Best Electric Frying Pan with Lid

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1. Multi Functional Super Hard Essential Gatherings DJG 45

Multi Functional Super Hard Essential Gatherings DJG 45

The AewhALE electric skillet has a cooking pot, heating base, temperature control switch, wooden shovel, insulated glove, and oilcloth. Contact them if you have any problems with the product. You will get your problems solved by Aewhale. If you have to return the skillet, please put all the accessories in the package. The 15 inch electric frying pan can produce a variety of vegetables and meat at the same time, using special high temperature resistant materials, heating evenly, good heat preservation performance. Large family gatherings can provide food in time, which is the only choice for gatherings and dinners. It can be fried, fried and baked with a depth of 3 inches. The temperature can be adjusted according to the suitable temperature of cooking ingredients to meet the different cooking needs of a variety of ingredients, and the hot pot is equipped with a power indicator and temperature controller. The bottom of the pot is made of aluminum and manganese alloy, which makes it hard for food to stick to it. It only requires a soft dish cloth to clean it. The food does not stick to the pot, which is safer and more delicious. The handle is made of high heat resistant material, strong resistance, frying pan running for a long time will not increase the temperature of the handle, prevent scald. The broken glass cover will become small pieces without an acute angle to prevent scratches and cuts. It's a special gift to give to someone you care about and love, and it's a chance to get along and warm up at the party. The recipient will be satisfied by its simple and elegant appearance and user-friendly design.

Brand: N/an/a

👤Good heat distribution from a thick heavy base.

2. All Clad Electric Adjustable Temperature Stainless

All Clad Electric Adjustable Temperature Stainless

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to them. The controls allow it to cook up to 7 quarts of food at the exact temperature it needs. The surface is covered with a coating. It was made from metal for heat distribution. The handles are riveted. It is safe to use a cooking insert in an oven or a dishwasher.

Brand: All-clad

👤We bought this because of the recommendations. These recommendations were false. The unit stopped working in less than a month. We were told that a simple fix would be to replace the cord. I was told they had them in stock and would be shipped. The replacement cord would take several weeks to arrive in California because it was in stock in France. I was told that I should have been offered a replacement pan since I had it for less than 30 days. I can't recommend AL-Clad because of the poor service and support.

👤Do not buy this pan. It's a waste of money. The old quality All-Clad was not known for... Pan shuts off on its own. You don't know what the temperature is because the light on the plug stopped working. It was un-even. You can only cook certain things in it. No cooking chicken. All this is done after 3 uses. They won't let me return it. China put it to us on this purchase.

👤I used it for 2 months, but it broke. It gets to temperature and shuts off. This skillet was expensive because it only could be used twice.

👤All-Clad claims that its products are made in the USA. The All-Clad 7Qt Electric Skillet I bought is clearly made in China, and it shows that at a premium price. All-Clad is very poor in business ethics.

👤I bought this skillet from Amazon. It was non-working, and past the Amazon return date. Amazon customer service told me to contact the All Clad manufactor, under warranty policy. I was told by All Clad that the order was full and shipped from an unauthorized seller after a long and painful customer service experience. There is no warranty available. They agreed to process a return after a lot of frustration. What? Unlicensed seller! Did the All Clad skillet come from a junk warehouse? Not happy.

👤Over the course of 56 years of marriage, I have had several electric frypans. This is by far the best! Even heating. It is an amazing cooking utensil. We are down to a household of 2 most days. It would have worked well for us, but it wouldn't work for two. Even a "so-so" cook cannot mess up because of the heating. Is it expensive? Maybe. It would still be earning its keep if I had it for a long time.

👤I have been a fan of All Clad cookware since 2000. It's still being used to this day. Their electrics are good. The skillet is big and deep and has a strong surface. You don't need to use a lot of oil or fat to cook. The electric element works well. It's easy to clean. The booklet says it is dishwasher safe, but we hand wash ours.

👤I used a large Calphalon for a long time. This is the size and quality you would expect. Great looking serving warmer as well. Over the holidays, I used it as a slow cooker.

