Best Electric Fireplace Inserts 50

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1. Electric Fireplace Recessed Adjustable Brightness

Electric Fireplace Recessed Adjustable Brightness

If you're not completely satisfied with their candle melter, they can give you a 30-day money back guarantee. There are different sizes of fireplace that can be used in the living room, bedroom, study, dining room and other places. The fireplace can be controlled through the remote control or the touchpad. Change color, adjust brightness, heating setting. There are multiple flame colors. There are 12 colors that can be adjusted in the fireplace. Two kinds of burning bed logs or crystals can be used independently or in a mixture, and the burning bed and flame color can be adjusted to match a variety of environments and atmospheres. The perfect combination of heating and decoration: 750W and 1500W, 5 kinds of brightness can be adjusted, so that heating and energy saving are perfectly realized. When the heating function is turned off, you can use the fireplace to decorate your house. The fireplace can be hung on the wall or inserted into the wall. The installation method is described in the manual. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: E Euhomy

👤I have not had a Christmas since I was a child and it has not been the same. I don't have the funds to actually install a real one so this was the best thing to do. I bought this just thinking it was an imitation fireplace. I just looked at pictures and didn't look at anything else. I'm not complaining because this was more than I had in mind. I've never had a fireplace with a remote, and I only have wood burning stoves. You can set the brightness, color, timing and heat. That's the other thing... I didn't know it was emitting heat. I was only looking for a place that looked like a fire place. There are 12 different colors you can choose from, and there are also two types of burning bed logs or crystals that can be used by themselves or in a mixture. I'm impressed with all of the options. I spend more time messing with this than I should and I can change it to match my mood. If you only want to use it during the cold months or just for December, this fireplace can be hung on a wall.

👤I bought this fireplace even though I didn't like it very much. I was willing to take the risk because it was cheaper. They said it would take two weeks to ship. We got it a week sooner because of Thanksgiving. We love it. The 50 in fireplace with a 55in tv has transformed the room into something incredibly special. We hope it stays that way because we turned it on yesterday and it seemed to work. There is a If you are second guessing it. I would get it.

👤I love this fireplace. The flames are beautiful and it looks real. The downstairs area is very warm as it is an open concept. I will buy a smaller one for my bedroom. This one is 50. We love it!

👤We recently moved into a new house and one of the rooms is not sufficiently heated so we were looking for a heater. Initially we were going to put a conventional tower style heater, but then we found a different one and we got it. Plug it in and you have setup. I like the way the color can be changed and it makes up for a great showpiece. This also work as a decoration piece, so it's better to get this than a conventional tower heater.

👤Update! Speechless... I'm amazed at the integrity of this company. They went above and beyond to make me happy. I don't think I've ever heard of a company that cares so much about their customers happiness, especially in these days when most of them can only think about how to line their pockets. They sent me great instructions on how to oil the little motor, but they didn't fix it, so they sent me a brand new fireplace. They will never know how grateful I am. I feel like sending them a basket of fruit. Don't hesitate if you have any doubts about buying this fireplace. I believe that it's the most beautiful fireplace I have ever seen, and I have looked at them all, read every review and picture. It was important for me to have a fireplace with good heat and a quiet look. You won't regret it. Update! On January 3, 2022. It has been 3 weeks and it is making an annoying sound. There is an easy fix for this. I looked around for the perfect fireplace for almost four years before deciding on this one. I was so scared that I was going to be disappointed that I looked at many reviews of the ones that I was interested in and it seemed like they didn't get what they were expecting. I had this for a few weeks, but I am very happy with the way it looks. Life is like that, with many colors to choose from, not only the flames but the logs too. It comes with crystals, so you have a choice of either. The viewing area is small, quiet and doesn't stick out far from the wall. I can't say enough about this fireplace. I'll be back with a nasty review.

2. Tangkula Recessed Fireplace Adjustable 750 1500W

Tangkula Recessed Fireplace Adjustable 750 1500W

The thickness of the upgraded electric fireplace is reduced to 3.86 inch and won't beobtrusive on the wall. The location of the switch is changed to make it easier to operate. In front of the electric fireplace, they add two air inlets. Two modes of heating can be adjusted for both warm and energy saving. The supplemental zone heating can be up to 400 square feet. You can choose from 12 flame colors and 12 bed colors. The realistic flame has lots of crystal glass. Five flame speed modes and five flame brightness levels can be chosen by yourself. timer control and sleep mode with all lights down and heating will create a comfortable environment with automatic design. It's convenient to operate the electric fireplace by remote control, but it's safe to use manually. The safety cut-off device for overheat protection is included in the heater. The room will be too dry if the air is too humid. Hanging the electric fireplace on the wall is a convenient way to enjoy the fireplace without taking up a lot of space. This fireplace is embedded into your living room, bedroom and office. They have packed the fireplace as best they can, but glass will still be damaged in transit. Could you please contact them with a picture if unfortune happens? They will ship a new one to you.

