Best Electric Fireplace Tv Stand White

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1. Real Flame 7100E W Electric Fireplace

Real Flame 7100E W Electric Fireplace

It is safe and easy to use. Includes remote control. It's included into any standard electrical outlet. It's included into any standard electrical outlet.

Brand: Real Flame

👤Our bedroom has a gorgeous addition from the Ashley Electric Fireplace. The assembly was simple, a one-hour job, and everything was perfect. The classic design is elegant and charming. The heat option works well with remote control settings. I can also choose the lighted faux logs and embers. The fan does not disrupt sleep or watch TV. I can use the remote to control the temperature. Excellent! I paid more for this unit than other brands but I'm happy I did. The quality of the wood is exceptional. It is a very nice piece of furniture. The heat box is off the floor so there is no concern about it being touched. The heating elements did a good job of keeping our large bedroom at a comfortable temperature of 71 degrees. I regret not buying this years ago. I am very pleased with this purchase and recommend this electric fireplace.

👤I enjoy almost everything. You can't turn the remote off. Change anything whenever you turn it on because it is a very loud noise. It's not nice for anyone to sleep by. It will wake you up. The heat is enough. The fan is loud for today's options but not loud enough to make me rate it a 5. Would I buy it again? It took about an hour to get out of the box. Laying out all the pieces. Adding the insert after the assembly of the mantle was not a problem. You need to screw in two screws in the back that are not pre-drilled to hold the firebox in place. I like the look of this. There are better fire boxes out there, but for the price, this is a beautiful piece. Below are pics.

👤When you open the box, you can feel a purchase. This was the case with this one. I wondered if the person that designs it spent a childhood doing puzzles because it was packaged beautifully. Each piece was marked with an arrow that showed the correct position, and the instructions were excellent. I was concerned about the fit and finish. I have a suggestion for them. The bolts are smaller than the brackets. After the assembly is complete, loosen the side sections that you need to adjust to the front. You will be able to get it perfect. Is this a good purchase? That depends on what you mean by reference. I paid for the cabinets to be made. Each one costs over $1,000. This is a gift. I also bought a South Shore bed. This would be fairly priced. I can't imagine it being considered overpriced. I have owned several houses. I never used a fireplace in the first 3. I left it out of my current home. When I went to decorate, I realized that every living room had a fireplace. I decided that I needed one for that reason. It is easy to see that this one is similar to 2 of the previous 3. The one in Greenwich Ct. was a lot nicer. I am happy in my camper. One of the screens was bent. I spoke to a friendly customer service rep who was happy to help. This whole thing is neat.

2. Lutron Wireless Lighting P PKG1P WH Assistant

Lutron Wireless Lighting P PKG1P WH Assistant

It is designed for high resistance to arcs. There is peace of mind. If you want your family to always come back to a well-lit home, set lights to adjust automatically with changing seasons, and use Smart Away to randomly turn your lights on/off. The most connected: Caseta connects with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand. Control. Caseta puts the smarts in the switch so you can control your lights from anywhere. Schedule lights to change at set times or use a button to light scenes. One Caseta smart switch can control many bulbs at the same time; make many bulbs smart, even your existing bulbs; and get smart control of multiple styles of dimmable LEDs. PLUG IN LAMPS: CONTROL Plugging into a standard outlet can be used with up to 2 floor or table lamps. Wireless remote control. You can use the Pico remote to turn your lights on, off, or dim with the touch of a button from anywhere in the home. The Pico can be mounted to almost any wall surface without cutting holes or pulling wire. Attach the Pico over the backbox to replace the existing 3-way switches. It works with up to 100Watts of dimmableLED light bulbs/CFL light bulbsor 300 watt incandescent/halogen bulbs; not rated for low voltage applications. It works with up to 100Watts of dimmableLED light bulbs/CFL light bulbsor 300 watt incandescent/halogen bulbs; not rated for low voltage applications.

