Best Electric Griddle Grill

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1. Power Smokeless Grill Interchangeable Technology

Power Smokeless Grill Interchangeable Technology

The kitchen should be fun. It can be with BELLA. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life. The outdoor BBQ grilled taste is 13.75” x 8” If you're planning on having a BBQ party, the indoor grilling surface is large enough to grill three entire racks of ribs, eight large burgers, or grill your vegetables together for an entire meal all at one time. You can even grill a whole chicken. You don't have to add fat or oil to the grill surface. Even delicate fish never sticks to the surface. The Oil Drip Tray catches grease and fat from cooking. You can have grilled meals for your entire family in a portable unit. The grill plate is removed. The Cerami-Tech Grill Plate is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. You can put it in the dishwasher. You won't get stuck cleaning in the kitchen after dinner. Get the correct temperature for the perfect amount of doneness you want with the help of the smart temperature control. Even heating from edge to edge keeps food tender. Slow grill pizza crust, veggies, or grilled cheese to a golden-crisp, or char-grill steaks on high to lock-in the juices. You can grill from frozen. Smokeless grilling can be enjoyed indoors. Smoke is captured so you can transform your kitchen or cooking space into an open grill station. No more scrubbing and firing up your grill. You can enjoy your favorite restaurant for dinner any day of the year.

Brand: Power

👤I do a lot of research on high priced items. The item had good reviews. I got mine today. First, make it hard to install. I got it. Washed before being used and assembled. After preheating, it went to high,450 degrees, 35 minutes later, which was the highest temperature it would go. Let it cool off. After another 30 minutes, I tried again. I will try my best to get my money back. The fan kept working and I have many different thermometers to use. Garbage. If the company doesn't like the review, I will send it back to you. I would be willing to try another at company expense. Too much money is spent on garbage. My counter top smokeless is over 20 years old and works better than this garbage.

👤My wife used ours for the first time. I was in a back room of the house and didn't know she was using it, but I asked when she was going to start. The smell and smoke were locked down, which is nice. She made great brats. Really good. The thing works with our smoke detectors. Love it. I have to clean it. What a nightmare. I am glad she only cooked a few brats, because I cannot imagine cleaning this thing after grilling. I circled the parts that needed cleaning in the picture I attached. I ran out of countertop space to dry all this stuff after the glass lid, grill plate, and heating element got drippings on it. I would rather stand out in the rain and grill than clean it again.

👤The fan stopped working after 2 minutes. The temperature wouldn't go past 300. If smoke was a good purchase, the house was full.

👤The entire house is smoky because the fan stopped working when I used the grill three times. I would take a chance and buy it again. I paid 99 dollars for it and it's selling for 15 dollars. Amazon is giving me a refund. I'm sending it back.

👤I had to return the grill. It was easy to clean up. It did not come with the griddle plate that was advertised. The grill plate had a screw that held the handle. The price is $30 more than when I first ordered, but until they include what is advertised in the photo/description and their quality control is better, I think I will pass. It is a bit disappointing.

👤I've tried everything from grilled burgers to steaks and chicken to pork and eggs and pancakes. Have you given up on the thing? It works. There is a lot. It either burns the food or doesn't cook. If you stand over it and turn the food quickly or change the heat setting to keep it from burning, it does. okay Who has time to watch this thing and stand over it? I bought it from the direct website after watching the show. I got sucked in. Another life lesson. Learned.

👤Great grill! This is perfect for when you don't want to use a grill outside. It is easy to use. I've used it for burgers, pizza, pineapple, and they have all come out tasting great, I couldn't tell they were not made on a regular grill. The grill can char just like a traditional grill, giving you those pretty grill marks. This is perfect for someone who doesn't have enough space for a traditional grill in their apartment. It cools off quickly for cleaning. The tray below is where you can add liquid to cook with. I use wine, herbs, stock, and liquid smoke in there to make it taste better on the grill. I will be giving these as gifts to my friends.

2. Presto 7072 Black Slimline Griddle

Presto 7072 Black Slimline Griddle

The heat control is removed. It's enough for the entire family. The surface is easy to clean. The tray is slide-out. It's great for every meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. A low-profile buffet server. A big cooking surface is ideal for buffet-style serving. The cooking surface is heavy. The heat control is removed. It is convenient to store. Control Master heat control keeps the desired temperature. The slide-out tray is used for quick cleaning.

