Best Electric Fence for Dogs Wire

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1. COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

The old version of boundary wire was 650 feet long, but this new version is more flexible and thicker, so you can cover up to 1/3 Acre. You can put wires in any shape you want. Dog training is effective. The signal from the wire is what creates the boundary. The receiver sends a sound as your dog approaches. The closer your dog is to you, the more intense the shock will be. Support multiPLE RECEIVERS. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs. You can have as many pets as you need at the same time with the purchase of additional compatible COVONO receivers. There are more amazing features. The fence system allows you to change the signal strength. The function of the speed detection is that the stronger the shock intensity, the faster your dog runs. There is a wire break warning as well. There is a lifetime warranty. They take good care of their customers. If you don't like the item, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. Lifetime warranty is also available.

Brand: Covono

👤The installation was very easy. The wire is easy to snap and could be a bit thicker. The warning is loud enough to keep my husky in check after the first shock. I had to trim my dog's neck all the way around because it was hard to get to him. It worked well after the trim. It was worth it to keep my escape artist.

👤Two months ago, I bought a 12/2020, but it was broken. The support department shipped me a brand new email address. Next day! It is amazing. My dog, my wife, my son and I are all happy.

👤We are excited to try it. Our little girl thinks that she doesn't have to follow the rules like the other dogs. After buying new furniture for the backyard and a new stain on the cement, I decided to build a gated play land for our dogs. They have a mini pond and an outdoor cooler. She won't have it. Nobody puts a baby in a corner. I think so.

👤I just installed it and it says there is a break in the line and it is brand new out of the box. I was able to test about 20 feet of cable at a time. I woke up this morning to a machine that said there was another break. When the cable was working, my dog would pass it and it would stop allowing him to go outside, because it was cheap. This isn't a big backyard. I am not happy with this.

👤This product is packaged with something that could be described as 28AWG wire. The glass fiber core helps prevent breakage, but the wire is too thin for this application. The smallest wire in a car is half the size of this wire. This is about the size of one of the 8 wires inside a cable. Imagine how small the wires are in your ethernet cable. That is what these wires are similar to. The break in the wire is pictured. The warning and shock are almost simultaneous. The dog doesn't have enough time to reverse course before being zapped. I will uninstall the product.

👤I have a German Shepard and the first time I used this with her, we walked around the yard and as she got close, she back off. I took her out the next day and turned on her collar in the same area that we were before, and she was terrified of going in the back yard and just running to the front. She has had accidents in the house because she won't go in the backyard. She has tons of room to run, but now won't because of the new house.

👤Works well! It's nice to not have to put up a chain link fence.

👤I am waiting to see if the company will give me a refund because I watched a video on someone else's experience with the product. I watched a video that showed the setting of the collar/fence reverting to a higher level once electricity was restored. The poor dog was being shocked at a high level for a long time because of the auto reset. If your electricity ever goes out and your dog has a collar on, the dog will be shocked for an amount of time that is not known. It was dangerous and upsetting.

2. Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Any yard can have a custom fence wire. A combination of a wireless pet training system and custom above or below ground wired design gives pet parents peace of mind that their best friend has up to 10 acres of safe roaming. The safe zone is outdoors. The benefits of a dual zone pet container system include an easy-to-layout dog wireless fence system, plus 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above ground or underground electric dog fence wire. The heavy duty solid copper core wire is strong enough to stand up to any weather and can be tailored to stop your dogs digging, jumping and end complaints from neighbors. Break Born Habit is fast. Their wireless dog training collar with remote can control up to 3 separate shock collars with a beep and vibration mode levels 1-10 that works wonders to quickly perimeter train your dogs, and the electric shock collar with levels 1-10 get attention and stops stubborn and nuisance behavior fast. There is peace of mind and long life. The 12-hour Electronic Ecollar has a safety shut down switch that stops the shock for humane reasons, and a rapid charging battery station that charges batteries in 2 hours or less. There are safe and effective electronic stethoscopes. That works for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The collar-receiver is waterproof, lightweight, and can be adjusted to fit different dog neck sizes. Dogs weighing between 11 and 154 pounds are suitable. The perimeter shock scollar responds with a warning tone, vibration and 3 levels of increasing shock intensity to stop your dogs. A dog trainer and electric dog fence solution.