Brand: Lutron

👤This isn't the best choice for a dimmable on/off power switch. It is the only choice. There are a few no name brand switches that can be operated with a handheld remote control and there are an increasing number of outlet switches that can be operated using an app or even with your Amazon device, but there is nothing that is a brand name dimmable switch that you can simply buy. Nothing. It is worth its weight in gold. It works and it does what I expected it to do. I needed to install a track light above the kitchen counter space I use most often for food prep. When they built the house, they put lights over the sink and stove, but left one long countertop without its own lighting. The track light is in the right place and I use three track light fixture with frosted side flutes, which is why it was easy to install. It would be nice to be able to dim the lights when I am not working at the counter. The best way to power these lights is to simply plug them in to an outlet above the counter, unless I wanted an electrician to wire a permanent wall switch in. There are some simple power switches that you can get at the local fixit store. I wanted to be able to dim them. The Caseta switch is very well designed. No need for remote controls, apps or anything complicated, any family member can simply tap on or off the buttons. I am considering using a second outlet on the switch to plug in a task light over the stove for convenience. The switch would be perfect, no matter where I looked, and it was the same price everywhere. I chose the kit that includes a wireless remote control because of a special deal one day and I am glad I did. If someone leaves the kitchen task light on, I can turn it off from the next room without having to get up. It is convenient to me. Is it a hub? There is one important thing that needs to be cleared up about the product description and that is that it is not necessary to buy an expensive hub to use these switches. It is a stand alone product or with the remote control without any accessories. If you want to control the switch with an app or similar device, you need a hub. I use those personal assistants for a lot of reasons. I think it's overcomplicating the function of a simple outlet switch to have to use an app to turn it on and off. I think the idea of requiring a hub for any of these devices will be obsolete in a year or two because they are overpriced, there is no compatible standard between them, and they need to plug them in to an Ethernet port on a routers. My house doesn't have an accessible port these days and it will be a long time before most houses do. The wall dimmer is very close to perfect. You plug it into an outlet, plug your light into it and you are done. You can feel the push buttons move. Two of them are white and the other two are dark gray. The light is turned on by the top white button and off by the bottom dark gray button. The brightness fades softly when power the light instead of just popping on or off. The middle two buttons have a split diagonal, with the upper white part increasing the brightness and the bottom dark gray part decreasing the light. The first thing I would recommend is that the white button glows softly so it is easy to find in the dark. The second thing is that the light should have a memory function so you can change it to a preset level. The design of the device makes you use your bottom outlet on your wall plug, which means when you press any button the whole device rocks up and down a little. If you plug it in to the top outlet, you lose the use of the bottom outlet on your wall plug. If you plug it in to the bottom outlet, the cord drapes down to the push buttons on the Caseta. I solved that by plugging in a Hug-A-Plug that takes the cord off to the side and gives me another unswitched outlet. I love the remote control. I don't really need a remote control, but if it is included, I like that the buttons replicate the function of the wall plug almost exactly, but as a bonus they include a fifth round button that memorizes your favorite light brightness and lets you turn the power on to that. If you own an Apple TV, you know how customers feel about the slim remote control, fifty percent of the time you will grab it upside-down and either nothing will happen or you push the wrong button. Lutron makes the same mistake, unless you look very closely at the remote, you have a one in two chance that you will hold it upside-down. The other mistake is that they make the remote all one shade of white instead of following the excellent theme of using white buttons for on and dark gray buttons for dim or off. What were they thinking?

3. Southern Enterprises AZ9539EF Fireplace Applicable

Southern Enterprises AZ9539EF Fireplace Applicable

The mantel can be placed against the wall or in the corner and can heat rooms up to 400 square feet. The arched stone has a soft traditional style and is made of faux River stone. The dimensions are 45.5" wide x 15.75" deep x 42" high. The weight is 96 pounds and the supports up to 85 pounds. The Particle Board is made of rubber wood veneer and stone metal. The Particle Board is made of rubber wood veneer and stone metal.

Brand: Sei Furniture

👤We love that it looks great and the room is hot.

👤I was looking for something to use as a heat source in our family room, and I found an impressive fireplace heater. Our room is over 200 sq ft and has all windows. The fireplace is so big that it can heat the entire room on its own. It has a remote that can be used to adjust the heat, flame and logs. The logs and fire themselves look nice, can you tell it's fake, but does it add anything to the room? We have had others that were loud, but the heater is not as loud. If the room is quiet, but it blends to the back ground, I don't notice. If you have a tv on, kids are playing, and you don't know it, it's on. The model can be on a wall flat or in the corner. If you are using the corner piece against the wall, you should not install it. It prevents you from using the hole in the back of the hidden cabinet where wires go for your cable box or gaming system. The hidden compartment is nice. I like to hide my husband's stuff because I don't likecluttering and unless you are up on it, you can't tell it is there. All this is a great fireplace that is made sturdy, has a device to attach it to the wall, however it only has twist ties which break easily, so take the extra step and use something thin wire that won't break. I'm thinking about buying another one for my living room to add a little something. The light button on the remote does nothing to turn on the fire or logs off, I thought it would do that, but it doesn't. This fireplace is very good.

👤The full product was not delivered to us. The fireplace and remote were missing. We have to wait for the replacement and then go through the return process. It is disappointing.

👤The unit was nice when assembled. It's not hard just time consuming. The corner of our living room is great! I think it's worth the money. The unit is designed so that you can use it against the wall. The fan on the fireplace only has one speed, not 2 or 3. Still does the job.

👤A good product. Assembly instructions were easy to understand. The size and weight of the piece make it difficult for two people to work on it. The fireplace insert and remote come with an instruction book, but I haven't needed to refer to it yet. The heat function seems to work well when tested. It's a hit with my cats and kids. Highly recommend this fireplace!

👤It was put together a few months ago. Looks good. It is easy to put together by yourself. The wife helped. When I had to use them, the instructions were good. The little pieces were well packaged. I was hesitant to buy it, but I'm very happy with it! I thought that at least one stone or piece of wood would have a crack. There were no problems.

4. Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace

Flame USA Portable Electric Fireplace

A metal 18? fireplace insert is constructed of laminated hollow core and particleboard. Dust and wipe with a dry cloth if necessary. The classic design highlights the realistic wood burning effect. This is lightweight and stays cool-to-the-touch. It is easy to move from room to room. This heating solution is fashionable. It's perfect for your guest room, basement, garage, apartment, office, or RV. It is safe to set on all flooring types. The fan-forced heater has easy-to-adjust settings for even heat distribution. Enjoy the warm glow of the flames all year long. Automatic shut-off is a part of safety protection. The unit is odorless and smokeless. It's safe for the elderly, kids, and pets. Dress your firebox up to reflect your style. It is a great way to display your seasonal décor and home accessories. The unit can reduce your electric bill by over 90%. It has two heat setting options so you don't have to pay the high cost of heating your entire home. 40- watt bulbs are replacements. The unit has a 6-ft. long cord that plugs into any standard household outlet. It provides supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft. The door is opening. 5115 BTUs. Assembly is quick and easy. 24.7" (H) x 23.6" (W)

Brand: E-flame Usa

👤There is a simple fix for everyone who complains about the noise. The most obnoxious sound ever was made when we turned it on. I thought we would have to return it. My husband decided to take the back off and look inside, and there was a long spinning piece that must have been jarred loose in transit. He stuck it back in and voila. We love it!

👤I love this electric kettle. I was in Vermont recently and I loved the old cabins. The electric heater is a great way to warm up. The heater is pretty quiet, compared to others. The design of the home is great, and the heating element is located at the bottom of the heater. My family room is an average size. There are some issues with screws and plastic legs. I bought a hand drill to make sure the legs were in place. It was not possible to get the screws in evenly with a power drill. I think I would have felt more confident with heavy duty legs because of the heating box/element proximity/location.

👤We bought three more because we liked this so much. They all stopped working within a year. We had someone take them apart to look for a fuse, but they wouldn't work. Very disappointed. Junk.

👤I didn't realize how large the electric stove would be, but it's very nice to tuck it away in a corner. The shape of it is very realistic, it has a nice flame and heat. It works well to automatically shut off when your room is heated, and the heat adjustment can be set very low or high, lots of space there, for this reason, and a remote is not needed except to turn it on and off from a far distance. I moved it to the family room because it was so nice, but I actually purchased this for a master bedroom.

👤I've been using it for a couple of weeks. This is the only one I've been able to find that has a curved design and a mesh door. The mesh gives it a realistic look. It warms up the room quickly.

👤The electric fireplace arrived quickly and was exactly what it was described as. I was expecting a delay in shipping but it arrived within 2 days, which is impressive since I ordered this during the Christmas season. I like this heater. It looks realistic and adds charm to the room. It gave off a lot of heat. You can change how much heat it gives off with a dial. The light portion can be adjusted by a dial and you can keep the heater off. It can look like you have a lot of flames or brightness, or you can dial it down so that it is on low. This product was a good price and I would definitely purchase it again in the future.

👤This is a great heater because it produces so much hot air so quietly, but also because it looks like a small wood stove. The room I bought has white furniture. I was happy to find a white stove. I had been without heat for two and a half weeks in the 1000sq' house, except for the bathroom wall heater, which had outdoor temperatures between single digits and the low 30s. The temperature inside stayed below forty. It was too cold to cook in the first place, so I had to eat in the bed, which was warm, but it was just plain miserable. It took me a long time to get the food from the container to my mouth. The control panel failure of my new large pellet stove was the cause of this whole situation. The manufacturer was happy to ship a new panel pronto, but it took three weeks to arrive and my injured arms wouldn't allow me to install the device. It will be at least a month before I can handle the pellets and keep that stove filled, so it's just going to decorate the living room until next Fall. I picked the white number when I decided to use the heaters. I forgot what material made up the body because of its appearance. It's plastic, but the actual unit below the stove is. The undersides of the two back legs are plastic, but seated across a room one would never notice, I can see them at my desk. I would like to make a metal cover for the top. The heater can hold a plant or some decorative items on top. The lit fire logs and flame display behind the window and door frames add to the sense of place. I enjoy looking up from my desk and seeing the mock fire and stove design, even though I know the truth about the materials and flame design. It's pleasing to see the fire logs from a different angle if you enter or leave the room. The electric fireplace looks like a wood stove. It's a good solution to have on hand when the pellet stove is not in use.

5. Kismile Freestanding Overheating Adjustable Brightness

Kismile Freestanding Overheating Adjustable Brightness

The stove heater will be more reliable and safety due to the over heating safe device. The air outlet at the bottom of the stove is designed to prevent overheating and high temperature hazard. The size of the product is only 16.3" L X 12.2" W X 22.8" H, which means it is portable. The heating modes 1000W and 1500W can meet the heat demand. The lightweight and traditional freestanding fireplace stove is the best choice for daily use. The fireplace has buttons on it, but there is no remote control. The flame effect can be controlled without heating. The room temperature can be adjusted by the thermostat. The flame effect can be bright with flame dimmer control. 180 degrees of observation and the Air outlet at the bottom of the stove are what the Overheating safe device has. Far IR heating method makes the heating more efficient and effective. The stove can heat up to the room of 400 square feet in just one second. Ft. is a large area. The capacity factor can be adjusted to fit any heat requirement. The door handle is made of spiral, exquisite and lovely, the grip is comfortable, the magnetic door makes the glass more effective, the installation has no extra steps, just need to tighten the screws. The 3D Infrared Fireplace heater has more safety than the traditional heating method. The air outlet at the bottom of the stove can be used to avoid overheating and high temperature hazard. Any problems of the product were solved completely.