Brand: Presto

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of the different reviews. I use this for pancakes because doing one or 2 at a time is painful. I can make 6 to 8 at a time. The properties of the nonstick are great. It is large, as other reviewers have mentioned. I was surprised how big it is. It is thin and nice to look at on the counter. The tray will fall out easily if it sits in the slot. I wish the cord was longer. My temperature is definitely hot. I use an IR thermometer to check the temperature and I am really glad I did. The temp is around 400 when it is set at 350. The center is cooler and the edges are warmer depending on where I took the temp. I gave it 4 stars. My pancakes turned out great and only a few had darker marks on them that occurred at higher temperatures. A lower cooking temperature of around 340 made a difference. They tasted great even if they weren't perfect. I can't talk about longevity. I am happy with the price and the griddle.

👤We bought the Toastmaster a long time ago and it was much nicer than this one, despite it's issues. There are two major issues with this one. The temperature settings it recommends for certain foods are way off if you look at the directions. One example is that it recommends a higher setting for pancakes than for eggs. I've owned every appliance that says this is backwards. It's true when cooking them. The heat distribution is one of the major issues with the temperature control. It will reach the correct temperature, but only in a narrow band in the middle of the griddle. We measured the temperatures with a laser-IR Thermometer and found that the middle of the grill has a higher temperature than the near side and far side. The far side was 40 degrees higher than the near side. You have to lower the dial to where you want the average temperature to be. Outside of this, we like the griddle. The non-stick is very nice. Eggs do stick a little, but pancakes cook and lift easily. We haven't used spray non-stick products because of the directions. When cooking eggs, we use bacon grease on the griddle to make them come off cleanly. It doesn't seem like the coating will wear off into your food like some non-stick coating. If you don't read the directions, it tends to make popping noises when it's hot and cool, so you should. If you weren't aware it was normal, you might be alarmed. Have I mentioned it's large? It's easy to cook six large flapjacks at once, and making a pancake breakfast goes much faster as a result! Finding a storage spot for this monster is a challenge, but it is very low profile and fits on top of our refrigerator nicely. Unless the size is an issue, buy it! The quality of this one is good, and it's the only one that doesn't have issues with temperature.

3. Presto 07062 Ceramic Electric Removable

Presto 07062 Ceramic Electric Removable

Dash is a U.S. based company that provides contact information in the product manual. It's great for every meal and entertaining. The ceramic cooking surface has a textured surface that makes it easier to clean. The handles are for easy cleaning. Control master keeps cooking temperature. The cast aluminum griddle is warp-proof. The heat control is removed.

Brand: Presto

👤Over the years, we have owned a number of electric griddles. Even though I always handwash them with gentle scrubbers, the finish never held up despite all the hot spots. My husband cooks most of the time, and he uses a griddle for everything from eggs to bacon and sausage. He gets to see how they perform under a variety of heat conditions, and with different requirements for oil lubrication of the griddle's surface. When it came time to replace our griddle, I looked at the ceramic options, and found the best reviewed ceramic griddle at the time to be the Presto 07062. The Electric Griddle has a ceramic handle. It has a great price. I bought it. My husband has been using this griddle a lot for the past two months, and every time he uses it, he comments on how much better it is than any griddle we've ever had. There is a visible mark on the top of the griddle where the heating ring runs around the underneath, but it's not really a discoloration. It won't affect the cooking at all, it will just look new-out-of-the-box again. We don't care about that. The entire surface has a diamond pattern. I was afraid that this would catch particles and bake them into a hard crust that would be hard to clean, but that was not true. This griddle is easy to clean. This review has a photo with it. It shows the diamond pattern and the only two scrubbers I use to clean the griddle, a plastic scrubbing ball and a nail brush. After washing the griddle with the scrubbing ball, I use some of the leftover suds to run across the griddle in both directions with the nail brush. The low places of the diamond texture are where this gets it. It is very quick and effective. I don't have to use elbow grease. Food that is cooked on comes off easily. Do not use spray with ceramic surfaces. It becomes a sticky substance that is nearly impossible to get off. We found this with our pots and pans. We use butter on the griddle on ceramic surfaces. We use butter to spread on the part of the griddle that we will be using for the eggs, because this griddle doesn't need any oil at all. We found the tray large enough to hold all the grease that comes from six slices of bacon. I would recommend this griddle to anyone.

