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1. Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon Electric

Hamilton Beach 38529 Durathon Electric

waffle maker takes up less space in cabinets and countertops. The knife is removed for easy cleaning. You can serve straight from the pan at the table with the 12” x 15” skillet. It can be washed in the sink or dishwasher. Four times more corrosive than non-destructive. The ceramic surface on this electric pan is four times more durable than traditional nonstick and it won't crack or peel. It is free of both PFOA and PTFE. The temperature can be adjusted from 200- 400 F. The heat is variable for a wide range of cooking options, and the glass lid lets you keep an eye on food as it cooks. The low setting will keep food warm until dinner. You can use corrugated on either side. There's no need to worry about the layout of your kitchen, the distance you have from a kitchen outlet, or whether you're left- or right-handed because the skillet of this electric cooker is reversible. The skillet, lid and base can be washed in the dishwasher once the cord has been removed from the cooker.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I needed to replace my old fry pan. The one I bought was based on the amount of stars. I was not a fan of glass lids, but thought I could live with them. Eye of round steak is a dish I usually do on a slow boil with vegetables and tomatoes. The middle and opposite ends of the pan did not brown at all. I put the vegs over top, added a small can of tomato juice, put the lid on, and set the temp to a slow boil. It came to a full boil quickly. I kept going down until I got it to the point I wanted. The hot & cold cycling would come to a stop for a while, then everything came back to a boil. The temp was set. This pan runs hotter than the dial says, because it was in the 200 range at this time. Most of the liquids evaporated before the cooking time was up because the steam vent in the lid is wide open. The meat was very close to being burnt on the bottom as I took it out of the pan to serve. It was at 200 degrees. I've been making this meal for over 50 years and never had to babysit it. I tried bacon again today. The 2 slices nearest the plug end were cooked nicely. It took forever to fry 1 1/2 lbs. I liked the ceramic of this pan. The rest of the performance of this pan is not worth the hassle or money. The glass lid has a metal rim. I can see where it might be a problem sooner than you think. I am returning the pan because I don't want to try it a third time.

👤I received this pan on July 1st. We used it four times. I didn't cook anything with bones because it would scratch the pan. Did not touch it with metal. It was only used on medium heat. There is a patch of copper that has been removed from the pan. It's not hard to come off, like I have to. I dry it with a towel. The pan has a warranty. Let them know that there was an obvious defect after only 4 uses. The days went by. I was told to contact another department. Contacted them about the problem. They ask for proof of purchase after a while. Immediately, sent. They asked me to take a picture of the pan with the series number on it. Right away, sent. They needed another picture and I would have to send them money to do it. They said I had to pay the bill before they could do anything else. That is not a warranty. It's a scam. Terrible customer service. I wasted time and money on a pan that had bad reviews and seemed like a great feature. They weren't true in my case. I have a pan that I need to throw away because I don't want my paint chips to fall off the pan.

2. Hamilton Beach 31612 MX Raclette Nonstick

Hamilton Beach 31612 MX Raclette Nonstick

Multi-Function makes many dishes without the need for multiple pots or pans. The electric griddle is perfect for family meals, entertaining, or cooking a variety of foods for picky eaters all at once. It is possible to serve up to 8 people. The Raclette Portable Party Grill has a 200 square inch grill and 8 warming trays for individual serving. It's perfect for family meals. TheRILL There is a lot of food with variable heat controls. The raclette grill is a great place to grill meats, shrimp, and vegetables at a high heat while the cheese and sauces are warm in the individual raclette warming trays below. Easy clean up. The grill plate, raclette warming trays and accessories are dishwasher safe. Each person can easily modify their dish with their favorites ingredients by using the 8 individual warming trays. The table temperature is perfect for keeping cheese warm on a cold day. When the grill is on, the light illuminates to remind you to turn it off when you're done cooking. What is Rachelle? The name of the cheese used to make the old Swiss meal. Raclette is more often prepared with the help of specialized electric grills.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This is what you want. It has a surface area of 200 square inches, which is larger than others. The cooking surface is non-stick. It gets very hot and is able to cook a lot for 8 people. The best value I found was $50. I just bought another one to send to my daughter and will be buying a third one to have larger parties at home. We sent back a different raclette we bought because the cooking surface was similar to a cookie sheet. Heavy die-cast is long lasting and durable. People were concerned about the raclette getting hot enough. I'm telling you that this one is large, hot, durable, and priced the best. I am a verified buyer and have not been compensated for this review.