Brand: Kismile

👤It warms up a small room but stays cool to the touch. I was worried that the vent was on the bottom, but I ran it all night and the carpet stayed cool. I was very happy with my purchase. It was easy to set up and it arrived earlier than expected. The flames and glowing embers are beautiful. If you're trying, they're not real, but the effect is very cozy and real enough. The effect is aided by the glass and metal door. The fan makes a low noise. I find it relaxing and soft. It is the same level as our regular home heating vents. You can hear a clicking noise when the heat is off. I'm not sure what that is, but I'm pretty sure it's made by the mechanism that produces the flame effects. It isn't noticeable when the heat is on.

👤I needed a replacement for my very loud space heater in my living room area. The last space heater I used was too loud and cost $100. I paid $80 for this electric fireplace and I'm very happy. I love that the fake flames don't get hot on the top or sides, but still heat up my rooms fast, and that it's safe for my carpet/rug. It's so quiet! I work from home full-time and no one can hear it on my conference calls. My dogs like to lay in front of it. My electric bill is the same as before, I'm happy to report. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤The fireplace is amazing. It works great for our travel trailer. The fireplace is perfect for our trailer. The flames look real. We love it. Great seller! Fast shipping and well packaged.

👤The item arrived in perfect working order. Also arrived earlier than expected. The fan is loud. It's a good product and pricing is comprable. The legs were to be attached only to the assembly. Customer service is great.

👤Don't buy this product. After reaching out to the seller of the fireplace heater to ask if it was normal for the heat to be so hot that it could burn the carpet or anything that it's sitting on, they tried to say it was normal because the vent is located at the bottom of the unit. This product is dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission will report it since they stopped communicating with me about the safety concern and they don't think the unit I received is faulty. The seller doesn't think it's an issue that you can't put your feet in front of the unit. The only way to use this unit without burning the floor underneath is to put it on top of wooden blocks and wrap a board with aluminum foil. Horrified!

👤I've had several fireplaces, both full and small. This is the best because the heat can be adjusted and it is 888-282-0465. First day using it. There is no remote control that can be used to review something.

6. Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace

supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet can help you save money. The patent pending 3D flame effect technology features realistic flames that dance on and behind logs, with five different brightness and speed settings. The comfortable heat is caused by the natural humidity in the air, which is maintained with the help of the infrared quartz heat. The heater will shut off if it gets too hot. 120 is the electric strength. Amps are 12.5. You can decide the temperature of your room with a digital thermostat.

Brand: Duraflame

👤Nobody bothered to post a video because of all the reviews about how great the flame effects are. So here you go. I would have to give this stove a solid 8 if I had to rate it from 1 to 10. If it had crackling sound effects, I would give it a 9. The 3-D flames on this are very good. I've had guests avoid touching it because they thought they would get burned. The unit doesn't get hot to the touch. If you have young kids, it's very safe. My cat sleeps on it. It has a fan that blows heat. Is it loud? You can hear the fan when the room is silent. It is not noticeable in normal circumstances. South Florida is where I live. Some of the winter nights here can get quite cold. I think this little appliance will be able to take the chill off. I don't buy a lot. ft. claim The most heat you'll get is between 5,000 and 5,500 BTU, when you plug into a regular 120/110 outlet. A kerosene heater can make up to 25,000 BTU. It doesn't make a difference if your electric heater is 20 inches high or 6 feet in diameter. Size doesn't matter. No matter what you do, you will only get 5,500 max BTU's. Unless you live in a warm climate, don't look to use this heater as a main source of heat. If the outside temperature is 30 degrees or more, 5,000 watt will not bring a house to a pleasant 74-degrees. If you want to keep your home a bit more comfortable, look to use this heater as a supplement to your main heating system.

👤I bought this heating appliance in January. It had a nice imitation fireplace that kept my living room warm. After only four months of use, it stopped working. There was no warning or anything. Just won't turn on. I check my return information and it shows that my return window ended after only 30 days. There have been many good reviews of this product. I might have gotten a lemon, but it looks like I'm stuck with a heating system that doesn't work and no support from the seller.