Brand: Tangkula

👤It's easy to install and add the perfect touch.

👤I like to build my fireplace around ledger stone and it has a good fire sound.

👤I was happy to see that the reviews were current and that many of the customers were happy. The fireplace arrived quickly and looks better in person than it does online. It only took a few minutes to install the wall mount. I would have given 5 stars, but there were crystals in the box. I think it was a challenge to find them all after the bag burst open. The fireplace is worth it. You have so many flame color choices, two heat settings, and it adds a relaxing vibe to any room. The orange flame with yellow stones is my favorite color. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

👤Even if you don't build an insert for the faux fireplace, it's still a great addition to the living room. I believe I have what I wanted. There is a But. The fix is easy to apply. 1. Both flames and "decorations" are affected by the "brightness" mode. The bottom tray gets very bright because you cannot make just the flames brighter. Adding an independent dimming function would help. 2. The best natural flames effects can be achieved with the bottom tray lights off. I'm not sure how I've achieved that "glitch" mode, but for a few moments the bottom tray lights went out, and the flame remained. I'm at that point where I'm tempted to run the flames with natural crystal lighting, because the visuals are awesome. I would like the dimming control to turn the tray off. It can only control the flames and the bottom tray. The manual has a complete wiring diagram. I'll take that for an invitation to help myself.

👤I love my electric heater. It keeps my room very warm. The lights are wonderful.

👤Fcil de montar. Mejor se ve mucho ms linda.

👤Straight forward install, great item. I haven't used the heating option yet because I was looking for something else. The range of the remote is not practical, and I would like to see a feature that allows for wireless communication.

👤The cons are 1. It will take a long time to warm up a room with a medium to large size. 2. I knew this was going in, but I didn't have faux logs. The rocks look silly to me. 3. The internal screen backing is easy to mark. If it's open, be careful not to touch it or it will leave permanent marks. 4. There is a decent configuration of the lights and flames, but it would have been nice to have an option for the flame size and height. I'll throw it out because it's expensive, but I know it's asking a lot. 5. Fan noise can be loud. 6. I wish the heat vents were on the other side of the hardware. The pros are 1. The price point is 2. One person can do this quickly and easily. 3. There are lighting configuration options. It gives off some heat. This is a decent fireplace and heater. You get what you pay for. Paying more isn't always better. You would have more options.

3. Electric Fireplace Mounted Freestanding Crystal

Electric Fireplace Mounted Freestanding Crystal

Product dimensions are 50 (W) x 18.11 (H) x 3.89 (D) inches. The electric fireplace heater can be hung on the wall or used for free standing. There are two stand bases for both installations. The dimensions are 26.W x 22.4''(H)x 4.1''. There are two heat sets in your room. The heating modes can be adjusted for both warm and energy saving. The temperature can be adjusted from 59F to 95F. The heating outlet is located on the upper part of the back area. The ETL certificate has been approved. The device of the fireplace can be cut-off if it gets too hot, to keep the whole family safe. The low-noise design makes you enjoy the warmth and realistic flame effects. You can control the heater with a timer and remote control. The mod home decor is. The fireplace heaters can be installed in the living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment center, or basement to bring a sense of comfort and relaxation into your home. Enjoy the warm feeling all year round.

Brand: 5 Sunday Living

👤The house we are remodeling has a beautiful area on the second floor that the old lady used as an attic area, but we turned it into a sitting room and master bedroom. I think so. The biggest issue with that is the fact that they only put 2 cents in the upstairs. If there was a need for a window AC unit in the summer and a separate heating source in the fall, the downstairs would be roasting hot but the upstairs would be nice. If it's going to be in my bedroom, I wanted something pretty. The window unit bugs me. We don't need anything huge because we aren't up there very often. So. It needs to be functional with a nice look. That would be the conclusion. The first thing I liked was the small size. It was nice to have the option of a pretty room heating system versus the clunky black space heating system, since there isn't a large stretch of wall for one of the full size fireplaces in our room. This one can either be mounted on the wall or free-stand. I'm moving it between the office and bedroom so that I can do school work and sleep. It's funny. Everything is included and the instructions were clear. The heating element is great. Within half an hour, the master bedroom is heat to whatever temp we've set it to. The fireplace has a nifty remote. The remote works from across the room since the person who wants to change the temp is not in the room. Or the color. Since a similar one was legit 3 times the price at the dept store, the colors are probably the selling point. The colorw can be had without the heat. My children can attest to when I put it in our room.

