Best Electric Griddle Nonstick Extra Large Round

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1. Aliyaduo Commercial Countertop Adjustable Thermostatic

Aliyaduo Commercial Countertop Adjustable Thermostatic

If you are not 100% satisfied, they offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy. They are confident that you will love this grill. The cooking surface is 21.6" x 11.8" and it is not easy to change. High Quality:Made of high quality steel. A non-stick surface for cooking and cleaning. The temperature of the griddle can be adjusted to suit the cooking requirements of different foods. The temperature can range from 122F to 572F. The oil spill is easy to clean because it leaves oil in the drawer below. It is easy to clean. It's perfect for processing pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese, full breakfast, fried dishes, omelet, pizza, steak, and burger.

Brand: Aliyaduo

👤It is rated at 3000 watt and is 27 Amps. The kitchen has 20 Amps, and most home 120 volts AC outlets are 15 Amps. The thing will never reach 27 Amps, but they may have cut the performance in half by changing it. Yes, confirmed. The power cord strain relief can be easily pulled out if you are not careful. I measured my unit at 120 volts AC plug voltage and it was 14 Amps. If it is on its own power line, it is safe for the 20 Amp kitchen outlets. The power cord is not safe, the circuit is not safe to plug into any shared kitchen outlet, and since you are only putting in half the energy 1680 watt instead of 3000 watt, it will probably never get you. Confirmation below. I bought a circuit breaker, house wire, and a ground fault plug to test it out in my kitchen. I have a temperature meter. I'll test it to see if it's up to 300C on the dial. Don't doubt it, keep an eye on it. It's a good thing. The specification label was wiped clean. I used a stick meter on the surface after plugging the unit into my new receptacle. 5 minutes temp is 120C 10 minutes temp is 170C, and 12 minutes temp is 225C, and 20 minutes temp is 140C. Not safe to use in the USA kitchens.

👤The edges were very hot. The dial has a number on it. Under a hood should be used.

👤I had nothing to cook on because my oven is on backorder. It works better initially but loses power over time. It's not a 3000 watt grill, it's not advertised, and the worst part is that after a few weeks of use, the outer third of the grill surface no longer cooks properly. I have to cook the food from inside to outside. How cheap the metal is is the next problem. I'm sure my family eats a bit of the material with each meal because it is not sealed in any way. It's a bear to clean. We are getting through in a pinch, but I can't wait for my stove.

👤I bought this for use in my restaurant. We use it for about 2 hours a day. After about 6 months of use, it stopped working and we had to clean it. This product is too expensive for someone who takes good care of their stuff. The seller refuses to respond to my messages about this issue. I wouldn't buy from this seller because their products are not quality and they aren't professional enough to address the situation when confronted.

👤I took it out from the box and it looked like the pictures.

👤Great stove! There are many hibachi meals coming off of it.

👤It was not what we expected. Smaller and not the same material.

👤When we bought it, we thought it had more Amps, but we were surprised to find it was only 115.

2. Laundry Hamper Cotton Clothes Purple

Laundry Hamper Cotton Clothes Purple

It matches any room or home decoration. The cotton material does not harm children or pets. It can also be used as a gift. The maximum capacity of the laundry basket is 105L, which is much larger than other hampers. It can be used for a family's changing clothes for a week. It has wrinkling, but irons are a good idea to eliminate it. The folding of the washing bucket saves space when not used. The PE coating on the laundry basket will be damaged if washing machines and dryers are used to clean it. They will replace your dirty clothes hamper for free if you don't like it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Inspack

👤I love this hamper. It can be used to store a comforter or a plastic bag for laundry. dirty laundry odors won't be absorbed into the natural fiber in a plastic bag. It is large enough to hold a lot. I have a studio with light wood floor and furniture and it looks great. It looks very nice. I've gotten positive feedback on it.

