pretty cool and I thought that was cool, but the fragility of this really cool and convenient device is not the reason I'm writing this review. I needed to benefit from this new razor in the same way. I was late for the meeting and had not shaved yet, so I decided to shave before the meeting and run into the bathroom at work. The flat side of the blade is meant for shaving your face, but it doesn't shave all that close. It is fine for a weekend party with friends, but not for a work meeting. If you want to get a close shave, you have to sit there and shave your face several times, and shave your beard a little more each time. The edge of the razor is for trimming side burns, mustaches, and other facial hair. I assumed that if I used the edge to shave the cheek and chin and neck area, it would cut the beard down quicker than if I used the flat edge. I haven't seen any warnings or warnings about using the edge trimmer part of the blade for shaving your face in the literature, and unless I missed it due to my failing eyesight, there wasn't anything like that. It's possible that this type of incident is something new that they had not counted on. I'm sure they would have said, "Caution - read this message from Noreco before using the device" if it was. I used the edge of the razor on my face. I shaved my beard. I had a clean shave. I noticed a red circle on my cheek after I looked in a mirror. I assumed it was a rash from the new razor and I was getting used to it. I did not even know what it was. I didn't even think about the possibility of what happened to me. I've been shaving for many years and nothing like this had ever happened, I thought it was from the razor and just a little rash. It would be gone in a day or two, just like every other facial rash I've ever had from sunburn or shaving with a new razor. I took a close look at the red marks with a magnifying glass and it was frightening. When I used the edge trimmer to get a quicker shave with my new wireless razor, the red marks on my face appeared to be gashes where the skin on my face was actually removed. The red marks on my skin were beginning to form what appeared to be permanent scars after I had used that razor. It's been over four months. I waited because I thought it would go away. I denied that it was permanent. I'm writing this in January and I don't know, but it's still there. It faded a little, but not much. I kept telling myself that the red marks would go away, but they never did. I have been scaring my face with a razor that I pressed too hard or ran over my face too many times, and it has caused a red mark on my face. I don't know what to do. I thought about suing, but who do I do it against? What are my grounds? I was stupid to not use the edge of the razor sand to sacrifice my face for a quicker shave. I don't know how I knew it would do this. I've used blades made out of steel and 888-349-8884 It was easy to use the edge part of the blade to shave with and I didn't see warnings in the literature that said not to use that part of the blade. There was no warning that I should use caution and not run the trimmer blade over my face too many times. I didn't want a 3 o'clock shadow for a business meeting and I didn't have time to shave my face 6 times in a row. Who's to blame? Who knows? I haven't used my new razor since I saw the red marks on my face and I've been buying scar cream on Amazon to try and get my face back to normal. You should get a good idea of what happened to me if you look at my before and after Norelco pictures.

2. Philips Norelco Trimmer Eyebrows Precision

Philips Norelco Trimmer Eyebrows Precision

Flexing head for more control in hard to reach areas. Evenly trim and maintain eyebrow hair with the dual sided comb. It is possible to remove unwanted hair with a dual sided blade. The rubber grip has a soft touch. The soft-touch rubber grip gives you the best hold when operating a trimmer. There is a 2-year warranty. All of their products come with a 2-year worldwide warranty.

Brand: Philips

👤Normally I don't write many reviews, either good or bad, my expectations are that products are suppose to work as advertised, only when a product over delivers or under delivers, and this product excelled as being unbelievably worthless. I will stop buying any of the products from the brand because it is a shame that such a storied brand can deliver such bad products.

👤I bought this to replace the model I bought a long time ago, but I can't remember how long I've had it. That one is still working. I assumed the blades had to be shot and a new one would probably be a noticeable improvement. And it was. The ancient one was loud, but this one is not. I've been using the same unit for years. The tip is small enough to get where it needs to go. It's comfortable and even the old one who's plastic blade guard was gone a long time ago never pinches or pulls the hairs. Hopefully it will last as long as the last one.

👤This isn't a nose hair or ear trimmer. It's not designed to cut ear or nose hair.

👤Nice sharp blades, but they don't grab. I trimmed nose ear and eyebrow hair with them. It's nice that a battery was included and they have a good cap for travelling. The product surprised me with its quality.

👤The quality of the trimmers is going downhill. I only used the trimmer once a week for 45 days, because of the money-back guarantee. It stopped working and turning on. I'm going to have to switch to a different manufacturer if Philips Norelco can't improve their reliability.