👤It is a great looking fireplace. I think it is fair because of how many things it can do. It will look better if I hang it on the wall, but my guts tell me not to because I am not good at cutting walls. I am not a handy man. The fireplace works great. If you want to learn more about installation instruction, check out my video. The controls are easy to understand. I can use a remote controller. I use it on the side of my chair whenever I can. I like the lights and colors. It changes my mood because of the different colors. The heat is very strong and can quickly heat up the area. That is cool. The noise level is very low. I didn't mean to say that I had no complaint about this heater. I can move it around freely because it is light.

👤We wanted a fireplace in our basement. Our basement gets very cold and we wanted a fireplace that was beautiful year round. We can mount this to the wall or install the plastic feet. It is beautiful and we are happy about it. It looks nice when the feet are installed. The air outlet is on the front of the recess. The frame of the fireplace needs to be screwed to the cutout and clearance for air intake. There are different flame effects to choose from, ranging from modern colors to realistic. It's hard to pick the best one. I like them all for different reasons. Adding glass beads for additional lighting effects can be adjusted by you. We can use the remote to adjust the light when we are watching a movie. The temperature can be set to either 62 or 82 degrees. It will be even quieter when it's installed in my unit.



This 1500 watt unit has a 6-ft. cord. Sturdy front panel. There is supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft. and an easy-to-set timer of up to eight hours. Controllable from anywhere with a mobile app. It's compatible with both the Amazon and the Google Home. CSA-approved. The dimensions are 21.7" (W) x 16.5" (H) x 6.3" (D). The flame display has glass media. The fireplace insert has a remote control. 400 square feet of heating can operate on its own. There is a built-in type of mounting.

Brand: Dimplex

👤When you have to wait a long time for a business' Customer Service, it tells you that either they make a bad product, or they don't hire enough people to support their business. It's definitely a bad product and poor Customer Service. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy anything from Dimplex. They don't have techs in the USA, so they contract everything out to the cheapest installer. We have spent hours on hold with Dimplex trying to get their installers to install the parts, then more hours with them trying to get the parts. On December 5, 2017, I purchased the XLF 50. The electric fireplace has been broken longer than it has worked. 45 minutes to an hour is the average wait time to get through to Dimplex Customer Service. The motor went out in the first 2 months. They spent 40 minutes on hold and 5 minutes on line with me to take my information and send me the part. The part arrives a few days later and is at my house waiting for an installation. I called Dimplex again for 45 minutes to see if they would contact the installer. After a couple weeks, an installer calls to install it. flicker motor goes out two months later. 55 minutes is a long time on a hold. 10 minutes for them to tell me they are sending me the part. 2 weeks go by before any contact is made with any installer. For 50 minutes, I was on the phone waiting for customer service. 5 min later, they tell me they will contact the installer. Within a year, we've had 3 flicker motors installed. When the last flicker motor popped, it didn't realize it smoked the control board. Again, on hold with Dimplex. Will send you the part again. The part arrived on January 21st and has not been heard from by the installer. Today, I called Dimplex. 50 minutes later, I get through, the recording states that the wait is 15-20 minutes. Cheryl is a waste of time. She doesn't want to hear my "wrath". I would like to speak with my supervisor. I was put on hold for another 5 minutes. I was told about trying to contact the installer after coming back on. She yelled at me "she's not here" when I told her I wanted to speak with her supervisor. No return calls after leaving a message. Worst! There is no plan to support customers when parts are shipped out to be installed. It's not worth your time or money.

👤The owners manual is what comes with the unit. The installation manual is hard to find on the website, but it does not include how to install the glass beads. I wonder if this device is certified by the U.S. government. The product documentation is not good. I wouldn't buy here. I would buy from a resellr and let them deal with the headaches.

👤The fireplace was installed about 2 months ago. It's not a clunky product like a lot of other electric fireplaces, it's completely flush against our wall, and it's controlled by a remote so our toddler can't hit a bunch of buttons on the panel. There is no real fire in the electric fireplace. It was wild that a few guests were second guessing themselves if this thing was real flames. We don't run the heat output just because it's on a level in our house that doesn't need it, but when we do, it does a fine job. As our contractor puts it in, I can't speak to ease of installation.