👤I love this grill. We grilled on it chicken, steak, salmon and veggies. You can have a big party with 8 little pans for cheese. I recommand it.

👤I don't know if I got a bad unit, but the grill wasn't hot enough to use for anything other than keeping meat warm. There was no roasting after 20 minutes. Chicken and beef were dry. The onions, mushrooms, and peppers are warm and soft. We had to use a stove and pan. It can melt cheese.

👤We used this as a Christmas present and then on New Year's Eve. This appliance is working. The only heat source is under the top plate because the bottom doesn't get hot. The cheese was very slow to melt and everything took a long time to cook. The 4 slots towards the middle worked well and the 4 corner slots were cold. I give it 4 stars for being easy to clean, but not for everything else. The first extension cord we used got very hot and we couldn't touch it. The side of the table could have been burned.

👤Who doesn't love melted cheese? It takes a while to warm, but once warmed enough, it works well. The power cord is too long. It is a joke. I would want to put the raclette grill in the center of the table if I used it with 8 people. There is a power outlet in the middle of a dining table. No one, right? Unless you have a power outlet in the middle of the table, you will need an extension.

👤The product was solid. The pans are flimsy and it takes a while to heat up. I have to turn it all the way up to melt the cheese. It gets hot once it gets hot. I used the grill for the first time recently and it worked out great. The top plate can be washed once it has cooled down. Some other grills don't include the scraper tools. It does what it is designed to do. The price was decent. Happy with the purchase, and would give it a 5 star rating. The heating elements should be lower to melt the cheese faster. Raclette cheese can be hard to find in the US outside of winter. Kroger sells speciality cheese in their section. Sam's Club and Costco sell a European cheese tray with small slices of various cheeses which work well, especially the gruyere and the fontina. I am very happy with this grill and looking forward to many more uses.

3. Hamilton Beach 798527530727 38546 Smokeless

Hamilton Beach 798527530727 38546 Smokeless

The grill is designed for BBQ lovers and comes with an exclusive one-year warranty. The included parts are the grill base, drip tray, extra large non-stick grill plate, and thermostat control knob. 3-in-1 cooking versatile: full grill, half grill, and half griddle. The plates have a grill on one side and a griddle on the other. It can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Two cooking areas with independent heat and a center Grease Channel have a Drip Tray Underneath. The large 180 square inch surface Cooks up to 8 serving for a family meal. The nonstick plates and tray are dishwasher safe. The components were included. Grease tray is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This is a disappointment. I like the idea of having plates with a grill on one side and the griddle plate to make it easier to clean and to make it more appealing. It should drain to the middle of the tray. It drips onto the edge of the drip channel and some goes into the tray and some ends up draining under the plate as the heating element burns the drippings. The drippings that go under the plates end up inside the base. After it cools. You tilt it to wipe it down and the oil is leaking out. I can only imagine that this is a fire hazard because of the wires in the base. The set up seems to be more of a mess than anything else.

👤I got this griddle because it was hard to clean up after use. The plates of this one are easy to clean, however that isn't a complete clean up with this unit - grease builds on and *in* the base. I found a build up of grease when I disassembled it. I will not use my unit again because it is a fire hazard. Plates come off and fit in the dishwasher, small and easy to clean, but grease drips poorly. Grease builds up over time around heating elements and the base, because some amount gets to area around heating elements and into the base each use. This component is non-immersible and does not appear to have been designed with this area in mind. The unit smokes when used. This lifespan was between 23 months and 40 uses. The dial is cheaply attached and small enough for a 2-person meal. They are very loud at the lightest touch.

👤I was not sure of my purchase after reading so many negative reviews about the pans and the burning of the coils. I am glad I didn't listen to those reviews and went through with my purchase. I use it to grill steaks, chicken, pancakes, eggs, sausage, and extremely greasy bacon. All the oil went to the middle. Nothing I've made has stuck and it's easy to clean. I can't think of a single reason why people would complain about oil burning the coils, it's because they didn't clean their pans completely. This was the only thing I could think of that worked, and everything goes to the drip pan in the middle.

