Best Electric Fly Swatter Extendable

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1. Catchmaster Extra Long Bug Fly Swatter

Catchmaster Extra Long Bug Fly Swatter

You can find it easily when you need it, it's made from bright colored plastic. Fly swatters measure over 2 1/2 feet long and are equipped with an extra long metal wire handle, which allows you to reach even the most difficult areas. It's SAFE and NON TOXIC. This fly swatter is great for the environment and all natural. Light weight and easy carry: The catchmaster fly is small and can be easily taken along. It can be stored in any location. There is a value pack. You can always have a fly swater on hand with the 6 extendable colorful fly swatters in this pack. The head of the swatter is 3.25" in diameter. The brand name of the company is Catchmaster. They use a science-based approach to create high-quality products.

Brand: Catchmaster

👤Fly swatting is one of my favorite summer activities. I could get them 90 percent of the time with the regular ones. The swatting surface of the fly swatter is half that of a normal, cheap fly swatter. I would probably get more accurate with practice, but I would wait for no man. Or woman?

👤I am responsible for not reading the full description of the item. I thought fly swatters would be the same size. I didn't even think to look. It is smaller than my hand and I do not have large hands. But. It will do it. There is a job. We will have to be very accurate. The metal is easy to bend. I don't think these will last long.

👤More like a toy. Does have an extension feature. Good to be a white board pointer after it breaks. Plastic is thin and won't last very long. I don't think it's sturdy. It gave someone some money. It's not worth waiting for permission to come back.

👤I would not have put any stars. When I received them, I thought it was a joke. They are about the same size as a card. I have swatted zero flies. I tried to get them back. They didn't want me to get them back. I was told to either donate them or throw them away. I thought that was hilarious because they are useless. I replaced it with a leather fly shatter. It is supposed to be made by the Amish. That is a fly shatter.

👤Do you find killing flies with a fly swatter too easy? Do you like cheap stuff? This is the fly swatter for you. The task of dealing with pests is more difficult because of the extra small head. The fact that these swatters will break within the first 10 minutes of use adds to the frustration. The product is perfect for people who like punching themselves in the face.

👤They are small and cheap, so I am glad they gave me a lot of them. They break quickly. I can still use it since it is long, even though it is broken except for one red one and the handle came off. The part that you hit the bugs with is the same size as your hand. Really small.

👤I love the fact that we can team up to eliminate stinkbugs in our house, and the fact that there are enough swatters for every room. I can either swat or smash those little buggers, I love how long they are to reach high places. I used these swatters to get over my fear of bugs. I would give 10 stars. Thank you so much!

👤When you try to hit a fly, the range portion turns which causes the swatter top to turn and kill anything. A regular fly swatter is larger than the swatter top. I wouldn't recommend unless you plan on duct taping the wanna portion once you set it to your preferred length.

2. W4W Bug Fly Swatter Flyswatter

W4W Bug Fly Swatter Flyswatter

reloads are easy during the heat of battle because of the improved salt hopper. A pack of 6 has a long handle, large head, lightweight design, and will not scratch or ruin your surfaces. The flyswatters are 18 inches in diameter and have a Braided metal wire handle. mosquito flies, spider, bugs, moth, wasp, cricket, and all types of flying insects like to hang out, were able to reach even the most difficult areas with inches long. The head of their fly swatter has a thin lip so you can scoop up your kill and throw it in the trash. The Fly swatter head is made out of plastic and is heavy duty. This design allows you to swat all types of flies. Say goodbye to your electric zapper and that poisonous spray, and take back your home. Unlike other bug traps, their Fly swatters are safe and have no toxins, so you can hang it around your house or even store it in your pantry, without the worry of harming your children or pets. The aerodynamic design of the fly swatter allows you to swat a bee that doesn't want to go away. The handle on the fly swatter was designed to fit into any hand. You can hang it in your home, patio, or store it with the rest of your bug repelling products.

Brand: W4w

👤One good swat at a fly and you'll get rid of the aluminum wire used as a handle. It should either be steel wire or aluminum. The swatter end has a lot of space between it. The pink one is a dependable killer and takes care of small bugs better. Look for a better product.