Brand: Pet Control Hq

👤There was an update on 7/09/18. I am still pleased with the product, but I have noticed a few things. The bottom half of the remote's display is visible on the screen. This began a month ago. The collar is not consistent with the weather. The settings on the collar response can be changed by heavy rain, clouds, and strong wind. Sometimes a poor thing gets shocked. The dog knows how to charge through the line on weird days. I wish there was a way to strengthen the shock through the transmitter. The dog goes across the line when it seems as if it is weak. I keep the remote at a 5 so that I can correct his behavior. Wondering what level of shock he's getting from the fence. Every 3rd night, the collar and remote are charged. I had purchased another 2 systems because I didn't know this system had a training remote and a fence. I saved $80 bucks by moving to this system. I will update around June after we have had our system in working order for 3 weeks. There is a little background on my dog. He's been around for about a year and a half. Rescue. 60 lbs. The mix is a lab/Pitt mix. Came to us with bad manners. If my kids left the space for it at a doorway, the barking wouldn't stop and I would have to use the bathroom again. We are very responsible owners and have the same food, bathroom, and play routine. I was at my wit's end after 4 months. 4 kids, the youngest an infant, are gentle when they make contact. We have a bit of land, but I didn't know anything about these systems, so I doubted my skills as a responsible pet owner. Back to the product. Training. The system was charged for 8 hours. It does have to be charged on every 3rd night, but it's not a big deal since I'm also plugging in phones and tablets before bed. I read the manual and saw improvement in Ruce before I went to sleep. By day 3 he was more obedient, jumping 75% less, and wouldn't cross the threshold of a wide open front door, even with his favorite 8 year old boy playing in his view. The barking took a while. I gave 2 chances on vibration before shocking. It makes me feel bad, but the improvement our dog has shown is remarkable. He heels at my feet and I have to warn him by vibrating. I did not teach him to do that. On to the fence. I spent that week watching videos and reading the manual. I need to research and read the manual. After laying the fence with yard staplers, we tested the collar around the entire yard before burying it. I only had to spend 40 bucks on another 500 ft roll of wire. Only one was used to connect it. It's easy. It wasn't hard to twist it at the connector. The only challenge was burying the fence. It was taxing even though it wasn't hard. We used a flat shovel. He would dig, I would bury, and then switch over and over for about two and a half hours. It worked. The perimiter was set at 2 ft, but the back wall of the fence made it difficult to see. The collar went off at about 6 feet. The problem seemed to have been fixed when I lowered it to 1 ft. I began walking the dog around the perimeter after dropping the flags. It only took 2 20 minute sessions of this before Ruce learned the flags and was off the leash, fetching sticks with the kids, but not bolting after them, strangers, or animals beyond his fence. I apologize for the long review, I just wanted to make sure it was accurate. My dog is free, my family is happy, and I would spend twice as much time burying a fence to have order and freedom in our pet and family time. I will recommend this to anyone who is in the market.

3. My Pet Command Underground Containment

My Pet Command Underground Containment

It is an easy cost. It's a safe way to train. Your dog. The dual function electric dog fence and training collar system is a quick and cost effective solution that allows you to train your dog to stay in the yard and also train your pet when you are out for a walk. The 1 kit has 2 uses. When your dog approaches the electric dog fence, you can use high quality bristled and waterproof IPX7 WIRELESS COLLARS which will send an audible tone warning and send a safe static correction and vibration in an auto sequence to safety train. Dogs quickly learn to stay away from these boundaries. Their kit comes with extra thick High Quality solid copper core and Robust Polyolefin 13 AWG wire, which is better for above or below ground and on existing fences. The kit has a drum. Adding more wire up to 10 acres will expand your dog fence. Their COLLARS are designed to be sued. Most small,medIUM and large dogs weigh from 5 to 70 grams with a collar. If you have more than one dog, up to 3 collars can be used with the 1 remote for manual training and unlimited collars can be used in fence mode. There is a shock collar with a remote trainer, a drum of heavy-duty 13 AWG outer core, a door/wall mounted transmitter, and ausb wall.

