Best Electric Eyebrow Trimmer with Light

Trimmer 26 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Viebeauti Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer Precision

Viebeauti Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer Precision

The eyebrow trimmer and facial hair removal tool support shaping, trimming and shaving. The wand can be used to tame unruly brows or remove peach fuzz. There is a tip for brow consecration. The pointed head allows you to make sure your eyebrows are straight. To groom, shape, lift, arch, and trim eyebrows, use as a brow definer. Quickly and painlessly remove overgrown brows. The flat head shaves larger surface areas such as the cheeks, upper lip and chin. The trimming tool can be used to shave body hair. There is a charge for redemption. The eyebrow trimmer is portable. The charging cable is included. The device can be charged up with a wall transformer, computer, power bank, or similar.

Brand: Viebeauti

👤This is a great instrument. It arrived quickly. This is a really neat feature. I don't know if this is standard, but it's helpful. It was easy to use. It looks like sheek looking. I haven't been able to travel recently, but it's a great size for doing so and would fit in my make-up bag. I love doing eyebrows with this instrument. It does a great job.

👤I really liked using this tool. It is charged for a long time. It is easy to charge. No battery! That is nice! The heads are easy to clean. This is a great item.

👤The product works as expected. The device is small and easy to use. I've been looking for a product like this for a long time and I'm happy I found it. It is easy to remove hair. The top part can be washed in water. Really no drawbacks! Buy it!

👤I am very impressed with this product, it is my second facial trimmer. The eyebrow trimmer I had before was not as strong or precise as this one. The second head is perfect for more precise trimming. Happy with the purchase!

👤I had trouble with the first one. The way they dealt with it needs to be praised. No hassle, no problem. The replacement is great. It was a little difficult to replace the heads. I can't hold onto it. I got it. I am very impressed with how the company handle the problem.

👤The product is easy to use. I use it on my eyebrows. It works quickly. I still want to buy some hair drugs since the result will be permanent.

👤The razor is powered by a battery. Nothing more.

👤I like this tool. I will not use a razor to shave my eyebrows again. I would have liked to have bought one sooner. It's better late than never.

2. Painless Electric Cordless Portable Rechargeable

Painless Electric Cordless Portable Rechargeable

A multi-functional grooming tool trims hair from eyebrows, lips, peach fuzz, mustache, legs. It's suitable for both men and women. Safe and Painless: With a blade that's non-irritating, you can have a painless and safe shaving experience. Light for Best Result:LED light makes it easier to see so that you won't miss a hair. It's small enough to fit in your pocket. 6 inches and 1 inch. It's perfect for home and trip use. The charging cable is included, so you don't have to worry about battery power. Use it whenever and wherever you please.

Brand: Leuxe

👤I have never done my own brows. I decided it was time to learn because I am tired of looking like a bear. This is a razor. It is easy to use and has instructions. I definelty look like a woman now, but I need to be patient and take slow.

👤It worked great when I used it this morning. I was nervous when I clipped on the overall thinner accessory because I had never used an eyebrow shaver before. It worked well and I am happy with my brows.

👤It is very lightweight and compact. I have sensitive skin and this product does not irritate it. I use it to remove peach fuzz from my face. It's handy to have a rechargeable battery. I could never find a replacement battery for my old trimmer.

👤I love this product. It works well on my hair.

👤I bought a detail trimmer to trim my dogs fur. My dogs weren't comfortable with the noise of that trimmer. I bought this trimmer after finding it. I was able to trim my dogs paw pad fur easily with this trimmer, they didn't mind the noise at all. The light is a great addition. I decided to buy a second one since my current one is not as loud as the one I want to replace. This is a good trimmer.

👤The trimmer works as described. The presentation is nice and the included cap makes it easy to travel with. The motor is not as powerful as I 888-276-5932s The best part was that it charged via theusb C, so you don't have to buy batteries. You can turn on and off the built-in light. I haven't tried the comb yet, but it is included with the blade guard.

👤The light is nice, but the razor is not as sharp as you would buy at the drugstore. The sign of a dull blade is when you pull the blade on the face. It costs the same as a drugstore version so we will see if it lasts any longer.