5. BOSSIN 50 Inch Fireplace Electric

BOSSIN 50 Inch Fireplace Electric

Thin in thickness. The Bossin electric fireplace has a light design. The frame is black and has a front air outlet. It is a sleek contemporary fireplace that is perfect for your living room, entertainment center and bedroom. Full spectrum colors, 12 flame & LED flame bed color modes, 5 flame speed modes, 5 flame brightness levels, and automatic flame design are all big on capability. A realistic flame will offer a true-to-life fire experience. It's easy to control electric fireplace, power switch,1-8 hours timer control, independent switch of heating and flame, and sleep mode function from a remote and touch screen. Quiet on heating. Warming and energy saving modes can be adjusted for the lower noise the fireplace heater makes. Up to 400 square feet of supplemental zone heating is available. TheUL and ETL certificates have safety and guarantee written on them. Free replacement or money back guarantee for any quality problem within 30 days, and free parts replacements for damaged or missing parts within 12 months.

Brand: Bossin

👤Best buy! I want to put another in our master bedroom. The basement is always cold and this took the chill off quickly. Some of the reviews I read before purchasing had me skeptical, but I think they didn't put it together correctly, or maybe it was bumped around in the delivery truck, or something like that. Any who. The purchase was great and very quiet. It's very easy to put on the wall and it doesn't need to be mounted in studs.

👤It is beautiful. It works well. There was a sound coming from inside. I tried to contact the company but never got a response. I took it apart and found the zip tie was sticking out of the inside rod. I am happy that the process doesn't make a clicking sound anymore.

👤I bought this on the spot. It is an Amazon choice product and I have always liked it. I have some issues. 1. No matter how you adjust the colors, the flames don't look like the ones pictured in the listing. The pictures at Burger King look better than your order. 2. I was going to use a temperature sensor and a WiFi outlet to automate the fireplace in a three season room, but I decided against it. You have to hit the buttons again to get the fireplace to fire up when it is powered back on. I am going to try either a switchbot button pusher or an RF blaster to accomplish this, but I haven't made a decision yet. 3. There were no glass rocks in the box that I received. I reached out to the seller and hope they can get me some. If I can, I will increase and revise the rating. There is an update. I contacted the seller through the Amazon app and they sent me rocks that make the fireplace more attractive. I raised the stars from 2 to 4. I like the fireplace. I will keep it. I was hoping for more. There are some positives. Very light. Very thin. It's easy to incorporate this into your home because it has a plug and mounting brackets. It's pretty warm. I am not sure if it will be a stand alone heat source in my porch in the middle of upstate NY winters. It will work great during the fall and spring, from what I can see from the first few days.

👤My house was not an electric fireplace. We like to burn firewood. Everyone chats around the fireplace. We need to open the door and keep it open so you don't feel cold. The electric fireplace was put on the fireplace in my accountant's office. It looks like a real fire and it can change colors. I thought I could buy one at home. I compared products online. This product was not bad. It has 12 flame colors and 12 flame bed colors to choose from. The heat settings and energy savings are related. Very good safety design. Depending on your needs, multiple flame speed modes and flame brightness levels can be chosen. It has a beautiful light show with many different colors that can be changed with a push of a button. It is a plus that it has an electric heating element to warm those cold nights. My family likes it.

6. BizHomart Doris Electric Fireplace Recessed

BizHomart Doris Electric Fireplace Recessed

The mod home decor is. The fireplace heaters can be installed in the living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment center, or basement to bring a sense of comfort and relaxation into your home. Enjoy the warm feeling all year round. The dimensions: The dimensions are: 48 W x 17 7/10" H x 6 1/6" D, and in-wall opening for 48 inches fireplace: 44 1/3 W x 17 1/8" H x 6 1/3 D. Installation options. The fireplace can be wall mounted or in-wall recessed according to your preference. Plugs and hard-wired can be used. Refer to the user manual for more detailed installation. Light intensities are used for your selection. Warm life is provided by Ultra High Intensity Led lights with large display glass. The log set and crystal ember bed create realistic and colorful flame effects. The heat and flame settings can be operated with a remote. A safe sauna. The upper front area has a heated air vent. Electric blower makes it more eco-friendly. When the desired ambient temperature is reached, the heater will stop heating. Two temperature scales can be used. The current settings are displayed on the screen. The flame could move with or without heat. It has a voltage of 120 and operates on 1,500 watt power. The operation is CONVENIENT. The control panel and remote control are located in the upper right area. It is a great decoration for home life.