👤I have tried a lot of other trimmers, but the Norelco was always the best one, even though I found it on sale a few years ago. After more than 10 years with the other one, I decided to get a new one, just for the blade, though the old one still works great. I am very happy with this one and the Norelco product.

👤I can now focus on my husband's face and not worry about the waving tendrils of nostril hair that existed before he entered our marriage.

👤It only worked for about 2 weeks, but it was a good thing. When I said it died in a couple weeks, it wasn't from heavy use, it was because it wasn't something you do every day. It fell apart.

👤Fcil de usar, es para los pelos de la nariz, de las orejas, and tiene un plastico. No tienes para otra cosa, pero para esto lo compré.

👤Je trs satisFAit. De plus elle est livrée. J'en ai essay. C'est la meilleure. Je la recommande vivement.

👤It died after 45 seconds of work. Cheap stuff didn't have a cup. Disappointed with the brand name.

👤It was funciona. No lo. Quizs fuera, pero lograra ser mas angosto, as introducirlo, en la nariz. The relacin calidad-precio tienes materiales de calidad.

👤It was what I was looking for. It was a replacement for a previous ear hair trimmer. The eyebrow add on is the most effective eyebrow trimmer I have. The old one had a cover over the end.

3. Confidence Rechargeable 9865 2901 Waterproof Interchangeable

Confidence Rechargeable 9865 2901 Waterproof Interchangeable

This sleek, rechargeable ladies trimmer has 3 interchangeable heads, an eyebrow detailing head, and a facial shaver head. It's a gentle, no irritation grooming that's ideal for shaping eyebrows, smoothing bikini lines, trimming underarms, peach fuzz, and removing facial hair. A 5-position guide comb for the trimming head, a 2-position head for the detail trimmer, and a storage pouch are included. The Pure Confidence Trimmer can be taken virtually anywhere, whether it is for home use, on vacation, or for business trips. The brand used by professionals in the salon and barber industry has been used since 1919. Quality construction and self-sharpening precision blades.

Brand: Wahl Clipper Corp

👤I received my trimmer today and the box had already been opened, which was not my choice, when I purchase "open box" items the price is different. The trimmer has a hair on it. This is disgusting because this is a trimmer that can be used on private parts. No good!

👤Shame on Amazon. The box was opened and there were prints all over the trimmer and attachment. I got another opened box and the tape on the box had pet hair on it. This is a personal item. It must be opened. If this was a previously opened item, Amazon should state it. I paid the full price. I was expecting a brand new item.

👤I'm happy with the purchase. I have a lot of body hair and it can be difficult to keep it off. My new shaver is very useful for this. I am clumsy and have yet to nick myself with it. The shave is very close to the skin with the flat, round attachment. I use a shaver on my face and bikini area and so far it's working well. Since I started using it, I have not experienced any irritation to my skin. I would recommend anyone looking for a painless way to remove body hair to try it. I wouldn't recommend it for large areas like the legs because it's small. Please note. The shaver is not waterproof and can't be used in the shower according to the instruction manual.

👤Very disappointed. This has definitely been handled and opened. It has hair and fingerprints all over. Yuk!

👤After just one use, Rust occurred. I oiled it. The tooth on the shears broke after the second use and I had to have it removed. There were oily finger prints on the razor when I opened the package. This is not an authentic wahl trimmer.

👤This is my second time ordering and something is missing. The product was already used before I received it. The second time there is no pouch. I paid for this and it works amazingly well, it has a clean finish, safe and doesn't grab hairs in a rough way. I would buy another one. I will probably be missing something again.

👤It was made of cheap materials. It is likely that would not survive a fall. I can't believe the razor guide was designed for bikini shaving. There are lots of places for hairs to get caught. It should have been checked if it was waterproof or not. I'm not sure how well the attachments work, I haven't tried them yet.

👤This is an excellent product and I was expecting it. I love it! You can use it in the shower because it is easy to hold. It is easy to charge and it cuts cleanly. I would buy it again if someone took it. It is definitely worth the money, and it is inexpensive for a Wahl product.

👤Within an hour, I sent it back. I didn't get all the accessories that were supposed to be there. It was hard to get off the guide. The whole attachment came apart when I got the guide off. It looked like someone else's hair was in the box. I was not impressed with the amount I paid. The bad news is that I will not have to pay anything to return the item. It arrived on time.