👤I really liked this eyebrow razor. It gets the job done more quickly than a regular razor. I liked the color. I will buy another one for my purse.

👤Is it important that il ne s'agit pas ici d'un épilateur? Au niveau de l'utilisation est simple et facile. Vous le passez. vous de gérer, il faut y aller, ne vous rasez pas tout le sourcil. C'est arriver l'air de rien. Vous permet devoir la zone, qui vous voulez raser. Vous tessez sur le salle de bain qui manque un peu d'éclairage. Le nettoyez est un petit brosse. Comme l'annonce, il se charge par theusb. Voil.

👤A great eyebrow trimmer. My gf can replace this with her regular trimmer. Save us from getting those. She has a sharp blade that trims her eyebrows.

👤Ihren Mal ausprobiert ist es aber total sinnvoll, praktisch und super. Gerade ist toll!

👤The Leuxe Eyebrow Trimmer is easy to charge and has clear instructions.

3. Eyebrow Razor Face Hair Removal USB Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer 100 Painless Hair Remover

Eyebrow Razor Face Hair Removal USB Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer 100 Painless Hair Remover

2 in 1 design for all. Quickly switch between modes. The best way to remove hair is with the detail head of this hair removal device. The round head of facial hair removal fits the skin perfectly and removes hair from arms, back and legs quickly and efficiently. This hair removal device is built with a high-quality, anti-allergic steel blade, so it is safe for sensitive skin. There is no skin irritation, scratches, or painful pulls when using their painless hair removal. You can charge it with a power bank, sockets and PC. You can enjoy 70 minutes of shaving with a fully charged battery. The electric eyebrow shaver has a bright light that provides a blind spot for vision. Simple operation and portable. The eyebrow trimmer heads are easy to use. The eyebrow trimmer and facial hair removal for men is small. It's easy to carry and fit in your purse. Cleaning the head with a free attached brush is easy. What they provide is a machine, eyebrow trimmer head, shaver head, cleaning brush, and ausb cable. The eyebrow hair removal provides 18 months of warranty services. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution if this eyebrow hair removal has any problems.

Brand: Jnater

👤After using this product on my face, it caused a lot of bumps on my skin, it was painful to touch, and it was on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. This is a generic version of the flawless beauty products that made a difference. Save your money and get the Real one.

👤The seller didn't contact me about where the hair goes when it's removed, and that's why the computer fried. The unit wouldn't turn on after I used theusb to charge it. I will be without my laptop for a long time. There were no batteries. The hair doesn't accumulate in the top. NoLAPLAP!

👤The narrow piece works well, but the flat piece doesn't connect to the right metal pieces to turn on or something. It was pretty disappointing.

👤You have a single tool for both facial hair removal and eyebrows.

👤I like this product, but it catches my skin on occasionally when using the brow trimmer. It might be due to my hood eye lids. If I'm careful, I have less of a problem with this. Just be aware. It takes some skill.

👤This does not cut or trim hair. I was hoping it would help with the baby hairs I get around my eyebrows, but it doesn't do anything. I tried the blade guard and it didn't work. What a sad day.

👤The product is perfect. It is easy to remove and put on and it has two heads. The carry bag was a bonus.

👤You reach an age when things don't seem right. This is great! Takes care of everything.

4. Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer 5640 600

Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer 5640 600

It's great for facial hair detailing with the detailer and for light hair removal such as nose, ear, brow, sideburn, toes, and touch-ups on the neckline. The micro detailer features superior blades, rugged anodized aluminum housing, and is battery operated for superior performance, power, and run time to achieve the perfect look on the go or at home. With easily replaceable heads, hygienic grooming is easier than ever with one head for your nose and another for everything else. The Micro GroomsMan can be taken virtually anywhere, whether it is for home use, on vacation, or for business trips. The brand used by professionals in the salon and barber industry has been used since 1919. Quality construction and self-sharpening precision blades.

Brand: Wahl

👤If you accidentally drop it while using it, it will be difficult to put it back together.