👤This skillet is awesome! It is easy to clean. It evenly warms. It's time to preheat! It's round, I like it. It has one iny hole in the glass lid and I wish it had more vents to let the steam out. My only gripe. I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5. It was well made and nice and heavy. It's huge! For bigger dishes and families, a little smaller for me would be fine. Very expensive. It's worth the money.

3. Chefman Electric Skillet Temperature Cool Touch

Chefman Electric Skillet Temperature Cool Touch

Adding cooking conveniences are provided by the glass lid with steam vent and cool touch handles. You can fit an entire meal in one pan with the 12-Inch non-stick cooking area. This skillet can be used to make many dishes, like vegetables, fish, chicken, steak, and more. There are limited options. There are a variety of functions you can use. The easy view lid makes it easy to keep an eye on how your food is cooking. Adaptable temperature control. The temperature control allows you to make your favorite dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. CONVENIENT: The temperature control knob is easy to clean because it's not on the surface. The handles and knob are cool-touch. Chefman provides a 1-year warranty on purchases made with cETL approved, so you can purchase worry-free. You can find a PDF User Guide for information on how to use your product. 1400 Watts/ 120 Volts.

Brand: Chefman

👤I received this today. It was well packaged and arrived on time. I was disappointed to see that it had a small scratch on the pan right out of the box. The box was in good condition. I think that would be poor quality control. The skillet is light in weight. It feels like it was made from cheap materials. I added water to the pan to see if it would work. I had boiling water in no time, and I was surprised that it heated up so quickly. I haven't tried it yet. I think this skillet will do the job. I don't think the product will last long. I have enclosed a picture.

👤I like the shape and size when cooking for one. The heat is not evenly distributed in the center. It is flimsy and not strong. It's easy to clean a skillet that you can't put in water. It was rather expensive for such low quality. Will not buy nut again.

👤The skillet is easy to clean. It is a bit flirtatious. The legs and feet that support it are not strong enough to support it in the skillet. This is a cost-effective product, and performs as advertised. There is a The best part of it is that it can cook food without boiling it. The other electric skillets were too hot even on the lowest setting. Also, note: Before using the skillet, wash it and rinse it. After the first wash, I switched it on without food and saw smoke coming off it. I washed it a few more times, and after that there was no smoke.

👤I received it today. This is a review of the skillet's appearance. This is not Extra Deep. I am replacing my bella square electric with this and I think it would be as deep. I was wrong. The skillet is 1 1/2 inches deep and is used for frying chicken. I loved the bella for the fact that spatulas is less likely in pans deeper. The skillet seems very light and appears to be held together with a single screw in the bottom which pulled the top cooking part so tight it damaged the cooking surface. I don't see how it will affect the cooking of anything. You can't submerge the skillet in water, which will make cleaning harder. The lid has a hole in it. I will review it after I use it for a while. It stopped working whilefrying pork chops. The product has been used for 8 months. Stay away from the electric pan. It did not last a year. I have to rate it less.

👤The counter has liquid and grease on it. The mess is too large. I like the size. It's too shallow to contribute to the messy clean up. Plug falls out and you have to push it into the unit. I am very disappointed. I was looking forward to cooking for one with less fuss.

👤I wanted a pan that was flat on the bottom. My regular skillets don't work well on the electric stove. It's difficult to clean a skillet after frying food because it cannot be submerged in water. The surface is clean. I like the skillet and use it a lot. It cooks the food nicely with a minimum of oil. Electric skillets have a temperature control that you need to adjust throughout the cooking process.

4. Presto 16 Inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

Presto 16 Inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

Product 2: non-stick cooking. The Healthy- Eco coating is free of harmful chemicals. This is a true non-stick surface because of the titanium ceramic coating. A heavy cast aluminum base has a non-stick surface. The skillet pan and cover are dishwasher safe. A spoon and spatula holder can be found in the built-in spout for pouring liquids from the skillet. Pull the skillet pan from the base. The base and handles store in the skillet for compact storage. Pan dimensions: 15. 75" x 11. x 2. It is approximately. The skillet can double as a buffet server.