👤Don't buy! This was bought in August of last year and is going to be thrown away. I attached a picture to show you why. The grease got into the heating elements and then out. This looks like a very high chance of a grease fire. After my first review, we continued to use it, mainly because we were able to drive it til the wheels fell off. We cleaned the plates after every use. The lack of grease splatters on the griddle made it easier to cook bacon. It is on its way out after this. Do not purchase this product. The item is not a stick. We expected to have to season it. Everything sticks, no matter what oil is used. Food doesn't stick as bad if you cook at a low temperature. Forget about having your eggs easy. Or medium. It will also stick to bacon. Even pancakes! It has a habit of missing the grease catcher and travelling underneath and into the heating element parts. It leaks all over the counter and it's hard to clean. It's nice to be able to just use one side, and the trays are easy to clean. It would be better if it wasn't so hard to cook. Maybe it works better on the grill side. Don't try it for breakfast.

4. Hamilton Beach 25430 Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25430 Sandwich Maker

Storage that is compact and upright. You can make a hot sandwich in a few minutes, turning a lunchtime staple into something special. You can cook other meals like omelets, French toast and desserts. The plates are easy to clean. Lock the handle and store this appliance upright in a cabinet. The preheat light lets you know when the unit is ready to cook, and the power on light lets you know the unit is on. preheat lights

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This is the crappiest thing I have ever spent money on and I don't usually write reviews. The first time I used it, it fell apart.

👤A sandwich maker is a must have in every household. Take your sandwich game to the next level. There are a couple negative critiques about this product. There are ridges around where you eat. There is a ditch between the sandwhich and the hardware. It's especially painful when you're making sandwhich with cheese in it because it ends up stuck in the ridge, which is both unsanitary and difficult to clean. I kept my sandwhich maker in a top cupboard in case the roaches found it. The ridges within the sand which the maker press into the bread are a design flaw. My parents bought the sandwhich maker for me when I was a child because it was a great way to make me a snack after school. I can't remember what brand it was, but the sandwhich is not cut cleanly after cooking is a different story. I need a knife to separate my sandwhich. I wish I could avoid this step, but for children it's a safety hazard. Children don't need a knife to make grilled cheese. If your main goal is to provide ease for your children, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

👤I usually like Hamilton products, but this one had a design issue. It is very easy to use, but we can't say the same about cleaning it. You have to use something very narrow to get the cheese and bread out of the space between the handle and the plates. If I knew about it earlier, I would probably get another machine.

👤The plastic posts that hold the upper plate snapped on the first grilled cheese sandwich. My daughter was almost burned by it. I read the reviews. Since it was an Amazon pick, I decided to try it. It wasn't worth it. I was going to return it, but I was so angry I almost burned my child. For 17 dollars. I threw it in the trash. This is a serious issue. Maybe use a metal post instead of a platic one to hold the device together. Maybe the next one won't be as frightening. Definitely not this brand.

👤I didn't know how the sandwich was put together when I used it for the first time. I decided to make a sandwich. I should have looked at other photos. A typical sandwich is cut in half and not on a diagonal. I put the one side of bread on the right side and the other side on the left. I put cheese on the left side. What a mess! It was covered with cheese all over it. The instructions don't mention anything about orienting the sandwich. I sent it back and received another. I thought the grilled sandwiches were very good. It's difficult to clean as well. There is an update. The Replacement was just as bad as the original. It made more of a mess than the first time, but I thought it made ok grilled cheese sandwhiches. I tried a small amount of cheese. When you close the grill, the sandwhich will squeeze and gush everywhere because it is too small. I returned the second one for a full refund. NotRECOMMENDED.