👤The 6 pack of fly swatters I bought two weeks ago. The first one broke to pieces and the second one is starting to break. I've had a cheap Eno for a long time and wanted to put it on the porches. The Eno is longer but with a smaller head, so these are not extra long. Please be warned, I take a lot of hard jabs at the railing, and maybe my usage is more violent than yours.

👤These are noticeably thinner. I don't like them. The flyswatters are almost 2 feet long and have an extra long metal wire handle. The seller is having trouble so I will state this more honestly. The run-of-the-mill 20.5 inches is what you will see in most store-bought fly swatters. If you put a tape measure on any of your swatters, they'll measure 20. Quality? The plastic swatter holes are too large for even common house flies and the wire handles fail a Walmart quality control. What is to like? Pass.

👤It was swatted 4 times. It already broke...

👤The metal used for the wire is cheap. It bends when it is swung.

👤I don't like flies. I cannot rest until I have killed it. My wife thinks I'm weird about this. I really don't like flies. I think the flies have hidden the swatters. When we had swatters, they were always in a different room than where the fly was. The fly was hidden in another room when I found the swatter. Little buggers. I now have 6 swatters. They are distributed throughout the house in key locations ready for use at a moment's notice. They're in a lot of colors. No fly is safe.

👤I wanted the kind of flyswatter you can charge for. I didn't need them fast, that's great.

👤These things are not good. cheap plastic cracks after a few whacks The wire handle goes into the plastic. It is downhill from there. The handle bends when you swing. Not from hitting something. I like to knock the bugs out but they won't last long when I just tap gnats in butter. A lot of yellow jackets are swatted by me. They will consider you their mission if you don't show up. Anyone who gives a good review should be banned. There is a They don't know what quality is if this is good. If something is cheap enough people will give it a good review. Quality is what I prefer over disposable junk like this.

👤The price was good. I like these very much.

👤Like Mickey Mouse, swatting flies by the dozen. In the beanstalk, killed 38 in one day, 45 the next, thanks to the multi pack everyone at work gets one and they even work on mouthy Co workers, which may or may not land you in a meeting with HR.

3. Sourcing4U Limited Executioner Mosquito Swatter

Sourcing4U Limited Executioner Mosquito Swatter

Their racket is lightweight and provides comfort. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large frame. It was built to last with plastic made from ABS. 2 AA batteries are not included in the USA market place. Trading standards have been approved and passed.

Brand: Sourcing4u Limited

👤Either I've just met a reincarnated wasp, or this racket doesn't work as well as advertised. A little red jacket anchor himself to my right shoulder as I walked through my front door today, and he was stung by a machine-gun about 5 times. I tracked the little guy down on the tile floor of my living room after running through my living room like a pig. I'm not sure if he was snoozing in the afterglow or just rolling on his back with laughter, but he laid still enough for me to hit him with a shoe. That was the end of it. I thought so. He had fled when I tried to dispose of his corpse. I spent most of the day in fear, inspecting everything I touched and stepping for fear of booby traps. It has happened before. I finally saw him on the interior of the window, but I couldn't reach him with another shoe. He was unaware that I owned it. The person who is responsible for the execution. I loaded the racket with fresh AA batteries and approached him cautiously after removing the racket from my gun safe. I slid the racket into an awkward angle against the window, just tight enough to bring the electrodes in contact with his right wing. He was blasted off the window trim and landed on a table. He'd taken some injuries from the shoe, but he still had enough hatred left in his soul to cause trouble. I pinned him to the table with the racket, still holding the button with extreme prejudice. He persevered despite the electric surge of the racket. I kept on him, but I began to smell the roasted wasp. He lay on his back with his legs in the air. He wasn't done. I slowly lifted the racket, and he slowly turned his head to look at me, and then he used the one stump of his appendage that he could still control to pull himself towards me. I'm pretty sure he would have shaken it with the threat of revenge if he still had a fist. The racket did its job. I could grab the old shoe and put the little sumbitch out of his misery because it had paralyzed him. Is The Executioner a tool meant to make killing pests easier? It didn't accomplish that in this case. Maybe mosquitoes. Maybe flies. Absolutely not. They're too big and heavy to be intimidated by a novelty like this. May the little guy rest in peace. He was a good opponent.