Brand: Presto

👤I cook on my stove top but use an electric skillet almost daily. It's easier to make a mess in a skillet or pan than it is to clean the stove and surrounding counter tops. I've been through several electric skillets in the last 20 years. There are various brands and sizes. This is what I like about this one. 1. Cooks evenly. When making sauces or gravy, there is a ring that gets hotter over the heating element that you will notice. It does heat more consistently throughout the pan basin than others I have used. 2. It's easy to clean. The skillet goes into the dishwater if the base is not snapped. 3. There is a pour spout on one side. There is also a spoon there. It's a good thing! 4. It was nice and deep. It holds a lot of stuff. You can cook a lot of things at the same time. 5. The base is able to store inside the pan. It does not take up a lot of cabinet space if you put the power cord in and flip the lid upside down. I have used it at least 30 times. So far, so great.

👤The non stick finish bubbled on the bottom after it worked great at first. I never put it in the dishwasher, even though it says you can and only used it about twice a month since July of last year. This happened after about 8 or 10 uses, and it was probably used less than that. It was hand washed with hot water and Dawn, I never used anything but plastic utensils in it, there is no reason that the non stick finish did what it did. If I were to rate Amazon Customer Service on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 10 because of the ease of service and the fact that the issue was not hassle free. This was my experience with this skillet and I hope mine was just a mistake. It worked well and it was easy to clean, even by hand, when I used it a few times.

👤The skillet was great until the lid shattered. Not happy with the situation.

👤At first, my wife liked this skillet. The cord and control got so hot that it warped our countertop. If I put a heavier gauge cord on the controller, it will be going in the trash.

👤I've had several quality electric skillets, Farberware and GE square, both heavy steel, and they've worked great. I have had to shift food around for heating. The Rival electric skillet has always had poor heating. It was time to replace it with the Presto fold away. Can't say enough good things! Although not as heavy as their skillet, that does not seem to affect it's performance. I've ever experienced cooking. I have professional copper pans, but this skillet was the only one that performed. Delighted! If the surface services long term, it will be the best ever. Fried delicate Bass filets and fried chicken will never be left out in the kitchen. Thank you so much!

5. Cuisinart CSK 150 1500 Watt Nonstick Electric

Cuisinart CSK 150 1500 Watt Nonstick Electric

o 16.3in wide, including handles and probe, 14.2in without probe, or 11.2in without handles or probe. The electric skillet has a cooking surface of 12 by 15 inches. The temperature control dial can be adjusted from warm to 450 degrees F. The glass cover has a handle and rim. The house is in brushed steel and dishwasher safe. The product was built to the standards of North America. It is free of the harmful substance, BPA.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I tried it. I tried. The electric skillet is easy to clean and sturdy. I have had great luck with other products, but I have to vent my frustration with this product and your company. I have never left a negative rating for a product on Amazon, but I want to shed light on this for anyone considering this unit. My Rivals electric skillet was a gift from Target. I decided to ask for this model over other options that were less than half the cost because of the brand reputation, my prior experience with the brand and the other favorable reviews. Twice a month I use an electric skillet to cook. It has been part of my repitoire for over 20 years. Why not spend money on a good one? This product failed to work properly. The heating element wouldn't come back on as soon as I started cooking, because the temperature would drop and the heat wouldn't come back on. The heat would kick in again if I turned the dial. I would end up with the dial cranking to max and it wouldn't stop heating. This creates an inefficient cooking environment. I contacted Cuisinart 3 months later and they happily offered to replace the unit. I would have to pay $10 for a new unit and $10 for the return of the unit. 20% of the total cost of the product is used to replace a faulty unit. Alright... fine. The exchange went well. I got a new unit. It's great for a couple of cooks. Same issue starts happening again. If I pay another $10 for a new unit from them, I will get a new unit back as per the fine print of the warranty. I have to take another chance that I don't get a lemon. I understand paying the shipping on the first unit, but the second one should be on them. I am not going to play this game again. I decided to share my experience with the product and the brand. I will save the $20 to return the second unit and buy a new one that will last me 14 years. This unit has no benefit over the lower end ones. An electric heating element is heating a cooking vessel. The extra money doesn't come from a better temperature sensor. I'm not likely to buy a product from them again.