👤The design of the griddle is great. It allows for extending the griddle and still stores in standard cabinets with the handles removed. It's easier to clean and disassemble with clips. The dishwasher parts can be put in the dishwasher with theremovable handles. The griddle is rated to be dishwasher safe but in my experience, the harsh chemicals seem to degrade the non-stick properties quicker and we typically resort to hand washing anyway. The handles and tray are fine with us putting a tour in the automated washer. The design of the griddle is well thought out. The ceramic coating implies a more durable non-stick surface, but only time will tell if that holds true for this one. The surface is not advertised in any way and that is a surprise. It may reduce the tendency of food to glide around, but it may also end up for batter of pancakes to stick. The griddle is new and there are no concerns about sticking at this time. The big mouth drain is my favorite feature as it allows to brush pancake drops into the pan which would not fit through the typical hole. The heat distribution is not great. The far end appears to be extended in size without adjusting the heater position to properly heat the additional 1.5 inches. The section is 40F cooler than the rest of the griddle. We can see the difference but can't attach pictures. I like the design of the griddle a lot, even if the issue of the colder end is a significant design flaw. The outmost bacon strip doesn't get cooked, so it allows for more bacon strips. The ability to disassemble is needed for both storage and cleaning. The plastic parts are made from a thermosetting material. The plastic parts may break if they are stressed too much.

4. Cuisinart GR 5B Electric Griddler

Cuisinart GR 5B Electric Griddler

The functions are meaningless. The Griddler Five has a sleek contemporary design and can be used as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle for endless options. The easy to use display shows function, temperature, and timer with user-friendly digital controls. There are features that are must-have: a sear function, and temperatures from 175 - 450 degrees. The included are dishwasher-safe cooking plates, scraper, instruction manual and gourmet recipes. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤This is my first purchase and will probably be my last. I've used this Griddler Five to grill steak twice. I tried to use the SEAR/450 setting twice. The steak is supposed to sear for 2 minutes and then return to the original temperature of 450 degrees, cook for 10 more minutes depending on the degree of doneness. After 2 minutes of cooking, the unit did not return to its original cooking temperature of 425, but continued to cook at 450 and almost ruined my steaks. The same thing happened when I tried steaks again. After 2 minutes, remained at 450. Was prepared this time, turned the unit off and then on to a much lower temperature. After waiting for a long time, I finally spoke to a service rep at the Product Inquiry line. She told me not to use the sear/450 function and admitted she didn't know anything about the new Griddler Five. Say what? The service rep didn't know about the product, so I sent an email to Product Inquiry Help. I received an email a week later asking for the same information I provided in my original email. I am not happy with this product. I'm considering returning the Griddler 5 because it might be faulty. I don't know. The unit will be fine if you don't use the SEAR/450 function. I received an update on 9-21-18. Another email from a company. They are sending me a new unit. The SEAR function is advertised and hopefully this one will do it. The replacement unit from Cuisinart doesn't work any better than the first one. The SEAR/450 is malfunctioning. I have to pay $24.00 to send the first unit back to Conaire. I will not do business with this company again. I have changed my rating to 1 star.

👤We use our griddler every day. It's perfect for plain toast, sandwiches, grilled cheese or quesadillas. Parchment paper is always used for grilling. You will still have beautiful grill marks in your food, but without the hassle of cleaning them. Jist fold a piece of paper like a book and put your sandwich on the grill. You just slide it out, no cheese, no crumbs, no nothing! I swear by it! After months of use, our plates look brand new.

👤I use this product for paninis. The non-stick coating on the metal plates is fading after a few months of light use. I contacted the manufacturer and was told that the non-stick coating is fading off because I use butter or oil on the bread. The manufacturer requires me to return the plates that are faulty. Paying to ship faulty parts back to the manufacturer is problematic.

👤This is a great improvement over the previous griddle model that I had. It looks better, and I like knowing the temperature on it. It has a timer function that is useful, so I don't have to use it anymore. The old version is better at draining than this one. I used to overcook all of the meat I made in the oven before I had a griddler. Make sure you have a meat thermometer. When it is done cooking internally. It was the easiest clean up ever. If you want to hand wash it, just take the plates off and put them in the dishwasher. I wouldn't recommend letting them sit in water for a long time. I think it could hurt your plates over time. I don't think you will regret buying this.