4. Professional Rechargeable Grooming Waterproof Cleansing

Professional Rechargeable Grooming Waterproof Cleansing

The Ear and nose hair trimmer kit includes a nose hair clipper, beard trimmer, ear hair trimmer and eyebrow trimmer. Instead of AA batteries, theusb rechargeABLE is. The nose hair trimmer for men comes with a built-in battery and a built-in cable to make sure there's enough power for when you need it. Powerful, Painless and Safe. The nose trimmer for men has a powerful motor and dual-edge blade that removes the hairs without pain or pulling. Bright led lights make you see more clearly, and push-type child lock electronic switch eliminates baby's mistaken safety risk. The IPX7 waterproof and easy cleaning is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. When not in use, the base makes all blade heads tidy. The pocket size design of the grooming kit makes it room-saving and lightweight. The nose hair trimmer is always available to meet your requirements. Customer support is provided by theQUALITY GURANTE and CARING CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The nasal hair trimmer has a 30 day return policy and a 1 year warranty. If you have a problem, please email them, they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Areyzin

👤The piece of shit cut the inside of my nose. The blade part on 2 of the heads is too exposed and can cut you. This is the first time I've been injured by one of these types of trimmers. The whole thing was thrown in the trash.

👤What a great tool! I've only used for the nose hairs so far, but you can tell it's great. I have an older Norelco trimmer that doesn't compare to this one. I would recommend this purchase to anyone. If you're against it, just buy it!

👤It was looking used when it arrived. I was not sure. I cleaned everything well. The eyebrow trimmer worked well for me. The reason I bought the most was a failure. The nose hair trimmer was broken. Maybe it was a used product or just made cheaply. I have to return a broken product because I got it based on the positive reviews.

👤It's easy to swap out the different attachment. It's very easy to clean it by running water over it.

👤The seller responded quickly to my initial review. They offered to replace the unit, and I agreed to have it shipped immediately. I am happy with the replacement so far. The charge is being held for a few days, and is performing as expected. I will change my review to 4 stars. The only good thing about this trimmer is that it worked well when it worked. It did not hold a charge for more than one day. I had to charge it before I used it. It doesn't charge at all. It is dead. When it was working on the inside of the nose hair trimmer, it just fell apart and had to be reinserted into the cover. I don't recommend this product.

👤The switch cover popped off when I couldn't turn the base unit on. The unit could not be turned on again after putting the cover back. I dropped it and the nose trimmer fell off and I lost part of it. It was thrown in the trash.

👤I opened the box on the trimmer and saw a bunch of small hairs and skin that are not mine. I don't want to use someone's returned trimmer as that is gross to me. I feel like I need to wash my hands. I understand the seller resells returned items, but what about sanitary products? No, no.

👤Reviewers said it pulled the hair on the nose. I haven't found this to be the case after using it for over two months. I've been very pleased with the way it works on my hairs. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

👤I like everything about this tool, and I'm always very happy with Amazon prompt delivery. The tool is great for trimming beards and nose hair. Overall happy with the unit.

👤It comes with useful attachments.

👤The replacement battery ones are more powerful and easy to charge.

5. MANSCAPEDTM Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer

MANSCAPEDTM Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer

The weasel deserves the best care. The Weed Whacker is all you need to keep your ears and nose trimmed. The Weed Whacker is the latest offering from the engineers at MANSCAPED. Benefits/ features: A premium motor powers a dual-blade system. The cone tip is made of hypoallergenic steel and can be used against cuts or pulls. The 600mAh li-ion battery can hold charge for up to 90 minutes of use and is easy to charge with a cable and AC. The angle of the nose and ear is matched by the design. MISSION: The tools and products created by MANSCAPED were designed to take care of a man's face, body, and important bits. Their products help you care for your skin. Their goal is to create superior products. They want all men to be the best versions of themselves. They pride ourselves in crafting products that help men feel better. How to charge your device. Slowly insert the cone tip into your nose or ear. Allow The Weed Whacker to clean the device after he trims it. To keep your Weed Whacker working well, make sure to change out your blades regularly.

Brand: Manscaped

👤I decided to rate this product as well after giving a great review on Amazon. I'm not coming here to praise the nose/ ear hair trimmer. I caught wind of this company because they were bombarding me with commercials for their products. After my last nose hair trimmer gave out, I decided to look for a better one. I was surprised that this company made the product I was looking for. When I finally took it for a spin after taking the leap, I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had never felt before. The thing barely did any trimming and it sounded like it had a hard time staying on. The device screamed quality, but it was sad. It comes down to how it performs and sadly not very well, but I'm sorry, but quality build, easy to use and so on, but I'm sorry, at the end of the day, it comes down to how it performs and sadly not very well.

