Best Electric Eyelash Curler Heated

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1. Rechargeable Electric Temperature Suitable Extensions

Rechargeable Electric Temperature Suitable Extensions

The eyelash curler has a heat up time of 10 to 20s. The device works with heat on lashes, so use it with mascara to keep the curls lasting longer. The eyelash curler is shaped like a comb and perfectly fits various types of eyelashes. Doesn't pinch or crimp eyelashes. Both real and false eyelashes have a soft natural curl. It is portable and rechargeable. The mini pen sized electric eye lash curler is great to carry and put in your makeup pouch. The battery life is more durable, with a fast charge in 2 hours. The temperature can be adjusted to 60C, 70C, or 80C. You can choose the degree of curl you want. Your eyes and eyelashes are protected from scald. The ideal gift is a satisfied service. A nice small box package is a great gift. Customer service is always a priority for them. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. The after-sales team will give you an answer.

Brand: Akeivn

👤I have a few stray lashes that are very stubborn and have their own mind. I love that you can use this on your lashes. I put a small amount of mascara on, use a curling iron and hold it against my lashes for 10 seconds. I use medium setting and it does get really warm, but not hot enough to burn, so I have not been brave enough to try hot, no need to go hotter when medium works fine for me. I apply another coat of mascara to hold them in place after ITrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia I found that my lashes don't bother me all day. It doesn't hold a charge is the only thing I would like to see better. I don't do my makeup on a daily basis, so a couple days can go by, and it will need to replenish, and I also use it on medium and for a good length of time on each use, so that could drain battery faster too. You can't use it while it's charging. I have been trying different types of manual lash curlers. This one has worked the best.

👤I will preheat it for a short time before I use it. I will do my skin care while waiting. I will use the eyelash curler after that. I will use it when I am about to put on my makeup and use the eyelash makeup on the last step.

👤I like that it had a very fast heat up and is ready for use. I like the eyelash curler case. I liked the color of the case. It is a dark color. It did a good job of curling my lashes. I pressed the button again if I wanted the temperature to go up. There are three temperature settings. 60c is the number. 70c is 140*f. 158*f 80c 178*f The button lights up when I set it up. When it is ready on the back side, it changes from blue to pink in color so I know when it is ready to use. I liked that I could use it to comb out my bottom lashes. The comb clip is something I could use. It worked well to hold my lashes. It is portable and I can take it with me. The small curve in the wand fits my eye shape. It has a fast charge and comes with a battery inside. The brick is provided by me. I have enclosed pictures so you can make an informed decision. There is a I would recommend this product.

👤I have two other heated eyelash curlers, but this one works the best. This one has a clip that you can use for falsies. It is very easy to use. I found this one to be the most effective in curling my lashes. I used this before I applied mascara, despite the fact that I was told to use mascara first. It's not the same for every person and it's up to you. I like that the cap stays on and has a charging cord. I'm very happy with the eyelash curler.

2. Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Curlers

Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Curlers

The new Lash Lift Kit makes Lash more attractive. The new eyelash curler head has a radian design. Perfectly fit for kind of eyelashes curve, create a graceful curling effect. The eyelash curler has an eyelash comb that helps to remove excess mascara and tidy up false eyelashes. The eyelash kit is perfect for eyelash makeup. Long press to turn on and off. This eye makeup curling kit for women is made of rapid heating wire and can be used for a whole day. The eyelash curler makes your eyelash open and spread. The heat pads quickly relax and separate the lashes, while applying gentle heat evenly along the full length of each individual lash. Safe and more effective. The temperature memory function is blue, green, orange, and red. Their heated eyelash curler has three temperature options: low temperature,mid temperature and high temperature. It can fulfill the curling requirement of all types. Next time you use a eyelashes curler, it will record the temperature of the last use. It's convenient! SAFE & FAST CHARGING & PORTABLE SIZE - 15 curved brush head, perfect fit. The protective head won't hurt your skin. Fast charging in multiple ways: laptop, computer, power bank, car,usb power adapter. The eyelash curler is light and slim. The pocket size makes it easy to slip into a wallet, handbag, purse, bag, makeup bag. Travel friendly! The package includes a retail gift box and a factory service. The electric heated eyelash curler set has a heated eyelash curler, a premium eyelash comb, a cleaning brush, and a user manual. The best makeup tools gift for girls is the eyelash curler. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Yisinar

👤There are different settings that I like. It's simple to use and it's gentle enough to not burn you. It has its own cover, brush cleaner, and eyelash brush.