👤There's a little update. It has been about 5 months since I bought this heater. The first year without central heat the entire house was freezing. I used this in the bedroom where I sleep with my 3 year old. It kept us warm even during the lowest of nights. I want to make sure that I add that using space heaters to zone heat will cause your electric bill to go up. Normally my electric bill would be under $200, but for the month of January it was $280. I ran 4 space heaters in the two bedrooms and the living room, plus a small 1500 watt utility heater. I have learned to close off rooms that aren't used and put up curtains to keep the warm air in, because we are still in the cold. The rooms we are in are warmer when we close off sections of the house because of the cold days. I think this heater will last a long time because it has worked well since the first day. I would buy it again from this brand, it is one of the best heaters I have. Let me tell you a little bit about why I want this heating element for my home. We have an older home with no carpet, cement floors, storm windows, and interior doors that leads to the outside. I have put up thermal curtains in all the windows, added medium size area rugs in most rooms, and covered one of the doors with plastic, all because of last year's weatherization of the house. On snowy nights, the temperature drops into the low 20's, while highs range between 30's and 50's for December, January and the first part of February. Those are the months when it's cold. Over the last few years, the Central Heat/ Air unit that sits on top of the house has become unreliable and we have to use a different one. When the unit stopped working, the last plumbing/electrician I called out was hesitant to touch the unit because he said it was an electrical nightmare and it was dangerous for electricians. The unit went out again this year. I would like to avoid paying $300 for another plumbing company to come out and patch up the unit, since last year the plumbing company said it was iffy if the unit would last the entire winter. The issue for me is keeping my old home warm this winter without the use of the Central Heat unit. My goal is to stay below the average cost of gas and electric for the coldest months, so I use Zone heating in the rooms we use the most. I have done a lot of research on Zone heating and the cost is supposed to be lower, but I am not able to say because this is my winter without Central heating. My reasons for choosing this heater is because I want it to stay cool to the touch and I don't want my cats to get burned. I wanted a heating system that would warm an ice cold room both day and night, and one that would last for the next winter too. I don't want anything with plastic around it, because the control knobs melted off the top of the old infrared heater we had. I wanted a heating system that was metal, not plastic, and would have a fireplace look to it, because I have always wanted a fireplace and the ability to move it around. This is a great way to move from one room to another. Large enough to heat comfortably and quickly a medium size bedroom that is quiet enough to leave on while sleeping. The fan is not loud enough to be heard but it will warm the room if it is in a closed room. Cool to the touch, except a little warm on the top front where the heat comes out, but not hot to burn small hands or an animal. One of my cats likes to lay on top of the heating element. The sides and front door are made of glass. The legs are easy to attach and the unit is all metal. This is a good heater. I am buying a couple more bedrooms for my home.

7. Touchstone 80001 Electric Fireplace Realistic

Touchstone 80001 Electric Fireplace Realistic

This electric fireplace is specially made for in-wall mounting. The second choice was wall-hung mounted. Plug in the outlet and enjoy. If you have questions about installation, damage or missing parts, please contact their customer service team. Within 24 hours, they will help you. If you own a vizio tv, you should think about the remote's working Frequency before buying it. The realistic flames of the electric fireplace will impress your guests. The realistic flames are set in a pile of faux logs or crystals that make it look like an authentic fireplace. The log set is behind a black frame. Enjoy a smoke-free night while feeling warm. The electric fireplace is 50.4” in width, 21.65” in height, and 5.5” deep. There are two heat options. Touchstone Electric Fireplaces can heat a room up to 400 feet. You can control the amount of warmth produced to create a cozy atmosphere. A five-flame brightness setting lets you adjust the flames depending on your desired luminosity. Installation is free. One person can install this electric fireplace alone because it only weighs 46 pounds. You can enjoy a hassle-free installation with the step-by-step instructions. Once it is mounted to the wall, you can hang it and secure it with the screws. The Touchstone Electric Fireplace is powered by a remote control, so you don't need to clean up ashes or stack firewood. The home is elEGANT. A big blank wall can be filled with modernity and elegance. The electric fireplace will serve as décor for your bedroom, library, or family room. It can be used at any time of the year, since it has a dual-mode feature that allows the fireplace to operate with or without heat. The timer can be set for 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. The Touchstone Electric Fireplace is safe and efficient to use, so it's no longer a concern. This fireplace uses less energy to heat a room than a natural gas or heating oil fireplace. It is safe for children and pets since it is mercury-free. The Touchstone Electric Fireplace is guaranteed to give you your money's worth.

Brand: Touchstone

👤The products are described in terms of appearance, but you would think based on the positive reviews and the fact that it would operate quietly. This is not the case. The replacement was equally loud after the manufacturer tried to get it to be simply faulty. The customer service rep said it had been tested. Touchestone's customer service was pleasant, but it doesn't change the fact that the fireplace is as loud as a refrigerator, which makes it less relaxing than it should be. If you find silence golden, this fireplace is not for you.

👤After a little over a year, it caught on fire. All wiring was correct and it was installed properly. It was on a surge protector.

👤The package was in tact. It was easy to install. Very pleased with appearance and heat output. It takes a while to heat the room, but the job is done. A new outlet is being installed to hide the power cord. I would recommend this product to others. It's a winner for the price. The unit quit working. Touchstone customer service is what it is. A message was left for me to call about an issue. No call back. My pleasure with this unit is gone because of the poor customer service.

👤This item is easy to install and looks great when it is on. The drawbacks... If you want to put this under your tv, you need to give yourself enough room in between. The tv was very hot when it was on high. The tv had to be moved a bit. 2nd disadvantage... The remote doesn't indicate what it's on, so you have no way of knowing unless you turn it off and get up, and check the vent. This fireplace has been a warm addition to our living room. I will enjoy it. There is an update. The unit turned off. I reached out to both the manufacturer and Amazon because I know that there can be issues with electronics. My new fireplace is on its way and I am very happy with the service I received from both of them.