👤I used to own a skillet like this. It's great for large groups of people. This unit is not good. There is a section that doesn't heat. I will try to get a replacement. There is a photo of pancakes with one corner remaining as raw batter. I contacted the company for a replacement. I had to pay $10 immediately to "activate the warranty" and then I had to pay $20 for the return shipping. They sent me a new frying pan after spending $30 more and waiting a couple of weeks. I am happy. $30 should have been their responsibility. What is the "activate the warranty" fee? It is written in the fine print of the warranty. I guess I should have known... but it was a gift to me. I didn't read the warranty information. They stood behind their product.

6. BELLA Healthy Eco Non Stick Hassle Free Submersible

BELLA Healthy Eco Non Stick Hassle Free Submersible

The slide-out tray is used for quick cleaning. The electric grid. The extra-large griddle has a 1500 watt heating system, cool touch handles, and a base with a backstop for easy pancake flipping. The easy-to-use dial allows for precise temperature control. The ceramic non-stick coating is 8 times more durable and cooks up to 30% faster than standard non-stick coating. It's reinforced with titanium for its strength. Non-STICK COOKING. The Healthy- Eco coating is free of harmful chemicals. This is a true non-stick surface because of the titanium ceramic coating. Kitchen essentials BELLA has a full range of high-quality products including air fryers, waffle irons, toasts, coffee makers, electric kettles, slow cooker, espresso machines, griddles and juicers. The kitchen should be fun. It can be with BELLA. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life.

Brand: Bella

👤I used my griddle for the first time today. It was set on 350 degrees. They were burned on the first side. The temp was hotter than 350 when I used an IR thermometer. I set the temp to a couple and the temp across the griddle was all high but not the same. I think I have a bad one. I will try a return and a new one.

👤We needed a new griddle for our old one that started heating unevenly and was super impressed with the 22”Bella copper griddle. It is large enough to cook 6 large butterflied pork chops or chicken breasts on one time, so immediately loved the larger capacity. The copper finish is great with the non stick. It can attest to the superior finish if it ages well. The low lip edge of the griddle makes it easy to clean and grease can pool into the under tray. All you can need is warm and 400 degrees. I definitely recommend this griddle!

👤There is a metal ring under this. The heat is there. Nothing cooks evenly. To keep it heated to the temp you want, constant adjustments need to be made to the dial. There is a brown stripe where the heat is. Horrible. Don't buy. It's too late to send it back because I only used mine while camping. I will have to throw it away and eat the money that was lost. The product was horrible.

👤I didn't know what to expect when I had a ceramic griddle. I have used this griddle several times and I am very pleased with the features. I made sandwiches with cheese. I was pleasantly surprised that the cheese did not make a mess. After cleaning I was able to remove the cheese with a spatula. I also made breakfast food. The pancakes were cooked evenly and slid off the griddle with my spatula. I did not have to prepare the griddle with butter or oil. This is the best griddle I have ever purchased. It is the prettiest griddle I have ever owned.

👤I read some of the comments on the griddle and was hesitant about buying it. The old black n decker was breaking down and I needed to replace it. I always used oil to make my pancakes with chocolate chips. I was going to try this pan out and if it didn't work I would just send it back and try another. This one worked well. The heat distribution was great and my pancakes didn't stick. The setting was at 300. I hope this griddle lasts as long as my other one which was over 10 years old, and was used at least once a week. The only thing that I can say is that my B&D had an extra drawer next to the drip drawer that I could use to store the temperature. This is a great griddle.