Brand: My Pet Command

👤When I ordered this, I was very excited. The transmitter box isn't working anymore after a few months. We have tried to restart it. No luck. We paid a lot of money for this unit. I contacted customer service and they responded quickly and sent me a new transmitter box.

👤I had some doubts about doing this, but so far it has worked. The dogs have begun to learn boundries even without the collar on. It was easy to install. We did it in a few hours. We used garden spikes to hold the wire in place after we ran in along the yard. We wanted to use the shocks. Our girls were getting it, but still needed more reinforcement and didn't want to use the shock. The company responded to my email and said I needed to switch out the metal prongs for the plastic ones. I think I threw the box away. The company immediately offered to send replacements. Excellent customer service.

👤This is a great dog tool. It can be used for both a remote training collar and an auto dog fence. It comes with 492 feet of high quality polyolefin fence cable, which was more than enough for my needs. The cable can be used for making borders. I am getting out of my collar in training mode and fence mode before I need to replenish my batteries. The remote's battery lasts for over a week before needing to be charged, and is very easy to use. You can buy additional collars that can be used with the single remote, and you can use as many as you want within the fence, if you have multiple dogs. I have a black lab that works great and I am using this on it. I don't have to worry about her leaving because she can roam around the yard. It was worth it to save me from having to put up a wooden fence.

👤The dogs tried to dig near the fence when they ran through it, but realized it was not a good idea.

👤The system we bought was purchased because my puppy would easily bound over my garden fence and eat any plant that was available to her. She quickly learned that she was not allowed into the garden. It was easy to install, gave plenty of wire for a long boundary, and has worked for us. We purchased a second collar after a year and were able to pair it with the same controller that came with the system. I would suggest a closer look at the video for the second collar. I called customer service when I was stuck on the instructions. The controller's antenna has to be very close to the collar to pair it. Customer service was helpful immediately. This is a sytem that I would recommend.

👤I had some issues setting up the system. I received a phone call after I had sent my concerns. The operator was very friendly and patient while walking me through the process after I made a mistake. My system was working perfectly after my one-on-one training. Excellent customer service is what I appreciate.

4. PetSafe Rechargeable Waterproof Receiver Correction

PetSafe Rechargeable Waterproof Receiver Correction

You should increase your yard space. In YardMax mode, your pet will have more room than traditional in-ground fences because you will receive correction right at the boundary wire. 500 ft of included wire will allow you to contain up to 1/3-acre yard. Most yards: This weekend project will allow you to create an in-ground fence. 5 levels of static correction and tone-only mode help keep your dog safe and secure inside their safe play area. If your pet passes the boundary, static-free return allows your pet to return home. The yardmax redemption receiver is made of recycled material. The system comes with a waterproof, rechargeable receiver collar that fits dogs up to 5 lbs and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28. The in-ground fence system allows you to safely contain an unlimited number of pets. The YardMax receiver collar works with the indoor and outdoor pet barriers to keep your pets out of the flower beds or off furniture.

Brand: Petsafe

👤It was the best thing I could have ever purchased. They were able to stay in the yard for 30 minutes. It was great! The product was very good. I only give it a 4 star because of the thin plastic housing for the collars and the fact that the prongs could easily break off. I've read many reviews where people say that was an issue with them. I could see how it could be a problem. So far, mine have held up well. I was almost turned away by the reviews about the broken prongs. It made me look for other alternatives. The Yardmax feature was the only thing that kept me from making the purchase. Pets are safe. Listen to your customers and read your reviews. I don't understand how PetSafe could have so many bad complaints about the cheap plastic collar and not change it. Dogtra made a set of training collars that are very sturdy. They would never break if you smashed them on the ground. I am changing my review to 3 stars only because the Yard Max Add-On Collars and the original ones are cheap plastic junk. I have already replaced 2 broken collars, now I have to do it again.