5. Hamilton Beach 25460A Sandwich Stainless

Hamilton Beach 25460A Sandwich Stainless

There is a toothbrush travel case, a full-size brush head, 2 brush head covers, and a 30-second timer. Use the panini press to try some sandwiches. The lock top lid can be used to warm pizzas. The hot sandwich maker has a floating lid that evenly presses sandwiches. No need to flip. The sandwich can be heat and brown by using the nonstick grids. Green means go. 6 minutes before use is the best time to preheat the sandwich maker. When the press is ready to cook your sandwich, the built-in ready light will turn green. The top locked. To make an easy sandwich, lock the panini press lid. The story is uplifting. It can be discreetly on your countertop or in your kitchen cabinet. There is a shiny chrome finish. The press looks great on the counter.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I bought this for my husband because he wanted a grill. I looked at grills that were more expensive, but chose the one that had good reviews. I will upgrade him when he proves he is responsible. This one is nice because there isn't a lot of settings to worry about and you can remember what you need to use. Just turn it on, watch for the light, and then you're ready to eat. He likes the way his sandwiches turn out and always uses thick sourdough bread. I told him to butter the grill, not the bread, and now his results are much better. The grill surfaces are easy to clean. If there is cheese, it wipes off with a paper towel. Nothing sticks to the surface. It is the perfect size for two nice sandwiches, but not too big and bulky to have to worry about where to store it, and it is not so big that it is easy to move around and clean. A lot of the lower priced models did not have a floating lid. The hinged floating lid on this one will allow you to get thick sandwiches in there and the lid will lay flat and evenly on top. It's nice for burgers and steaks too. It's nice to have something like this when it's too cold to run a grill outside. We like to eat NY Strip and Porterhouse steaks a lot, so this little grill is great to get us through the winter and not miss out. We are able to get them done to our liking because this sears them perfectly. Boneless split chicken breasts/tenders work well as well. It is very well made and we are both happy with it. I am happy to have found a good model at a good price and he is happy that it works well and is easy to use. It's a perfect combination of price, performance and value. The build quality is perfect and it has all the necessary features.

👤I have used it 10 times since I bought it four months ago. I cleaned it with a sponge and some Dawn dish detergent according to the directions. The non-stick coating on the "ridges" where I place the sandwich is starting to wear out. That is a short product life. The buyer should beware. It worked well on the positive side.

👤The box is beautiful. It works well. You need to hold the handle down in order for it to work. Cleanup is messy. The oil is on the countertop. We returned the item for a full refund because it was too messy to use. They should add a latch. You don't have to hold it while it's working. I Dossow suggests that you put a cool collected fruit on the bottom of the counter so you don't have a messy counter.

👤My wife has gotten into making gourmet class sandwiches but doesn't have the right equipment. I made the purchase because I thought it would be a good gift. My wife agreed to use the product on a gourmet sandwich consisting of Swiss and Gruyre cheese with turkey, bacon and smoked tomato paste, despite being skeptical about the product. The bread was made from scratch. The butter on the bread was still hot, the cheese was still cold, and the grill was impossible to clean without scrubbing the cheap, thin non-stick coating down to the metal. We had the next pickup. The last Hamilton Beach product we purchase will be a waste of money.

6. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Dash is a U.S. based company that provides contact information in the product manual. The breakfast sandwich maker cooks your sandwich in just 5 minutes. It's perfect for a quick meal on the go. The dual breakfast sandwich maker is great for kids, extra guests, or if you're hungry. The complimentary breakfast maker recipe book puts plenty of fun and delicious meals right at your fingertips, whether you are looking for low-cholesterol or high-fat meals. These are great for the Paleo and Keto diet. Perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, father's day, mother's day, graduation, back to school and more. The breakfast maker is dishwasher safe and easy to clean up. Quick and easy recipes are included.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤It works as advertised. I didn't like how the egg was cooked. I just put the egg on the bun. I opened the top of the machine and added the top bun after I let the egg cook for a while. The machine made a mess of the cheese. I added my cheese. Right. The machine was done cooking the sandwich. The sandwich was perfect for me. Everything else worked as advertised. I needed to change the way I work in order to fit my needs. My preferences are completely different from yours. Hope my review helped. They stated in the manual that they had four stars.

👤Egg sandwiches are easy to cook. After reading reviews of people who gave it a low rating, I think it is user error. Here are some things to do. The handles are hot. Once the cooking is done, use an oven to open the handle. The egg isn't cooking the whole way through. Don't overload the yolk with things. That's your problem. Wait for it to cool down before cleaning. The egg should be gone by now. For the people who complained about the order of the meat and cheese not being like a Mcdonald's Egg McMuffin...flip your bread order. It's simple. Attached photo... Woah. Reviewers are so dumb these days. Use your brain.