Brand: Bizhomart

👤We've always wanted to turn our attic into a family space. If we were going to use the space in the colder months, we needed to get some additional heat. I decided on a simple fireplace design and went to get an insert. The display fades away after a few seconds. I didn't want the display to be on all the time. I wanted a display to help me navigate. I didn't think it was necessary to purchase an insert that had a lot of different colors. I don't want to pay extra for features that I don't want to use, so why do that? This puts out a lot of heat. The kids asked to turn the heat off at a movie night. The flames can operate without heat. This fireplace is cheap and has the most realistic looking flames. We're very excited to use our new family space.

👤It is so beautiful! My wife likes it a lot. It has a good quality. It is convenient to use. The temperature can be adjusted according to your requirements. It warms quickly. It's perfect for the winter. Can't wait to use it.

👤We looked everywhere for an electric fireplace that would ship to AK. This is amazing! It was easy to install and it was cheap. It looks great! It works well as well. It is easy to use and works well. We are still working on our build.

👤I build a fireplace and was looking for an electric fireplace insert that was close to bad. This one is perfect. It puts out a lot of heat. It's all done by remote. The fire button can be held down to change colors. It took a while to figure that out. The price is too good to pass up.

👤It is very easy to install an item. The box was undamaged and delivered quickly. The lights are amazing. I love the logs and glass rocks. Very nice touch. The remote control is too simple. You have to press the button for a long time. After you power on the unit, you have to turn off the heat in order to view the flames. There is a low hum every few seconds. We have it in our media room. You don't hear it when the TV is on. The item is worth the price and the unit is very nice. I would recommend this item to others.

👤I built a fireplace with bookshelves on both sides and used an electric fireplace in the middle. Plug it in and it's very easy to add 2x4's around the insert. Attach the glass front to the fake fire logs and you're ready to go. The fireplace is very warm and has controls. It gets pretty warm. We have it in a large area. Great purchase!

👤Love the look. What I have been looking for. The room is heated with a temperature control remote. The remote doesn't change the color of the flame, that's the only thing I dislike. You have to change the color manually. Great buy, but only if it's something else.

7. Flame USA Vermont Electric Fireplace

Flame USA Vermont Electric Fireplace

The INF26 uses precise temperature controls so you can set the perfect temperature degree-by-degree. The classic design highlights realistic wood-burning 3-D flame technology. It is easy to install and insert into a space. The universal style is a perfect heating solution for any space. It can be in a guest room, basement, garage, apartment, workplace or RV. The fan-forced heater has easy-to-adjust settings for even heat distribution. The warm glow of the flames all year with the no-heat option and crackling fire sounds. Automatic shut-off is a part of safety protection. The unit is odorless and smokeless. It's safe for the elderly, kids, and pets. The insert dresses up a space with warmth. This is a great upgrade for a area that has a cool exterior face. A conventional fireplace without a chimney, smoke, or remodeling can be seen. You can reduce your electric bill by using less energy. It comes with two heat settings. The unit has a 6-ft. cord. Supplemental heat can be provided for up to 400 sq. The dimensions are 28.9 feet by 23.09 feet. The unit can reduce your electric bill by over 90%. It has two heat setting options so you don't have to pay the high cost of heating your entire home.

Brand: E-flame Usa

👤It's perfect for our fireplace and adds a sense of warmth to the room. The flames are very realistic. We don't use the heat feature, but we may in the future. It could warm a room up quickly. I think it was the new parts reacting to the heat that made it smell bad when we turned on the heat. Should we decide to use it for heat, that will likely disappear over time. We won't be using that feature because the recorded cracking sound isn't really authentic, and it's not a very fancy speaker. The fit and look of the item is very soothing for the nerves of these crazy times and we couldn't be happier with it. It is a good price at this point.

👤We love the addition to our Great Room. This has been installed in our home in Arizona, which is not much for a fireplace with heat. We had another fireplace delivered before we received this one. It didn't work at all. Returned it and ordered the e-flame. I'm happy we did. It looks great off or on, as you can see by the two pictures. I would recommend this fireplace to anyone who is looking for style and efficiency.

👤We had it in December. It has been shut off when it is cold in the room, but we are careful to keep it dust free. What is the problem?

👤The product was too cheap to be looking for a good price. There were no fake logs. Gave it away.