👤Move along. Don't look any further. The product is junk. I charged this thing up, turned it on, put the tip in my nostril, and blew my nose after five minutes. There is only one plausible explanation for why my Weed Whacker works so poorly. My wife thought it was a problem of user error. I have successfully used similar products in the past and I followed the limited instructions provided with this product. I'm also not stupid. If you're still reading this review, please stop. If you hit the back button a couple times, you can start a new search. Don't waste your time and money on this.

👤The build quality of the handle is very good, but the product doesn't work. It can not cut hair. I can hold it up against a patch of ear hair and it spins. I think something is wrong with the cutting blade dropping down if I turn it upside down. Either poor quality control or poor product design. I had high hopes for this. Very disappointed.

👤Excellent high quality trimmer. The hair is moving down from the top of my head and out through my nose and ears as I get older. The shift in the hair is gradual but noticeable. It used to be possible to manage what with tweezers and cuticle scissors. The weed whacker was used. I went from having nose whiskers that could scrub the bottom of my coffee mug to a clean that heightens my sense of taste and smell in one day. I love this product. The quality, craftsmanship and price were perfect. There was no tugging or pulling on the hair of this puppy. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this nose hair trimmer and it worked great. It was smooth and left both nostrils free from hair. I am completely satisfied after one use.

👤This is my second manscaped purchase and I am just as happy as I was with the lawnmower. I don't cry because it doesn't tug or pull my nose hairs, and it's just the right size, sleek design, and most importantly I'm not crying because it doesn't tug or pull my nose hairs. I will get one for my dad on Father's Day.

6. Trimmer Meridian Below Belt Effortlessly

Trimmer Meridian Below Belt Effortlessly

A recent survey of 300 women shows that 70% prefer a clean-shaven partner. trimming is definitely winning, and numbers don't lie. Men are being encouraged to elevate their game where it matters the most. Join the trimming tribe to look clean, smell fresh, and feel more confident. Been a few months since you last shaved? No sweat... You and your nuts are covered by them. It has a replaceable ceramic blade built with extra sensitive shaving technology. No matter how coarse the hair is, the Trimmer works well to prevent nicks and snags. Whether you decide to shave in your yard or mid-shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It is shock- and water-proof, all while being housed in a battery-operated shell to increase comfort. The Trimmer is just as effective wherever you have hair as it is down there. It can be used on your skin or on one of the trim-guards to get your hair length. Their all in one trimmer is fully charged and has enough time to rinse and repeat for a few trims.

Brand: Meridian

👤I'm here to tell you that after using this, it's not going to be a close enough shave for you. I felt a lot of small cuts with minimal bleeding. If you have sensitive skin, it will work better than a razor.

👤It's like you got your balls in a bag. I had to use a chemical to stop the bleeding. It's not for privat parts at all! I use Nars.

👤This product is dangerous. Stay away! I ended up with 3 serious cuts and bleeding after following all the instructions. Don't buy it. It is very dangerous and I am putting a complaint with Amazon about how they allowed it to be sold at their website.

👤This is a great tool. I think it is better than any I have used and I recommend it. It is a little on the higher end of price but it is of high quality and value, it is worth it to spend a little more than the cheapest you can find. I used it on my face. It is very light. I thought this was a problem but it is not. It was able to handle a lot of beard growth. It works well in the shower. I tried to keep my hair and the trimmer dry, but then ran them under the water. Still trims great! It is easy to clean. Remarkably so. I have owned a few trimmers and none have opened as well as this one to clean out the hair, and it seems like there is almost nowhere for hair to get trapped. It seems to charge quickly and hold a good charge with a lot of shaving time. The combs are double sided, which is great because they are less accessories and cluttered. It is easy to clip on. The only thing it has is ausb cord. I understand that this may save money or reduce waste, but what if someone doesn't have a wall accessory? I just use the box, but a stand or travel case might be nicer. The guide says to replace the blades every three months. It wasn't clear to me when I purchased that I would need to do that. I bought a quality shaver that I am glad I did, even though I might get a second one, so I have one for my face and another for my body. Will try to update this review when I have more information about how it lasts.

👤The box I received the shaver in was minimalist. I liked the look. I found multiple shaving caps of different lengths when I opened the shaver. It's pretty cool! I tested it in the shower and dry when I started it. It worked well at any level of humidity. I think it's a great idea.