👤Very modern and sleek. It was delivered on time and undamaged. It has a loud hum when the heating is on. I contacted the manufacturer and am waiting. The documentation doesn't clarify if the front is safety glass or not. It would be bad if it shattered. I contacted the supplier via email. They responded in less than 24 hours. I received a replacement unit within 96 hours after I confirmed that it was installed correctly. The unit is hum free after installation. The old unit was package per instructions in a replacement container and returned viaUPS. Customer service is amazing.

👤I spent hours on the web searching for the perfect fire place within my budget, but decided to get the Tonchstone 80001. Since I have central heating, I'm using it mostly as a decor and not much for heat. There was nothing missing from the product. The mount is very thin and needs to be a bit stronger, a heavier metal gauge would have been nice. If you're not careful, you can easily bend the brackets. I have not used the heat feature yet, but I did test out the ambience flame feature and it looks real. Even if you have a lot of light, the flames can be seen. I got a lot of feedback on it. The log looked amazing and the glow of the log was real, so I settled on the log. The setting of the timer is helpful. I used a couple of rubber shimmers on the back that rested against the wall to reduce the humming noise, even though I noticed a slight hum. The manufacture should use more damping to reduce the motor noise inside so it doesn't go onto the chassis. I give it a 4 star because of the flimsy mounting brackets and the humming noise that I have to make myself in order to reduce. If they can fix these issues, they will be a 5 star.

8. SUNNY FLAME 36 Fireplace Adjustable

SUNNY FLAME 36 Fireplace Adjustable

Fireplaces for indoor use bring relaxation and comfort to the home. It's ideal for all kinds of occasions, such as a family home or office. There is no need for an installation. The electric fireplace can be plugged in and used under a 120-volts, sitting on the floor and enjoying a comfortable and warm space. MULTI OPERATING MODES- The multi-functional electric fireplace has 6 flame colors and 11 ember bed colors which you can control the flame speed and brightness of. It's perfect for life scenarios and needs. The certificate for safe and energy sparing was approved. It also has an automatic power-off function. The 750W and 1500W modes can be adjusted to achieve warmth and energy saving. The thermostat can control the room temperature between 60 and 97 degrees. MULTIPLE METHODS The electric fireplace can be wall mounted or Recessed in the wall. The stylish fireplace is more attractive and practical because of the large display and air outlet. WARM ATMOSPHERE- The comfortable atmosphere is created by the realistic flame effect and Log Set. Adding more warmth for you and your family is applicable to various scenes. SunNY Flame has a specialized in producing electric fireplace. The products they have developed have a customer experience-oriented attitude. Customer service is always ready for help when you have questions. They will give you feedback in 24 hours.

Brand: Sunny Flame

👤We love our fireplace. It was easy to install. We mounted the fireplace insert in front of the opening we screwed a 1.4 across. The bottom of the unit doesn't need the support of the fireplace. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The remote needs to be in front of the unit for it to work. I have to get up to use the remote. I can tell the temperature of the room by looking at it.

👤I love this fireplace. It's a great addition to our bedroom. It's nice to have a choice. The only things needed for installation are a screwdriver, a drill, and a level. The installation was easy. The manual is easy to understand. We used larger screws for added security. I like that this comes with two remotes and can be used with a touch screen, which makes it great for falling asleep to the fire. You can see video for the various flame colors, speeds, and heights, as well as the ember colors and brightness. It's nice that the heat can be set for more than one source. Excellent purchase.

👤I wasn't sure if an electric fireplace was going to be that appealing, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it! The smoke, soot, and cleanout of burning real wood were no longer appealing to me. It's absolutely delightful, and I took a chance on it. It's fun to go through the different settings on color and flame. You can either set it to your mood or not. I hope it lasts a long time. The little screws for removing and replacing the glass are not that complicated. It was not easy to get a screwdriver to work. It was a bit frustrating. There needs to be a better way. It's funny. It would be great if there was a choice of color for the electrical cord. I'm sure it's too much to ask for this price range. I'm surprised at how much I enjoy it.

👤We put the fireplace on the wall in about an hour and a half. We finally got it on. I think it is broken because it is making an awful grinding sound and that is without any heat. I don't think it's intentional. The heat output sound is loud. I have to return it.

👤I was worried that the fireplace would look cheap, but after building the frame and mantle it looked great. It looks really nice and puts out a good amount of heat. Still need to add some touches, but over all very happy with it. The buttons on the fireplace are very sensitive, but wouldn't make a deal breaker. I have read reviews on this one that don't make a lot of noise. Definitely recommend!

👤The fireplace and all the features are wonderful. It was very easy to install, but we had to modify the brackets by drilling 2 new holes. It produces enough warm air to take the chill off our room, and the flickering flames and glowing embers are realistic enough for our tastes.