👤I wanted to use this to make my dirty clothes look better. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a little heavier than I had thought, but I think it's a bonus that it won't tip over easily. I've only had it a week but it's working out well for me.

👤The hamper comes folded up but once you use it a few times it starts to crease. It seems like it will last for a while. I will be purchasing 2 more of this hamper.

👤I had used a shopping bag for recycling. It looks a lot better. It is only 4 stars because it is not round. The folds have not come out yet. I'm still hopeful. One of the folds fits into the corner.

👤I was unsure if I wanted to spend money on a laundry basket. I am so thankful that I did. It is a piece of decor in my hallway. The quality is superb, it only took 2 days for the crease to fade, and it still has its shape when empty. I don't worry about picking it up by its handles. I don't usually leave reviews, but I love this basket and recommend it to everyone!

👤This is a very large size for me. I love its thickness and color, but it never got to the round shape. I put it full with blankets and pillows. Still very happy.

👤It looks like rubbish. It looks terrible from how it was folded. It does what it is supposed to, but it looks bad.

👤I was surprised that this thing is massive, I must have overlooked the dimensions in the description. It seems to be well made with clean lines and is durable.

3. Presto 7072 Black Slimline Griddle

Presto 7072 Black Slimline Griddle

The heat control is removed. It's enough for the entire family. The surface is easy to clean. The tray is slide-out. It's great for every meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. A low-profile buffet server. A big cooking surface is ideal for buffet-style serving. The cooking surface is heavy. The heat control is removed. It is convenient to store. Control Master heat control keeps the desired temperature. The slide-out tray is used for quick cleaning.

Brand: Presto

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of the different reviews. I use this for pancakes because doing one or 2 at a time is painful. I can make 6 to 8 at a time. The properties of the nonstick are great. It is large, as other reviewers have mentioned. I was surprised how big it is. It is thin and nice to look at on the counter. The tray will fall out easily if it sits in the slot. I wish the cord was longer. My temperature is definitely hot. I use an IR thermometer to check the temperature and I am really glad I did. The temp is around 400 when it is set at 350. The center is cooler and the edges are warmer depending on where I took the temp. I gave it 4 stars. My pancakes turned out great and only a few had darker marks on them that occurred at higher temperatures. A lower cooking temperature of around 340 made a difference. They tasted great even if they weren't perfect. I can't talk about longevity. I am happy with the price and the griddle.

👤We bought the Toastmaster a long time ago and it was much nicer than this one, despite it's issues. There are two major issues with this one. The temperature settings it recommends for certain foods are way off if you look at the directions. One example is that it recommends a higher setting for pancakes than for eggs. I've owned every appliance that says this is backwards. It's true when cooking them. The heat distribution is one of the major issues with the temperature control. It will reach the correct temperature, but only in a narrow band in the middle of the griddle. We measured the temperatures with a laser-IR Thermometer and found that the middle of the grill has a higher temperature than the near side and far side. The far side was 40 degrees higher than the near side. You have to lower the dial to where you want the average temperature to be. Outside of this, we like the griddle. The non-stick is very nice. Eggs do stick a little, but pancakes cook and lift easily. We haven't used spray non-stick products because of the directions. When cooking eggs, we use bacon grease on the griddle to make them come off cleanly. It doesn't seem like the coating will wear off into your food like some non-stick coating. If you don't read the directions, it tends to make popping noises when it's hot and cool, so you should. If you weren't aware it was normal, you might be alarmed. Have I mentioned it's large? It's easy to cook six large flapjacks at once, and making a pancake breakfast goes much faster as a result! Finding a storage spot for this monster is a challenge, but it is very low profile and fits on top of our refrigerator nicely. Unless the size is an issue, buy it! The quality of this one is good, and it's the only one that doesn't have issues with temperature.