👤Our house is surrounded by trees and shrubs, and we have a lot of insects in our back yards. During the summer, they can get inside the house and wreak havoc on my wife and children. It's not possible to see mosquitoes if they are sitting on a wall, but once they fly away and are on the move, it's hard to find them. Once you spot a mosquito, you can catch it or kill it. That's when a bug swatter or zapper can be used. There is a The swatter can make a mess and leave a residual on the wall, and zappers like this can make it a clean kill, if you have good hand-eye coordination. I have purchased at least 7 different types of bug zappers in the past. I bought a bug zapper that uses C size batteries because they are supposed to be more powerful, ones that have rechargeable batteries for convenience, and ones that have a safety net so you can't touch the zapper. The ones that use 2 AA batteries and have simple straight horizontal zapper wires have lasted for many years and proved to be the most effective, even though all of them became useless and broke down quickly. The EXECUTIONER model is the best bug zappers that take 2 AA batteries and have simple horizontal zapper wires like shown in my picture. I like the fact that it takes 2 AA batteries that seems to last for more than a year, and it has a bigger zapper surface area and longer length. I don't like that the wires are more professional looking than others shown in the picture. The quality and advantages of this one are more important than the price. You can get this at a competitive price when it's on sale if you monitor the price. If the price is a concern, then the other ones in the picture will do just fine, but stay away from the ones that have multi-layers and safety mesh, as well as rechargeable batteries and C or D size batteries. My wife uses this to catch camel crickets and centipedes. I showed the zapper on the yellow jackets and the mosquito so you can watch my video. I was able to catch all of them while they were flying or sitting. 10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended! The zapper has no chance against bugs. If my demo video was useful, please click on the button below that helps others as well. Let the hunting begin.

4. Original Indoor Insect Trap KATCHY

Original Indoor Insect Trap KATCHY

We provide a 1 month return policy. The UV light attracts the bug, the fan sucks it in, and the sticky glue boards trap it. No doctor. It's easy to place fruit fly, gnat and mosquito killer in your home, kitchen or office as a decorative, stylish piece. Turn off lights if you want to get the best results. It isn't a substitute for pest control services. Not for house flies. It is easy to use, choose between standard or low speed, and leave it to work. It's Numb.:93372-CHN-1

Brand: Katchy

👤This product does not kill or trap fruit flies. I followed all instructions as instructed and in the midst of one of the largest fruit fly breakouts I've ever encountered, this item caught one after running for 8 hours. What actually worked? I put 2 jars of apple cider vinegar and dawn dish soap all around the area that was affected and covered them with plastic wrap and poked small holes in the top to keep flies out. After catching every single fruit fly with this method, they were gone and I had to kill the source. I wrote a review after buying this item and returning it to save $40.00, but the company actually told me they would give me a credit to remove the review.

👤We have had a serious fly problem this summer and bought this because my mom likes hers. There were some fruit flies and a couple of mosquitoes, but no flies. There are 5 flies zooming past the Katchy. I decided to add a snack to the middle to make it more interesting. I woke up this morning to see a fly sitting in the sun getting some UV light therapy and enjoying the breeze. It was like a spa. I attached the video footage to you for viewing. We named the fly Carl after him, and he said hi from Texas, and recommended you send your flies to the new kitchen. Apparently, we are a fly friendly environment.

👤The device entices bugs with a pretty light, then it sucks them through a turbine where they get stuck to a glue pad and starve to death. The only downfall is that it lacks a microphone that would amplify the cries of agony. We have two toddler girls who have red blisters on their skin and we would find them in the morning. Like their mother, they are sensitive to mosquito bites. We bought this little guy out of desperation, and since then we have only seen the machines kill. We hate mosquitoes and so we are very happy with this product. We now have three.