5. PowerXL Smokeless Multi Purpose Countertop Dishwasher Safe

PowerXL Smokeless Multi Purpose Countertop Dishwasher Safe

SPLASH GUARDS AND APPLICATIONS The user and the surrounding walls are protected from hot grease and oil splatters with extra guards on the sides and back of the griddle. It's great for cooking vegetables, meat, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, etc. It is easy to use and works well for both home and commercial use. Don't let the rain ruin your bar. The premium indoor electric grill will allow you to enjoy all the fun of an outdoor BBQ in the comfort of your home. The 2-in-1 indoor BBQ grill is made of completely non-toxic, non-stick coating. The smooth surface makes it easy to BBQ meat, fish, vegetables, and leave you with authentic grill marks. Excellent indoor grill! The smokeless electric indoor grill will definitely be responsible for a delicious meal. You can cook your favorite foods on the grill. The grill is dishwasher safe. Control temperature, non-stick coating, easy to clean, authentic grill marks, lightweight, are some of the benefits. It is multi-purpose and versatile. If you are not 100% satisfied, they offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy. They are confident that you will love this grill.

Brand: Powerxl

👤I was skeptical at first: grilling without smoke? Yes and no. The grill is smoke-less, but not smoke-free, especially when cooking meats at higher temperatures. The bad news is that our clothes smell like BBQ. I used this to cook a lot of pork belly, sliced beef, and mushrooms indoors. The components were well-designed and look to be of good quality. The meats tasted good despite the fat in the tray. We had a great meal. I took a damp paper towel and wiped the griddle clean after it was still hot. I didn't have to scrub... It all came off without a hitch. The majority of the part looks to be dishwasher safe. If you add a thin layer of water to the fat collection tray before you grill, it will make it easier to clean it. The oil is separated from the water. The BBQ was good, but the house did not smell like BBQ.

👤It was a good choice to get this grill, it was perfect for a delicious dinner.

👤The product is smokeless according to the manufacturer. It is far from it. As I tried to get the smoke out of the house, my Smoke Alarms blared. It was close to causing a major fire. I was following your instructions to cook bacon. Don't make a claim that it's smokeless when it isn't. I'm sure every person who has purchased this item has experienced the same thing. I do not. Don't recommend this product.

👤The first thing I did was grill a couple of 1" thick ribeyes with some red onion, mushrooms and a green pepper on the grill. I added a little rub on the steaks and they were wonderful, tender tasty and I haven't eaten that much in a long time. It was easy to clean up. This grill is very good. It did not set off my smoke alarm because of the fat content of the steaks. A+.

👤You can have the smooth side and the grill side in one unit. It is easy to clean.

👤Works as advertised. It cooks evenly and cleans easily. The value is great.

👤I love it, it's smokeless and easy to clean, I have cooked steaks and burgers on the grill as well as pancakes on the griddle, and have had no issues with smoke coming from the grill, my smoke detector is very sensitive to smoke, and it has not set it

👤Excellent quality and value can be found in simple use and easy to clean.

6. Presto 07047 Touch Electric Griddle

Presto 07047 Touch Electric Griddle

It takes minutes to bakeBelgian waffles. Premium non-stick surface for cooking and cleaning. The dishwasher safe has the heat control detached. Stores are easy to find in a kitchen cabinet. The Control Master heat control keeps the cooking temperature correct. 1300 watt. Easy to clean slide-out tray. The cooking surface is large enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The low profile design and heavy cast aluminum base allow griddle to double as a buffet server.

Brand: Presto

👤I bought this because I thought it would be safe to cook with around the kids, but it turns out that it's actually hot to the touch hot plate, so be warned! It's a great little device, despite the confusing marketing. After teaching the grandkids not to put their fingers on the Hot Touch surface, they love playing cooking sausage for hours on end. We buy bulk pork sausage at the local store and let them cook it in town. I need them to be busy so I can get some work done outside. It works great for everyone because we don't have to worry about making lunch. The kids have gotten creative and started making their own mayonnaise. It was useful for other things when the kids aren't cooking sausage, heating up my motor oil to help it pour faster, or melting down my recyclables. If you put it under the covers during the winter, it will help you heat up the bed before you get in. My wife is not a fan of cold feet. A device that can be used many different ways. Pick one up.

👤I'm very picky about the quality of the griddle I use, as I've been an advocate of electric griddle pancakes for a long time. After using this product for a month, I can say that it is one impressive small electric. This is not the best griddle I've used, but it has all the features I look for, including an easy to clean surface, and a raised edge to avoid messy Cleanup. The temperature is usually heated and ready to go in about 6 minutes. The griddle is not as good as it could be. Some of my pancake batches have not had consistent coloring. The final product is always evenly cooked, even though the coloring is inconsistent. I recommend this product if you're not ready to take the plunge on a more expensive option and you're looking for a reliable griddle.

