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1. NQN Insulator Accessories Husbandry Electronic

NQN Insulator Accessories Husbandry Electronic

One piece needs no hardware. The electric fence screw is upgraded. The newest generation electric fence insulator ring has 13 laps of self-tapping screws, which is tighter and more firm than others. This can connect to the electric drill directly, more labor-saving and efficient. Eco-friendly, completely harmless to people, pets and wildlife, is achieved with Excellent insulation, high strength, sun and rain protection, anti-weathering, nondeformable features. The ring insulator head is made of PP+PE and has a smooth surface. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature is what this is. Steel with Anti-rust coating, sharp self-tapping threads, and a screw in ring insulator. Insulator size is based on total length, width and self-tapping screws length. The electric fence insulators slot can hold wire without energy loss. The electric fence ring is suitable for 8 gauge through 30 gauge high-tensile steel wires, poly wires, high-tensile steel wires, aluminum wires, ropes and electric fence tapes. The self-tapping design can easily be installed by hand. The free NQN Patent Design insulator sockets tool can be used to connect the electric drill and insulators directly, more labor-saving and efficient. These insulators are used to prevent electrical short circuits between wires and fence posts. The space between the wires and the fence should be kept. 50 Pack Electric Fence Screw in Ring Insulators, 1 Pack Insulator Socket Tool, and 1 Year Warranty are what you get.

Brand: Nqn

👤I needed to build a fence for my dogs. My husky mix doesn't feel the shock from my last charge, so here comes the boom! These were attached to wooden stakes. I placed them in a row. The wire holders have an attachment that makes it easy to drive into whatever you're working with. The spikes are about 1.75" in diameter. The plastic wire holder is strong. Yesterday I told them to not install them. They are much heavier and tougher than expected. I will update if there is an issue after they have been in use for a while.

👤If you are going to use the drive tool to install these, think again. I broke four of them on the fence post. Purchase something else and do yourself a favor.

👤I found broken ones after 2 days. I have a horse that likes to play with hot wires and controllers, so I don't think the manufactuer is responsible. There is little snit. I got an intial 8 and 5.6 on the fence tester. I liked how they went in. I followed along with the holes that I predilled. We installed a polyrope.

👤If you have to remove it for any reason, the black part will break and you will have to use a hammer to get it out. It is a great idea for easy install but terrible manufacturing. I can't return them because half of them were broken during installation.

👤The package arrived without an installation tool, which makes it more difficult to install. I tried to contact Amazon to have the tool sent on its own, but I had to return the entire package, which would further delay my project. I will probably have to drill pilot holes to avoid breaking the metal screw portion of the parts that arrived, because they appear to be flimsier than I was expecting.

👤The included tool and a pilot hole made it easy to screw in the insulation. It is a nice thick material.

👤It is much easier to use than other styles.

👤The tool makes it easy to drive these. It's better than those held in place by mail.

2. Zareba IT5XY Z 5 Inch Extender Insulator

Zareba IT5XY Z 5 Inch Extender Insulator

Heavy duty galvanized hardware is included. It's on the standard studded t-post. The wire is extended from the post.

Brand: Zareba

👤I've never been so unhappy with a purchase. I have used these insulators many times and never had an issue. I have been installing these for a long time. The ones I have used before were purchased in the area. I have a Carpal Tunnel in my hands. Sometimes I can't open a soda bottle. I ordered from Amazon. I have broken 10 of the first 11 insulators. They just took a break with no pressure. I'm blown away! I have never seen plastic like that before. If I could, I would give these 0 stars. There are serious quality control issues.

👤The horse turn-out arena area has a wire fence around it. We need a 5-inch stand-off to protect the vinyl fence. We saved money by using these instead of the one listed for use on vinyl fence.

👤I was hesitant to purchase these since a previous package we purchased was very brittle and many broke trying to put them on our T-posts. The company listened to the complaints and improved the material. The package I recently purchased was much better. They did not snap when they put them on the T-posts.

👤I would expect that. Good quality. When something hit the wire, it ripped the wire hooks off the insulator. That would happen to any insulator, so it's not really a complaint. Make sure you have a few extra for your animals and wildlife.

👤I think they will break easily because they are the latest and greatest.

👤They're doing what they have to do. I bend them open quickly on the post so I can fit them on and they snap right on. I will update the review if I have a problem with them, but so far so good!

👤They worked well with polywire and T Posts. Customer service from Zareba was great. Highly recommended!