👤This works well for stubborn lashes. I don't like my natural lashes to blend in with my false lashes. I thought I'd try a heated curler. My lashes don't start to lose their shape throughout the day, and they blend in perfectly with my falsies. The curler is shaped in such a way that you're not in danger of accidentally burning yourself, that I was a little worried about putting heat near my eyes. The tool is fairly easy to use, but the instruction booklet is not very helpful for beginners. I hope you enjoy this tool as much as I did.

👤This comes in a box. We won't buy this again, so we will figure out a way to gift it nicely.

👤My other heated curler lasted a week. The one on 5 min is the only one. It needs to be charged within 4 days. Will not stop. Shuts off in 5 minutes.

👤I've used heated eyelash curlers before, but none of them work as well as this one. It is a great product and it is part of my daily routine.

👤The product was received broken. It doesn't work if you charge it overnight and don't keep it. It was a complete bummer.

3. Panasonic EH2331P Eyelash Non Stick Silicone

Panasonic EH2331P Eyelash Non Stick Silicone

Panasonic heated eyelash curlers provide long lasting curl in seconds with gentle, evenly applied heat along the entire length of the lashes. Curls and styles lashes from base to tip with no pinching or crimping. Approx. operating time. 21 uses in 2 minutes. The heated eyelashes curler design fits in either hand for maximum comfort and ease of use. The eyelash curler combs are cleaned under warm running water. The portable heated electric lash curler and cap can be put into a purse, bag or makeup case for quick and easy touch ups away from home.

Brand: Panasonic

👤I've been using this eyelash curler for almost 3 years and I love it. Most of the bad reviews are user error. I've tried every eyelash curler out there and this one is the best. There are some helpful hints. The first time a battery is put in it is hot. Caution is used for the first few times. Sometimes I have to turn it off and let it cool down. There are two more There is a power button. There is silver in the middle of the device. You have to put a battery in to work. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard because you have to take the battery out again to turn it off. It takes a while to heat up. There is a blueish- purple dot on the back of the tip. It should be turned on at some point during your beauty routine. I apply color before turning it on. You can't just hold it to your eyelash. For the best results, I start at the base of the lashes pressing upwards and hold for a second or two, then move slowly to the end of the lashes and press back towards the eyelid to force the eyelash into a crescent or "c" shape. To include all of the lashes, move across the eye. I apply after mascara to keep the tip from getting stuck. I apply a thin coat of mascara and then apply a second coat. It's important to clean it. There are four There is no Wall-E robot that will scrub your tip. I keep it clean. The eyelash curler has heating elements on top of the eyelash separator. The eyelash separator is on the end of the eyelash curler. The eyelash separator can be cleaned using the brush that was included in your package. The heating element should be cleaned with the same brush. The curler will no longer be effective if this area gets blocked, as it will no longer be able to reach the heated coil. When you are done, always replace the cap. The eyelash separator is kept out of your makeup bag by keeping the eyelash curler off the cap. If you don't, you'll be looking for a new battery the next time you use it. You will have to replace them when you use them consistently. Devices with a heat element use more power. You should keep extra in your bag. I use my eyelash curlers at least six months a year. I've dropped one and the cap broke, another got smashed in my baggage, I lent one out and never saw it again, and many more. I had one that worked. If you have an accident, have a backup on hand. I will order this product again and again. I will not go back to pinching the skin.

👤This eyelash curler is amazing. I have a problem with my lashes falling out, so I was looking for something that wouldn't pinch them. This is the most important thing. I let it warm up while I put on makeup, then pushed my eyelashes up and held them up for a few seconds. Put on mascara, do one more pass with the wand, and my eyelashes look great all day! I added pictures of nothing done, just the wand, and mascara.