👤I ran a Katchy for several days after it arrived and didn't catch a fly. After testing it for a few more days, I went to Amazon to see if anyone else was having any problems, and what I saw made me sick to my stomach. These con-artists are also photoshopping their images to make matters worse, as they are misrepresenting the results of using the trap. Can you believe that? Someone from Katchy really had the gal to paste the same generic 2 pictures of a cluster of flies spread throughout the sticky trap and were either too dumb or didn't think people would notice or doesn't care. I was appalled when I discovered the photoshopped pictures, and I was even more appalled that I INRDeals The flies in the pictures were not real. I will be returning my cat asap. Don't trust this company.

5. SBL Home Electric Mosquito Patented

SBL Home Electric Mosquito Patented

It's lightweight is perfect for home or outside use. The flash lighting helps to find and kill bugs. The itching and buzz at its source should be stopped. The Fly swatter Racket will destroy flies, mosquitoes, and insects. Get 2 items for the price of one. They have designed a custom wall case for your convenience. Once you've zapped those annoying bugs into the afterlife, store your electric fly swatter racket in their new prototype case. Don't leave the electric swatter out in the open. Keep the bugs and corpses clean. It's annoying when you can't find your fly swatter when you need it the most. Their patented wall case is the best way to keep your Bug Zapper Racket safe. When a fly comes by, it will be right where you need it. SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. They stand by their product. If you're not happy with your purchase, send it back within a year for an exchange or full refund.

Brand: Sbl Home

👤The style of racquet that has guard layers on either side of the zapper is fun to use, but it's inefficient and not made in China. It is flimsy and has a weak current. The general design is far superior to those of 3-layer zapper racquets, which have screen guards on each side of the part with the current. I think that they sent me a returned item that someone else broke and tried to put back together, because even though the rods seem delicate and easy to remove, they were inserted over each other in two places. I was only able to temporarily disabling and not kill the fruit fly that I tested it on. I took it off its back with a piece of paper and dropped it on top of the zapper to kill it. I am returning it because of the condition it was in and the fact that it had bent bars. I bought another brand called The Executioner, which seems to give a much louder zap, so I will need to read the specifications. I am going to buy a second Executioner and keep the one I have.

👤I have tried many bug zappers and they all broke in different ways. The other ones I have purchased break from the handle when swinging hard, but this one is sturdy so it won't. When I hear the bugs get zapped, it sounds powerful. It comes with a 1 year warranty so I won't have to worry about it breaking within months and buying a new one.

👤I think the holder that comes with the swatter is great. I don't want to leave it lying around after I fry some bugs with it. I had a different bug zapper, but it didn't come with a storage option, so I kept it in an old box. The holder in this bundle is very easy to mount, with 3m of glue on the back and 2 holes for wall screws. The swatter has not had any issues. The handle is long and the zappy area is large. It works well on spiders and other flies. It works on small bugs as well. Overall, great value and smart design.

👤This is a great bug zapper. You can make a game out of zapping pests. My first zapper quit working in the first 2 weeks and they replaced it. Excellent people to deal with!

👤My wife and I love this product. With a wall mount, we can keep the bug zappers out of our son's reach and still tuck them away.

👤The fly swatter seems to work, but I have issues or concerns. This seller should be recommended as a shipping and product seller.

👤Really? If I could, I would give less than 1 star.

👤The mesh shield fly swatters don't work as well as this one. When you get the bug, this one makes the lightning rewarding.

6. OFXDD Rubber Swatter Heavy Colors

OFXDD Rubber Swatter Heavy Colors

The length is 17. It's enough to swat flies. It is easy to kill a fly even at a distance with the rubber fly swatter. The area of their fly swatter is 10x10 cm. 40 cm is the size of the long handle Fly s tters. The rubber Fly suckter is simple to use and can be used as a Fly suckter for kids.

Brand: Ofxdd

👤This flyswater can deliver a fatal blow to a fly. The kill zone of the swatter has been rendered useless if you draw back too far, because the breeze created by the forward thrust of that kill shot has caused the kill zone to fold so far back as to be useless for anything else. But no! The area is clean and smooth.

👤Don't waste your money, it's useless and flimsy. I threw them away.

👤I should have returned the swatters. It is a hassle to try and return after moving into my apartment. These are small fly swatters. If you are not careful, the ends will come off. 888-282-0465 Yes, flexible, but no. I would have liked to have purchased different ones. Gave one to a friend and tossed the other. Don't buy.