👤YardMax is a new technology that can be used when your dog is too smart. The dog gets a warning and a static correction at the fence line with traditional systems. My dog was always well behaved on the leash after following standard training steps. She figured out that she could run through the fence at full speed to avoid any trouble after she let my dog loose. She avoided coming back occasionally, but the game of taunting me while I chased her around the neighborhood was her favorite. I had my old system with me after she was almost hit by a car. I replaced the panel and collar and tested the system in YardMax mode. Be sure to adjust settings as you test. She ran through the fence to play her game of chase me down the street. She was surprised when the correction continued. The static correction lasts for 15 seconds on the other side of the fence line, or until the dog comes back, so in this case, my dog ran around just outside of the fence crying out, then after about 5 seconds of correction she obeyed my calls to 'come' back. She ran into my arms and was a different person. She was following an interesting scent and was testing the boundary in a different part of the yard by walking 1 step beyond the fence line. She won't go near the fence line to make sure she doesn't get any trouble. No more playing chase me down the street. Problem solved. After changing to the PetSafe YardMax kit at my home, my dog obeys the boundaries at my parents home, even though she is trained on a traditional invisible fence. As for the wire's quality. I can't attest to the other components. I used my weed whacker to cut a channel in the lawn, then I ran the wire flush to the ground, and hammered lawn staplers every few feet to secure it. I'm curious to see how well the collar holds up, as some other reviewers complain about its cost. The replacements are on the expensive side, but the kit should have included 2 collars from the start. The collar battery life has been great so far. I charge the collar every 2 weeks, and I believe it can last up to 3 weeks before running out of juice. There is a I wish the system offered a training remote that could communicate directly with the YardMax collar, as some other systems offer, that would be more useful to me than the PawzAway devices that can be added. So far, so good! If there are any issues that arise, I will update this essay.

5. PetSafe Boundary 20 Gauge Copper Ground

PetSafe Boundary 20 Gauge Copper Ground

500 feet covers 1/3 of an acre. The solid core 20 gauge copper wire is perfect for most landscape installations. For proper performance, they recommend using Gel-filled Splice Capsules and wire connections. They are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at PetSafe.

Brand: Petsafe

👤We made a mistake using this wire the first time we ran our fence, so we are re running it again. It is too thin and broke a lot. We are replacing it with 16 gauge wire. The reviews of the stronger wire are filled with people doing the same thing. There was no mention of those issues on the offending products listing. It was a nightmare to know and do it right the first time.

👤The cheap design of these rolls has caused tangles at two houses I have used them at. It is one of those things that saves the company money but infuriates customers. If you enjoy untangling hundreds of feet of wire, this is the spool for you. If you want to stay sane and pay a bit more, I would suggest looking at other brands. This is a case where it is really worth it. The wire is fine. For several years, I drove over it daily at my old house. I am angry after using what I have left at my new house.

👤I ordered two of these spoils, the first was perfect and exactly as described, but the second one was un branded and was wrapped with tape.

👤The dogs will wear the collar consistently and sometimes they can walk over the wire and not be shocked. I don't trust the system as much as I should, and it's frustrating when we make sure the loop is on aND high, but on the other hand the line is close to our garage and the house. I will use it and test it to see if it works. It was bought in December of last year. I can't put my faith in the system when I know my dog's life is at risk living near major roads. It will never be sure if it will work.

👤I didn't think it would work. The collar had some difficulty adjusting after we installed the boundary wire. The first step is to remove the battery. The following steps were made nonsense by that. I contacted customer service and received the instructions I needed. The support agent agreed that there was a problem with the manual and that they would fix it. The effectiveness of the boundary wire. It only took my dog 3 days to respect the boundaries. She jumped the fence while chasing a squirrel. She was afraid to return to the yard after she received the correction. She came back in with the van after I drove the van out of the yard. She doesn't get shocked in a vehicle. She has an acre or more to run in and now it is a pleasure to be able to let her go.

👤I knew what it was when I bought it. If you're on a tight budget, it will get the job done. I would recommend upgrading to a heavier gauge wire. I upgraded to heavier wire when I first installed my invisible fence. I bought this wire to change the shape of the perimeter. I wish I'd spent a bit more like I did originally. The insulation is not as heavy as the wire I used originally, and I'm sure it will suffer over time.

6. SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

SportDOG Brand Rechargeable Ground System

The kit can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags. The collar has two-hour quick charge and one to two month battery life. The technology of the dryer. Contain an unlimited number of dogs with more than one collar. And up. Tone and vibration are given by the collar before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤Don't expect the dog to learn on their own. The dog will learn quickly if you put it on a fence. If you put it in the yard, it's confusing to the dogs and they might not use the full area. Don't use 24/7. Instructions say to not use more than 12 hours a day. If you don't take these off, the dog's neck will get sores and you'll be out of use until they heal. We know from experience. We try to give them more nights without them than with them, but we don't always take them off at night. They get a break. I'm sure they don't land on the same spot when we put them back on. Our dogs come into the garage at night. If you use a shock collar, I recommend you consider the same plan. There are many settings. If you don't know how to use these, you may return them thinking they don't work. How to turn them on, how to set the shock intensity, and how to set the boundary space are some of the things to learn. Depending on your yard size and dog attitude, you'll want to find the right setting for those things. When I need to charge it, I like the flashing green light and red light. The batteries last a long time. We're very happy with our purchase. We have two big dogs that work great at less than 12 the intensity. If you get these, read the instructions and start at the lowest level. My dog jumps up in the air and barks at level 4. Don't assume your dog needs full intensity, it's not the highest setting. These are great. The older version is better for size and functions, but they are smaller.

👤An 18 month old Doberman requires a lot of exercise. It has been a challenge to prevent him from disappearing into the woods. We take him to the dog park to blow off steam, but that's not always an option. We'd like to provide him with a lot of free space, but it's expensive. I ordered this product after researching the invisible fence. Installation was easy. The yard is large and surrounded by woods. We used up all the wiring. I picked up another 500' of invisible fence wire from the store. We looped 1500 feet of wire around the yard. We had a crack running across the driveway at around the halfway point between the house and the road that we filled with driveway repair goop. I used the edger attachment on my weed whacker to cut trenches and bury the wire in the rest of the yard. We used landscaping staple to secure the wire under the bushes and around the perimeter. Nature should do the rest. I used a drill to twist the wires that cross through the containment area and put them in the garage. The collar was set to be triggered by the transmitter at 5' away from the wire. The collar is set to the lowest level, which my wife and I tried on our arms to see what it felt like. It was time to train after everything was tested. We walked the dog around the perimeter. We would stop at random flags and say "no!", walk past them and then walk close enough to the wire to cause the static. That's all it took. I thought we'd be following the training guide for a month but he won't go near any of the flags if he's chasing birds, rabbits, balls, the kids or our other dog. He's on a leash. We get close to the flags and he stops and lays down. We couldn't recommend this more because it's a game-changer for us and our active boy.

7. SportDog Contain Train Ground System

SportDog Contain Train Ground System

You have the ability to secure your dog within a set boundary, and remotely train them outside of it. The Boundary Wire has built-in lightning protection, and the Wire-break Transmitter alarm can alert you to that. 14g High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the best for direct burial. Don't be deceived by inferior wire. The anti-Linger feature prevents the dog from running down the collar receiver battery. Medium size dogs and up.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤For the past 10 years we have not been able to allow dogs outside because of the rules of the association. It has been the best ever, I decided to get it. The wire is buried where it can be, but in other places it is laying on the ground. We have fenced about 1/2 acre with 14 gauge wire and it works great under 4 feet of snow, because our WHPG just sits at the boundaries surveying his domain. He did bust through once when a fox was teasing him, but we don't feel the need to retrain. A neighbor dog comes over to play and she can go whenever she wants. We know that ours will stay in our yard. After a lot of research, this seemed like the one for us.

👤Fantastic! We used an edger and a stick to push it. It took three people to do it. The battery life of the collar is more than I expected. We take it off the dog and turn it off every night, but it takes a couple weeks to pay off. I regret not buying an extra 500 feet and doing up to the actual boarder of my yard. I can't complain about my dog being zapped one time and only staying in the middle of the yard. We'll be worth the money with this product.

👤Today, it was installed. Everything is documented in the manual. Haven't started training a dog yet. I think this product is great. It's a little more expensive than others. I'm happy with it.