4. Bear Electric Smokeless Temperature Breakfast

Bear Electric Smokeless Temperature Breakfast

Convenient lid for fast cooking. The electric griddle grill is a 180 foldable contact grill, electric grill, electric griddle, panini press, crepe maker and pizza maker. The temperature control is 300F - 450F. The top and bottom heating elements can be controlled by switches. Premium nonstick surface for easy cleaning and cooking. Nonstick performance is enhanced by textured cooking surface. It's enough for the entire family. Fast and even cooking 1500w. The electric griddle has a heating element embedded in it that creates heat in the surrounding area and provides an even cook for consistent results. One year after-sales service and 24 hours online customers service are included.

Brand: Bear Archery

👤This is a really good griddle. I enjoy cooking fried taters. Eggs don't stick to the pan. You have different settings on it. It is easy to cook in this griddle. I will make stir fry in it. It's easy to clean and it's very sturdy and made from strong materials. It's the perfect size to cook meals for two. It was worth the price. The package is nice. This would be a great gift.

👤Useful and works well! Got this? I could cook at work. It has a wide range of temperature settings. It is comparable to a conventional stove.

👤The griddle is easy to use. I tried the product right away. It warms up quickly and evenly. The upper and lower plates can be heated separately. I fried some dumplings and they turned golden and crisp in a few minutes. I cooked chicken breasts and asparagus the next night. Really liked the result. Highly recommend this product.

👤I made 2 stouffers frozen french bread pizzas. They came out perfect. I have done eggs burgers and grilled cheese in a few days and they all came out great. It is not as non-stick as it says. I use cooking spray to help with that. It was worth the money.

👤My old Electric Griddle was broken and I bought this one to replace it. The one I liked the best was the one that had switches to control the temperatures of the top and bottom heating elements. I'm satisfied with the results after a few weeks of use.

👤The grill is small, but large enough for a chicken breast, pork chop, burger, or any other item. Food is done perfectly on the grill. Before cooking, I wipe the grills with oil. I don't know if it prevents food from sticking. When the grill is still hot, put a damp paper towel on it to clean it up. I love it!

👤I'd rather use this than my stove, it's easy, spacious, and I wonder where this was my whole life...

👤The product was received this evening. After delivery, put it in use. It cooked a delicious meal for us. Way to go!

5. BELLA Healthy Eco Non Stick Hassle Free Submersible

BELLA Healthy Eco Non Stick Hassle Free Submersible

Control master keeps cooking temperature. The electric grid. The 1500 watt heating system cooks up to 8 pancakes or eggs at a time. Convenient cool-touch handles, easy dishwasher-safe drip tray, and easy to use dial allow for precise temperature control. Warming rays: The slide-out warming tray on the griddle provides additional cooking space by keeping food warm until ready to serve. The ceramic non-stick coating is 8 times more durable and cooks up to 30% faster than standard non-stick coating. It's reinforced with titanium for its strength. Non-STICK COOKING. The Healthy- Eco coating is free of harmful chemicals. The titanium ceramic coating makes it easy to clean up. About Blanca: The kitchen should be fun. It can be with BELLA. They provide you with quick and convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your life.

Brand: Bella

👤I'm thinking about getting a griddle. I don't have a lot of counter space and a lot of my storage is overhead, so I need something that isn't cumbersome. The lightweight nature of this griddle makes it easy to put it up and bring it down. It's the right size for my counter, not taking up too much space while I'm using it. The warming and drip trays are easy to clean. The cooktop is the same. The surface quickly cooks my food. I was able to cook multiple things at once because of the size of the cooking surface. When you have to cook for many people, this would be convenient. I'm happy I stopped thinking about getting a griddle and just got one because I'm looking forward to using this again.

👤I've never owned a griddle. My husband and I both love pancakes, but I can only cook two at a time. His stack is always hot. I can't eat at the same time as he cooks 2 pancakes. I have been buying things for a long time and this was the best one. The griddle was large enough to cook both of us at once. The surface was easy to clean. There is a warming compartment underneath the griddle. I will see breakfast for dinner in the future.