👤I've been in need of a new personal trimmer for awhile, the last one was dubious at the beginning, but I made it work for a few years. The attachment did more pulling than cutting so it was limited to nose hair. I found the Wahl Senior to replace my previous beard trimmer, and my life changed before my very eyes. I thought I would see what Wahl had to offer. Some of the reviewers helped me make my decision, they were people with realistic expectations, long-time users and just a little patience. The deal is that I have had the Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer for three weeks and I love it. There is a It costs less than $10. Call it even if you skip one of those Blue Moon's at the bar this weekend. Go ahead and skip Blue Moon, thank me later. There is a It's easy to hold, attractive, and has a cover for the head to make sure it's clean. It has three heads. The "2 position guide comb" and the "ear/nose trimmer" both performed well in my use. There is a The motor has enough power for my needs, but only requires one battery. What it will not do is cure cancer. The federal budget should be trimmed. It won't do the following: come with a manual for setup, cleaning, etc. The manual I received referred to two of the same things at different places on the page. Common sense comes in handy here. The job of the Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer is more than what I need. It's easy to hold and maneuver, it trims my excess hair, and it's cheap.

👤For the past 20 years, I have only relied on Wahl for my hair care needs. I have used standard hair clippers for 15 years and only change the blades once. The hair trimmer is a quality product. Quality is one of the big issues. The whole trimmer is easy to use. The user can be free from fear when washing the device because the battery is very secure. The heads are easy to clean and use. The trimmer head cuts hair very close to the skin. The cutting area is about 1/3 of an inch and allows the user to define any part of your face. The closer you get to the skin, the cleaner it is. When using the trimmer, I have never nicked my skin. Ever. I use the standard trimmer for this job, even though there is a nose hair trimmer in the kit. Why is this important? Men have weird hairs on their faces. Don't deal with it. The nose hair trimmer can mow down deep nose hairs. I have hair around the nostril. Even though the skin inside the nose is very sensitive, the trimmer is able to get rid of these hairs easily. I can cut those hairs with confidence. It is easy to clean the head. Put it under hot water and wipe it dry. There is a guard with the kit. This will allow you to shape your facial hair. I am not the kind of man who will try to make my facial hair look better. If that is the kind of thing you do, this trimmer is for you. You keep doing it. The life of the battery on the trimmer usually lasts me for several months on a regular basis. The reason I give a five star review to the Wahl is because if I ever need to replace it, I will always come back to this product.

5. Rechargeable Eyebrow Remover Painless Precision Trimmer

Rechargeable Eyebrow Remover Painless Precision Trimmer

The eyeball hair removal is pre-cision. The hair removal tip is to be used on the top and bottom of the eyebrows, and immediately wipes away the hair. There was no pain in pulling hair. The eyebrow shaver is a chargeable one. The eyebrow hair removal device has a built-in Ni-CdAAA battery which can be charged using the charging cable. To use, pull the skin tight and move the device in a small, round way. It targets the smallest areas to keep those perfect eyebrows. It's a perfect substitute for the traditional wax and tweezers. It is safe to use on all skin types. The razor blades are made of sharp steel and deliver a perfect shave. It's possible to be sylish and accessible. The eyebrow removal is portable, light weighted and small enough to fit in your handbag, bag or clutch at all times. A perfect gift for a mother.

Brand: Reazeal

👤It doesn't work well and gets hot on top of the razor, which feels like it will break at any time. If you receive a note inside the container that says to put a positive review, and they mail you a free product with a value of 25$, then you will see any positive reviews. I can't lie about the product.

👤eyebrow waxing is one of the ways that the Pandemic has changed grooming habits. I decided to try this because my eyes looked like they were home to two woolly caterpillar. The price was perfect for a rechargeable groomer, what you spend on this would pay for a cheaper model. Function It does the job, but you have to press harder than you want. It will take some time to get used to it, but it is unlikely that you will shave off an eyebrow. The light up feature helps with shaping your brows. If you want to maintain your brows, you should have them professionally shaped first. This trimmer is a good one. It works as promised and is a good value.