👤Garbage. Total waste of money. They stuck to the surface after following instructions. I had to throw the eggs away. Attached are photos.

👤This is the best money I have ever spent on Amazon. This indoor electric grill is the best thing that has happened to us this winter because we can't actually fire up a grill outside. The grill taste was still there. We use it to make so many things now and again. We are cooking all kinds of vegetables and fish on the grill. The cast iron material is easy to clean. It is not small but it is bulky. My husband is excited to try new things.

👤This is a great griddle. I made a hibachi for my husband and I and it was great. It was easy to clean.

👤I had one before and was very happy with it. I had used it for a long time and didn't have any issues, but I wanted to try the ceramic griddles that were supposed to be healthier. The non stick was gone after only a few uses of the ceramic griddle. I decided to buy another one because I use my griddle a lot. I looked at all of the features, reviews and griddles and ended up buying the one that I had previously purchased. Non stick is important to me because I don't use oil in my cooking. My son has a metal allergy and so we didn't use the metal on the table. I am very happy with the purchase.

7. Cuisinart GR 4N Griddler Silver Black

Cuisinart GR 4N Griddler Silver Black

Their mouths are used for many things, from teeth grinder to football mouth piece. The 5-1 griddler is a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle. The griddler plates are dishwasher safe and are easy to use, they act as a drain for the grease for cooking more healthy. It is easy to store grease in the integrated tray. Also included: The red/green indicator lights are easy to use, the scraper is dishwasher safe, and the instruction manual has gourmet recipes. There is custom control. The handle with floating cover adjusts to the thickness of the food, there are temperature controls for grill or griddle, and the selector knob can be used for grill or griddle function. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I am sad that I can't give this a full 5 stars, but I must make sure the people are aware of the issues because I can't give a full 5 stars. I have bought two of them in less than 6 years. I have the original box and foam inserts in case I need to move it or send it back for warranty purposes. The plastic side buttons that you push to pop out the grill plates will break after a couple years of use. The metal is inside the machine and it's hard to get to it. I didn't keep the original receipt for the second panini grill because I didn't know if it was under warranty, but I was happy to see that it was still within the warranty. The cost was on me after I called the Warranty number. You're expected to pay an additional $10 to get a repaired or potentially new one back. I asked that the second fee be nixed, as it seemed unfair. I go to the U.S. Post Office with the machine. It cost $38.12 to ship via ground and $42 for priority. I was surprised. The agent joked to the other postal worker that she wanted to buy it from me because the box looked brand new. She dropped her jaw when I said it needed repair. She thought it was ridiculous that they wouldn't send me a postal order as the weight and that it would have to go cross-country. It didn't make sense to ship for more than half the price. I checked with the shipping company and they were over $24. I can see paying fifteen dollars for a product that is too expensive for a newer model, but it's too much money for a product that costs sixty five dollars. I explained my case to Cuisinart. I was told that if I wanted to use the warranty, I had to ship it. They wouldn't give me $34 for a new one. I am disappointed that Cuisinart makes their warranty policy difficult to honor. They didn't bother to respond when I contacted them on Facebook to see if they'd look into my case. I wonder if the extended warranty offered on Amazon would make me want to buy another one. I'm not sure if I'm wasting my money or not. The ethics of a warranty that costs you a fortune in order to be honored is not something I like. The pros of the machine are: -great for grilling meat/fish/vegetables; -great for nonstick plates; and -can make waffles. You're expected to pay $10 to get a repaired or possibly new one back.

👤I'm a chef, so perhaps my expectations are too high, but I was completely disappointed in this product. It looks and feels cheap, but it has so much promise. It is very light, and it rattles when you move it. I don't think it can last long if it is used a lot. The grease trap is difficult to remove. It doesn't cook well. It takes 10 minutes to heat up, but you can try 20 minutes. The grill is struggling to get up to temp for most of the cooking time because the temperature drops quickly when you put food on it. The pannini function is difficult because the top griddle is not heavy enough to heat the product effectively or to get good grill marks. I am a professional cook and would not recommend this product. A good cast iron skillet lasts forever. The Cusinart name has always meant good quality products that cook well and last a long time, and this one does not live up to that.