4. Heated Eyelash Curler Rechargeable Long Lasting

Heated Eyelash Curler Rechargeable Long Lasting

The eyelash makeup curler head has strip insulation to protect your eyelid from the heating unit. The eyelash curler is safe to use, it is easy to operate, and can avoid heat contact with the eyelid, which can hurt the skin. The temperature sensor Silicone indicator is used to let you know when the makeup is ready to use. The eyelash curler is heated with two gear temperature design, made of an upgraded version of the unique nickel-chromium heating wire. Using mascara would make your eyelashes look better. The eyelash curler is portable and can heat up in 30 seconds. Sturdy and long lasting. If you forget to turn off, it will turn off after 10 minutes. The sensor glue behind the comb will let you know if it has been hot or cold. The eyelash curler is small and delicate, so it is easy to carry around, and it is eco-friendly. 1 year satisfactory after-sale service is offered by their Electric Eyelash Curlers. Peipai eyelash heat curler is the best gift for your lover. Both Christmas and Birthday are celebrated. If you have a problem with the Eye lashes Makeup Tools, please contact them. If the weather is too cold, please allow more time to get pre-heated.

Brand: Peipai

👤I have long eyelashes that sit straight. It makes them look short and useless. I don't like wearing makeup because I rub my eyes and get make up everywhere. I usually use metal eyelash curlers, but they are very unsafe and could cause my eyelashes to rip off. The eyelash curler works well for me. I thought it would take a long time to use, but it does not take long. I like that I can choose how hot my eyelashes are. It is easy to use. The motion is similar to applying mascara, just push your eyelashes up. The brush is perfect for my eyelid. It is easy to tell when it is ready and on. This was easy to use and my eyelashes look better than ever.

👤I gave these to my wife and she absolutely loves them. She said it was quicker to get the lashes in shape since it was heated. The hair retains its shape when heated. Her old set takes a long time to stay in shape, and she doesn't stay in shape as long as this one. It is small and does not take up much counter space. It is like a slightly larger lipstick. It was worth the money.

👤I am impressed. I have used a manual curler for many years and ordered this to replace it. I was recommended it by a coworker since my eyelashes are so thin. I'm very happy with the results. My lashes are so full that I have never seen them before. I have found that it works best when my mascara is wet. It is very light and easy to use. I charge it once a week with daily use. I would buy this again. It was worth the price.

👤I am surprised how well this works. I had extensions on my lashes for 4 years. It has taken some time for me to grow my own out. The heated curler helps me separate my short lashes and give them a ton more length. I have light and thin skin. Straight lashes. This helps with clumping issues. The heat corrects clumping. I hope it holds up. Will update if necessary. It seems to be true.

👤My lashes are visible all day. After an hour of morning routine, no more sagging.

👤I used it once. When I charge it, it simply keeps running. Good idea if it worked.

👤This thing should be removed from Amazon. My daughter's eye lashes were blackened. It wasn't on her eyelashes for a while. I'm still angry.

👤This item is very special to me. The eyelash curler has been around for a long time and never did a good job. Beautiful curled lashes. Happy.

5. Heated Eyelash Curler Rechargeable Electric

Heated Eyelash Curler Rechargeable Electric

The eyelash makeup curler head has a radian design, which is perfect for eyelashes curve, and it creates a long lasting and graceful curling effect. A gift for a lover. The eyelash makeup curling kit is made of Rapid heating wire, and can be used for a whole day. heat pads quickly relax and separate the lashes while applying gentle heat evenly along the full length of each individual lash Quality and safe heating wire. The heating wire is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has a faster heating speed and wider heating area, and the heat protection grooves shorten the distance between heating wire and eyelid, safety and energy- saving. Their portable eyelash curler has a dual temperature design, which can change the temperatures of the eyelashes. You can save the cost of batteries by using the portable design of theusb charging design. Comes with a comb. They are always here to help you if you have any issues with the Eye lashes Makeup Tools.