👤The flame has higher heat and color.

👤It works well in my cabinet. It was difficult to find one that fit.

👤The crackling sound it makes is annoying and the look of a bunch of lit up coals with no flame is not appealing.

👤This is the best one for a 29" fireplace insert. It fits in. The crackling and flames look real. The weather is so hot that I just turned on the heater and it was pouring heat on me. The delivery was quick. I got it the next day.

8. Antarctic Star Freestanding Adjustable 750W 1500W

Antarctic Star Freestanding Adjustable 750W 1500W

The dimensions are 36" x 8.98" x 27.01. There is a Fireplace Insert. It's easy to install and ideal for all kinds of occasions such as home, office, or anywhere heat is needed. It uses 120V. The wall fireplace can be operated with or without heat. You can adjust the heating level according to your preferences. The timer can be set for 1H to 8H. It has energy saving technology as well. The heating area can be up to 400 square feet. Two-sided interior brick wall design. The glass is 7mm thick and has a black finish. Give your room a dreamy feel. You can adjust this electric fireplace with touch screen on front panel or remote control, with different flame colors, flame speed, flame brightness, and more. All lights are down while sleep modes are on. There are life-like logs and a glowing ember bed with realistic flame technology. It makes you feel like you are burning wood.

Brand: Antarctic Star

👤I put this unit in the fireplace. It is beautiful. I read a lot of reviews on different units, and this seemed to be the one that would be best for me, with the least number of negative reviews. There is no need for an installation or assembly. The blue on the picture is a reflection of the TV. The photo shows that the flame height is good, which was a complaint against another popular unit. It doesn't have a split in the background picture. It doesn't make any annoying noise so far. There is a small red light in the upper right corner that doesn't detract from the appearance for me. I am happy with this choice. After extensive use, this unit is still enjoyable. I can heat the room I am in, and turn the thermostat down for the rest of the house, which has saved me a lot on heating bills. The 2 colors can be changed separately and give a variety of looks. It doesn't make any noise.

👤We couldn't tolerate the burnt gas fumes so we bought this to replace the non-vented gas log insert. The "fireplace" went unused for years after the first use in this new home. We looked for an electric insert because we didn't want to spend $3K on a ventless gas unit. The closest fit for our fireplace "mantle" unit was the one we chose. We only had to buy the landscape stones at the bottom and the piece of horizontal trim above the new unit because we placed a piece of leftover 1x4 at the top. We were not very excited about the control button lights on the unit. After the unit is running a bit. The "logs" are too close to the front, which is a downside. The landscape stones are a bit forward, so that makes up for that. It works well. We only use the 750w Low setting to keep our living room comfortable. There was hardly any noise from the blower. My wife would like the heat to come out of the unit at the bottom rather than the top, but that doesn't matter to me. There is no cracking fire sound, but that is fine with us. If it had that function, we wouldn't use it because the noise from the TV would get in the way of the heating. A good price for a unit.

👤I really like this insert, but there are a couple of things I don't like. Good enough, but not super realistic. Installation was very easy. It was plugged in and sat in place. I had a fireplace that fit right in. The grate has a great heat output. It doesn't really heat the room. The remote is nice in concept, but not in reality. To make it work, you have to aim at the right angle. It's a nice unit at a fair price and it's nice for what it is. There was a lot of cozy atmosphere over Christmas. We enjoy using it. What more can you ask? Well, just what I said.

9. AmazonBasics Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace

AmazonBasics Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace

The electric wall-mountable unit mimics the look and feel of an authentic fireplace with realistic 3D flames. Safety features include overheat protection and 750-1500 watt fan modes. There are a variety of color options and flame intensities. The touch-sense control panel has a hand-held remote. There is a choice between a faux log and flame setting or a color-changing ember bed. Product dimensions are 50 (W) x 18.11 (H) x 3.89 (D) inches. Product dimensions are 50 (W) x 18.11 (H) x 3.89 (D) inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Update 4/2021. It is still beautiful to watch. The light bar began making a noise soon after the review was written. I contacted Amazon and they immediately sent out a new unit. The replacement began making the same sound after it was installed. Amazon was willing to take the unit back, but I refused a replacement. I think Amazon only credits my part of the initial amount, less than $80, for shipping. I decided to keep the unit instead of sending another large package back to Amazon. We still use it, but we get sick of the sound. The electric fireplace is great. We built and framed our wall after purchasing this fireplace. It is very easy to use. Our living room has a beautiful addition. The heater works well, but we mostly use it for ambiance.