👤I ordered 2 of them. The first one had pits on the cooking surface. The replacement looks like it has been used and not cleaned very well, and it has several places in the coating that have been scratched. I won't try a third one.

7. Decker SK1215BC Family Electric Skillet

Decker SK1215BC Family Electric Skillet

We at Moss & Stone offer a top quality electric skillet with a lid, but also provide top of the line customer service and a 1-year no questions asked warranty. The quick-release variable temperature probe releases quickly. The surface is non-stick. The dial control is easy to use. You can view cooking progress with a glass lid.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I have ordered from Amazon many times. This one is the worst. It would be decent if I were a Black and Decker. Wrong! I only used one of the feet. I don't know where it is or where it could be. The glass lid isn't right. I've tried many ways and it doesn't fit. It heats well, with all that being said. If I still had the original packaging, this would be going back. Very disappointed.

👤We use an electric skillet more than any other kitchen appliance. We bought this one after a different brand's coating burned off in about 2 weeks of use. This skillet is very important to me because it is large, cooks evenly, and is very important to me. The non-stick surface worked well for about a year of use. We retired the skillet since it still has some life in it, but kept it as a back-up since the non-stick surface got a few "thin spots". If we had kept the temperature to no more than 375-degrees, it would still be in use today, as we have learned that it is important not to use the highest heat with any non-stick surface. This is the best electric skillet I have ever used.

👤It is easy to clean. There are performance negatives. The heating element on the griddle has hot spots, the thermostat isn't accurate. The plastic side arms are cheap. There are no rubber feet or anti skid bottoms on the legs. If I don't pay attention, it slides around on my counter. I had this happen before, when I was frying chicken cutlets and one of them got stuck on the tray. I moved the pan about 12 inches and hot oil sprayed my hand and counter. If I pushed it off the counter I would have sent the tray, hot oil and chicken all over my dog. It would have been over. I only use rubber pads on the feet for pancakes, eggs, and bacon, because they're not good for bacon. I have always done that in the oven.

👤I bought this because it was a black and decker, I have liked their products in the past. It was ok for about 6 months before we noticed the heating element was too cold. The coating on the inside got discolored. We had to cook towards the center of the pan because the perimeter was a bit cooler. After 14 months, it finally gave out today. The temperature control was on the lowest setting, which made it too hot and cold. It is done. I expected more from the price and brand name. I will not be buying a black decker.

👤I love this item because it saves time and space in my kitchen. It gets very hot very fast. I bought this to make Gordon Ramsey's Christmas gravy. I don't think I have a better word for it, but when you have it say at 350 degrees it warms up to that tempature and then slowly declines, this happened with the last one I had as well. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just wish it would stay at that temp, rather than having to turn it up full blast.

8. Electric Non Stick Tempered Personal Indoor,Black

Electric Non Stick Tempered Personal Indoor%EF%BC%8CBlack

You can buy with confidence because of the 1-year limited warranty and customer support team. A Support Team member will respond within 1 business day if you send them a message or call the Toll-Free number in the instruction manual. The coating is healthy. The skillet's unique coating is 8 times more durable and cooks up to 25% faster than standard coating. It is reliable and efficient. The scratch resistant surface allows for worry free cooking and easy cleaning. The skillet was easy to clean. Anything that appeared to stick washed away with a simple Rivetless interior for a quick and easy clean up, must be fully dry when used again. Every kitchen needs a multi-functional skillet. The power of their grill pans can be found in the 5 in 1 electric skillet for pancakes. It's perfect for travel fast meals like omelettes, ratatouille's, risottos, and more. The skillet has a 1000 watt heating system. The Aoran electric skillet cooks faster than others. The temperature will be up to 400F and will prevent hot spots and scorched food. See It All Lock is protected by a clear, glass lid. It makes it easy to see your meal in progress. The Aoran 8 inch small skillet is mini, you can easily bring it when you camping, traveling, even in the RV, it is a super item for truckers, for car, for RV.