👤I have made a breakfast sandwich every day since receiving this, and I love it! My kids have been opting for a healthy breakfast sandwich over their usual choice of sugar-laden cereals so that is a huge plus. It's much better to have pre-made frozen ones than it is to have them in the microwave. You can control the ingredients like a whole grain English muffin, turkey sausage or ham, egg whites, or a low fat cheese. It takes 5 minutes to make a breakfast sandwich from start to finish and the clean up is easy, usually an easy wipe down. No lie, easy. After thinking about what to do with a lot of mashed potatoes, I decided to use some of them in a breakfast sandwich maker. I can say that they turned out beautifully and were much better uniformed than those made on the stove. This appliance can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. I have been very pleased with its performance.

👤We spent a morning experimenting. Here's what we found. English muffins are the best bread to use. If the machine was already used, the crossiants will still be very hot. Allow 5 minutes of cooling time before making another batches. One of the batches used scrambled eggs. Allow the eggs to cook for 2 minutes. The egg was allowed to cook for 3 minutes before adding tops. The cooking time was 4 minutes. The bread was sliced in half. Allowed eggs to cook first then add tops. Perfectly hot sandwiches. Sausages and ham were used. We put the sausages in the microwave to thaw them. They were links that were cut in half to make 4 halves. The ham was folded in half. The cheese was sliced and used. The corners of the cheese stick out a tiny bit, but stay on the machine and there is no leaking on to the counter. We matched all the breads, meats, and cheeses. The kids helped out with the experiment and only a few failed with cooking times. English muffins are the easiest bread to bake. Don't allow egg to cook before adding the tops; just throw it all in. The crossiants had scrambled egg, ham, and Swiss. It was delicious! The sourdough slices are very nice. Also did a sliced sourdough, thin slice of mozzarella, thin slice of tomato, and some basil, but left the egg dividers open. It was a nice snack. It would be better with bacon. It's a word. It is easy to clean up. Put the cups in a bowl of hot soapy water and rinse them. I used a warm wash cloth to wipe away the crumbs and melted cheese from the machine, it came right off.

7. Hamilton Beach Adjustable Browning 26081

Hamilton Beach Adjustable Browning 26081

preheat lights When the ready light comes on for waffles, just add batter to the waffle iron and it will be ready in a few minutes. You can choose how dark or light your waffles are. The ceramic plates are easy to clean. It is easy to wipe down 87" deep waffles. When the Belgian waffle maker is turned on and when to add batter are indicated by power and ready lights. waffle maker takes up less space in cabinets and countertops.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤These waffles were made in the waffle maker. They came out great. Don't use oil. It's not healthy. It will ruin the waffle maker's non-stick surface. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I love my waffle maker. Plug it in, let it heat up, and it is ready to go! The size is perfect. I can make many more things than just waffles with the way we eat. I am going to try the brownie mix. I am very happy I purchased this.

👤I love the waffle maker's price and the plates are made of copper instead of Teflon. I was worried that the waffles would stick or not bake because of the low price and material. This waffle maker makes waffles that are tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. I only use a small amount of oil to brush the plates, and there has never been an issue with sticking. I would love to be a gourmet chef who makes everything from scratch, but I don't have the time to do that. If you are looking for a great waffle mix, here is the kind I recommend. Water and butter are all you need. A perfect bake can be achieved after two minutes and forty-five seconds. I set a timer on my phone. Each box has two pouches that make 5 waffles. The waffle maker can be stored upright. I leave it by the coffee maker on the counter top because it doesn't take up a lot of room.

👤I like that, I used to use a metal fork to dig the waffles out of the waffle maker, but I haven't done that yet. The waffle can be lifted with a plastic fork. A quick wipe with a paper towel is all it takes. I did the first waffle with the temp set halfway, but turned it up just a tad to find the perfect spot. When the waffle is ready to be taken out, there is a light that goes on. This item is what I wanted and I have had it for about two months. I gave up on the waffle maker when the handle broke. The handle on this one seems to be the same one used to pour the batter and remove the waffle. It seems to be a bit fragile. Let your roommate know that tossing a waffle maker at you in a heated argument is not a good idea.