9. Southern Enterprises Convertible Alexa Enabled Fireplace

Southern Enterprises Convertible Alexa Enabled Fireplace

Supplemental heat for a cozy feel in a room up to 400 square feet can be found in the corner convertible faux stone fireplace. A US Amazon account is required to use the features of this device. For year-round enjoyment, use without a heating device, it's just a wall outlet and no additional electrical equipment is required. Overall, 52. 25" W x 16" D x 36. W x 25. Required is 25" D x 36.5" H. Dust with a soft, dry cloth; Transitional style W/ rustic touch; Espresso finish W/ faux Durango stone. Clean glass with a glass cleaner. Dust with a soft, dry cloth; Transitional style W/ rustic touch; Espresso finish W/ faux Durango stone. Clean glass with a glass cleaner.

Brand: Sei Furniture

👤I've been looking for a fireplace for a while. I immediately thought of that item when I found it. That's the one! When you find the perfect one, you feel like you have found a winner. I'm finally in a place where I can purchase beautiful, elegant furniture and household amenities after seeing this. I purchased this and it arrived a day early. The horror of this story will begin. It was in a shipment of 2 boxes, one was the firebox and the other the parts to assemble the fireplace cabinet. The instructions were easy to follow and the pieces were labeled. The faux stone has gaps where the pieces come together, but it was put together correctly. Some of the pre-drilled holes didn't match up with their partner pieces so that caused an issue with assembly. The instructions had a hole for the screw to go in, but on the actual piece, there was no hole. The hinges for the doors were terrible. I had to use a needle nose pliers to pull the hook piece forward so it would fit in the wood, because the plate that screws into the wood kept popping off of the metal piece it was supposed to be attached to. I did this with 3 of them. There are no screws in the upper front corner of the doors, so there is no way to put something on it. The purpose of the TV stand fireplace was to put our TV on it. The remote barely works when it's all assembled, you have to push the buttons multiple times before the fireplace responds to it. The only positive thing I can say is that the actual firebox is nice looking. When it's running, it has the most annoying sound that can be heard even when the TV is on. This can happen even if the heater is on. This piece of junk cost me over $600 and I am very upset. We moved the stupid thing in our spare bedroom because it's not being used. I'm disgusted that a company would charge that much money for a product.

👤I would buy this again. The directions were easy to follow. I didn't want to rush the assembly so it took 3 hours to put it together. It puts out a lot of heat. The logs and flame look artificial. They are.

👤The product was built with real wood and tile. The screw locations were hard for my banana hands. After 3 hours, it is all together and working well. I feel that more could have been assembled inside the box that was delivered making less work for the customer. The easiest part was the furnace box being shipped separately. Attach it to the back with 2 wooden screws and slide it in. Done. I am pretty sure that the $600 price is to help with the shipping which I am sure they took a beating on.

👤The fire place is great. Everything works well. We tried to call customer service several times, but they wouldn't get back to us because the voice control wasn't connecting to our internet. They didn't get back to us after we sent them an email. The issued was resolved and now the voice control works great! I am happy about the fire place but not happy with the customer service. They don't return calls or emails, and they are always on lunch.

10. Ameriwood Home Overland Electric Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Overland Electric Fireplace

Ameriwood Home has a Corner Fireplace console that fits right into any corner of your living area to create the perfect atmosphere. The electric fireplace insert has a remote control and 4 touch panel settings. The console can hold up to 50” wide flat panel TV and 55 lbs. Two adults are recommended for proper assembly. Fireplace insert is 23” wide. The shipping weight is 94.27 lbs. The metal fireplace insert is made of laminated MDF and particleboard.

Brand: Ameriwood Home

👤It took two people approximately 3 hours to assemble, but I did it myself and my 3yo helped, and we did it in about 4 hours. A picture of a power drill was shown in the list of tools needed, even though the list of tools said not to use power tools. I couldn't have done it myself without the power drill. I screwed in with my arthritic hands because the drill couldn't reach some screws. Some of the screws were difficult to get in. The finished product looks very nice with a wood-like finish. The space at the top for components is small and nothing bigger than 5"Hx11"Dx17"W. The corner design cuts off the outside edges of the space. The corner design makes it impossible for anything bigger than 5.0" tall to fit. I had to cut out the back of the cardboard backing to make the stereo receiver fit, and it still sticks out by one inch. Only a tiny player. I was worried that the electric fireplace would be too cheap to be worth it, since I couldn't find a video of the actual fireplace functioning to see how it looked. I am happy to report that this fireplace lover is happy. It doesn't look real, but it creates an atmosphere that is satisfying, and it's a space heater to boot. I am impressed with the price I paid and the small space for components.

👤I've been wanting to do a review since we purchased this, but haven't gotten a chance to do it. We are very happy we bought this. The price was perfect, but there are many other excellent pieces. It's most important. This doesn't collect dust for those of us that hate dust. It's the only thing I own that isn't. I don't think I would pile it up like the dressers and shelving units in our house would, because I dust weekly. It makes me happy when I get to it. I would buy it ten times over. We didn't expect the heater part to heat the whole house, so don't expect miracles or unrealistic expectations of it replacing a regular source of heat. It fit our tv perfectly. No overheating or other issues. It takes 3-4 hours to put it together. It's not because it's hard or the instructions are bad. There are a lot of pieces. It's easy to move around on hardwood floors. I'm happy with the piece and I'm reminded every month that my cable bill is the same as the cost of the piece, so I just have to dust the stupid cable box. It was a good purchase.