Brand: Wu-minglu

👤I gave this to my wife. She likes it. Her words were "it's easy, quick, fast and clean". She trashed her curler.

👤I was a little skeptical when I bought this, but I figured I had nothing to lose. This is one of the best beauty purchases I have ever made. When I took my makeup off this evening, my lashes were still curled up. I have used eyelash curlers in the past and they either don't work, pinch, or be a waste of money. This one is ready to use in seconds. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family because it has exceeded my expectations. I haven't used this every day because I don't need to do my makeup. I only had to charge it once. I wanted to like it. I used it yesterday and it was dead. I plugged it in before I left so I could charge it when I got home. I got home. It was still blinking. Maybe my daughter unplugged it or the plug came loose. No big deal. It was still blinking a few hours later. It won't be charged at all. It is the 2nd time I have plugged it in. I contacted the company and they are sending me a replacement.

👤I absolutely love this eyelash curler. I am picky about my eyelash curlers because I have long but straight eyelashes. I have to apply mascara and have my eyelashes curled. I used the eyelash curler to hold the eyelash lift before applying mascara. You can see how well it worked in this picture. One eye is open while the other is closed.

👤If you put mascara on first, it will remove some of the mascara that you just put on, and the heat from the wand will cause your lashes to fall off. I thought I ruined them. Thank goodness it didn't. You would brush on mascara. For extra bend hold in place, wherever you want them to bend. It makes the bend rounded up, not bent at a sharp angle. The eyelashes on my left eye have started to grow straight down, I'm 59 years old. This tool works well. It's definitely worth every penny.

👤I was very excited to use the eyelash curler. My natural lashes have not grown in fully since I stopped wearing extensions, and they started pointing more outward due to the weight of the extensions. When I wear mascara, they look nice, but I was hoping to improve on that with this curler. I read the reviews for a lot of different curlers, and I like the ones made by Wu-minglu. They have one curler that has thousands of good reviews and I kept seeing a different one. This is the curler that I found in their store. Negative feedback is something I don't like doing. If you haven't used a type wand before, this curler is dangerous. I have used a heated curler before, but I am new to the wand type, so I watched a bunch of videos on how to use it. The instructions in the box say to use it after applying mascara, but I wanted to see what it would do to my natural lashes. I tried it on the lowest setting, which had a red light and blue light, and it burnt. Hold it against the bottom part of your lashes and stroke it up. It burned me when I pulled it up trying to keep the curve back, like you do when you curl hair. I don't know if it's because of my eye shape or not. Maybe my device gets hotter than it should. I was careful not to buy a dud because the charging cable doesn't go all the way into the curler. I used a magnification mirror to make sure I was in the right place. One hold and stroke didn't do much. It did something but not enough to justify the pain of getting burnt, as you can see from the pictures I posted. My eyelid still burns, and I am not a weakling. I can deal with pain. I am sorry to say that it fell short, but I had high hopes for it. I don't know if it would be better if I had mascara on, but I think it would have curled my eyelashes better. I used to use a heated eyelash curler. The eyelash curler looks like a crimping eyelash curler. That worked well for me. It was easy to use and curled my lashes, but it wasn't curved enough to get all my lashes. They still sell them, but in a 3 pack. I will buy that instead.

6. Eyelash Rechargeable Electric Temperature Natural

Eyelash Rechargeable Electric Temperature Natural

The lash curler is made of nickel-chromium alloy and can heat up within 8s, which can save you time. The brush head is designed to create natural hair. 55C, 70C, and 85C are the three temperature options for their heated eyelash curler. If not used, it will automatically switch off in 5 minutes. It can be changed easily. The eyelashes will not be damaged if the temperature is not too high. Type-C charging to save battery cost, can be charge with computer, powerbank, car. The eyelash curler is small and light and can fit in a wallet, handbag or a cosmetics case. Silicone bristles of the eyelash curler are skin-friendly and easy to clean. The mascara is easy to remove. Silicone protects the eyelashes from directly contacting the metal heating wire. The body is not clean. The electric eyelash curler for women can create a long lasting and graceful curling effect, helps create exquisite eyelash makeup. The best gift for your lover is a mini heated eye lash curler. Mother's Day and Birthday are celebrated on the same day.