Brand: Aoran Kitchen

👤The booklet enclosed with the product says not to immerse the skillet in water. The booklet seems to be correct as the heating element does not look waterproof. Being able to immerse in water was one of the reasons I bought it. I bought the product even though it had no reviews. Hope is not a plan.

👤I didn't open the product until February. When I plugged it in, it started smoking. I unplugged it because I was nervous. Smoke coming from an appliance is not good. I was disappointed. I like the size. It is not a good product. I will tell anyone that buys an electric appliance to open it immediately to make sure it works. Since the return time was up, I was happy that Amazon didn't make me feel bad. Thank you Amazon.

👤I wanted a small frying pan so as to not waste oil. This is great for that. The higher sides were what I wanted. This is great for that. The description says 8 inches, but the inner dimensions are only 7 and 1/2 inches. I would really like it to be 8 inches. The electrical part is not sealed. I didn't like it. The pan is too thin for my liking. Would I buy it again? No. I would like something better.

👤This is perfect for quick cooking because I travel a lot. It's easy to pack and clean. It is definitely recommended and worth the price. It does it all, whether it's making oatmeal, spaghetti or steak. Cook well. When my mother saw it, she ordered another one.

👤Enjoy a hotpot at home for one person. This is the right size. It is easy to clean and heat up. It's convenient for camping or outside.

👤No matter what I cook, I won't stick. Just love it.

👤My best friend and I enjoyed a great dinner after I got my pot. Really like it! It is time to enjoy the hot pot with a small group of people. I love it!

9. BELLA 14607 Immersible Non Stick Multipurpose

BELLA 14607 Immersible Non Stick Multipurpose

The kitchen should be fun. It can be with BELLA. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life. There is an electric shears. The skillet has a 1200 watt heating system, cast aluminum base and dishwasher safe lid. Convenient cool-touch handles make it easy to handle. durable and efficient: The ceramic non-stick coating on this skillet is 8 times more durable than standard non-stick coating. It's reinforced with titanium for its strength. Kitchen essentials. Every kitchen needs this multi-functional unit. It can be used as a buffet. It's great for family meals like omelettes, ratatouilles, risottos, and more. Kitchen essentials BELLA has a full range of high-quality products including air fryers, waffle irons, toasts, coffee makers, electric kettles, slow cooker, espresso machines, griddles and juicers. The kitchen should be fun. It can be with BELLA. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life.

Brand: Bella

👤The pan was great when it was new. The bottom turned black after three months. We couldn't get it clean again because everything stuck to it in that ring. It was disappointing because the copper surface bottoms are getting raves. I would return it. I threw the box away. I will buy an old fashioned teflon one. They are half the price and last longer.

👤I bought this skillet six months ago. I wanted to give a review based on how long I used the skillet for. I have owned over 10 electric skillets. The best skillet I have ever had is this one. The temperature setting is correct. The finish is the same as it was when I took it out of the box. It's so easy to clean, just wipe it out with a dry paper towel and it looks brand new. I was skeptical about purchasing after reading mixed reviews. I took a chance on the purchase and am glad I did. I am buying another to have a back up. You wont be disappointed if you purchase.

👤I thought the copper ceramic Skillets were stain and scorch resistant. After a few months of moderate use, it now has a burn mark in the center of the pan. I don't think this Skillet is any better than a traditional Teflon coated product. I don't think you should upgrade to this product.

👤It works well for a few months. The thin base allows the heating element to burn through. It sticks in the heating element.

👤I'm not saying this thing is awful, but I am confused by all the good reviews. I wonder if they are real. The ergonomics of this frying pan are decent, the handles stay cool, and so far, the nonstick surface has worked well and been easy to clean. The cord is short. I think the wire is less than a foot long. I understand that short cords are less likely to catch and result in the appliance being pulled off the counter, but this one is ridiculous. The ugly last. The pan is made of thin material that doesn't hold heat very well. The far corners of this pan reach a temperature of over 500 degrees before the heat shuts off. The pan it replaced only reached the worst spot in the test at 410 degrees. The part that cooks hamburgers directly over the heating element gets hotter than other parts. Same with other foods. It would be ridiculous to try and keep something warm if the thermostat was not set to 300 degrees. To heat evenly and have good temperature control, an appliance like this must be made of thick material. This thing only weighs 3.5 pounds with the handles. It seems like the people making electric frying pans these days are in a race to the bottom in terms of quality, even though this pan would be a great one if it were made of thicker material.