👤I used to use painful and uncomfortable basic trimmers to get the job done, but this trimmer is a replacement. Wow, what a change! I used to deal with being pulled and multiple passes and hours to complete the job, but after ordering The Meridian all that is left is behind me. I was glad I did. The build quality of the Meridian trimmer is better than my old ones. I would have cried from pain if the old trimmers had slipped from my hands. This thing plows through the hair with ease, only needing one pass to accomplish the job, which shortens my grooming time. When I first ordered this, I didn't think it would become an essential tool in my self-care routine.

7. Finishing Touch Flawless Eyebrow Lavender

Finishing Touch Flawless Eyebrow Lavender

Your package will include a flawless brows hair removal unit, a cleaning brush, and a AA battery. The skin should be clean with no makeup or creams. Pull the skin tight and move the unit in small, circular motions. You might have to go over the same area several times to get the best results. Between your eyebrow wax or threading appointment, flawless brows is a great way to clean up your brows. If you can't wax or tweeze your eyebrows, it's a great alternative. The head is to be used all around the eyebrow to instantly and painlessly remove eyebrow hair. Flawless brows are not recommended for shaping eyebrows.

Brand: Finishing Touch

👤The product is awesome but there is a learning curve. I am allergic to wax and this was very easy to use. I shaved my bushy eyebrows in less than 20 minutes. Touch ups will be less than 5 minutes.

👤Buy a pair of tweezers and save money. Tweezerman is a good brand. I wanted it to work. It's next to useless. You have to cut the hair over and over. It grows back in two seconds because you don't remove the hair at the root. It's supposed to remove the hair cleanly and quickly, but it doesn't, so I'm very happy that I'm able to return it. Don't bother with it.

👤Is more difficult to use than the regular flat edge. It doesn't cut every piece, it feels like I'm having to see at my hairs.

👤My daughter does not have thick eyebrows. It does not catch hairs. It pulls the hair when it does. You can save $20 by using a razor. It is junk.

👤I wanted to like it, but after a few uses the top part covering the razor keeps popping off while the motor/razor is still running. Since the cap that flies off hits near the eye, it's very dangerous. This is a major design flaw. The pen seems to have an endless supply of black grease coming from somewhere in the motor that is deposits on the surface that you are trying to razor. Why? Good idea, but poor execution and quality control.

👤This flawless finishing touch product is very easy to use and very handy. I tried it for the first time and was happy with the result, but it took a bit of attention.

👤Garbage! This thing doesn't do anything. I have a full size version of it. This one doesn't remove hair. I will use the other one when I can, but I will keep waxing and plucking it. Very disappointed.

👤There is a waist of money. I will not isento. The product is terrible, but the seller is great. It is like shaving your eyebrows. The hair is cut instead of being removed from the root.

👤A esto supero mis expectativas y no solo funciona maravillos is practico. Nos permite depilarnos sin esfuerzo, sin irritacin y sin dolor. Si tiene un original vale la pena.

👤It works on brows but would prefer not to shave them. I had to use the hairs every second day or the bristling drove me insane. I had a face epilator and was hoping it would work the same way. It is easy to use and relatively fast, but it has gone back to tweezing. It lasts longer.

👤My "Go to' product was the eye brow trimmer. I needed something that gave me convenience and ease, and that kept my eyebrows neat and tidy, while the salon was closed. It catches the hairs. It's worth the money for the convenience of cleaning up your brows in between salon visits.

👤I like this for its compact and portable design. I don't recommend this for eyebrow use as you have to pass over the same spot multiple times to remove hair, and it's very easy to accidentally remove too much, and then what is removed feels shaved. It's safe to say I'm never using this again. If you want to have bare eyebrows, this is fine.