Brand: Touchbeauty

👤I like that this gives me a lot of definition and lift to my eyelashes. It feels good. I know it's a nuisance to remove waterproof mascara from the Silicone tip, but I'm not crazy about it.

👤I didn't find it useful. After a light coat of mascara, it said to use it. The mascara came off the curler when I did it. A mess. I tried using less heat and a different mascara, but it didn't work. Disappointed.

👤It is easy to use and heat up quickly, I used it right after I received it. I made my leashes curly several times. The heat was low and I didn't feel hurt after accidentally touching my skin. The experience with this product was very good.

👤It was a gift for my wife. She loves it.

👤It works well! My husband noticed that my eyelashes were curled. He said they looked good.

👤This eyelash curler is very good. If you use it correctly, it will keep your eyelashes curled all day. It is also very easy to use. I get a lot of praise for my lashes before using this. Go buy it!

👤I tried it on tik tok and it was trash, it didn't do anything for your lashes.

👤The product is easy to use and the guide is clear. This is the best price range for this item.

👤I ordered this because I found that my eyelash curler was breaking off before I applied mascara. The tool works well, but only a third of the lift is clean. I don't like it.

👤The good curler is more expensive than the traditional ones.

👤Ich ist immer, wie meine Wimpern dadurch abbrechen. Die Wimpern ist die leichten Hitze geformt. Auerdem brechen.

👤Si pu scere il livello di temperatura, i spegne semplicemente tenendo premuto il pulsante.

👤A m particularmente no me sirve, las pestaas solo las levanta por un momento.

7. TOUCHBeauty Professional Silicone Naturally Eyelashes

TOUCHBeauty Professional Silicone Naturally Eyelashes

The eyelash can be lifted and curled easily with the help of mascara. The heating silicone pad does not cause pain or pinching. It is safe to use, the temperature design will not damage your lashes. It fits every eye shape. The mini-sized body can fit in your purse. To warm up quickly, use a Alkaline battery and 2AAA batteries. The battery is not included.

Brand: Touchbeauty

👤Love! I have bought 2 more and I will never be without! I have used eyelash curlers all my life. I heated my eyelash curlers. My lashes don't stay curled for long. The angle of the curler is what makes it exceptional. I will not look anymore. Follow up with a waterproof mascara for long hair. Love, love, love!

👤This is my second unit. They are great when they are new. Plan on replacing them at least once a year. They work great when they work.

👤I used to heat my regular eyelash curler up with my hair dryer to get the same results as I get with this curler, but it is so much safer and easier to use. A must have.

👤I have not come across this before. I usually get my eye lashes permed every 3 months for about $56 and this is exactly what my eye lashes look like after a perm. This is a lot cheaper. I hold it down for 2 seconds and it does the job, not hot, just a little warmth! I recorded a demo video on my channel because I loved it so much. Anali Perez is on the YouTube channel.

👤Absolutely amazing with my straight lashes. My hair texture is straight and my lashes are the same way. Even though my eyelash curler worked in the beginning of the day, it wouldn't last as long as I wanted it to. This was a huge frustration of mine and this heated curler definitely solved it. Since it's heated, my lashes stay curled longer and it gets more of my lashes than my normal eyelash curler.

👤I wore it out when I had one 20 years ago. I couldn't find another one until I found this one. Thank you. Every time, the lashes are perfect.

👤I tried a lot of lashes, but they were unsuccessful, so this was a good purchase.

👤It works for me. My eyelashes are straight and stubborn. They stay curled all day with this little device. I can see the difference. I would recommend it to my friends. Thank you!

👤I love it! I've been getting eyelash extensions for a long time, but had to stop because of the flu, and I've been looking for an alternative to improve my straight lashes. This works great, gives a great curl, and it lasts for a long time. They were still curled the next morning after I did them the first day. I have flat lashes that are not done with eyelash curlers. I am very happy! It takes a little bit to get used to how it works, but once you get used to it, it's amazing! So happy!