8. BELLA 14606 Titanium Non Stick Electric Griddles

BELLA 14606 Titanium Non Stick Electric Griddles

Smokeless grilling can be enjoyed indoors. Smoke is captured so you can transform your kitchen or cooking space into an open grill station. No more scrubbing and firing up your grill. You can enjoy your favorite restaurant for dinner any day of the year. The electric grid. This griddle has a 1500 watt heating system, cool touch handles, and a base with a backstop for easy pancake flipping. The easy-to-use dial allows for precise temperature control. The ceramic non-stick coating is 8 times more durable and cooks up to 30% faster than standard non-stick coating. It's reinforced with titanium for its strength. Non-STICK COOKING. The Healthy- Eco coating is free of harmful chemicals. This is a true non-stick surface because of the titanium ceramic coating. Kitchen essentials BELLA has a full range of high-quality products including air fryers, waffle irons, toasts, coffee makers, electric kettles, slow cooker, espresso machines, griddles and juicers. The kitchen should be fun. It can be with BELLA. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life.

Brand: Bella

👤I would have left the most wonderful review if I had done this review within the first two weeks of getting this griddle. I am not happy about a couple more weeks. Since we got it, we've used it almost every day. It's perfect for breakfast. The last couple times we have used it, it is not cooking evenly. The bacon is done on one side of the pan, but the other half is not. I will use it and plan for even cooking. I don't think I should have to do that after about a month of owning it.

👤If you want to burn your house down, do not buy this product. The product was ordered based on the reviews. It was the third time we used this product. The griddle was on for about 5 minutes and we smelled smoke. We unplugged it and were horrified by what we saw. The legs were completely melted. As a family with two small children, we were shocked at the thought of the damages it could've caused. Refer to our photos and be warned.

👤I said I wouldn't buy another product from them after I had used their grey ceramic griddle. I decided to try the BELLA 14606 Copper Titanium coated Non-Stick electric-griddles after reading all the reviews. If you don't warm up the griddle up in 10 minutes, you will get very hot heating across the surface. If you don't thoroughly clean the surface with dish soap and synthetic sponge, you will get a dark ring at the heating element location. I have made hamburgers, sausage, hash browns, some with cheese, all sorts of eggs, bacon and pancakes, no problems. I have never had to change the temperature past 300 because pancakes cook evenly to a golden brown, no light or dark areas and bacon cooks evenly. If your pan is warped or melted, you are in hot water. I use mine every day and it still looks like I just took it out of the box, so be patient and please with the results.

👤Every cooking surface will stick at some point. Depending on what you are cooking and how high you have the cooking setting. Most surfaces need some type of lubrication. Don't stick, that's what I think. The other thing is that after a while, some high heat will change the color of the surface. Since every grill is slightly tipped toward the drain hole, being unhappy with eggs is a thing of the past. sliding in that direction should be expected. This is what I found after making those statements. The Titanium surface is very slippery. Eggs, potatoes, hash, hamburgers are hard to pick up with a spatula because they slide across the surface. If you need to scoop the eggs up fast, you need to use something to hold them in place when you scoop them up with the spatula. I use a spatula to keep them from sliding. I have had some meat that left some material stuck to the surface. The surface is clean again after a little soap and water. The tray is small. I filled the tray with one pound of bacon and put it in the oven. The cooking tempter was the other thing. As I scanned the entire surface, I found the following using a heat reader. After it cooled off, I read it again. After the temperature light went off, each test was started with a cold surface. At: 200%, at 250%, at 350%, and at 400%, it read from 243-319 to 354-465. The surface didn't read the same temperature at the same time. The highest reading is the lowest. I bought this as a replacement for the last non stick one that had the start coming off. Why did I rate it a five? It works as well as the others, it's easy to clean and it doesn't stick. Nothing is perfect and I will adjust to it. I am 73 years old and have had to relearn how to cook again. I'm "Dolly Domestic" for the next few months because my wife just had a hip replacement. I'm going to order the fry pan next. I use an electric skillet for stir-fry's. The titanium will work well. After 4 months my wife and I don't like it. I finally found a turner that works, but the surface is now showing burned in oil like the underside of other griddles. The heating is not normal. I'm going to give it away and replace it with a new one.

9. ALES H1001 Smokeless Healthy Eco Hassle Free

ALES H1001 Smokeless Healthy Eco Hassle Free

Before using a new electric griddle, it is best to heat it for a few minutes without food, and then use a high heat to cool it down. The service life and taste of the food made later have been greatly improved after letting the electric skillet preheat for a few times. Extra-large Capacity: Measuring 20” X 10”- Cook For The Whole Family! The large cooking area has a big grill. Grease helps keep the flavor. Making food cooked on the grill. The 1500W efficient heating system can heat quickly and keep it cool. Different kinds of food can be temperature controlled with six settings. The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean. Cleanup is a snap, it comes with a tray to catch excess grease. It's ideal for any meat, from breakfast to dinner, and it's also ideal for family meals. Eggs, Pancakes, Grilled Cheese, and Burgers are made without other pans.