👤The underground fencing system works great. Our hound puppy loved taking off after every scent and once we installed this system and trained her with the collar+remote and collar+fence, she now sticks around and responds using only the sound/vibration modes! She's so responsive with the training collar that we don't need to shock her. The system has been worth the investment. The hardest part of the system was installing the wire on our land.

👤I have a German short hair pointer. The thing works great after we installed it. She tested the boundary a few times and now knows where she can and can't go. We leave here for most of the day on the weekends and then for a few hours in the evening and have only had to charge the collar a few times. Excellent battery life. If we take her off the property, the remote is useful.

👤The system works well. If not better than my old system. I haven't used the remote yet. I had to call customer service and they were great.

👤The box was opened when it arrived. Nothing works when I plug it in. I was sent someone else's return. Thanks a lot. There is an update. The replacement worked perfectly.

8. Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate

Underground Electric Dog Fence Ultimate

The 2nd Generation eXtreme Dog Fence PRO GRADE KIT is improved. Easily covers up to 10 acres and has updated electronics with 3 antennas, 12x battery check, temp check and wire check. Most other inground dog fence systems claim to be water resistant. The eXtreme Dog Fence is waterproof and can be submerged to 10' deep. Your dog can swim with the collar on. Heavy Duty Boundary Wire, 16 gauge Twisted Wire, Digital Transmitter, Collar Receiver, Training Flags, and 10Staples are included in the Pro Grade Fence Kit. This dog fence has a one year warranty. Your warranty lasts for 10 years after you register your fence. This fence has been manufactured for more than 25 years and has a reputation for reliability and performance. The electric fence for dogs are manufactured in the United States of America. They are standing by to help you set up your fence, train your dogs and puppies, or deal with any issue that comes up.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤I am a police K9 handler and I was looking for the best underground fencing system to protect my K9 at home. I was very interested in the Extreme Dog Fence system because it came with everything I was looking for and I could not find anything else. I couldn't find any other fencing system that came with the heavy duty "pro grade" wiring. I was impressed with how heavy duty the system felt, not like the ones you see at Tractor Supply or Farm and Home. I spoke with the customers service department before ordering and they were very helpful and professional. It's very easy to get a hold of them, you don't have to go through an automated system first. I would recommend this company and fencing system to anyone who is looking for a high quality product made in the USA.

👤I researched before buying an underground fence. We wanted the 14 gauge wire because we wanted to run it through a quarter of anacre of woods, and we didn't have to purchase anything else. The product arrived ahead of schedule on Friday. It came with instructions, but other reviews said it didn't. Installation and training instructions are included. We ran the wire and placed the flags. The wire was easy to unroll. I had to get more landscape staple as the wire is in the woods, and I also bought more flags to show the woods area limit. We didn't want to double the wire and wanted a backyard solution. We ran the wire up the roof with zip ties and then back down the other side of the house, where the ridge vent is. It was a solution I found online. She can still leave the house, but only in the backyard. The installation went very well and was tested successfully on the first try. Our dog is a rescue and she is 3 years old. She's very fast and loves to chase animals. There is a den of fox across the street and they are always hunting in the woods behind our house. She would go through the woods and into neighbors' yards. I called the customer service department to find out if the training documentation that came with it was good enough for her. Our dog had a bad experience with an electric fence when he was a puppy and the previous owner told us that they couldn't use it because she wouldn't go in the backyard. The man I spoke with was very knowledgeable. He was so helpful and spent a long time talking with me about our dogs temperament, my concerns about her breaching and the various steps I should take if that happened. It couldn't have gone better. It took 3 days to train her. The electric fence may have helped. Before we tried it off leash, we used a lot of treats and encouraged her. We backed up the training with treats and she ran through 3 times. We had to set it on the second to lowest setting. She hasn't breached since the first 3 days of the month. I let her out before bed last night and the fox appeared in the yard next to me, barking and trying to get her to him, away from the kits who were out with him. She stopped short of the wire and barked for a while, but then came back to me. She got a lot of praise for being so good. It's great to be able to let her out and go for a walk without fear of her taking off. Highly recommended. This product and their customer service is excellent. I still love my Extreme fence. It has been perfect for two years. I noticed that the receiver on her collar was acting strange. Couldn't be sure if there was an issue. She never does that one day. I wondered if it was not a noise. She was nowhere near the edge when she was on the deck. It happened again a week later and I was worried it was a problem with the receiver. Even though we couldn't determine if it was an issue with the receiver, they immediately sent me a new one at no cost. They were helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!