👤I have long lashes, this product may not work the same on shorter lashes, I was a little skeptical at first given that I wasn't fully satisfied with all the reviews. The product I received was not up to par. They contacted the seller and sent me a second one saying it was faulty. I decided to give the seller a last chance before I left a negative review because I was starting to lose hope. I am quite impressed with the results of my third product, I finally received it. I wanted to keep lifting my lashes, but without being rough on my eyes. This product is the same as the one I used when I had a lash lift. I was impressed by the customer service, which was prompt and understanding. Would recommend.

8. Chella Heated Eyelash Curler Eyelashes

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler Eyelashes

After application of mascara, gentle heating is needed. Curler gently warms lashes. The battery is a aa alkaline. Curls without damaging eyelashes. Say goodbye to the traditional eyelash curlers. Beauty is their inspiration. Packaging may vary.

Brand: Chella

👤This is a very cheap heated eyelash curler that costs too much for what it actually does. If the batteries are fresh, it takes about 30 seconds to heat up. It eats the batteries like they are going out of production. I wouldn't say that curling lifts the lashes, but it does. I have long lashes and they gave me enough lift to not be flat. I tried curling before applying mascara, then curling again after the mascara dried, and it made the mascara clump and look terrible. The electric head was very messy due to melted mascara. I decided to apply mascara before curling. I applied the mascara right after curling. Most of the time, the lift lasts. I bought this product in May of last year. I used it 50 times. The millionth battery did not turn on. I regret buying it.

👤I don't like getting mascara on because my lashes are curled in a loop. It is on one side. I read about this product while searching for a solution. I read that it was suggested to use this curler in the opposite direction to uncurl lashes. I have ridiculously curly lashes. I have to uncurl them to get mascara on and then I have to get them to look like the opposite side. It doesn't stiffen my lashes, but it does loosen them. It runs out of batteries pretty quickly because I have it on for so long. The cap doesn't stay on after about 6 times of using it. I think this is a good product if you are using it to curl your lashes, but it is not the miracle I was hoping for.

👤Maybe it's because my lashes are shorter to begin with, but this thing didn't work for me. I tried many times and she got a bit of curl. It was gone a short time later. A regular eyelash curler takes only one try and lasts all day. I was hopeful, but it was a complete dud. It feels like a flimsy piece of trash and not something that will last. I sent it back. It didn't work on my straight, downward pointing shorter lashes, so maybe you'll have better luck than me.

👤I was skeptical about its safety as a mother. My daughter has developed swollen eyelid after using this product for a month. She uses this heated eyelashes three times per week and recently we went to the doctor for swollen eyelids. She had to use a cream. We were not sure if it had been caused by the eyelasher. She tried it again a few days later with eyes back to normal, and this time she used a brand new high end mascara to make her makeup safe. She had swollen eyes again. The body is responding to heat. The eyelash is not meant to be heated. I don't recommend this product and it's not safe.

👤Traditional eyelash curlers are useless as my eyelashes are straight and pointed downwards. I had high hopes for this, but it didn't work out for me. The process of using this curler is very time consuming as I had to use it on smaller sections of lashes, and I had to hold it in place for about 10 seconds to get the desired effect. After applying mascara, it took about 5 minutes to dry. My lashes looked the same as if I had not used anything. If your lashes are curved upwards, this will help to boost them further. I wouldn't waste your money if you were stuck with my lashes. It made my mascara clumps on my eyelid.

9. Godefroy PermaCurl Eyelash Warming Station

Godefroy PermaCurl Eyelash Warming Station

The Godefroy Eyelash Curling Station gently warms your lashes to make them stronger. There is a Warming Station, a Metal Eyelash Curler, and ausb cable. The eyelash curler works with most metal eyelash curlers and is powered by ausb cord. The plug adapter needs to be removed from the electrical outlet. Shuts off after 10 minutes. The patent pending lash curling station is portable and great for traveling. It has its own curler and can accommodate other curlers. The product does not hold a charge and must be plugged in. If you prefer to use a metal eyelash curler, you will need to replace the rubber eyelash pad with the heat absorbent pad included in the kit. It works with any metal curler. Make sure to watch the demonstation video. This eyelash curler is a great christmas gift for women. A beauty tool that is modern and traditional. Quality is guaranteed for one year. Thank you for choosing Godefroy Beauty!