👤Flimsy and cheap. Going to buy a solid one in a store after tossing these in the trash.

👤Sometimes I get stuff off the internet. They are often smaller than I thought. This is one of those times. If you place the handle end down for storage, the swatter end will do a 180 in a short time. It works. I won't buy more of the little swatters until they add a few more centimeters.

👤Not worth it. When you try to hit a fly with a flat part, it isn't rigid enough to kill it. I looked like a fool swatting at a fly that lived through every hit because the swatter it's self would fold over the fly on impact. It was funny to swat the fly with a flimsy/drooping swatter. Unless you are trying to look silly in front of someone while you try to end a flies life, don't buy this.

👤I was excited for the price and the amount, but they have a horrible plastic smell. I've tried using one multiple times, but it doesn't stun a fly. The purpose of having a fly swatter is lost.

👤The product I received is one of the worst products I have ever purchased from Amazon. This item proved that I was wrong about the quality of the items on Amazon. Don't waste your money.

7. Electric Fly Swatter Swing Moskill Protection

Electric Fly Swatter Swing Moskill Protection

All insects debris will be collected in a tray that can be emptied and easily removed. The fly zapper comes with a small brush that you can use to clean the electric grid. ShoppingLand Swing-Moskill couldn't be more comfortable. Even on walls, ceilings, and floors, it's easy to use. With a 90-Degree rotating head, you can experience bug eradication without difficulty indoors or outdoors. The best-selling craze on the Korean Internet is the Electric Fly swackter. It will give you a great experience. The high voltage is powerful. The executioner has an electronic voltage of 4,000 volts. It's easy to kill bugs. You can't see the blood of bugs on the walls, ceilings or flyswatter. The racquet is quick to kill bugs and clean. It's time to spend more time with your family. The body is sturdy and durable. The plastic body is very strong and resistant to damage. It has a material that doesn't break from small impact, so you don't have to worry about cracking it. One of these unique, strong, and stylish rackets can be yours. This electric mosquito swatter is great for enjoying your life. K-Safety is a patented design. The best product is this patented Mosquito Killer. The K-design is patented for the human-centered design. The fighter of pests is very comfortable due to the rotating head 90o safety mesh. A safety button protects the child from electric shock. Protect the Current Flowing Discharge. The device is very fast to take care of residual currents. All residual current will disappear in a second when it is turned off. It makes sure to protect your safety. The racket handheld design is comfortable for your hand.

Brand: Shoppingland

👤The item was well packaged and presented in a nice box. There were no instructions in the box. The plastic build of the fly swatter has a kill area. There are two metal grids between the electrified part and the outer metal grids. The swatter feels pretty well made and has a little heft to it. The fly swatter head can be changed to 90 degrees. I thought it would be useless, but it did come in handy a few times. The unit is powered by 2 AA batteries, which I like over the traditional 9volt. So nice! The battery compartment has no tools needed. It takes a small screw driver to open a door like this. Not so with this one, take off, replace batteries, clip back on. It's easy! I docked the fly swatter because of this. The child is safe. I had a problem figuring out how to use it. I would have liked a simple on/off switch. There are two buttons on the handle. I pressed one button and flew away. I press the other button and the red light goes off. Ah ha! It's armed! Fly escapes and laughs. Huh? Fly laughs and escapes when you press both buttons. I was about to throw it and give up when I realized I had not tried holding the buttons. The red light stayed on after I did so. ZAP is a sneak sneak. The flies were cut short. You could hear it, but you could also see it. Press and hold both BUTTONS and keep them held while attacking laughing flies. Let them go to preserve battery power. There is a You can get the traditional fly swatter work out. It does work when you remember the buttons at the same time. I am looking forward to carpenter bee season. They drill holes in my house every year. I will introduce them to my friend. Oh my gosh...