Brand: Ales

👤The Grease bin is too small. The pancake mix ran into the Grease bin because it was not flat. The grease bin was over filled with bacon and grease. It might work for grilled cheese.

👤We ordered an alcoholic beverage. We received a dog. It looks the same as the Ales. We used it for the first time today. There were no instructions. I used the same settings as I had a different griddle. I had to keep increasing the temp when I was cooking bacon on the griddle. To finish cooking.

👤I already owned a smaller electric grill. I was not sure if this would be a good choice. The old grill has been put to the side since I purchased this griddle. It's easy to clean the electrical wire when it comes out and you can wash it under water. It warms up pretty quickly. I love cooking outdoors.

👤I bought this for someone. I think my daughter will like this one. It is a good size. The non-stick surface will make it easy to clean. The temperature control will make cooking easier. I hope she cooks for me.

👤This is a great griddle. It is easy to use. You can reduce the heat to avoid burning anything. We made pancakes and quesadillas on the griddle and both turned out well. It has enough space for about 8 pancakes or two quesadillas at a time. I wish the cord was a little longer. I would recommend this appliance.

👤I have yet to find a unit that did not heat evenly. I think it's just the nature of the beast. I won't let that affect my rating because it's better than most I have used. The dimensions of this unit made it a perfect fit for the drawer it is stored in and I bought it because it was rated well. It takes up almost no room. The second picture shows my design and construction of the cabinets. A corner cabinet is a great use of it.

👤I have had a griddle for a while. Eggs, bacon, deer tenderloin, pancakes, and potato rounds have been cooked on it. The food does not stick. The only thing that I don't like is that the tray is small, so I need to check it more often. If you cook a pound of bacon at once, it will run over.

👤It works great despite the fact that there is some temperature variability. The temperature difference was about 7 degrees across the surface, using my thermometer. The temperature was 55 degrees higher across the surface at the 200 degree setting. This may change in the future so be aware. Cleaning was easy. Would recommend.

10. Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle Removable

Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle Removable

WARRANTY You will get a free 12-month warranty to make sure you have the best experience. If you have any suggestions about the product, you can send them a message and they will help you out within 24 hours. The premium surface is easy to clean. The slide-out tray is easy to clean. Control Master maintains the cooking temperature. The heavy cast aluminum base is very resistant to warp. The heat control has been removed. The handles from the griddle base can be easily removed with the open latch clips. There were no tools needed. Base stores in most 18-inch kitchen cabinets. The cooking area is 231 square inch.

Brand: Presto

👤We used the grill. It was fine. We found the manual when we looked at the broken edge of the drip pan. We got it in January. Not cool.

👤Great Griddle! I had a Cast iron that didn't heat evenly and I wanted the electric to distribute the heat better. I was worried about the reviews but decided to try it. I was very happy I did. Maybe they didn't let the griddle warm up before using it? I have made French toast and pancakes on it and am very happy with it. I used it on the 300 setting for the pancakes. I am very pleased with the fact that it is easy to clean and I will be making more big weekend breakfasts. I can't wait to try other things on it, but one dish breakfast, or 6 big pancakes at a time? That is awesome.

👤I initially set it at the lowest heat and gave it a few minutes. After stabilizing at 350, moved it to 500. There was no warping at all. I made pancakes with no oil. Even cooking.

👤The right side cooks hotter than the left, but it's roomy and cooks evenly. The surface on my older model was too scratched to use anymore, so I prefer my newer model. The old model has no plastic edging to protect surroundings or body parts from accidental touching. I have accidentally rubbed up against this and burned myself. My older model had a drain area on 3 of the 4 sides and the back was the only exposed area. I like my older model. The drain tray was longer and narrower, which doesn't seem to make a difference, but it does. This one is shallow and wide. Is it nit-picking? It's an issue I've confronted early on, so I thought it was worth mentioning. The surface is ridged, but so far so good, I thought it would be more difficult to clean. I think this may make a difference later on. The thermostat plug fits snug in place, which is a great improvement over my older model where the plug would fall out. If only Presto could make an adjustment to the leg so that it would drain to the front. That would be amazing. The unit sits level and you have to tilt it to get the most grease off the top. I'm satisfied since I can cook a full pack of bacon on it. I will use a frying pan for pancakes.