Brand: Godefroy

👤Don't waste your money. The design of this thing is horrible. There is no switch for on and off. Every time you use it, you have to plug it in. Which means all eyes! It's unstable because theusb plugs are on the top side. This thing was more of an irritation than a beauty aid. I use a regular eyelash curler.

👤This product is great and I wear it all the time. I use an eyelash curler to make it last. It gave me life to my last leg mascara because of my warm lashes. I wouldn't have believed except with my own eyes. The no fuss gal is a very good choice.

👤I have tried many, but I really like this. The heat is a bit warmer than the average heated curler and it held from 10 am until 2 am. I am having problems with my lashes. I don't know if I am sleeping on them or brushing up against my glasses, but the center of the right eye is pointing down. This corrected something. I thought I was going to have to perm them again. One thing that might help is to use this heated one and switch to your cooled curler until the heat wears off.

👤I read the negative reviews when I buy things. Several people said that it didn't heat up well, or that the handle broke, or that it stopped working. I'm going to address all of them. I haven't seen any issues with it so far. The base is light, but the curler is the same as any other curler you can get at a drugstore. I haven't had any issues with it yet. I can only imagine that it would break if it wasn't put into the base correctly. It gets hot enough for people to complain. I don't know what people want, it's not supposed to be as hot as a curling iron. There's warmth when I put it on my eyelashes. I can feel the heat if I put it on my eyelid. If you're testing it with your hands or fingers, the skin on your eyes will be hotter than it would be with your hands. If you leave it on for too long, it will shut off. You have to plug it back in since there is no on/off button. It may be the issue for those that said it stopped working for them. I absolutely love it. Even if I'm not wearing makeup, I still use it because it's so quick to heat up while I'm brushing my teeth or combing my hair. I have short lashes. This in combination with my mascara really helps.

👤This isn't a bad product, but it is not as durable as I would have liked. It made my eye lash curler work better. The port on the side of the unit malfunctioned a couple times after repeated use. The light on the warmer lit up when the cord was moved around. I have to secure the cord in order to keep it on. After the green light appears, the unit only stays on for a short period of time. Is there a possible safety feature? Plugging it back in is the only way to get it going again. Adding a on/off feature would eliminate plugging in and unplugging the charging cord. I started a return on this item, but am in a fight with myself. I wouldn't have the same results if I sent it back. The curl on my eyelashes is amazing. I will have to throw my warmer away if it doesn't turn on one day. I'm wearing great lashes until then. If there was a different option, I would take it.

10. Eyelash Acavado Electric Electronic Rechargeable

Eyelash Acavado Electric Electronic Rechargeable

The eyelash curler is made of nickel-chromium alloy and it is very hot. Sturdy and long lasting. If the weather is too cold, please allow more time to get pre-heated. One temperature adjustment is 45-65 C, the other is 65-85 C, and it's practically fit for different occasions. The heat is what makes this curler great. You can sweep your lashes up in a couple of swoops. VOver-temperature Protection Strip insulation grooves are much safer to protect your eyelid from the heating unit. If you want to use their eyelash curler, make sure your mascara is dry before you use it. The brush head has a curved design. The deep grooves make it easy to hold your lashes in place as you bend them upwards to create a long lasting and graceful curling effect. If you have any issues with the products, feel free to contact them.