9. Gauge Wire 500 Kit Ground

Gauge Wire 500 Kit Ground

This package is for a 500' Spool of 20 gauge. 50 training flags, 2 Splice Kits and Solid Core Wire are all made of Polyethylene coated. Their dog fencing wire is compatible with any brand of fence. The Underground Dog Fence Wire can be Buried 3-6 inches deep using a lawn edger, trencher, and garden hoe. Dog Boundary Fence Wire is manufactured in the USA. You can find additional fence parts in their Amazon store.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤Don't buy. We had an underground fence for 10 years and had a lot of breaks due to major incidences, so we decided to replace the whole wire. We used this wire for a month and then replaced it. We live in the country and these breaks have been caused by wildlife digging up the wire. We never had an issue with the old wire from petsafe... The coating on this wire attracts wildlife and has resulted in a lot of breaks in a short amount of time. After spending a lot of time replacing the whole fence, we ended up with more breaks than we were replacing.

👤The dog-wire needed to be fixed in the winter. I couldn't get to the wire to try and find a break, so this was the perfect solution. Extra long wire meant I ran the wire around the yard without any issues. The flags were a bonus.

👤It was ordered to replace my broken wiring for my dog's underground fence. I put the package aside until I got a rare day off where the weather was good enough to do it. I borrowed a trencher, got all the tools ready, and opened the package to find two packages of flags. "Where's the flipping wire?" The person who contacted Amazon for a replacement was excited to install it on a warm February day in Ohio, but they found another duplicate of the same shipment in the replacement box. I have 400 flags but no wire.

👤How is a dog fence wire going to be warm? I sent this back after it arrived because it took so long to ship. I am sure it would be fine. The electrical wire is a commodity.

👤I moved to a new place. I needed a new line for my fence. I looked at different websites and products on Amazon and chose this product for my new property. The product worked perfectly and the flags were great to have to acclimate my dogs to their new area.

👤The thinner wire that came with our set up was better. It's so much easier. I didn't have to worry about the wire snapping because of the link.

👤It worked great with my Sportdog underground fence.

👤Multiple breaks in line. The copper wire is broken and unable to use for dog fence work.

👤Exactly as described.

10. SportDog Contain Train Ground System

SportDog Contain Train Ground System

You have the ability to secure your dog within a set boundary, and remotely train them outside of it. The Boundary Wire has built-in lightning protection, and the Wire-break Transmitter alarm can alert you to that. The dog has a second collar. The anti-Linger feature prevents the dog from running down the collar receiver battery. Medium size dogs and up.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤We ordered this kit and an additional wire and collar to keep our dogs on a 3.5 acres property. It was easy to install. I highly recommend using a gas powered edger. I rented a one from Home Depot and dug the entire path around the property within an hour. As we laid the wire down, my husband and I filled it in with topsoil. Our dogs figured out the training plan within two days, even though the manual says it should last 30 days. The product was easy to install and the quality was excellent.

👤The home base stopped working after less than two months. The collars are useless without a perimeter.

👤I like the invisible fence system. If the line breaks, I know the fence isn't working because I hear a noise on the base. It was worth the money.

👤I am very pleased with the product and love all the options. Our dogs are happy too.

👤It takes a bit to install on your own, especially if you have a big yard.

👤We ordered a few different systems and went with the sport dog. You get what you pay for.

👤I like the Sportdog brand. Have used their e-collars for a long time. The collar is huge. This giant thing is too large for me to love, even though I wanted to. You can't put this on a small dog. It doesn't weigh much but it's too big. I love the inground fence 100C. I returned the system when I received it, because I was going to upgrade to this. I wouldn't put it on my dog. Maybe when the technology improves, they can put these features in a smaller receiver.