👤It's difficult to make breakfast for the family, one waffle at a time, so I probably should have gotten 2 of these when they were on sale. The waffle iron can be used with pancake mix or homemade batter, just make it with an extra egg or two and a little vegetable oil to keep it from sticking. You don't need to spray any PAM on the grids, they are just fine without it. Just be sure to heat up the unit before you add the first batches of batter, and let it cook until the steam stops coming off of it.

8. Hamilton Beach 25371 Electric Cooking

Hamilton Beach 25371 Electric Cooking

The control panel on the handle was made with ergonomics in mind. A 90 square inch surface can be used to grill up to 6 meals at once. It's also great for the Paleo diet. Grills meals in 10 minutes or less are great for a quick meal. The Nonstick Plates are easy to clean and the Drip Tray is dishwasher safe. Fat gets away from food as it cooks. Let the power and preheat lights do the work for you. The grill has two indicator lights. Red indicates that the power is on. The unit is ready to use. Prepare with cover closed. The green light will come on once the grill has reached the proper temperature.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I have been using George foreman grills for many years. Some have non-removable plates. I decided to go to the Hamilton beach to see if they are any better than the George foreman models. There is a word of warning. The grill plates are not replaceable. I didn't realize this until I ordered it. I thought I would just return to Amazon and get another brand that had plates. I read some product reviews and found a great tip to clean up. Put the two paper towels on the grill plates and close the lid after you have finished. This works like magic. After the grill is cool, repeat the process and use a sponge with soap to clean the grill. This is how clean up is done. I wish I knew this years ago. The George foreman unit has edge drips that are locked in place, but the drip tray slides in under the grill. I have been using this for a while. I love it. The reviewer shared the wet paper towel trick. It really works.

👤I don't like buying stuff on Amazon that is misleading or lies. This grill would have to be angled in order for gravity to drain the fat, like every other grill does. All the food you grill on this grill will sit in its own fat, like a frying pan, because it is at a perfect zero, which is the result of using a laser level. I bought a grill that is supposed to drain fat, not a frying pan. I still have to print the label and drive the package to the store even though I have a free return.

👤This is one of the best things I have ever purchased on Amazon. I use this every day. It's easy to use and it cooks meat quickly, but it's also tender and juicy. If you are buying this, make sure to clean it while it is still warm. I use wipes to get food off my body. I use a rag to wipe it down. It's easy to clean that way.

👤I researched grills before buying this Hamilton Beach grill as we needed a replacement for our George Foreman grill that had been working for over 14 years. Other brands were a reasonable cost and I looked at all of them. Reviewers said it would not hold much food. The grill is large enough to hold at least 4 hamburgers and 4 pork chops. We have been very pleased with how well the grill cooks and have cooked chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and pork chops on it. I am very happy with the slide out tray. When cooking hamburgers, it holds a lot of grease. I was a little worried that it would overflow and be all over under the unit, but it is very deep and holds a lot of grease, as the hamburger is usually. It is well cleaned up with paper towels. I would have made the cord a bit longer, but it is working out well for us, and that is a minor thing. We are very pleased with the cost. The indoor grill is very affordable and works great.

9. Hamilton Beach FBA_25357 Removable 60 Inch

Hamilton Beach FBA_25357 Removable 60 Inch

The skillet, lid and base can be washed in the dishwasher once the cord has been removed from the cooker. It's possible to serve up to 4 people on a 60 square inch surface, whether it's hamburgers, hotdogs, or chicken kabobs. There are more than skewers, BBQ and burgers. Hot sandwiches, fish, pizza, vegetables, fruit and more can be eaten outdoors. It's great for the Paleo and Kato diet. It is easy to clean. Nonstick plates are dishwasher safe. A tray catches excess grease. Most meals are cooked in under 10 minutes. The ready light will switch on when the grill is at optimal temperature for cooking. Low fat drilling. Fat leaves food and goes into the dishwasher safe grease tray.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I own a larger one that my kids used when they were teenagers, and I purchased a larger one for my mother who lives alone, and I also purchased a larger one for my brother's family. The model does not have a dial timer, so you will have to turn it off when you are done cooking. The model above other types of grills like this is that both cooking surfaces are removed for thorough cleaning. The surface is very durable, but don't use abrasives on it to last a lifetime. It's great for Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Grilled Cheeses, and Chicken Breasts.