👤I was very pleased with the purchase from order to delivery. Quality and value are great.

👤These were what I was looking for.

3. Electric Insulator Accessories Husbandry Electronic

Electric Insulator Accessories Husbandry Electronic

Heavy-duty brackets are used to attach a chain link fence. The electric fence insulator ring is made of high quality material. Sun protection, rain protection, and anti-weathering are features of electric fence insulator. Eco-friendly, harmless to people, pets and wildlife. The fence is easy to install and screws easily into the timber fence. The protection contains 50 insulators, which is convenient to replace a broken one. If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, please contact them by email on Amazon's "Ask a question" button, they'll solve it for you.

Brand: Ifire

👤If you try to hold the screw, it will burn you or cut you. The fence was raised with minor burns and cuts. Would buy again.

👤It is quicker to go in than it is to remove. If you leave the metal stud in the trees/posts, the plastic heads will come off easily.

👤They do require a predrilled hole for ease of application, but they were sturdy, made well and did their jobs.

👤It's easy to install, but working so far.

👤It was very easy to snap. One tried to install them.

👤They are terrible so far. There is a missing tool for installation. The only way to contact you is through this review. I can't find anyone infou.

👤50 Pcs Black Electric Fence Insulator Screws worked well for what they were intended for.

4. Zareba ITY Z Standard Snug Fitting Insulator

Zareba ITY Z Standard Snug Fitting Insulator

25 insulators per bag. It's on the standard studded t-post. One piece needs no hardware.

Brand: Zareba

👤Many of them have broken after about a month. I have found yellow pieces on the ground that are falling apart. They are installed correctly on the T-posts. The electric fence has been allowed to short as if it is not good. I don't want to have to replace all of them.

👤These bags were installed in November 2019. I noticed a few strands of fence down in June of 2020. The corner posts had broken the same way. Every post has at least one broken insulator and many have 3-4 of the 5 broken. All are in the same place. I have had older ones for 4 years and they are all fine. These have to be faulty. Not happy at all.

👤These worked well. We were confused about how to install them. Wrap the long tab around the flat part of the t-post and force it onto the stem of the tee. You can knock them out in 10 seconds per clip if you get the hang of it. It was a good fit. They look good. You can string an electric fence on your t-posts.

👤They worked well until the sun beat them into crumbles in Washington. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I used cloth rope and tape on an electric fence. They are easy to install, take off and re-use, and work great for threading wire rope or tape quickly around a pasture or garden. Highly recommend.

👤They are the most resilient ones I have found. I put 1/2 electric tape in them. I have only had one break in the last four years. Someone ran over the post with a trailer, only breaking one of the 7 on the post.

👤These clips are great. I've used many. Other styles are not easy to install. I like black better because it's harder to find in black.

👤Over the years, I have dealt with a lot of other insulators. It was easy on and easy off. Conducting well with Electrobraid is very visible. 180 was installed in just over two hours.

👤Ce produit est lousse sur certain d'entre eux. Vous pouvons tout le faon de la attachés pour qu'il reste en place.

👤These are strong enough to keep Bears out of my fence.

👤I found it break like other users have recently. I screwed them to the post.

5. Dare Products 3359 10 831950 Insulator

Dare Products 3359 10 831950 Insulator

One piece needs no hardware. corral panels can be up to 2 post round or square. It fits both vertically and horizontally. Holds rigid wires up to 5/16 inch. Holds wire from the post. Heavy duty galvanized hardware is included.

Brand: Dare

👤The top of my dog kennel is a retriever brand dog kennel with galvanized tubular steel pipes. I think the pipes are about 0.75 inches in diameter. I used an open ended wrench. I didn't have a deep set of sockets to cinch these nuts down. The bolt portion is very long for the pipe I had. I don't know why it's so long. It would have cut down on my install time if it were shorter. I dropped it one star because of this. These work well. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy them again regardless of the install time.

👤These are easy to install. The gate is well griped by them with even finger tightening the nuts. I was testing their grip as I gently tightened the nuts. I used a tool. I think a screwdriver style sockets holder would have been just as good since the nuts don't need to be tight. I'm happy with them. I am ordering more for my gates. There are other gates where someone drilled holes in them and fastened wood post. I thought I'd try these because I didn't want to drill holes in our other gates. I didn't think they would hold up, but they do.