11. SportDOG Brand Contain System Ground

SportDOG Brand Contain System Ground

Contain + Train includes everything needed to cover 1 1/3 acres of land for one dog, and can be expanded to cover 100 acres with more wire and flags. You can choose when you want the collar to work with the fence, trainer, or both. Train up to three dogs with included remote and have an unlimited number of dogs with additional collar. Choose between Tone, vibration, or one of seven levels of static stimulation to train your dog. The wire break alarm is built into the Transmitter.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I bought this device because of the excellent customer service and easy replacement of the 9V battery. I was told that I would have to purchase a new battery for the extra collar because they stopped manufacturing it. I have a lot of devices with dead batteries in my closet. I bought the current model and would have preferred the 9v option. I ordered 2000 feet of 14 gauge wire because SportDog said it could be used. The edger I rented included a spool to feed the wire into the mini-trench. It took one day to bury the wire and another day to finish the places where the wire popped out of curves. As we pulled, we should have provided more slack. I don't think 20 g wire could have stood up to the tension, but maybe it was the way the machine was set up. The gel-filled capsule that I provided worked great. I used 14 g single strand dog wire. The cheap terminal connections were the most frustrating thing about the installation. They wouldn't hold the 14 g wire. The surge protector I bought had similar terminals. I understand space restrictions on the surge protector, but why not allow screw terminals on the transmitter? I used a strand of 16 g stranded speaker wire to connect to the surge protectors. I had to use clothespins to hold the wire and keep the tension on the springs. I have come to the conclusion that the whole device is made as cheaply as possible, and the manufacturer is making a lot of money. I will forgive the hefty price for good customer service. There is a The two manual that came with the product were very helpful. Five stars for documentation. I have 1500 feet of wire underground, solid connections and flags every ten feet. One dog is getting used to wearing a collar for the first time. We will start with lessons tomorrow. I am positive. The training remote and the containment will be updated in a few weeks. It is now a month later. The dog was wearing a collar for a while. The module was attached to the collar. We had to cut and re-sew the strap, but it was very easy to remove the strap and attach the module to the clip-on. The first day I activated the system, I set the collar at contain and train strength #2. A few minutes of training worked well. The dog failed to react when my daughter did a training session. I tightened the collar after I decided it was too loose. The learning by the dog was quick and effective. The flag was the same as the previous day. A dog is on a leash. I pulled her back when she pointed to the flag. We walked to another flag. Same process. Same reaction. She was more cautious. We walked another 100 feet. She pulled the leash out of my hand when she ran across the line. She ran right back to me after she heard the shock. I pointed to something. The dog has not come within five feet of the flags without the collar on. Training is complete! It is amazing. * For the training remote. The dog is a nine-month old rescued dog. We have been with her for two months. She was described as too much dog by previous owners. She wants to bite like a puppy. We had rescued a smaller dog that was only 8 weeks old before we got the nine-month old dog. A puppy. As she grows, she wants to play with her big, mouthy companion. The training remote has aided in teaching the bigger dog how to play. The older dog is playing with toys. I usually leave it in "V/T" mode. The dog associates the tone with the shock of the containment line, so all I need to do is "tone" her. She tests our patience and we vibrate the collar to get the results. I have spent many hours teaching her verbal commands and trying to use the training remote to supplement; however, no amount of verbal seems to keep the dogs from engaging in puppy biting and play. The older dog can't harm the younger dog if it has a training remote. Two people hold leashes and I remind the bigger dog to be gentle when necessary, as there is tremendous progress with both dogs. The flimsy construction of the terminals made my review four stars. I rate the training at Five Stars on the practical side. * The module is large and heavy. I would like it to be smaller. I would like to see a variation for smaller dogs. I have not used a collar on my puppy because she is only 7 pounds, but she wants to go hunting now that she is almost four months old. I try to make her respect the flags that are still up by keeping her on a leash. If there was a training collar for small dogs, she would be able to respect the boundary very quickly. * I am very happy with the purchase. I believe the Sport Dog contain + train unit has helped me with my difficult dog.


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