👤The fake product was made in China. Poor quality. Never use for eyebrows. It cut my skin. There is a It's okay to give one star for upper lips. I wonder why there are so many positive comments for a cheap product.

👤Love! I was skeptical. I don't want to get my eyebrows done. It's cold in New England during the winter. I thought I would give it a shot. I did my eyebrows. I went by the last shape but don't need to go now. I would like to do it before and after. I have no experience with this. So easy! One of my eyes has scars on it so it's not possible to have them perfect.

👤I am in love with this product. It makes my beauty routine a lot simpler. I used to do this before and it worked great, but it took forever and I had to use tweezers. It's better than the battery operated ones because it has ausb rechargeable. The only reason I give 4 stars is because you can't buy replacement heads, and I hate that I have to throw the product out and buy a new one when there is nothing wrong with it. The item should be made more sustainable by selling replacement razor heads. The razor head was dull and less effective than before. I have to buy an entire new trimmer because I can't just buy a head. I hope you guys change this for us because we would love it. It would be better if the planet was not so wasteful. If I can't just purchase replacement razor heads, I might not use this product anymore. This would be a simple fix.

👤It works well, is easy to clean, and you don't have to charge it for it to work. I haven't figured out a way to turn off the little light around the head of the razor. It is hard to see when I look in the mirror to do my eyebrows because the light washes out everything. I have never had a bad experience with bushman eyebrows, but it would be nice to just turn that off occasionally.

6. Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper Battery Operated

Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper Battery Operated

The Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer is made of high-qualitystainless steel and can effectively and comfortably remove unwanted hair from your nose, ears, eyebrows, beard, and face. The one-button design is easy to use. You can show the most confident side whenever you please. The nose hair trimmer features a dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover, inner rotating design, which smoothly and precisely removes the hairs without painful or unpleasant pulling. It is easy to use. You can show your best at work or appointments. It is easy to deal with residual by soaking it or having it take a shower. The trimmer head is portable and easy to clean. A dust-proof cover protects the trimmer head. The upgraded motor is 5% less power-hungry. The AA battery can run for more than 6 months at a time. The nose trimmer is suitable for travel. The nose hair clippers can be used freely with operating noise less than 50db. ZORAMI nose hair trimmer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee without a lot of arguing required. If you have a question or want to know more, please contact them.

Brand: Zorami

👤The best seller was branded FlePow. The FlePow was Amazon's #1 best seller in the nose/ear hair trimmer category from about 2019. 4.5 stars out of 5. The FlePow product was no longer on the Amazon website. This is labeled as from the same maker as the one with the same model number. The device looks the same. The box it ships in looks the same. The same cleaning brush is included. The same beauty images are being used on this website. The same product as the FlePow is the Zorami. The brand-name has been changed where needed. It's the best trimmer I've ever owned. No pain, cleans up easily with a head that you just rinse out. This device is selling for less than what the FlePow was selling for here. There was no instructions or user's guide in the box. What is printed on the box is not much. I uploaded a picture of the box. Look no further. This is the tool you want. My original review was for the fowl. This is the best nose hair trimmer I have ever owned. It is better than the Lighted Nose-Ear-Brow Trimmer that it is replacing. The best-of-breed when I bought the Wahl was twenty smackers. The FlePow cuts better and closer, and therefore faster, than the Wahl, which I would have to go through again and again to get the same quality of trim. No pain or yanking with either of them. The head of this FlePow pops-off, so you can rinse it clean. The FlePow can be dunked in 10 feet of water for 30 minutes without damage. They told you to stick the whole thing under the faucet because the Wahl didn't have such a feature. The big clear plastic screw-on/off cover/lid on this FlePow is nice to have; the Wahl had a little plastic cover that slipped over the metal tip, but it was always lost when I removed it. There was a built-in light that tried to shine up where you were trimming. I don't recommend that feature in a trimmer, the light on the Wahl is too dim to be of use. I owned several brands of the type that have a permanent 'little-comb-on-a-post' on top, but all of them were lousy. I don't think you should buy that style of trimmer. There are no instructions included, so you have to figure it out. All on your own. You can't go wrong here. I tried to find another trimmer that would do better, but I couldn't find one. I think I was probably right after using this one.