👤I replaced my grill with this one and like it very much. It is larger than the Foreman grill and less expensive. The grease tray on the Foreman model was more difficult to clean. It's much easier to wash the plates with the other dishes. The first time I used this grill, it made cracking sounds, but that has not happened since. I would recommend this grill to anyone who needs an easy to clean grill.

👤I'm very happy with this grill. I decided to try this one because of the plates. The feature is nice, but I like the cooking. I only use it for big burgers. The inside of the grills were always pink. I just put the burger in, press the lid down, and walk away from the grill after 4 minutes. The burgers are cooked uniformly.

👤It was received today! I can't believe it. I have never had a problem with Hamilton Beach products. It was purchased to replace a grill. Love the size. It cooks well. It is easy to clean. I noticed that a piece holding one of the plates broke off while I was cleaning. I didn't have a chance to wipe it off because it was on the platform. One time! What happened? I'm not happy that I'm going to have to deal with this.

👤I returned it because it was too small. It's perfect for one or two people. Plates don't come out of the grill. It is hard to clean. The grill plates come out, that's why this one is perfect. I will order a bigger one.

👤The money was wasted. Doesn't meet my needs. I didn't think it was hot enough. Vegetables take too long to cook and meat looks unappetizing. I tried some meat. Pork chops are not good. I donated it because it was too late to return it.

👤This grill is amazing. Hamilton Beach products are always consistent and great. It's easy to clean this girl. Remove the grils. It does a great job. I cook chicken on it and remove the fat but keep the juices so it doesn't dry out. You will not be disappointed. This is an honest review.

👤After 20 years, my original Hamilton Beach grill died and I replaced it with a new model that works well and is easy to clean, because I am not allowed to have a grill in my apartment.

10. Hamilton Beach 26031 Removable Belgian

Hamilton Beach 26031 Removable Belgian

It's easy to flip for Fluffy weasels. The Durathon Belgian Waffle Maker lets you make waffles that are thick, fluffy and delicious. Four times more corrosive than non-destructive. The Durathon ceramic grids are four times more durable than traditional nonstick grids and are free of PFOA and PTFE. It's easy to clean up and it's dishwasher safe. After cooking, simply let the waffle maker cool, then remove the ceramic grids and tray for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Perfectly brown hair with adjusting browning control. You have total control over how waffles come out. You can get waffles that are golden brown on the outside and fluffy on the inside, whichever shade you pick. STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING. The Belgian waffle iron has a classic restaurant-style design and is built to last.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This waffle iron is wonderful. After reading all the reviews I ordered this and the first thing I did was read the instruction book. I washed the grill plates in the sink and then used distilled water to make sure no hard water spots appeared on them. My first waffles were cooked this morning. There were no problems at all. The waffles were perfect and did not stick at all. The first time I made a waffle, I used a small amount of the grill spray from the first time. I bought a waffle iron that has grill plates. I cooked my waffles for 6 minutes after setting the dial on 2. It is wonderful, I have had it for almost two months. The waffles are the best ever. If you read the directions, you should wash the plates, then coat them with oil and use oil spray to keep the waffles from sticking.

👤Okay... I am a waffle snob. waffles should have a "crunch" to the outside with a "bread" consistency. Waffles are not pancakes. I've tried everything to capture that essence. I used many different recipes and timing. I couldn't find that spot. Cleaning the plates is easy. This makes pancakes, not waffles. I tried for many months, not just a few times.

👤Great things about this waffle maker! 20 waffles were made without a problem after 2 weeks. I took the extra step to do a "cast iron technique". I oiled the plates with olive oil and baked them in a toast for 10 minutes. This was done for both plates. They put the excess oil back into the waffle maker. After use and continuing use, they never had to wash them again.