👤I bought this product on Amazon Day. The first one was made from half a box of broken glass. Amazon sent me a replacement in a few days. I didn't want to pull out my old, large, flat skillet for casseroles, Braising, and smaller breakfasts because of this. The copper and non stick claims were attractive to me. I am on a weight watchers and I wanted to cut down on fat in the pan for cooking. The claims for non stick just don't hold up. I used olive oil spray for eggs and ended up with them stuck to the pan. I went back to my well seasoned cast iron skillet for eggs after a few weeks of experimenting with different types of fats. French toast, pancakes, etc., all require fat or longer sprays to keep from getting messy. The ground turkey breast stuck so bad that I had to brown it up. I had to cook it until done and ended up with a stained pan. The lid is not a tight fit, air and steam escape so if you are cooking you have to guard carefully because you lose the liquids and have the potential for thick burnt sauce. The pan does not save fat when cooking, it requires more fat and sticks worse than my cast iron skillet, so the bottom line for me is that. The lid is not tight enough to allow steam and liquids to escape. Food sticks to the ring around the heating element, cooking temp is very high in the area of heating elements, corners of the pan stay much cooler and results in unevenly heating. The area is black and rough. Buy a better pan. Look for one that has a reputation for a non-stick surface, even at high temperatures. I wouldn't donate to a rummage sale if my pan was garbage.

10. Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet

It's very easy to install, just place them on the lowest rack or tray in the oven. The heating element should be under the electric ovens at the bottom of the oven floor. Avoid direct contact with the heating element. The surface is easy to clean. When entertaining, doubles as a buffet server. It is more efficient to use a range burner or oven. The heat control is removed and the dishwasher is fully immersible. 1200 watt AC, 120 watt AC.

Brand: Presto

👤I ordered the larger skillet because the smaller version was too small. I went back to my older skillet after trying to use it many times. The center of the skillet barely cooks anything, and the outside perimeter seems to cook on its own. It's useless because trying to fry bacon is impossible. The only thing this skillet is useful for is stir frying, and that is a disaster. The heating elements only go along the outside perimeter of the skillet, and there is no element in the middle. The elements are not powerful enough to heat through the entire skillet surface, after trying this skillet a number of times.

👤The coating is coming off, right where the internal heating element is, despite never going above 400 degrees. Only used for 8 months. It was great.

👤It took her all morning to clean the glass up after it exploded in the drying rack, we will never get it all out. Happy birthday honey, I know you didn't like your gift, but it's great that you can use it now.

👤The non-stick brand I got to replace ended up being Sick. The skillet is a dream come true. Make sure you follow the instructions to season the skillet. I'm cooking everything in this. It is easy to clean and heats very well. I was very happy with my purchase. I make sure my kids don't end up scratching it by cleaning it myself. I am confident that it will last a long time. The size of the skillet is perfect for my family.

👤I would like to tell you about my skillet. It's terrible. The plug that goes into the skillet seems to work. The temperature on this skillet is terrible. When I turn it on high, it doesn't cook anything. I have to watch it closely. There is no Medium on this skillet. I bought the last one from Macys and it worked for a long time. I'm going to order a new one when I get the money. I would not send this back because it cost too much. I'll throw it away one day, because the last time I tried to return something, I got the run around and I still have it. I tried to order from someone else. I just gave you an order of 20 dollars, which I think will be fine. I like the cookbooks and other things. You can have the skillet and it won't hurt.