👤I am here to tell you that if you have nose hair, you are not alone. The device gets the job done. It is easy to use. It sounds powerful, but it won't hurt you, so don't be afraid. You rinse your nose out. It is convenient and I highly recommend it.

👤It's easy to use. This is a good buy to keep with you for trips or anything, because hubby loves it for a quick touch up.

7. Eyebrow Trimmer Funstant Facial Hair

Eyebrow Trimmer Funstant Facial Hair

This eyebrow trimmer is built with rounded-tip blades that are safe and gentle. It makes trimming easy and effective with double-sided blades. The long- lasting blade is gentle on your skin and won't cause any irritation, redness, pain, or pulling sensation. Not for sensitive skin. The sleek wand design of the electric eyebrow razor makes it easy to use, and it follows the natural curve of your skin with precision. The eyebrow epilator is small and easy to fit into a makeup bag or pouch, perfect for travel and home use. The eyebrow trimmer is multi-functional and can be used to trim face, chin, upper-lips, neck, peach fuzz, eyebrows, cheeks, ears and even detailing beards. The snap on grooming comb attachment of this facial hair trimmer will allow you to trim and shape your eyebrows to the desired length and create a clean, confident look. The electric eyebrow razor is powered by an easy-to- find battery. All Funstant Precision Eyebrow Trimmers and Facial Hair Trimmers are rigorously tested before shipping, and are protected by a risk-free ironclad 18-MONTH Unconditional Refund & Replacement Guarantee, if for any reason you don't feel like it.

Brand: Funstant

👤I rarely write reviews, but I really like this product. I've used it on everyone in our house. It has always been difficult to trim my eyebrows. I combed them up straight up, then used scissors to cut the natural curve of my eyebrow. I would cut the ends to shorten them. I had long hairs on the bottom of my eyebrows and almost no hairs on the ends. I had never heard of a product that was made for this until I saw this product. I will not lie, I was skeptical. I was excited when I opened the box and saw the care in the packaging. The box has a razor, a trimming attachment, and an extra blade. It could not be simpler. It doesn't come with a battery, so you need aAAA on hand. The razor has two sides, one with a longer blade for shaving the fuzz off of the flat areas like above your eyebrows, and the other with a tiny blade for the detail work that you typically need tweezers for. You can shape your brows with the smaller blade. The small blade is my best friend. I shave off the fuzzies on my face because I love makeup. The tiny blade is great for getting hard to reach places like under your nose or between your eyebrows. I trimmed the hairs around my ears. I am grooming my hair. I use the longer blade to get the fuzz on my face. The attachment for trimming. It's easy to attach as it slides onto the razor. One side is shorter and the other is longer. I recommend starting with the long side. The first pass from the outside of your eyebrow to the nose did get some hairs, but I learned there is an art to it. When using the trimmer, make sure to go slowly and pay attention to your eyebrow hairs being picked up by the trimming head. My hair is blond, so it is hard for me to see. Keep combing through until everything is cut evenly. I only took three passes, but I didn't pay attention the first time. The shorter side of the attachment can be used to get the outside of your eyebrows a more polished look. Cleaning it doesn't take anything. I wiped the blades off with a damp paper towel. I let the attachment dry after running it through water. I have had this trimmer for a week and have trimmed the eyebrows of over four people and used it to shape the eyebrows of a friend. The blade seems to have not worn out. I recommend this product to simplify the eyebrow trimming process.

👤You can use this without the guard if you want a smooth face. The smaller side is good for shaping brows. If you can't seem to get your waxer to understand that you want to make your brows thicker, this is a handy tool. Move on from the fuzzies that make eyeshadows look clumpy. You want to leave some hair behind if you are trimming it. You will want to trim it if you want it to look neat. You have options with this device. It is possible to go longer or shorter, but be aware that it is too long. You can take it off. I left a salon that didn't know how to magic hair back. It is convenient, inexpensive, and effective.