👤I settled on a waffle maker with a ceramic surface after doing a lot of research. I have birds and non-stick coating can give off fumes that are deadly to birds. I was hesitant to order because I couldn't judge the fairness of the negative reviews and I have never had an appliance with a ceramic coating. I decided to just go for it, trusting that I could make it work with my years of cooking and baking. I needn't have been worried. The waffle maker is great. I waited until I had used this appliance a number of times to write a review. The ceramic coating is great. I've never had a stick after many batches of waffles. Cleanup is easy. Second, there's no need to change anything in your recipe or prepare the grids differently. My waffle recipe uses half a cup of vegetable oil. I preheat the waffle maker. I brush the grids with a small amount of oil when it is hot. I rubbed the brush in the oil. You're using too much if you have oil running down the grids. I don't have to re-oil the grids after the first time. I don't use cooking spray because it damages non-stick finishes. I use the waffle maker on the #3 setting to make sure it gets hot enough to crisp the waffle. I flip the waffle maker and spoon about 1/3 cup of batter onto the hot grids. Wait until most of the steam stops coming out, then flip it back and open it. The waffles are very good. I am careful about maintaining the appliance. I never put the grids in the dishwasher. The detergent in the dishwasher is very harsh. It only takes a couple of minutes to wash the grids, dry them, and put them back in the waffle maker. It still looks and works like new. I hope this helps people who are undecided about whether or not to take a chance on this appliance.

11. Hamilton Beach Durathon Electric 38519R

Hamilton Beach Durathon Electric 38519R

This electric griddle can be used at home or in commercial places, such as kitchen, restaurants, roadside stands or snack bars, and is perfect for cooking pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese, fried dishes, omelet, pizza, steak, burger and so on. Simply lift the rope and it will be easier to clean and grow grapevines. The design allows you to change the access to either side so you can plug it in to the most convenient outlet. It is easy to clean up after the meal in the sink or dishwasher. 200 square inch cooking surface. You can cook your entire meal on one surface with 2 pans. 200 sq. is the large 200 sq. In. You can use it anywhere you have an outlet, because the surface of the electric griddle fits enough food to feed a family or a crowd. 4 times more corrosive than non-toxic. You won't have to worry about getting your meal off the cooking surface with a Durathon ceramic surface that is four times more durable than traditional nonstick. The surface is free of both PFOA and PTFE. The large family griddle has an adjusted temperature from 200 to 400 F, so it's easy to cook anything you want. It's easy to clean breakfast gingham. The dishwasher safe griddle, drip tray and base can go in the dishwasher once the cord has been removed.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I loved the product and it works great. The coating began to peel after 6 months of use. I contacted Hamilton Beach about the peeling coating. They told me that my item was still covered under limited warranty and that they would send me a new item but that I had to pay for S&H and send my old piece back. I told them that I was not paying for another item to be shipped to me because the original item was not up to par. If they make this right, I will update this review, but the customer service is terrible.

👤This is the first time I've purchased a brand of cookware. The Griddle was packaged well. The Griddles and frame are encased in foam. The frame feels flimsy at first. It all fits well with the Removble griddle in place. The Ceramic griddle is well coated. The griddle can be placed in the dishwasher, which is a nice feature. I don't usually do this myself. My husband likes this feature. The heat is fairly close to these types of griddles. The grease collection pan is larger than my last griddle, which was about 1/2 cup. This seems to hold at least one cup. The heat control doesn't turn off, that's the one thing that's bad for me. It goes to the lowest point. The device must be unplugged to be completely off. This is probably their idea of a safety feature. I have an idea of one more step. It cooks food well. We use ours for breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast, and hashbrowns. It is possible to cook more than one thing at the same time. I don't know how long it will last. Everything held onto my last ceramic griddle for about a year. We will see how it goes.

👤We had a "Toastmaster" griddle and thought it was great. The Teflon surface was coming off and we thought it might be harmful. The cooking surface at Hamilton Beach was better. The grease did not soak in, the surface was bigger and the heat was greater. The pan was larger. The plug in temperature control was the only thing better than the old griddle. The old one had a cooking temperature. I like bacon at 325 degrees. I gave the new one to Savers because the controls were interchangeable. If I get some types of bacon, I will burn it if I use 325. I didn't have much for my complaint. I am happy.

👤I give it a 3 star because I see some stains on the top plate after two or three uses. The butter is not going after wash on the top plate.

👤I used it for simple eggs, pancakes and other breakfast foods because it took a bit of scrubbing to clean. It wasn't a stick. I noticed a scratch on the rim before I used it, but it wasn't a big deal to return it until I got annoyed at having to clean it every time. Good things are that it cooks thoroughly without hot spots or burning and that it came on time.


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