👤I love to have breakfast food ready in large quantities and I was excited to try out the Electric Griddle. The griddle was packaged well and comes with a warming tray. It heated quickly and evenly and had enough space to have plenty of pancakes and eggs ready at the same time. The metal frame that holds the tray was bent in one spot, making it difficult to open and close the tray. I was able to use pliers to get the metal tray brackets to fit. The eggs tasted better when I made them on the stove. Cleanup was very easy. I would recommend this griddle to you, it will make your life easier.

👤This griddle will be used as an extra stovetop burner for my family. My kitchen is small and I need this griddle to allow 2 people to cook at the same time. It's perfect for buffets for things like grilled cheese sandwiches. I had a little difficulty sliding the warming tray the first time, but it was fine the second time. This will be a useful addition to our kitchen now that we are entertaining more. It would be a great hostess gift for a vacation house visit. I plan to purchase again and share it with my friends and family.

👤This is a great electric grill. It is definitely an appliance that would be a big help in the kitchen, from the size, steps to put together, and the handy warming tray. It has been easy to clean and it heats up fast. We made grilled cheese, pancakes, bacon, and even burgers because it can do it all. The temperature and cooking times for a few popular food items are given in the instruction manual, which helps you decide how long to cook them. No one has to wait for more to cook because the warming tray can fit a decent amount of mini pancakes, ready to go. The tray slides completely out so you can wash it or bring it to the table to pass out more food. The non stick surface of the Bella Griddle is a bonus, and it is the perfect size. It's perfect to use when you don't want to use a traditional pan or dirty the stove. This handy griddle is a favorite appliance in our kitchen because it's convenient, everything cooks super even, and it's easy to clean. I am very happy with this purchase.

6. Electric Skillet Cucina Pro Temperature

Electric Skillet Cucina Pro Temperature

Chefman provides a 1-year warranty on purchases made with cETL approved, so you can purchase worry-free. You can find a PDF User Guide for information on how to use your product. 1400 Watts/ 120 Volts. The electric skillet is made from polished 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL and has a non-stick interior. Professional quality. The large skillet is large enough to hold four people. The interior will cook your meals quickly. Skillet can be washed with a damp paper towel. It makes a great gift. The CucinaPro Skillet has a temperature probe that gives you total control over the cooking process and helps ensure meals turn out perfectly. It's very easy to monitor your progress when you have a glass lid that locks in heat. The riveted handles on the CucinaPro Electric Skillet make it very safe to use.

Brand: Cucinapro

👤I researched other skillets before buying this product. I liked the steel. It is a huge disappointment. The temperature gauge is always moving. I am constantly rotating food to cook because it only heats around the gauge. The rubber knobs on the bottom of the skillet are used to mark up the counter. I thought they would stop making marks if I washed them. Nothing worked. I will be getting a new skillet because I don't like this one. It cleans easily.

👤I bought this skillet as a gift, but have owned it for many years. Every time. Single. Time. I have company with me. It becomes an instant conversation when I use my skillet. Everyone takes a picture of it. I make many things at the same time, including chicken cutlets, stir fry, bacon and eggs, pancakes, fried rice, tomato sauce, and homefries. It's my go to for a lot of my cooking. Purchase one now!

👤The rubber feet on the bottom of the skillet left black skidmarks all over the countertop and the higher price model had to put sticky feet on there to keep them from being torn off.

👤I had an older model of this skillet that I loved. I bought the same skillet when it was time to replace it. This one is completely different. The skillet is not the same as my old one. The skillet starts out heating, then the temperature starts to cool and you think it's turned off. You have to watch that the food doesn't burn when the temperature control is turned up. I can't recommend this product. I have had a skillet for almost a year. The skillet barely heats up if you turn the temperature gauge up to 400 degrees. Don't buy this skillet. I will be replacing it with a different brand.