8. Brightup Cordless Clippers Waterproof Rechargeable

Brightup Cordless Clippers Waterproof Rechargeable

A multi-functional grooming kit. The Brightup All-in-one multi functional grooming kit includes 6 trimmer heads and a stand base for easy collection and organization. 5 hair trimmer combs can control the length of the hair, styling your beard, hair, body, private, mustache, nose, ear, facial, groin to any desired look. The whole body is easy to clean. The brush makes it easy to clean the blades. It's best to let it dry naturally. The display reminds you to charge. The built-in battery can hold up to 90 minutes of run time per charge. It is possible to achieve high performance anywhere. It's small and portable and you can use them anywhere you want. The steel blades are self-sharpening. The blades have a gap that is deep close to the skin, and have low-friction heat. The blades are non-corrosive and won't rust. Child safety and travel lock are included. The handle is smooth and comfortable to hold. Press for 3 seconds to lock the design. 7300rpm is suitable for daily use, 8800rpm can cut thicker hair more easily. The high-quality motor will not produce excessive noise when the trimmer is running, and you can enjoy the fun of trimming in a low-noise environment. The ideal gift is a one-year warranty. The men grooming kit is a great gift for fathers, husbands, boyfriends and sons. It has everything you need for a good haircut and a great styling kit for men for a hassle-free grooming experience at home or on the go. They have a 1 year guarantee for Bright Beard. If you are not satisfied, please contact them and they will give you a 100% satisfaction solution.

Brand: Brightup

👤This is a very strong device. When things were built right, I was 67 years old. You can feel what I'm talking about as soon as you hold the trimmer. I use it to trim my beard and neck. It doesn't pinch you. I use the beard and hair attachment for it to go to town. I used it for 3 weeks and only charged it when I got it. 80% charge remaining is shown on the displays. I am impressed. I'm perfectly happy with your trimmer, I'm a perfectionist by nature. Thank you for making this.

👤It was a gift for my husband and he liked it. After a few uses it needed to be charged, but it wouldn't take a charge. I tried to charge it on different outlets, but nothing. I reached out to the seller but did not hear back. I have a shiny paperweight.

👤This was fully charged in the box when I got it today. The razor is small and light, and not heavy. This perk is good for travel. I didn't expect much from a low price point. I have a coarse beard and use a corded electric razor to blast it. I use this razor to trim my mustache and around my ears and neck. I have done my own home grooming because of it. I thought I would give it a try since it was battery powered and water proof, and I wanted to use it for my beard since it was easier to take out and use than the big Wahl razor. I'm not surprised that the Wahl fires through the thickest of beards, it has the power to do that. If you sweep it through hair like you would a bigger razor, it will pull a little. If you go a little slower than you would with a more powerful razor, it will cut you very respectfully. I was able to shave my beard down just fine, although it took a little more time. It wasn't long. Just like my beard when I was done. It was easy to clean because of the water. The head didn't get dirty and attract hair, and swap the heads was no big deal. Getting rid of neck hair and hair around the ears was very easy with the standard head. It cut well. I'm giving the product 4 stars, but 4.5 is more accurate. It does what it was advertised to do, the battery life is long, and the attachment is enough for simple at- home grooming. I only deduct stars because I wish it was more powerful, but for the price, I can't complain.

👤We'll see how it works after use. It seems like it will be fine. They have a lot of attachments, but they wish they had more lengths. I would prefer the shorter option. They offer gift cards for reviews.

👤I had an issue with the product. Customer service was quick to respond to my problem.

👤I am very disappointed after a few months of use. The clippers are useless in detailing. Don't cut close enough. If using guards, don't use them for precision trimming. Works well. It would be nice if it charged via ausb connection, instead of the proprietary connection that goes into the razor unit. There is a lot of stuff. I had to send the first one back because one of the cutting blades was broken. It doesn't cut as close as other shavers, so may not be ideal for detailed work.

9. Panasonic ER GB42 K Precision Beard Trimmer

Panasonic ER GB42 K Precision Beard Trimmer

The comb attachment raises flattened hairs for clean cutting, which is a part of personalized cutting and sculpting. The cutting length steps are 19 and they have a cutting length adjustment of 1.0-10mm. The beard trimmer has a 45 degree blade cutting system that makes it an ideal beard trimmer for men. The sleek design of the rubberized grip makes it easy to hold and give total control for clean, detailed cutting and trimming. The Wet/Dry Mens Trimmer is a 100 % washable mustache trimmer that lets you comfortably trim in or out of the shower. The ER-GB42 beard trimmer is easy to use and charges quickly in an AC wall adaptor. Order the WER9606P replacement blade.

Brand: Panasonic

👤The maximum length of the '19 Adjustable Settings' is 10mm. This is for people who really care about the difference between 812mm and 9mm. If you're like most of us and don't care about that kind of precision, you'll be disappointed. It's a shame, because unlike other trimmers I've used, this one is lightweight and powerful, and hopefully the battery won't die after a few months' use, like the ones that cost a third as much as this. I thought I had found a trimmer that would do what I needed, be good to travel with, and last. If the maximum length is 10mm, that's not helpful. I contacted the Panasonic Support to make sure they didn't have any larger guards, as they promised in the pamphlet in the box. It took them a week to get back to me and tell me to do a web search. I'm afraid that it's just as useless as the 412mm setting.