👤I live in the tropics and there are bugs active most of the year. They've died down, but I still find bugs in the house. No worries about losing a charging cable for the zapper because it runs off two AA batteries. The rotating head and handle give me a good reach for high places, and it's great for getting after unwanted creatures on the ceiling or walls. I took it outside and killed a few insects and mosquitos after I installed the batteries. I am happy to say that it is quite effective. I like the double-button safety feature of this swatter. The swatter is silent and easy to clean up dead bugs from the mesh. I'm mostly a live and let live person when it comes to nature, but there are some bugs that just have to go, especially in the house. I don't have to make a big and disgusting splatter mess when I kill the 1 1/2 tree roaches, or have to chase down the moths inside to keep them out of my home. I now have an excellent weapon against June bugs, as well as other insects, such as the leaf-footed stink bugs, and the walking sticks that spray, come this spring and summer. The electric fly swatter is a swing-moskill. There is a patented 90 rotating head mosquitos that are sprayed on ceilings, walls, floors, and safety mesh.

8. Nobug Electric Handheld 3000volt Mosquito

Nobug Electric Handheld 3000volt Mosquito

Their racket is lightweight and provides comfort. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large frame. 3000-volt powerful output to kill any flying insects with one touch. A portable design of 18 x 7. The triple-layer safety mesh protects you. The bug zap does not have any risk to you or the environment. Take it with you on a camping trip with your family.

Brand: Nobug

👤Light weight and nice colors! It sucks the mosquito to the net. It is as though the thing zaps the dead bugs and spits them out, you don't have to clean it or smack it on something to get them out of the net. The sound of the electric shock makes me jump a bit, so I am taking one star away. The old one I had didn't make such a loud zapping sound, so it's not terrible. It is definitely worth the money. The red light that glows when you press the button makes it easier to see bugs on a wall or surface if it is dark. I use this on my patio in the evening. Great product! Try it out!

👤This product is amazing. I ordered this garbage from ZAP IT! The Mini Bug Zapper has a 4,000 watt charging station, a super- bright light to zap in the dark, and a mosquito. To make the ZAP it! I had to press the "kill" button with such force that my thumbs became swollen and numb and I was semi-numb for almost 5 days. We had hundreds of mosquitoes and I kept trying to eliminate them, but I started screaming in pain because each zap required an enormous amount of strength. When pressed correctly, ZAP IT would kill only a small percentage of mosquitoes and fruit flies. I ordered a few different racquets and returned the zap it garbage. It is easy to get rid of 85% of mosquitoes with the Nobug Bug Zapper Electric Fly Swatter Handheld 3000volt Mosquito Fly gnat Zapper. The kill button is very soft, I can press it with my fingers if I need to, but what is really important is that I write this review. Excellent product.

👤The fly spontaneously combusted into the air. I went after the fly and it made a noise. My neighbors heard me whooping. I wanted another little guy to try the deathanator. I barely touched it to the fly and he was gone. I went after an active wasp nest and they were gone. I spent the best money in a long time. The bottom line. Get it!

👤The electric nets are too big to catch the tiny gnats. The gnats are from my plants. They go right through the net when I hit them with the button. I've tried rotating it while swinging it around them, but it doesn't work well. I've only caught one loud pop noise so far. The gnat lit up in a blue spark and then vanished. I bought yellow sticky traps, and so far they have caught one gnat, and it is tied with the electric swatter. I've been using the swatter for a week. I will update once I use it for a while. It is a beautiful color. I've never seen one in a light color. Even though the spaces between the net look large for gnats, I chose this one because of that.

👤The racquet arrived in a plastic sleeve and a cardboard cover, and it looked like the product photos. This thing works. It took us by surprise the first time we tried it, but it became really fun after that. :D Whoever gets the most sparks wins the game, but if you go outside at night, you can wave the racquet around and zap the mosquitos. I was initially concerned that the sparks could cause a fire, but we have since used it to zap bugs on carpet and grass, and only the bugs were harmed. The racquet works so well that there is nothing left to clean up. The racquet has a protective screen on either side of the electric mesh, which means that you can go ham against bugs without accidentally hitting someone. I think this product is fun and function.

9. Kensizer Plastic Swatters Matamoscas Shatter

Kensizer Plastic Swatters Matamoscas Shatter

The best value is a 4 pack. The offer includes table top bug and fly fans. Premium PP material is harmless to your health. It won't be broken off if it bends over 90 degrees. Durability - Non-slip thick handle helps you swat fly at a faster speed, it can resist swat continuously, and can be used to swat insects. Space saving is accomplished by using a handle with a hanging hole. If they all break in a half year, you can get a replacement.