Brand: Acavado

👤Everyone should have a heated eyelash curler. I have medium length course straight eyelash and have been fortifying and growing it using castor oil, which seems to be working and a healthier and natural alternative to Latisse, and I was looking for an actual curler to accentuate my lashes. I was only able to bend my eyelashes slightly upwards with the metal eyelash curler and mascara. It was better than nothing, but never looked great. I found out about the heated eyelash curler through some research and then I found it through Amazon. Simply put, it works. If I didn't wash my face, my eyelashes would stay curled upwards for the entire day. The design of the curler has a heating coil mechanism encased in a hard plastic sleeve with eyelash ridges, so it's not possible to burn yourself while using it. I was able to bend the tip slightly to get a better angle. There is no battery and the cord is lightweight. You can easily switch sides to get to the inner/out corners of your eye with the tip. It has an auto shut off and a super fast heating mechanism. You run it through your eyelashes and then press it down. One buyer said that there isn't a way to curl your eyelashes because it doesn't have a way to do it. You can use the traditional metal curler, put on mascara, and then use the eyelash curler to curl your eyelash, because it doesn't take long to heat up. If you need to, you can repeat with mascara and curling. It adds about 3 minutes. This is not comparable to getting eyelash extensions or using false eyelashes. I use castor oil at night and my eyelashes are not brittle, so I think the use of heat may dry them. I plan to give this product to several of my family members as gifts because I know they will appreciate it.

👤I opened the package at home today. I used it on the 75 and 95 degree settings. Both settings worked well. If used correctly, this product can lift eyelashes. I have long eyelashes that grow in different directions. This product lifts all lashes up into the same direction and sort of spreads the mascara evenly, whereas using only mascara can leave eyelashes clumpy. This product helps melt the mascara back into the curled shape we are all looking for if you apply your mascara in a sloppy way. This is a must have for all women.

👤This heated eyelash curler is great. It doesn't need batteries or plugged in. I had to go over my lashes 7 to 8 times to get the full lift up, but it was worth it. I used it before and after applying mascara. The principle is the same as curling your hair. The heat can help with getting your lashes up and down. It stays all day. The bottom of the device has a port for theusb charging device. It comes with a brush that you can use to remove mascara remnants from the curler after it cools. It comes with a clear cap to put in the curler when it cools. The product is great for the price. It's a good thing.

11. Eyelash Temperature Rechargeable Electric Capacity

Eyelash Temperature Rechargeable Electric Capacity

The heated eyelash curler has 4 temperature options, including 65C, 75C, 85C, and 95C. The power status will be displayed on the screen in real-time. Please contact them if you have any questions. Quick natural curling. The eyelash curler can heat up in 20s and the makeup curler head perfectly fits the eyelashes. For 24 hours. The Eyelash Curler is safer and quicker. The eyelash curler uses Ni-Cr tubular nickel-chromium wire which has a thermal protective slot. The design would not hurt your skin or eyelashes. The eyelash curler is designed with safety in mind. The curvy shape will fit your eyes perfectly, it won't hurt your eyelashes, and it won't cause heat contact to the eyelid. You can save the most of the batteries with the use of the portable andusb rechargeable. You can take anywhere you want with a pocket size like a lipstick. You can carry it with you during a few days of travel without worry about running out of battery power.

Brand: Tlpoo

👤I don't think it's worth spending money on. It doesn't curve the eyelashes and it destroys my lashes.

👤I was very excited for this. It is small and convenient. I was disappointed in how long the battery lasts. After fully charging it, I used it on one of my eyes and it kept turning off. I had to put it back to charge in order to use it again.

👤It took over 5 minutes to get one of my eyelashes done.

👤Digital temp control is on. I love that it has a battery. Highly recommend!

👤It is a good gift for people who love beauty. Simple to use. After applying mascara again, the eyes become more attractive. The eyelashes can stay curled all day. I am happy to use this product.

👤They had it on sale and I bought it. It didn't warm up and it didn't work to curl my eye lashes. No matter what you pay, it's not worth it.

👤A good eyelash curler. Extra sponges are supplied. The Rose Gold was given to me.


What is the best product for electric eyelash curler heated?

Electric eyelash curler heated products from Akeivn. In this article about electric eyelash curler heated you can see why people choose the product. Yisinar and Panasonic are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric eyelash curler heated.

What are the best brands for electric eyelash curler heated?

Akeivn, Yisinar and Panasonic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric eyelash curler heated. Find the detail in this article. Peipai, Wu-minglu and Touchbeauty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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