👤I hated frying anything in the house so I bought this to cook outside. It would be great for pancakes when I have company. Hot water does the job of washing. Good size. The see through lid is something I like. Light weight is a con. If there is electricity, it's good for camping. The heating element circles the pan. It's fine for ground beef that you want to chop and stir while you cook, or for simmering something liquid, because cooking is very even. The heating is so unevenly that it's useless for browning large items. It's useless for pancakes. Product disposition is a problem. I don't buy small appliances because they are difficult to dispose of at the end of their lives. There is a I would give it to someone. I don't use it enough to justify the storage space. I would not have bought it if I knew what I knew now. There is a Incluseion.

11. CRUX Nonstick Resistant Removeable Temperature

CRUX Nonstick Resistant Removeable Temperature

It's easy to iron and safe for kids, and it's good for many craft projects. There is a deep electric killet. The 12 x 12 skillet has a 6 quart capacity and a temperature control that can be adjusted to 400 degrees so you can do everything from deep fry to simmering. Premium features. This skillet has a non-stick copper ceramic coating that's metal utensil safe, 10 times more durable, and a temperature dial and a glass lid to keep an eye on your cooking. Their space-saving & energy efficient products are designed to complement your kitchen needs, from rice cookers to coffee makers, made with durable materials and state-of-the-art digital technology. They offer high-quality tools for cooking, baking, food processing, coffee preparation and many other things. They're a complete shop for cookware and utensils. They bring a New York state of mind into your kitchen, from your first sip of coffee to your last bite of dessert.

Brand: Crux

👤The skillet is large enough to make a family dinner. It feels like a dream. It is not like a cheap box store brand. I have owned this one more than the other skillets. The temp settings on the probe are hard to read, they are in the copper color like the interior of the skillet, against the black probed, it looks pretty, just not as legible as, say, white numbers against a black background. A very small detail. I will look for a crux if I ever need another skillet.

👤Wow! I am glad I bought this. It was shipped quickly and as described. I use it every day. It doesn't cook evenly but it's a lot better than my old one. It's nice for making sauces or frying. This is a victory.

👤The water gets under the handle when the lid is washed. I like the pan.

👤It was the first time I used the flat iron steaks. It is deep so it can make things like stroganoff.

👤When you take it out of the box, make sure to check for any cracks that may have been made during delivery. We had to return it because of that. Since we did not use the pan, there are no stars.

👤I ordered the same item three times, and each time it came in, there were bubbles on the inside of the pan. Not good at all.

👤The quality of craftsmanship is something I like. It is built to last. The handles are in good shape. Cooks great. The heat was distributed evenly. It looks nice for the price.

👤It's really non stick and it cooks evenly. Cleaning is easy. I love this product.

👤It was used for the first time on my spaghetti sauce. There is a picture Adding more ingredients to the 2 pounds of ground beef nearly filled it's 6 quart capacity. The goal was to cook the sauce for hours so as to make it better. When I stir it with a non metallic spatula, it doesn't burn on anything, even though it is a little slower than in my 6 quart pot.

👤The old electric fry pan was having issues with temperature, so it was time to look for a new one. I have never heard of this brand. There were positive reviews so I ordered it. The temperature is great, it's easy to clean, and I like the extra depth. I highly recommend it.

👤I live in a truck for over 300 days a year. This thing is worth a lot of money. I have the ability to cook anything I want. Except a turkey. It bounces around the highways, doesn't brake, turns on when I need it, and the 3" sides are the best for cooking a decent "chicken, rice and veg" dinner. This one is going to work for you, if you're looking for a griddle. 4 out of 5 I'm not a paid person. I own and use it.

👤The pan tells you not to deep fry in it. I do. The instructions are crazy because they work for doing donuts, fish and chips, and other things. I fill it with oil and it works perfectly.


What is the best product for electric frying pan with lid?

Electric frying pan with lid products from N/an/a. In this article about electric frying pan with lid you can see why people choose the product. All-clad and Chefman are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric frying pan with lid.

What are the best brands for electric frying pan with lid?

N/an/a, All-clad and Chefman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric frying pan with lid. Find the detail in this article. Presto, Cuisinart and Bella are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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