👤The cheaper trimmers work well and perform well around $40-50. Why would you spend so much on this item? 1. The Li ion setup is perfect for travel because it can last a whole week before it needs to be charged. The others are cheaper, but this is the only one out right now. Step up to something better! 2. The motor is the most powerful I've ever owned, it sounds very fast and very smooth. The thing that my other trimmer was tugging at was very satisfying, and it sounded like a formula one engine. 3. Superb fine adjustment! This thing can adjust itself in very fine ways, like my previous trimmers. 4. It doesn't feel like a toy. This feels like a little bigger, a little heavier, and assembled like a timepiece. 5. Is it waterproof? This thing can handle an adventure in the shower, or a quick wash down to get it clean again. The other ones don't provide that. Who should buy this? Someone wants to make them feel better. We trim our beards and body hair often to make it a peaceful experience. This trimmer is very good.

👤Terrible shaver! If you like beard hair pulled out by an electronic hair pulling machine, then this is the shaver for you. Brand new out of the box. It was time to shave. I stopped half way through because I wanted to deal with the pain. Buy the cheaper competitor and save half the cost.

👤The ER-GB80-S is woefully inferior to the ER-GB40, which is only $39.99 at Target and $20 cheaper. Without a guard, the GB40 trims closer, scratches less, and cuts better.

👤The product description shows a unit that plugs into a wall outlet. See pictures from other reviewers. I will return the product.

👤The Panasonic's Precision + Power Beard Trimmer allows for a 5 o'clock shadow. His face was tender from the constant shaving blades and he was tired of shaving every day. My spouse decided he wanted to be like the 'Trivago' guy. It only takes a few moments each morning to get his neatly groomed look and he is good to go. The only downside is that the trimmer spits out the hair when he trims it. There is hair on the walls of the bathroom.

10. VIKICON Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Precision

VIKICON Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Precision

All in one multi grooming kit with storage case. A professional man's grooming kit includes hair clippers, beard trimmer, nose/ ear trimmer, design trimmer, body hair groomer. It can also be used as a hair removal tool. The beard trimmer kit has a travel case that keeps everything organized. The self-sharpening blades and guard combs give you the ultimate precision without compromising on comfort. The Mustache Trimmer Kit includes 4 hair trimmer combs guard, 1 precision trimmer comb, and 1 body hair comb. If you need to use different blades, please use them with the beard grooming kit. The display reminds you to charge. The clippers for hair cutting have a built-in rechargeable battery that can deliver up to 90 minutes of run time per charge. You can use the electric shaver wherever you please. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to open the travel lock. For daily use, 6200Rpm is available, and 7800Rpm is available for trimming the thickest hairs. The kit is perfect for home use. This wet dry man grooming kit is designed with a whole washed body, so you can rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning. It can be used for trimming facial hair. It is a perfect gift for a man on Christmas Day.

Brand: Vikicon

👤I have been using a trimmer that has always been a problem due to nicks and cuts. I kept it properly cleaned and oiled, but it would nick me a lot. The first time I put it through a thorough test, I was so relieved that it was a smooth trim, that I didn't notice any nicks. Attachments were hard to change out. I don't have any issues with it. You will see how easy it is if you read the instructions for a minute. I'm completely satisfied with this trimmer and I hope it lasts a long time. The storage case is a big plus.

👤This is a huge upgrade from the cable hair cutting machine. I was able to cut my hair a lot faster with the portable grooming kit, and I didn't have to worry about the cable getting in the way. It comes with a case to store and protect the kit. The machine is designed to be elegant and comes with a screen that shows the total usage time and battery level. The charging feature is great. Plug the charging cable into the charging port. The quality is great when you hold it. It comes with a lot of accessories to do a lot of different jobs. The machine battery lasts about 90 minutes and is enough to complete any job. I am very satisfied with my purchase of this machine, I recommend it for personal or business use.