Brand: Kensizer

👤These swatters are great for fly executioners. The handle has enough strength to increase the G forces needed for proper destruction of the winged pests. You can take a day off of work to enjoy being a fly hitman. The flies pitched in some loot to help me fix the screen door.

👤These are the best fly swatters. They can fly as many flies as you can get to land in the same spot. They can swat flies in the air. Young and old flies can be swatted by them. They can also swat other insects. Except for murder hornets. If you try to swat murder hornets with these swatters, you will make them angry. Every member of the family can have a swatter of their own with multiple swatters. Each person can get a color of swatter that they like.

👤Some swatters are so bendy that the bug doesn't actually get mushed and flies away after you swat it. The fly was sitting on the lamp when you swatted it. This one is correct. Thank you!

👤I bought these to fight lantern flies. I needed a tool that I could use against the bark of the trees. These fit the bill. They are a nice size, have a good feel and can beat trees for hours. Sometimes they take a little bark off and I have to be more gentle. It took a lot of abuse before I broke one. Lanterns should beware.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for. A toddler took one for a wand because it came in a multi-pack. It's multi-purpose too.

👤I just got them, and they seem very sturdy, just as described in the product details. Can't wait to use them.

👤I need some protection because bees dive bombing me whenever I sit on the deck, but only on my deck. I have purchased a number of different versions of fly swatters and they were not worth anything. Couldn't get close to one of them. This version has a bigger spot to protect it. You get a whopping five of them if you match all the plastic, multi-colored and sturdy to the fake plants. These babies get the job done.

👤The fly swatters I bought at local grocery stores were terrible because the wire handles would bend, ruining the swatter and letting the fly get away. The plastic at the end of the swatter eventually developed tears, but the swatters work great for killing flying insects. I have a barn where our burro is able to stay at night and during bad weather, and he makes a lot of deposits inside his bachelor pad. The fly population is wild. I try to avoid spraying chemicals because Pablo gets annoyed at the smell and I have to kill the flying insects with fly swatters. They give me better aim than the wire versions, they don't bend like the wire ones, but they will eventually start splitting and ripping in the "kill zone." They work well for me and at the end of the fly season I order another box. The swatters are like guided missiles that are always on target and get the job done because of the stuff that comes out of Pablo's bottom.

10. ZAP Mini Bug Zapper Rechargeable

ZAP Mini Bug Zapper Rechargeable

Bug lamp zapper can be used to attract and kill flies and also as a night small lamp. What is keeping you from getting a good night's sleep? Order now to stop the pain of fly bites. The electric zapper has a 4,000-volt grid. It provides peace of mind and reliable results by eliminating pests in a single swing. Their portable design allows you to zap anytime, anywhere, whether you are camping, hiking, or picnicking. You can use it at night for protection. Plug your racket into a device with the included cable. The built-in battery can offer up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge. There is no need to worry about accidentally zapping with the glowing indicator light. Extra protection when the racket is electric is offered by the triple-layer safety mesh. Their racket is lightweight and provides comfort. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large frame.

Brand: Zap It!

👤It's too delicate. You can't swing quickly because you don't want to break the fly. If it actually killed flies, this would be fine. It doesn't kill the fly if you hit it with it. After zapping several flies, I thought it was odd that we still had so many, until I noticed one that I had just zapped shake itself off and attempt to fly away. I zapped it a second time, which put it down, but didn't kill it. I left it alone to see if it would revive, and it did. After being zapped twice, it is flying around my house. This is a bad product that failed because it had one purpose.

👤I don't regret buying it, it feels cheap and functional. Many flies have been fried with this thing. It is a little weak. If you zap the fly once, it will come back up. It flies slower and is confused, but it is not dead yet. You will know it is dead if it smells like bacon. Hold the button for a while and it will stop sizzling. It is rechargeable so that is cool. When it turns green, the indicator light tells you when it is fully charged. It takes a few hours on the first charge, but after that it holds a charge for days. It feels cheap but we have whacked windows and doors with it before to get flies and it has held up well. So far, so good!