👤It works perfectly in my application of installing a 12 gauge hot wire pulled tight along the top of a 12' W x 24' L x 6' H chain link dog pen. I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to get them tight without breaking the plastic where the fittings penetrate the plastic, because they are much sturdier than the photos show. The plastic is molded to the tube pipes. I was worried they wouldn't be long enough for my dog to run over the 6' height. They work exactly as I need them to, and once was enough to convince him of the need for an electric fence. He doesn't try anymore. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I hung poly tape on the fence to keep the horses from rubbing their butt on it. The fence was made with metal posts. They work well for this. If the hotwire is pulled by a rowdy horse, it will cause them to slip on small diameter posts, but on the upside, this sometimes prevents the insulator from being broken. The plastic used in these is very strong. I screwed them into the posts with self drilling screws, because they were too large for the U-bolts.

👤I had to put an electrical wire along the inside of the fence to keep my chihuahua from climbing it. I had to step over the wire to get to the gate. I've fallen several times, caught my foot, and gotten a shock every so often, because that gets really old, fast, and I've caught my foot many times. I no longer have to step over the wire when I use the tube post insulators. It works well.

👤The coyotes were after my Shiba Inu dogs after they finished installing a black vinyl chain link fence. Amazon farm products include round post insulators with a 7000-volt whack for hungry wild dogs. These pieces are an important part.

6. IFIRE 100Pcs Electric Insulator Screw

IFIRE 100Pcs Electric Insulator Screw

A built-in wire channel keeps the wire centered. The electric fence is made of high quality material. The electric fence insulator has features such as sun protection, rain protection, and anti-weathering. It's completely harmless to people, pets, and wildlife. The fence is easy to install and screws into the timber fence. This protection is convenient to replace the broken one because it contains 100 pcs insulators. The total length is 9 cm and the packaging is 100 pcs.

Brand: Ifire

👤I wanted the black to put along the creosote fencing, but I didn't want a bright yellow one standing out.

👤They are all consistent. I installed 100 of them. I'm willing to do it again.

👤If predrill holes are used, it's easy to install. Comes with a drill. If you want to remove the screw, the plastic head will pop off rendering it useless. You should order extra.

👤It's easy to install if you put an Allen key to a screw gun. Good luck.

👤I only used them for 3 weeks after having several of them already break. To use, you have to drill a hole.

👤I would never use a type of electric fence insulator in the future.

👤I made it easy by drilling a guide hole. The manufacturer does not recommend using a tool to screw the insulator into the post. They seem to hold up well.

7. Zareba IT2XY Z 2 Inch Extender Insulator

Zareba IT2XY Z 2 Inch Extender Insulator

If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, please contact them by email on Amazon's "Ask a question" button, they'll solve it for you. It's on the standard studded t-post. One piece needs no hardware.

Brand: Zareba

👤After about 4 months of being in the sun, a lot of these became brittle and broke off. They were flexible when installed, but have now become brittle and can break if bumped up against the T post. Good design, but need a better plastic with more UV resistance.

👤It is very difficult to attach the t post as they snap/break apart very easily, especially if it is cool. I tried to attach 50 but failed.

👤They didn't last a single summer in sub 100 degrees. Southern Oregon. There are few competitors in this market. I'm sure a Chinese equivalent would be more durable.

👤They work but need to be warm when snapping onto the t-post. If you attempt to snap them on cold or with out careful guiding it around the plastic stretches, cracks and breaks, they will break. They may also break if something gets into the wire.

👤I saved half of what I would have paid in store by buying the 250 bulk pack. The bags were the same size as from the farm supply store. It worked well for me.

👤The first picture of the package is not accurate. There is a different type of connection on the back. You will see the packaged item pictures when you look closely.

👤As expected, the price was fair. They cost more than going to the feed store, but 1000 times more to not have to drive 30 miles out of Seattle to get them. 30 miles on a work day when feed stores are open is a 2 hour drive for those who don't know Seattle. Did the job! The sheep were contained. It's funny.

👤I had a problem with the hot wire being close to the welded wire on my fence. I kept getting shocked. This will keep it safe.

👤Good quality. I broke 3 out of 25 during the installation. I don't know if I put them on the post correctly.

👤It works well and was received on time.

👤The t posts should be fit well. I used the claw of a hammer for the back clamp.

👤It's easy to hook up the wire.