👤This kit is all in one. You can see how much battery remains on the display. It does not burn through the battery. I only used it for a week and am in the high 80%. As my beard grows fast, I use it daily. The kit includes a trimmer. There are two trimmer heads, one large and one small, which are used for different things. The ear ear trimmer attachment is better than my smaller battery powered one. There is a beard trimmer with an option to adjust the guard. I didn't know there was an electric trimmer for the parts of your face that weren't trying to extend your beard. This attachment is the best. One feature that really isn't a feature but is a nice addition is the standard microusb port. I have trimmers from different brands and they all have random chargers with big bricks, which is more bulk to deal with or lose. It's much easier to have a universal cable charging port. My friend had to go through my kit while I was in the bathroom. He decided to try it. He came down and said that the trimmer kit was awesome. I reply that I know but you used my trimmer. It is awesome, I can't blame him. When I opened the box, I had to try it. The grooming kit is a steal with the current $10 coupon. Grab it while you can. It is replacing both of my trimmers.

👤This is worth every penny. I had trouble shaving my beard with a razor. The job was done and there were several other extras. I don't think we'll be going back to shaving with a blade. This product was developed and marketed by the company.

11. Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper Battery Operated

Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper Battery Operated

The Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer is made of high-qualitystainless steel and can effectively and comfortably remove unwanted hair from your nose, ears, eyebrows, beard, and face. The one-button design is easy to use. You can show the most confident side whenever you please. The nose hair trimmer features a dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover, inner rotating design, which smoothly and precisely removes the hairs without painful or unpleasant pulling. It is easy to use. You can show your best at work or appointments. It is easy to deal with residual by soaking it or having it take a shower. The trimmer head is portable and easy to clean. A dust-proof cover protects the trimmer head. The upgraded motor is 5% less power-hungry. The AA battery can run for more than 6 months at a time. The nose trimmer is suitable for travel. The nose hair clippers can be used freely with operating noise less than 50db. ZORAMI nose hair trimmer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee without a lot of arguing required. If you have a question or want to know more, please contact them.

Brand: Zorami

👤The best seller was branded FlePow. The FlePow was Amazon's #1 best seller in the nose/ear hair trimmer category from about 2019. 4.5 stars out of 5. The FlePow product was no longer on the Amazon website. This is labeled as from the same maker as the one with the same model number. The device looks the same. The box it ships in looks the same. The same cleaning brush is included. The same beauty images are being used on this website. The same product as the FlePow is the Zorami. The brand-name has been changed where needed. It's the best trimmer I've ever owned. No pain, cleans up easily with a head that you just rinse out. This device is selling for less than what the FlePow was selling for here. There was no instructions or user's guide in the box. What is printed on the box is not much. I uploaded a picture of the box. Look no further. This is the tool you want. My original review was for the fowl. This is the best nose hair trimmer I have ever owned. It is better than the Lighted Nose-Ear-Brow Trimmer that it is replacing. The best-of-breed when I bought the Wahl was twenty smackers. The FlePow cuts better and closer, and therefore faster, than the Wahl, which I would have to go through again and again to get the same quality of trim. No pain or yanking with either of them. The head of this FlePow pops-off, so you can rinse it clean. The FlePow can be dunked in 10 feet of water for 30 minutes without damage. They told you to stick the whole thing under the faucet because the Wahl didn't have such a feature. The big clear plastic screw-on/off cover/lid on this FlePow is nice to have; the Wahl had a little plastic cover that slipped over the metal tip, but it was always lost when I removed it. There was a built-in light that tried to shine up where you were trimming. I don't recommend that feature in a trimmer, the light on the Wahl is too dim to be of use. I owned several brands of the type that have a permanent 'little-comb-on-a-post' on top, but all of them were lousy. I don't think you should buy that style of trimmer. There are no instructions included, so you have to figure it out. All on your own. You can't go wrong here. I tried to find another trimmer that would do better, but I couldn't find one. I think I was probably right after using this one.

👤I am here to tell you that if you have nose hair, you are not alone. The device gets the job done. It is easy to use. It sounds powerful, but it won't hurt you, so don't be afraid. You rinse your nose out. It is convenient and I highly recommend it.

👤It's easy to use. This is a good buy to keep with you for trips or anything, because hubby loves it for a quick touch up.


What is the best product for electric eyebrow trimmer for men?

Electric eyebrow trimmer for men products from Philips Norelco. In this article about electric eyebrow trimmer for men you can see why people choose the product. Philips and Wahl Clipper Corp are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric eyebrow trimmer for men.

What are the best brands for electric eyebrow trimmer for men?

Philips Norelco, Philips and Wahl Clipper Corp are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric eyebrow trimmer for men. Find the detail in this article. Areyzin, Manscaped and Meridian are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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