👤I have had electric skillets for more than 20 years. When I bought the Cucina Pro electric skillet, it was definitely an upgrade from the ones I've had before. The Cucina skillet is made of steel and has a heavy bottom that holds the heat to keep food warm and cooks more evenly. There's more variability in heat with the thinner aluminum bottom and wall of the Presto. There are two more Even though the Cucina is heavier, it feels easier to clean because it is about 1 1/2 inches deep. There are 3 more The Cucina is very attractive. The place where the temperature control plug goes into the skillet is not noticeable when placed on the table. There are four The rubber feet on the Cucina prevent it from slipping across the counter when you're flipping food. This is a big plus for me. The skillet moves when you're stirring or flipping because it has plastic legs. If you want to put the skillet in the dishwasher, the legs of the Presto are not compatible. I've never done that but I've spent a lot of time on the legs of the Presto because they loosen up. There are five The Cucina is a professional cooking item. The pan has a coating on it that seems substantial. The edges are not rolled and feel less finished. 6) The Cucina has a vent hole in the lid that seems to be a good feature. There are no screws or rivets in the skillet, which I like. The handles aren't attached to the skillet because they are part of the base. The Cucina is easy to clean and attractive, so it's not a big deal. The temperature control plugs into the skillet. The dial on the Presto is large and easy to read. The print is smaller than the dial. Again, not a dealbreaker. The Cucina is 12 round and the Presto is 12 square, that's a push for me, but may be an important factor for others. The Presto would hold more food if it was 1'1/2" taller. There is a spout on one corner for pouring off liquids. The Cucina does not have that feature. It's important when you're considering your options. I am very pleased with the new skillet. I use an electric skillet daily and I hope the Cucina holds up.

7. CRUX Nonstick Resistant Removeable Temperature

CRUX Nonstick Resistant Removeable Temperature

It's easy to iron and safe for kids, and it's good for many craft projects. There is a deep electric killet. The 12 x 12 skillet has a 6 quart capacity and a temperature control that can be adjusted to 400 degrees so you can do everything from deep fry to simmering. Premium features. This skillet has a non-stick copper ceramic coating that's metal utensil safe, 10 times more durable, and a temperature dial and a glass lid to keep an eye on your cooking. Their space-saving & energy efficient products are designed to complement your kitchen needs, from rice cookers to coffee makers, made with durable materials and state-of-the-art digital technology. They offer high-quality tools for cooking, baking, food processing, coffee preparation and many other things. They're a complete shop for cookware and utensils. They bring a New York state of mind into your kitchen, from your first sip of coffee to your last bite of dessert.

Brand: Crux

👤The skillet is large enough to make a family dinner. It feels like a dream. It is not like a cheap box store brand. I have owned this one more than the other skillets. The temp settings on the probe are hard to read, they are in the copper color like the interior of the skillet, against the black probed, it looks pretty, just not as legible as, say, white numbers against a black background. A very small detail. I will look for a crux if I ever need another skillet.

👤Wow! I am glad I bought this. It was shipped quickly and as described. I use it every day. It doesn't cook evenly but it's a lot better than my old one. It's nice for making sauces or frying. This is a victory.

👤The water gets under the handle when the lid is washed. I like the pan.

👤It was the first time I used the flat iron steaks. It is deep so it can make things like stroganoff.

👤When you take it out of the box, make sure to check for any cracks that may have been made during delivery. We had to return it because of that. Since we did not use the pan, there are no stars.

👤I ordered the same item three times, and each time it came in, there were bubbles on the inside of the pan. Not good at all.

👤The quality of craftsmanship is something I like. It is built to last. The handles are in good shape. Cooks great. The heat was distributed evenly. It looks nice for the price.

👤It's really non stick and it cooks evenly. Cleaning is easy. I love this product.