👤Poor quality. The heat was low and not very bright. I work as a contractor. I have an electric fireplace for my house. I wish I'd bought it.

👤I was going to build a wall around the electric fireplace, but I did a lot of research before making my decision. This one was a great choice. I was looking for one with the heat outlet vent on the bottom. That was a big deal for me because I added a mantel above it and if I decide to hang holiday decorations. I didn't want to worry about the heater being blocked. I like that there is either logs or rocks. The logs look more natural to me. Even though I rarely use it, it has a lot of color options. I found that it can heat up a room quickly and keep it warm at the low setting. I have had it for a few months and have not had a complaint.

👤The cut out for the fireplace is 50Wx 17.5Hx4D, which is the correct measurement.

👤We built a fireplace surround in our living room and purchased a 42" insert to put into it. The first one we installed had a clicking noise when it was running, regardless of whether the heat was on or off. I had my husband take it out and I returned it for a new one. The second one did not have the noise that the first one did, so we assumed we'd received a better unit. After about 6 months of use, this one started to get tired. We use it for ambiance and not heat, because it doesn't provide that much heat, and we don't use it much in the spring. The remote doesn't work well. It takes several clicks to get it to work. I'll be looking to see if there is a warranty, but I'll probably just use a higher-quality insert.

👤The wall is a little thicker than I thought. We were doing a renovation and thought this would be great. We wanted it to fit into the wall, but we had to build a mantle for it. It's still beautiful. The heat output is not strong. The blower isn't effective up close. It's about 2 feet away. It loses a lot. We don't need it that much in Florida. I am glad we bought it and would recommend it.

10. PHI VILLA Electric Fireplace Adjustable

PHI VILLA Electric Fireplace Adjustable

The operation is CONVENIENT. The control panel and remote control are located in the upper right area. It is a great decoration for home life. They are committed to creating a more warm living environment with a modern design. The flame effect can be opened separately from the heat to better meet your needs. This electric fireplace can be wall mounted and can be installed in multiple ways. They can help you install better. You can choose the installation method according to your needs. Cutout dimensions are 26.8" W x 6.3" D x 17.1"H. You can control the fireplace with a touch screen or remote control. There are 3 switchable flame color effect, 6 flame brightness control, and 8 hours timer. The exquisite light-emitting electronic unit imitates the real flame, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere of the traditional fireplace. CSA certified, the PHI VILLA Electric Fireplace is safe for use in North America. To ensure safe use. The fireplace has a temperature adjustment function. The heater will stop heating when the temperature you want is reached. When the temperature drops below the desired temperature, the heating will stop. The dimensions are 30"W x 6.2"D x 17.7"H and include professional customer service. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Phi Villa

👤The best gift I could have bought for myself. I needed a fireplace and a bar. def must buy because he built it into a mantle so we can have it inside during the winter.

👤Everything was great after I purchased this item. I didn't take the proper measurement for the depth. The guys were very responsive and tried to help me, but when that failed, they gave me a full refund. Next time I get this fireplace, I'll make sure I have the correct measurement, because I love the product.

👤Ready to set up. We just put it in the fireplace. It works as expected. There are a limited number of looks. A mix of the two colors. Blue is terrible with low illumination making it hard to see. The mix is our usual choice. If you prefer one of the colors other than yellow, you must set it to reach time because the fireplace doesn't retain the last used color selection. The Temp selection is retained.

👤I bought my son an electric fireplace for him because he feels a little cold upstairs, it's very easy to install, you can put it on the cabinet, the flames are very realistic. My son's room warms up quickly with the 50-inch fireplace. My son is very happy to have a fireplace and I am very pleased with the product.

👤I received my fireplace quickly after ordering it. I plug it in before putting it on the wall. The product worked for one day after we put it up. This fire place is a part of Gamble.

👤The product has a perfect remote control for all the different colors. It seems like it's easy to Mount. The directions were correct. The seller was great because they immediately communicated with me when there was a shipping delay because of damage in transit. They replaced the product and were able to deliver on time. The product was great for the price. I can't imagine how they would improve this product.

👤The fireplace in our travel trailer broke and we had to replace it. The old unit was only 4.5 inches deep so we had to fit a new one. The bedroom is comfortable on cold nights because of the fireplace. We added some extra touches to finish it. It works.

👤The house I live in is 60 years old. The fireplace was the perfect gift, it was easy to mount, it was quiet, and it had a fake fire. The thermostat is the best part. The heat automatically kicks on when the temperature drops 2 degrees below the setting you set. No more waking up in the middle of the night to adjust the temp or turn it on and off! The seller helped me out at a rapid pace. It's wonderful. Will do an update with pictures.

11. PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Control

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Control

The overall dimensions are 35 1/25" x Height: 26 99/100" and Depth: 8 39/50". Refer to the User Manual in the Technical Specification section for more details. Variable intensity and brightness can be used with or without heat all year long. A sleek look with three-sided interior brick wall and clean glass front trim design, without the hassle of cleaning dust or ashes. A life-like log is sitting on a grate above a bed. That's what a wood burning fireplace looks like. A supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. It is not possible to use the ft as a main heat source. It is easy to install and uninstall. Plug in and use under a voltage of 120 is not hard wired, the insert can sit on the floor directly. Customer service is always ready for help whenever you need it.

Brand: Puraflame

👤I have this fireplace all day long. It's mostly used for the pretty light. We have not used it for heat yet. I think this is a good idea. Thank you so much!

👤I like to get as much information as possible when buying something like this. I was looking for an electric fireplace insert for the first floor back room of a house that didn't have a wood burner option, and a gasser for the second floor of the house. I looked at the top shelf units offered by the company that rhymes with shmimplex. They looked solid but the price was quite high. I came across this unit while searching and it looked good in pics and reviews, and I harassed the company for a video of operation, something missing in all of their marketing material. The flame effect looked pretty good for an electric, so I decided to give it a shot. It was well packaged and did not have any visible damage. I put the dimensions in the cutout I had prepared for the fireplace surround. It's simple; 3 flame settings, high, high, and low. It's like having a hair dryer blowing warm air on you. The logset looks good if you don't try to jam your face against it. The flame effect is portrayed in a good way by the company's video, and it's better than I had expected. You're not likely to fool anyone into thinking it's real, but this is one of the best. I tried to get a picture of the fireplace's backdrop scene, but the plexi cover was too reflective, so I thought it was a brick backdrop. I would have preferred a brick textured background. It's not a game-changer, but it's not clearly shown elsewhere. The blower draws air from the back of the unit to force it through the horizontal slot on the front; this means you need to design your enclosure with a source of air and sufficient clearance in the back- in my case, it's not visible but the dark equipment shelf above the fireplace There is no big deal.

👤I have no complaints about this version of the 26" version. The flickering log set and flame pattern are very realistic when viewed further away. The firebox is well made and sturdy, according to other reviews. I turned it on after plugging it in. The white power cord is connected to the upper left side of the unit and extends about 5 feet. I cut a hole in a wall slightly larger than the size of the fire box and slipped it in. The cut out was made in front of an open space behind the wall which is below the staircase landing. I had enough room for the unit to be at least 8 inches deep. I left a small gap between the top of the unit and the wall cutout. When the heat is high, the inside top of the unit gets very warm. I will be watching the heat build up inside that wall. I can put a strip of cement board on the inside wall to keep the heat out. I dropped the power cord through a hole in the floor because I was fortunate that the unit was installed above the ceiling. The wires are not visible. If there is not too much on that circuit, plugging into a plug nearby should be fine. It is not a good idea to use an extension cord for electrical heat. If you want to anchor the frame to the wall, you need to drill some holes in the front of the frame. The back bottom of the unit can't rest because of the weight, so I may make a shelf to hold it. There is no lip on the bottom of the sides. I can pull the unit forward from the top if I need to. If the unit works well, I may caulk the bottom edge and leave it alone. The fan is very quiet on high and the heat is blowing from the upper left of the unit. The room is 13 X 9 and has a ceiling height of 9 feet and there are 3 windows in the room with lounge chairs in front of them. There are two forced hot water baseboards. The windows in this room are about 10 years old and they make it drafty on very cold days, so we hope this will help. If only this unit was used, it wouldn't heat the room very well. I was slightly disappointed with the heat output but a stronger fan would have made more noise. We'll see how it goes. If you came in from the cold and stood in front of the unit, it will help to warm you up more quickly.


What is the best product for electric fireplace inserts 50?

Electric fireplace inserts 50 products from E Euhomy. In this article about electric fireplace inserts 50 you can see why people choose the product. Tangkula and 5 Sunday Living are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric fireplace inserts 50.

What are the best brands for electric fireplace inserts 50?

E Euhomy, Tangkula and 5 Sunday Living are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric fireplace inserts 50. Find the detail in this article. Dimplex, Bossin and Bizhomart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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