👤My husband loves cooking. I bought it for him after he said he liked it. He uses this all the time. We have had a griddle for almost a year. The non-stick surface is very durable and things to love about this griddle. It is not smooth, but it is hard and non-stick. It holds up well with metal utensils. It can get very hot very fast. The power cord and handles need to be removed for cleaning and storage. It's big enough to do 8 or more pancakes at a time, or 8 grilled cheese sandwiches, or six slices of bacon and four fried eggs. There is a lot of room on this griddle. Some of the parts feel cheap, so I don't love this griddle. The grill surface is heavy and durable, but the grease tray is cheap and broke after a few months, I was not present at the time. The clips that hold the handles on seem to be more fragile than they should be. The heat is not completely across the grill. There are not cold spots, but it is hot and hotter. You can quickly learn where the hottest spots are and then make sure everything gets fried, grilled, and melted. The kind of cooking you do on this grill is high maintenance, with a lot of flipping, and so you just move stuff around to get even cooking you want. The handles on the dishwasher can come off, but nothing else can. It is difficult to remove the handles. They have clips at each end of the handle, which make it easy to flip it over when you're setting up the grill. When it's hot and covered with bacon grease, it's a little more of a pain. The size of the griddle makes it a challenge to get clean. We have a kitchen sink with a faucet that has a hose, but it would be hard to rinse it. The pattern on the non-stick surface makes it necessary to use a soft brush and scrub it off if you don't want residual bacon grease flavoring your grilled cheese. This thing doesn't fit very well. It doesn't fit in any of my cabinets even though the handles have been removed. I thought about the top of the fridge. It was leaning up on the wall on the counter. I'm on travel and my husband is always on the island, so I sit out on the island. A few short-comings, but very happy with this appliance.

11. Electric Griddle Non Stick Temperature Control

Electric Griddle Non Stick Temperature Control

The 5QT capacity is spacious. Cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner for you and your family in minutes. This 1200W electric griddle is great for cooking food inside-out. No oil needed! The non-stick cooking surface makes it easier to clean your meal. PFOA is completely free for your meal. You can adjust the temperature with a 5-level temperature dial. It's easy to clean the griddle and tray with soapy water. A non-metal cleaning pad can be used to clean the non-stick plate. Customer Service in the US lets you buy with confidence. The product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a year from the original purchase date.

Brand: Ovente

👤This item works well for me. I adjusted my cooking temperature after reading the reviews. The griddle is very hot. I don't think there is a need to go above 3 on the dial. Smash burgers are cooked on 3. The tilt of the griddle is the only issue I have with this product. This product is for people who want to avoid oil in their food. The oil runs off quickly. Excellent purchase for me.

👤I do not understand the good reviews this had. I used this 4 times after following the suggestion of putting oil and rubbing off, and every time there was black on the paper towel, I tried that again. If you used the heat guide, everything would quickly burn, and it would not clean easily. I would give this a negative number of stars.

👤The manufacturer of this griddle knows that the numbers on the settings are incorrect and has had several conversations with me about it. There is no way to know which number to use for which type of food you are trying to cook. The settings in the booklet are different and I received an email that said the settings were correct. I am returning the griddle because I am not sure how to use it correctly.

👤The description states that this is not cast iron. Plastic spatulas are not needed on cast iron. I bought this because it said cast iron. It is light in weight. I guess I will work.

👤I returned two of the other brand griddles I bought for terrible temperature control. It is small and light and can be quickly used. You have to learn by trial and error where to set the heat level. It's mostly used for fried eggs and grilled cheese.

👤My 15 year old griddle was time to be replaced. I looked on Amazon after searching for local department stores. After reading the reviews I decided to purchase an extended warranty for a few extra dollars. I used the griddle after I received it and it worked the same as before. It cooks evenly and cleans easily. The heating prong is a little snug. I like to cook my food on an electric griddle, it saves electricity, and my banana pancakes turned out perfect.

👤I was not happy with this item. I thought it was a lot smaller and it sticks. I bought a griddle at Wal-mart and it lasted 5 years.

👤This should have been purchased many years ago. It is easy to make pancakes. Have eaten London Broil and hamburgers.


What is the best product for electric griddle grill?

Electric griddle grill products from Power. In this article about electric griddle grill you can see why people choose the product. Presto and Cuisinart are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric griddle grill.

What are the best brands for electric griddle grill?

Power, Presto and Cuisinart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric griddle grill. Find the detail in this article. Powerxl, Bella and Ales are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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