👤It was used for the first time on my spaghetti sauce. There is a picture Adding more ingredients to the 2 pounds of ground beef nearly filled it's 6 quart capacity. The goal was to cook the sauce for hours so as to make it better. When I stir it with a non metallic spatula, it doesn't burn on anything, even though it is a little slower than in my 6 quart pot.

👤The old electric fry pan was having issues with temperature, so it was time to look for a new one. I have never heard of this brand. There were positive reviews so I ordered it. The temperature is great, it's easy to clean, and I like the extra depth. I highly recommend it.

👤I live in a truck for over 300 days a year. This thing is worth a lot of money. I have the ability to cook anything I want. Except a turkey. It bounces around the highways, doesn't brake, turns on when I need it, and the 3" sides are the best for cooking a decent "chicken, rice and veg" dinner. This one is going to work for you, if you're looking for a griddle. 4 out of 5 I'm not a paid person. I own and use it.

👤The pan tells you not to deep fry in it. I do. The instructions are crazy because they work for doing donuts, fish and chips, and other things. I fill it with oil and it works perfectly.

8. LIVEN Foldable Electric Nonstick Portable

LIVEN Foldable Electric Nonstick Portable

If your new crepe maker doesn't meet your expectations, you can message them anytime and one of their friendly US-based customer service members will send you a replacement or a full refund. They will stand by you each step of the way if you are not happy. The electric griddle takes up a small space when packed up and is easy to clean, making it a good choice for small kitchens. The electric griddle can be used to make pies or meat patties. The feature of heating from all angles is able to increase the taste of the food and shorten the cooking time. You can change between an individual dining and a multi-person dining mode with the 2 electric skillet. The timing function of the electric griddle allows you to leave at any time without delaying the cooking of the food, which is truly time-saving and worry-free, and the brand new digital intelligent interface allows you to adjust time intuitively about how long each food should be cooked, and it is This electric griddle is different from a traditional portable griddle in that it is evenly heated, and with the patented design of the oil guide grooves that does not leak excess oil drips, it allows you to control the cooking oil more conveniently, so as to avoid excessive cooking oil for a greasy taste. Before using a new electric griddle, it is best to heat it for a few minutes without food, and then use a high heat to cool it down. The service life and taste of the food made later have been greatly improved after letting the electric skillet preheat for a few times.

Brand: Liven

👤I paid for a new electric pan after the item arrived on time.

👤Make better food and save time.

9. DMG8100RD Electric Quesadillas Breakfast Indicator

DMG8100RD Electric Quesadillas Breakfast Indicator

A wide cooking surface. This electric griddle is large enough to make a big crepe or prepare breakfast at the same time. The non-stick aluminum construction makes it easy to remove food. There are more than one paNCAKES. You can make breakfast dishes without the need for pots or pans. It's great for kids or on the go. The 8” Express Electric Round Griddle is a must-have for a first apartment, a smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/RV traveling. Plug it in, wait for the indicator light to turn off, and it will heat up in mere minutes. The perfect wedding or new home gift has a small size that takes up little counter space, and it's trendy color options will match any kitchen décor. Also included: The 760 watt Dash 8” Express Round Griddle is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and includes anti-slip feet, non-electric heating plates, recipe book and recipe database access. Dash is a U.S. based company that provides contact information in the product manual.

Brand: Dash

👤I want to do the "1 banana + egg" pancakes. The side of the pancake that is touching the metal is brown. I usually have to cook the pancake for 2 minutes, then flip it over and let the other cook it for another minute. It's not as good for a pancake as it is for a sandwich, but it's better for anything else, which is my main reason for buying it.

👤I took the Dash griddle out of the box and used it for the first time tonight, but it was not cleaned. I am disgusted by this.