👤There is a mini flashlight built into the Zapper. I like that it has a built-in rechargeable battery which you can connect to ausb. I was not happy with the size of the racket. It's small. It's about the size of my palm and only about half an inch across. I couldn't hit a fly with this. The mosquitoes were so-so. I would like to exchange this for a bigger one.

👤If you can get to the bug, they will zap and destroy you. My only concern is that I can't find where the pieces of the bug are. It is a little scary that they disappear. It's better than a regular fly swatter. We get a lot of flies near farms and this has been a great way to get rid of them.

👤This was used to fight mosquitoes in North Dakota. Works well. The battery and light are both useful. I ordered two. One package was missing a charging cable. I mentioned it in an email to the company and they sent another one. It was very kind of them.

👤This product makes me feel bad because it makes it so easy to kill flying insects. I was looking for more flies when I got it. I am happy to say that my house is now fly free and will stay that way. They will get zapped if any animals fly inside. It works on the mosquitoes outside.

👤This zapper does what it's supposed to do. I wish I had bought a bigger zap, it would have made it easier to get flies. I don't like to kill flies but I do not like having so many flies in my home during the summer. The one disadvantage is that if you keep your finger on the red button for too long it will not light up and you have to let go and re- press the button.

11. Fecobyte Telescopic Flyswatter Extendable Stainless

Fecobyte Telescopic Flyswatter Extendable Stainless

There are 3 pieces of flyswatters with metal handle in the set to keep one swatter in your bedroom, living room, kitchen each. The home fly swatters are lightweight and easy to carry and can be used for camping or fishing. Fly swatters can be used to keep your place clean. Flyswatter was upgraded in 2021. Hit target is effective. It is easier to swat flies with the non-slip handle, larger swatting area, and aerodynamic design. Electric and battery-free, you can use the manual fly swatters when you need them. The quality is great. Made of non-toxic plastic and high-quality STAINLESS STEEL, swat countless flies without worrying about breaking or damaging your wall surfaces. Each set of swatters comes with 5 packs of different colors. Keep one swatter in your bedroom, living room, patio, kitchen. It's easy to carry a fly swatter when camping or fishing.

Brand: Fecobyte

👤These fly swatters are amazing. There are no flies in my house. They will fly through my door. I welcome them. I kill them. It is satisfying to know that the babies can survive the fury of my swing. I dare the wasp to come near me now that I am no longer afraid of them. I would bring home gold if this was an olympic sport.

👤I'm impressed. The fly swatter is sturdy and has a good size for a hand. We live in the country with horses, cows and goats and we get a lot of flies around the house. I went to swat the flies. These fly swatters are very good.

👤These are great for swatting flies. The swat part is large and has a telescopic handle, which I can't believe is for the price. Put me on the team of a maniac! I'm afraid flies will come in my house. I can put one in several rooms and outside because there are several in the package. Great product!

👤It hit a fly. What other things can you expect to do? I like the way it moves. The handle has grooves on it. I wish I could buy something to make my speed go faster, but I don't think they do that. 66 years old.

👤These are strong and kill flies. What else are you looking for? The swatting area is larger than most other fly swatters, and you can hit them and they die! They fly around later. The handle is long. You will not regret this purchase.

👤The extendable handle seems to function just as they are intended. The plastic head on the wire handle is half the price. It would serve my purposes as well.

👤I thought they would be very strong. They're the first fly swatters that don't try to fold in half every time you use them. Well worth the money, but not much. I will buy them again.

👤They are well made and the handle is sturdy. We have had a tough fly season this year and we like it that it has killed a lot of flies.


What is the best product for electric fly swatter extendable?

Electric fly swatter extendable products from Catchmaster. In this article about electric fly swatter extendable you can see why people choose the product. W4w and Sourcing4u Limited are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric fly swatter extendable.

What are the best brands for electric fly swatter extendable?

Catchmaster, W4w and Sourcing4u Limited are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric fly swatter extendable. Find the detail in this article. Katchy, Sbl Home and Ofxdd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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