8. SZMDLX Electric Rechargeable Suitable Eyebrows

SZMDLX Electric Rechargeable Suitable Eyebrows

The electric hair removal device can be used as eyebrow trimmer, face and body shave, and is portable and small. It's suitable for eyebrows, upper and lower lips, nose, cheeks, chin and neck. It can be charged with a cable. When the built-in auxiliary light is in use, it can illuminate hair more clearly and accurately, and make it easier to use, without causing blind corners. Safety and hygiene are important. The eyebrow razor's head is made of anti-allergic alloy material, which will not make your skin red and allergic, and will not cause any scratches. The head of the eyebrow trimmer is clean and practical. It is very easy to clean. It is lightweight and portable. It is small, portable and does not take up much space. You can take it with you if you put it in a bag. It's very suitable for travel. Use the machine immediately after turning it on. It is also suitable for people who are busy. It only takes a few minutes to get rid of hair. The razor is small and portable, and the size is small enough to fit in a wallet or handbag at any time. They will provide gifts for your mother, girlfriend, and sister on Mother's Day, birthday, and Christmas.

Brand: Szmdlx

👤I got a Usb cord and a SZMDLX eyebrow trimmer. The trimmer has 2 heads. 7.4 inches is the size of the trimmer. The trimmer has a battery. The trimmer is painless and lightweight. The case is nice and classy, until you touch it. The case is cheap and weak. I hope it lasts. This is a good trimmer.

👤This is shaped well to target the small eyebrow area, but it doesn't seem as sharp as others I have used. It's not always possible to go over the same spot over and over again. I used a micro blade again.

👤This is a cute lighted eye brow trimmer. It has a microusb cord. It is easy to clean the trimmer heads. The cover does not fit when the facial hair removal is on. They should have designed it to fit and have a storage area for it. The trimmer is easy to use.

👤The product is good but for eywbrows the end broke so quickly that I have only one end for face.

👤It doesn't work waste of money.

👤It just stopped working after 3 uses. I never saw it remove hair when it was working. Save your money.

👤von der optik er toll aus, die schlecht bezeichnet.

9. Electric Underarms Painless Rechargeable Portable

Electric Underarms Painless Rechargeable Portable

Women are 5 in 1 with electric shavers. The shaver has replaceable heads. This razor can help you personalize the shaving effect for your face, arms, legs, nostrils, and bikini area in a few minutes, without leaving any. The blade of the electric trimmer is durable and painless. This electric razor can protect sensitive skin. It will make you feel less pain. It is safe to use the electric shaver wet or dry. The blade head is easy to clean and can be submerged in a sink. After using the shaver blade, keep it dry. Don't immerse the shaver body in water, the Host is not waterproof. The women's electric shaver is portable and can be charged through a variety of devices, including a power bank, computer, laptop and sockets. It is small in size and has a small handle, making it ideal for travel and travel. It is a perfect gift to give to friends, lovers and elders. If the product has quality problems, please contact them. They can give you a replacement or a fast refund.

Brand: Anfoos

👤The eyebrow trimmer doesn't work and you have to push down more. So not very happy.

👤I have partial use of my right hand and this is light enough to hold.

👤I was sliced up and down. I like the panasonic.

10. Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer Remover Painless

Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer Remover Painless

The 2-1 women hair removal is gentle and painless and can be used on eyebrow, upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin and neck. It works on peach fuzz or fine hair. Slow down and it will do the job. It is safe for every woman with a skin allergy. You can finally say goodbye to bumps and chicken skin caused by shaving and plucking. No more nicks, no more cuts, no more irritation, and it is painless. The hair removal is an electric razor which does not pull hair from the root but gets so close to the skin that it is a good companion for your confidence and beauty. It's perfect design and built-in light makes it easy to follow every curve of the body and make sure you don't miss any hair, it makes the procedure versatile in its uses everywhere. The hair removal comes with a hassle free quality guarantee for 60 days and a warranty for product defects. Customer support is always on your side. If there is an issue with their products or service, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Vg Vogcrest

👤I did not find this product to be great. I have to go over the area several times for the blades to cut the fine hair, and it has a pulling sensation that I found slightly painful. The charge on the product does not hold for very long as it slows down and does not maintain speed while performing the intended function even after charging per instructions. This product is okay, but I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it. I am not returning the item because it is being used for personal reasons.