👤I made an omelette with very well-whipped eggs and used an immersion blender to make it cloud-like. When I closed the griddle, the air in the eggs expanded and started steaming out. Time to open it? I unplugged it because there was enough pressure on it. The steam pressure on the griddle blew some egg across my kitchen and it popped off the clamp as well. Even though it's not broken, I'm not attaching it because it seems like a flaw rather than a feature. I scanned the manual for a warning about my problem. The plates don't fold down flat for dual cooking surfaces, and unless you pay close attention to the pics, you won't know that. If you're cooking something thinner, don't expect both surfaces to make good contact because each surface has an edge that's half an inch high. The plates are not replaceable for cleaning, which is a minor quibble. It makes cleaning seem more complex and less thorough. The pros say that this griddle is unique in size and seems to heat quickly and evenly. If I could find a similar product that addresses its flaws, I would trade it in. It's disappointing that this isn't a big version of the mini griddle, which was well-designed but too small for my omelette and quesadilla purposes, and I was expecting it to be a big version. I will continue to use the product, even without the clamp, because I have a spatula to flip things if necessary.

👤I was the proud owner of a dash mini. It was a blessing in disguise because I love it, but as the fam grows so must my pancakes. I read carefully to get this one which makes huge pancakes, its primary use, fried eggs, omelets and quesadillas, and I have used it for this week. It works great for everything, the only thing is temperature control, which is a little high on one side. As I use it more, I will get used to it. I like it and recommend it.

👤A perfect grilled cheese sandwich was made. It was quicker and more effective to melt all the cheese. It will be a great addition to a travel trailer.

👤The size is either positive or negative. It's small and perfect for our camping trailer, but you can't cook too much at once because it's small. It is the perfect size for my husband when he is hunting. I like the message the company is promoting.

10. Chefman Electric Skillet Temperature Cool Touch

Chefman Electric Skillet Temperature Cool Touch

Adding cooking conveniences are provided by the glass lid with steam vent and cool touch handles. You can fit an entire meal in one pan with the 12-Inch non-stick cooking area. This skillet can be used to make many dishes, like vegetables, fish, chicken, steak, and more. There are limited options. There are a variety of functions you can use. The easy view lid makes it easy to keep an eye on how your food is cooking. Adaptable temperature control. The temperature control allows you to make your favorite dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. CONVENIENT: The temperature control knob is easy to clean because it's not on the surface. The handles and knob are cool-touch. Chefman provides a 1-year warranty on purchases made with cETL approved, so you can purchase worry-free. You can find a PDF User Guide for information on how to use your product. 1400 Watts/ 120 Volts.

Brand: Chefman

👤I received this today. It was well packaged and arrived on time. I was disappointed to see that it had a small scratch on the pan right out of the box. The box was in good condition. I think that would be poor quality control. The skillet is light in weight. It feels like it was made from cheap materials. I added water to the pan to see if it would work. I had boiling water in no time, and I was surprised that it heated up so quickly. I haven't tried it yet. I think this skillet will do the job. I don't think the product will last long. I have enclosed a picture.

👤I like the shape and size when cooking for one. The heat is not evenly distributed in the center. It is flimsy and not strong. It's easy to clean a skillet that you can't put in water. It was rather expensive for such low quality. Will not buy nut again.

👤The skillet is easy to clean. It is a bit flirtatious. The legs and feet that support it are not strong enough to support it in the skillet. This is a cost-effective product, and performs as advertised. There is a The best part of it is that it can cook food without boiling it. The other electric skillets were too hot even on the lowest setting. Also, note: Before using the skillet, wash it and rinse it. After the first wash, I switched it on without food and saw smoke coming off it. I washed it a few more times, and after that there was no smoke.

👤I received it today. This is a review of the skillet's appearance. This is not Extra Deep. I am replacing my bella square electric with this and I think it would be as deep. I was wrong. The skillet is 1 1/2 inches deep and is used for frying chicken. I loved the bella for the fact that spatulas is less likely in pans deeper. The skillet seems very light and appears to be held together with a single screw in the bottom which pulled the top cooking part so tight it damaged the cooking surface. I don't see how it will affect the cooking of anything. You can't submerge the skillet in water, which will make cleaning harder. The lid has a hole in it. I will review it after I use it for a while. It stopped working whilefrying pork chops. The product has been used for 8 months. Stay away from the electric pan. It did not last a year. I have to rate it less.