👤It was arrived early! I will put it together myself. I don't know why others had a hard time. The directions were followed exactly. No problem! It was wonderful.

👤I am happy that we chose this one after reviewing a million fireplaces. I was worried because there were reviews about damaged pieces, but ours was perfect. All the pieces were packaged tightly together in a box. It holds our tv. It is not loud when the heat is on, but I use it for the fire look. There isn't a lot of room for cable boxes when the tv is taking up the entire stand. The shelf is right under it. When we have little ones, we will use the small side shelves. My child is 12 years old. I put it together in a few hours. There were a few holes that didn't line up perfectly so it was harder to screw them in.

11. PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Control

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Control

The overall dimensions are 35 1/25" x Height: 26 99/100" and Depth: 8 39/50". Refer to the User Manual in the Technical Specification section for more details. Variable intensity and brightness can be used with or without heat all year long. A sleek look with three-sided interior brick wall and clean glass front trim design, without the hassle of cleaning dust or ashes. A life-like log is sitting on a grate above a bed. That's what a wood burning fireplace looks like. A supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. It is not possible to use the ft as a main heat source. It is easy to install and uninstall. Plug in and use under a voltage of 120 is not hard wired, the insert can sit on the floor directly. Customer service is always ready for help whenever you need it.

Brand: Puraflame

👤I have this fireplace all day long. It's mostly used for the pretty light. We have not used it for heat yet. I think this is a good idea. Thank you so much!

👤I like to get as much information as possible when buying something like this. I was looking for an electric fireplace insert for the first floor back room of a house that didn't have a wood burner option, and a gasser for the second floor of the house. I looked at the top shelf units offered by the company that rhymes with shmimplex. They looked solid but the price was quite high. I came across this unit while searching and it looked good in pics and reviews, and I harassed the company for a video of operation, something missing in all of their marketing material. The flame effect looked pretty good for an electric, so I decided to give it a shot. It was well packaged and did not have any visible damage. I put the dimensions in the cutout I had prepared for the fireplace surround. It's simple; 3 flame settings, high, high, and low. It's like having a hair dryer blowing warm air on you. The logset looks good if you don't try to jam your face against it. The flame effect is portrayed in a good way by the company's video, and it's better than I had expected. You're not likely to fool anyone into thinking it's real, but this is one of the best. I tried to get a picture of the fireplace's backdrop scene, but the plexi cover was too reflective, so I thought it was a brick backdrop. I would have preferred a brick textured background. It's not a game-changer, but it's not clearly shown elsewhere. The blower draws air from the back of the unit to force it through the horizontal slot on the front; this means you need to design your enclosure with a source of air and sufficient clearance in the back- in my case, it's not visible but the dark equipment shelf above the fireplace There is no big deal.

👤I have no complaints about this version of the 26" version. The flickering log set and flame pattern are very realistic when viewed further away. The firebox is well made and sturdy, according to other reviews. I turned it on after plugging it in. The white power cord is connected to the upper left side of the unit and extends about 5 feet. I cut a hole in a wall slightly larger than the size of the fire box and slipped it in. The cut out was made in front of an open space behind the wall which is below the staircase landing. I had enough room for the unit to be at least 8 inches deep. I left a small gap between the top of the unit and the wall cutout. When the heat is high, the inside top of the unit gets very warm. I will be watching the heat build up inside that wall. I can put a strip of cement board on the inside wall to keep the heat out. I dropped the power cord through a hole in the floor because I was fortunate that the unit was installed above the ceiling. The wires are not visible. If there is not too much on that circuit, plugging into a plug nearby should be fine. It is not a good idea to use an extension cord for electrical heat. If you want to anchor the frame to the wall, you need to drill some holes in the front of the frame. The back bottom of the unit can't rest because of the weight, so I may make a shelf to hold it. There is no lip on the bottom of the sides. I can pull the unit forward from the top if I need to. If the unit works well, I may caulk the bottom edge and leave it alone. The fan is very quiet on high and the heat is blowing from the upper left of the unit. The room is 13 X 9 and has a ceiling height of 9 feet and there are 3 windows in the room with lounge chairs in front of them. There are two forced hot water baseboards. The windows in this room are about 10 years old and they make it drafty on very cold days, so we hope this will help. If only this unit was used, it wouldn't heat the room very well. I was slightly disappointed with the heat output but a stronger fan would have made more noise. We'll see how it goes. If you came in from the cold and stood in front of the unit, it will help to warm you up more quickly.


What is the best product for electric fireplace tv stand white?

Electric fireplace tv stand white products from Real Flame. In this article about electric fireplace tv stand white you can see why people choose the product. Lutron and Sei Furniture are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric fireplace tv stand white.

What are the best brands for electric fireplace tv stand white?

Real Flame, Lutron and Sei Furniture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric fireplace tv stand white. Find the detail in this article. E-flame Usa, Kismile and Duraflame are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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