8. JBT Plastic Electric Handle Insulators

JBT Plastic Electric Handle Insulators

We will support their product. If you have a problem with this 1640 Feet 500 Meter Electric Fence Wire, please contact them and they will solve it for you. The plastic spring gate handle is made from high-quality materials. The insulated plastic handle on the spring makes it easy to open and close the gate. The thread design of the plastic gate handle makes it easier to hold and prevent someone from getting an electric shock. Attach the rope of the fence to the gate handle with no tools. The package includes a fence and door handles.

Brand: Jbt

👤These work well and hold up longer than the cheaper ones. They don't come off the hook easily.

👤They come in a pair for a good price.

👤These are very sturdy and work well for my gates.

9. Zareba IWNY Z Slant Insulator Yellow

Zareba IWNY Z Slant Insulator Yellow

Standard 22 gauge, 9mm crown, 71 series fine wire, and 6-16mm Leg Length are all included in the range. Check the description to find them. For 9 gauge through 22 gauge high-tensile steel wire and aluminum wire, all polywire, and polyrope up to 14” in diameter. The wire is extended from the wooden post. 25 insulators per bag.

Brand: Zareba

👤The plastic teeth holding the wire snap off when a deer walks through it. It's easy to tie it around the base. It's cheap plastic. I think that's the idea. The electric fence wire snapping is better.

👤These are designed to do what they are supposed to do. I have had mine changed a few times and none have broken on me.

👤They do what they are supposed to. I have to replace a few every now and then. The hardware stores stopped selling them.

👤We own a horse boarding facility and all of the pastures are surrounded by electric fencing. The Zareba are the best made and most durable brand we've tried. The length is correct. I don't think you could do better, both functionally and cost-wise.

👤There is nothing special here. These are sturdy and can be used at a variety of angles. The nails can be used in corners. The nails aren't weather proof, and the picture you see is after just a couple rains. We put these in trees and used this polywire and an energizer to line up an acre.

👤I would encourage everyone to use them. I build a chicken run with hardware cloth. I found that if you use smaller insulators, you can get an electric wire to hardware cloth after a rain. Since they are long enough, they don't cause that issue. These were a great size and worked well.

👤I used about 50 of them on my fence. Hold their shape.

👤Works well. Only broke off the excess plastic guard piece when it was hit by a hammer. You might consider using a smaller hammer. The fence stays fastened with a good amount of wire tension.

👤I don't like the fact that the outer ears are weak and cause the wire to come out when I bend it, I put zap straps on the outer ears to hold the wire from coming loose only when the temperature is ninety degrees.

👤Very rugged built and well priced.

👤Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The product is easy to use with screws or nails.

10. Zareba ICDY Z Corner Insulator Yellow

Zareba ICDY Z Corner Insulator Yellow

50 Pack Electric Fence Screw in Ring Insulators, 1 Pack Insulator Socket Tool, and 1 Year Warranty are what you get. All wire and poly rope can be used. This insulator is made from unbreakable polycarbonate. The strength is 5,000 pounds. A built-in wire channel keeps the wire centered.

Brand: Zareba

👤It worked out as expected. It's likely to be very tough and durable. They are about 1 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches thick.

👤The product was received as advertised. Good packaging for fast delivery. Thanks.

11. Upgrade Electric Insulator Self Tapping Labor Saving

Upgrade Electric Insulator Self Tapping Labor Saving

It's a practical function to connect farm fence lines to prevent animals from being lost. The head of the electric fence is made of high quality PP+PE material and the screw is made of high-hardness carbon steel. You will receive 25 ring screw-in insulators and one insulator sockets tool, which can connect to the electric drill directly. It is possible to meet your daily needs with sufficient quantity. Wide application. The post fence ring is suitable for high-tensile steel wires, poly wires, aluminum wires, ropes and electric fence tapes, with high resistance to high and low temperatures. The wood post insulator is harmless to people and livestock, and can be used in your yard, pasture, and farm. You can easily install the fence with the sharp and high hardness threads. You can use an electric drill to install the insulators, which is more labor-saving and efficient.

Brand: Barafat

👤A predator repelling electric fence is being built to protect our Shiba's from coyotes. The insulators fit in well with high quality and affordability.


What is the best product for electric fence insulators?

Electric fence insulators products from Nqn. In this article about electric fence insulators you can see why people choose the product. Zareba and Ifire are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric fence insulators.

What are the best brands for electric fence insulators?

Nqn, Zareba and Ifire are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric fence insulators. Find the detail in this article. Dare, Ifire and Jbt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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