👤The counter has liquid and grease on it. The mess is too large. I like the size. It's too shallow to contribute to the messy clean up. Plug falls out and you have to push it into the unit. I am very disappointed. I was looking forward to cooking for one with less fuss.

👤I wanted a pan that was flat on the bottom. My regular skillets don't work well on the electric stove. It's difficult to clean a skillet after frying food because it cannot be submerged in water. The surface is clean. I like the skillet and use it a lot. It cooks the food nicely with a minimum of oil. Electric skillets have a temperature control that you need to adjust throughout the cooking process.

11. MegaChef Round Stainless Steel Breakfast

MegaChef Round Stainless Steel Breakfast

We will replace your dirty clothes hamper for free if you don't like it or give you a full refund. Non-stick coating plate allows for easy cleaning and pancake flipping. There areANDY COOKING TOOLS INCLUDED. The kit includes a large hot plate, a wooden batter trowel, and a small spatula. Simply pour in the batter, spread the batter with the provided batter trowel, and use the provided dessert spatula to flip the dessert.

Brand: Megachef

👤I was looking for an alternative to my stovepiped cast iron comal/griddle. I bought a MegaChef griddle. It is what I was looking for. It cooks or toasts tortillas quickly. The 7 o'clock position is the perfect spot for perfect toasting, but I wish the dial had numbers. Since I got this, I have not burned a tortilla. It cools off quickly after being unplugged. I got my sister one too. It is easy to slide tortillas off of the edge. I have a recycled microwave platter under my counter since it gets a little warm there. This wouldn't be needed on granite or Corian. I'm happy that I have more space on my stove since tortilla cooking can be done in a different area. I think it's a good idea. Several of my friends have asked where they could get one.

👤The item had missing parts. The spatula is useless with this crepe mix. Wrote directly to the manufacturer. I have to return the whole thing and go with a different brand. There is no customer service.

👤I made the most delicious manicotti shells with my Megachef crepe maker. The non-stick surface worked well. The temperature control knob should have numbers on it so that you can know how hot the plate is. The price is a great value.

👤The best crepe maker I have ever used. It is easy to clean. The curved edge of the maker helps with the crepe mix being pushed over the edge when pouring. There is no need to use oil or butter for greasing. Highly recommended!

👤Not happy. We used it once. Went to make a second batches. We used it for 20 minutes. It wouldn't heat up again. We sent it back. We ordered a brand name. Haven't tried anything else yet.

👤I don't like to write reviews but I will because the pancakes are very well cooked, the crepes are easy to make, and you can use it to make almond flour pancakes which otherwise is difficult. It's a beautiful addition to my kitchen. It's worth it for my teen and twin.

👤Great griddle, no-stick, warms up quickly. There is no simple visual indicator that shows when the unit is on or off because the "POWER" light is always on. The only way to know if the whole unit is on or off is to look at the thermostat knob, which is all the way counterclockwise.

👤This is the second one I bought. I bought one for my daughter because I use mine so much. It is very convenient to heat up quickly. I use it to make a variety of food.

👤Absolutely shocking. All it takes is a single blunder or a simple error. It has been impossible to ruin. What could happen? A very nice transaction. I was a bit surprised by how quickly it turned out, I had expected it to be a good choice. The delivery was two weeks ahead of schedule. None of that matters because it's not possible to use it in Australia. I was horrified to find that the item I received was not designed or fitted with an AC/DC wall accessory to meet Australian standards. I am very disappointed with the lack of awareness and the high level of punishment given to people who sell or distribute this item. You make a lot of money on dead animals all the time. It is obvious that the world is OBVIOUS. The first thing to look for is the similarity of the item to the country.


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