👤The vogcrest hair removal and eyebrow trimmer is very light and easy to carry. No need of batteries, comes with a cable that is already charged and ready to use. The light is soft and helpful in darker areas. It works well on my facial hair. If you want to save money on quick eyebrows or facial hair treatment, this is the trimmer for you.

👤This is a great eyebrow and face trimmer. It removes all my hair without any pain at all. The price is perfect and it works.

👤The product gets the job done. My face is nevermore. The product was perfect. It fits in my makeup bag and it's the same size as my mascara, so I recommend it.

👤I was not sure if this would work like the commercial says. I tried it and it was amazing. I don't know how it works but it does. My eyebrows are soft and smooth.

👤I love this trimmer. It is what I needed to get rid of the facial hairs that women don't like to see in the mirror. I missed the window to return the product because I wrote a one-star review, but the trimmer wouldn't take a charge and I tried to contact Amazon, but they wouldn't let me. I contacted the company that manufactured the trimmer to see if they stood behind their product even though I could not return it to Amazon. The person I contacted almost immediately got back to me. She asked me to send her the Amazon order number because she was so nice. I did that. I got a new trimmer through the mail in five days and it works great now. Vogcrest stands behind their product and I am happy that Amazon works with them. I would definitely buy this product.

👤It is an awesome product that saves money and time. It comes with a cord that is a plus point. I've been using another one. Just switch to it and I liked it a lot. It has 2 heads for eyebrows and upper lip.

👤I don't know how long the charge will last. The battery is working great so far. The product did a great job when you couldn't get out to get your waxing done because of the corona virus. I don't know if I will keep using this and not go back to waxing. Time will tell.

👤There are a few 'rouge' hairs on my upper lip, but I have just peach fuzz on it. I havegglers underneath the ends of my brows. It seems a lot of effort to heat up a whole pot of wax for just a few hairs, so I decided a wee gadget like this would be ideal. I decided to give it a try because I was not sure if it was a mini shaver or an Epilator that pulled the hairs out. I know I will get quicker regrowth with a shaver, but it cuts very close without irritation. I will have to do it more often, but the ease and simplicity of doing it will make up for it. The trimmer is easy to maneuver and reminds me of a mascara tube. My husband has hairy ears and it worked well on them using the lip attatchment and brow shaper. I was pleasantly surprised by the way the ear hairs collected inside the blade head to be easily cleaned away with the little brush supplied. Re. People say the heads came off. The heads have slots for push and turn. I only got one side in when they were both in the right place. The domed brow one is more difficult to attatch than the flat lip one. It seems good on light hair growth and small areas. I think it would take a long time for it to work for thicker hair and larger areas. I have awarded stars for it's performance on one trim of upper lip/ears and will update after I try it on my brows. The sales box was nice if it was given for a gift, but the plastic insert was a bit flimsy and didn't hold all the bits supplied. I like to put my gadets in their containers in my dressing table drawer. Came quickly even on a free delivery and was well packed for transit. I am happy with my purchase.

11. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630 70

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2630 70

The OneBlade Face plus Body can shave hair. Your skin stays comfortable if you shave not too close. There are 2 blades for your face and body. It's best to use wet or dry. Extra protection on sensitive areas is provided by the click-on skin guard. Includes 4 stubbles and a body comb for an even trim. 60 minutes of constant performance is delivered by the Rechargeable Li-lon battery. There is a blade for face, stubble combs for face, skin guard, body comb, power charge, and protective cap.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I was excited to have a razor that could do it all. I wish I knew what was in store for me. This could be my fault, so I'm not judging or convicting, just laying out what happened to me. I might save someone else from the same situation. I received a new razor in August. It was great to use this razor for the first time. It was very easy to use. A friend of mine bought it for me. I found out about it when I noticed him running a razor along his cheek and asked him what he was doing. He said he was shaving with the OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver because he didn't have time to shave before the meeting. I liked the concept of it and checked it out. I accidentally dropped it in the bathroom sink when I picked it up to try it out after I ordered it from Amazon. The blade section had come off. I wasn't worried. I've been shaving for over 30 years and that's happened a lot. The plastic blade stem broke when I snapped it back together. I tried to glue it back together with PRO Super Glue, but it was too fragile. I had a brand new razor and a return label from the seller after I sent a message saying exactly what happened. I've dropped my old fashioned razor in the sink, tub, ground on a camping trip, and many other places, but I only had to snap it back together. I decided that I would not be able to use my new razor if I wanted to keep using it because of the drawbacks of this new progressive time. The replacement blade is just $25 a pop. Here's the conclusion. The image of my business associate shaving just prior to the meeting was pretty cool and I thought that was cool, but the fragility of this really cool and convenient device is not the reason I'm writing this review. I needed to benefit from this new razor in the same way. I was late for the meeting and had not shaved yet, so I decided to shave before the meeting and run into the bathroom at work. The flat side of the blade is meant for shaving your face, but it doesn't shave all that close. It is fine for a weekend party with friends, but not for a work meeting. If you want to get a close shave, you have to sit there and shave your face several times, and shave your beard a little more each time. The edge of the razor is for trimming side burns, mustaches, and other facial hair. I assumed that if I used the edge to shave the cheek and chin and neck area, it would cut the beard down quicker than if I used the flat edge. I haven't seen any warnings or warnings about using the edge trimmer part of the blade for shaving your face in the literature, and unless I missed it due to my failing eyesight, there wasn't anything like that. It's possible that this type of incident is something new that they had not counted on. I'm sure they would have said, "Caution - read this message from Noreco before using the device" if it was. I used the edge of the razor on my face. I shaved my beard. I had a clean shave. I noticed a red circle on my cheek after I looked in a mirror. I assumed it was a rash from the new razor and I was getting used to it. I did not even know what it was. I didn't even think about the possibility of what happened to me. I've been shaving for many years and nothing like this had ever happened, I thought it was from the razor and just a little rash. It would be gone in a day or two, just like every other facial rash I've ever had from sunburn or shaving with a new razor. I took a close look at the red marks with a magnifying glass and it was frightening. When I used the edge trimmer to get a quicker shave with my new wireless razor, the red marks on my face appeared to be gashes where the skin on my face was actually removed. The red marks on my skin were beginning to form what appeared to be permanent scars after I had used that razor. It's been over four months. I waited because I thought it would go away. I denied that it was permanent. I'm writing this in January and I don't know, but it's still there. It faded a little, but not much. I kept telling myself that the red marks would go away, but they never did. I have been scaring my face with a razor that I pressed too hard or ran over my face too many times, and it has caused a red mark on my face. I don't know what to do. I thought about suing, but who do I do it against? What are my grounds? I was stupid to not use the edge of the razor sand to sacrifice my face for a quicker shave. I don't know how I knew it would do this. I've used blades made out of steel and 888-349-8884 It was easy to use the edge part of the blade to shave with and I didn't see warnings in the literature that said not to use that part of the blade. There was no warning that I should use caution and not run the trimmer blade over my face too many times. I didn't want a 3 o'clock shadow for a business meeting and I didn't have time to shave my face 6 times in a row. Who's to blame? Who knows? I haven't used my new razor since I saw the red marks on my face and I've been buying scar cream on Amazon to try and get my face back to normal. You should get a good idea of what happened to me if you look at my before and after Norelco pictures.


What is the best product for electric eyebrow trimmer with light?

Electric eyebrow trimmer with light products from Viebeauti. In this article about electric eyebrow trimmer with light you can see why people choose the product. Leuxe and Jnater are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric eyebrow trimmer with light.

What are the best brands for electric eyebrow trimmer with light?

Viebeauti, Leuxe and Jnater are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric eyebrow trimmer with light. Find the detail in this article. Wahl, Reazeal and Zorami are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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